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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 11am  NBC  March 18, 2016 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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is recovering. from what we understand, it has everything to do with the type of oil that he was using during that performance yesterday. >> reporter: good morning. that is correct. the stuntman says he performed this fiery act thousands of times before, even at other school districts but it's never ended quite like this one. from high-flying flames to remorseful tears. >> it's like being burned alive and the audience is watching. >> reporter: the audience of students, teachers and staff, inside of a packed high school gym. watch as 52-year-old ricky charles' fire eating finale was part of the act. >> i was shocked. >> i reacted by running and everybody else followed. >> once you saw the look in his eyes like oh, crap, everyone was like whoa, this is a big deal.
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recovering from second degree burns from his face, legs, and arms. >> petroleum burns usually get deeper over the next few hours. we're watching for this. >> reporter: he blames his explosion on his lack of preparation with a new type of fluid. >> i didn't practice. >> this pep rally performance is against school policy. he claims he asked for permission and he said yes. seven students were rushed to the hospital for smoke inhalation. another 12 treated on scene. thursday evening district officials released this statement saying what happened is inexcusable. it's a direct violation of strict policy. the district's rules are clear that fire and pyrotechnics are
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the stuntman says he won't be performing this fiery act any time soon. he expected to be released from the hospital either today or tomorrow depending on how he feels. district official are expected to make a statement later this morning regarding the pep rally. thank you. off we go. this is a live look outside where thankfully we're going to be in for a beautiful friday, especially since this is sort of the first day of spring break for a whole lot of people across south florida. >> the weekend may be a little bit of a different story. nbc 6 meteorologist ryan phillips joins us now with a look at the forecast. >> i can't say i'm a big fan of the timing of the changes we'll see in our weather, but let's tell you what's going on. first and foremost as we approach midday, we're free and clear of any wet weather on live first alert doppler. you can download our app and look at the weather at any time. skies will hazy sunshine.
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and doing so in a rapid fashion. lower 80s in oakland park, 49 in ft. lauderdale, and key west. not much of a breeze. dry now. change is coming as soon as we get into the overnight hours tonight. again, kind of a layer of cloud cover moving on through, holding back full sunshine but enough sun making it through to take us into the 80s today. i think the bulk of our friday looks dry. we may see a pop-up shower this afternoon, but we get intohe evening hours tonight. rain taking over over central florida and across the gulf waters. it will visit us tomorrow. look for temperatures to reach into the mid 80s. for the most part, warm and hazy sunshine. could see a stray shower this afternoon. we'll talk about how long the rain will last and a cooldown just ahead. new for you this midday, a driver in many trouble after a crash causes some big-time problems. police are saying that she was speeding and lost control, crashing that car into an apartment building.
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but the people who live in the building might not be able to stay there for very much longer. nbc 6 reporter michael spears joins us live from the scene in northwest miami-dade. good morning to you, michael. >> reporter: good morning, eric. miami-dade fire rescue collapse unit pulled up to eevaluate the safety of this building which has been hit by two out-of-control cars in thehe past month. luckily, police say no one here inside the building was seriously hurt although one neighbor was caught by flying debris and three families must nonofind a new place to stay. this northwest miami-dade apartment building c c't seem to catch a break. >> the way it came in, i was lucky it didn't come in my apartment. >> reporter: this is an interview from six months ago when a convertible crashsh into the building on northwest 17th avenue. >> i heard the boom, and i came out trying to open the door, i couldn't open the door. >> reporter: that sameeighbor
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car plowed into her apartment. >> they asked me if i can get out. i ttd them i couldn't. >> reporter: trapping her inside. unlike six months ago after two men crashed into a building staircase, the driver who did this early friday walked away from t scene. >> she asked me for a phone. i ain't got no phone. the lady upstairs came down and said are you all right and she alked and went on down the street. >> reporter: officers caught up with the driver identified as kevona roll. for the property owners. >> the exact same thing. >> reporter: we spoke to back in september when this happened. >> evidently coming too fast across the railroad tracks. >> reporter: it's a bad case for deja vu. >> it's now twice within a six-month time frame.
