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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 6am  NBC  March 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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any shower activity early this morning over into collier county and lee county. the metro area staying clear of any wet weather. in miami things are just winding down for the night, following up with sharon, a lot going on with ultra again revisiting us in downtown miami. we've been dry overnight. all the wet weather continues across the west coast and at least across the gulf waters adjacent to the big bend. eventually the rains find us. not right now though. mossy cloudy, mid 70s early. here's your first alert forecast. some sunshine this morning intermingled with some cloud cover. up to 81 before midday but this afternoon, get ready for some rain to move in. could see some embedded thunderstorms. high 84. it continues tomorrow but good anges coming next week. your full forecast in just a little bit. sharon? cuba is gearing up for the
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in almost 90 years. president obama a ives in havana tomorrow and plans to use an historic speech on cuban tv to highlight greater economic freedoms for cubans. the president is scheduled to meet raul castro, meet with cuban dissidents and attend a baseball game. but president obama isn't the only one going to cuba for the next few days. many travelers here in south florida also heading to the island nation around the same time as the commander in chief. most have one thing in common. they say they welcome the changes between the u.s. and cuba and hope president obama's trip will bring more changes and communication between the two nations. and in our next half-hour of news, nbc 6 will bring you more on what people think about the president's historic visit. there are reminders of this first family's visit just about everywhere you look. vendors areooking to cash in by selling shirts, buttons, and other items with the president's face on them.
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showing the president and first ady in humorous situations. cuba's national team is sy training ahead of their exhibition game against the tampa bay rays. the rays will become the first major leagu baseball franchise to play in havana since 1999. president obama's scheduled to attend tuesday's game. it will be played at the 45,000-seat latin american stadium that's been undergoing improvements in the lead up to the contest. meanwhile, cuba isn't the only one preparing for president obama's visit. workers in havana are assembling a massive stage for a free rolling ones concert which is scheduled for this upcoming friday. the stones will be the biggest music act to perform in cuba since the castros came to power in 1969. watch for live reports during our evening newscast.
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about the president's historic trip to cuba, just visit the cuba crossroads section on the nbc 6 news and weather apap another story making national headlines this morning. miami native an nfl player tray walker who was critically injured a dirt bike accident has died. the 23-year-old got into an accident on thursday. police say lker's motorcycle collided with a ford escape on the corner of northwest 75th street and 21st avenue in libery city. ravens corner back was rushed to the hospital where he later die we're told walker was not wearing a helmet and the head trauma was too much for doctors to overcome. the nfldoes have a zero tolerance policy on players participating in dangerous non-football activities. >> you're nct supposed to sky dive. you're n ot supposed to ride dirt bikes. they try to really nip that in the bud so that they don't have these types of accidents. i don't believe that tray knew
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to be riding bikes. and it was unfortunate that i didn't get a chance to advise him. >> there haseen an outpouring of support for walker's family on social media to their official twitter account. the miami dolphins also expressed their sadness and well wishers to walkers' family. the ravens and in miami where walker went to high school. an elementary student is caughtbringing a knife to school and threatening another student. this morning the mother of the threatened boy speaks to us about why she believes the student is only getting a sap on the hand. nbc 6 has the interview you'll only see on 6. >> i'm scared to death. >> reporter: when crystal picks up her 11-year-old from school, she always asks how his d was. last thursday she wasn't prepared for what she was about to hear. >> he told me that his friend had threatened him in school,
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murder him with a knife the next day, pulled out a pocket knife from his book bag and put it in his pocket. >> reporter: in the pocket of a 10-year-old who attends gateway environmental k throuou 8 learning center in homestead. heaven early. please help me." >> r rorter: she called school police who found the knife, she says, the next day. >> with the size of knife i saw, saw, -- >> reporter: that student received a ten-day suspension. and how does that make you feel? >> to me it is unacceptle. >> reporter: even though according to the district's own code of conduct, a student with a weapon is supposed to face a mandatory expulsion. in a statement, the district told us it has been their practice not to expel or suspend students in grades k through 5. due to the circumstances surrounding this case, we have recommended that the student be removed from the school setting. he has been recommended to a success center and will receive counseling.
