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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Saturday at 9am  NBC  March 19, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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i-75, alligator alley across the interior of south florida. area. here is the big picture watching the radar and satellite, band of showers developing in south florida. a lot more wet weather is up the road into the big bend area extending out into the gulf waters. this will head in to the west central coast later on this morning. 79 in miami. 7777ft. lauderdale. we'll keep it mostly cloudy but dry. temperatures warmin into the lower 80s midday, maybe a pocket or two of sunshine but i think this afternoon looks fairly wet. your high 84. it is a wet weather forecast this afternoon leading into tomorrow as well. detail that for you in just a little bit. cuba is gearing up for the first visit by a u.s. president in almost 90 years. president obama arrives in havana tomorrow. he plans to use a historic
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greater political funtsopportunities for cuba. president obama is not the only one going to cuba. many travelers h@re in south florida are also heading to the island nation around the same te as the commander in chief. most have one thing in common -- th say they welcome the changes between the u.s. and cuba and hope president obama's trip will bring more changes and communication between the two nations. in our next half-hour of news, nbc 6 will bring you more on what people think about the president's historic visit. there are reminders of the first family's visit everywhere you go. vendors are looking to cash in by selling shirts, buttons and other items with the president's face on them. one vendor is selling magnets showing the president and first lady in humorous situations. cuba's national team is busy training ahead of their exhibition game against the tampa bay rays. the rays will become the first major league baseball franchise to play in havana since 1999.
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attend tuesday's game. it will be played at the 45,000-seat latin american stadium that is undergoing improvement. cuba isn't only preparing for president obama's visit, workers in havana are also busy assembling a massive stage for a free rolling stones concert which is scheduled for this upcoming friday. the stones will be the biggest music act to perform in cuba since the castros came to power in 1959. nbc 6 is everywhere. we'll be live from cuba during and after the president's trip to the island nation. watch forr our anchors' live reports during our evening newscast. >> for everything you need to know about the president's historic trip to cuba, just visit the cuba crossroads section the nbc 6 news and weather app. another story making
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miami native and nfl player ay walker who was critically injured in an dirt bike accident has died. the 23-year-old got into that accident on thursday. police say walker's motorcycle collided with a ford escape on the corner of northwest 75th street and 21st avenue in liberty city. the ravens corner back was rushed to the hospital where he later died. we're told walker was not wearing a helmet a a the head trauma was too much for doctors to overcome. the nfl does have a zero tolerance policy on players participating in dangerous non-football activities. there has been an outpouring of support for walker's family on social media through their official twitter account. the miami dolphins also expressed their sadness an well wisheto walker's family. ravens and miami northwestern high school where walker went to school. in other news, a elementary school student is caught bringing a knife to school and accused of threatening another
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this morning the mother of the threatened boy speaks to us about why shehe believes the student is only getting a slap on the hand. nbc has the interview you'll only see on 6. >> reporter:when crystal picks up her 11-year-old from school, she always asks how his day was. last thursday she wasn't preparefor what she was about to hear. >> he told me that his friend had threatened him in school, him and his oer friend, to murder him with a knife the next day. pulled out a pocket knife from his book bag and put it in his pocket. >> reporter: in the pocket of a 10-year-old who attends gateway environmental k through 8 learning center in homestead. >> "mom, i don't want to go to heaven early. please help me." >> reporter: she called school police o found the knife, she says, the next day. >> with the size of the knife i saw, i would probably be talking circumstances.
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received a ten-day suspension. >> and how does that make you el? >> to me, it is unacceptable. >> reporter: even though according to the district's own code of conduct, a student with a weapon is supposed to face a mandatory expulsion. in a statement, the district told us it has been their practice not to expel or suspend students in grades k through 5. due to the circumstances surrounding this case, we have recommended that the student be removed from the school setting. he has been recommended to a success center and will receive counseling. this incident, along with future consequences, remains under review. >> i have ten days -- ten days, dan -- to make sure that this kid, the very kid who threatened my son,oesn't go back to the school. the beats are pumping, the people are dancing and msic is filling the air. that's right, we're already into day two o ultra music festival.
