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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 6am  NBC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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if you're watching just 15, 20 minutes ago, the pop-up showers into sawgrass and coral springs area, those are quick to dissolve. this is the exception, not the rule across south florida. i think today is a mainly dry da the changes come this weekend. here is a big picture, mix of sun and clouds this morning. this batch sliding offshore once we get close to sunrise. the wet weather not too far away. upper 60s, lower 70s, no fog to contend with. that's good news on your friday morning drive in. i think it's early afternoon a stray shower is possible. otherwise a aery warm day. your friday first alert forecast high 86 degrees. kelly blanco is off today. joe brennan in in with traffic. >> i've been telling you about a major mess on i-75 in western broward county, northbound side before you get to royal palm boulevard.
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over the scene herwith thehe chopper and it is again very heavy, very slow, trying to make your way through. use flamingo i&stead as an alternate route. things will take a while even after they get those lanes open to thin away. already back now beyond griffin road. that's traffic. back to you. >> all right, joe. thank you so much. creeping up on three minutes past the top of the hour. overnight, a football player right now is clinging to life. we've been telling you about ravens corner back tray walker. he was involved in a serious motorcycle crash. michael spears is live at jmh where walker is being treated this morning. from beginning to end, he was taken in crirical condition and is not out of the woods. >> reporter: at last check still in critical condition jackson memorial hospital. this is trending on facebok, a huge outpouring of love, support and prayers aoss social media
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here is video from last night. miami-dade police say he was involved in a dirt bike crash in northwest miami-dade. it happened just before 8:00 p.m.. you can see the bike lying in the street. we learned this morning from police at walker's bike apparently didn't have any lights. now, still a very active investigation. also new this morning at the same time, you can see these words from fellow ravens teammates and fellow nfl players, people taking to social media to send their prayers and well wishes to this miami native. shows how loved and respected he is. the 2015 fourth round pick played college ball in texas. the baltimore ravens releasing a statement from the head coach who said frankly he is devastated to hear about this news. he sends prayers and support from everyone on the team to tray and his family. this morning, he remains in critical condition. there are unanswered questions,
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police have not named the other driver involved, have not said who is actually at fault in this crash. we do know from police that the drivers in the suv stayed on scene and is cooperating with investigators. michael spears, nbc 6 news. >> michael, we'll talk to you again at 6:30. this is a story we brought you as breaking news about 24 hours ago. nbc 6 the first to bring you live coverage of a car that came crashing into a pizza restaurant in broward county. this morning we're hearing from e couple who was inside eating at that restaurant when the car came smashing through those front windows. surveillance video showiwi this honda suv crashing through the downtown pizza gill. another angle shows a couple sitting at the counter waiting for their food, their pizza, when the car literally slammed in them. the man and his fiancee were
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within a couple hours. police say the driver, 72-year-old dina nolan lost control of the suv. no word on any charges. a performance at a high school pep rally ended up in flames. more than a dozen people hurt after t fiery stunt went horribly wrong. erika glover is live at delray medical center. later today we understand we're supposed to hear from this performer. >> reporter: that's right. we are going to get an update around 8:00 a.m. this morning. i can tell you seven students were taken to theospital to be treated for smoke inhalation. another 12 were treated on the scene. this morning a lot of folks are wondering why that stunt was even approved for a high school pep rally in the first place. take a look at the video again. you can see the moment that turns dangerous inside the atlanticommunity high school gym. the performer sitting on the inflatable basketbal court in
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we've made a decision not to show the disturbing video. the performer is ricky charles. he has 35 years of flame throwing experience and is based out of pembroke pines. we spoke with him by phone thursday about what he believes went wrong and got reaction from some of the students. >> i changed the oil i've been using. i've been using a different oil. today i tried a new oil, and the oil is actually -- got me in trouble. >> at first we thought it was part of the act. >> i was so shocked. i didn't know what was going on. >> i reacted by unning, and everybody else follows. >> once you saw the look in his eyes like, oh, crap, everyone is like, whoa, this is actually a really big deal. >> reporter: district officials release add statement thursday saying, quote, what happened at atlant community high school is inexcusable, a direct violation of district policy. the district's rules are clear that fire and pyrotechnics are forbidden ensued our buildings. we'llet another update from
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this morning. stay close to nbc 6 news and weather app for that update. live in delray beach, erika glover, nbc 6 news. >> erika, thank you. 6:07 on your friday. this morning the man who vandalized and burglarized a south florida school is behind bars. police arrested jose luis. the 353year-old broke in through the school's roof and stole a safe containing $5,000. that stolen money was supposed to pay for two school field trips for the students. officials say he was being arrested for a separate incident when he confessed to this school break-in as well. according to the police report, the thief also admitteto breaking into another school in that same area. the island nation is being removed from the list of countries considered to have insufficient security at their ports. cruise ships, cargo vessels and ferries will be able to re-enter
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to be boarded and cleared by the coast guard. the obama adminiration has started giving approval to u.s. cruisi lines as well. nbc 6 is everywhere. we'll be live from cuba during and after the president's trip to the island nation. our team headed up by anchors jackie nespral and juwan strader begin coverage live from cuba tonight starting at 11:00. marco rubio is moving on after withdrawing from the presidential race. this morning he talks about what he plans to do in the near future. the possible social media
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we'll tell y welcome back. your time on your friday morning is 6:12.
