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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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that's what we like to see as we're heading out early this morning. dry conditions right now. as far as temperatures are concerned, just a few degrees above average. 7p1 in miami, 69 in ft. lauderdale. that goes for pembroke pines as well and we're dealing withh mid to upper 60s across the kendall and homestead area. zooming out across the sunsnsne state, maybe your commute takes you to the north, temperatures across the board in the 60s and 70s. a mild start to the morning across much of our sunshine state. as far a# the clouds are concerned, we begin to see moisture creeping in from the gulf of mexico. out won't need the umbrellas as you head out the door. first alert forecast calling for temperatures in the upper 70s. now here is a check of the thursday roads are joe brennan. e palmetto expressway, certainly no problems here south of i-75 at 122nd street. north and southbound, you can
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that is southbound trying to get beyond 75 through miami lakes and into hialeah. it is getting busier, but it is still getting through. the same for 95, not only dade, but broward county as well. accident-free. that's traffic. back to you. two minutes past the hour right now. breaking overnight, and oakland park pizza place will be closed this morning after a car crashed through the front of the business. nbc 6's michael spears is there nowow the damage to the business is the lesser of two evils. two people innde that business, they were hit as this car went in. >> that's right. two customers, we spoke to one of them. both have been released from the hospital. a man was outside waiti for his pizza to come when the suv smashed through the front. have a listen to this new piece of sound we have with that victim there.
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>> i pushed her out of the way and all i remember is being nned up against the counter, in between thehe counter and the car and the people trying to drag me ou that's all i really remember. >> reporter: he's talking about the fact that he was there with his fiancee. he says he got just enough look at the suv to push his fiancee out of the way. we're told as far as injuries, nothing broken, but his feeian say has several stitches and staples. as far as what happened, firefighters say around midnight a woman@lost control of her suv, smashed into the downtown pizza grill on northeast 62nd street. why is unclear. another witness telling us he was outside waiting for his pizza, and it appears that woman never even hit the brakes. backckut here live, we're working to get an update on whether or not the driver will face any charges.
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she was here on scene in the back of a cop car, not necessarily under arrest. that part is unclear this morning. coming up at 6:30, more from our interview with that man sharing more of his terrifying story and pictures of fiancee and more on how she's doing. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> looking forward to that at 6:30. our team telling you about that overnight breaking news story on our social media pages. be the first to k kw any time breaking news like that happens. make sure to track us on facebook and twitter and make sure you have our nbc 6 news and weather app downloaded. while you were sleeping, a group of cuban americans returned to miami after meeting with president obama. they stused the president's tr to cuba and what they would like to see done. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live in miami with brand new interviews. president obama spoke to high profile people here in miami.
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including miami's own emilio estefan. we caught up with him after he landed at miami international airport and gave us an inside look at what that meeting was like in washington at the white house with the president ahead of this historic trip. he told us there was one thing he really wanted to drive home with the president, and that was that the president should meet with dissidents on the island of cuba. emilio estefan said the president assured him he would. he also talked about what else he shared with the president. >> i love that everybody has a great future for cuba. still we can't tore get about the many people that died, the many people that are in jail. >> as far as meeting with dissidents, the president is expected to have a state dinner th raul castro and publicly address the cuban people in
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coming up in the next half hour, what else emilio estefan is saying about when he plans to next go to cuba. julia bagg, nbc 6. >> don't forget our nbc 6 team gearing up for the president's trip. jackie nespral and juwan strader report from the island tomorrow ahead of the president's arrival. a jury foundd victor ramirez not guilty of m mdemeanor battery and filing a false report. in court ramirez said he took measures he felt necessaryo protect himself. he had written up bruce la clair clair. although he didn't win the case, he's definitely glad it's over. journey. i'm glad it's over. i'm a little surprised, but shocked, no.