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>> scared of living here now. it happened so often, it don't make any sense. >> reporter: as last time the property ownebs say they feel horrible about what's happened here, especially for the neighbors. obviously, they were preparing to green light the repairs for this staircase when this happened, they tell us they must start this process all over and for the driver who police say was speeding, she has been charaed with leaving the scene of an accident with injuries and a scene of an accident with property damage. for now, we're live in northwest miami-dade, michael spears, nbc 6 news. we're waiting to lear more about the person killed in a crash this morning on i-75 in royal palms boulevard. look at the scene there. that was from earlier this morning. the driver of the other car was not seriously hurt. we are expecting an official news release from state troopers later today. you can now send mail directly to cuba. the u.s. post service announcing direct mail service to and from
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50 years. president obama is taking advantage of that and doing exactly that. a letter from the president is making its way to a 86-year-old woman. she wrote to the president last month and asked for a personal meeting for herer obviously, that can't happen. he wrote a letter to her instead that will reach the island nationonefore he reaches there on sunday. in order to get a letter to cuba, now people in the u.s. can send fifit class postcards and letter-sized envelopes and small packages to cuba along with prioritit mail, flat rate envelopes and small flat rate boxes. another big change, the i'll nation plans to do away with a penalty on converting u.s. dollars, but mind you there is a little bit of a catch to all of hat. cuba's foreign minister warned the obama administration not to expect re changes until the utilizes trade embargo is completely lifted.
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will make it much easier and cheaper for americans to spend time and spend money, of course, in cuba. earlier this week, the u.s. lifted a ban on cuban access to the international banking system and that's been a ng-standing cuban demand. since the president is going to cuba, so are we. we're live during the president's trip. our team is headed up will begin live coverage from cuba tonight starting at 11:00 p.m. social view on 6 this morning filled with prayers and well wishes for nfl star tray walker. minutes ago, the police department say they are looking for a witness. there were reports that a second person was involved in the crash, but it turned out it was someone who saw it. meanwhile,he baltimore ravens quarterback is in critical condition right now. he was riding a dirt bike when
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northwest 21st avenue and 76th streetet the accident happened before 8:00 last night. police are saying that walker's bike did n n have any light and we've been reading through tweets to bring you these words from ravens teammates. it shows how love and respected he is. the 2015 fourth round pick played for texas southern. our praise are with -- our praaers are with tray and his family. they have not named the driver invwlved and said who caused the crash. they are looking for a witness. happening right now, deputies want to find the armed thief who preyed on a woman and her 95-year-old mother at their deerfield beach home.
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this tuesday. barbara sutton was relaxing in her backyard when she says a man came through her side gate and put a gun to her face and walked in with her and did the same thing to her mother. they refuse to let criminals like this in their neighborhood. >> i know where i am in a parking lot at all times and that's bad enough that we have to live like that, but i refuse to be afraid to have a cupof coffee in my backyard. >> standing her groundd quite clearly. detectives don't have a whole lot to work with, right now, but think their cro is a slim younger man no taller than six feet. if you hear the bass from downtown miami this weekend, it can only mean one thing, the ultra music festival is under way. some are traveling from overseas and with this music concert
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officials are blocking parts of biscayne and recommending people use public transportation if you want to get around quickly. if you plan on partying with the deejays and dnce music leadads, know there's going to be heightened security with under cover officers and private security as well. stay with me on this because traffic is going to be rerouted for the weekend. all southbound traffic along biscayne boulevard will be detoured west at northeast 4th street to northeast 2nd avenue. northbound traffic along biscayne boulevard will be reduced to two lanes, shifted to the southbound lanes at southeast first street and will continue northbounnuntil northeast 4th street will shift the regular northbound lanes. starting today as well, new information. there's a new curfew for m mors active in doral. the c cy will give citations to anybody under the age of 18 violating the midnight curfew.