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the dump truck movement might be gaining steam. >> there was a meeting to find someone else to replace the republican party for this fall. tracie potts is live in washington. tracie, what was this meeting about? >> reporter: they're trying to come up with a strategy, these anti-trump republicans, conservatives are looking for at least a couple of options trying to find someone to beat trump before they get to a nasty floor fight at the convention this summer or giving him some competition in the fall. >> reporter: this closed-door meeting organized by conservative republicans looking for a strategy do beat donald trump. >> the best way to do it is to get a unity ticket. >> it's not clear if that's ted cruz. they're also looking at backing a third party cacaidate in november. >> hopefully there's still time to prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture he party.
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last night, bernie sanders called on democrats to unite. >> that trump every day dividing us up. >> reporter: an article warning trump to knock off the rabble rousing, describininhim as a child threaeaning to throw a tantrum. >> to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> reporter: the senate's top democrat argues republican cannot have it both ways. condemning trump and supporting them. >> if they refuse to revoke their plug for trump, they should put on "make america great" again hats and stand by trump at his next press conference, be a mini christie i guess. >> reporter: trumpweeting overnight that hillary clinton is corrupt and focusing on tuesday's primary in arizona. >>.
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about a statement that shows how conflict some republicans are about what's going on right now. he said he doesn't trust donald trump, but he trusts hillary clinton less. so if trump is the nominee, he'll vote for trump in the fall, but now he's supporting ted cruz to try to beat trump before the fall. it goes to ow there are still a lot of ifs about whether or not this movement is going to work. live from washington, tracie potts, nbc 6 news. >> tracie, thank you for the update. it's looking like a former south florida congressman, david rivera, is ready to run for office once again. rivera says he filed to run for th florida house where his political career began. rivera is going after the district 118 seat. rivera last held office in 2012 when he lost to joe garcia in a congressional contest. at that time he w w also involved in a federal investigation into campaign finance scheme which some
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he has repeatedly denied ever being under investigation. former presidential candidate marco rubio returned to capitol hill for the first time since suspending his campaigngn what's next for him. >> i am not interested in being vice president. i don't mean that in a disrespuctful way. i'm not running for governor of florida. i'm going to finish my term in the senate, we'll work hard here and we have things we want to achieve. then i'll be a private citizen. >> the senator said he's ruled out being a vp candidateand has suggested his supporters support ted cruz. he says now he plans to return to privat life after his senate term ends. new rules if you are caught in tampa anyway with a little bit of mararuana. the city council is changing the punishment if you have 20 grams or less. now getting busted is like getting a traffic ticket. now offenders would just need to pay a citation.
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but not criminalizing them. those who disagree are asking city leaders to create educational programs for repeat offenders. that way they say they're getting kids the help they need. weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning with mcdonald's mccafe coffee. mcdonald's. i'm lovin' it. >> now first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast. friday morning, 6:16. here we go. the last day of the workweek heading into the weekend, unfortunately bringingng weather changes into your local forecast. livefirst alert doppler sweeping clear. we had pop-up showers across broward county. everything gone down. a few clouds above. let's start things off here and take a look into miami, 71 degrees. light winds.