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consequences, remains under review. >> i have ten days -- ten days, dan -- to make sure that this kid, the very kid who threatened my son, doesn't go back to the school. >> reporter: dan krause, nbc 6 news. the base is pumping, people are ncing and the music is filling the air. that's right, we're already on day two of ultra music festival. can you believe it? ultra gets bigger every year. the lights, music and big crowds transform miami's downtown. road closures and detours are in place and bay front park is blocked off unless you purchased a ticket. officials are prompting everyone to have a good time while reminding them to always stay safe. >> no drug activity, no drug sales. if somebody's involved in that they will suffer the consequences. we have plenty of officers. we're working with el with security. >> reporter: police in and the ultra music festival's private security team are ready to
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of hand and miami fire and rescue is there just in case someone needs medical attention. we'll have more about this year's festival and its regulationsoming up in the next 30 minutes. time right now, 6:08. still ahead -- fugitive captured. long search for the sole surviving terrorist in the terrorist attack comes to a dramatic end. and terrifying tumble when a small plane bursts into flames and crashes at a florida airport. >> reporter: sharon, it's been a quiet night in south florida, at least weather wise. mostly cloudy skies and very mild temperatures as we kick off our saturday morning. we're now at 75 in ft. lauderdale, 76 in miami, 78 in key west. all locations dry. changes begin this afternoon. get your umbrella ready and maybe some alternative indoor plans.
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this morning on the campaign trail, the focus is shifting westward. arizona, utahnd idaho are out for grabs there coming tuesday, and those states could play an important role in moving the front-runners toward the nomination. but the big name now throwing his support behind senator ted cruz. the latest on decision 2016. >> reporter: bernie sanders is defying nay sayers reportedly including president obama himself who believe it is time for democrats to close ranks behind hillary clinton. >> we have a path toward victory that goes right through idaho. >> reporter: he hopes a western win streak will change his fortunes at the democratic convention in july. some hanwringing republicans are looking for options to unseat their front-runner, donald trump. they're hoping to pull the not-trump vote. former candidates and fellow senators lindsey graham and marco rubio have both voiced support for ted cruz but stopped
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on facebook, former gop nominee mitt romney announced he's voting for cruz next week in utah. trump tweeted, "the man who chokededand let us all down is now endorsing lion ted cruz. this is good for me." john kasich refuses to step aside hoping more wins will make him the consensus candidate. >> so maybe they ought to knock it off and get behind me. >> reporter: cruz turned his focus to next week's big prize, arizona. and at the border, are borrowed a signature trump campaign theme. >> president obama tells us the border's secure. well, i invite him to move the white house down to the southern border, let's see how secure it is. >> reporter: he has one eye on the border, and another on a threshold. if any candidate claims 50% of the vote there tutuday, it's winner-take-all. the hacking group anonymous apparently making good on its promise to hack trump calling
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group claims they posted trump's cell phone and social security number and other information posted by the group like lishis birthday, place of birth and legal counsel have already been made public. on april fools' day. trump tellsls nbc they are investigating the attack. after fofo months on the run, authorities finally captured one of e terrorists in brussels. it was all broadcast live on tv. he is one of ten isis members. he was found in a neighborhood in brussels just streets frfr
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breaking overnight out of russia, this morning we are hearing from russian officials about a passenger jet that crashed in southern russia. we are told all 55 passengers and seven crew membersn board are presumed dead. officia say the aircraft crashed at the airport in rosto at the end of a flight from dubai. they say the weather iseing considered as the possible cause for the crash but they are not ruling out pilot error. most of the passengers on board were russian. and another deadly plane craa, this time at an airport in mpa. two people died after this cessna twin engine plane c cashed yesterday. you can see the scorch ground and the tail of the cessna. this is all that's left of the plane after i i crashed and caught fire. airport officials say the plane was headed to pensacola.
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investigating. it's's been a dry night across south florida. we kick off our saturday morning with rain chances in your forecast for the duration of the weekend. i think we have a niceindow this morning where we'll keep it dry, just mostly cloudy. live first alert doppler, the only live radar on the air here in south florida. over into collier and lee county, early morning owers. otherwise the two-county area and down through the keys, relatively quiet. we'll talk about the timing in a minute. let's look at the big picture. mess of wet weather in place here across at least the big bend area moving into the big bend area, also into the panhandle. most of the peninsula quiet and dry. we do have a line of showers developing from tampa bay westward. we'll keep an eye on that leading into the midday hours. in the meantime, mostly cloudy skies with visibility just fine. we'll see some early morning sunshine sneaking in to the skies of south florida. no fog problems this time around.
