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tv   Today  NBC  March 18, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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you aren't even tired. >> we've had a couple of really great date nights since the big media press. >> don't tell anything yet. we can't wait to hear. >> by the way, do y y love our show? >> i am obsessed. >> what do you mean? >> i'm fan girling right now. >> oh, my gosh. we love your show but you're done with your show. e you so glad? >> yeah, normal life. >> we're going to hear all about it. >> thanks for having us. you have grown kids still living at home, you'll love this show. it's call "crowded." we're goi to talk with the icarly child star who just happenso also be living in her parents' home as an adult. so we're going to talk about this new comedy. the reigning gold medal champion in judo kayla harrison is here andnd is going to try to teach us a little judo. >> she's won a gold already. >> it's going to be great. do you want to know what, 69
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like these days side by side. take a a look at this. this is cher. she posd this picture of herself and her mom. georgia. this is what 70 and 90 looks like. cher is turning 70 in may. in may, of course. what day? may 20th. it's just sick. >> you love cher that much? >> joanne has cher parties when cher has a birthday. and cher never comes. just joanne and her friends. her mom wakes up -- this is how her mom is makeup free. >> beautiful, right? >> i love that song, too. i love her mom's explanation. she said her secret to looking good? good genes. >> and getting to the gym into her 80s. >> so great. >> take a look at how rob lowe and his son johnny look identical. rob lowe does not age. >> fine. >> what does he put on that
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>> who is that in the background? >> that's his son johnny. >> most look at the young ones. dad is 52 and his son is 20. >> if you were watching "american idol" it was very emotional last night. there's a contestant who is on the show. her name is la porsche. she's been through a difficult time and opened up on "american idol" and talked about the alleged abuse she had to deal with in the relationship with the father of her chcld. she claimed she had to leave him and moved into a shelter. while she was there and this terrible time in her life, she decided that she was going to try something that she's always wanted to try. she auditioned for "a"arican idol." after telling her story last night she sang this song by mary j. plijblige called no more drama.
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cheers and applause ] >> it takes a lot to overcome. it takes a lot to overcome. it takes a lot of strength. so to overcome those things in your life. everybody knows, we've all been through stuff like that. you know what i mean? honestly, you are an inspiration inspiration. it was so beautiful. you put it in your music. you don't overdo it. you do it the way it's supposed to. it was powerful. thank you for that moment. >> oh, my god, that was beautiful. >> i hope she wins. >> she has to win. laporsche. vote for laporsche. >>e're voting for her. i don't know how, but we're going to. so this is something to help new parents everywhere. maybe it will help me. this is a new dad. he made a discovery. his two-week baby daughter loves
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take a look. [ crying ] >> oh, my gosh. >> what's going on? >> is she looking at the screen? >> yeah, she's watching the trailer. >> oh, myy gosh. so she's watching the trailer, but my favorite thing is she sort of puts her hand on her chin. they posted this video online and w wte after talking, singing and making silly faces to calm my crying 2-week-old daughter i called upon the force. i am proud to say i am her father. >> what do you do when you'v'v tried rocking and feeding and
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>> she really liked "blurred lined" by robin thicke. kind of inappropriate but whatever. my grandma didn't believe it. she doesn't care about "blurred lines." we played it she was crying and then bopping up and down. >> so music soothes her. >> music is soothing. >> we were on the show awhile ago there was@this video that came out we were obsessed with because this woman is supposed to be soothing people. she's a whisperer. she goes on youtube and folds things and whispers. it's very weird, but people liky. >> i'm here to tell you about asmr. adonomis sensory response. it's a -- >> tingling.
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>> watch. she just points to random cocotries. look. >> africa. south america. >> watch her folding. this is good. >> wait. why? >> i don't know what to say. >> it's oddly mesmerizing but creepy. >> remember bob ross who had the joy of painting show? >> yes. it's like that. it feels like that. >> i used to watat that. i don't know why. >> but you were learning something. >> fold the corner. take the corner, fold it down. yes, and crease it. like it'sweird. i started getting creeped out this time. before it was soothing. this time it was weird. >> what do you do to soothe yourself.
