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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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>> it means it's st. patrick's day and there's green behind me. this is the meteorologist's worst nightmare because we don't have green in our closet. happy saint patrick's day to you as well. i really do like thanksgiving. it's my favorite holiday. i'm with sheli on this. a mild start to the day. 72 in miami, 71 in ft. lauderdale. upper 60s for kendall and homestead area as well. good news, though, we are dry on this thursday morning. our live first alert radar looking good across much of our sunshine state. we'll see a few of those clouds moving in across much of the panhandle. other than that, it's a quiet start to the day and it will remain a quiet morning other than patchy fog. >> good morning. all is well so far this morning. no big stumbling blocks we're
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dade county looks good north and southbound between the glades and downtown miami. no issues there or thingson 836 seem to be moving well along with state road 112, the airport expressway. broward coty, not a bad ride either near oakland park boulevard. accident-free, delay-free. >> thank you so much for the update. following breaking news out of oakland park. that's where an suv apparently smashed into a pizza place. let's get out to nbc 6 reporter michael spears live at the scene. good morning to you. surely the pizza place wouldn't be open at this time. what's their plan for today? >> reporter: still working to find out about that, also working to get an update on the condition of two people who were inside this place when it all happened. we took a peek inside, the 230rs not only shattered the front window but knocked the front counter o oat of place. firefighters say two people
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car that smashed into this place shortly after midnight. both were taken to the hospital. we are working to get an update on their condition. not clear if they're facing life-threatening injuries. we're told by fire investigators that the woman behind the wheel of the suv apparently lost control. it's not clear why, but one man was standing right here. he said it was unbelievable to watch all this play out and truly a scary moment here in oakland park. take a listen. >> waiting for a delivery. i heard an injury just flat out go full speed ahead. i watched this car just go through the window, never tried to stop, never hit the brake. >> so this is northeast 62nd street. we have video of the driver. at this point it's not clear whether or not she will be charged. she was on scene for much of this as the investigagaon played out. not sure what this store plans
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here. michael spears, nbc 6 news. this morning we are learning new details about president obama's itinerary once he arrives in cuba. this comes after he met with a group of cuban american leaaers at that time white house. president obama expected to only meet with raul castro, not his brother fidel. ahead of the trip the president met with 16 cuban americans to discuss efforts to normalize relations. among those who attended, producer emilio estefan. >> i don't think we'll ever be a free cuba until we have new election, new people being the new president of cuba because it's a lot of pain. a lot of people still in jail. a lot of people with dissidents, a lot of people that died for freedom. that doesn't erase that in the matter of one trip. it will take a long time. >> this will be the first time a
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nine decades. he's expected to give a speech and attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. our nbc 6 coverage also gearing up for the president's trip. jackie nesesal and juwan strader will be reporting. out in the everglades on a levee, it landed near the sawgrassss recreation park east of u.s. 27 north off75. here is a look at the new pictures. this is an experimental jet that had to land there. the pilot apparely did a great job landing it. not an easy thing to do, the jet or where it was landed. no majoror damage. they'll have to check things out once the sun comes up. from what we know there were
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fortunately neither of those people ended up injvred. the plane was on its way to ft. lauderdale executive airport when the pilot reported an ergency and engine-related problem. a florida mother is hoping for justice. the family of hurley mckrimmon. investigators say they found the blue 2003 ford f-150 involved in the crash but th still have not identified the person behind the wheel. they are teaming up with the family in hopes that someone will come forward with information about his killer. >> hurley and i was very cse. this was a shock to me and it still is a sho.