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driver, looking to get outside, sunrise just before 7:30 this morning but i don't foresee fog as a problem between. 76 good morning, miami. 78 marathon and key west. it is a warm morning. winds will turn to the south. you'll notice humidity ramping up ahead of our next system whic will bring in the showers chances. future radar i think midday we see some scattered showers. this is into the early a aernoon hours. i think we'll just keep bringing waves of showers through. will it rain all day? no, i don't think it will but i think we need to be on alert especially this afternoon for the wet weather to move in. front end of our day, notot too bad. first alert weather, mostly cloudy and 74 by 8:00 a.m. 82 midday. little bit of sunshine sneaking in, but we're warm and humid. then this afternoon, scattered shourts. showers. could see an embedded thunderstorms and it could lead into the evening hours as well. if you're looking for beach
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hpigh temperatures at the beach, 82 with a moderate risk for rip currents. for the weekend, unfortunately, we've got to have alternative indoor plans for both today and tomorrow. scattered showers and thunderstorms are not looking for any severe weather. just rumbles of thunder and much needed rain. we move into monday and tuesday here. 60 for the lows, afternoon highs between 70 and 74, low humidity and bright sunshine, a nice way to start the work week. >> ryan, something to look forward to. thank you so much. 6:17 is now the time. a popular social media trend is catching on among parents. coming up, hear what sharentingng is all about and how it is helping keep kidsssafe on the internet.
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employers are starting to is welcome back. most of us are on social media these days and parents are no exception.
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pictures of their kids online by age 5. mark barger reports on this so-called age of sharenting. >> reporter: 8-year-old adelle is one savvy selfie taker. the days of storing those memories in scrap booksre now on digital documentation. her mom shareses many of her daughter's life moments online. >> every other picture is going to be her andi. >> reporter: and she's not alone alone. 92% ofids have a presence online before their 2nd birthday. >>e've never seen a generation of parents that have so publicly talked about their children and gone through all of the milestonon of their children's lives. >> reporter: some parents go too far. >> i think there's definitely an overshare. >> some people who are turned off by learn too much information about the little darlings in other people's lives. >> reporter: it could also pose security concerns if that knowledge or those photos get
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>> a lot of my accounts are actually private so i think for me, it's important to kind of limit who has access to the photos. >> reporter: but eventually kids want that control over their online identity. >> the first generation of teenagers really that's gone through having so much technology just embedded in every relationship that matters. what we don't know yet is what culture. >> reporter: one day adelle will be one of those teens. but until then, mom decides what is shared online. mark barger, nbc news. >> now you know. 6:22 the time.e. rumor has it a big-time celebrity will be at the panthers game tonight, and, kids, hee may be sporting a very special sweater. plus, planes to havana are packed this morning as dozens travel to the island nation ahead of president obama's historic visit. kicking off your weekend here. we are looking forward -- not
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to the rain but i think it is coming into the afternoon hours. at least w wll make the most of a mostly cloudy, warm and humid morning. we'll detail the rain shower
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welcome co after years of trying to fight it, many of your bosses are now embracing the madness. bars are usually full this time of year with peoule hoping not to see their march madness bracket go bust. employers are well aware that employees are tuning in one way or another. so, some are opting to give their workers longer lunch breaks, while others are allowing workers to watch the games from their desk. despite the loss of production, analysts say it is a good move. otherwise, employers risk hurting morale. three astronauts making their way to the international space station today.
