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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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the hospital and then jailed to face some serious charges. meantime for the complex owners -- >> we've been here 28 years. we've never had anything li this happen. now twice within a six-month time frame. >> how upsetting is it that you have to go through this again? >> very. it is very upsetting. it's scary that it keeps happening. >> reporter: and back out live now. ree families displaced staying with family and friends in the meantime right now. they don't know when they'll be allowed to go back into their homes. reporting live in northeastwest miami-dade, i'm sharon lawson. new details about a deadly confrontation in hialeah last night. a second victim involved in a murder-suicide has died from her
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the victim. it's unclear what set andreas gutierrez off. he died at the scene after opening fire and then turning the gun on himself. four other people were inside the home at the time of the incident. they weren't hurt. new detatals about a deadly accident near weston this morning. theeictim is being identified as an 58-year-old man from north lauderdale. he veered into the center lane and then overcorrected. next crashed into a concrete bridge support. this happened on i-75 near royal palm boulevard. a south florida child drowns after going into a retention pond to retrieve her sister's backpack cpr was performed. this was late thursday in lantana. sadly the child was pronounced
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alexandra's sister ran from the scene, but eventually returned home. nine days after being shot during a traffic stop, a sheriff's deputy in jacksonville has been released from the hospital. the undercover narcotics detective was shot in the head, upper body, and the hand. the detective was apparently dropping his teen son at school when he pulled over a 19-year-old, kevin rojas. he's facing charges of attempted murder and other charges. another case of zika right here in south florida. the florida department of health confirmed a new case in broward bringing the state total to 67. last night the state senateu.s. senate passed a zika bill. the goals to give drug makers an incentive to come up with a re. the measure goes to the full house for consideration.
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scott signed off on the state budget, the mood at the state budget being considered as cordial. he kept a promise to veto 256 milln of it. there's been the usual grumbling. however, the watchdog group florida tax watch says lawmakers did a better job this year when it came to transparency. >> really did a much better job in budgeting this year the taxpayers' hard earned money, so they added a bit more transparency and accountability than we've had in the past. >> florida tax watch says it still plans to release its annual budget turkey list, which highlights items inserted into the budget without much public scrutiny. the focus shifts west in tonight's decision debrief.
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a big name throwing his support behind senator ted cruz. herrs brian moore. >> reporter: bernie sanders is defyingay sayers reportedly, including president obama himself, who believe it is time for democrats to close ranks behind hillary clinton. >> we have a path toward victory that goes right through idaho. >> reporter: he hopes a western win streak will change his fortunes at the democratic convention in july. >> we think some of these super delegates who have suprted hillary clinton can come over to us. >> reporter: some hand-wringing republicans are looking for options to unsee their frontrunner, donald trump. >> the best way to do it is to get a unity ticket. >> reporter: former candidates and fellow senators lindsey graham and marco rubio have voiced support for ted cruz, but stoppe short of endorsing him. mitt romney is voting for cruz
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saying on facebook, that cruz victories are the only hope for keepii the convention open. john kasich refuses to step aside, hoping more wins will make him the consensus candidate. cruz turned his focus to next week's big prize, arizona. he has one eye on the border and another on a threshold. if any candidate claims 50% of the vote there tuesday, it's winner take all. latest polls out of arizona have donald trump leading, but short of that 50% mark. in washington, i'm brian moore. new york city police officers are standing guard outside of the apartment of donald trump's son, eric. this after a threatening letter was delivered to his manhattan apartment yesterday along with a suspicious white powder. it said if your father does not drop out of the race, the next envelope won't be a fake. it was signed x. it was sent from a boston post
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eric has been out campaigning for his father. the hacking group anonymous apparently making good on its promise to hack trump, calling him a would-be dictator. the group claims they have posted trump's cell phone and social security number. other information posted like his date of birth and place of birth have already been public. they'll target on apl 1st. trump's camp tells nbc law enforcement authorities are investigating this illegal hack. you can stay up to date on this story as well as others on the nbc 6 news and weather app. you can click on the decision 2016 tap to track the number of delegates each candidate has so far. you can check out the breakdown of each state's primary or caucus. president obama's visit to cuba. >> on sunday, president obama will be the first sitting u.s. president to visit cuba in
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but this trip isn't only historic for mr. obama. it will also be a memorable one for cubans living in south florida who are traveling to the island nation this weekend. today long linest miami international airports as passengers wait for several flights departing for havana, cuba. passengers don't mind the wait, though. they say they're about to witness an important moment in cuba's history. many in disbelief that such an historic moment is just two days away. you can now send mail directly to cuba. direct mail service will resume after more than 50 years. president obama doing just that. right now, a letter from the president is making its way to a 76-year-old woman in cuba. she wrote to the president last month asking for a personal meeting. since he couldn't meet with her, he wrote a letter insteadhich will reach the island before he touches down on sunday. the process had always been very regulated with people going
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people in the u.s. can send first class postcards and packages to cuba along with priority mail and small flat rate boxes. the island nation plans to do away with a penalty on convert converting u.s. dollars. don't expect more changes until the u.s. trade embargo is lifted. the lift on the penalty will make it easier and cheaper for americans to spend time in cuba. >> we're here with the crew. sayxhi guys. say hi. are you excited to go to cuba? >> yes. >> we're not there yet. >> i think they are there now. our nbc 6 team is on the ground in cuba and documenting every secondndf the way on social media.
