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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 16, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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opened this store in september of last year and they've never had anything happen like this. if you have any information, contact miami-dade crime stoppers. that number on the bottom of your screen. 1-305-471-tips. we have video of a couple of guys here wanted for an attempted armed robbery in miami-dade. surveillance video from november 5th shows two men outside a shopping center in hialeah. tried to rob three people who were walking home from a local supermarket. robbers tried to steal their money and a purse. they took off in a silver honda pielot pilot. a south florida mother facing an uncertain future with her young daughter. this after deputies busted her
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prosecutors charged maria quintero-omeara for shoplifting and child neglect. she'll be due back in court in about a month. >> thousands of spring breakers take out of south beach. miami beach has announced it will heighten security over ocean drive this weekend. ocean drive will be closed to traffic between 7:00 in the evening and 7:00 in the morning. that's from 7th street to 11th streets. large crowds will be cleared from the beaches before sunset. the new plan comes after police responded to two shootings over the weekend. one of them was fatal. large amounts of trash all over the beaches and streets. >> we're going to have extra security. on the weekends, we're going to go to alpha bravo police.
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toehicular traffic. >> the new measures will go into effect starting on friday. police are urging everyone to have fun, but do it responsibly and safely. an historic florida mansion up in flames. firefighters battleing flames at the pumpkin mansion on cocoa beach. as for the house, it t considered a total loss. nobody was hurt. it s built back in 1975. next week's gop debate bites the dust. fox news scrapping monday's debate after frontrunner donald trump and governor john kasich said they're a no-show. trump says he won't participate because, quote, there have been enough debates. he said he's committed to a big speech that same night. governor john kasich sayse won't debate without trump on the stage. the showdown was scheduled one day before utah's caucus and
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meantime, trump says his supporters will riot if the establishment players try to deny him the party's nomination if he has far more delegates than his competitors. trump says he wouldn't lead it, but, quote, it could happen. trump believes he'll nail down the nomination before the convention. if things do get nasty, house speaker paul ryan says he will not accept a preresidential nomination should there be a ntested or brokered convention. there's been an avalanche of speculation about ryan as a possible candidate for the establishment leaders as a nominee. meantime, bernie sanders needs some big time support and fast. an ap analis finds he must win
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through june to erase hillary clinton's performance last night. that will require landslide size victories in big states and winning over super delegates who have shown little interest in supporting him. you can track exactly the number of delegatesll the candidates need on our nbc 6 news and weather app. head to the decision 2016 section for up to the minute news from the campaign trail. cuba reporting its first case ofika contracted within the country. the island nation already announced there were four previous casessue to traveling. there are indications this virus can cause birth defects in a pregnant woman if she becomes infected. days before president obama makes an historic trip to cuba today, he met with a group of cun leaders at the white
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emilio asked the president to meet with cuban didiidents. back here in miami, blanco spoke about the oppression of the castro regime at a news conference. the ladies in white reiterad in this news conference that they were a group of passive activists and not a terrorist group. ladies in white emphazed they believe the castt regime is a group of terrorists, they aren't, citing the government's human rights record. check this out. locals cashing in on obama mania, cating shirts, flags, buttons depicting americana. one vender started a line of
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the u.s. presidential visit is viewed with mounting excitement and hope for a better economic future for the people of this impoverished country. our nbc 6 news team gearing up for the president's trip. jackie nespral and jawan strader will report from the island nation this friday. you can find out the latest news about cuba and the warming relations at the cuban crossroads section. g god news for some folks' wallets tonight. the federal reserve is keeping short-term interest rates unchanged, citing risk by global economic policy and financial turmoil. in their statement, fed policymakers expressed a slightly more optimistic view of the unemployment rate for the next few years. we have some b baking news right now on i-95 northbound. that's where a car is on fire. this is near oakland park boulevard.
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>> you can see here it is causing absolute backup on i-95. if you know somebody who is headed in this direction, we urge you to gi them a call. there's a car on fire on i-95 and oakland park boulevard. still ahead on 6, fogle fight? >> what is behind a brawl that broke out behind bars. and under water rising floodwaters continueo threaten louisiana and texas. now they threaten another state. t's been a fixture for more than a decade, but tay demolition began at dania beach. bright sunshine here today in south florida. will this pattern continue? probably not. i've got some changes coming up for the weekend next.
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and her latest film. jennifer garner's movie out today "miracles from heaven." if you have a story you think they need to check out,
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baltimore leaves three people injured. just incredible. police stay the driver of an svu, that's the top car, ran a red light and was hit by another vehicle. look at that. isn't that insane? that bang up caused the suv to go airborne and land upsid down on the parked car. he parks in the same place all the time and never expected something like this to o ppen. >> one of my first thoughts was i hope everybody's okay. then kind of a how does that happen. >> yeah, how does that happen? three people were trapped in the traffic mishap, but no one was hurt badly. a narrow escape from death in ohio. the driver of a van gets stuck on the tracks, then barely manges to grab items from inside the vehicle before it is smashed and pushes down the track by a passing freight train. a nearby police officer's dash cam caught the whole thing on mera.