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an american astronaut and two russian cosmonauts to the international space station. jeff williams is on track to notch the american record for cumulative days in space. that surpasses scott kelly. a russian currently holds the world record at 878. the florida panthers' good luck charm is attending today's game. we're told tor kevin spacey will be at the bb&t center cheering on the pantners. the oscar winner hinted on a twitter post in which he was packing his pansers this panthers 1738 jersey. the panthers are coming home for a quick stop and face the red wings before they head back out on the road. 6:26 is now the time. still ahead, an ultra big weekend in south florida for
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avoid and ryan will let us know your heart loves omega-3s. but the omega-3s in fish oil differ from megared krill oil. unlike fish oil, megared is easily absorbrb by your body. megared. the difference is easy to absorb. good morning, everyone. welcome back to c 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawson. it issaturday, march 19th. before you head out the door, we'll get you started wth the first alert weather forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips.
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this morning. erica has the morning off. you'll catch her tonight on the nbc 6 news at 6:00 and 11:00. forecast. we've talked about ts for the last few days. here we get into our saturday morning, i think we can still salvage at least the front end of ourday. right now live first alert ppler from key west to key largo looking good. lee and collier counties have had a few isolated showows this home about. most of the wet wther is up the road from us and it will move further south as the day` goes on. not worrying about this immediately impacting us but we'll develop our own showers ahead of our next frond ast as the day goes on. sunrise coming in about an hour. we'll have some sunshine this morning. keeping it dry for the front e of our day but this afternoon showers moving in. a warm and humid 84 for your first alert forecast high. we'll talk about the wet weather
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also cooler air on the way in as well. sharon? this morning, cuba is preparing for president obama's arrival. tomorrow the first family will arrive in havana making this the first time in 90 years that a sitting president has traveled to the island nation. and this video from cuban net of president obama's motorcadede awaiting his arrival in havana. you can expect the closer we get to tomorrow's arrival, the more security we will see around the city. meantime, president obama isn't the only one going to cuba for the next few days. this weekend hundreds o o travelers are making their way to the island nation around the same time as t t president. nbc 6 caught up with some of them at miami international airport. >> reporter: she says it is incredible to see the president of the united states going to cuba. many travelers flooded miami
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to havana. they this traveler lived in cuba for 28 years. he's going to visit family but he says he thinks president obama's visit is positive. he says he wouldelcome any change, even if it's minimal. while some do criticize the visit, many hope it signals a beginninin the step to normalize relations. this traveler says the presidential visit makes her happy an she wants to see if things get better. she says that she wishes that the trip will bring changes and more communication between these tto nations. on sunday obama will be the first u.s. president to visit the communist nation in nearly 90 years. he will speak to a cuban audience in havana which will be broadcast nationwide on cuba tv. nbc 6 news. the recent diplomatic thaw is now coming to a head after the president's two-day visit is
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but what led up to this historic trip? in december 2014 president obama and raul castro announced they would normalize relations after decades of broken ties. cuba also freed american government contractor allan gross who ws imprisoned in cuba for five years. in april 2015 the president and castro met at the summit of the americas in panama. it was the first official meeting of the leaderer of the two nations since 1961. just one month later, the u.s. officially removed cuba from the state spohsors of terrorism list. in july, the cuban flag was raised at the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. and the following month, secretary of state john kerry attended trmialceremonial flag raising and openinin of the u.s. embassy in havana. many critics say cuba has not made many significant concessions since the mve to restore relations with the u.s. however, there have been a few notable changes. on thursday the cuban government
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converting u.s. dollars. that will make it easier and cheaper for americans to spend time in cuba. cuba made the announcement after the u.s. lifted the ban on cuban access to the international banking system. a day before that on wednesday, direct mail service resumed between the two countries for the first timee since 1963. among those taking advantage is president obama who sent a letter to a 76-year-old woman in cuba. she is a retired economist who wrote to president obama last month asking for a personal meeting. while it is not clear if the presidenwill meet with her, she did receive his letter. carnival is getting beady to cruise into cuba. south florida based cruise line announced this week it will start service to the island in may. large cruise ships won't be ablele to enter havana harbor until cuba makes grades, however. carnival says it will initially use smaller vessels to access
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nbc 6 is everywhere. we'll be live from cuba during and after the president's trip to the island nation. our anchors are in cuba right now. watch for the live reports during our evening newscast. for everything you need to know about the president's historic trip to cuba, visit the cuba crossroads section on the nbc 6 news and weather app. another story making national headlines this morning -- coaches, teammates and fans remembering miami native and nfl player tray walker who died after a dirt bike crash. the 23-year-old got into an accident on thursday. police say walker's motorcycle collided with a ford escape on the corner of northwest 75th street and 21st avenue in berty city. the ravens cornerbaca was rushed to the hospital where he later died. we're told walker was not wearing a helmet and the head trauma was too much for doctors to overcome.