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cloud cover in and out of our skies that's actually held back our opportunities for fog to develop. that won't be a concern on the morning drive. it's a milil morning. we've got another very warm day to contend with. the temperatures, by the way, if you hang on through theweekend, actually level off and get back to very agreeable levels. the approaching front we're looking forward to this weekend, unfortunately brings in very big changes to our localpattern. 69 in ft. lauderdale, 67 in west kendall, 71 opa-locka and miami. 70 in pompano each. the 77-degree readings down through the keys. a really nice day in the florida keys. southeast winds at about five to ten. 83 key est. 85 in marathon. high pressure locked in up above. that's out of here and the series of fronts will start dropping into the southeast. eventually low press sure develops and whisks fronts through the area. in the meantime, on the south
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moisture and cloud cover and eventually more shower chances. they begin saturday afternoon, carry into saturday night and sunday as well. i think saturday night will be the wet period of the weekend. saturday, part of it w w can salvage. your friday night looks good, too. i brought in the shower chance after the lunch hour but before the afternoon drive. first alert forecast high at 86. we'll finish out the workweek on a mainly dry note. just a stray shower. verrwarm at 86. starting in the afternoon on saturday, through sunday, first alert forecast filled with shower activity. the payoff, monday highs only at 71, only 74 on tuesday with lows in the 50s, something to look forward to. we're comii up on 6:19. an update on what has been a very busy morning on the roads. >> it has been unusually busy for this hour. it seems like it's been this way allnight, all overnight hours
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this is i-75 we're taking a look at, normally a nice easy ide, northbound on the approach to royal palm boulevard, a bad crash, three lanes blocked, three of the left lanes. everybody trying to squeeze through on what remains to the right side you can see how bad it is there. it's backed up well beyond griffin road there, very slow. jump off 75, head east to flamingo road and use that instead as your alternate route. dade county, i-75 to the palmetto expressway moving decently on 826. that's traffic. back to you. if you hear the bass booming from downtown miami this weekend, it can only mean one thing. ultra music festival has arrived. tens of thousands of people expected to be in downtown with some even traveling from aefr seas. with this music concert comes lots of traffic. officials are blocking off parts of biscayne and recommending you use blic transportation if you
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also uber and lyft. a new trend has started to develop among new parents. >> a lot of people are going to think this is absolutely crazy. i can understand to a degree. experts are calling this new trend, calling it sharenting, parents creating a social media presence for their kids before they're 2 years old. scrap books and photo albums are being shefld. a lot of people don't do it anymore in favor of faceok and instagram accounts. that means thousands of pictures of your little ones could be circulating around the internet. >> we've never seen a generation of parents that have so publicly talked about their children and gone through all the milestones of their children's ves. >> again, i think the key here is to put limitationsn who can see what on these facebook pages.
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digital album. researchers say only time will tell how the involvement of technology might affect yourur kids at that young of an age. >> i don't know. very controversial. right now or news team is making phone calls trying to get more information on ththcrash of the nfl player critically injured at jackson memorial hospital hospital. we'll talk to michael spears in just a few minutes.
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sun lifefe stadium quicking transz forming. jazz in the garden starts today, drawing people from all over the country this time. it's come a long way, from something years ago as a party for a couple hundred people.
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usher, coolkool & the gang. >> it's incredible, like something you've never seen before before. >> miami gardens mayor oliver gilbert encouraging everyone to come out for what he describes as an extraordinary event. >> twitter is about to turn ten t. social media site will have its birthday on monday, ten years of events touched by those 140-character messages, from the arab spring to temperature election, twitter has been had quite an impact. ceo jack dorsey will talk about how he wants change the world 140 characters at a time.
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debates go. this is eric's favorite story. one woman trying to keep her plus-size pet is making national headlines. >> it's not so much the plus size, it's the kind of pet itis to begin with. six-footed alligator, getting kisses. the alligator lives in this woman home in lakeland, rambo. the woman got a license to own him, b b that was when he was a baby. a lot has changed since then. during a routine visit, flida fish and wildlife inspector realized rambo had put on afew lbs, gotten taller and bigger. he now requires by the law 2 1/2
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something this woman does not have. >> we want to hear from the neighbors. what do they say? >> that's the thing. are the neighbors aware there's a six foot alligator roaming around. >> with its own swimming pool. >> chaos at aa pep rally after a fire breathing stunt took a scary turn. this morning we'll hear from the performer whose stunt blew up in his face. an animal lover offering a hefty reward for his missing cats.
