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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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cause of the fire, which also caused the gym floor to go up in flames. >> i changed the oil i've been using. i've been using a different oil. today i tried a a new oil and the oil is what got me i i trouble. >> reporter: workers used a fire extinguisher to put outhe flames. 19 students treated for smoke inhalation. >> we started bolting to the door. >> reporter: school district officials are trying to figure out why a flying fire act was approved for a pep rally in the first place. a fire that could have been a lot worse. >> once you saw the look in his eyes like oh, crap, everyone was like this is actuly a really big deal. >> reporterer a very big deal. charles will be hospitalized overnight for observation. he is expected to speak with us in person tomorrow morning. live in delray beach tonight, dan krauth. it's a story we first posted
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app about the murder of a 6-year-old boy that gripped all of south florida. breaking the code of silence. the key that broke this case open helping police catch the gunmen they say is responsible. tonight nbc 6 has learned that a $26,000 payday will be heading toward the person who helped miami-dade police crack this case that shattered hearts all across south florida. willard shepard shows us how it unfolded. he's live from miami with the story you'll see on on 6. willard? >> reporter: well, trina, it was who and what police found here at this apartment building behind me that helped them break this case, really turned it wide open once they got here. how did they end up? police told us t tay they got a phone call and that person who made that call will be getting the $26,000 reward. >> well, i think it shows that the program does work. >> reporter: today at miami-dade
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times may be changing. nbc 6 exccsively told that a call to the crime stoppers team aboutt what happened to 6-year-old king carter when he was caught in the gunfire played a big role in tracking down the teens now facing second-degree murder charges. while angry residents marched, detectives worked around the clock. but it was the call to the crime stopppp tip line that put them hot on the trail of the alleged killers. >> it was extremely important. >> reporter: sources indicate after the tip detectives got a search warrant for the residence of irwen presleysley. the officers hit a gold mine. they wrote a search warrant was served at the residence of the defendant and he was in possession of a 9 millimeter handgun.
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a g tracker showing he was at carter's residence at the timeh the shooting took place. >> basically, we received information regarding the case. we took that information and forwarded it to our lead detectives. they took the information a a use it for their benefit. as a result an arrest was made. >> reporter: it was exactlu what the boy's parents had been asking for. are you hopeful this s se will help break the code of silence? >> absolutely. i'm very hopeful. >> reporter: that is the feeling amongst police officers tonight. a person from the community coming forward and that combined with the hard work of these detectives finally brought these three teens into custody. of course, they're presumed innocent. they'll have many court appearances down the road, but inhe bigger picture law enforcement thinks this case could be a turning point of
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feeling fearful about talking to the authorities when something happens in their neighborhood. we're live tonight in miami. willard shepard. do you recognize this man? broward deputies are hoping that you do after he robbed a 91-year-old woman and her daughter in their own backyard. ari odzer spoke with one of the victims. >> reporter: this case illustrates a point that sometimes in a crime nobody is hurt physically, but the emotional pain can be a mint. 6:00 in the morning a woman is outside on her back patio by her pool having a cup of coffee when all of a sudden a guy shows up and puts#a gun in her face. what happened to barbara sutton tuesday morning shouldn't happen to anyone. >> and i heard the latch to the pool gate open. i was looking at a quilting video on youtube. i looked up and there was a kid
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>> reporter: the kid with the gu looks like this. a slender yng man about 5'10" to 6 feet tall. he walked right into the house and pointed the gun at her home. she's 91. >> i was screaming like a lunatic at the time. i woke every neighbor up. >> reporter: and frightened every neighbor too. >> i've never had anybody with a weapon come into my neighborhood with a gun and now i'm afraid too. i've nevebeen afraid in my neighborhood. >> if i passed him in the street, i would have thought nice kid. there was nothing threatening about his demeanor. i know how to approach an atm. i don't sit with my back to restaurant doors. i know where i am in a parking lot at all times. i refse to be afraido have a cup of coffee in my backyard. >> all of this to steal a purse. he made out with a purse and a cell phone, but the damage he inflicted on this family is
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>> reporter: fear can be insidious and paralyzing, but rbara sutton is determined. we promised ms. sutton we would not show you exactly where she lives. the crime watch organization here is strong. they all stick together. they're all determined to help police find whoever this guy is. if you happen to know, call crime stoppers in broward. nbc 6 news. >> folks can see that sketch on our facebook page. you can share it and hopefully help deputies catch this guy. it's a video you first saw on the nbc 6 news and weather app. an suv making a crashing entrance into an oakland park pizza place and into its
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cameras captured how dangerous the impact was inside the shop just east of i-95. they got bulldozed. between the car and a counter. they're lucky to be alive. the restaurant owner said another customer was knocked unconscious, but left before the first responders arrived in the area. it's unclear if the driver will face any charges. police are on the lookout for three dangerous men allegedly involved in an early morning shooting. cops say they targeted a man inside his car opening fire in what was described as a possible hit. it happened near northwest 103rd street. police nabbed one man, but they're still searching for the other three that might be armed with high-powered weapons. former presidential candidate marco rubio returned to capitol hill today for the first time since suspending his campaign.
