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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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righttow for burns across his entire face and parts o o his body, but was able to talk to me on the phone from his hospital bed. >> they're cleaning up the wounds right now. >> how are you doing right now? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> >> reporter: he's good, but in a lot of pain. new video of the moment a car slams right into a pizza place. the suv losing control going full speed into that restaurant. from another angle her you see two customers who were enjoying their meal bulldozed as they froze in disbelief. amanda plasencia spoke to those two customers after thehewere treated at the hospital.
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couple when off nowhere that car just came barrelling in. crews finished repairing and patching up that restaurant's front window. trip to get pizza almost ended in death. an suv caught on camera slamming into this downtown pizza grill overnight. they [ere at the counter waiting for food when the su crashed in. >> i remember being pinned up between the counter and the car and people trying to drag me out. >> reporter: the driver lost control of her car, going through the parking space straight through the front of the restaurant. the couple were pretty banged up, but they were released from the hospital within hours. the cook at the restaurant saw the frightening moments all go
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he rushed to help. the restaurant's ownenesays another customer was knocked unconscious. that customer left before f fst responders arrived, but many thankful they made it out alive. >> you don't even have a chance to blink. it shows you how precious life is. >> i'm just glad everybody's okay. i thought it was going to be really, really serious where somebody could have gotten lled. >> reporter: as for that driver, we don't know how she lost control. ght now it is unclear if she'll be facing any charges. reporting live in oakland park, nbc 6 news. happening right now, deputies want to find an armed burglar wh preyed on a 91-year-old woman and her daughter at the deerfield beach home. the broward sheriff's office is hoping this sketch of the suspect will help track down this crook. deputies say a woman was relaxing in her backyard when the man came through her side
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and then walked inside and confronted the 91-year-old mother. that interview coming your way at 6:00. surveillance cameras rolled as the thief pulled out his black semiautomatic pistol and threatened two clerks. the suspect fled in a dark blue four-door toyota. this happens near biscayne boulevard earlier this year, but cops need more leads to crack the case. new breaking of barriers tonight as the u.s. and cu move to normalize relations. sending mail to the island nation just got easier. before the president takes off, the commander and chief met with cubanaround the country. we are live in studio with more
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policy changes coming out. >> one thing tt did prevent mail service was the old cold war rift between cuba and the u.s. direct transportation of mail service has resumed between the two former foes, so now postcards, letters, and flat rate pressed boxes will quickly move to cuba. one more brick in the wall tumbling down. ferries will now be able to more easily run between cuba and the u.s. cuba is being removed from the list of countries considered a security risk. now the changes come after president obama met with prominent cuban americans in washington yesterday. he discussed the changes with a billionaire health care, a
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secretary, and a miami music producer emilio estefan. >> i think it was an incredible meeting. everybody has a different opinion. even though we don't agree on a lot of things, like his trip to cuba, but at least we share the same hope of making it a better future for cuba. >> it comes three days before the president obama and his family visit cuba where he is expected to meet with dissents as well as president raul castro. nbc 6 news. >>eep it here before, during, and after the president's trip. our team headed up by jackie nespral and jawan strader. coverage live from cuba tomorrow
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daesh is genocidal by self-proclamation and actions in what it says and what it does. it comes after calls from congress to label isis acts under that name. the secretary of state says part of our response must be to destroy isis by force. two days after dropping out of the presidential race, senator marco rubio is back on capitol hill. the former presidential candidate reflected on his failed campaign and says he believes the republican party will be fractured if donald trump wins the nomination. >> i don't believe donald trump will ever be able to do that. that's my opinion. >> rubio ruled out being a vice presidential candidate in the future.