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statement saying, "i'll never forget that smile. he always seemed to be next to me during the national anthem. then we would give each other a big hug. may he rest in peace of christ jesus forever." baltimore quarterback joe flacco said, "this is very hard to wrap my head around and i am devastated. as a parent, i cannot imagine wha his family is going through right now. all of my thoughts are with them." and on twitter, the miamam dolphins also expressed their sadness and well wishes to walker's family. the ravens and miami northwestern high school where walker went to school. well, downtown miami is taking a bit of a break this morning after a night of ultra madness. here is a live look at bay front park. looks really quiet and peaceful this morning. but in just a few hours the base
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every year thousands -- thousands flock to south florida for the ultra music festival and big crowds mean things could get outof hand. city officials are keeping a close watch on the festivities. >> reporter: this electronic dance music festival. >> from all over the world people come here. >> reporter: it is the place to be if you're into thiss kind of scene. ultra has grown over the years. >> some of the first ultra festivals were smaller,r, production wasn't as big. but still incredible. so it is fantastic to see over the years more production, bigger stages. >> reporter: the lights, music and crowds transform miami's downtown core. road closures and detours are in place. bay front park is blocked off unless you've purchased a pricey ticket. city officials say have fun but make the right choices. >> no dru activity. no drug sales.
6:36 am
they will suffer the consequences. we have plenty of officers. we re working well with security. >> reporter: police and the ultra musicfestival's private security team ready. this man arrested along biscayy boulevard tonight and the problems associated with controlling the size of this crowd are all around. >> yeah. look at the no-drone zone. that's by faa rules. so you can't come out here and fly drones. unfortunately, people have done it so far and we'veead to stop them. >> reporr: no drones, and first responders say no chance for your medical needs to g unattended. miami fire rescue is ready. >> we have about 70 to 100 fire departmeme personnel staffed out here. >> reporter: the message -- have fun but be safe. nbc 6 news. if your weekend plans take you anywhere around bay front park, be prepared for chaotic traffic.
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map with the ultra pattern southbound. going north traffic on biscayne reduces to two lanes, later shifting to southbound lanes at southeast 1st. at northeast 4th it goes back to northbound lanes. did you get all that? if you missed it, any of it, head over to thebc 6 news and weather app. we've got it all mapped out there for you. also happening today in south florida, jazz in the gardens. the event starts today at 3:00 in the aaernoon. it is drawing people from all around the countr it's come a long way from something that began 11 years ago as just a party for a few hundred people. now acts like charlie wilson, usher and cool and the gang will headline the festival, along with lots of local talent. going to be a wonderful time for all. > 6:39 is about the time. still ahead, the verdict is in this hulk hogan's gawker sex tape case. how much a florida jury awarded you. plus, a driver who tried to
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through an apartment building -- opped in her tracks. sharon, 6:39 now. we have mostly cloudy skies with dry conditions. we'll keep it dry for the front end of our saturday which is good news if you want to get out for a round of golf or a morning run. but this afternoon, showers will move in. warm and humid. 72 in pompano beach. 73 oakland park. we'll still make it into the 80s
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refreshi welcome back. nine seconds of hulk hogan having sex is going to cost gawker media at least $115 million. that's how much a st. petersburg jury awarded an emotional hogan. in 2012 gawker posted a video of him, part of which showed the former wrestler having sex with the wife of his then-best friend. hulk hogan sued arguing it was
6:41 am
the jury awarded him $55 million for economic injuries and $60 it is not over. the same jury will return next damages. several miami-dade residents nonodisplaced after a driver crashed into an apartment building in northwest miami-dade. police say a 27-ar-old woman was speeding when she lost control of her car and slammed into the complex located on northwest 17th avenue and 71st street. miami-dade fire rescue crews declared the building unsafe after the crash. the driver tried to walk away from the scene but was later arrested.
