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tv   Today  NBC  March 17, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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comes to bringing your kids to work? and frank sinatra jr. dies hours after canceling a concert and the touing tribute today thursday, march 17, 2016. from nbcews this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. >> good morning everybody. welcome to "today." in kate you didn't know it's st. patrick's day. i knew from the crowd on the plaza. >> i went with the traditional stick on shamrock on the lapel.
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over president obama's nominees for supreme court. judge merrick garland to meet with lawmakers. >> when judge garland goes to capitol hill he will meet with democrats and so far no republicans. political lines drawn by the president and the republican senate and a critical seat on the supreme court for mow held hostage to presidential campaign politics. >> i simply ask republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing and then an up or down vote. >> reporter: president obama challenging senate republicans to give his supreme court nominene a hearing. >> if you don't it will not only be an advocation of theuty but will indicate a process for nominatingngnd confirming judges that is beyond repair. >> reportete republican leaders are not budging.
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act as a check on a president and with hold consent. >> reporter: majorityeading mitch mcconnell doubling down. >> what we are talking about is a principle and not a person. >> reporter: insisting the vacancy should be filled by the next president. >> have the guts, the guts to vote yes or no. >> reporter: democrats trying to shame republicans. >> they want to vote maybe.e. that is a gutless derlication of the constitution. judge garland is hardly a liberal icon, chosen because the white house thinks he is hard to reject on record or politics. seen as a moderate he won votes of 32 republican senators when
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court in 1997. he's a good man. but he shodn't be brought up in this toxi environment. >> reporter: just last week he said he didn't think president obama would pick garland because garland didn't appeal to democrats liberal base. republicans may be calculating that judge garland would be more acceptable to them than anyone a future president hillary clinton or donald trump might choose. >> pete williams is at the supreme court this morning with more on the man who is caught in the middle of what is a political tug of war. >> reporter: the president has chosen a mostly centrist judge who is well liked and respected hoping to make it harder for the republicans to say he won't give
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merrick garland servedd for 19 years, he's 63. born in chicago. graduated from harvard. he and his wife, lynn, have been married for 29 years and have two daughters. he supervised the prosecution of timothy mcveigh in 1995. bill clinton nominated him to be a federal judge i 1997 and was confirmedy the senate 76 to 23 with 32 republican votes. his rulings are considered centrist and generally votes to uphold environmental rules and is often tougher on criminals. mr. obama twice confirmed merrick garland for the supreme court. white house chief of staff, good morning. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> i have heard different people describe this nomination in
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one theory is this is the president offering an olive branch to reblicans. another is this is the president saying i dare you to block this guy and the third is that the president is offering pp the sack rificial lamb for an ugly political fight. >> the president ran a very detailed process and came up with a candidate who met a very simple qualification, namely excellence. everybody that you talk to in legal circles and in the newspapers this morning you cannot find a bad wor said about merrick garland. >> you are saying the president isn't telling republicans i dare you to block this judge? >> i'm telling you the president nominated someone for this vacancy. he found somebody with a proven track record of excellence, somebody who is described as a
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a fair-minded approach to understanding the law. that's exactly who we found in this judge and we expect the senate to do its job. >> perhaps neither side has clean hands entirely. when senator obama was in office he voted against justice robert's nomination. how does he explain that now? >> well, what is interesting is that in both of those cases not only did senators meet with and give a hearing to those candidates but they voted on them. and that is exactly the process that we are asking for here. >> president obama voted to filibuster and not bring himo the floor for a full vote. >> they had a series of hearings and a vote out of committee and then a debate on the senate floor.
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that's exactly the way the process should work. that is exactly what we hope will happen in this case and exactly what the president called for yesterday. we have a candidate who is uniformally recognized somebody with unquestionable excellence and terrific experience. >> real quickly if you can, does the president have one firm ally on the republican side in the senate that he feels will help him get this to a hearing and confirmamaon? >> we feel good about the first day of this. we heard many, more than a handful of republicans changing their position and being willing to meet with -- >> does the president have a real firm ally on the republican side? >> what i said is that yesterday we heard several republican senators agreeing to meet with him. we think that is a good start. this is not rocket science.
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constitution says, give him a hearing and vote and let's fill the vacancy. >> thanks for getting up early with us. we appreciate it. >> thanks. happy st. patrick's day. the supreme court fight is raising the stakes. donald trump is warning about what he fears will happen if he is denied the republican nomination. p nbc national correspondent peter alexander has more on that side of the story. >> reporter: good morning. happy st. patrick's day. the math backs trump. he needs 55% of the remaining delegates to get there. if he does it the billionaire is warning while he wouldn't lead it bad things would happen. donald trump dominating the competition. he is defiant warning what could happen if he is not the republican nominee.
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i'm representinin a tremendous, many, many millions of people. i think bad things would happen. >> reporter: the front runner says he is done debating his rivals. with trump out john kasich is following suit. >> i think we have had enough debates. i was veryy surprised when i heard fox called for a debate. i won't be there. >> reporter: something trump is not shying away from, foreign policy telling morning joe he is his own best asset. >> since we have dire foreign policy issues who are you consulting with so you are ready on day one? >> i'm speaking with myself because i have a very good brain. my primary consultant is myself. i have a good insinth for this stuff. >> reporter: kasich touting his
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>> neither of those guys can win a general election. maybe they are spoiling it for the republican party. >> reporter: speculation is bubuding over another potential player like speaker of the house paul ryan. >> people say what about the contested convention? who knows. >> reporter: a spokesperson says ryan will not accept a nomination. trump and hillary clinton are already in a dress rehearsal for the general election. trump releasing this instagram video mocking clinton as weak against vladimir putin and isis showing her parking like a dog while telling a joke on the trail. the closing message, we don't need to be a punch line. >> our commander in chiefef has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. to be great we can't be small.
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great in the first place. >> reporter: if a trump/clinton show down faces reality the latest poll showing they are the most unpopular politicians in eir parties. trump is touting a big speech as puts it before the prominent pro israel lobby scheduled for monday hours a aer hillary clinton addresses the group. that really could offer the best side by side comparison of these two on policy and presentation. >> two words for you, chicken up. >> i'm on my way. >> eucalypyps steam shower. diplomatic efforts underway to free the college student for allegedly trying to steal a poster. >> reporter: good morning. oneuman rights group described it as like a simple student
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himself in prison by a country locked in a nuclear standoff with t t world. after begging for his freedom- >> please save my life -- >> reporter: he is waking up in north korea prison sentenced to 15 years hard labor. >> pleasehink of my family. >> reporter: fingerprinted, handcuffed, led away, guilty of subversion, the north korean's say. the university of virginia student stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel. >> i am only human. >> reporter: reportedly says he stole the banner for aember of his church group. his twitter and facebook
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he volunteers as a swim coach d mentor for teens. he is one of two u.s. citizens held in north korea. trel there is legal. a few thousand americans go each year. >> the allegations for which this individual was arrested and imprisoned w wld not give rise to arrest or imprisonment in the united states or any other country in the world. >> reporter: tours of destinations your mother would rather you stay away from. now he faces prison by a totalitarian government that hates america. why he went there? the americans who go to north korea offering young people looking for adventure and retired folks hoping for t experience of a lifetime sgrmpt had not like that. let's turn back to capitol hill.
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house hearing on the flint water crisis. the governor has come under incredible fire after thousands were affected by led tainted water. governor snyder says he didn't learnhe water was contaminated until after 18 months after the city began drawing wer from the flint river in april 2014. the governor is expected to address his commitment to finding a permanent solution. is that green on your tie see. >> a little bit. >> no pinches for you. >> h he you pinched matt yet? looks like it was about to fall off. >> i mig take it off. >> just for the pinch. let's show you along the gulf coast. we are watching this stationary front that will lay across there an a system developing along it.