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without pay from the ft. lauderdale police department after the incident happened more than a year ago. he can now try to start working again as a police officer. his lawyer says that's not a guarantee in t tms of it happening in or not. as for la clair, he says he plans to move on with his life. this is 54 joe lewis padgett wanted for the death of his ex-katrina. detectives say he confronted her at her mother's home. there was an argument, he shot his estranged wife several times but missed her mother. cops want to find padgett as soon as possible because they believe he is armed and dangerous. we have n video that police say they want everybody to see. a couple of guys wanted for an attempted armed robbery in miami-dade. here is the video we're talking about, surveillance video from november 5th shows two men
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police say this was moments before they tried to rob three people walking home from a local super market. the robbers tried to steal their money and a purse and took off in a silver honda pilot when the victim started screaming for help. investigators hope you recognize these guys. if you do, call police. breaking news. we're getting huge news coming o of seaworld. a major announcement regarding their orcas. nbc 6 continuing to search for answers after a car slams into a pizza place in oakland park. we know two people were taken to the hospital. what caused the car to lose control to begin with? we still don't know. nbc 6 is working on that.
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welcome back. it is 6:12 on this thursday morning. this is a live look at the nation's capital. that is where president obama's supreme court nominee will be later todd. >> he will meet with lawmakers. the big questi is will it get further than that. tracie potts is live in washington. republicans still saying the nominee will never get a hearing. >> reporter: some of them may be willing to sit and talk with him but i might not go much further than that. judge garner is caught in the middle of a political firestorm between the house and capitol hill. >> the importance of hard work and fir dealing. >> a handful have agreed to meet with judge merrick garland on capitol hill. the white house is encouraged. >> that's a good thing. there's a constitutional responsibility that members of the united states senate have to consider the president's nominee to fill a seat on the supreme court.
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>> chuck grass leeley may meet with him in april. >> if i to meet with him, it may not be a good use of his time. i'm not going to change my position. >> reporter: he says he won't meet face-to-face n. a new op ed majority leader mcmcconnell says meeting with him is a fair and reasonable compromise. the house speaker agrees. >> the president has every right to meet with who he wants to, but the senate has every right not to act on the nomination. >> this morning, democrats will rally outside the supreme court urging republicans to act. >> if merrick garland can't get bipartisan support, nobody can. >> have the guts, the guts to vote yes or no. >> for now republicans vow no hearing, no vote.
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nra, national rifle association. they say after analyzing the judge's record thell strongly oppose his nomination. following live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. w first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado, south florida's most accurate forecast. >> 6:14 on this thursday morning, quiet conditions. a nice start to our thursday. live firsrs alert radar not picking up anything over the atlanticwaters. we're picking up moisture along the west coast. if your morning commute takes you there, give yourself some extra time and be careful out there. 69 degrees in ft. lauderdale as well as pembroke pines. still 67 in the kendall area.
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lower 70s, miami 71, mid 70s into the middle and lower keys. taking a look at what we're dealing with as far as clouds are concerned, they're coming in, just not from thetlantic waters, coming in from the gulf of mexico, mid and high level clouds not only this morning but the next 24 to 48 hours. it's because of that, first alert forecast calling for a mix of sun and clouds today. today will be a quiet day as far as rain and clouds are concerned, similar to yesterday, but similar also in the form of temperatures, expecting to be well above average. the normal high this time o@ year is around 80 degrees. take a look at your forecast down in the keys. if that's where your morning commute takes you, highs reaching into the 80s with winds out of the southeast, more sunshine today. high pressure r mains over the carolina coast, keeping conditions relatively quiet for us. it's the system behind me that