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hometown hero? >> i'm not interested in being vice president. i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to finish out my term in the senate over the next ten months. we're going to work really hard here. then i'll be a private citizen. >> you heard it. the florida senator said he has ruled out being a vice presidential candidate andas suggested his backers should support ted cruz in upcoming primaries and caucuses. he is not seeking re-election this fall to a senate seat. he's going to return to private life and he will not run for governor. it looks like former south florida congressman david rivera is ready to run for office once again. he filed to run for the florida house. he's going after the district 118 seat. rivera last held office in 2012. that's when he lost to joe garcia in a congressional contest. at the time he was embroiled in
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campaign finance scheme that some suspected he orchestrated. he has repeatedly denied he was ever under investigation. miami beach is hoping the third time is the charm. the city commission moving forward with putting the issue on the november ballot. it comes days after voters rejected a land proposal forn 800 room hotel that would have been privately financd. tuesday's vote was the second setback since 2013. the u.s. and cuba move to normalize relations further ahead of president obama's trip next week. another big change, cruise ships, cargo vessels, and ferries will be able to run more easily between the two countries. cuba is being removed from the list of countries considered security risks. now keep it right here onbc 6 before, during, and after the president's trip.
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jackie nespral and jawan strader begin live coverage from cuba tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. that's not the only party in town. ultra, the music festival set to open doors tomorrow. we'll have a preview next. the weather could be a complication here in south florida. when you can expect the peak rain chances coming up.
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facelift that's coming to south the brickell area is being flooded with a sea of green. we're taking a live look where thousands are celebrating saint paddy's day by wearing green and listening to good ole irish music. if you're looking for a place to celebrate, make sure you check out the nbc 6 news and weather app. we have a list of all the best saint paddy's day parties and events. we're learn 24 hours from one of south florida's biggest music festivals. theltimatera music festival opens its doors tomorrow. festival and city of miami officials addressed concerns. stephanie bertini live from downtown with a preview for us. >> reporter: well, from your safety to h h to manage large crow, the logistics are all
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happening right here in downtown miami. preparations are under way for a major dance music festival based in the heart of miami. >> we've been waiting so long for this moment to final enter. it's our first time, yes. it's a big city. it's very exciting. >> reporter: the annual ultra music festival attracts people from around the world like these men from switzerland, excited for the three days of music and fun to ck off. >> tomorrow is a great day. >> reporter: tens of thousands are expected each day here at bay front park transformed t accommodate the coming crowds. >> we have extra fencing, which you can see, which magskes it difficult for people to try to jump over the fence.
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surrounding the event and 350 private security inside the event. >> we have undercover officers on the exterior and interior of the park. >> reporter: firstt responders are on stand by. >> you have some drinking. you have some people as a result of a heat they get overcome by heat haustion, but we're prepared for all of that with several rescue unites in place, first aid stations, foot patrol units that are able to maneuver through the crowd. >> reporter: back out here live, the action will be taking place ononhe other side of this fence you can hear sound checks under way right now. of course, with all the people, traffic will be an issue. there are several detou^s in place. part of biscayne boulevard will be shut down. officials are recommending you use public transportation. i'm reporting live inowntown
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nbc 6 news. overall, it's been a great week here in south florida, even though it was very warm. the humidity levels were down. the live first alert doppler radar is starting to pick up some rain over the everglades. let's zoom into that. you can see it's headed towards the northeast. i've been talking about a 5% chance of rain for this evening here across the metro area of south florida. these showers are still very far away. so the chances that they'll actually survive and make it into the metro are very, very low. nevertheless, they're out there today andhe rain chances will be increasing as we get closer to the weekend. now, let's talk about our temperatures. they're trending well above normal this week. i would expect them to cool down next week after we see some changes thiseekend due to an approaching front. the high today in miami was 87.