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the lights, music and big crowds transform miami's downtown. road closures and detours are in place and bay front park is blocked off unless you've purchased a ticket. officials are prompting everyone to have a good time while reminding them to always stay safe. >> no drug activity, no drug sales. if somebody's involved in that, they will suffer the consequences. we have plenty of officers. we e working with el with security. >> police and the ultra music festival's private security team are ready to control the crowds if they get out of hand. miami fire rescue also there just in case someone n neds medical attention. almost eight minutes after 9:00. still ahead, fugitives captured. long search for the sole surviving terrorist after the attack comes to a dramatic end. and a plane burst into flames and crashes at a florida airport. there is biscayne bay shut down getting ready for ultra, day two.
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here, actually. it isoing to be dry at least this morning. only a limited amount of sunshine in our skies so far, mostly cloudy, kind of gloomy, temperatures into the middle and upper 70s. a warm forecast but also a wet
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week welcome back. this morning on the campaign trail, the focus is shifting westward. arizona, utah and iaho are up for grabs this coming tuesday, and those s stes could play an important role in moving the front-runner toward the nomination. plus, a big name now throwing his support behind senator ted cruz. brian mooar is track being the latest on decision 2016. >> reporter: bernie sanderu is defying nay sayers reportedly including president obama himself who believe it is time for democrats to close ranks behind hillary clinton.
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that goes right through idaho. >> reporter: he hopes a wesrn win streak will change his fortunes at the democratic convention in july. some hand-wringing republicans are looking for options to unseat their front-runner, donald trump. they're hoping to full the not-trump vote. former candidates and fellow senators lindsey graham and marco rubio have both voices support for ted cruz but stopped short of endorsing him. on facebook, former gop nominee mitt romney announced he's voting for cruz next week in utah. trumum tweeted, "the man who choked and let us all down is now endorsing lion ted cruz. this is good for me. " "john kasich refuses to accept ahide hoping more wins will make him the csensus candidate. >> so maybe they ought to knock it off and get behind me. >> reporter: cruz turned his focus to next week's big prize, arizona. and at the border are borrowed a signature trump campaign theme.
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well, i invite him to move the white house down to the southern border. let's see how secure it i >> reporter: he has one eye on the border d another on a threshold. if any candidate claims 50% of the vote there tuesday, it is winner take all. brian mooar, nbc news, washington. the hacking group anonymous apparently making good on its promise to hack trump calling him a would-be dictator. the group claims it's post pod trump's cell phone and social security number. other information posted by the group --is birth date, place of birth and legal counsel. the anonymous youtube page is also askskng people to target the website on april 1st which is april fools' day. trump's camp tells nbc law enforcement authorities are investigating the illegal hack. another deadly planecrash, this time at an airport in tampa. two people died after the cessna yesterday. you can see the scorched ground
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this is all that's left of the plane after it crashed and then caughfire. airport officials say the plane was headed to pensacola. the faa and ntsb are investigating. leading into our saturday afternoon, i think our rain chances begin to bump up. so far this mornin it's been a mostly cloudy start to our day. i think the clouds will just keep spilling in. very limited sunshine to be had here in south florida. two-county area down through the keys, all is quiet. we are watching that band of showers that's developed across interior south florida. don't forget that you can download our free mobile app and check the radar all day long. the nbc 6 news and weather app.
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at least southwestern broward county deep inland across alligator alley, then extending back into collier county. no thunderstorm activity, just light to moderate rain. that entire band is lifting off to the north. we may find it clip areas west of i-75 into western broward county. that's the only game in town. better shower chances come our way this afternoon. just a gloomnyy look outside with sosoth winds at 12. just limited sunshine. 79 is where we stand in miami. in. all the active weather still up the road from us. thought w wd have more sunshine. 78 west kendall. 78 homestead. winds out of the feet will just feed the moisture in. that will set the stage for some shower activity. but it won't wrap up today.