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weather east texas to southern alabama. tomorrow heavy rain develops. as you look anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 inches of rain from central louisiana to the panhandle of this corolla's got a sweet sound system and low apr. nah, i don't live far. it's got tons of room. i do own7a broom. this is pretty fun. yeah, i've been thinking of growing a man bun. during toyota's 1 for everyone sales event, get 0% apr financing for 60 months on a 2016 c`rolla. offer end april 4th. for great deals on other toyotas, visit thanks, jan. no, it's jan! toyota. let's golaces. all right, south florida, moisture will continue to increase from the gulf of mexico within the 24 to 48 hours. yoy can see ahead of a system that's going to bring some major changes for the upcoming weekend. in the meantime for your thursday, first alert forecast
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lower 80s. a humid start to the day with someareas of fog leading to a warm and dry afternoon. and if you have any outdoor plans for st. patrick's day, just keep in mind that it will be warm out there. taking a little sneak peek for the next three days, i mentioned chang weather. sad news to report. singer frank sinatra jr., the son of the iconic entertainer died, passing away in florida where he was on tour. >> reporter: he led a colorful life. frank sinatra jr built aareer singing his father's iconic tunes in a voice reminiscent of his father's legendary croon. at times being the chairman of the board's son came with a price. at age 19 his father's fame
7:17 am
kidnapping held for four days until sinatra sr. paid almost a quarter of a million dollars to his captors. >> nervous but the only thing to do is hope for the best. >> reporter: he stepped in as musical director during his father's final touring years and acting, appearing in almost 20 shows including fily guy and sopranos playing himself. >> here is one for your pal. >> just last year he sang for the new york yankees. sister nancy sinatra posted that her brother died of cardiac arrest. >> that is sad news. our best to his family. coming up, how much is your family time worth? the major leaguer who is retiring and walking away from
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limit the time his son spent with the team. the beginning of the end of killer whales at sea world. the park's ceo is speaking out and addressing critics as he announces a big change for sea
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live, this is nbc 6 south florida breaking news. good thursday morning to you. >> your time right now 7:26. just in to the newsroom police confirming a man was shot in his car in opa-locka. chopper 6 over the scene. that man has since been airlifted to jackson memorial hospital. detectives tell us that four men got out of their car and shot at him before taking off. of course, as i mensed, chopper 6 over the scene at northwest 148th street, and northwest 22nd avenue earlier this morning. right now officers have a perimeter set up to try and catch the people responsible. no word yet on a motive. another story that's breaking this morning. sea world announced it has ended and is goingng to end its killer whale program. the orcas currently at i i theme park will be the last ones. instead the company will now prepare for natural killer whale encounters and seaworld's ceo wrote about it in an op-ed in this morning's "l.a. times." a nice warm, st. patrick's
7:26 am
>> right now, a mild start to the day, 69 in opa-locka and fort lauderdale. 72 in miami. 68 in pembroke pines area. waking up to rain-free conditions. however we are dealing with some areas of fog, especially if you are across the interior areas or maybe heading out towards the west coast throughout the morning hours. you won't be needing umbrellas at all today. temperatures in mid to upper 80s. a very warm st. patrick's day indeed. check on the roads now, here's joe. >> a little bit of trouble now along i-95 unfortunately in broward county. we've got a crash northbound on the approach to atlantic boulevard and pompano, left lane is blocked off there. you can see just how jammed up it's already getting. and we just got a report of a disabled vehicle in the palmetto southbound on the exit ramp to miller. the right lane on the ramp is blocked. >> avoid that if you can. that was joe brennan reporting
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flo-rida thursday on the today show. it is also st. patrick's day. we see green on the plaza. we will get out there and say hi. >> i love the traditional irish flo-rida songng merrick garland will begin meet wg lawmakers on the hill but republican leadership maintaining they have no intention on taking action on garland's nomination. the metro rail system back up and running after the unprecedented day-long shutdown. crews spent wednesday inspecting
7:30 am
and first lady michelle obama took part in south by southwest music festival. >> i will not run for president not going to do it. i have these two young people at home and being the daughters of a president, just think about it. come on, young people, not so easy. they have handled it with grace and with poise. enough is enough. >> what does she have planned for after the white house? the first lady to bring education to girls around t t world. a retirement that has a lot of people talking.
7:31 am
multimillion dollar salary. >> white sox executives say laroche decided to retire after theysked him to dial back the time his son spends with the team raising questions about how much is too much when it comes to bringing your kid to work, in this case to a baseball park. >> adam laroche stunning the baseball world with his abrupt retirement saying he is ready to walk away from the game and $13 million remaining on his contract. white sox officials confirm the decision came after they asked him to cut back the time his 14-year-old son drake spends in the clubhouse. many call drake the 26th n. he is considered such a fixture that he attends practice at home and on the road.
7:32 am
was given his own locker. white sox vice president ken williams calls drake a fine young man but says it was time to draw the line. what would i say to the next person who wanted to bring his son and have it be an everything thing. >> reporter: williams saying it is time the team concentrates on playing better baseball after suffering three straight losing seasons. laroche has not appeared publicly tweeting thank you for the game of baseball and for giving me way more than i deserved. bryce harper, a former teammate voicing his support tweeting good for you, nothing like father and son in the clubhouse. it's a family game. >> afterall, it is work and when the fans are demanding a better output from the chicago white sox they are tighting up the reins. >> we did reach out for comment. the team does confirm laroche
7:33 am
have not been filed with the league. there was a meeting of the players, about a two-hour meeting. this is coming from some of them clearly. >> it's a locker room. this is a 14-year-old boy. we know players in locker rooms like a certatn atmosphere and i don't think they want to be worried about what they do or say. i think it is across the line. >> and adam laroche's father played in the big leagues so adam had this experience to hang around locker rooms and be around big leaguers. >> and the team is under a lot of pressure. >> occasional visit is different than being there so often. >> some of our fondest memories going to work with our dad. i can't focus when i bring my kids to work. i'm worried about if the are going to embarrass me or do something they shouldn't be doing. >> i think the whitetsox have
7:34 am
and he has the right to walk away. >> he still has good swings in his bat. in the presidential race we have been talking about the chances of a contested convention for republicans. it will comeown to the delegate count. who are those delegates? they can play a major role in picking the next president. hallie jackson decided to look into that. >> reporter: on the republican side over 2,400 delegates who can hol the key to the nomination, the folks who may pick the next presidential nominee. colorful, chaotic, conventions are where pick the nominee. in cleveland this year could be donald trump's coronation or the
7:35 am
>> we are going to go all the way to cleveland and secure the republican nomination. >> reporter: delegates are assigned based on how their state voted at least in the first round. sually that is all it takes. this year there could be a second round or more when some delegates could pick who they want. campaigns looking to lock in support. >> the process works, this is americana. it is wonderful. >> reporter: he has been delegate at four conventions but never a contested one. he might this year. >> we are glorified messenger. we get to cast the ballot. >> reporter: thisear could be different. >> i have to admit i am pretty excited about it. >> the real people withives and schedules and vacations, they have to be found, cataloged and wooed. they cannot be bullied.
7:36 am
support a trump adviser tells nbc they are plotting to pick up marco rubio delegates. and john kasich is bnging on a top operative who helped gerald ford beat ronald reagan at the last contested convention four decades ago. >> a lot are looking to enhance their ability to work in a new administration. reporter: from the candidate who touts deal making skills, a warning what could happen if dealings don't involve him. >> i think you would have riots. i am representing a tremendous, many millions of people. >> reporter: and trump's campaign manager has been named delegate in his home state of new hampshire. safe to say who hewould probably back. >> sticking to his guns no question about itj let's get the weather. >> still got a little winter to talk about especially in the
7:37 am
big upper level low bringing in cold air from canada. looking at snow all the way down intominneapolis. it will be light. the winds will be still f frly strong. as the low moves away weweee conditions improve. the low continues to move east and i will bring snow to upstate new york, northern new england, thunderstorms first, though. and gusty all right, south florida. moisture will continue to increase from the gulf of mexico within the 24 to 48 hours. you can see ahead of a system it's going to bring some major changes for the upcoming weekend. in the meantime for your thursday, first alert forecast calling for highs reaching into lower 80s. a humid start to the day with some areas of fog leading to a warm and dry afternoon, and if you have any outdoor plans for st. patrick's day,ust keep in mind that it will be warm out there. taking a little sneak peek for the next the days i mentioned changes for the
7:38 am
coming up, a century old painting, a new way for you to celebrate that moment. >> and b b news from sea world this morning on the future of its popular and controversial killer whales. we'll hey, you're going to do great. hi.