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to pay you to get all of those breaking overnight, baltimore ravens cornerback tray walker in critical condition this morning after a motorcycle crash in noothwest miami-dade
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nbc 6's michael spears is live at jackson memorial hospital. we know you've been monitoring social media because a lot of players and coaches are writing, sending their condolences and hoping he gets well. >> reporter: that's right, sheli. a huge outpouring ofove and support for the cornerback. no doubt a long night and tough morning for not only loved ones, but friends and fans. right now tray walker still listed in critical condition at jackson memorial hospital nearly 12 hours aftft this horrible dirt bike crash. here is video from the scene last night. police say he was involved in that crash at northwest miami-dade at northeast 21st avenue and 8th street. we heard from police overnight saying walker's bike apparently had no lights on. we're working the find out more information about the investigation, including more information about the other driver who police haue not named. also police have not said who
6:31 am
>> the other driver drive ag ford escape, he was traveling south on northwest 21st avenue when the impact occurred. she is still on the scene here. she's cooperating with our investigators. >> walk treated here at jmh, here is some of what his teammates and fellow nfl players are saying this morning. we have it on your screen now, a lot of people including the fans i mentioned pulling for walker and his recovery. miami was a four round pick in texas. right now still unanswered questions, pry playerly the other driver. we do know from police she did stay on scene after the crash and is cooperating with this investigation. for now, live outside jackson memorial hospital, michael spears, nbc 6 news.
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this is a live look over downtown miami, courtesy of the miami children's museum. we appreciate that. for some parents, it's not only the three-day weekend, but the beginning of spring break. they want nice weather over the next couple days. >> the press sure is on, needing to be outside a must. we have aarm and dry forecast for your friday. the changes come into play ass soon as tomorrow. live first alert doppler, early th morning, isolated showers out west. right now across the metro area, all is quiet. use the nbc 6 news and weather app this weekend to check live first alert doppler any time. the rain right now across northern florida, the gulf coast states, we're going to see progressively the shower chances creep into central florida and eventually south florida. for the morning, all is quiet. we've got a mix of sun and clouds in play for the start of
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this afternoon still a very warm day. despite the cooler readings of 69 in ft. lauderdale with an offshore breeze, 71 in oaklkld park and 71 in miami. i still think our temperatures can come down a degree before we fire things up to 86 this afternoon. ateast after the lunch hour but before the evening rush, a strayshower. otherwise just a quick warmup and a partly sunny day. 86 today. you need your umbrellas tomorrow. we'll tell you more about that in about 12 minutes. right now first alerttraffic with joe brennan. >> big-time delays here from chopper 6. this is i-75, the long line of lights you see, that's the northbound side approaching royal palm boulevard. three left lanes still blocked off there. you can see the damage it does, backed up even before you get to griffin. before you get to that point, head eastto flamingo and take that further to the north and jump back#over. other than that, things around
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moving decently. a long line of cars on 95 southbound approaching dolphin. don't forget, the exit ramps to the dolphin westbound closed frfr 95 both north and south sides. right now police in opa-locka are concerned out three men involved in a shooting possibly with highghowered weapons. cops say the guys targeted the man inside his car, opened fire in what was described as a possible hit. it happened near northwest 135th street and 22nd avenuein opa-locka about 24 hours ago. police nabbed one man but still searching for three more who may be armed with high-powered weapons. >> happening right now, deputies want to find an armed thief who preyed on a woman and her 91-year-old mom in their deef field beach mom. the broward county sheriff's office is hoping this sketch of the suspect will help track him down. this is what happened. the encounter happened this week
6:35 am
street and 2nd avenue. deputie said that barbara sutton was relaxing in her back yard when this guy came through her side gate, put a gun in her face and walked inside her home and did the exact same thing to her 91-year-old mom. the family says they refuse to let criminals like them drive them out of their neighborhood. >> i'm hypervigilant in public, nerve know how to approach an atm, i don't sit with my back to restaurant doors. that's bad enough we have to live like that. i refuse to be afraid to have a cup of coffee in my back yard. >> enjoying coffee in your back yard. you think that's the most safe place you n be. detectives don't have a lot to work with unfortunately. they do think their crook is a im, younger man, no taller than six feet. if you've been on the nbc 6 news and weather app, you've seen this incredible video. >> it shows the moment a fire breathing performance at t high
6:36 am
in a wrong direction. >> nbc 6's erika glover is live at delray beach medical center. that performer going to talk with us in no mo than an hour. >> reporter: that's right. we're expecting to get another upateefrom the performer around 8:00 a.m. i can tell you thousands of students were packed inside that gymnasium and thought the fire was part of the act. it certainly wasn't. take a look at that video. you can see the moment when it turns danrous. go ahead, look at it. the flames go up into the air. i can tell you that the performer is sitting on the inflatable basketball court after another performer attempts to jump over him. we've made the decision not to show the video. theerformer says he used a different type of oil than usual and tt's what sparked the flames. district officials said, quote, what happened at atlantic community high school is inexcusable, a direct violation of district policy.
