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tv   Early Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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>> if you want to do the curages thing, then you two should resign. >> people who put dollars over the fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government and you need to resigntoo, governor snyder. >> the head of the epa and governor of michigan were hammered over the led in flint's waiter. >> you need to take responsibility because you screwed up andessed up 100,000 people's lives. >> reporter: every resident in flint was exposed to dangerous levels of led while officials insisted it was safe. but the democrat from pennsylvania hit back hard. >> you not in a medically induced coma for a year. and i've had about enough of your false contrigz and your phoney apologies.
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>> i wish we had yelled from the tree tops but there is no way my agency created this problem. >> reporter: more than 150 residents from flint bused in overnight for the hearing. >> we can't brush our teeth. we can't just use the faucet like we are do here i i washington. >> reporter: forome it still lingersfter they were so badly letdown letdown. we are hear for the first time from the first known isis fighter known to surrender on the battle field. virginia native i an american-born son captured this week in iraq. he said he made a quote bad decision to faulto a young woman from turkey to syria and then mosul iraq. and they have released a vid quoeo of his confession.
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foreigners and peoeoe from the surrounding area. i didn't really suppopo their ideology and that's athat point, that's when i decided i needed to escape. wanted to go back to america. my message to the american people is the life inh mosul it's really, really bad. >> its unclear if wesz is returning to the u.s. or will be prosecuted. meanwhile, the new york pizzeria owner who admitted he tried to recruit for isis has been sentenced to 22 1/2 years in prison. previously pled guilty to providing material support to isis. he was the first man captured and convicted of supporting isis in the u.s. and iraqi born palestinian has been indicted on tryryg to support isis.
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was arrested and accused of lying about traveling to syria. he faces a total of 15 years in prison. it is a flight 55 passengers and crew won't soon forget. it was struck by lightning and had to make an emergency landing at nearby jfk. it was circling when it hit turbulence and it left passengers stunned. >> it was just such a loud bang, it was like a if i recollect, you know -- firework, like right there. so happy we all landed safely. and we were saying to each other, we made it. >> yes, they did. the plane landed safely and no one w w hurt, the faa is inveigating. and to the increased support
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>> reporter: two blocks from the white house a secret huddle on how to stop donald trump from moving in. a frustrated group led by inflew influential contrvservative looking ahead to a contested convention. they're reassessing how to slow him down. two road blocks s swing them down. first, trump could still lock up the nomination before the convention and he more than doubled his delegate lead this week. >> now we're having conversations with donors. >> reporter: anti-trump activists to convince delegates fight the frontrunner at done contested convention. it's people who built this p pty have been here longer than the newcomers threatening to burn the whole thing down.
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specifying who theyhould unify behind, john kasich and ted cruz. marco rubio praising cruz as con conservative and senator lindsey gram saying he would raise money. >> if you killed ted cruz on thefloor of the senate and therial was in the senate, nobody could convict you. >> reporter: the unlikelieie of pairings, one the stop trump movement never saw coming. bernie sanders has officially conceded the missouri primary to hillary clinton. nbc news said clinton was the aparent winner on tuesday after leading b roughly 1500 votes. he said even though he's behind in total delegates by a wide margin, don't expect him to drop out. >> we think if we come into the convention in july in
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lot of delegates, a whole lot of momentum behind us and most importantly perhaps, being the candidate who is most likely to defeat donald trump. wewehink some of these superdelegates who have now supported hillary clinton can now come over to us. all eyes turn to next tuesday's contest. utah and idaho as wells american sumowau. it's interesting to note that utah will be offering online voting for their republican caucuses for the first time. supreme court noninee merrick garland is making the rounds on capital hill. he met with harry reed and the top democratic. senate republicans are standing bybyheir vow not to even con consider his nomination until the next president is elected. eight senators have said the would be open to at least meet
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about spring. extreme weather brought lightning, powerful wind and golf-ball sizehail to north texas thursday, leaving a lot of broken windows in its wake. it killed eight exotic birds at a zoo in fort worth. and a late winter storm in parts of the colorado rockies over the last two days. that's more than the town of months. as you've seen, old man winter, well, it is sticking around, it seems. let's hope not for long though. your most important point we're going to make is computer models are not forecast. they just give us a little piece of the puzzle. this was the european computer model showing a significant snow storm through all of new england. and now we have the new one in
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everything shifted for umthe european model about 100 miles to the east. took the heavy band of snow and now into the coastal areas. that's why these are not the official forecasts. this is just a glimpse. now the american model soalso has a more nuisance type of event and doesn't have that much snow in southern new england. as of now, the trend is a little bit off the coast. again, we're still 60 hours away frfr the event. but as of now, we're looking at a minor event, showers and storms along the gulf coast. and on nday, we'll be watching where the storm is off the midatlantic coast. now a closer look at your day ahead. so, showers and storms plentiful this morning. we're watching them in north florida and another lie in
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and a little chillier as we go further up towards the north. so, how did you do? you ready for your quiz? >> yeah. i don't like the way it sounds either way. >> a little wintry but the odds of a h`ge major storm are a little less today than yesterday. >> we'll take that. well, seaworld's major de decision over the future of killer whales. and the situation i i brazil is getting dicier by the moment.ier by the moment. no, no, no, no, people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. oh, look... ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena rapid wrinkle repair works... one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visiblreduce wrinkles.