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>> you know what's weird? when i'm in bed and i cannot sleep, i find a law & order channel. and for some weird reason, "law & order" on low running all the time puts me dead asleep. you know why? i know every episode. i know it's murder. thatathould not put me to sleep. whenever i start hearing lik nighty night, it's awesome. >> we listened to books on tape. total disaster becasse growing up my parents read to us before we went to bed every night. so we'd be like one page in and, like, great. >> so we have something here. we have something that people are going to want. they are called mystery flavored easter peeps. we don't know the flavors. we're told they're not gross. >> pleaseon't make us eat fish again. >> i guess they don't tell you what they are. you have to buy them and guess. we're going to try. >> same one?
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>> what is a peep? >> i don't know. >> like manshmallow. >> that is -- >> sugar. >> keep going. keep going. there's a flavor in there. >> i guess you have to eat a lot of it. >> i say nothing. >> chocolate milk. >> what? >> nah. >> try this one. ready? >> these are not worth the calories. i love sweets, but -- >> cotton candy. >> buttered popcorn. >> that's what i meant. >> they all taste the same. >> they do. >> i need a palate cleanser. >> i'm not into it. are you? >> if you like peeps -- >> it just made me drool. why is it sour? >> it says sour cherry. >> are you gagging. are you going to dry heave. >> i don't like that. i just don't like it. >> okay.
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drink this, too. are you all right? >> did you like that? >> no, but i'm not dry heaving. are you dry heaving or just -- >> no, i just don't like it. >> is that what you do when you don't like mething. >> doesn't that taste disgusting. >> i thought you were going to barf. that was disgusting. sour cherry, not great. weird way. >> the only thing that makes me throw up is somebody else throwing up, so i was afraid of that. is it okay or not okay toake vacations with your ex. celebrity exes like gwywyth paltrow and chris martin have taken vacations after a separation. here's what kathie lee and i had to say. >> of course it's okay. especially when there are children involved. sadly marriages come to an end but a family is forever. >> that's beautiful. >> thank you. >> i say as long as you're doing itit for the right reasons then i guess it's okay. >> what would be a wrong reason.
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for about three months we've had a blast following alongith the rest of america as the bachelor's ben higgins narrowed down the field of 28 beautiful women all looking to fall in love. most probably were. >> one or two was looking for fa. it finally came down to two, jojo and lauren b. ben got down on one knee monday night and proposed to his true love. >> i love you. i love you. >> lauren, i want to spend the rest of my life with you.
10:14 am
yes. what? >> you're my person. >> you're my person. >> i'm lucky. >> i'm so lucky. >> are you kidding me? i'm the luckiest girl. >> you'r my person. >> you're my person. you've been saying you're my person ever since you guys said it. you were totally -- first of all, welcome. and thanks. >> thanks for having us. >> you were so cutely giggling through the whole thing. was it -- tell us what was going on. why were you laughing? >> i think i was just so nervous honestly. i watch it4back and i amm like, why was i laughing? >> it's one of those inappropriate laughters. >> exextly. >> i can't control it. >> i was so happy and nervous and overwhelmed that that's just what kind of came out. >> when she was walking down the stairs toward me, she tripped on r heels. so she was a little giggly from
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>> oh, gosh. >> i'm going to have to give jenna props. wheh we were deciding who we thought was going to win. i thought you were going to pick jojo. >> guess who i chose? >> she chose obviously the winner. now why was i wrong? i want you to explain why i'm not correct. >> well, i think, early on in the whole process, like lauren had something that really stood out to me. and thens it came down to those last couple of weeks, even those other people involved, i could not picture my life without this woman. so, you know, that was never a doubt to me. i just could never say good-bye to her. that's why you're wrong. she belongs in my life forever. >> you take the red eye from california. you have a crazy week of interviewsnd whatever. photos. >> yes. >> have there been any grumpy moments? when i get off a red-eye with my husband i'm like, where's my bag?