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back at 7:42. big news out of sea world. >> the park says it will stop breeding iconic killer whales. . >> a pretty big story coming after years of controversy about sea world's treatment of the killer whales. the company saying major transition. as we learn it will still leave critics with plenty of question. orca killer whales sea world. but that may be changing. >> what we are announcing is the end of our orca breeding. >> reporter: the companyny hoping this will end years of criticism ov treatment of captive orcas and several people killed by them.
7:43 am
have happened to anyone. >> like in 2010. back lash was intense. the stock losing more than half the value. >> your company spent a lot of film. is this an admission that they were right? >> i would never admit that the care of our animals was poor. a lot of factors changed people's opinion. >> reporter: outraged critics disagree. >> they are relegated to the equivalent of us living in bath tubs. >> reporter: sea world has pledged not to capture wild orcas. today is the first time they are commenting not to breed new killer whales. there is a catc >> in 20 years will there be zero whales? >> it depends how many will live. we have one that is 42 years old and one that hasn't been born yet. >> you have new orca shows
7:44 am
>> we call them orca encounters. we are going to eliminate the more theatrical element. >> former trainer says that isn't enough. sea world says it has to keep the orcas because they were born in captivity and never learned to live in the wild. some say they could beoved to protected sanctuaries. >> we feel and we have studied this a lot. we feel it is a very risky environment to dothat. >> sea world is making this announcement with a commitment of millions to conservation and a surprising bed fellow, the humane society. >> people will say this isn't enough action. >> we can't unwindnd what has happened with those animals who have been in captivity for 30 or 40 years. % >> reporter: sea world says it is the end of an era. >> how much longer do you
7:45 am
>> as long as it takes for this current population to pass on. there will be no more new orcas. >> sea world ceo saying you are going to see fewer whales in the marketing but for a while you will be able to go there and see the orcas on display and these experiences, fewer flips but they are there. >> like a long term wind down. >> as they predicted how that is going to impact visitation at the parks? >> it is the center piece of their business. that may be why they are taking decades to allow the change. >> thank you. appreciate it. coming up, how do stars cram into the red carpet dresses? jennifer garner comes through for us. and carson throwing it back to our very uh, hello geico?... yeah, i was just talking about your emergency roadside service and how it's availille 24/7 and then our car overheated... what are the chances?
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7:50, carson's moment. >> here we are. twitter is going to mark a major milestone this week turning ten yearar old. we celebrate by looking back where it all started. we go back to our first tweet. i just joined twitter. not sure why? still not sure. >> al, you wrote watching my
7:50 am
that was your first tweet. savannah wrote please follow me on facebook. >> it's like write me a letter. >> working in rio. >> at least mine was exotic location. >> matt lauer -- >> can i explain? he sent that tweet. >> got how many hundreds of thousands of followers? >> a boldttempt to capitalize on his followers. >> you are so lucky you have that excuse. >> jack dorsey's first tweet just setting up m twitter. he will join us live tomorrow live in our studio.
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now get pepennials and sta-green soil 5 for $10, at lowe's. live, this is nbc 6 south florida news now. good morning to you. i'm sheli muni
7:55 am
a myanmar police officer is aus cooed of shooting and killing a would-be burgar at his home. he shot at that burglar outside his home near the 6700 block of gauntlelehall lane. the intruder might have also broken into another home just a couple of mites prior. >> the fort lauderdale officer who was accused of slapping a homeless man has been found not guilty of misdemeanor battery and filing a false report. victor ramirez said he took the measures necessary to protect himself against that man. he can now y to find work again as an officer, but it's not guaranteed. president obama's supreme court nominee will be on capitol hl today to meet with lawmakers. republican leaders, though, still insist that merrick garland will never get a hearing. garland would fill the ninth seat that once belonged to antonin scalia. >> a look at your forecast with erica delgado. >> rain free start to the day. we are seeing some areas of fog. moisture in the atmosphere but no rain anywhere in sight. good news on this thursday morning.
7:56 am
69 in fort lauderdale, 72 in miami and 66 degrees right now down into the kendall area. first alert forrast for st. patrick's day, looking warm. highs reaching into the upp@r 80s with a light south wind. check on the roads now, here's joe brennan. >> a little busy southbound i-95. this is at 103rd street. those cars coming at you is all headed dodotown miami and it is certainly increasing in volume. but good news in broward. that earlier accident northbound 95 by atlantic bouoevard, all gone. and guess what? so are the delays. looking a whole lot better. that's the latest look at traffic. >> all right, thanks so much, joe. we will be right back here in 25
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
everyone. it's 8:00 on "today." spring break scam. families spending thousands to book vacation rentals to find they have been ripped off. what you need to know before your next trip. throwing a big fat wedding. before our lucky couple says i do we want you to help pick their favors. and what is st. patrick's day without an irish jig? we are celebrating wh a live performance from riverdance today thursday, march 17, 2016. >> happy st. patrick's day.
8:00 am
>> all the way from indiaiapolis celebrating st. patrick's day. >> kiss us, we're irish! >> good morning. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> good morning. it's 8:00. it's st. patrick's day. happy st. patrick's day to you. top of the morning. we have a very green crowd on our plaza today. >> we have in the past given natalie a little bit ofrief about her throwback thursday songs. "jump around" one of my son's favorite songs. i like it, too. >> riverdance dancers jumping around. >> couple for our big fat wedding back this morning. you will pick their wedding favors.
8:01 am
you a chance to take them home, as well, wedding favors. >> let's get a check of the morning's top stories. >> glad you like my choice there. in the news this morning president obama's nominee for the supreme court begins making the rounds on capitol hill today. washington appeals court just merrick garland meeting. majority leader mitch mcconnell says he will not meet personally with garland. he is leading a republican effort to block a hearing or confirmation vote so court vacancy can be filledy the next president. the republican national committeeancelled next monday's presidential debate in salt lake city. front runner donald trump refuse to take part saying there has been enough debating and that he had a speech planned for that evening. that prompted john kasich to drop out. trump told cnn on wednesday that
8:02 am
is denied the republican nomination at the party's convention in july. hillary clinton launched an ad blitz in arizona addressing education and deportation of immigrants. another ad features former arizona congress woman gabby giffords. clinton heads in after sweeping five states this week. top sanders campaign said the second half of the primary schedule which includes states like wisconsin and washington will be more favorable to sanders. now to a dramatic prison break. you can see here two inmates trying desperately trying to climb up the rope from a kijacked helicopter on the prison's roof. this happened three years ago in quebec but the video is just released.
8:03 am
the rope and never made it to the roof. the chopper takes off with the two nmates clinging to the rope, all effort was futile in the end. a few hours later police were able to recapture the men. a german shepherd is getting reacquainted with her family nearly five weeks after she fell off a fishing boat. on tuesday he got a all from the u.s. navy. luna had been found apparently walking on the beach. how luna got back to dry land? apparently she is one heck of a doggy paddler. fantastic. good to see her back with the family. >> incredible. millions of families heading off for spring break and police are warning about what they say is becomomg an all-too-populala scam. >> olivia sterns is here with the story. >> it is a nightmare and for a
8:04 am
imagine you save all year for a special trip only to show up and find out the reservation doesn't exist and worse the money is gone. that is what happeneddo one mom in michigan who thought she booked her dream vacation online. >> reporter: she thought she found the perfect place for the family's spring break. >> it was on the beach and in our price zone. >> reporter: a paier and mother of two she had been saving all year and was thrled to find a deal. she wired $1,500 to a bank account and florida and got an e-mail receipt. when she arrived at the property -- >> i said we have reservations for the week and they took the piece of paper and looked at it and started laughing. he said we do not rent this place out and if we did we would never rent it for this rate.
