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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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in the 2400 block of northwest seventh street devastated students and staff because it was money they had been saving for an upcoming school trip. >> the bigs ones were really disappointed. >> reporter: the trip will take place as planned thanks to donations from the community, including a large check from the miami heat. >> anonymous donations. it was incredible. incredible the way god opened the doors and the help came. it was overwhelng. >> reporter: overwhelming indeed. he faces a number of charges, including grand theft. his bond set at $22,000. authorities are still searching for the $5,,0 that was taken from that safe. if you have any information on where it could be, contact police. reporting live outside the metro justice building, sharon lawson. nbc 6 news.
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again and this time with an accomplice. surveillance video shows the pair hittin two 7-eleven stores in sunrise. he switches up his m.o. occasionally. he used guns and machetes and once shut off the power before his heist. broward county crime stoppers will pay you up to $3,000 for a tip that @eads to his arrest. you can leave information anonymously. new details about a brutal beating in the florida keys. two relatives allegedly involved in the deadly fight earlier last month, but the monroe county sheriff's office nds help finding both suspects. this man tried to kill a man hitting him over the head with a beer bottle and stabbing him in the neck. another man is also wanted for battery.
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victim once. he was still on the ground and attacked allegedly over snitching within the family. the plea hearing for a south florida man behind an alleged heist of almost $5 million in gold bars has been delayed. perez was scheduled to face a miami federal judg today on robbery and firearms charges in the theft that happened in 2015. the f says perez used a gps device to track tracker trailer along i-95 inorth carolina. he released pepper spray by remote control to sicken the driver and the passenger before the robbery went down. the gold was heading from miami to massachusetts when three armed thieves intercepted it, bound the hands of the victims and then fled.
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the iconic killer whales that are the star of the park. will this be enough for critics? orca killer whales, the fac of a classic american tourism destination, seaworld, but that may be changing. >> what we're announcing is the end of our orca breeding. the company is hoping this will end years of criticism over the treatment of its captive orcas and several people killed by them. like trainer dawn's drowning in 2010. it was documented in the film "black fish." the backlash was intense. the company stock losing more than half of its value since "black fish" was released. >> your company spent a lot of timeline maligning that film. is this an admission that they were right? >> i would never admit that the care of our animals was poor. there are a lot of factors that have changed people's opinions.
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>> they're relegated to what would be the equivalent of us living in bathtubs. >> reporter: seaworld has already pledged not to capture wild orcas, but today is the first time they're promising not to breed new killer whales, but there's a catch. >> in 20 years will there be zero whales? >> it depends on how long they will live. we have one whale today that is 42 years old. we have one whale that hasn't been born yet. >> you have new orca shows launching in the upcoming years? >> we call them orca encounters because we're going to limit the more entertaining encounters. >> reporter: some animal rights advocates say they could be moved to protected sea sanctuaries.
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we feel it is a very risky environment to do that. >> reporter: seaworld is making this announcement with a commitment of millions to conservation and a surprising bedfellow bedfellow, the humane society. >> ke still seaworld says it's the end of an era eventually. >> how much longer do you foresee seaworld having whales in captivity? >> as long as it takes for this current population to pass on. that is it. there will be no more new orcas. >> and seaworld's ceo says you'll start seeing killer whales in fewer marketing materials and fewer orca plushies in the shops. for a while, the show will go on in some form. >> predictions of a big win tops tonight's decision debrief.
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trump will pull out a big win gainst hillary clinton right here in florida. scott says voters in florida haveveeen that an outsider can turn the state around. appearing on cable news, scott warned the republican establish want establishshnt they better not get in the way. senator marco rubio returned to capitol hill today. the former presidential candidate thinks there is still time to stop donald trump from winning the republican nomination. >> i think that's going to happen now that the race has narrowed even further hopefully this time it will prevent a trump nomination which would fractre the party and be damaging to the conservative movement. >> rubio did not endorse any of the remaining candidates directly. he said he plans to return to a private life once his senate term ends.
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up a leftover rubio endorsement today. jim inhofe says he's backing the ohio governor because he has a proven record of delivering results results. ted cruz is, quote, the only conservative that's left in this race. calls from bernie sanders today for republicans in t senate to hold confirmation hearings to conside supreme court nominee judge merrick garland. president obama nominated garland for the high court on wednesday. sanders says the 63-year-old has decades of experience on the bench. on the steps of the capital, sanders says obama has done his job by nominating garland and the senate republicans now must do theirs. head to the decision 2016 section on the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can track exactly the number
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break down of each state's primary or caucuses. supporters of planned parenthood asking governor rick scott to veto a bill that would tighten restrictions on abortitin clinics. >> although it doesn't ouight outlaw abortion, it makes it very difficult to access. that'ssot okay. >> reporter: planned parenthood supporters delivered 12,000 petitions to the governor's office today. the bill would cut all medicaid funding for cancer screenings at any clinicicthat performers elective abortions. thth governor has until march 26th to act on it. still to come, a possible hate crime and violent attack caug on surveillance video. how police say donald trump comes into play. plus, they're doing the right thing and being honored for it. south florida school children are going above and beyond to
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place. there he is. a big ole baby, a florida woman says. she knows this relationship is a bit unusual, but her six foot long 125-pound human-like alligator shouldn't be taken from her. this weekend very sunny and very warm today. there are changes for this coming weekend. i'll let you know when the higher rain chances will be coming up. we're hoping one local starlet has the luck of the irish as she travels overseas for a huge dance competition.