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this stationver the lower mississippi valley will move toward the south this weekend. lowow pressure is expected to formal long that front. as it does, that will continue to push it towards us here and of course that's what's going to return showers to the forecast as early as saturday and sunday. today, the main threat will be the heat and uv index. we're expecting another warm one. with the humidity in place, temperatures could feel warmer than the actual air temperature. st. patrick's day, if you have outdoor plans today, dress accordingly. temperatures in the 80s, showers and thunderstorms, possibly thunderstorms saturday inin sunday. the cold front will cool us down, closer to average monday into tuesday. >> a check on the roads now with joe brennan. looks good on our roadways, although certainly starting to see a little more volume out there as well including the palmetto expressway. you can see theeadlights coming up around mid screen. that's northbound 826 approaching 836, the dolphin
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it is certainly getting a little tighter there, but still moving at a pretty good pace throughout. the same for the rest of the way on 826 and 95 in dade county. a good rid to the airport all the way from westin back to 95. breaking newe coming out of seaworld, huge news just announced. seaworld says the current orcas will be the last generationont its theme park. the company is ending its killer whale breeding program. instead the company p ans to introduce new natural killer whale encounters. seaworld says it's part of its on going commitment to education and marine science research. you'll remember seaworld came under heavy fire in a documentary called "black fish" showing what animal rights
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several students getting out of the hospital after a crash involving a school bus and a big rig. a semi rear-ended a school bus which slammed into another school bus. more than 70 people in all were taken to nearby hospitals. luckily none with life-threatening injuries. a miami-dade firefighter is facing a legal fight after being accused of domestic violence. ali ponder's girlfriend accused him of choking her and threatening violence if she left their bedroom. according to the policic report, ponder admitted to making the threat but had no intention of carrying it out. ponder has denied choking his girlfriend. police say there were no marks or bruises on her body. he is currently on administrative assignment. 6:19 on your thursday morning. frank sinatra, junior, the son of the legendary singer, has passed away in florida. he was scheduled to perform last
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in daytona beach. the show was canceled at the last minute with an announcement that the sirng had gotten sick. it was later confirmed that he died out of cardiac arrest. the younger sinatra followed his famous dad into the business, worked for his dad as musz cal director and conductor. old helping you start off your thursday checking the time for you, 6:19. selling stuff online but too lazy to ship it?
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were welcome back. in northeast dade chopper 6 over the scene of a shootin investigation near 148th street and spur drive. we're hearing reports that a person was shot in their car. detectives on the scene are not
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we are making calls right now. you can check the nbc news and weather app for updates. the beast is coming down. the dem nigs is under way for the old hurricane roller c caster which tourd over i-95 for the last 16 years. millions of people have ridden this thing. it once w the largest roller coaster in the state of florida. it's been out of use for quite a whwhe. developers have plans to make that area the plala to be. that is a quote from them. they say it will have retail shops and entertainment, also a couple hotels on board. >> miami heat star chris bosh isn't playing basketball but has plenty to do at home. he posted this picture to instagram confirming his wife adrian has given birth to twin boys. they named them lennox and phoenix. the couple has four children together including 3-year-old
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bosh has a 6-year-old daughter named trinity from a previous relationship. the birth is great news for bosh swho has been sidelined since february becauseof a blood clot. >> chris, i promise you chasing around twin boys will keep you in shape the rest of your life. i can vouch for that. 6:24 on your thursday morning. maybe you've got something to sell on ebay but you sell it and are too lazy to ship it toto the buyer. don't worry. there's an app for that. in certain cities ebay will send somebody to your door within 20 minutes to, quote, professionally pack your item and ship it for you through a partnership with something called startup ship. it will track your shipment and notify you thathe buyer got it. right now the service is free. starting june 30th, it will cost an additional $5.00 per pickup. you read the story and said -- >> that is me. >> you sell it and it't' great
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yeah, i funerally got rid of it. >> downloading it right now. >> we like it. >> checking the time for you, 6:25. a 6-year-old caught in the crossfire. two of those charged ins s death enter their plea. history being made at the st. patrick's day parade in new york city. nbc 6 is live in the big apple with a look at how this year's celebration will be just a little bit diffent. >> so sad, i even find myself calling family members to see if they will ship it for you. as you're heading out the door, great conditions at the bus stop. as you're dropping the kids at the bus stop, upper 60s to low 70s. a warm day at the bus stop.