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jared fogle is not having it his way in prison. the convicted pedophile was beaten and bloodied at the colorado prison where he is serving a 15-year sentence. the ambush attack happened in late january and was carried out by an inmate who was upset by the number of pedophiles housed at the facility. he was placed in solitary confinement for punishment.. this is a day a young north dakota driver won't soon forget. 16 4 and 5-year-olds were in the classroom when this happened. the 15-year-old driver who was with her dad when she crashed said she mixed up the accelerator for the brake. an impressive and dangerous display in the countryside in
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this is the town of bush. you're seeing a giant thunderstorm. someone shot video of the storm cloud as tornado warning sirens blared all around in the background. several small tororados dropped down out of the sky and kicked up dirt and debris. no injuries, but that's amazing. mother nature at work. here's some more video as a fedex truck was tossed over in moline le a child's toy. homes were h hvily damagege by the storms. the national weather service is expected to be out later today th a survey of that horrible damage. >> announcer: now first alert weather with chief meteorologist jon morales, south florida's most accurate forecast. over the last 15 minutes, one isolated shower.. you're barely going to be able to see it.
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everglades at the line between dade, main, and monroe county. it's a sunny afternoon. it's a warm afternoon. take a look outside as we have this image of the downtown miami, the aaa, the venetian causeway to the right. we're sun drenched this afternoon with warm temperatures. currently it's 82 in miami. the high in miami today was 87 degrees. yesterday's high was 88. yesterday we saw a couple of spots that reached 90 degrees. now this is not the temperature. this is the dew point temperature reading, which i thought was important at this hour because sunday and monday had been very, very humid. then tuesday, yesterday, we saw a decrease in humidity levels. when it was 90 yesterda at least the humidity wasn't that high. youan see the dew points right now are, well, tolerable. at least ey're in the low to mid 60s, e eept in the florida keys where they are a little bit
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temperatures still running warm. 84 in pembroke pines and kendall. only 7degrees right now at ft. lauderdale international airport. you can see our temperatures are going to be in the 70s throughout much of the evening. the overnight low close to 70 degrees. a slight risk of a shower througug 9:00 p.m. a 5% risk. heading out the door tomorrow, sunshine and maybe some areas of patchy fog, especially in inland spots. that happene today in a couple of areas. the fog wasas especilly dense in homestead. i saw visibility there down to a quarter of amile. keep in mind, if you live in some of the suburbs, you might have to deal with fog again early tomorrow morning. otherwise temperatures 66 to 71 degrees. here are some early morning rain showers right along the coast close to biscaynebay. otherwise a sunny start to the day tomorrow. we go through the midy.
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trying to make their way inland from the coast. chance of rain tomorrow is very, very low. 5% or 10%. you see how the future tracker does consider the possibility of a couple of showers for the day tomorrow. threat tracker, it's looking great. we have no rip currents, no risk of thunderstorms tomorrow, no risk of rain to speak of, and i would say the only risk tomorrow is the ultraviolet index which is much higher these days as our solar angle is much more direct. those rays from the sun are much stronger. we jump ahead to the weekend and the weather pattern changes. we're going to have more humid air. we're going to have an approaching front. there's the possibility of a thunderstorm on saturday and the likelihood of rain and thunderstorms on sunday. there is definitely a chance of rain both days of the weekend. back to you. now to a sad and tragic
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day on the nbc 6 news and weather app. a massive fire in sububban lake worth claims the lives of at least a dozen horses. the storyll new tonight. >> reporter: hi, good afternoon. absolutely tragic story. a fire broke out in the barn behind me last night right before 12:00. in that fire, 12 horses lost their life. this happened on south florida trotting center. firefighters at the scene said the flames were shooting over 30 feet up in the air. the roof of the barn collapsed, making rcue efforts more difficult. lopez trd to save as many horses as he could. >> the smoke was coming believably fast. i tried to open the gates and let them out. i know it's not a good thing to say, but they died before they got on fire. >> it's an awful thing to happen anybody that owns horses, animal
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it's heartbreaking and crushing for this business because when you're in it you love the animal. >> reporter: the fire department confirmed this fire was accidental. it was due to an electrical failure. 11 horses out of the 23 that were in the barn are at t veterinary hospital. two of them in critical condition. nbcc news. interstate 10 at louisiana-texas line remains completely closed tonight. rising water from the sabine river has overtaken the interstate. e river was expected to crest at 7.5 feet sometime day. it may take several days for the floodwaters to recede before opening the interstate. they're keeping an eye on interstate 10 at the mississippi state line. a new movie starring jennifer garner is out now.
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baseon a true story. >> reporter: based on the true story penned by this mom comes herrfamily's inspirational fight for hope and faith amid doubt and desppr. >> i'm not leaving this hospital until i know what's wrong with my daughter. >> reporter: their daughter diagnosed with a rare and incuraale disease thrusts the family into the most difficult time of their lives. >> what mother wouldn't fight the fight that she did? >> she is just the idol for all moms to advocate for their kids. all of us would fight for our kids, but to watch her in action and to read her sory told so beautifully in her own word in the book, it's just really inspiring. >> you're telling me when this baby girl fell 30 feet she hit her head just right and it didn't kill her and paralyze her.
