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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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71 across the board in broward county, 70 in miami. 66 in west kendall. this time around visibility is spine. no fog developing across the area. live look from our diplomat resort and spa camera. a few mid and high level clouds passing by. well off to the north, some showers. mainly dry today. we could see a stray shower popping up this afternoon. partly cloudy and bright this afternoon. a mix of sun and clouds this afternoon. more wet weather in the cards for the upcoming weekend. it's 4:31. kelly blanco off this morning. the smooth sounds of joe brennan. love his voice. >> good morning. looking like already we have trouble onthe roadways including a couple ramp closures. one of those i-95 southbound trying to exit westbou. you cannot exit. that's southbound 95 to westbound dolphin.
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expressway if you have plans heading the the airport from i-95. another ramp closure in broward county, northbound 95 at commercial boulevard. again, another accident there on that ramp way has it shut down. that's traffic. back to you. >> joe, thank you so much. 4:32. baltimore ravens quarterback trey walker in critical condition after aotorcycle crash in northwest miami-dade. michael spears is at the hospital where he's being treated right now. what do we know so far? >> reporter: devastating. those are words from the ravens head cch when he got the news. ravens runnin back in the hospital following a rt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. we know miami police say the crash happened before 8:00 p.m. at northwest 21st avenue and 75th street.
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lights when he was riding. at this point police have not named the other driver or said who is at fault. >> the other driver driving a ford escape, she was traveling south on northwest 21st avenue when the impact occurred. she's still on the scene here, cooperating with our investigators. >> reporter: walker a 2015 north round pick attended miami northwestern. we'reive outside jackson memorial hospital, michael spears, nbc 6 news. right now police in opa-locka are concerned about three men involved in a shooting possibly with high powered weapons. cops say a man opened fire near 125th and 22nd avenue. police nabbed one man but are still looking for three others who may again be armed with high
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this morning students are heading back to school after a pep rally performance literally went up in flames. take a look here. more than a dozen people hurt during what they described as a firereathing fiasco at atlantic high school in delray beach. that's where we find jamie guirola with an upddte on how that performer is doing. >> reporter: students packed the bleachers inside atlantic high school gym for a pep rally with an unexpected end. the performer lights up in flames after another performer attempts to jump over there. how are you doing right now? >> i'm good. >> reporter: the man, ricky charles" has 35 years' experience flame throwing and now he has burns across his face. heells us he knows what went wrong. >> i changed the oil i have been
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today i tried a new oil and the oil is actually what got me in trouble. >> reporter: workers used a fire extinguisher to put out the flames. seven students rushed to the hospital for smoke inhall lakes. >> i know a person fainted from like a panic attack and another rson fainted. >> at first we thought it was a part of the act. >> i was po shocked. i didn't know what was going on. >> once you saw the look in his eyes. oh,crap, then everyone was like, whoa, this is actually a really big deal. >> district administrators released a stement saying what happened today at atlantic community high school is inexcusable. the district's rules are clear that fire and pyrotetenics are forbidden in our buildings. >> we're looking at what the approval process was for this one.
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is taking this very, very seriously. on friday morning we expect to hear more m the victim about what happened and his injuries. in delray beach, jamie guirola, nbc 6 news. a serial robber strikes again and this time with an accomplic surveillance video showing the pair hitting three new 7-eleven convenience stoers in sunrise, wilton manor and ft. lalaerdale. they say he targets 7-elevens but switches his m.o. pretty much every time. broward crimestoppers will pay up to $300 for any tip. if you know anything, you're asked to call crimestoppers. an animal lover is offering an extreme amount of cash to get his lost cots back home. that total $20,000. he says seven of his cats have been snatched up near his warehouse.
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care of about 30 rescue cats, a parrot and even a rooster saying his furry friends mean the world to them. >> imagine one of your children disappears and a month or two later another disappears. >> rosen says nothing has turned up. he is hoping someone will notice his unusually high reward and help. another look outside. >> beautiful out there. >> friday morning. >> finally. >> ryan, any day is a good day. looks like we'reetting up form a decent weekend. >> i know you're stoked for all that this weekend. it's going to be a great day today. i think the changes come as we dig deeper. wll get to that in a little bit.