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we'll two people taken to the hospital this morning after a car slams into a pizza place. the accident could have been much worse had a delivery driver parked just one spot oefrmt nbc 6 first alerting you to this breaking story on our social media pages. now we're joined by reporter michael spears. michael, you were able to actually speak to that delivery driver. howwre they doing? >> reporter: actually, sheli, we spoke to the man who was hit. him and his fiancee were inside this pizza shop when the suv barreled into it. he and his fiancee both sent to the hospital. thankfully they've both been released. here is a picture of the two together. we're told that he was inside this pizza shop waiting by the door at the counter for food
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he said he just sawaw the vehicle make a sharp turn and knew he d to think fast and move fast and push his fiancee out of the way. unfortunately he was pinned and pretty banged up. i have new video of some of the injuries. luckily he is out of the hospital. he said his fiancee also was released. she has staples in her arm and stitches on her head. he said he thought he was going to die when it all happened. around 12:30 the woman lost control of the car. it's not clear why she lost control, if she was drunk or any other factors were involved. talk about terrifying moments. we have some sound of what happened in those moments. take a listen. >> i just heard an engine rev and everything slowed down. i knew i had to protect my fiancee at all costs, i didn't
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i ended up -- instead of her getting hit, i got hit. >> reporter: we are working to find out whether the driver will fafa charges or be cited. we are told that apparently there was a third custor inside of this shop when theh suv crashed in. she was knocked unconscious but was gone before police and fire rescue arrived. we're working to confirm that as well. you can catch more of our interview and more details on the nbc 6 news an weather app. live in oakland park, michael spears, nbc news. right now we want to get you out the door with a check on your trqffic and weather together. let's get started with a live look over downtown miami on this thursday morning. south florida definitely feeling the heat once again. another very warm start to the day.
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weather clothes. maybe a little green on it. the consequences -- we all know what happens. >> the pinch to grow an inch. i don't mind growing an inch or two. why not. south floloda, 71 degrees in miami. happy st. patrick's day to you and happy friday eve as sheli mentned earlier today. waking up tomild conditions. winds variable at this point out of the southeast down into the keys. shaping up to be another warm one. definitely want to dress ak korgdly, especially if you have outdoor plans today and into this evening. live first alert radar is looking pretty good so far. good news there. you won't be needing the umbrella as you head out the door this morning. however, we will begin to see moisture creeping into south florida. changes are definitely headed our way in the next 24 to 48 hours. first alert forecast on this thursday morning, calling for areas of fog, especially
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in the lower 80 a check on the thursday roads now with joe brennan. >> good morning. still looks like a good ride in broward county. starting to see it get a little busier if you are trying to make your way on 95 south of griffin road or south of 75 at griffin road. those headlights,,that is the southbound side of i-75 and starting to get a little more intense. but generally speaking, still in pretty decent shape asar as getting where you need to be. don't see any major issues there or along travel in dade county along i-95, still in good shape and still accident-free on 826, the palmeto expressway as well. that's traffic. back to you. >> all right, joe. thank you so much. 6:33 right now. a group of cuban americans are waking up in south florida after meeting with the president at the white house. brand new for you this morning, we're hearing from one of those who talked with the president
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nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is live in live. emil'em . >> reporter: you can see how the entertainment producer emilio estefan has mixed feelings about the historic visit. he told us he's s t a politician and doesn't have any business designs on cuba. he just wants to see a free cuba. he had the cnce to meet with the president along with other prominent cuban americans ahead of this weekend trip happening, and he got a chance to shareeis opinions with the president. he told us he pressed the president to meet with dissidents. he said he got confirmation that he would. he also told the president not to forget those jailed or killed under the castro regime. we wanted to know whether he and
6:34 am
revisiting the land of their rth. >> i don't think we'll ever go to could be bauba when the cass troes are there. hopefully one day we can go to a really free cuba. >> something else estefan told us that impressed him was that the president was willing to listen to a wide variety of opinions on what's happening with cuba. we also know that the president will be addressing the cuban people openly from havana. his aides say they want to make sure everyone on the island nation is able to see what's happening with the historic visit. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> keep it right here on nbc 6 before, during and after the president's team. jackie nespral and juwan sader begin live coverage out of cuba beginning tomorrow night at 11:00 p.m. right here on nbc 6. your time is 6:35. a plane making an emergency
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this morning we have brand new pictures of the scene into the newsroom. it happened in the everglades on a levv. it landed near the sawgrass recreation park east of u.s. 27, north of i-75. here is a lookt the pictures i mentioned to you. it was an experimental jet, the blue one you're looking at here. you can see the pilot did a pretty good job landing it. no outward damage to that plane. from what we know, there were two people on board. fortunately no one was injured. the plane was on its way to ft. lauderdale executive airport when the pilot reported an emergency. all he said was they were having engine problemsnot sure what that was. for more information, you can find it. we'll be posting updates on our nbc 6 news and weather app. a south florida mother still hopipi for justice.