10:16 am
more delirious, though. just kind of out of it for me at least. >> have you learned anything about each other? >> last night at dinner he was like, so when you weren't talking in the car that first day, you were tired, right? >> yes, okay. we're getting that throroh. we were super tired so we@ were just quiet the whole day. >> that's getting to know you. you've been under the spotlight for so long. coming up now it's going to be like it's wednesday. should we order in or cook. it's going to get into the regular routine of life. how do you envision those days? >> i mean, she's moving to denver. she wanted to do that. that was something we talked about. and i think most of our days will consist of right now a lot of us time. we need that. and just going out to dates and going grocery shopping is something she really wants to do. >> you like that? >> i love grocery shopping. i do. it's calming. >> what's your favorite aisle. >> we know, cereal. that's mine. you're projecting again.
10:17 am
>> okay. we have to bring in amanda. do you know amanda? >> we just met. >> amanda has been our eyes and ears because a lot of times we don't stay up. >> i don't know you, but i feel i know you. >> do you have any questions? >> right off, onene question. when you started the show, was there ever a moment that you thought what did i get myself into? what did i do? am i nuts? >> that's a good question. >> often, yeah. all the time. >> i mean, it's very real. it's very real and that's what makes it so confusing and hard at times. you are in these situations life doesn't prepare you for. you are trying to make the right decision and not hurt anybody in the process. your head is spinning like, what am i doing? why did i put myself through this. >> now you're getting married. can we come? can we come? >> it would make her world. >> it wld be an honor. >> guest of honor.
10:18 am
>> you have a final rose, i think here. >> what? >> well, yeah, there's one rose left. we thought you gave it to lauren b., but i think he's going to give it on me. >> is she part of this? >> yes. >> well, i -- >> no, he's not part of it. >> no pressure at all, ben. >> who is more team lauren the whole time? >> who hosts the show most of the time? >> all right. it's definitely for jenna. >> thank you so much.. >> did you ever want to do this? >> looking for a new look, the hoddest hairstyle for spring. >> plus, the reigning gold champion in judo. she has some moves.
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10:22 am
>> this is my teammate jack. he's here. maybe you guysan throw him around a little bit. >> talk about your old roommate from back in the day for a quick minute >> i think everybody has heard of her. ronda rousey is your roommate from before. when you went to the olympics theime she was there, you went as her sparring partner? >> i went as a training partner for ronda. it was a great opportunity for me to see what the olympics are like without feeling the pressure and also seeing my teammate take the bronze medal. >> would you ever think of joining her in the mma? she's begging you -- >> yes, i was like begging but i think mma is definitely something i'm going to consider after the olympics. ronda and i definitely wouldn't be fighting because she's a lot smaller than me. >> haveyou always loved this since you were a little girl? >> yes, i have. from the moment i stepped on the mat, i like throwing people. >> she can't lift us.
10:23 am
>> she said she could. >> i thought you guys could follow me -- >> can you show us something. >> is this the way we're supposed to go >> it's like a bathrobe. >> just for today's purposes we'll just -- >> so now what do we do? >> and you're ready. the first thing you always do in judo is bow. >> can we take our shoes off? >> too late. >> i'm nervous for you. we don't want any ankles to go. >> mine are not easy. >> okay. one down. one on, one off, right? >> okay, okay. now we have 30. >> so you're going to grab right here on my gi. give me a hug around the waist.
10:24 am
>> you're going t turn and pull as hard as you can. >> one, two, three, go. >> oh, i did something. >> one, two, threre here we go. >> one, two, three. >> nice. >> can you help me up. >ore after your local news. budget and i are good. but it wasn'always that way. let go! let go! no, budget. no. but thanks to fingerhut we can save $25 dollars off our first order of $100 or more. get low monthly payments on over half a million items, from brands like samsung, dyson, dewalt. all you gotta do is click on over to and get the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. juice! want to grow your hair longer? then it has to be stronger! fructis reinvents strength for hair. new fructis grow strong.