8:05 am
are we going to do? >> rorter: joyce gonzalez manages the sand pearl residences the place shelly thought she booked. this past weekend she had five people show up all victims of what authorities say are scams. >> the last one was the hardest. they had two little children with them. they had no place to go, no vehicle. the cab dropped them off. here they stood with nothing. >> reporter: a growing problem. the fbi estimates that americans lose nearly $19 million in similar vacation rental scams. >> you canp rent me a popular. >> reporter: joy decided to respond. >> what unit number do you have? >> the unit here 1005 does not lease, sir. hello. >> he hung up.
8:06 am
how much do you know about the people behind the scams? >> 99% of them are out of the country, india, dubai. >> can you do anything about it? >> i can't. >> reporter: only 2% to 3% of people ever get their money back. the scam ad shelly fell for is still up on craigslist. >> it makes me angry that they can continue to do that. >> reporter: she is looking forward to a stayication. >> there are things you can do to protect yourself. research the address. a lot of these scam ads are just copied and pasted. be sure t ts wasn't just taken from somewhere else online. when possible try to book through a broker or a site tha guarantees the listing. don't just go on craigslist. and call and ask to speak to somebody. ask to speak directlyo the
8:07 am
unit is actually available forrent. >> you have your kids and bags and they say we don't rent that out. >> and you already sent the money. coming up next, have you heard of the crunch effect? we will tell you what it is and how it might help with your weight loss. cashing in. what is being planned to celebrate this botched painting restoration. and special steals and deals tied with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level.
8:08 am
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8:11 am
>we will start with an eye opening survey from the cdc. the government polled americans to see how they felt with a range of social issues. people were found to be more accepting than they were a decade ago on a f things such as cohabitation before marriage, gay marriage and single women raise ag baby on their own. the one issue in which americans have become more disapproving, divorcrc when asked if divorce is the best solution for troubled marriage 38% agreed down 9% and 39% of men agreed down 5%. >> why do you think it is?
8:12 am
they realize how difficult it is. >> maybe growing up being surveyed and thinking if you can it would be better to try to work it out. >> stick it out. >> fascinating. they say silence is golden but could it be the key to kicking your junk food habit? this comes from researchers at bringham young. they found if you eat alone in relative quiet you eat less because you will be more aware of all of your chewing and swallowing sounds. it's called the crunch effect. >> it doesn't work with doritos.s. >> you probably eat fewer. eating with people in front of the television that distracts you and you a more likely to eat more. >> definitely. >> if i'm reading the paper the bagel is gone and i don't remember eating it. >> me, too. >> you are not paying atatntion.
8:13 am
>> you don't eat the entire bag for fear that the judge you because they are around you. >> and smell the dorito breath on you. this next storys one of our favorite of all times. we will look for any excuse to tell it again. remeer the elderly woman in spain tasked of restoring this 19th century painting and this is how she restored it. the whole thing became viral. it was just a whole national embarrassment. >> it is in the eye of the beholder. >> it's just the way she did it. i find it to be adorable and hilarious. local officials were mortified at first. now they are saying let's capitalize this. they are opening an entire tour
8:14 am
fresco because thousands off come to see it. >> the woman who did the restoration is part of the exhibit. >> she is in a case. let's turn to erin andrews thanng fans for support and jennifer garner spilling the secret. >> erin andrews giving first interview, a jury awarding andrews $55 million for being secretly recorded while being nude in her hotel room. >> maybe this isn't the best place to ask you, but may i have a million dollars. >> i don't have any money. i want to thank everybody. there are so many people that reached out all over the world really. >> andrews saying she is ready to put the whole ordeal behind
8:15 am
jennifer garnerharing back stage secrets from the oscars. she looked great on the red carpet. jennifer said it wasn't easy and got candid about the work to get into that dress. >> itsthere is metal and people move your ribs and move your liver and -- i had a panic attack in my ribs. >> i don't know what that means. >> i was having a muscle spasm. everything in here started to freak right out. and i said i'm going to have to stand up. i can't breathe. i'm going to have to stand up. she says if you stand up they think you are kanye west. you can't stand up. >> jennifer says she was able to stand up during a commercial break and then had to use the
8:16 am
other situation. henry cavell getting ready to play superman. he just posted this video from times square here in new york to prove it. not even standing under his own billboard in a superman shirt was enough to get any attention. the@ naked cowboy was quite busy. henry has good taste in music. >> thank you. al, what is going on in the weather? >> how about one more nor'easter? would you like one more? just one more? >> just one more. so we are looking at our friends with the european model. they are showing low pressure on
8:17 am
then it starts to make its sweet time colder air. by sunday morning into the northeast. by 3:00 sundayy new jersey or philadelphia, pts of washington. by monday we are looking at a decebt amount of heavy snow in the northeast. tpe american model says just new england. take a look at the snowfall totals. sunday into monday european model, new york city about eight to ten inches of snow. more. you a paying attention, aren't you. the american model almost nothing. heaviest snow in northern new england. who will win? >> you always win. >> usa. weekend. it's still early. we are going to watch this very
8:18 am
moisture will contue to increase from the gulf of mexico within the 24 to 48 hours. you can see ahead of a system that will bring changes for upcoming weekend. for your thursday, first alert orecast calling for highs reaching into the lower 80s. a humid start to the day with areas of fog leadidi to a warm and dry afternoon. if you have any outdoor plans for st. patrick's day, keep in mind it will be warm out there. taking a sneak peek for the next three da\s, i mentioned for the weekend, showers returning, possibly a thunderstorm or two. . and that's your latest weather. >> we may be looking at fat snow flakes. this morning we have a ecial big fat today wedding edition of stes and deals. bargains on great items. one of those items will be our couple's wedding favor. first, how the wedding guest gift is now changing. after the i do comes the thank you. and when it comes to wedding
8:19 am
almond and in with the common from spices to tote bags to tickets, utility rules. front and center personalized treats that encourage guests to eat, drink and be merry. reminding family and friends how sweet love can be. candles and regional goodies like cheese crisps, olive oil and rosemary salt from wine country giving guests a gift that keeps giving until it is gone. >> more steals and deals contributor jill martin is here. our wedding couple are back. before we get to the great stuff you went to the premiere of the movie. how was the red carpet thing? >> so fun. >> my family was there, of
8:20 am
came to the premiere and everyone for pictures. >> before you walk down the aisle you got to walk the red carpet. did you get nervous? >> i just suck it in, push them out and smile. >> that isn't where i was going but that is allll right. let's talk about what is going to happen. >> these are wedding favors, possible wedding favors. you can get them at home even if you are not getting married. you are going to vote on which favor they should give out and they have a preference. >> why don't we divide and conquer. you have stations. where do you want to start? she told me she had an interesting wedding favor. >> a greek tradition to have sugar covered almond unmarried people take the almonds home and put it under your pillow and whoever you dream about that night you are
8:21 am
>> that can be dangerous. >> this is the first one, shutter fly photo candles. you can see right here their pictures are on the cabdles. you can do a saying, a monogram, a photo. so variety of scents. retail $39.99. the deal is $12. >> you can use the glass afterwards to do shots. >> 60 hours of burn time. >> caitlyn is standing by item number two. >> these are ben's garden trays. they are hand crafted and have beautiful sayings on them. you can get different ones or choose for your guests. we all agree with that.
8:22 am
the deal is $37.50. this is something you can use at home and always think of the couple afterwards. >>o you like these? >> i do. they are beautiful. >> come on over to john and john is standing by beautiful glass ware. >> this is perfect for you. this is the stationary studio personalized glass ware. retail is $90. set of four and you can split them upup they are packaged in a white gift box. the deal is $31.50. that's 6565 off. >> you don't have to take the candle holder t do the shot.
8:23 am
>> maybe a tooth brushbrush holder >> as we deliver our toast we say let's remind people of all these great deals. so the products. for more on these deals and to vote maybe more importantly for one of these as a wedding favor head to and while you are there you can help decide how she will wear her hair one week from today. >> let's go over to carson. coming up a st. patrick's day celebration with help from the riverdance.