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with no wet weather in place. live first alert doppler aware any time. up state though. is. scattered showers across the north gulf coast waters. central and south florida doing just fine. at least we're ab september of any fog developing, middle and rain. temperatures leveling off about 70 degrees. that's where we start. fair amount of sunshine this morning. it's just thisafternoon, a quick warmup into the mid 80s. better shower chances for the weekend. i'll jai-alai that in about seven minutes. let's get to traffic again with joe brennan. >> a couple of problems southbound in dade county, exiting the the dolphin, 836 westbound. yoyocan't do it right now. you can see the flashing ligs as cops have the exit ramp blocked off. there's a ash further if on the exit ramp. we have a shot at those flashing lights as well. when that happens, then we'll
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we've also got another ramp closure in broward county off 95 northbound to commercial boulevard. another accident there on that exit ramp is the reason you can't exit athat point. maybe use oakland park or cypress creek instead. that's traffic. back to you. 4:39 on your r iday morning. for the first time we're hearing from an american man who quit isis. what he says about his time fighting for that terrorist group. plus, the all that music festival returns. we'll see how officials are preparing to deal with the crowd. >> glow sticks and all. change coming to a historic
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you could call washininon, d.c. two top officials sat in the hot seat about flint's water crisis.
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and epa head jean n mccarthy hammered on the hill for uncomfortable moments. some lawmakers called for officicls to resign. flint's water source was switched to the flint river in 2014 to save money, but the water had lead from the pipes. the town and government are demanding answers. people who put dollars over thth fundamental safety of the people do not belong in government. >> i wish we had yelled from the tree tops. but there is no way that my agency created this problem. >> you actually will see and you saw there more than 150 homeowners from flint. theyactually traveled by bus for that hearing to be there. they still c't drink tap water at home. >> a kurdish tv channel aired a interview with a man identified as the first american to fight for isis and then quit the
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nbc's richard engel reports about aty he decided to leave. >> reporter: he's the rst known alleged american isis fighter to surrender on the battlefield. >> my name is mohammedad jamal wheeze. >> his kurdish captors leased video of his cap. >> a lot of people from the surrounding area. >> he described how he traveled to turkey and over the course of a few monthth entered syria to join isis. his statements were made while he's still in captivity. he claims he tried to leave isis from where he was stationed in the iraqi city of mows all. >> i didn't really support their
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at that point tt's when i decided i needed to escape. i wanted to go back to america. my message to the american people is the life in mosul is really, really bad. >> reporter: he says he realized his mistak in jiening isis. he's having trouble keeping his recruits and he could be of intelligence value. >> you can now send mail directly to cuba. the u.s. postal service announced direct mail service to and from the country will start ain after more than 50 years. the process has been very regulated with people going to other countries. 2340u people can send first
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mail flat rate envepes. right now a letter from the president is making its way to a 76-year-old woman in cuba. this comes as president obama prepares to make his historic trip. here is a look at his schchule. on sunday the first family will ur a variety of sites. on monday president obama will meet with raul castro and attend a state dinner. on tuesday, the president will attend a speech. after that obamaill attend a baseball game between the tampa bay rays and the cuban national team. while the president is there, so are we. nbc 6 will be live from cuba during and after the president's trip. our team headed up by anchors ckie nespral and juwan strader. supporters of planned parenthood are asking governor scott to veto a bill that would tighten restrictions on abortion clinics.
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although it doesn't oughtright outlaw abortion, it makes it very difficult to access, and that's not okay. >> some definitely did their hommork here. planned parenthood supporters delivered 12,000 signatures to the governor's office. the bill would cut all made kad funding for non-abortion services at any clinic that performs abortions. the bill was sent to the governor's desk last friday. he's got until march 26th to act on it. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning wh mcdonald's mccafe coffee. mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. coming up at 4:47. kelly blanco is off.