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10:26 am
76 in ft. lauderdale. we're up to 80 in marathon. the afternoon hours of the first alert forecast, a slim chance of a shower. 86 today. itit this weekend, the forecast
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we'll talk about it at 11:00. thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated
10:28 am
well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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jenna bush hager is in for kathie. if you are having a run of bad hair days, you've come to the right place. >> the forcece behind the lucari. check out the spring@fashion runways for the latest looks and hair stls. >> look at the dynamic duo. >> how is this going by the way? >> it is over the top. >> no buyer's remorse. >> first trend. >> we're talking about springtime. >> we're talking about the pixie. talk to us about the pixie. >> spring is the time to make a change. aaot of women think they can't wear short hair. we have ways to soften it. we take it from the runway and make it wearable. definitely a big trend. >> we're going to show you a young lady named megan. this is megan. okay. d now let's take a look right here because megan is stepping into t chair.
10:30 am
>> so, i mean, it's not bad. it's just a bit b ring and she was a little nervous. once we introduced the idea of having short hair but making it soft. this is a way if you look at the runways, it's a little severe. here it's softer. he changed the shape that suits her beautiful round face. it's wearable, soft and i think dynamic. >> what do you think? >> i love it, yeah. >> what we did hehe, too, she had dark hair. she wanted to try out a different color. i made her into this blond. the cool thing about this,his is what makes it different. there's a shadow there. nowhere. and that's what it's all about. it's not like the old days -- if it's a perfect madison avenue highlight, you'ree out of style. you have a shadow. right on. >> thank you. lob. what's the lob? >> the new bob. the bob has been around since cleopatra. you look at what we saw on the runway, beachy texture.
10:31 am
wearable hairstyle? the lob is really cool. >> this is heidi's before picture. can we just say something? look at heidi. someone look at heidi. >> you hair. >> tell us about that. the color first. >> here's what we d. highlights again don't have to be all over. they are changing. hair color, haircuts are the quickest changing fashion. and your best accessory. what i did here, instead of highlights all over, i i just put in like literally, i think four foils. but look at what those four foils do. >> she looks like natalie. >> she does. natalie morales. >> and this is a beautiful way to wear a bob. th hits the collarbone. and the texture, you don't have to be professional wrap it around an iron. you get that little texture. it's a little beachy but much more wearable. this is a hots, hot haircut. >> let's talk braids.
10:32 am
>> i love a braid. >> over the top. >> tell us about that. they're easy. you can make them as you see on the runway. that's a simple version because runways are more severe. >> let's see xena before. >> you have great hair. >> how beautiful. >> people are after her hair. >> how do you incorporate the braids to make it work for your hairstyle. we've done a big chunky braid to the side. we incorporate it with a natural, beautiful finish. >> what about the highlights down there. what's goioi on down there? >> this is -- obviously she has the most beautiful hair color. this color naturally, leave it alone. when it starts to go gray, then you play with it. these are actually extensions. >> show how he's doing it. >> it's so simple to do. they are literally taped on. >> where do you tape them
10:33 am
you can have fun with color. they come out easily. you can get them most places and really play it up for a day or evening look. models love it. >> you can -- five minutes before the show. >> let's bring all of our lovely ladies out. thank you guys. >> y the way, nice coupling, you, two. mir anda cosgrove is all grown up with a new show. >> if you don't have your little ones easter outfits yet.
