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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 6pm  NBC  March 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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photos and videos. he started dating her when she was only 17 years old in puerto rio. he tried to post the nude images to a government website. he sent the pictures to her co-workers. >> to putting this behind him. >> reporter: giansante was facing multiple charges, including transmission of child pornography pornography, but he pled guilty voyeurism. >> hopefully this deters some of the activities that might have ototrwise occurred. >> reporter: a judge sentenced giansante to 30 days in jail and five years probation. the state attorney released t ts statement on the case. revenge porn is a tool for a spurne former partner, spouse,
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it pis a means of breaking inging will and destroying the reputation and self-image of someone who the criminal claims to have loved. giansante will report to his jail term on april 8th. as part ofis sentence, he must inform his probation officer of all e-mail and social media accounts. it's a story that continues to capture headlinene this fire breather who was badly burned during a stunt at a pep rally is speaking from his hospital bed. we're learning he's done these types of stunts in schools before. jamie guirola hashe details. >> reporter: this is not the first time the flame thrower was hired by the district. he cleared the whole act.
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figure out how it got approved. >> it's like being burned alive. >> reporter: a day after being hospitalized and set on fife in a gymnasium packed with students, ricky charles talks about his burns and bruises. >> my mistake. my fault. i take full responsibility. i should have practiced. >> reporter: charles has second-degree burns on his face, legs, and arms. he was performingt a pep rally at atlanta community high school when his act ended abruptly. >> boom, oh, no. as soon as i saw my pants on fire, i was like that's it. i'm done. >> reporter: he lights up in flames after another performer attempts to jump over him. nbc 6 decided not to show the disturbing video. >> no kids were in trouble. no kids were in danger. except me and my guys. >> reporter: but students could have been in danger. that's why the district has a policy against pyrotechnics inside its schools.
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investigating is who knew what, who approved this particular contract, and did in fact the principal and the chain of command at the school know that pyrotechnics. >> reporter: but four different times schools in palm beach shows. >> as a new superintendent, it's clear i need to be reminding individuals that this is absolutely against board policy. >> reporter: this kind of act won't be welcome inhese schools again. >> i apologize for atlantic high school. i apologize for them to see that kind of madness. >> reporter: once the district figures out who is responsible, they'll then try to determine the best disciplinary action. in delray beach, jamie guirola. a south florida child is
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in the hand with a flare gun. the 9-year-old was being cared for by her 17-year-old brother. the good news is her injuries are nor. police say the flare gun was left on a dresser. however, it doesn't appear any charges will be filed. a south florida man is accused of downloading dozens of videos and images of child porn. investigators tracked him down. he downloaded files of girls as young as 4 engaged in sex acts with adulthoods and other children. a somber day in palm beach guard gardrds today marks the anniversary of the death of corey jones. he was standing by his broken down car when he was fatally shot by a plain clothes officer.
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sitting at the exit to raise awareness on what they're calling the unjustice of his death. we've got breaking news right now. we have confirmation that tray walker, the nfl football player and hometown yog man who is with the baltimore ravens, has died. >> we've been able to confirm that independently here. this was just last night in northwest miami-dade where he was on a dirt bike and it became involved in an accident with an suv. his injuries were considered critical last night. his agent said to the media the situation does not look good. the 23-year-old fourth round pick by the ravens, he has now passed away. tray walker has died at the age of 23.
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the first visit by a president, a u.s. president, in almost 90 years. president obama arrives in havana on sunday and plans to use an historic speech on cuban tv to highlight greater political and economic freedoms for cubans. the president is scheduled to meet cuban leader raul castro and atend a baseball game. here in south florida, many in the cuban-american community are hoping reestablished diplomatic relations can help them claim a piece of their back past. they're hoping to reclaim property many of them lost generations ago. willard? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, trina. we're here in the heart of little havana. a lot of strong feelings about whether president obama should be going to havana, cuba, in the first maplace. we heard some new things today after all of thisshat has been going on about these people trying to get compensation for their property.