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dry conditions across the area. we'll see a slight chance for a shower. we finally get to the weekend, turn the page into officially the first day of spring on sunday. we've got spring showers coming our way. they'll playing us both saturday and sunday. we'll get the gloomy news out rst. let's talk about the good stuff. that's a quiet drive this morning. mostly clear skies. a few clouds around. sunrise at 7:27. this time around no fog to contend with. that's great. partly cloudy skies by the timim we get to the afternoon. in between we could see a stray ower. we'll talk about when that comes into play. l is quiet for now. this place will be rocking with all that returning. not much breeze to talk about all across the area so far this morning. winds out of the south-southeast at key west.
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county, 70-degree mark in broward. fairly balanced, our cooler locations here. fairly mild, marathon and key west. it could trigger an isolated shower late this afternoon between about 2:00 and 5:00. i think it's going to be few and far between. more moisture and clouds moving in. saturday is the better day of the weekend. today's first alert forecast, mix of cloud cover early this morning. sunrise at 7:27. we ramp up the temperatures by the lunch hour. first alert forecast high 86. a stray shower, otherwise into the evening we're quiet. lows at 70. after midday on saturday, a chance for showers. sunday is the wet day. scattered showers and 84. cooler weather to talk about next week.
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in 15 minutes. right now first alert traffic with joe brennbn. >> looks like a good ride for the most part. a couple of ramp closures slowing it down. everybody heading into downtown miami. no exit southbound 95 to westbound dolphin because of a crash. you can see the ramp is closed, a lot of work going on further on the ramp way closer to the dolphin itself because of the accident everything shut down. northbound 95 exiting to commercial boulevard is a no go because of an accident blocking the entire road. >> if you were going to be anywhere near downtown miami in the next couple of days, you're probably going to hear some really loud music, really loud bass going on. that can only mean one thing. that's the ultra music festival
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>> while festival goers party it up, the rest of miami faces a big change. nbc 6 reporter deaf any bertini has more from downtown miami. >> reporter: preparations under way for that annual electronic dance music eventocals can tell you all about. >> it's going to be hectic. >> the ultra music festival is expected to bring in tens of thousands of people each day. some who are into this music scene traveled overseas like this man from germany. >> miami is a nice place to be and this party is a nice party. from all over the world, people come here. >> reporter: people spending big bucks to party with deejays and electronics. the crowd will bleed over into downtown miami's core. traffic will be affected. officials are blocking off part of biscayne and recommending you
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>> officials say this is the best way to get to where you need as fast as you can. still expecting to move slower than usual. something to keep in md is pack yourselves with patience. >> detours are in place, but there's more concern. former police chief is heading up security. >> we're zero tolerance drug event. look out for each other. >> reporter: good choices not only between what's right and wrong but also forour health. >> you have drinking. you have people as a result of the heat they get over come by heat exhaustion. we're prepared for all of that. >> reporter: miami fire rescue has several units in placee and first aid workers stationed at bayfront park while city police including undercover officers control the crowds in miami's downtown core. like every year ultra comes in the middle of spring break season.
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each and now all these people in the downtown core of miami. locals, take that into account when you're planning to get around. reporting in miami, stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news. >> have fun and be safe. hank you, stephanie. the case involving hulk hogan could soononbe handed over to a jury. closing arguments start today. yesterday it was an effort to discredit the former pro wrestler's claim. lawyers for gawker showed video of hulk hogan in underwear impersonating miley cyrus's "wrecking ball" video. hogan is suing gawker for $100 million for posting a sex video of him and the wife of his best friend. both hogan and the woman say theyidn't know they were being filmed. a little courtroom music from a convicted felon who may
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adele before putting away. i'm sorry for the things've done and i try and be stronger in this life i chose >> man's got skills. you can't deny that. in this minute-long performance -- we just showed ten seconds. this man apologized to his mom and victim and acknowledged it was a life he chose. ality though the chigan judge recognized he's got skills, the musical apology didn't do him any good. he'll be spending 17 years in prison for unlawful imprisonment and a concealed weapon. > one man had no choice, he swam. a wave knocked him off the boat, unable to get back to it. he found himself about four miles from the coast of puerto rico.