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morning with mainly dry conditions. a few isolated showers are trying to unfold. look how it is paralleling the browd county/miami-dade line, lifting off from the southwest to the northeast. talking miami gardens, out through pembroke pines and miramar. this probably won't hang around long. most of us are just seeing dry skies. but it is a great signal what's to come iv the day ahead. download the free nbc 6 news and weather app and can you track the showers all day long on live first alert doppler. let me show you where most of the moisture lies right now. it is upstatae. it is not here in south florida just yet. we will continue to expand our rain showers chances as we head through the afternoon hours. cloud cover rather extensive first thing this morning. here's most of the moisture just kind of tucked away moving into the big bend area. at this point cloudy skies but a fair amount of sunshine will be in the cards for us at least to get the morning started. we'll get into the afternoon hours and we'll gradually see a
6:43 am
we're at 73 in oakland park. 76 in miami. 78 in key west. re's your first alert forecast. i think into the afternoon hours, that's a live look inland at everglades holiday park where we will continue to see dry conditions this morning. so get outside and enjoy the sunshine that we will have. rain shower chances take over by about 3:00, or so. then we move into your extendede forecast. i think at that point we end up with fair amount of wet weather starting this afternoon and carrying into tomorrow. so i really think if we divide the weekend up into four parts, this morning, dry but mostly cloudy this afternoon, scattered showers. then we move into sunday, throughout the day, both morning an afternoon, best chance for some wet weather. here's the payoff, guys. we move into monday and tuesday. morning lows back down below normal between about 59 and 60. afternoon highs with sunny skies into the 70s. that's a refreshing change after it was a very warm work week. we get into next week and our nextshower chance will then
6:44 am
unfortunately, some wet weather for the weekend but some beautiful weather just around the corner starting monday morning. >> looking forward to that, ryan. thank you. quarter to 7:00, the time. still ahead -- a performer recovering after a stunt goes awry speaking out from the hospital bed. now school officials are also weighing in on the accident. and the family of eagles
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6:46 am
one fuzzy welcome back. remember seeing this? it is the story that continues to capture headlines, and thth fire breather who was badly burned during a stunt at a pep rally is speaking from his hospital. >> i'm lucky. it's like being burned alive. >> reporter: a day after many
6:47 am
a gymnasium packed with students, ricky charles tal about his burns, his bruises. >> my mistake. my fault. i take full responsibility. i should have practiced. i didn't practiti. >> reporter: swollen, scabbed and scarred. charles has second degree burns on h h face, legs and arms. he was performing at a pep rally at community high school when his act ended abruptly. >> i'm going, this is new. what? what? and boom. oh been, no. as soon as i saw my parents on fire, i'm like that's it, i'm done. >> reportrt: he's sitting on the inflatable basketball court in the center when he lights up in flames when another reporter decides to jp over him. nbc 6 decided no the to show the disturbing video. >> no kids were in trouble, no guys were in danger except me and my guys. >> reporter: but students could have been in danger. that's whwh the district has a policy against pyrotechnics inside i s schools. >> the part we are investigating is who knew what, who approved this particular contract, and
6:48 am
the chain of command at the school know thatat part of this would include rotechnics. >> reporter: but four different times schools in palm beach county hired charles to do similar shows. >> it happened several years ago. i was not aware of that. as a new superintendent it is clear i need to be d dg i-- i need to be reminding individuals this is absolutely gainst school policy. >> reporter: one thing is for sure, this kind ever act won't be wcomed in these schools again. >> i apologize to the atlantic high school. i apologize for them to see that kind of madness. >> reporter: o oce the district figures out who is responsible, they'll then try to determine the best disciplinary action. in del ray beach, nbc 6 news. several law enforcement officers are going for a long bike ride in honor of their fallen brothers and sisters. the broward sheriff's office is kicking f the eighth annual state ride. it recognizes the men and women who have dieie in the line of
6:49 am
the week-long ride will started in 2008. >> we ride 2,000 miles over the course of the week visiting these agencies where officers were killed. we have the rare opportunity meet the sheriff or the police chief, their command staff, their co-workers, their families, the community where these officers served. it is our honor to be able to ride there and express our condolences for their loss. >> this year's ride will make stops in titusville, ocala, crestview and tampa. 6:50 is now the time. coming up, a look at our top stories. but first, a live look at downtown miami from our first alert camera. ryan has a final check of the there's moving... and there's moving with move free ultra. it has triple-action support for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra.