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life once his senate term ends. a fiery hearing into the led lead-tainted water in flint, michigan. >> this the latest in a series of hearings on the flint water crisis and part of the ongoing effort to find out what went so terribly wrong. >> brian moore has the story. >> reporter: on capitol hil, residents of flint, michigan, pleaded for help to end their water crisis. >> what do we want? >> clean water. >> reporter: lawmakers demanded accountability with fingers pointing across partisan lines. >> you need to take some responsibility because you screwed up and you messed up 100,000 people's lives. >> reporter: republicans lambastes thelam
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democrats asked for the governor of michigan to resign. >> people that made these terrible decisions that showed a clear lackk of common sense failed us, but snce they work for me, i am responsible for their actions. >> i will take responsibility for not pushing hard enough, but i will not take responsibility for causing this problem. >> reporter: the people of flint want more. >> we want clean, safe, healthy water because the water that's coming out of our tap is poison. >> reporter: this story hits close to home. an investigation by usa today finds high lead level in 2,000 water systems in all 50 states. some of t t highest levels of lead in school and day care facilities. brian moore, nbc news washington. ultra music festival is just
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the party is set to effect downtown traffic all weekend starting tonight. cops will confine all northbound traffic on biscayne to just two lanes, then reroute drivers to head north in the southbound lanes when they reach southeast first street. things get back to normal once you hit northeast fourth street. >> a party is on. >> it is on. get ready, folks. still ahead, a convenience store clerk saves the day here. how she became the aide of a young mother in a medical emergency. why a baseball player is abruptly saying good-bye to the sport he loves and how his son is in the middle of it. the possible dangers in tuna before you open up that next can. i'll let you know if this
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the weekend, or whether our rain
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coming up all new, a s shool a sad update to bring you right now about that golden retriever rescued last week. a florida rescue group said the animal named lily has passed away. just last week bystanders noticed the dog swimming around
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minutes near southwest 144th street and 157th avenue. crews arrived just in time to save her but something went wrong during her recovery. it's unclear if they ever found her owner. a shocker from the world of sports stirring up all kinds of debate. adam laroche signed papers saying he's retiring. he's walking away from a huge salary and it's all because the team asked him to lim the time that his teenage spends in the clubhouse. after the 36-year-old told teammates in arizona tuesday he was ready to walk away from the game and the $13 million remaining on his contract, white sox officials confirmed his decision came after they asked him to cut the time back his 14-year-old son spends hanging around the clubhouse. >> he brought him to work.
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sox called drake their 26 man. he attends practice at home and on the road. drake has his own unifom and was given his own locker. the vice presidentalls drake fine young man, but says it was time to draw the line. >> what would you i say to the next guy who wanted to bring his son and have it be an every day thing? >> reporter: it's timeh the team concentrates on playing better baseball. he tweeted, thank you lord for the game of baseball and a family i love. good for you, laroche. >> it is work. when the fans demanding a better output, they're tightening up
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>> neither got back to us. the team confirms laroche signed his resignation papers, but they have not been filed with major legal baseball. a young mther who was having a seizure received help from a clerk. the customer begins to lose nsciousness, but the clerk sensed something was wrong and reached across and grabbed that baby just in time. that little child and the mother are reportedly doing fine now. we'll start off with a look at our l le first alert doppler radada. no rain on it. tomorrow should be mainly quiet, but by tomorrow night rain chances are expected to increase. this weekend there will be some showers and possibly some thunderstorms.
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but the approaching front for this weekend will bring us the changes with the rain chance and then one more stretch of cooler weather. maybe even some 50s nextxt week. the high 87 in mii, but only 82 in ft. lauderdale with a bit of a water influence there from the nearby ocean. 88 the high in pembroke pines. pembroke pines was 89 yesterday. 90 the day before. dew point of 57 degrees, so not feeling too bad out there in terms of the humidity level at this hour. 80 in ft. lauderdale. 81 degrees in homestead. high pressure is to the east of the baahamas here. there's a front off to our north, but this won't be the front that will affect us. the one that will reach south florida early monday is way up there in the upper midwest.
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time before it gets down here. in the meantime, we will be seeing pretty much what we saw today. some high clouds occasionally streaming through here. here you see them coming in from the west. the thin cirrus clouds coming in. not yielding rain, but occasionally blocking out the sun. we did see plenty of sunshine throughout the day today. here's a look at your forecast now. again, we've got a good chanc of rain and a couple of thunderstorms this weekend. it's not going to rain every hour of the day saturday into sunday, but when it does rain, there's a chance that we're going to see over and inch of accumulation this weekend. at least collectively between saturday and sunday. so some of the downpours could be strong. meanwhile if you're heading out this evening and on into tomorrow,he weather is expected to be quiet. of course, today is st. patrick's day. here's your forecast for 7:00 in miami. 79 degrees.