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posting this video to their facebook pages. like them and stay up to date all about their trip. they'll join us live for their first report for the president's visit on the nbc 6 news at 11:0 live streaming coverage of the president's trip begins on sunday on the nbc 6 news and weather app. check out other stories about the warmi relationship with the u.s. under the cuba crossroads section. a u.s. astronaut blasts off on a record-setting journey. >> standing by. and lift off. >> that was less than 15 minutes ago. spacecraft bound for the international space station. on board is jeffrey williams, who will spend nearly six months at the space station. this is williams fourth space expedition. when his mission is over, he'll hold the record for the longest cumulive days an american has spent in space. 534.
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who returned to earth following a year in space. still ahead on 6, a murder mystery in the lone star state leave police and neighbors baffled. pianennist en pian pianist f fds his daughters murdered in his own home. customers in iowa served quite a tip for their waitress. the shocking message. south florida, miami-dade, and broward school districts on spring break.
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and the a female driver led police on a high-speed chase in dallas, texas. police ran the plates of a white toyota sedan whichh indicated the vehicle had been stolen. the driverpulled over and surrendered surrendered. a male passenger in the backseat also exited the vehicle and gave himself up to police as well. the two daughters of an
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found slain in their texas home. he found his wife stabbed and his d dghters ages 5 and 1 dead in theiibeds. they were not stabbed. the estranne wife is recovering from her injuries and being held on a mental evaluation. >> we are still looking at all avenues. we're being very careful and very diligent as far as looking at all possible projections on this, on this case. >> the pianist has been described as cooperative in the investigation. the musian is not considered a suspect at this time. scare in the air. passengers shaken after their plane was struck by lightning. that jet was head from raleigh north carolina to la laguardia airport when it was struck by lightning and had to go to another airport. >> a very bright burst of blue
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>> reporter: she can still feel it. she can still hear it. a lightning strike hit her plane american airlines flight 4233. >> it was such a loud bang. it was like a firewk like right there. >> it happened last night. the plane operated by republic airlines was supposed to land at laguardia airport. as it approached new york city, it hit turbulent skies. a gloomy looking new york from high above. moments later she saw and felt a flash of lightning. there was a moment of silence as shock sppread through the cabin. the pilot came on the pa system to fill the folks in on what had just shaken the aircraft. >> he told us the plane had been hit by lightning, but he said everything was okay. >> reporter: >> the plane was redirected to kennedy airport. 55 passengers and four crew
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none of them hurt, just shaken. as they landed, emergency responders lined the tarmac to look at the plane struck by lightning. passengers expressing a sense of relief when they finally got off that plane. >> just so happy we landed safely. all of us were saying that to each other. we made it. >> she is a business traveler. she flies more than 100 flights a year. she's experienced a lot on board planes, but nothing like this. all eyes are on mr. president and the first lady today. we're not talking about the obamas. here's what we're talking about. a live look of the nest. this is belonging to a pair of bald eagles dubbed mr. president and the first lady. this is at the u.s. national arboretum. eaglet number one hatched this morning. we're waiting on baby number two there.
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10th and the second on valentine's day. the second eaglet will hatch in about four days. all right, south florida, 5:48 on this friday and things are looking pretty good so far. we're expecting a rain-free end to our friday. there's the arena. things looking relatively quiet, but mid to upper level clouds are moving through. that will be the case overnight into tomorrow. we'll see increasing clouds into the overnight hours, especially as the weekend ges on. this is ahead of a system that is expected to bring us some major changes. let's take a look at temperatures right now. we've been pretty warm. pretty much in the 70s and 80s all the way into northern florida. now in the panhandle temperatures in the mid 60s.
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concerned. and it has been warm the last few days. take a look at this. miami temperatures today and yesterday, 89 degrees. the record was 90. that was set back in 2003. samed story yesterday. the high in miami was 87 degrees and the record was 88. we were also one degree shy. the average high for this time of year is 80 degrees. we're anywhere from five to t@n degrees above average. it won't be a washout of a day, at least not tomorrow. temperatures will be in the mid 80s. we'll wake up with a few clouds. probably mostly clougy skies. as the morning goes on, we'll see a break in the clouds. temperatures will warm up well into the mid 80s. isolated showers in the forecast. the wetter of the two days for the keys will be sunday. i'm thinking it will be the case for us as well. don't forget that sunscreen because you will be needing it.