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seven hours alternateing between swimming and floating until he made it to shore. he'll spend the next few days in the hospital. >> he's very lucky, very, very lucky he's even able to speak. incredible. your time is five minutes to the top of the hour. what a multi-million dollar facelift could mean for one of south florida's most iconic neighbooods. a florida woman going to bat for h clothes wearing,
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he's not just any cleaning up calle ocho, we're not talking about what a lot of people end up doing the day after the street festival ends. >> the heart of miami's cuban american is about to get a
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facelift. >> city leaders giving the area extra tlc. it's become a very popular tourist hot spot. >> nbc 6 reporter steve litz has the scoop. >> reporter: the heart of miami's cuban amerian neighborhood is about to get a makeover. little havana, calle ocho, needs some polish and people who live here say it's about time. >> it's important we represent ourselves. it's not great to see trash on the streets. >> so much culture. so many different things going on. >> domino park in english is the hub of little havana. much of this area has been renovated. more renovations are on the way. >> over the years, little havana has become a hod bed of tourism, one of the most popular in miami with bus loads of people taking in the cuban culture.
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>> at a news conference, miami's mayor says now is the time to make these streets shine. >> new planters and trees will line a stretch of southwest 8th street from 4th to 27th avenues, sidewalks will be widened and the rooster, a symbol of the cuban culture have already been spruced up. artist babe ruiz did that. >> they got repainted and got new looks. >> even the garbage c cs are getting a fresh look, painted with vibrant colors, offering a cuban flare. noted cuban american arti perez did a few. >> i'm so excited. it's a way to get our art to millions. >> transforming southwest 15th avenue into a pedestrian friendly plaza is the most ambitious part of the upgrade, creating a larger gathering place for celebrations and conversations. resident karina is hoping for more.
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look at what's happeneng in other parts of little havana in terms of beautification. >> i'm steve litz. nbc 6 news. >> ylu hope it keeps this authenticity. >> ofcourse. if there's ever any question how g it's become, look at the numbers. every single year it breaks a record. nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. breaking news overnight. an nfl star and miami native was involved in a motorcycle accident. right now he's fiting for his life. we'll hear from police and what information we have following that accident. >> what was supposed to be a day full of spirit and pep@ turned into a heated experience. an update on the performer whose flaming stunt went horribly wrong. a burglar behind bars after stealing thousands of dollars
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it wasn't that incident that led police to catching the hief. 5:00 now. m eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. >> finally friday. >> it is. >> we're looking to add our weeeend forecast. we're talking about total washout? >> we'll start to see the shower chances mp up on saturday. all is not lost. we'll break down the timing for you. saturday turns out to be the better day of the weekend. at least your friday, wrapping up your workweek on a positive and dry note. dry conditions, no fog to contend with. not much happening on live first alert doppler. we go up ste. that's where we find the wet weather. showers across the gulf waters flirting into north central and northern floridi. we will see the shower chances catch up with us throughthe weekend. this morning starting off with a
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no fog in place, it should be a peaceful morning. righ now in ft. lauderdale, mostly cloudy skies. mostly clear in miami at 72. clear and breezy at key west in 76. rapid wwmup this morning, dry conditions. a few more clouds by the lunch hour. 83 by 11:00 a.m. today's high, warm one at 86. the rain chances starting to kick in on saturday afternoon. the complete forecast in about 12 minutes. right now let's get a check on traffic with joe brennan. >> you bet. good morning. still looks like a busy ride this morning. the ramp way still closed southbound 95 to the dolphin westbound. heading the the airport on that ramp, can't do it at this point. use state road 112, the airport expressway instead. in broward county, serious trouble as well, exiting 95 northbound at commercial bile vardhat. ramp looks to be closed off because of an accident there. getting word of a crash on 75 northbound right before royal


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