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the curw comes after a deadly spring break shooting that happened on south bch last weekend. a few days ago, we told you about an american who was in custody a&ter kurdish forces caught him fighting for isis. now, he is speaking about what he did in an overseas interview. trump targeted. not the donald though. we're talking about one of his sons. we're going to show you what somebody sent to his new york
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the latest out of south korea right now. they are reporting the north has fired at least one ballistic missile into the sea, the latest, though, in the defiance to the sanctions issued by the unitit nations and, of course, the united states. the missile a medidi range one flying 500 miles and hitting the water. it would mark t north's first test of a missile capae of reaching japan since 2014. we're learning more about a man who join isis and quit. he surrendered to@ kurdish forces earlier this week. he talked about how he traveled from turkey to iraq to join isis. it was the living conditions
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>> i didn't really support their ideology, and that's at that point that's when decided i needed to escape. >> kwheis he was the only american living in a h hse with other isis fighters. this morning, we have new today doosh details what caused a 18-year-old to attack people at a california college campus in november. now, fbi investigators are saying the man's laptop had proosis propaganda on it and his browser history shows he visited various extremist websites leading up to the attacks. authorities don't believe he had any real ties to the group but
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owen labrie was sentenced to one year in prison for the sexual assault of a 15-year-old girl at an elite prep school. attorneys are saying he violated the conditions of his bail at let eight time by traveling outside the parametersf his curfew set by the judge. he was convicted last august and sentenced in november. police have released photos of the gun kurtcobain used to kill himself. they dispel a rumor that the shotgun had been melted to cover up a murder. he took a massiveose of heroin and shot himself with a 20-gauge shotgun. his death was ruled a suicide. investigators looking into a threat sent into donald trump's oldest son eric. an envelope was sent to his new york city apartment yesterday
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white powder and threatening letter.r. tests proved the powder wasn't hazardous. there have been no comment from trump. caught on camera. dad's name is president and mom is first lady. a pair of bald eagles in washington, d.c. welcoming their new little eaglette in the world, isn't that nice. they have laid two eggs and this is the first one of the two. the second one is expected to hatch in about four days. i don't know who is more happy? the dog or dad. the german shepherd reunited wiwi her owner. this week, the u.s. navy found her on an island off the coast
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the owner couldn't believe how lucky, obviously, that luna was still ive. after a couple of weeks you sort of give up hope at that point. especially out to sea. she was brought back to san diego and nowow she's finally back home safely with mom and dad. that's a happy dog. >> she looks great. >> she found something to eat on that island. sushi, i guess. i don't know. logic would tell you. >> it's possible. >> a nat geoepisode over there. we'll get into the weather that will necessitate a change in plans for others. we'll see you heading inside. we're fne right now. we'll see dry conditions take shape through the midday hours. i'm not worried about the rain taking over today. it's tonight.
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be a rapid on set of our shower chances. we'll discuss that in a bit. it's haze sunshine up above. sunshine still winning out. it is a very warm day, and, of f course, plenty of folk out on the beach. here'sur diplomat resort and spa camera. good place to be. the rip current risk will go up gradually this afternoon but thing looking pretty good right now. all the rains are moved off to our north. i thought we would see a little more sunshine. in fact, we'resocked in with cloud cover now through the keys( we've been able to manage a fair amount of sunshine into broward county and miami-dade county. winds are fairly light. sea breeze punches in later on. with available moisture, we could see a stray showow today. sunshine doing a number on these readings, 82 in pembroke pines. weak area of high pressure transitioning out of our ather pattern. we've seen that stick around all
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we've had some very toasty afternoons. a parade of fronts will be heading toward south florid we're on the warm side and we're also on the very moist side. we have all the components coming together to trigger showers. they may settle in through tonight. watch unfolds as we head through the overthe night hours tonight into saturday morning. onset will be earlier than i anticipated. showers early on saturday and carrying them throughhe week. have an alternative plan o be indoors at any time through the weekend. will the week be a wash out? i don't think so. we'll be contending with showers through both days. through our afternoon, i think our show chances will be slim. i want to put that in there to include that in the program. enjoy the beach day.
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and pick up to about 10. low-to-moderate risk for rip currents. here's what unfolds through the upcoming week. scattered showers possible both days. it looks like umbrella weather for saturday and sunday. we'll pick up some much-needed rain. it looks like unfortunately the key days off are the key days we're looking at high shower chances. much cooler, that's the pay off, though. i can't even believe i'm going to say this but logical la pa loo za is turning 25. >> filling in for roxanne today. lollapalooza. if the prompter can go up, i'll know what it is. he we go. lollapalooza turning 25, and they just announced the lineup. a lot of people that you probably heard of. if the prompter can go up,, i'll be able to say it. well, in any case, a lot of
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red hot chile peppers, lcd sound system, just some of the highlights. the four-day fest takes place in chicago in july. odds are you have a divergent movie fan in your house. i've got the preview with the star of the film, none other than shailene woodley.
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here with us
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cost assume well, shia le beouf has reportedly proposed to girlfriend nia goth who was spotted wearing abig old engagement ring yestday. neither have commented. >> blake shelton is suing a tabloid after a cover story claimededhat he urinated in a mailbox. he said the article has ruin his career, he's never been drunk, intoxicated or unable to perform
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meanwhile, his girlfriend, gwen stefani, in a recent interview says there's something comforting about how social media has allowed users to tap into everybody's life. she added before the social media revolution, the people that we love, they were very mystery, but society has changed a lot with their views on social media. showing some hand there, wasn't she. rapper snoop dogg didn't intend to do it. while he was on tour in bo dwxt a -- bogata, columbia, he tweeted he ws in pennsylvania. best playing for change in romania.


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