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novel concept that might work out for them. >> ironically, it may open up some opportunities and we need to be prepared to capitalize on those. >> reporter: nick gutierrez has the -- his family and others in south florida w for decades came up empty when it came to what theastro regime confiscated may have an opening. the possible scenario? dealing directly with investors who want to use the properties, not the cuban government. >> the foreign investors don't want to go into cuba until they ve the consent of the legitimate owner. the owners could receive some
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investors would feel more comfortable. >> every individual claim matters us to in that process. >> reporter: the point man told us the property claims are part of the ongoing dialogue with havana. >> this is an issue that we take very seriously. the u.s. government does not let up on thosos issues and intend to carry that through until we see restitution and a resolution of claims. >> reporter: there are over 5,000 certified claims worth about $8 billion. this new idea to deal directly with those who want to use the buildings, businesses, and land would prevent from settling on pennies on the dollar. >> at this point the investors are foreign, but the investors may soon be american as the proceed. >> reporter: now these families and also their legal
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to separate and legally segregate their claims and deal directly with people who want to buy and use their propertes, that would overcome a big hurdle. the cuban government cou have to agree with this. the cuban government says, hey, wait a second, the united states owes us billions of dollars. but if they're able to deal directly with the people who want to use their lands, t ts could be a big step forward. wwre live tonight in little havana. > we're at miami international airport getting ready to board the plane, heading over to havana, cuba, to cover the historic presidentiaiavisit. >> if you follow nbc 6 on facebook, you probablbl saw jackie nespral and jawan strader usingnghe facebook live feature talking about the trip to cuba. they have just arrived and look for their first reports coming up tonight from havana at 11:00. south florida feeling a little bit more crowded these days as music lovers from around
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the electronic music biggest show in the country. >> reporter: and the party is already under way. for locals, that means a lot of traffic and maybe some headaches. but all thosese here in downtown miami right now say the fun is happening. >> and the fun is happening rain or shine. we can see a nice end to our friday. this is outside of our holiday everglades park. i'll have m me on yaur forecast
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we'll meet one students ultra music festival is officially under officially officially under way. taking selfies after making it inside. >> take a look at this. this is the scene t tre after the gates opened to the thousands of partiers, tens of thousands. this crowd is absolutely immense. you can expect much more of the same through the rest of the weekend. roughly 200,000 people will show up there. >> we'll be down there partying with them. >> nope. >> reporter: we are having a good time out here. what you need to know if you're planning on coming down to the city's core is that there is just a lot of people, so give yoyoselves extra time to get around. officials say public
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meantime first responders are warning you stay hhydrated. take aaook from chopper 6. here is sort of the perspective from above. so many people. thousands and thousands of people h he ready to party and have a good time for that annual music festival everyone knows all about. the ultra music festival in full force in downtown miami. >> a nice party from all over the world. people come here. >> reporter: those into the electronic dance music scene will tell you miami is the place to be at this time of year. d.j. justin o. just got off stage. >> you look at people and how crazy they are and how much fun they're having. i think it is one of the best places to play in the world. >> reporter: he is here all the way from south korea and plans on staying longer. >> i think i'm going to delay my acts. >> reporter: for miami, ultra means a lot of tourists.
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>> hectic and crazy. >> reporter: it takes a lot of money to put on this event. >> it costs tens of millions of dollars to put this on. >> reporter: and 165,000 people are expected over the next few days. that's why festival heads and city officials are working hand in hand to make sure those who have spent hundreds and even thousandsave fun, but stay safe. and this is the fence that blocks off bayfront park. the festival is on the other@ side of this. on the other side a private security team working the situation, controlling the crowds. miami police say they're also on the interior. that includes undercover officers. out here miami police directing traffic and detours. the message to everyone is have a great time, but stay safe. i'm reporting live in downtown miami. stephanie bertini, nbc 6 news.
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the road closures, you can check out the tagnbc 6 news and weather app. we have them posted there just for you. south florida, 6:17 on this friday evening. things looking pretty good so far. you won't need those umbrellas as you head out the door tonight because you can see our live first alert radar looking pretty good. it's been quiet all workweek long, but some weekend changes are headed our way. let's jump right in so we can get your weekend started. temperatures, that's going to remain well above average just like we have seen the past few days, but there is a cold fnt that is on its way. once that cold front does swing through and clears south florida for the start of this upcoming workweek, many changes will be coming through much of our sunshine state. let's take a look at what we're dealing with right now as far as temperatures. 85 degrees sill in miami.
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even down into the keys 80s. today. we were in the mid 80s in ft. lauderdale. did not tie the record of 90 degrees in both cities, but that every time. right now a little breezy, espeally long coastal broward county. winds out of the west-southwest between 10 and 20 miles per hour. breezy end to the workweek. some major changes will be headed our way. that southwest wind will remain in the fororast for tomorrow. of course, temperatures will main a little on the warm side. i want to take a look a what we're dealing with, the bigger picture right now. a front that remains across portions of the mississippi valley and the southeast, it's basically been lingering there all workweek long, providing plenty of moisture for friends across the mississip valley. all that moisture from the gulf of mexico will continue to push towards the north as the weekend goes on.