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wet through sunday. well see more wet weather moving into the southwest coast extending off to at least the treasure coast, then points south. we'll eventually see our shower chances increase this afternoon. not overly wet out there. just kind of gloomy. upper 70s, towards midday, 82. once we get deeper into the afternoon better shower an even a rumble of thunder could occur. the thunderstorm chances not looking all that great but bottom line is it is kind of a wet and gloomy forecast for this afternoon. if you want to get out to the beach, do it now. i think this be afternoon it gets wet and i think the showers still continue to be possible overnight tonight. we'll carry those chances through our sunday. i don't see a good break on sunday. scattered showers and some thunderstorms this weekend. boy, as soon as monday morning -- wouldn't you know that would be the timing of it, everything clears out, we're back to a cool weather pattern, lows near 60 monday and tuesday with afternoon highs below average into the low 70s.
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9:16 is the time. if you can't beat them, join them. after years of fighting it, employers are starting to embrace march madnee frenzy in the workplace. also,jungle island in the house introducing us to this little one.
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welcome back i'm not delivering the mail actually. we're happy to have our friends from jungle island here this nk mo to tell us about an exciting event coming up for easter weekend. stephanie joins us this morning. we're happy to have here with us. the gift is in the bag. this is sam which maybe sam will come out. delicate goods in here. >> he's taking a nap. just had breakfast. >> easter is right around the corner. big event going on at jungle island.
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one of our biggest. it is called the mega egga hunt. it is actual from the 25th to the 27thh, and the 27th you get a very delicious brunch made by our executive chef. so it is going to be really special. you get included park admission as well. there's bounce houses, music, food, all the works. everything. >> it's not really focused on one particular age group. talking the entire family. had. >> yes. the whole day, from beginning to end. >> it would be nice if she'd come out. how long have you been doing this event? i didn't make the bottle. >> that's fine. >> do we have buy tickets ahead of time, stephanie? >> you can.
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you go to publix or any other supermarket. >> sam is 7 months old? is that correct? >> there she is. yeah, 7 months. >> i'm a father, not a mother. >> she's a bit cameme shy. >> i think it is because i took her away from you. she's about 7 momohs. how does she spend her day? >> right now she spends most of her day in the pouch but little by little she is kind of gettiti a little more courageous and jumping out, exploring, then jumping back in. >> i know it is not a lot of fun to just look at a nice bag. sam, can you come out? sam's not having it. >> just wanan to nap. >> what kind of interactions might kids have if they come down for the eggs extravaganza? >> well, as always, we have animal interactions. we're going to have keepers walking around with b bnny rabbits. she'll most probably be out also
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there's egg hunts for all ages. tons of stuff. lots of fun. we're going to have rabbits, kangaroos. might have some represent tiles here and there. some mammals. >> i'm glad you didn't bring the snake this morning. >> i thought about it but -- >> you knew how i felt about it. >> exactly. ottle. all of this is happening at jungle island. of course the extravaganza -- i'm just making up that name. >> mega egga adventure hunt. >> that will be next weekend. go online and buy tickets early or you can just show up to enjoy the weekend at jungle island. always a pleasure to have you in. i'm glad this interview was not disastrous. sam did well. >> she did great. she came out. >> thanks for coming in this morning. >> thank you guys for having us. >> she came out in the nick of time. she was thinking i better come out before this guy wets me up with all of this milk! great accessory to have.