8:24 am
8:25 am
weather. good thursday morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm ericarryman. 8:26. just into the newsroom just a few minutes ago, police are confirming that a man was shot in his car in opa-locka. that manhas been airlifted to jackson memorial hospital. detectives right now are teing us that four men apparently got into their car and shot at him before taking off. obviously here, chopper 6 over the scene west 148 street and northeast 22nd avenue earlier this morning. officers havav a perimeter set up to try and catch the people responsible d no word yet on a motive. a ramar police officer is accused of shooting and wounding a would-be rglar. tate thomas shot at the burglar outside his home near the 6200 block in davie. this intruder may have been also responsible for another break-in that same night. let's get you over the traffic reporter joe brennan
8:26 am
thursday commute. hey, joe. >> hey, good morning once again. looks like we have some slowdowns i-95 southbound trying to get past this point, 103rd street. we had a disabled vehicle at the dolphin expressway blocking a lane. ttt looks like it cleared away, ich is a big help. then another disabled vehicle
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
okeechobee. [ cheers and applause ] >> we love having you guys here. welcome back. good to see you. happy st. patrick's day. march 17, 2016. we are celebrating with the irish phenomenon riverdance. they will b back with a big performance in just a little while. >> i love watching their feet. >> in honor of the day we a cooking up classic irish fare.
8:30 am
telling us this is easy to make. >> also ahead hollywood it girl swings by studio 1 a. how about a check of the weathehe >> how about little st. patrick's day? we have four big parades. let's start i boston. we are going to see partly sunny mild conditions. temperature about 62. afternoon storms by the end of it. here in new york city another beautiful day. clouds move in. letgs head down the coast head to savannah, huge st. patrick's day parade. 79. andd then mobile, alabama another big parade where you might not expect it. 11:15. temperature about all right, south florida. moisture will continue to increase from the gulf of mexico
8:31 am
you can see ahead of a system that will bring changes for upcoming weekend. for your thursday, first alert forecast calling for highs reaching into the looer 80s. a humid start to the day with areas of fog leading to a warm and dry afternoon. if you have any outdoor plans for st. patrick's day, keep in mind it will be warm out there. taking a sneak peek for the next three days, i mentioned for the weekend, showers returning, possibly a thunderstorm or two. >> and that's your latest weather. >> where are you from? > naples, florida. >> you picked a good day to come up. are you irish? >> no. >> you are today. thank you so much. we are wrapping up our consumer confidential series with inside look at frequent flyer miles. here is the points guy, brian kelly. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. >> some people say i don't fly
8:32 am
>> i tell people if you shop or eat food you can be earning tons of miles. >> before we get into the details you have a special way of keeping track of the different points and programs. >> it does get confuser. there are sites which will track miles and let you know if they are about to expire. >> earning miles. you don't just flyo get miles. you can do it by dining? >> a lot of credit cards where you can earn miles but in addition you can sign up for dining programs. you s!gn up your credit card or debit card and earn extra miles automatically. your corner juice shop or large national chain you get free miles. >> you have another tip about buying gift cards. >> when i see people using cash it drives me crazy because you are not earning valuable miles or points. use a credit card at a grocery store and buy gift cards whether
8:33 am
points and the value of the gift is still the same. the next issue is when to buy airline miles if ever. i thought that wasn't such a good deal. >> whenever you are checking in they want to sell you miles, don't do it. if you like flying firir class especially international buying miles can make sense. generally buying the most amount of miles possible can make sense. you can buy 100,000 miles for $2,000. if you can use those to get a $5,000 ticket you are coming ahead. >> should i use my miles for the little trip or should i be banking them and saving them for a big trip to europe? >> i would say save it for big trips. air fare has dropped with fuel prices w. save up for the trip of a lifetime. our next questioio is how to redeem these miles.
8:34 am
weite? >> the funny thing is there is not that many blackout dates. airline websites lie. don't assume that -- >> they lie glmpt is don't assume they are telling you everything. redeem on partner airlines. when you redeem on an airline partner the issue is they don't show up on line a lot. pick up the phone even though it is 2016 and ask that they have partner award availability. it can save you thousands of miles. >> if you call you get charged for calling? >> always ask to waive the fee. >> when you talk about not being as many blackout dates but it is hard because they don't have the availability there is that a time to pick up the phone and call? >> it is. and also you don't have to just book flights. i am seeing adele using my star wood points in london.
8:35 am
just the trip to orlando. >> take me with you. appreciate . coming up next,shailene
8:36 am
8:37 am
first this is "today" on nbc. in the upcoming third installment her character takes on new heights. >> sometimes when iook past the wall i dream i can do something out there. do you in. >> i don't. >> maybe you need to lookk harder. >> i am looking. i'm just not seeing what you're seeing. >> are you going to do this? >> yeah. >> shailene, welcome back.
8:38 am
>> i'm really good. >> you are really busy. >> we are all busy. >> when you are an actor why wouldn't you want to be busy? >> so many opporlunities to meet new people and explore new places. >> when you guys wrap a movie and everydy does other projects and you get back for this what i it like the moment everybody gets back together? >> it feels like summer camp. i never went to summer camp, but that is the only analogy i can think of. feels like the same group of 200 people. they go off and live their own journeys and have their own chapters of life unfold and t tn you get to catch up and relearn who that person is. >> barbecues, things like that. >> volleyball games, paddleboarding, hiking. >> we are going to sign up for this. these are big movies.
8:39 am
there is bigig demands on you physically. do you stay in divergent shape between movies or do youave to kind of cram to get back in shape? >> here is the thing about unts, you sort of look really cool without doing very much. >> how much do you do? climbing walls, a`y of that? >> most of it is -- we have harnesses on. the harness is pulling us up. we hav to move our limsbs. >> you are telling me the other actors who say i trained for six months to get in shape for this role. >> they might have different experiences. the hardest thing about the movies physically is the running. i'm not a runner. >> running and delivering lines. >> you climb the wall, the wall in this one. what is on the other side? >> a whole new world. a whole new world.
8:40 am
i don't think our characters know what the world will provide them which is the excitement of going over the wall. first they see the fringe which is a post nuclear war zone and then they enter another culture called the bureau and it is developed elite rulers of the world. >> leaving room for the fourth installment which i think you start shooting over the summer? >> later this year. >> do you look forward to putting that in the rear view mirror? >> it will be a bittersweet experience, exciting to do other things and work on other projects and yet also to say good bye to this community of people that has gotten so close and experiences that have lent us so much growth and it will be a very bizarre thing. >> i mentioned how busy you e. in one of your rare breaks recently you decided to take a several-week trek to india. fascinating country. did you agree?
8:41 am
the colors, the smellis so different than america and what i'm used to. >> what shocked@ me was your packing list. what you packed for three weeks -- >> i packed like maybe two pairs of leggings, a pair of jeans. when i was there i just didn't need all of that so i ended up like giving some things away and just basically lived with what was on my body. >> you ended up with less than i take to get from here to the dressing room. would you go back? >> in a heart beat. >> when do you get your next break? >> it will come when it comes. >> i like that attitude. >> shailene, great to see you, let me tell people allegiant hits theaters this friday. i wish everyone could smell
8:42 am
up next, no brainer recipe for
8:43 am
8:44 am
first this is "today" on nbc. we're back with more of our no brainer week. a fitting meal to make for your family on st. patrick's day. good to see you. >> good morning. >> you are not wearing green and u said i didn't have to. >> i have the irish food. >> shepherd pie anything i'm not getting there? >> ultimate comfort food. classic irish dish. we will be making this st. patrick's day. it starts off very easy. we have potatoes. salt water and bring it up to temperature. you cook these until they are just fork tender.