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it's got to be justice. it's got to be stopped. >> if you are watching this and hearing this and know anything about this unsolved case, you're asked to call broward county crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. two teenagers pled not guilty to crime that stunned a community. they were charged with the shooting death of king carter. the 6-year-old was caught in the cross prior after a fight stemming from facebook. a third suspect, tam march teens is also charged saz an adult. thh morning a miramar police officer accused of ooting and killing a burglar, the theefr trying to break into the off-duty officer's home. burglar triedto enter his home early yesterday morning near the
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in davie where the victim had a face-to-face confrontation with this intruder and ended up killing him. this, might you, may not have been the first burglar's break-in of the night. about 16 minutes before this police got the e all of another attempted burglary south of that addres >> he couldn't get it open, so he cut the screen,ut his hand in and unlocked it. at this that point i got up because i have sensor light, a big one. >> we're talking about two attempted burglaries here. cops are investigating whether or not the two crimes are linked to this dead burglar whose identity has not been released. police say it's still unclear if thomas, the off duty officer will be facing any charges, but they say it appears to all be self-defense. the south florida woman brutally attacked by her roommate is out of a coma and able to go outside the hospital
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nbc reporter jamie guirola has the miraculous story from jackson memorial hospital. >> every day it gets better. i see more and more of danielle coming back. she tks to me. i spend nights with her. she hugs me, tells me she loves me. she's back. >> reporter: like learning life from scratch. >thumbs up, baby, thumbs up. come on. >> reporter: danielle jones has to start all over and she's already come sop far. >> i've been praying for it every day. everyone has been praying. so many people contact me and ask for updates. >> reporter: danielle strangled and beaten inside her downtown miami amendment. byron mitchell, her craigslist roommate she had known for two weeks now accused of doing it. the valentine's day incident captured the hearts of friends, family and medical staff at
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>> i had no idea so many people loved nielle. the outpouring of love and support has been amazing. >> reporter: for the first time in weeks danielle got to breathe fresh air and see the sunlight. she even cracacd a smile. >> it looks bright because she's got a second chance in life. she's still here and we're going to make the best out of it. we're going to move forward. her life from now on is going to be much better than it's ever been before. >> reporter: a gofundme page has been set up for danielle. so far tens of thousands have been raised. for that information, yououan download the nbc news and weather app. jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. >> a live look on your thpursday morning, st. patrick's day, first alert camera looking over downtown miami. a reminder when you're getting
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>> anything to keep you from being pinched. >> definitely going to hideout in my weather office. no green at all today. at least later today i'll probably put on a green shirt. south florida waking up to mild conditions, 72 in miami. 71 in ft. lauderdale. the moisture is present. winds are calm. that means we're dealing with areas of fog especially across interior areas and especially if your morning commute takes you out to the west. we are rain-free so far down into the keys. good news as you're heading out the door. dealing with a few clouds mexico. other than that, a very quiet start to our thursday. first alert forecast calling for lower temperatures. we will deal with the areas of fog. later this afternoon we'll deal wit the warm and dry south wind. let's take a look at the roads.
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still looks like a nice, easy commute on 95. looking at the interstate south of the golden glades interchange at 151st street. the same on 826, the palmetto expressway, a view south of i-75 near 122nd street and hialeah, all clear and crash-free. that's traffic. back to you. thank you so much. it is 4:42 on your thursday morning. a story getting a lot of attraction online. a dozen horses killed when a flames.
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the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wetet dry. amop\. love every step. welcome back. 4:45 now. this is one of the top trending stories on our nbc news and weather app.
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killed in a barn fire in suburban lake worth. firefighters say 3030oot flames brought down the barn's roof making the rescue more difficult. though 12 of these horses died, another 11 were saved and are under the close eye of a vet. rescue crews believe the fire was electrical and a cocolete accident. if the flooding wasn't bad enough, now police in louisiana have something to fear. critters. whether it's snakes, alligators or ants, some first responders concerned about the possibility
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hi south florida, happy st. patrick's day. things looking good so far. taking a look at our live first alert radar. no rainy where in sight. we are rain-free. soso areas could be dealing with patchy fog. let's get your day started so we can get the weekend hereea little earlier than it should be here. let's take a look at what we're dealing with as far as temperatures. a mild start to the day, 72 in the miami area as well as opa-locka, 71 in ft. lauderdale and pembroke pines. still dealing with upper 60s in the kendall area and the home stayed area as well. dealing with light winds. the moisture, if present, across much of our sunshine state. that together with the calm wind we're dealing with,h, we are dealing with fog, especially if your commute takes youut west.