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that hour. 77 at 9:00. 76 at 11:00. there is no rain fromin the forecast for this st. patrick's day in south florida. tomorrow should be similar to today. maybe one degree cooler. high of 76. good chance of showers and thunderstorms on saturday. the likelihhd it will rain on sunday. sunday night too, possibly too even just before dawn on monday. then gradually clearing on monday. notice how much cooler the teteeratate on monday would be compared to the last few days. a high of 74. dropping that monday night to 59 degrees. definitely a cool start for your tuesday. then temperatures slowly rebound as we get towards the latter lf of next week. coming up at 5:30, a detailed look at what you can expect this weekend and also our popular threat tracker for tomorrow. now b back to you. people around the country and south floridid celebrating
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they've been decked out in green, posting their photos all over social media, including the little leprechauns there. i don't know if the guy in the lower left, second from the left -- >> he looks like one of our producers. acts like him too. >> yeah. heading over to the windy city here which gives south florida a run for their money. check out this time lapse of the chicago river. depending on how the wind blows there, it could stay neon for a few days. could dissipate in about seven hours. >> that's pretty. did you notice john's leprechaun? >> i did. >> he looked a little inebriated already. >> could de green beer keg. putting the brakes on crashes. >> several major automakers agreed to a big deal herethat could make driving a whole lot safer.
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the iconic area getting a well, it looks like the party is overrhere. this is south beach and chopper 6 over the scene with lots of spng breakers. look like they're enjoying the water. no trouble. looks like everybody is peaceful, but keith, they look like they're having a good time.
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thousands of people out there. this is spring break mixed in with st. patrick's day a ultra music fest starts tomorrow. bumblebee is issuing a nationwide recall of tuna. the recall involves 5 ounce can chunk light tuna in water and chunk light tuna in vegetable oil that was produced in february. it could be contaminated by pathogens which could lead to life-threatening illnesses. there have been no reports of illnesses, but throw away the recalled cans and call the number for a full reimbursement. a major safety advance that's an option on some cars will become standard for all cars, trucks, and suv. mark barger has details for braking.
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by 2022 they'll make automatic emergency brakingtandard for all cars and trucks. >> this technology has proven itself since stability control. it's a big deal. >> reporter: an advance that could avoid or less than more than half of the 1.7 million rear end crashes a year in the u.s. >> we must stop pointing at who or what was at fault and start asking wt more can we do. >> reporter: aeb technology uses camera, radar, and other sensors to see cars or other objects in the way. ten automatkers offer the technology. ten more will join to make it standard. >> this is a choice that will go well beyond what is required. a choice to do what is not easy, but it's within their grasp. >> reporter: some safety advocates have called for the auto automakers pledge to be
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forces and consumer keep the pressure on. >> the people who wind up wh this technology and experience it, th are sold. they're advocates. they're telling other people. u need the system. >> reporter: it's one that will also be standard in heavy trucks and suvs by 2025 under today's agreement. mark barger, nbc news. news at 5:30 continues next. >> surprising tip. police in miami catch up to the man they say t a hole through a school's roof to eal the cash inside. the stunning way they tracked this guy down. and he's back. this time he's bringing company. a serial robber in pompano beach casting a wider, more brazen net. plus, it's anything but conventional, but a south florida woman is putting up a fight to keep her motorcycle
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hear from herer now on 6, a slippery school thief with an elaborate plan nabbed. good evening, i'm trina robinson. >> and i'meith jones. thousands in cash swiped in a matter of nutes from a school in little havana on monday. >> police have g their guy. sharon lawson joins us tonight with more on this big break. >> reporter: they were able to apprehend the sususct outside
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to a tip from the community. authorities say that he admitted to the crime and that's not all. ssdents cheer in celebration after learning the alleged suspect behind a burglary at their school is behind bars. >> we want to thank the community for coming forward. we d get a crime stoppers tip that he was living in the little havana area. >> reporter: he faced a judge this afternoon accused of breaking into the la progresiva school in little hahana on monday. surveillance video captured t t crime in progress before police say he tried to smash the camera. >> he did confess to this burglary and another burglary at another school down the street in the little havana area as well. we know this guy has broken into two schools. the most important thing is recovering the 5,000 that he took from these kids.
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in the 2400 block of northwest seventh street devastated students and staff because it was money they had been saving for an upcoming school trip. >> the bigs ones were really disappointed. >> reporter: the trip will take place as planned thanks to donations from the community, including a large check from the miami heat. >> anonymous donations. it was incredible. incredible the way god opened the doors and the help came. it was overwhelng. >> reporter: overwhelming indeed. he faces a number of charges, including grand theft. his bond set at $22,000. authorities are still searching for the $5,,0 that was taken from that safe. if you have any information on where it could be, contact police. reporting live outside the metro justice building, sharon lawson. nbc 6 news.


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