10:34 am
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i'm like a boxer in a ring. a small boxer. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. this is great. only 22 years old. already been a superstar for half of her life. we're talking about actress and singer miranda cosgrove who burst on to the scene when she was 10 as summer hathaway in "school of rock." she then enjoyed huge success playing the title role on the
10:39 am
>> now she's in a comedy called "crowded" wre she plays a college brainiac just a little too self-aware, except when it comes to romance. >> so tha was your first kiss? >> yes. i never told anyone that story. even our co-workers at the renaissance fair. he may have only been a @ester, but he was my knight that day. >> girls, game is starting. >> oh, no. we didn't actice. we did the exact thing everybody accuses our generation of. we agree we deserve to win but didn't$do the work. >> we love the premise of this show. it is -- you are a college kid and your sister, too. they dide to come back home and live with mom and dad and then everyone starts comg home. and it's crowded. >> like a hote >> we come back and our parents aren't that excited about it. i can definitely relate to it because i live with my parents. >> and you're in college. >> yes, i'm going to usc.
10:40 am
you've been on your own a little bit. how does it feel living at home? >> i like it. i mean, but i have my own place, too, but i spend most of my time at my parents' house. >> how come? >> my mom does my laundry, she's always there to watch tv with me. i like being around my parents. >> you play a brainiac, a supersmart kid. describe your character for us. >> my character is named shea moore. she wants to be an actor/physicist which i can't say i relate to that part of it. her sister is always helping her because she wasn't popular in high school. they weren't really friends. when neither of them are doing well after college they enter the same boat, not being able to get a good job. they become close. >> you are 22 years old. you've kept a really grounded life. you were a kid star. how have you become this awesome woman that we see today? we're so proud of you. >> thank you.
10:41 am
with me today, but i guess my parents are a big help for sure, and just that, like, i really do like spending a lot of time with them and always know i have somebody to go to. >> going to college, a lot of people when they get on the superstar route, which you were on thattrack, don't say, wait a minute. i'm going to go to college. what made you decide to do that and kind of change gears a little bit? >> i started acting when i was little, like 3 or 4. it was always -- my mom was like you can save up money for college. so it was also my goal and then i ended up loving acting so much. that's what i want to do, but i still wanted to go tocollege. >> so grounded. >> so awesome. when you're in school, are there ever any time, boys or people are like, oh, i've s sn you on that nickelodeon show. i loved you. >> i was friends with a girl. we were in a study group. she was like you look like the girl f fm icarly. i was like, yeah, i am.
10:42 am
>> yes, i'm much prettier. >> oh, god, no, not her. >> we are so happy for you,, miranda. >> good job, mom. >> mom is awesome. love that mom. >> "crowded" airs sunday nights heren nbc at 9:30, 8:30 central. >> fun for the family. it's bright and bold and you'll be seeing it every day this spring. >> how to wear the hottest shoes of the season. >> adorable now, meet the matte of your dreams... our first matte foundation that hydrates. new dream velvet soft-t-tte foundation from maybelline new york. our luxurious gel-whipped formula, infused with water, no drying, no roughness. just smooth, hydrating coverage. velvetetmooth perfection. maybelline's new dream velvet, e hydrating matte foundation. make it happen. maybelline new york. and for the ultimate dream finish, maybelline's new dream blender smooths, perfects,
10:43 am
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okay. easter is onlnl a week away. if you haven't already found an outfit we have adorable fashion to help them look their sunday best. >> senior lifestyle editor for how are you? >> fabulous. >> one of our favorite kind of segments because we get to show
10:48 am
first up the retro rose quartz trend, and we have two lovely lilile girls. alana and ashley who happen to be our executive producer's daughters. tell us what they are wearing. >> of course that rose quartz is one of pantone's hot colors of the year and goeoe beautiful in easter with the light pink. i love this dress on alana. it has that drape tropical print that is so fresh. this is from tommy hilfiger. the boots from joyfully. so cute military style boots on her. then for ashlin. and the mod sunglasses. that 1960s retro look. she also has some short booties with bows. >> i love the glasses. >> we love it. thanks. >> we love you. okay.