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highs expected to reach into the mid to upper 80s, temperatures well above average. the good news we're expecting a rain-free thursday, especially for those of us have plans outdoors for st. patrick's day. this is the next system that we'll continue to keep an eye on. as we continue to push towards the south, dragging in moisture this weekend. it is expected d bring major changes, not only for the weekend but the upcoming workweek. in the meantime we'll deal with warm conditions. that will be one of the main threats today. the uv indfrks on the higher end of the scale. so keep that in mind. with a light south wind we won't be dealing with rip currents, at least not for today and tomorrow. expecting a dry forecast. a few clouds to end your workweek friday. ybe friday into saturday we could see a quick passing shower.
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chance of showers and possibly a thunderstorm or two saturday into sunday. take a look at that. the brings us closer to average where we should be this time of year. a check of the roads now with joe brennan. >> good morning. looking great so far on 95 in broward county. here in hollywood, sterling road, you can see getting through beautifully. both directions accident-free and lightly traveled at this early hour. still looks like not a whole lot of folks to jam thtngs up. no accidents reported around wn including dade county, here 826 west of the golden glades interchange out by 27th avenue. to delays between thth glades and the big curve and miami lakes. that's trafafc. back to you. >> so far, so good, joe. adds the nation's transportation secretary at this point is asking for more money to fix crumbling infrastructure, te d.c. metro rail is front and center.
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following a 29-hour shutdown. you can imagine what commuting was yesterday in the washington, d.c. area. not good. crews were concerne about frayed wires and a couple recent fires they've had. sure enough, they found even more problems during that 29-hour shutdown. most are fixed. those that are not have rerouted trains.. . later today chief merrick garner is expected to have meetings with senate and judiciary committee members. some say it's setting the stage for a huge constitutional showdownwn more than a dozen military mem are being punished for the accidental bombing of a hospital in afghanistan. the attack happened last year killing 42 people. officials say the punishments are mostly administrative in nature and don't include criminal charges.
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pected to be announced to the public. you'll remember the doctors thout borders hospital was attacked on october 3rd by u.s. air force special operations. bowe bergdahl speaking out about why he left his post in 1989. his attorney released documents that say bergdahl abandoned his post to draw attention to what he saw as leadership problems, also saying bergdahl suffered a disorder that makes it difficult to read social queues. he's facing court-martial. as thousands of spring breakers take over south beach, miami police announced it will drive. next couple days. ocean drive will be closed to
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the evening until 7:00 from 7th to 11th street. checkpoints will be in place at entrances to prevent alcohol, styrofoam and glass. large clouds will also be cleared from the beaches before sunset. now eel probably have to leave early. a new plan comes after police responded to two shootings over this past weekend. one turned out to be fatal and large amounts of trashsh they also tell us were left behind on the beaches and the streets there. >> we have intensive spring break activity, music festivals through march 29th. we'll have extra security and on the weekends particularly we'll go to what's called alpha bravo with police, we'll close ocean drive to vehicle traffic. >> we know what and this is when the new measures will go into effect, officially tomorrow and friday.
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miami mayor expected to announce plachbs to beautify this location. the news conference will start at 10:30 at domino park. in this morning education on 6 report, kids expect to exercise in pe class, but what they don't expect is that workout is going too come from chest compressions on a manquin. >> as ari odzer shows us, hundreds of students are leaing a lifesaving lesson. >> reporter: the teachers here will medical students at nova southeastern. the students are learning the saf a life. >> if you can learn o oe life, that's a great thing that they know what they're doing. >> reporter: what could be more terrifying for a young parent than having an emergency with a baby. these kids are learning infant
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techniques as well. >> now we'll go to adult cpr. >> reporter: as the college of of the pathic medicine started this last year, training in the basicof emergency response including how to use an aed or defibrillator. we had a worker at nova southeastern had a heart attack in the office. the people that saved him, the co-workers came through the same training you did, gotot the aed on him and saved his life. >> cardiovascular disease is the number one killer across the world. four out of five people that have an' event, it happens at home. so these students are able to make an impact. >> it's not usual form of exercise the kids expect in their pe class. >> it was hard at first because i'm not the strongest person, but i got stronger as i kept doing the cpr. >> good tricep workout.