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and inside jokes and school night. good, clean food pairs well with anything. try the clcln pairings menu. at panera. food as it should be. gew to kohl's super saturday - this saturday! and save on early birds 'till 1pm. like 40 to 60% off dresses. save on sport shirts and knit tops for him. and on all cookware and food prep. everyone get kohl's cash too! this saturday - only at kohl's. welcome back everybody. it was another night of unrest in the brazilian capital. police fired tear gas outside congress during a mass demonstration. they're protesting da silva being appointed to chief of staff. after years of criticism, seaworld says it's ending its
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whales immediately. they have 2 2 whales in three parks. they're the last generation that seaworld will display. >> if you look at people's general comfort level of orcas under human care, i've seen a real shift in society. >> we're pushing for them to release these orcas to sanctuaries so they can livee out a semblance of a normal life in their last days. >> and "blackfish" led to a loss of nearly $100 million in revenue. and rob ford underwent chemotherapy last year for an aggressive form of soft tissue cancer. he became an international punch line after admitting to smoking crack but refused totoesign. surveillance video captured
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of a southern florida pizzeria. a couple was dining inside when the car crashed right into them. >> the car coming past me and just him being slammed against the wall. >> all i remember is being pinned up against the counter in between the counter and the car and the people trying to drag me out. >> they received stitches at the hospital and were released. the 70-year-old driver simply lost control. look at that. new york city nearly 200,000 parade marchers dressed in green to celebrate the 255 st. patrick's d parade. and check out this time lapse video of an annual tradition in chicago, dyeing the river green for st. paddy's day. time to get down to siness, shall we. back in black.
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all right, let's get right to the madness, shall we? making its first appearance in th ncaa tournament in 54 years, yale showed they belong by upsetting the best offensiviv rebound team in baylor. check outhe post game frustration with this reporter-player exchange. >> how does yale out rebound baylor? >> you go up and grab the ball off the rimhen it comes off and you grab it with two hands and you come down with it and that's considered a rebound. so, they got more of those than we did. >> okay then. yikes. next to perdue against arkansas little rock and nails a
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it went into double ot as number 12 advances with the 85-83 win. then seaten hall scoring machine isaiah white head gautd ice cold as gonzaga got away with this one. north carolina's roy williams got his 56th ncaa victory breaking a tie with his mentor, the late dean smith for most wins. the tar heels easily beat gulf coast. and utah took out colorado. another eight versus nine was close but butler managed to pull away for thein against texas tech. and the next round tips off at 12:15. just ahead, why a puerto rico beauty queen is losing her crown. plus a wacky looking
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leading the news on norththorea launches ballistic missile and new show of force. the launch occurred about 5:00 p.m. eastern time and flew about 500 miles. this is the latest recent aggressive acts from the nation which has become typical around the time of south korea-u.s. military exercjses. and in u.s.a. today, internet debate alert. how many girls are in this photo? this instagram post by a swiss photographer has divided the internet into two ams. are there two girls or four? bill says five. i want to say there's two. it's the latest obstacle illusion trending online. but i think it's two. who knows. here's what caught our eye in the animal world. a florida woman is fighting to keep her unusual house pet, a foot long alligator.
4:26 am
knows how to work the remote. he's just a house gator. >> she got a license 11 years ago. >> heetz rr's got a t-shirt, so he must be safe. >> they say she doesn't have enough space for the gator that can work the remote control. and officers got a chance to cuddle three real-life teddy bears on thursday. they were spotted in the cambreau county woods. they tagged them to monitor them throughout the years. two treasured new editions this week, bengallal white tiger cubs. their birth two months ago. they'll be in public view at the zoo next week.
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this mang's best driver. what is going on? video of the dog has been making waves across t`e internet. how is this happening? he says he and his pup regularly ride together and it is considered normal in indonesia. that doesn't seem normal at all on any place on earth. president obama travelled too cuba on sunday. it's the first tripy a sitting u.s. president in nearly 90 years. and our special coverage includes lester holt anchoring nbc nightly news from havana on sunday. happy birthday to adam levine, 37. actress queen tifah, 46 and former miss america, vanessa williams, 53. i'm betty nguyen.
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have a great weekend. right now an afl player and miami native is fighting for his life at a local hospital. a high school pep rally stupt goes horribly wrong. the ultimate music festival taking over downtown miami. find out what police are doing out there to make sure things don't get out of control. good morning, your time is cdxxx. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. >> happy friday. thanks for starting your friday with us. >> let's get you over to ryan for a quick look at your forecast. >> as we get into the weekend, we' see more showers around. that's something we'll talk about for the next 2 1/2 hours. i think one of the better mornings we've had this workweek. miami-dade and down lieu the keys, clear.
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71 across the board in broward county, 70 in miami. 66 in west kendall. this time around visibility is spine. no fog developing across the area. live look from our diplomat resort and spa camera. a few mid and high level clouds passing by. well off to the north, some showers. mainly dry today. we could see a stray shower popping up this afternoon. partly cloudy and bright this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. more wet weather in the cards for the upcoming weekend. it's 4:31. kelly blanco off this morning. the smooth sounds of joe brennan. love his voice. >> good morning. looking like already we have trouble onthe roadways including a couple ramp closures. one of those i-95 southbound trying to exit westbou. you cannot exit. that's southbound 95 to westbound dolphin.


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