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dancer repr police in kansas investigating a possible hate crime. this after a man who chanted donald trump's name after he attacked a man and a woman at a gas station. surveillance videos shows the student confronting the man in the dark jacket. the students say they overheard him yelling racial slurs at an african-american man. that's when the man says he started throwing punches. the student suffered cuts to his mouth.
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motorcycle. diplomatic efforts are under way to free the american college student sentenced to prison in north korea. he's been sentenced to 15 years of hard labor. the student allegedly stole a propaganda banner from a restricted area of his hotel for a member of his church group who offered him a used car that was worth $10,000 in exchange. he was arrested as he tried to leave the country in early january. he was in north korea has a tourist. >> the allegations for which this individual was arrested and imprisoned would not give rise to arrest or imprisonment in the united states or just about any other country in the world. >> the u.s. state department strongly advises against it.
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here in south florida receiving honor. >> reporter: consider this some good choices. >> i'm amazed. i didn't think i would get something for this. >> i was nervous. >> reportrt: but never losing thing. it's why local police officers are honoring students across miami-dade county every month. >> i told the teacher and i told the counsellor. >> we're very proud of her for standing up and doing the right thing. >> reporter: if she stayed quiet, things would have been different. >> if you didn't tell the teacher, they wouldn't know. something else would happen and it would keep continuing. >> reporter: a 9-year-old may have saved her best friend's life. she got help when that friend told her about wanting to commit suicide. >> i thought she was going to be
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and then she changed her mind. >> reporter: kids are also here for what they don do. >> i got punched in the eye by a little kid and never hit him back. >> reporter: instead michael flore flore flores told his elementary schoolteacher. >> you have michael? that's terrible. he's such a bad kid. no, he's not. no, he's not. >> reporter: on this day, michael is walking off with a plaque and a different reputation. besides taking home some hardware, winners are enjoying chocolate, free pizza, and tickets to zoo miami. it's been a little on the warm side, but it's been very nice too. the weather in south florida
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radar is not showing any precipitation at all. there's bayside in the foreground and the aaa. the venetian causeway in the midportion of the picture. way in the background you can see parts of north beach here and north bay village in the shot this afternoon. let's look at our current temperature. it is 82 in miami, but today's high was 87. many temperertures with a high of 87 to 89 degrees here in miami. else where it's warm and springlike. houston is at 79. we're sitting at 82. here's my forecast for this evening on your st. patrick's day evening. we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s thoutroughout much of the early evening.
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look for temperatures between 66 and 71. some patchy fog still possible in inland locations. future tracker shows you overnight there could be some showers offshore. during the daytime tomorrow, lots of sun. here comes the afternoon. the future tracker wants to pick up on a couple of showers. at thend of the day, we have not seen that rain over the metro area. i'm not calling for it tomorrow, and our threat tracker will be level green as we continue with not much of a breeze out there. so no risk of rip currents to speak of. tomorrow there's no rain in the forecast. no problems weatherwise for tomorrow. problems do begin though as we head closer to the weekend because tomorrow after a high of 86 we'll see that saturday into sunday there's going to be a chance of rain and thunderstorms in south florida. the thunderstorms or showers could occur at any time of the day. it's not going to rain every minute of the day, of course, but keep in mind there's a good
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likelihood it will rain on sunday. after this rain moves through, we'll see a significant cooldown after a front comes by early monday morning. that will allow us to see highs in the 70s. lows in the 60s. next week will be a much cooler one here in south florida. back to you. britain's prince william handing out shamrocks to troops from the irish guard in a traditional ceremony marking st. patrick's day in london. the role is usually carried out by a female member of the family. this year, however, the duchess broke the 115 year tradition to stay home with the two kiddos. this is ahead of the trip to india. tributes to ireland trending all day on social media along the hashtag saint paddy's day.
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parades in ireland and new york city along with selfies and throwbacks of people feeling lucky. upload your saint paddy's day photo so we can see them and share them. while you're there, check out this cool time lapse video of the chicago river turning green r saint paddy's day. a young irish dancer from coral springs living out her dreams overseas. >> roxanne vargas introduces us. >> reporter: hard shoe, soft shoe, legs and feet fly, upper body and arms stiff and straight. these irish dancers don gorgeous costumes on stage, but more importantly it's fun. meet the next star of irish dance. 10 years young and has been irish dancing for four years.