8:45 am
we softened in carrots, onions. we add our beautiful lamb. >> could it be different ground beef? >> you can do beef or pork but traditional is with lamb. it gives the lovovy sweet flavor. >> i have seen this part of the cooking process before. sometimes the meat tends to clump up. >> you have to go in there and keep mushing it down. do stick with it. you are looking for it to burn off a little bit and t t water to come out of it. to that we add a littltl touch of sauce. and then we add in herbs. i have pine and-- thyme and papaley. you want to bring this down and you cook it out and make it
8:46 am
>> can pause. we have our shepherds downn stairs at the table. how is it going? >> so good. >> we got guininss. >> carson's is like half gone. >> carson didn't know he was supposed to eat anything. >> a lot of butter with the potatoes. >> we have some butter a a milk. i'm going to ask you to mash this down for me. at we are going to do is look for a little creamy mash here. this is a difference because i'm going to finish it off. the traditional potato dish and the scallions give you lovely onion. you will be left with this big bo of mashed potato. we have our shepherds pie. >> that is the first layer.
8:47 am
really nice cover. >> as opposed to spackling the top you make lumps. >> the easiest way to not mix it with the meat. >> it will cook out. you will have this beautiful shepherds pie ready. >> let's get an opinion from down stairs. >>ove it. we love the guinness with it. >> will you read me a story. >> talk to me later. >> i don't know if i wt to know what is going on there. >> thank you very much. if you want this recipe head to >> we have a delicious -- i forgot now. it's going to be tasty, i promise. >> it's a stew. >> we keep our irish celebration
8:48 am
8:49 am
first this is "today" on nbc. the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. >> it would not best. patrick's day without irish music and dancing. lucky fors the phenomenon that is riverdance is here. they recently kicked off a sold out tour and visiting more than 90 cities in north america over
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
thank you so much. again, look for their 20th anniversary tour in a city near you. thank you.
8:53 am
is brought to you by smucker's. >> people have been sharing birthdays. happy birthday to scott with his 52nd birthday. playing golf, cff to a good strong start. here is deanna. she says she has never had a classic st. patrick's day green beer. i have one here. right outside our plaza several birthdays. alexexs helping them celebrate in true st. patrick's day style. happy birthday to you guys. keep sharing birthdays with us. go to where is the rest of your guinness. >> it's gone. that is number two. >> carson had this much left that is the second one. >> don't judge me. >> it is green now. >> happy st. patrick's day.
8:54 am
>> very good. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> that's not his first guinness, by the way. >> not even his second. >> he looks like an irish tom celek.
8:55 am
>> and tara moore coming up. good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. 8:56. a ft. lauderdale police officer accused of slapping a homeless man has been found not guilty of misdemeanor battery and filing a false report. victor ramirez said that he took the measures he thought were necessary to protect himself against that homeless man. he can now try to find work again as a police officer, although that's no guarantee. let's head things over to meteorologist erika delgado. >> things are looking pretty nice out there, a few mid to high level clouds ovv miami, but other than that, a rain-free
8:56 am
with patchy fog over the west coast, but things are pretty mild. 75 in miami, 71 in ft. lauderdale, and 76 degrees in the opa-locka area. first alert forecast calling for a dry day with sunshine, temperatures in thepper 80s. let's check on the roads with joe brennan. >> yeah, got a crash on the palmetto on the westbound side around 12th avenue. don't see a lot of delays there but certainly see the eastbound stack-ups here entering the golden glades interchange. much better around broward county, khmer boulevard in terrific shape north and southbound.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
you down. this morning on today's take wewell are irish. soaring to new heights. natalie bends over backwards. and acting legend ciceleltyson is with us. coming up next. >> from nbc news this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today." it is st. patrick's day. >> oh, yeah. >> glitter. >> this is in honor of march madness. we have until noon.
9:00 am
>> whoever the pin hits. >> d d't pick vanderbilt. >> how far did you have them going? >> m m theory is the al roker school of thought on these. >> just go. >> today is the perfect storm where you get st. paddy's day. >> donoto to an irish bar in new york city. >> today everyry bar is an irish bar. >> we are already eating. >> these -- >> that was delicious. >> this is a cupcakedeal. we will explain that. >> by the way, new york's parade is the largest st. patrick's day parade in the world first held march 17, 1762. 14 years before the signing of
9:01 am
today. chicago already had theirs. boston, new york, savannah and mobile, alabama has a huge parade. river green. picture. utah dad of six dressed up his 6-month-old son as a leprechaun. >> that is fantastic. >> he has a whole series on his blog. it is adorable. >> unbelievable. >> spray painting the dog. >> that is great. >> pouring green paint down the washing machine. >> one of our own's grand son just born take a look at this picture. >> in an irish quilt.
9:02 am
>> a diaper. >> you have a witty comeback there. >> he's got nothing. >> once again -- >> 20 seconds from now we'll come back to you. >> he is so gorgeous. how old is he? >> 5 months old. >> he will hear that for the rest of his life. he will be looking for you. >> where did he get that outfit? >> his grandparents sent it. >> his other grandparents. >> that's a true irish laugh. >> what did you g g him? >> he already called me.
9:03 am
beers today and talk about the ceremony. >> you did not here from lebuff. >> adam laroche designated hitter for chicago white sox retired walked away from $13 million left on his contract. why is thatnteresting to you? the team says it is because laroche was ask to cut back the amount of time his son spends in the clubhouse. so last year was laroche's first year with the white sox, brought his son in almost every day. the team called him the 26th man and gave him his own locker, uniform, home games, road games.
9:04 am
>> white sox vice president calls drake a fine young man but said it was time to draw the line. >> sometimes you have to make unpopular decisions. what would i say to the next person who wanted to bring his son and have it be an every day thing? >> the team says happy to have kids around every once in a while but every day becomes too much. this was not just ken williams. there was a players' meeting and some of the players voiced concerns that nothing against the kid. >> absolutely. >> to his credit he said okay. if that is the case then i'm going to step away. >> i'm going to leave my jobob absolutely family should always be first whether a parent or caring for your parent. >> could you cut back?
9:05 am
be a compromise to walk away how you care for your family. you always knowsports. is there something more here? >> not jus walk away but retire from baseball. >> the team has like three losing season and figured they needed to focus on things. >> do we think this is the whole story? i don't know. >> i thought retirement part of it was very dramatic. >> didn't have a g eat year last year. two years ago a huge year" good player. only 36 years old. probably has a couple of years left. maybe gets picked up by another team but did sign retirement papers. >> made a point earlier that his father, he grew up in that environment. his dad was a baseball player so he grew u u being that kid in the locker room. in that way it is like this is the way i want to raise my kids.
9:06 am
>> it is hard for a team. it is hard enough when we bring our kids. >> i'm stressed out when my kid is here. >> they can be distractions. nick has been here. >> he jumped into the monitoto we love it on a once in a while basis. >> he made hisis choice. god bless him. >> god bless this next couple. this is incredible. sunday night while cleaning up the kitchen you're washing dishes and take your ring off. karla had put her 12.5 carat ring -- that is a wedding globe that she puts on her finger.
9:07 am
also had a diamond anniversary band. i don't know the math, a lot. >> did you hear what it was worth? >> $400,000. >> they told me $200,000. between $200,000 and $400,000. her husband bernie the baller threw away the ring. on monday they realized what happened so they contacted the waste services and were told the trash was on the way to a land if ilso they allowed the couple to comb through ten tons of garbage. i say that is not insurmountable when looking for a ring. so a worker found it in 20 minutes. posed for the photo with the man.
9:08 am
and the ring was insured. you have those kinds of jewels they make you get a rider on your insurance paemsolicy. >> a rock that sizeprobably -- >> that might be the biggest noncelebrity diamond that iave ever -- >> mariah carey's is as big as this table. j. lo's is really big. i don'think i have seen a civilian with a ring like that. >> we lost christina's wedding ring. we never found it. when i said i panicked for them, the panic looking down and the stone fell out of a setting. we were at a concert and it was gone. >> little upgrade?