6:37 am
that fire and pyrotechnics are forbidden inside our buildings. many are wondering why a flying fire act was approved for a pep rallllin the first place. >> that's one of the things we're looking at right now. school police are investigating what happened. >> at first we thought it was part of the act. i was shocked. i didn't know what was going on. >> once you saw the look in his eyes, oh, ap, then like everyone was, whoa, this is actually a realal big deal. >> reporter: seven students were rushed to the hosostal for smoke inhalation. another 12 treated at the scene. the repormer is ricky charles. he says he's doing well and has burns across his face. he'll give us another update at 8:00 a.m. an animal lover is offering an extreme amount of moneyto
6:38 am
rewarddtotal, $20,000. steve rosen says since last year, sevens of his cats have been snatched up. he's a retired dentist and businessman and takes care of about 30 rescue cats, a parrot and even a rooster saying his furry friends mean the world to him. >> they're like my children. imagine one of your children disappears and a month or two later another one disappears. >> the cats are microchips and have radio dollars. rosen says nothing has turned up. rosen hopes someone will notice this unusually high reward a help. if you hear the bass booming from downtown miami this weekend, it can only mean one thing. ultra music festival has arrived. >> w w're in miramar, i think i can hear it. it's faint. while festival fans will party along with the rest of miami, big changes you should know about beforo you head out to the festival. tens of thousands of people
6:39 am
weekend, with some even traveling from overseas. that's how big the event has come. with this music concert comes a lot of traffic, and we already have traffic issues, right? officials are blocking off parts of biscayne and recommending the use of publictransportation if you want to get around quickly. you don't have to worry abo parking or any of that. if you plan on party being some of the top djays, officials are warning you to be smart about it as they're heightening and tightening security measures this weekend. >> we are a zero tolerance drug event. be smart about what you're doing. look out for each other. >> officials say good choices not only between what's right and wrong, but also what's right and wrong for your health overall. miami fi rescue has a couple of units in place. first aid workers will be stationed at bayfront park. undercover officers will also be working with private security to control the crowds in downtown miami.
6:40 am
baltimore ravens cornerback and miami native tray walker fighting for his life this morning after aotorcycle crash. an outpouring of support. police haven't named the other driver involved in the crash and haven't said who is at fault. michael spears is live at jackson memorial hospital in the big 6 stories you need to know before you head out the door. that's whehei decided i needed to escape. >> that's part of an incredible intervi. for the first time we're hearing from an american man who quit isis. what he says about his time with the terrorist group. 83 by 11:00 a.m., 85 just after lunch hhr.
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could be a stray welcome back. a public shaming in washington, d.c. two top officials sat in the hot seat to answer questions about flint, michigan's water crisis. >> if you want to do the courageous thing, then you two should resign. >> michigan governor rick snyder and epa headina mccarthy hammered on the hill for what made for uncomfortable moments. lawmakers calling for the officials to resign, the pair grilled over the failures that poisoned water for thousands of people. flint's water source was switched to thehe flint river in 2014 to save money, pulling lead from the pipes. >> people who put dollars over the fundamental safety from the
6:45 am
>> i wish we had yeed from the tree tops, but there's no way my agency created this problem. >> more than 150 homeowners from flint traveled by bus, and the still cannot drink tap water at home. >> kurdish television aired an interview with the man said to be the first american fighter to join isis and quit on the battlefield. >> i didn't really support their ideology and at that point that's when i decided i needed to escape. >> that man is 26-year-old virginia native mohamad jamal khweis. yo can watch the full report and interview this morning on the "today" show. you can now send mail directly to cuba. the u.s. postal service announced that direct mail service to and from cuba will resume after more than 50 years.