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when her folks took her to watch "riverdance." >> you're getting ready for a pretty big trip? >> yeah. >> what's this big trip? tell me more about it? >> i'm going to the world irish dancing championships in glasgow, scotland. >> reporter: she's being modest. she is the youngest irish dancer in south florida to have qualified for and been invited to the world dancing championship. think of this as the olympics of irish dance. >> when you found out that you were being invited to world? >> i was like ahhh! i was like crying because i was so happy. that was my goal to qualify. >> it's a very, very tough competition. it's amazing to be able to go. we have a regionals and nationals and a world. you have to qualify at our regionals or nationals in order
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fiona did so great at regional she was second place in the region. she definitely qualifies. >> reporter: 40 boys andirls from her school qualified to dance in scotland. >> what do you hope to get out of this trip and out of this competition? >> well, i hope to just dance my best and hopefully place, but if i don't place, that's fine. i'm going for if experience and just going to try and have fun. i will because it is really fun. >> she'll be competing in the world irish dance championship in scotland from march 20th through the 27th. nbc 6 news. >> she's a cutie. the sunlight stadium parking lot is q qckly transforming. jazz and the gardens is just daysaway and drawing people from all around the country. it's come a long way from
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ago as just a party for a few hundred people. now acts like uncle charlie, usher, cool and the gang will headline the festival along with lots of local talent. >> the excitement and the energy in the audience is incredible. you're going to dance with, sing with, and party with your friends, family, and a whole bunch of strangers. >> the mayorencourages everyone to come out for an extraordinary event. >> huge names. >> it gets better and better every year. next on 6, fighting for her friend. >> a florida woman going to bat for his clothes wearing, motorcycle riding house guest. >> he sits on the couch. he knows how to work the remote.
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>> his owner says he's a a florida woman is fighting to keep her pet alligator rambo. >> you see rambo is no ordinary reptile. he's special. he wears clothes. he rides on the back of her motorcycle and has a bedroom of
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he's definitely not your average alligator. >> he seatits on the couch. he knows how to work the remote. he's just a house gator. >> reporter: his name is rambo. mary thorn treats the 15-year-old like her child. he even has his own bedroom and a pool. >> he dresses. yeah, he likes to dress. he's got my hair. that's because he doesn't want me to take him off my shoulder. >> reporter: thorn got license when she rescued him 11 years ago. that's before he grew to more than six feet. an inspector caught on. >> he said how tall is he? i don't know. he's getting pretty big. we measured him. then that's where it started. >> reporter: thorn says even if she had the available land,
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because of aensitivity to sunlight. she says the gator is not used to his regular habitat. >> you see how weak he is. if he leaves me, i'm afraid he's going to pass away. >> thorn takes rambo to schools and charity events to teach people about reptiles. she says she's trained him not to bite and it's unclear when d% wildlife officials will make a determination on rambo'sfuture. i say let rambo stay. >> how do you determine if an a gator has an allerery to sun? >> by the scales. chaos erupts at a pep rally after a fire breathing stunt takes a scary turn injuring the performer and dozens of students. tonight, help police track down the suspects accused of shooting and killing 6-year-old
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it's a story you'll see only on 6. plus the ultra music festival returns. how officials are preparing to deal with the crowds this year. i'm steve in little havana where the roosters are getting a little renovation and a whole lot more is too. [ screaming ] school shocker. was a pep rally to get students all fired up, but stead a fire breather ends up catching fire when a sunt goes awry. good evening, i'm trina robinson. >> and i'm keith jones. that stunt burning the performer, injured dozens of kids as well. dan krauth spoke with the injured performer. he joins us live from delray beach at the school where all this happened. dan?
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here in delray beach, the performer is from pembroke pines. for the 2,000 people who were packed inside this gymnasium, they thought him catching on fire was part of the act. it wasn't. tonight he is in the hospital, but he is expected to be okay. watch as a school pep rally takes a dangerous turn. the performer acdentally catching himself on fire. we have chosen not to sho you what happens next. his clothes go up in flames@as he rushes off the platform. >> a crazy atmosphere. everyone was screaming, jumping out of their seats, running around. >> reporter: this is performer ricky charles from earlier in his act. a performer with 3535 years of experience based out of pembrokok pines. paramedics rushed him to the hospital with seve burns. i spoke to him on the phone. how are yo doing right now? >> i'm good. i'm good. >> reporter: say he has burns
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cause of the fire, which also caused the gym floor to go up in flames. >> i changed the oil i've been using. i've been using a different oil. today i tried a a new oil and the oil is what got me i i trouble. >> reporter: workers used a fire extinguisher to put outhe flames. 19 students treated for smoke inhalation. >> we started bolting to the door. >> reporter: school district officials are trying to figure out why a flying fire act was approved for a pep rally in the first place. a fire that could have been a lot worse. >> once you saw the look in his eyes like oh, crap, everyone was like this is actuly a really big deal. >> reporterer a very big deal. charles will be hospitalized overnight for observation. he is expected to speak with us in person tomorrow morning. live in delray beach tonight, dan krauth. it's a story we first posted


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