9:09 am
i didn't -- it was very upsetting. after ten years i can talk about it. >> sore subject a little bit. >> we got a n ring. when you lose something like that you're in a state of panic. >> $200,000 ring. i'd be swimming in the trash. >> what you got going on mr. roker? >> it is st. patrick's day. let's look at forecasts for the st. patrick's day parades. boston one of the classics. and we will have nice weather@ for it. partly sunny. 57 degrees. maybe showers by the end of the day. new york city we're looking again oldest parade out there by 1:00, 62 degrees. let's head to savannah. a high of 82. isolated thunderstorms by the end of the parade. most of itt will be spectacular. mobile, alabama looking pretty good. probably best chance of showers
9:10 am
75 degrees by 1:00. all right, south florida, moisture will continue to increase from the gulf of mexico in the 24 to 48 hours. you can see ahead of a system that will bring changes for upcoming weekend. for your thursday, first alert forecast calling for highs reaching into the lower 80s. a humid start to the day with are of fog leading to a warm and dry afternoon. if you have any outdoor plans for st. patrick's day, keep in mind it will be warm out there. and t tt's your latest weather. next half hour we will talk about a little nor'easter. come on down there. >> what character was that? >> i don't know. >> al roker, ladies and gentlemen.
9:11 am
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9:14 am
for over 3 3 years cirque de soleil captivated audienc with eye popping acrobatics. they will begin previews of paramour. i got a preview of the preview and i had to get in on the act. naut average clowning around. cirque de soleil's performers put their special spin on balancing acts, flips and twirls. now cirque de soleil is a broadway baby. iaught up with leading lady. >> everything you expect, all the acrobatics, stunning visuals plus a love triangle. it's all about hollywood glamour from the golde age.
9:15 am
he is one of the best jugglers in the world. >> would you like to learn something? >> i would love . >> have you ever balanced something before? >> ocourse. >> i'm going to be here all day. >> reporter: my balancing skills ririt now not great. but then -- >> the stage is being set around us as we speak. tell me about your role. you play one of the love intetests. >> actors are the actors in the love triangle. translate the love story on a trapeze. >> wow. that's intense.
9:16 am
>> that's all i can do. >> now you're showing off. >> okay. >> now what do we do? >> the lift. wow. >> you ready?% >> i think. i've had the time of my life >> that's awesome. i'm graduated to the trapeze. >> got to get a grip. >> i'm not done. this dynamic scene is called
9:17 am
>> this is the big second act climax. our three leads are involved in a big epic chase at new york city roof tops. >> i love trampolining. >> feeling like a kid again. >> great. >> here i can. >> enough child's play. this acrobat showed me how high he can go. i learned new skills and look forward to the day when i can run away with cirque de soleil. >> that's pretty good. >> i learned some skill. >> you can catch cirque de soleil's paramour onbroadway. it is fantastic. >> amazing. coming up next -- are you
9:18 am
we are celebrating st. patrick's day with fun food hacks. i think there is booze in here. >> living with chronic migraine feels like each day is a game of chance. i wanted to put the odds in my favor. so my doctor told me about
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9:21 am
for beautiful healthier looking skin. aveeno naturally beautiful results helping you celebrate fun food hacks with justin chapel. >> what are we starting off? >> today we are starting off with egg -- you take a green bell pepper and cut it about half an inchthick. once you take the seeds out you pop it in your preheated p p and you take your little egg, put it inside there. check that out. season with a little salt and pepper and let it go until whites are firm. >> check this out. >> very ol.
9:22 am
>> put that on an english muffin. pot of gold cake pops. everyone loves cake pops. we are doing these pots of gold. you are going to take a lolly pop stick and this is just a combination of store bought chocolate cake mixed with frosting. it's not even baked. >> the cake is baked. >> and then you let that sit until it sets and then you end up with these and it helps hold the shape and then you dip it you let it sit and then take the finished product and dip it in the white and then dip it in gold. >> there you have it. >> everybody was r ring about these clover cupcakes. >> here we take vanilla cake batter dyed green.
9:23 am
balls and also heat p pof marbles and place it. >> you have these beautiful clovers. shake. >> i heard all about you tasting it. we have mint chocolate chip with an ounce and a half of vodka. the more you add the thinner it will be. here is creme demint. if you don't have green you can use food coloring a then puree it.
9:24 am
>> i know pump up your look plumpify your lashes with new plumpify mascara a ginormous lash lifting brush boosts lashes to 50 times the volume and lifts lashes up up and away... w plumpify mascara from easy breezy beautiful covergirl and try new trunaked shadows and liners one of the cool perks of this place is yououan eat as much cereal as you want. it's like i'm going to work get some. alrighty. we just like cereal. we make it, eat it, love it, live it. (laughing) and now in delicious chocolate. it's about time the taco...came out of its shell. unleash the power of dough.
9:25 am
good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. 9:26. seaworld announcing an end to its killer whale breeding program. the orcas at its parks will be the last. they'll work an a natural encounter for their customers. the ceo wrote about it in this morning's "l.a. times." >> erika delgado? >> we are warming up quickly, already 75 degrees in miami, 71 ft. lauderdale, and 74 degrees right now into the pembroke pines area. outside our first alert cam we're still dealing with areas of fog especially across interior arias, looking a little hazy this morning but we'll be mostly sunny as the day goes on with temperatures reach shing into the mid to upper 80s. let's look at the roads with joe brennan. hey, joe. >> good morning, erika. mighty big problems on the palmetto expressway westbound side before you get to red road. 57th avenue.
9:26 am
you've got an zempbt. two right lanes are blocked creating havoc trying to get from the golden glades interchange to the big curve.
9:27 am
9:28 am
9:29 am
eastbound side as well. taking a look at the headlines, a nationwide tuna recall. the company says some tuna might have been under processed during sterilization and eating contaminated cs can lead to life threatening illness. no illnesses have been reported. for a list of dates and codes log on to our website. automatic emergency braking will be standard equipment on most cars by the year 2022 designed to prevent crashes in which drivers do not apply brakes. got something to sell on ebay but don't have time to deal with it? help it on the way. e bay will send someone tohe
9:30 am
it to you through a partnership with startup ship. the service is free starting june 30 it will cost an additional $5 per pickup. chipotle plans to give away more free burritos in an effort to w w back customers planning to send 21 million free food coupons in the mail. the company told investors the deals brought in customers who steered clear in the wake of several food safety mishaps. nike has unveiled what it calls the world's first mass produced shoe that ties itself. a heel censor automatically tightens the shoe when you put it on and then you adjust the fit by pressing buttons. it should be available in time for the holiday shopping season
9:31 am
let's get a check of the weather from al. >> did it say how much it is in. >> i have to find ou >> another reason why we are very lazy. are you ready for maybe one more nor'easter? one more nor'easter? the european model saturday low pressure system down in the gulf. it starts to push through by sunday. it is off the carolina coast making its way up. colder air is in place. by 3:00 we have snow along the southern part of the i-95 corridor. during the day it continues and some of the snow could be wet snow in the northeast according to european model. who will win? this is the snowfall total amounts we are looking at on the european model by monday. over a foot in northern new england from boston to new york city eight to ten inches of snow maybe.
9:32 am
almost nothing. this is a classic. a classic pitting the american model versus the european model. who will win? it's too increase from the gulf of mexico within the 24 to 40 hours. you can see ahead of a system that will bring changes for upcoming weekend. for your thursday, first alert forecast calling for highs reaching into the lower 80s. a humid start to the day with areas of fog leading to a warm and dry afteron. if you have any outdoor plans for st. patrick's day, keep in mind it will be warm out there. taking a sneak peek for the next three days, i mentioned for the weekend, showers returning, possibly a thunderstorm or two. kiss me i'm irish trivia challenge. >> we are presented with certain irish celebrity and we wave in
9:33 am
answer. here to host our great show, irish chef who knows his way around shepherds pie sblmpt deare you ready? >> here is the first one. there was a handsome actor every irishman knew who starred in mrs. doubt fire. >>. >> that was good. >> there is an actress at the top of her game who already has two oscar noms to claim. she is just 21 and you love her even -- >> fantastic. >> here comes number three. there was a great singer from the green isle.