6:46 am
regululed with people even going through other countries. now people in the u.s. can send first class post cards, letter size envelopes and packages to cuba along with priority mail, flat rate envelopes and boxes. right now a letter from the president is makg its way to a 76-year-old woman in cuba. while the president is there, so will we, nbc 6 headed by jackie nespral and juwan strader begins coverage live from cuba starting at 11:00 p.m. tonight. it is 6:48. our friday morning starting off on a dry note.
6:47 am
morning drive. of course, we're hoping that the ride in will be a little easier with the school sessions taking a little break now for spring break. the forecast is kind of summer-like. i'll explain that in just a moment. live first alert doppler sweeping clear. if you haven't downloaded our free news and weather app, do it. you want to keep an eye o o the radar for the upcoming weekend. more on that comimg up. here is i-75 northbound traffic moving away from you. joe brennan will bring us up to date on trouble areas we've had already on the roads this morning. looking for an easy drive in, roads are dry and visibility is just fine looking down with our first alert camera, a few early morning clouds up above, not producing precipitation. most of our day today remains dry. the clouds streaming in from time to time. it's helpeded us to keep the fog from dropping.
6:48 am
away across north florida extending into the gulf coast states. we will see a series of fronts move on down and eventually push in to south florida, really ramping up our shower chances as soon as tomorrow afternoon. right now an offshore breeze allowing temperatures to settle back, into the upper 60s, lower 70s. when we update these, we'll find locations settling back into the upper 60s. then a quick climb into the mid 80s this afternoon. bright sunshine takes us to 84. etween the lunch hour but before the evening commute we could see a say shower. otherwise 86, a very warm forecast for your friday. good looking beach forecast, too, despite the presence of maybe a stray shower midday. low risk for rip currents, high of 84 on the sand. 86 today, not worried about the wet weather. it's tomorrow after lunch leading ibto sunday, scattered showers and even a few thunderstorms in store for your weekend.
6:49 am
especialal saturday afternoon late into at least saturday evening and then throughout the day on sunday. the good news is we sweep all the wet weather out through this weekend. much cooler weather.r. finally it feels nice with lows near 60 for mondayaynd tuesday with highs in the lower to mid s. it's 6:50. let's get another update on your morning dve with joe brennan. >> not much has changed unfortunately here on i-75 northbound before royal palm boulevard. bad crash. three left lanes still blocked. a long, long line of cars trying to get through even before you get to griffin road, you're going to start to slow down and ride the brakes all the way through this area. use flamingo as your alternate. an earlier accident southbound on palmetto beyond i-75, the right lane blocked off there still creating a h hvy delay around the big curve. that's traffic, back to you. today starts another broward cocoty sheriff's office state ride. hundreds of motorcyclists will
6:50 am
fallen officers and canines, starting off this morning in ft. lauderdale about 9:00, stopping off in other cities like ocala and tampa just to name two. quite a few. in the end, raffling off engraved firearms for free to police officers who enter. the case involving hulk hogan hogan, lawyers for gawker showed video of him in underwear impersonating miley cyrus's "wrecking ball" video. they played video of a deposition when hogan discussed his wreststng persona and true identity. he's suing gawker for $100 millioio for posting a sex video of hip and the wifef his then best friend. both hogan and the woman say they didn't know they were being filmed. a little courtroom music from a convicted felon. you decide. he may or may not have
6:51 am
put away to prison. i'm sorry for the things i've done >> did he think this was going to work? >> it didn't work, but the guy has talent. it turned out to be a minute-long performance. you just heard eight seconds of it. the man apologized to the mother of his victim and acknowledged it was a life h h chose. although the michigan judge did recognize just like we did, the guy has musical talent, the ology didn't do him any good. he'll be spending 17 years inin prison for unlawful imprisononnt and carrying a concealed weapon. >> now the big 6 stories you need to know. >> this morning baltimore ravens cornerback and miami native tray walker isslisted in critical condition at jackson memorial hospital after poce say he was involved in a dirt bike crash last night. police say the crash happened at
6:52 am