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to 78 in ft. lauderdale. 80 in miami and kendall as well as in pompano beach. the weather m m will show you we have high pressure in the atlantic to the southeast of the bahamas. very far away are windsre light and variable. there's a front off to our north. the front is not the one that will effect us on sunday night and monday. there's another front way up in the upper midwest. it's still very far away. we have some high clouds crossing through. some more robust clouds over the everglades. those are the ones yielding the showers at thik hour. a day tomorrow that will be very similar to today with mostly sunny skies around. a high temperature of 86 degrees. a few high clouds around. those will filter out the sun from time to time. but as we progress through the day, you see the development of additional clouds and even a couple of showers in the afternoon. i'm not putting them in the forecast. i've been seeing the future tracker have these showers in
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but at the end of the day it doesn't rain over the metro area. i'll keep them out of the forecast. high of 86 tomorrow. 81 degrees in the evening. 85 to 86 saturday into sunday. a good chance of rain on saturday! sunday when spring begins, there's the likelihood that it will rain and we'll see some thunderstorms. then it starts to clear. look at those temperatures next week. all the way down to 59 degrees possibly monday night into tuesday. wewe, take a look at this. this little guy tried to steal and electric company's car, but didn't get very far. a meter reader in fort white which is just north of gainesville returned to his car and found a lemur lurking around his vehicle. the critter jumped behind the wheel where it looked like he tried to commandeer that car before scampering off. maybe he didn't have his driver's license with him. >> couldn't find the keys. cute pictures though.
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change is coming to an historic south florida neighborhood.
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it part of the rooster cleaning up calle ocho.
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what they do the day after this festival. it is about to get a million dollar facelift. >> city leaders are giving the area a little tlc as it has become a very popular tourist hot spot. miami's cuban american makeover. little havana, calle ocho needs some polish and people who work and live hereay it's about time. >> i think it's important that we represent ourselves. it's not great to see trash on the streets. >> there's so mucm culture. there's so many different things going on. >> reporter: domino park is the hub of little havana and much of this area has already been renovated, but more renovations are on the way.
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become a hotbed of tourism, with bus loads of people taking in the cuban culture. at a news conference today, miami's mayor said now is the time to make these streets shine. new planters and trees will line a stretch of southwest eight street from fourth to 27th avenues. sidewalks will be widened and the roosters have will be been spruced up. artist ava ruiz did that. >> they got repainted and new looks. >> reporter: even the garbage cansnsre getting a fresh look. noted cuban american artists perez did a few. >> i'm so excited. it's one way to get our art millions of places where every tourist comes and they take pictures. you'll see them on social media. >> reporter: transforming southwest 15th avenue into a pedestrian friendly plaza is the most ambitious part of the upgrade, creatinin a larger
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and conversations. a resident is hoping for more. >> i really think it's important to look at what's happening in other parts of little havana in terms of transportation, pedestrian safety, and beautification as well. >> reporter: i'm steve litz. nbc 6 news. good afternoon. ahead for us tonight, conservatives draft a stop the trump plan. we look at what's behind why
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rushed to ers and finally tonight, auick look at today's top stories. a pep rally takes a dangerous turn when a fire breather stunt goes awry. this happened at atlanta community high school in delray beach has students watched from inside a gymnasium. performer ricky charles caught fire during his routine and was rushed to the hospital with severe burns.
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are the more than a dozen students that were streeted for mostly cloudyinhalation. bso is opening a sketch will lead them to the robber who stole a south florida neighborhood's sense of security. he walked into backyard and pointed a gun at a womom and her 91-year-old mother. the robber did get away with a purse and a cell phone. bso is looking for this guy who may be as young as 17 years old we're told. a nice night to celebrate the@ irish. >> no risk of rain whatsoever. the humidity is relatively comfortable despite the warm temperatures. tomorrow is bound to be a decent day too, but saturday and sunday look for that good chance of rain. a couple of thunderstorms around. after that rain, it will cool down next week. should be arastically different week than this one. >> we could use a co
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water wars. fireworks and finger pointing over who's to blame for the toxic crisis that has poisoned an american city. tonight, angry calls for an embattled governor as the epa head resigns. a storm of controversy forces the end of an era at sea world. what it means for the killer whales that made the theme pk famous. hitting the brakes. a major announcement about life-saving technology. your car taking control, stopping a crash before it happens. sounding the alarm about a surge in kids rushed to the e.r. after swallowing adult medication. one every nine minutes. a new warning for parents. found alive, after five weeks missing at sea. you won't believe where they found one amazing puppy. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer::from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with leseer holt. good evening.
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washington today was nothing short of a public shaming of two high-powered officials as they were held accountable for the systematic failure that virtually poisoned the w wer for thousands in flinin michigan. michigan's governor and the head of the epa were called on to resign, as they appeared before congressional committee today to answer for the crisis. it made for some uncomfortable moments. in fact, rarely has the hot seat been hotter. nbc's stephanie gosk shows us. >> reporter: with the children of flint still unable to drink the water -- >> do you solemnly swear -- >> reporter: blame on the hill today. >> if you want to do the courageous thing, then you two should resign. >> people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government. and you need to resign, too, governor snyder. >> rorter: the republican governor from michigan and the head of the epa were hammered today on the hill. other the lead in flint's water. >> you need to take some responsibility. because you screwed up.


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