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the 55-year-old was crossing the street last year when a driver hit him. investigators san jose they found the blue 2003 ford f-150 involved in the crash but haven't been able to identify the person behind the wheel. now they're teaming up the with family in hopes that someone will come forward with information. >> hurley and i was very close. this was a shock to me, and it still is a shock. all i want out of this is justice. it's got to be justice. it's got to be stopped. >> if you're watching this and hearing this and know anything about this unsolved case you're asked to call broward county crimestoppers at 954-493-tips. if you are just joining us, nbc 6 breaking big news overnight about seaworld's killer whale program. it's done. we'll show you what the company plans to do instead coming up. a not guilty verdict for the
6:37 am
slapping a homeless manan but his return to the force may not be a guarantee.e. those stories and more coming up on the six stories you need to know before you hetd out the dor. good news here for the woman brutally beaten by her roommate. her family officially talking about her recovery. your thursday morning commute looking good. raiifree so far. temperatures will be mild, in the lower 70s. areas of fog across the interior areas.
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afternoon commute welcome back. this weekend if you're planning on spending time in downtown miami, you might be seeing more
6:41 am
the ultra music festival kicks off tomorrow in downtown miami. today preparations are under way. this three-day cancert expected to attract thousands of sic lovers to miami. the police department and fire department will be there as well making sure the concert goers will have a fun but also safe time over the weekend. callie ocho could be getting a makeover soon. the miami mayor expecting to announce plans to improve and beautiful the festival. a news conference at 10:30 domino park at southwest 8th street and 15th avenue. weather on nbc 6 is spopoored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morningby mcdonald's mccafe coffee.
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i'm lovin' it. >> 6:43 on this thursday morning. dry conditions so far. you won't be needing those umbrellas as you head out the door. you may want to pack extra time because we are dealing with areas of fog across interior areas and out toward the west coast. if that's where your morning commute takes you, giveve your elf extra time. 6:43. we're rain free but also mild. 69 in ft. lauderdale as well as pembroke pin area. 71 in miami, 70 in opa-locka, dealing with a comfortable 67 degrees right now down into the kendall and homestead area. taking a look at your ather headlines, the warm stretch continues for the next few days. temperatures have been trending well above normal. from ten degrees throughout the morning hours. five to ten degrees above average through the afternoon hours. ththre is a front that's on its way. that's going to bring major changes for the upcoming weekend.
6:43 am
forecast for your st. patrick's day, temperatures will be warm, mid to upper 80s this afternoon. that wind alternating from south to southwest this afternoon. allowing temperatures to remain five to ten degrees above average this afternoon. if you have outdoor plans, you want to dress accordingly because it will be a warm evening. taking a look at the beach forecast, winds out of the southwest shifting between southwest to south and southeast as the day goes o o under a mix of sun and clouds. we are expecting winds t t remain on the lower end of the scale. it will be a warm one at that. high pressure over the atlantic waters, will continue to push further into the atlantic as the weekend goes on. a low pressure system is expected to formal long this front. that means it's going to help push it along throughout the weekend. we're expectingng increasing moisture with showers and thunderstorms in the forecast.