10:49 am
we have the darling models, victoria, amelia and blake. >> iove the idea of doing a lot of trends. stripes are really i and the embroidery is also super on trend for the season. she's wearing a poncho and the bold, bold dress colors. >> what is in it? >> what's in there? >> oh, candy. >> fantastic. >> tell us a little more >> the shoes are actually from garnet hill and they are italian leather and hand made. so adorable. and blake who found all those treasures in the egg has one from blue rooster. the embroidered short and from gap kids.
10:50 am
>> it's candy! >> this >> nice talking to you. >> bye, guys. >> these are your kids. >> these are my babies. they are showing how to wear the short story. this is how to dress up shorts for the season. this is from gymboree. it shows you how to wear shorts forrhe holiday. striped shirt here. the bow tie is all of $5 which is a great, great find. and i love his shoes. they are like chambray onn sneakers from old navy. and a romper with pieces from joy folie. >> thank you, guys. >> let's bring in our next kid. we want to make sure all the children get out here. >> come on out conan and grant. >> bye. >> and on cona, she has a great
10:51 am
isn't it nice and bold? these are from gap kids and the sunny yellow cardigan. we've seen that yellow everywhere on the red carpet. i love the shoe from old navy. grant did a great job. that's from abercrombie kids. the parka is a nice way to dress it up and h & m pants. >> come on. >> thanks, kids. bye guys. >> this is called gazebo groupies. drew and alexa. >> styling. >> this is a different way. they look like they're doing separates. look at that sweater blazer. these are everywhere for boys this season. h & m chinos on and great finishing old navy sneakers. and she's got areat dress. botanical florals. >> let's bring everyone out. >> ashlin, blake, amelia.
10:52 am
coming up next, lilliana has the color of the season. >> and everything is under 50 bucks. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc.
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10:55 am
>> candy! hey. we love coming in the dressing room. >> i love having you. >> what is the hue of this season. >> yesterday wasll about green, st. paddy's day. today is about cobalt. it looks good on princesses, the first lady and kathie lee. these are from shopakira. >> what would you wear that with? >> i love it with a dress. >> what color dress? >> i wouldn't wear it with this color. i'd wear it with white, nude. >> black maybe?
10:56 am
>> this is only $19.99 from marshalls. how gorgeous are these necklaces? if you don't want to make a huge statement you can incorporate it into jewelry. swatch watches are back and huge for spring. love this from opi. i love this name. my car has navy-igation. gorgeous car coat from on sale today under $50. and how cute is that shift dress from >> a little shirt poking out -- >> it's built in to the dress. >> how are you feeling? you have a cold? >> i think so. i think i'm getting sick. >> we love you no matter where you are. >> i want to thank jenna for being here. >> have a great weekend, everybody. >> you're welcome.
10:57 am
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10:59 am
>> sorry about a fire breather burned and the school prep rally says he will never do it agaiai hear his emotional interview coming up a driver loses control and smashes into an apartment building. he end up in handcuffs.s. and a letter from president obama will get to cuba first. music madness in miami with ultra music festival comes tens of thousands and tons of traffic closures. it is the video that grabbed headlines all over south florida. a fire breather burned in the face during a pep rally. now, he's speaking out about the stuff that went horribly wrong. thanks for joining us. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. the performer is telling his side of the story and he's doing it from his hospital bed. nbc 6 reporter erika glover is
11:00 am
is recovering. from what we understand, it has everything to do with the type of oil that he was using during that performance yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. that is correct. the stuntman says he performed this fiery act thousands of times before, even at other school districts but it's never ended quite like this one. from high-flying flames to remorseful tears. >> it's like being burned alive and the audience is watching. >> reporter: the audience of students, teachers and staff, inside of a packed high school gym. watch as 52-year-old ricky charles' fire eating finale was part of the act. >> i was shocked. >> i reacted by running and everybody else followed. >> once you saw the look in his eyes like oh, crap, everyone was like whoa, this is a big deal.


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