9:34 am
>> natalie. >> i'm nev getting back here. >> that would be bono. >> it is wrong. >> van morrison. >> you were right. >> that's crazy. >> and there once was an actor that could do it all -- >> i know this one. >> colin. >> ferrell. >> the last one is tricky. you have to concentrate. there was a guy named lc who was worried they are a ways after me. lucky charms. >> what's his name? >> lucky the leprechaun. >> well done. >> that's it. congratulations.
9:35 am
>> i got nothing. >> we all win! >> everybody wins. >> we are going to celebrate with this. >> up next, nng we are all looking forward to, acting
9:36 am
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9:39 am
new york family spreading kindness to their community and around the world. >> they are on a mission. their goal is to inspire people to be kind cht it came about in the after math of an unthinkable tragedy. >> he would have been 5 this year. he went to bed happy, woke up happy. he was aood boy. >> reporter: in october 2012 days before hurricane sandy ravaged the east coast rich expect was preparing for the storm while a friend baby sat his friend.
9:40 am
i came back in the house and my friend was inere watching tv. i said w ere is reese. he said i thought he was with you. >> a miscommunication left reese unattended for five minutes but long enough for the 22-year-old to wander into the backyard pond where he drowned. >> i pulled him out and did cpr. i tried to resustate him. >> reporter: superstorm sandy battered their home. >> we didn't have power for 14 days, no cell phone service. our family was all out of state. >> during those darkest hours that they say they were transformed by kindness, first a local landscaper offered to
9:41 am
>> they put in a new lawn and removed that reminder. >> so many acts of kindness. neighbors brought food and a cousin waited on a gas line for me. >> no one would allow them to repay the generosity. >> i wanted to pay people back. no one would take it. we came up with this idea to pay it forward. >> they launched the rees specht life foundation. a simple act of kindness can make all the difference. >> if an act of kindness can put a smile on grieving parents' faces what is more powerful? >> the goal is to inspire every day people to perform good deeds and leave behind a cultivate kindness card tohelp spread the word. >> we have a map on the site where people order cards that will keep track of where they
9:42 am
we have a dot for every place on the earth where someone has orded cards. >> it is nice that people are doing kind acts in his name. it's fulfilling. >> reporter: they are sponsoring school scholarships, hosting toy drives, promoting water safety and they have launched the program that delivirs prepared meals to families suffering through hardships. families like mom lisa who had been battling breast cancer for 11 years. >> the idea that they can come back from that in a way and form this foundation and give to the community is really very special. we couldn't be more thankful. >> i'm keeping him alive in spirit. and people are getting to know him that would have never known him otherwise.
9:43 am
cultivate kindness and get involved you can head to after that inspiring story we have sad news to share. in the days since the organization donated food lisa passed away, died on tuesday morning of breast cancer.
9:44 am
we are back in a moment. fruit. nuts. silky smooth dark chocolate. revel in the pleasure of new dove fruit and nut. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious. mmmm, yoplait. if your family outing is magical for all the wrong reasons. you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec is different than claritin . because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. try zyrtec . muddle no more . only kraft natal cheese has a touch of philadelphia cream cheese, so whatever you make,
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wh i grow up, i want to be a teacher, a scientist, or maybe a dancer. but learning is hard when you're hungry. that's why for years kellogg's has helped provide millions of breakfasts to kids who start school wiout it. and with your help, we can all grow into our dreams. life as spokesbox is great. people love me for saving themem over half a grand
9:47 am
so i'm dabbling in new ventures. it was board-game night with the dalai lama. great guy. terrible player. go paperless don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need it's a balancing act, but i got to give the people whwh they want -- more box. any words for the critics? what can i say? critties gonna neg. [ applause ] the what?! [ laughs ] house of cards just got better. cicely tyson joined the cast. >> jones is grooming her daughter to take over the seat in the house but the first lady wants her to endorse her instead which doesn't go over too well. >> we haven't accomplished everything we set out to do.
9:48 am
have always had is the pride they take in being represented by one of their own. >> such a great scene. good morning. >> goo morning. >> you have always portrayed strong women. here you are doing this in 2016 on house of cards. what has that experience been like? >> i'm doing it because i can do it. there was a time in my career where i would not consider doing it because i was on a mission. at that time it was really important for me to serve the issues that i thought were important and the way that i serve.
9:49 am
actress and do anything whenever, wherever. >>ou served your mission well. beuse of you so many ground breakers for so many women in a time where we need more ground breakers like you, as well. diverity in hollywood is something we have been long been talking about. you are onef the first. >> what does it mean to you. >> that's a shame. that we are still talking about it. during my time we picketed,,e did everything. to bring attention to that matter. and today 2016 we are still doing the same thing. so where have we changed anything? >> why do you think it is such a stubborn problem in hollywood? you were nominated in 1972 and now we are at 2016 not much is different.
9:50 am
>> economics. it's a competition for economics. if i take your job then where are you and vice versa? >> you have always been able to make those decision makers carve out, you are playing a texas lawmaker. you think about other black men who were in congress and here you are with another level of popularity. were you a fan of the show before? >> i was because there were certain people involved in it that i knew. and so, of course, i support them by watching. but i neverhought i would be a part of the show. i was reallyhocked when they asked me because i'm so far
9:51 am
and when they asked me they didn't ask me for one. they a aed me for two and then three. and i thought oh, boy. >> your vitality just amazes me. not only do you act on tv and in movies, but i just saw you. you literally take us to church in that. the vitality to do eight shows a week, what is your secret? >> at age 19. >> i love it. [ laughter ] >> that was the date, the 19th. what is my secret? i have none. i truly don't have a secret. i just try to live life in a comfortable manner.
9:52 am
it is very difficult for me to obey the doctor. and i love life. i want to be well while i'm here. >> we love you. >> thank you so much. >> god bless you cht. >> visit us again. >ouse of cards available on netflix.
9:53 am
9:54 am
first this is "today" on nbc. just three of us. >> good morning to you. i'm sheli muniz. >> and i'm eric harryman. the time is 9:56. take aook at this. some dramatic new video just intthe newsroom a few minutes
9:55 am
slammed through the front o this oakland park pizza place. the couple that were inside at the time injured in the crash. they were released from the hospital earlier this morning. the driver of the suv was not hurt in the crash. no word yet onn whether or not she'll be facing any charges out of that. the ft. lauderdale offir who was accused of slapping a homeless man has beenn found not guilty of misdemeanor battery and filing a false report. victor ramirez said he took the measures necessary to protect himself against the homeless man. he can now try to find work again as an officer, but that's not guaranteed. meteorologist erika delgado patrick's day forecast. hey, erika. >> things are looking pretty nice. dealing with a few mid to upper level clouds over miami, but other than that a quiet start to our day. rain free so far and some areas interior are dealing with fog. temperatures warming up, in the upper 70s, already 80 degrees in key west. another warm one like we've seen the past few days but rain-free,
9:56 am
let's check on the roads with joe big problems for the palmetto commute right now, westbound crash just before red road, three right lanes are blocked, very heavy. you have another southbound
9:57 am
9:58 am
two lanes as well. looking great and stepping out with confidence includes having beautiful feet. my newest beauty routine secret starts in the shower. discover the latest innovation from amop\. the new pedi perfect wet & dry. now get effortless hard skin removal on dry or wet skin. plus, it has 2 speeds and it's rechargeable. the easy way for touchably soft feet. suits me and my new shoes. new amop\ pedi perfect wet & dry. amop\.
9:59 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey hey hey
10:00 am
two! >> hi! >> how are you? >> happy st. paddy's day. >> what are your names? >> james. >> maggi. . what were you doing? >> a quickie, ready? >> and, go. how do we do it? i'm going to hold you because i'm going to fall down. >> i gotcha. >> okay. right, left and over. >> oh. >> up! >> watch it. >> thanks, hoda! >> okay. >> thank you so much! that was great! >> our exercise for the day. >> we're exhausted. now we need a drinky. happy st. patrick's day, guys. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> those are two of the dancers from the riverdance. >> unbelievable. i saw it at rockefeller center years -- >> we finally found a hat that fits hoda. >> that's actually not nice, all right? anyway -- so, so true. happy st. patrick's day,


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