collided with another suv. a woman behind the wheel of the vehicle stayed on scene and is cooperating with investigators. at this point it's not clear who is at fault. michael spears, nbc 6 news. students head back to school after a pep rally performance went up in flames. more than a dozen were hurt during the fire-breathing fiasco. ricky charles is in the hospital recovering frommurns across his face. we'll hear from him in about an hour. polic in opa-locka on the hunt for three men involved in a shooting possibly wi high-powered weapons. cops say the three guys targeted a man inside his car near northwest 135th street apd 22nd avenue. police have already nabbed one of those suspects. detectives are looking for an armed thief who pred on a woman and her 91-year-old woman. it happened near southwest 13th street and 2nd avenue. deputies say the man came through the side gate and
6:53 am
an animal lover offering up to $20,000 to get his lostcats back home. steve rosen says seven of his cats had been taken near his house in davie.. the cats are microchiped and have radio dollars. he says nothing has turned up. ultra music festitial kicks off today. parts of biscayne will be blocked off. public transportation being suggest fd you want to get around this area quickly. security will be hide ended with undercover cops working with private security to control the crowd. lots happening this weekend. be sure to check out our nbc 6 news and weather app for full details on all the stories we're talking about. >> plenty happening here on i-75. unfortunately a crash northbound side of i-75 and western broward county, three left lanes are blocked off and have been for a while. you can see one right lane getting through and very, very long line of cars stretching
6:54 am
go east to flamingo to work around this one. that's the latest look at traffic. >> all right, joe. a bright and early look outside e as we get to the 7:00 hour. stararng off with partly cloudy skies. sunshine will be taking over, almost a repeat performance of whwht he eve seen this week. the changes are just around the corner. 69 in ft. lauderdale, in pembroke pines, still in the mid 60s across southwest dade. this time around, absent of any fog, we've had passing clouds this morning. this batch moving out. so as we h had towards sunrise, i think we see early morning sunshine. on guard because the shower chances ramal up quickly leading into the weekend. your friday first alert forecast looking good. 8:00 a.m., temperatures intothe lower 70s. i think bright sunshine the rule. we're up to 84 as soon as the lunch hour kicks in. it's between the lunch hour and
6:55 am
that we could get into some iilated shower chances. not worried about that taking over today. a mainly dry day today. 83 heading into the evening hours. the changes are just around the corner. after 86 today, we start off saturday morning on a pretty bright note. we're up to 85. by the afternoon hours, shower chances kick in. 84 on sunday. that's the wet day. i will tell you as we get into early next week, lows right around 60 for monday and tuesday. that's going to feel real nice. kind of a bummer heading into the weekend now with showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast. we can use the precipitation, but the timing is rough. you'll see a lot of ponchos in downtown miami through the weekend. >> better get one forheli as he heads to the ultra music festal to pump the bass.
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good morning. nasty nor'easter. a massive snowstorm brewing for the very first day of spring. millions in its path from the carolinas to maine. the question is, will there be a lot or a little? stop trump. the movement to block donald trump from getting the republican nomination gaining steam. conservative leaders mapping out a strategy. a hacker group declaring total war on trump, releasing his personal information online. now overnight, a scare for his family. a threatening letter sent to his son. are things going too far? today exclusive. ten years after its debut, twitter is now being dubbed the pulse of the planet. 320 million active users turning to it every day. but the anniversary doesn't come without problems. this morning, the man behind it, jack dorsey, opens up about its past, present and future. cinderella stories. upsets ruled day one of the ncaa
7:00 am
>> for the yale bulldogs. >> how smart is your braet looking today, friday, march 18th, 2016? >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live fro studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today" n a friday morning. remember the "godfather" and the line, "you broke my heart"? my version is, seatenton hall, you broke my heart. >> my letter grade is an f minus. >> you had one big bad pick. >> go wildcats, next year. >> we'll talk about the tournament in a whwhe. top story, so much for spring. it officially arrives on sunday but it's not going to feel that way, especially on the east coast. temperature about to plunge and the storm is brewing. this could bury parts of the region in snow.


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