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north of us. southerly wind ahead of that system over the gulf of mexico. we'll continue to see that moisture as the weekend goes on saturday and especially come sunday. this is ahead of a system that's going to bring us major changes for not only this weekend, but this upcoming workweek. these are all mid and upper level clouds streaming across our sunshine state. for us, it's still a pretty n ne day for us. we're dealing with mostly cloudy skies, but those temperatures -- the cloud cover a a the break in the clouds allowed temperatures to warm up today. tomorrow morning as we're heading out the door expect mostly cloudy skies and an isolated shower or two. temperatures will be in the upper 60s, low 70s. temperatures will remain warm in the mid 80s. we'll see a break in the clouds on sasaurday. i'm thinking saturday will be the better of the two days. sunday showers stick around. we could see an isolated thunderstormrmboth saturday and
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the phenomenon of adult kids moving back home after college gets the sitcom treatment with new comedy "crowded." >> it looks hill lairarious. >> we can swear when we want. >> reporter: they're all set for life as empty nesters. >> this could be good. >> they're ready to just live and have some fun. >> reporter: adult kids returning to the nest is more than just a plot line for the comedy "crowded." >> i feel like the show touches on a lot of stuff i have gone through and my friends. >> reporter: that's because she still lives with her real-life parents. d warburton has four kids at his house, including two of college age. >> i pull from life. >> he thinks he's do you think a documentary.
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>> we suddenly can't mov to florida now. >> reporter: snow birds who don' fly south. >> it looks like you need us again. >> i'm not so proud of my son because i don't like the way he's raised his children. >> it's fun bunting heads with him. >> reporter: he has to relate to adult kids who haven't quite grown up. "crowded" is hoping for much better luck. roxanne vargas, nbc 6 news. >> catch the series premiere of "crowded" this sunday night at 9:30 following "the carmichael show" at 9:00. that's not so funny for some families. >> welcome home. ahead onn 6, talk about a rough day at work. >> a waitress in iowa stiffed and it gets worse.
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school all over again being bullied. >he rude message and how this server is responding. a dog goes hog wild in indonesia. and all new tonight on nbc 6 news at 6:00, another student with swag. >> reporter: i'm ari odzer. a lot of kids have service projects. very few have raised half a million dollars and helped
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it's coming up. most of us leave some sort of tip. we often base the amount on the quality of the service that we got. >> one waitress in iowa got something else. >> at first i felt attacked. it was like i was in middle school all over again being bullied. i felt like a burning anr inside of me. >> those were the immediate thoughts aer taylor beak saw this. tips are only for normal looking people.
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someone puts hate out the to respond in an hateful way. >> the woman describb herself as an individual and weird. she was stiffed out of that money which people in the service industry rely on. >> i n't pay my bills if people don't tip me. >> zombie burger o ofers its customers a way to escapap from boring food and drinks. the company is standing behind the employee. we believe zombie burger is a place that supports individuality. she's an example of a great team member and we're standing by her. >> it is a way i can express myself artistically and it's important to me that i'm allowed to do that. it's okay if people don't understand that. >> she'll keep flaunting the style that reflects her personality.
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>> i would tell them not to judge someone based on what they look like. i'm a decent person. >> beak is one of the restaurant's most popular way stresses. -- waitresses. a man and his dog riding high on his motorbibi in a video that's gone viral. that dog is so school. they're riding through a northern province in indonesia. several news organizations has covered the duo. he and his dog regularly ride around together. it's considered normal in indonesia. you can ride around with your dog, but the dog doesn't usually drive. >> not typically. >> that's one talented dog. hot dog, i say. >> no kidding. that'll do it for the news at 5:30.
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more news straight ahead. justice for a victim of revenge porn. her ex-boyfriend is sentenced for posting nude photos and videos of her online. >> my mistake, my fault, i take full responsibility. i should have practiced. the fire breather speaks from the hospital bed and school officials are also weighing in on that accident. > the gates have opened and ultrausic festival is live. we'll tell you what to expect at south florida's l lgest music festival. this young lady is responsisie directly for hundreds of formerly homeless people having a place to live. how did she do it? we'll show you coming up. tonight, justice in a case of revenge porn. a miami beach man accused of sending nude photos and videos of his ex-girlfriend to the internet learns his fate.
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>> and i'm trina robinson. prosecutorsay the photos of his ex-girlfriend were taken when she was underage. amanda plasencia joins us live in stsdio. >> this is a disturbing case, which finally had a resolution. antonio giansante pled guilty to two counts of veo voyeurism, a third-degree felony. >> i take responsibility for my actioio. >> reporter: he was apologetic, reading a letter in court today asking for forgiveness from the victim and her family. >> the resolution of it, i think, is more restototive and on the record he apologized, took responsibility for what he did, spoke to the victim, and today. >> reporter: giansante was accused of a serious crime.
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photos and videos. he started dating her when she was only 17 years old in puerto rio. he tried to post the nude images to a government website. he sent the pictures to her co-workers. >> to putting this behind him. >> reporter: giansante was facing multiple charges, including transmission of child pornography pornography, but he pled guilty voyeurism. >> hopefully this deters some of the activities that might have ototrwise occurred. >> reporter: a judge sentenced giansante to 30 days in jail and five years probation. the state attorney released t ts statement on the case. revenge porn is a tool for a spurne former partner, spouse,


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