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system will push this system through south florida. at's going to give us an increasing chance of shower activity not only tomorrow, but into sunday. first alert forecast for your evening, hour by hour we're ending the day on a warm note. increasing clouds with a slight chance of showers. maybe an isolated shower as you head out the door early tomorrow morning. what to expect for your saturday? we'll wake up with mostly cloudy skies. we'll see a break in the clouds from time to time. that's going to allow temperatures to warm up back into the mid 80s. showers will still around and the possibility of a thunderstorm or two also with that cold front moving through south florida. a very warm and wet weekend is in store for us. >> the ultra folks aren't going to like that. some students have it, but the great ones really work for it. we're talking about swag. students working at greatness.
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in tonight's swag on 6, lots of kids have service projects, but very few c say without question they're making a huge, positive impact on hundres of lives. >> i mean huge. students working at greatness reports on a young lady who is
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>> reporter: rachel wheel is 16. if someone that young could have a life philosophy, her's would be this. >> you don't have to be an adult to change the world. >> reporter: starting when she was 9 years old, she started raising money to help those in haiti. this school shook the trees and when she is not at school, she keeps shaking them. rachel has so far raised half a million dollars for the relief agency food for the poor, which has used the money to build 75 houses and a school in one of the neediest places on earth. >> i do feel a sense of accomplishment because i know that i've helped people. >> the ability to change life, that's pretty remarkable. most people wait and try their whole lives to be aae to accomplish what she's done and she's still in high s sool.
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rachel boasting about what she's done, but there's no question she's having an impact on thousands of lives. >> these are people who now have a start in life all because of girl who started at 9 years of age with this dream and is making that dream a reality. >> reporter: the named it rachel's village. when she visits, the villagers treat rachel like a hero. >> everybody was yelling my name. they were carrying me into the village. everybody i saw would say thank you, thank you. i know i'm doing like a good thing and i know that it's helping people. when you see it from them, it's like it actually hits you. >> reporter: rachel wheeler never takes her life for granted. it's a lesson learned from seeing third-world perty up close. and it fuels her drive to do more, to help more. >> i want to do more.@ i don't want to stop here.
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pretty deep stuff for a kid who is still learning algebra. nbc 6 news. >> she's amazing. and you can help rachel's fundraising effort for moree homes and another school by going to food for the poor dot org slash rachel.. >> special young lady there. for more swag on 6 stories, check out the education section on the nbc 6 news and weather app. good afternoon. our rundown includes the latatst out of belgium after the dramatic takedown of the remaining paris attack suspect. a chaotic climate on the
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ch finally tonight, give you another look at today's top stories. an investigation ongoing. this after a fire breather accidentally set himself on fire during a south florida high
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palm beach county school officials says it is against district rules to have indoor pyrotechnic tech pyrotechnics. we're now just two days away from president obama's historic trip to cuba. the president's two-day itinerary is full. he'll deliver a speech on cuban tv, meet with dissidents, and attend a baseball game. the president will not meet with fidel castro. and we're going there live tonight, by the way, with jawan and jackie. >> yeah, but the weekend we've got jazz in the gardens, ultra music festival. >> sunday will be the wetter of the breaking news tonight. one of the most wanted terrorists in the
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the only surviving plotter from the paris massacre taken alive in a dramatic raid in brussels. tonight how they found him and what he can tell investigators. spring snow storm. a big nor'easter bearing down on millions right as things are supposed to be warming up. targeting trp. mitt romney's big announcement as he tries to derail the front-runner. also a scare f/r trump's family. threats to his children. dangerous mix, the new warning about a spike in patients unknowingly sabotaging their own life-saving treatment because of something they don't tell their doctor. and little kid, big hit, and millions of families who can't get enough. "nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. good evening. a success against terrorism. the words of belgium's prime minister after announcing a few hours ago that the only
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november's terror attacks in paris has been taken alive. 130 people died in that awful night last november when isis terrorists massacred concert--goers and patrons at a restaurant. all but one of the attackers were killed within days as the last slipped across the border into belgium, and it was there in a dramatic police raid today that elusive suspect was shot and wounded and taken into custody. nbc's keir simmons has late details from brussels. >> reporter: gunfire on a sidewalk special forces aim at a suspect. they drag him to a police car. he's falled and then bundled into the back and a crowded street close by people flee as more gunfire erupts, and live on belgian television an explosion. the dramatic police raids capturing europe's most wanted terrorist, 26-year-old


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