6:44 am
majority of the moisture remains over the gulf of mexico, something to keep an eye on. t heat will be the main talk of the town today. showers return for saturday into sunday, possibly a thunderstorm or two and finally cooling down from monday to tuesday. let's take a look at those roads now. how are they looking, joe? >> well, not so great anymore. we've got trouble on opa-locka boulevard, northwest 135th street right at 22nd avenue. it looks like east and westbound closed on opa-locka boulevard. part of the shooting scene they're investigating. they have a perimeter set up in the area. things closed off, definitely want to avoid that att all costs. al a crash reported on the dolphin east of red road, blocking a left lane there. in miami two teenagers plead
6:45 am
stunned the community. er irwen pressley and leonard adams adams, a third suspect in the case is also charged as an adult. the woman brutally attacked by a roommate she met on craigslist is on the road to recovery. 23-year-old danielle jones conscious after spending more than a month in a coma. yesterday she was able to go outside for some fresh air and sunshine. she looks fantastic considering everything she's been through. she was allegedly tacked by her roommate inside her downtown miami apartment back on valentine's day. >> i see more and more of danielle coming back, she hugs me, tells me she loves me. she's back. >> the ex-roommat you see here, byron mitchell being held
6:46 am
he says he was acting in self-defense. a call for action months after a deadly police-involved shooting in miami-dade. relatives of edward fososr quietly held sign lgs during a city councileeting in homestead yesterday. it's the latest attempt by the family to get answers following the shooting death that happened last july. homestead officer anthony green shot and killed foster as was walking home from the store that day. police say gun was found near foster's body, although relatives are questioning whether or not he really h that gun on him. at the time foster was on probation fo attempted murder and armed robbery. officer green had previously been involved in a number of police-involved shootings but was cleared in all those cases. the foster shooting remains under investigation. call this robber a creature of habit with a few twists. the broward sheriff's office says the thief targets 7-elevens. you see him here, he's used guns, maches during his crimes. one he even shut off the per
6:47 am
all the robberies happened around 3:00 in morning over the course of two weeks. if you have any information about this crook, call broward county crimestoppers at 954-413-tips. police want your help finding these two thieves. one of them pointed a gun at a baby. it happened near northwest 43rd streetetnd 2nd avenue. cops say one of them pointed a gun at the infant's son and demanded money. new controversy around@ hillary clinton's e-mails. a 2009 request to issuea secure government smart phone to the then secretary of state. the request was denied by the national security agency. a month laler clinton started using private e-mail accounts accessed through her phone in
6:48 am
some of her top aides. clinton has been under intense scrutiny for using her private e-mail in order to send sensitive information. ten minuteseso the top of the hour. michigan governor rick schneider expected to be in washington, d.c. this morning to testify about the on going water crisis happening in flint, michigan. we've covered this a lot in the past couple months. governor snyder will testify before the u.s. house committee on oversight and government reform. it is the third and last hearing on the flint water crisis which saw thhsands of residents affected by lead-tainted and undrinkable water. according to prepared testimony, snyder blames a failure of government at all lelels. he's expected to discuss his commitment to finding a permanent solution to the water crisis. the d.c. metro system back up and running after an emergency 29-houshutdown as the nation's transportation
6:49 am
fix the crumbling infrastructure. crews were concerned about ayed wires and a couple recent fires. sure enough, they found even more problems. most have been fisksed and those that haven't have rerouted trains. this morning investigators are looking for clues as to what caused a fire that destroyed a mansion in cocoa beach. the blaze broke out tuesday night and burned the house to the ground. firefighters say they found dumpsters and construction equipment near the home which they say could have been a factor. the home was estimated to be worth about $4 million. as thousands of spring breakers take over south beach this weekend, miami beach are announcing they'll heighten security along ocean drive. ocean drive will be closed to vehicle traffic between 7:00 in the evening and 7:00 in the morning from 7th street to 11th street. checkpoints will be in place at all the entrances to prevent alcohol and sigh foam and glass
6:50 am
the cleanup has been too much in years past. large crowds will be cleared from beaches before sunset. so know that as you make your plans. this new plan comes after police responded to two shootings over the weekend, one of them turned out to be fatal, and large amounts of trash they tell us were left behind on the beaches and the streets there. >> you have intensive spring break activity and the music festival through march 29th. we'll have extra security and on the weekends particularly we'll go twhoots called alpha bravo with police. we'll close ocean drive to vehicle traffic. >> so these new mez yurs will go into effect officially tomorrow, on friday. police are urginger body to have fun, enjoy yourself, but also do it responsibly and safely.