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>> that's impossible. >> reporter: a mexican actor who just received a star on the hollywood walk of fame portrays the real life miracle worker from boston children's hospital. >> you portray someone who is active and saving lives as we speak right now. what was that like for you? >> to me, it's an honor to portray a mexican that right now is saving lives for americak kids and he's proudly mexican. >> what's the message that you hope that the audience leees with after watching it? >> there's so many messages you can get from it. if you're concentrating on faith, it is important that we push and pull at our faith and we doubt and we question and seek. that's the whole point. it doesn't matter if your faith is in nature or in god or whatever. it doesn't matter. it's just a belief in a greaterer
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important. >> who told you you'd be fine? >> a great@movie to check out. "miracles from heaven" iss rated pg. >> looks like a tear jerker. an iconic roller coaster at dania beach coming down. what's going to built to replace the old hurricane roller coaster. researchers say it is the happiest place in the world. all new tonight at 6:00 >> so do you know how to o use a de defibrillator defibrillator? neither do i, but these kids know how. if you see news ppening,
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we might us if you want to be happy, you might want to head to denmark. the country is the world's happiest place according to a new report.t. among the top ten happiest
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norway, finland, netherlands, australia, and new zealand. the united states came in at 13. several factors are taken into account, including healthy years of life expectancy, trust in the government, and the freedom to make life decisions. it's been a sight along i-95 and dania beach for the past 60 years, but today demolition began on the old hurricane roller coaster. >> erica glover was on hand for the beginning of the end of that wooden thrill ride. >> reporter: at one point, the dania beach hurricane was the largest wooden roller coaster in the state. whatever the case, developers say they are rolling into the future.
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dania beach hurricane. some would be very sad because it evokes strong memories, but others are ready for a change because it's been a non-use for quite sometime. >> reporter: community leaders are looking up and ready to make the dania community a reality. >> it will be recognized worldwide by everybody flying in. >> reporter: this ceremony marks day one of demolition. it is the first phase of the long-term project. >> a half a million square feet of office and two hotel towers that will contain in excess of 3 300 rooms. >> reporter: organizers say dania point is sure to become a new hot spot. >> i think it will add value to
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i think it will be a place both fothe local community to gather and our visitors.. >> reporter: in dania beach, nbc 6 news. caught on camera, a shock for beachgoers in texas when they discover a log on the beach is actually an alligator. look at it. a texas game warden says recent flooding in the state may have caused the alligator to be pushed out into the ocean. luckily he was able to be ressed. they tried to tire him out first so he could be taken away to the marsh. beachgoers were fascinated by the sighting, especially since nobody got hurt. that will do it for the news at 5:30. more news is straight ahead. what's next for ruo? after a failed presidential run, campaign insiders weigh i on
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political past. miraculous recoverr >> every day gets better. >> a mother beams with joy. verdict watch in the trial of a broward police officer who was caught onamera slapping a homeless man. an education o 6 special report. south florida high school students get topnotch training in a life saving lesson. >> translator: the news on nbc 6 starts now. right now on 6, a miracle for thehe mother of a woman nearly beaten to death days after waking up from a coma. the victim marks another milestone. good evening, i'm jackie nespral. >> and i'm keith jones. jawan is off tonight. that woman attacked by her roommate whom she found on craigslist. the mother sending a message to all the supporters out there. >> jamie guirola spoke to that mother. nothing short of a miracle there. >> reporter: that's right.
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few things. the first thing sheesaid when she awoke from her coma this week, i want chocolate milk. for the first time since going into that coma, she spoke with us with her mother and gave a few words. >> she said thank you. >> reporter: a month ago, this stroll outside the hospital didn't look possible for danielle jones. >> i've b en praying for it every day. so many people have been praying. >> reporter: it's the first breath of fresh air and being out in the sunlight since she was knocked into a coma. >> every dayets better. i see more and more of danielle. i see moree and more of danielle. hold your head up, baby. she talks to me. i spend nhts with her. she hugs me, tells me she loves me. >> reporter: danielle was living in this dowtown miami apartment with 35-year-old byron mitchell,
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craigslist two weeks prior. he strangled and beat her, putting her in the hospital. fully out of her coma since monday, her recovery has been tedious tedious, but miraculous. >> i'm thankful for the daughters who save her life. >> reporter: danielle appeared to be into good spirits, even smiling at times. a good indication of what the future could hold. >> it looks bright because she's got a second chance in life. she's still here and we're going to make the best out of it. we're going to move forward and her life from now on is going to beuch better than it's ever been before. >> reporter: what a great attitude to have. danielle's roommte is claiming self-defense. that is still going on with the state attorney's office. there is also a go fund me page. at last look, it raised $35,431. for more information on that, you can download the nbc 6 news and weather app. nbc 6 news.


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