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t ts saturday morning just ahead here on "today" -- breaking news overnight. a plane crashing in russia. everyone on board believed tobe killed. we'll have the latest for you in a live report. also ahead this morning, a $115 million victory for hulk hogan in that sex tape fight against gawker. we'll have reaction from both sides. plus, white sox player adam laroche speaking out this morning about retiring from the team because of a dispute over the amount of time hisis son spends in the clubhouse. what he's saying now about that decision to leave the team. with march madness in full swi, there's an unusual match-up on the court today. it is ye versus duke in a game that some are calling the battle of the nerds. >> i love that story. that's good stuff.
6:53 am
much more when we get started on a saturday morning rig here on "today." cuba is gearing up for the first visit by a u.s.. president in almost 90 years. president obama arrives in havana tomorrow. the president is scheduled to meet cuban leader raul castro, meet with cuban dissidents and attend a baseball game. miami native and nfl player tray walker who was critically injured in a dirtbike crash has died. police say the 23-year-old got into an accident on thursday in liberty city. he was rush to the hospital but his head trauma was too much to overcome. helmet. only on 6, an elementary school student is caught bringing a knife to school and accused of threatening another student. it was in the pocket of 10-year-old who attends gateway environmental k through 8 learning center in homestead. that student received a ten-day suspension. the mother of the boy he
6:54 am
a performer recovering after a stunt goes awry, speaking out from the hospital bed. the 52-year-old suffered second-degree burns at a pep rally in del ray beach. although officials say it is against district rules to have indoor pyrotechnics, we learned he's done these fiery stunts at schools before. several miami-dade residents now displaced after a driver ashes into an apartment building in northwest miami-dade. police s the 27-year-old woman was speeding when she lost control of her car and slammed into the building. miami-dade fire rescue crews declared the damaged part of the building unsafe. we're already in to the second day of ultra music festival's three-day event. road closures and detours are in place and bay front park is blockedff unless you've purchased a ticket. officials are cautioning everyone to have a good time while reminding them to always stay safe.
6:55 am
weather app to cover all the storieses a s aas you wake up. >> it is just good people watching down at ultra. don't forget that part of it. so the rain showers that we'll see -- hey, i'm just telling it like it is. >> you are absolutely right. >> rain showers will cool us off as we get into the afternoon hours. it is a humid morning, 77 in miami, 76 ft. lauderdale. i think the front end of the day looks decent. in the afternoon showers and thunderstorms move in. once the rains get going they carry in through sunday. it is a warm weekend with highs in the mid 80s. but by monday morning, temperatures around 60. cooler weather and brighter skies for early next week. >> looking forward to the cooler weather. finally this hour, all eyes are on mr. president and the first lady today. but we're not talking about the obas. in this case, mr. president and
6:56 am
this is a live look at the nest. yesterday morning the eaglets hatched in washington, d.c. another egg is expected to hatch in a few days. the first lady and the eaglets nibbled on an old fish for a
6:57 am
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good morning. breaking overnight.
6:59 am
all 62 people on board killed when the jetliner slammed into the ground when it tried to land in bad weather. hulking win. a jury awards hulk hogan $115 million after the web site gawker posted a video of him having sex. >> this is not only his victory today, but also anyone also who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> gawker vowing the case is far from over. what this means for the tabloids and celebrities. and so much for spring. a nor'easter set to roar up the east coast tomorrow on the first day of spring. a foot of sw predicted in areas. will the storm be as bad as first thought? dylan will let us know. and upset nation.
7:00 am
northern iowa with a buzzer beater. and that shot is not the only one. middle tennessee shocking michigan state in possibly the biggest upset in tournament history. steven f. austin crushing west virginia and millions of fans tossing brackets in the trash today. saturday, march 19th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" from rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." i'm erica hill. >> i'm craig melvin. the top story is the deadly plane crash in russia. the fiery scene caught on camera. all on board are dead according toofficials. nbc's chatman bell has the latest fro london. good morning.


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