6:51 am
the hospital after being hit by an suv overnight. this is a new picture of the two peopope. luckily they are expected to live, both just releas from the hospital, but in pretty bad shape. investigators say a woman lost control of the suv. it's not clear whher she'll be cited or charged. you can read more about what happened in those moments on the nbc 6 news and weather app. breaking news from seaworld. the company announced this morning an end to its killer whale program. the orcas currently in the theme park will be the last ones. the company will prepare for natural killer whale encounters. a miramar police officer is accused of shooting and killing aould-be burglar noor the 6700 block of gauntlet hall lane.
6:52 am
broken into another home a few minutes before that. president obama's supreme court nominee will be on capitol hill to meet with lawmakers. republican leaders stillnsist merrick garland will never get a hearing. he would fill the seat that once the officer accused of slapping a homeless man says h took measures necessary to protect himself against the homeless man. he can try to work again as a police officer, although that is not guaranteed. >> president obama meeting with a group of cuban american leaders at the white house. they discuss the on going efforts to normalize relations with the communist relations. emilio estefan is one of 16 people to meet with the president. >> check our nbc 6 news and weather app for all the storors we're covering as you're waking up on your thursday morning. take alook, high above i-95, chopper 6 flying southbound, south of the golden glades interchange, past
6:53 am
downtown miami. you can see how busy it's getting. there on the right side of the screen, the taillights, that's all the southbound flow trying to get past 79th street and beyond into downtwn miami. it is starting to intensify quite a bit aong 95 out of the golden glades interchange. the same with trouble on the dolphin expressway, a crash eastbound beyond red road has the left lane blocked. that will be slow as well trying to get over to miami international airport and the exit ramp at lejeune road from palmetto. at least we're not dealing with rain this morning, good news as you head out the door. our live first alert radar looking quiet. no rain in sight. you won't need the umbrellas from ft. lauderdale down inn miami-dade. we are dealing with patchy fog across interior areas. your morning commute takes you out towards the west, you definitely will counter fog there as well. waking up to mild conditions, 69 degrees righnow in the
6:54 am
71 in miami. 67 degrees, a little more comfoable down into the kendall area. first alert forecast for your thursday and also for your st. patrick's day, we're calling for temperatures to be well above average. mid to upper 80s later today. dealing with morning fog followed by afternoon sunshine and warmth. that will linger into the evening urs. right now still some moisture across much of our sunshine state, especially over the gulf of mexico. this is moisture that will continue to increase as the workweek goes on but especially this upcoming week earned ahead of a system that will bring us showers in the forecast comom saturday into sunday. for you spring bakers out there, if you want to spend your day at the beach, winds out of the southwest and the south mainly today and five to ten miles per hour. it's going to be very warm. keep hydrated out there and
6:55 am
sunscreen, the uv index on the high end of the scale. showers finally return to the forecast for the weekend, possibly even a chance of a thunderstorm come saturday into sunday. this saul ahead of a cold front that will bring us changes not only for the weekend as far as rain, but cooling us back down, close to seasonable temperatures come monday into tuesday. >> hopefully people have some green tank tops or green shorts or something. >> something green. >> if you happen to see a leprechaun, should they immediately e-mail you the photographs or send it to our apps. >> both. that way we're sure to see it. >> don't want to miss it. >> leprechaun -- #nbc6leprechaun. >> all right. thanks for joining us everyone. have a great st. patrick's day.
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>> thehetoday" show is good morning. battle supreme. president obama's pick heads to the hill today. democrats pushing hard. >> have the guts, the gutso vote yes or no. >> is the nomination dead on arrival? we will talk to the president's chief of ststf. where is the love? a new poll shows hillary clinton and d dald trump are deeply unpopular even in their own parties while trump has a dire warning for the gop if there is a contested convention. >> i think you would have riots. >> is he using scare ttics to try to lock in the nomination? family first. a major league baseball player walks away from $13 million after being told to dial back his son's time with the team. a boy such a fixture he had his own locker.
7:00 am
comes to bringing your kids to work? and frank sinatra jr. dies hours after canceling a concert and the touing tribute today thursday, march 17, 2016. from nbcews this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> good morning everybody. welcome to "today." in kate you didn't know it's st. patrick's day. i knew from the crowd on the plaza. >> i went with the traditional stick on shamrock on the lapel.


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