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>> not on knowing how to do a pushup, but learning how to save lives, so that's pretty cool. >> reporter: the lifesaving education includes saving someone who is choking. >> i'm going to put this hand and just pull up, okay? >> reporter: by doing things hands-on, the kids are more likely to remember these techniques, but all hoping they won't need to. in cooper city, ari odzer, nbc 6 news. we were just talking about this the other day. we all learned it. >> in the moment when you're under pressure and something is really wrong, are you going to be able to recall everything you've been taught. you hope you will. hope youou never have to. time is 4:54. still ahead. much easier to google a phone
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essential f f people wanting the look up a number, but not so much now in the digital age. >> a lot of paper. they're like ten pounds. it shows up on every single doorstep whether you want it or not. it happens at just about every home across the country. for nbc 67 this morning, ryan wanted to know why. >> tryininto get rid of these phone books. >> reporter: i saved a couple for those whomay have missed out. only if i carry them for you. you don't want it? app. >> reporter: many folks living in the digital age have other ideas. >> fire wood -- i mean camping. >> reporter: a group that represents publishers say 50% of the people use the book to look up businesses. >> people that don't have access
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that would be seniors and lower income folks. >> wesley young with the local search association acknowledges people aren't likely to use it for its intended purpose. >> reporter: many publishers have made a shift helping businesses have a better online presence. let's face it, according to our unofficial -- we didn't meet anyone who actually uses it. >> from the porch to the recycling bin. >> reporter: probably not going away entirely. >> customers weren't using the phone book to find small businesses. >> reporter: even if the web is faster, there's someone out there who needs it. i just vice president met them. >> don't know who the are. he couldn't even give it away.
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>> kids use it a booster seats. >> exactly. the one guy said i'll take it if you can carry it for me. >> there you go. i guess they're still making money. the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. right now at 5:00 out of oakland park, police investigating after a car smashes into a pizza place with people still inside. we are live with the breaking details. before president obama flies to cuba, he met with influential cuban americans in south florida. what we found out about the upcoming trip. this morning we're learning more on who merrick garland is and the political fight that might be ahead of him. . good morning, everybody. i'm eric harryman. your time is 5:00. >8 i'm sheli muniz. thanks for starting your
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happy st. patrick's day, also known as the worst day for meteorologists. >> erica stands on a green screen which means you n't wear green you're going to get pinched but you don't have a choice. >> i'm either just a floating head or i get pinched. >> had i been wegring green, you would only see my head or floating arms. >> a good thing you're pretty. >> thank you. that's why u i like waking up with them. 72 in miami, 70 degrees in ft. lauderdale. you can see exactly what i was talking about. 68 in kendall as well as into the homestead area. a mild start to the day. a rain-free start to our morning. good news there. our live first alert radar is quiet. we are dealing with areas of fog especially across interior areas. keep that in minas you head
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a few clouds streaming in from the gulf of mexico. first alert t recast on this thursday calling for temperatures already in the 80s beforor noontime. a check on the roads now with joe brennan. >> good morning. look how gorgeous this is around 836. no problems getting by east or westbound crossing over the palmetto expressway. we can see the palmetto headed northbod up to the dolphin still in great shape as well. the overnight closures wrapping up, everything getting back to normal grind. it's not that busy yet which is good news. still looks like it is on the build for you. the same for travel in broward county. a view of 595 east and westbound by pine island road looking east towards univeveity. >> joe, thank you so much. time is two minutes past the top of the hour. we are continuing to follow the breaking news overnight out of oakland park. that's where an suv smashed into a p)zza place. let's get you right out to nbc 6 reporter michael spears on the scene right now.


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