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rumor has it a big-time celebrity will be at the panthers game tonight. and here's a hint -- he may be sporting a very special sweater. plus, planes to havana are packed this morning asas dozens travel to the island nation
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we'll be right bac after years of trying to fight it, many of your bosses are now embracing the madness. bars are usually full this time of year with people hoping not to see their march madness bracket go bust. employers are well aware that employees are tuning in one way or another. so some are opting to give their workers longer lunch breaks while others are allowing worker to watch the games from their desk. despite the loss ofproduction, analysts say it is a good move. otherwise, employers were hurting morale. today three astronauts arrived at the international
9:24 am
the soyuz spacecraft brought in a nasa astronaut and two russians could knowrussian s couldcosmonauts to the space station. jeff williams is on pace to surpass scott kelly for the most missions in pace. a russian currently holds the worldld record at 878. wow! the florida panthersood luck charm is attending today's game. we're told acacr kevin spacey will be at the bb&t center cheering on the panthers. oscar winner hinted at it thursday with a video posted to twitter in which he was packing his suitcase with this panthers 1738 jjsey. and of course, spacey will probably be sporting the blue hooded sweatshirt that panthers players have been passing around to the mvp of victory. they face the red wings before
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9:26 is the time. still ahead, an ultra big weekend in south florida for
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good morning, everyone, and welcome back to nbc 6 south florida today. it is saturday, march 19th. i'm sharon lawson. a lot of clouds overhead. we'll get you started with your first alert weather forecast and
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are we going to be getting s sme rain showers in the morning hours? >> we will. as we get later into the morning isolated shower chances will play into broward's forecast. we are dry but showers across the interior of south florida haven't been holding together that well in the last 20 minunus or so. they are moving to the north and west. a little bit earlier i mentioned southwestern broward county here, pembroke pines and miramar extending west of i-75 could see sprinkles in the next 10 to 15 minutes but no organized shower activity until the afternoon hours. a mix of sun and clouds attempting to get through our skies it te big picture. we'll get things ramped up for showers into the afternoon hours, unfortunately. get out there now. temperatures into the upper 70s. cloudy conditions with muggy conditions as well. iis kind of humid here for saturday morning. cloudy skies, 82 midday. shower chances take over into the afternoon hours.
9:29 am
cooler air is just around the corner. we'll talk about that in about 15 minutes. sharon? >> ryan, thank you. this morning cuba is preparing for president obama's arrival tomorrow. the first family will arrive in havana making this the first time in almost 90 years that a sitting president has traveled to the island nation. this video from cuba of president wbama's motorcade awaiting his arrival in havana. the closer we get to tomorrow's arrival, you can expect more security arou the city. president obama isn't the only one going to cuba for the next few days. this weekend hundreds of travelers are making their way to the island nation around the same time as the president. nbc of caught up6 caught up with some of them at miami airport. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: she says it incredible to see the president of the united states going to cuba. many travelers flooded miami international airport flying out to havana.
9:30 am
coincide with obama's visit. this traveler lived in cuba for years. he's going to visit family but he says he thinks president ama's visit is positive. he ss he would welcome any change,e,ven if it's minimal. while some do criticize the potus' visit, many hope it symbolized a new beginning in steps towards normalizing relationships between the two countries. thiss traveler says the president's visit makes her happy. she s ss she wishes the trip will bring changes and more communication bebeeen these two nations. on sunday obama will be the first u.s. president to visit the communist nation in nearly 90 years. he will speak to a cuban audience in havana which will be broadcast nationwide on cuba tv. the recent diplomat icic trip is coming to a head.
9:31 am
in december 2016 president obama and raul castro announced they would normalize relations after decades of broken ties. cuba also freed american government contractor allan gross who was imprisoned in cuba for five years. in april 2015 the president and castro met at the summit of americas in panama. it was the first official meeting of the leaders since 1961. one month later the u.s. officially removed cuba from the state sponsors of terrorism list. in july, the cuban flag was raised at the cuban embassy in washington, d.c. and the following month, secretary of state john kerry attended ceremonial flag raising and opening the u.s. embassy in havana. there are many critics who say cuba has not made any significant concessions since the move to restore relations with the u.s. however, there have been a few notable changes. on thursday, the cuban government announced it plans to do away with a 10% penalty on
9:32 am
that will make it easier and cheaper for americans to spend time in cuba. cuba made the announcement after access to the international banking system. a day before@ that, on wednesday, direct mail service resumed between the two counries for the first time since 1963. among those taking advantage is president obama who sent the letter to a 76-year-old woman in cuba. she is a retired economist who wrote to president obama last month asking for a personal meeting. it is not clear if the president will meet with her but she did receive his letter. cnival is getting ready to cruise in to cuba. the south florida based cruiseline announced this week it will start service to the u island in may. large cruise ships won't be able to enter the harbor until cuba makes upgrades. carnival says they'll use
9:33 am
the harbor. we'll have two anchors live in cuba. watch f f their live reports during our evening newscast. for everything you need to know about the president's historic trip to cuba, just visit the cuba crossroaoa section on the nbc 6 news and weather app. another story making national headlines this morning. coaches, teammates and fans remembering miami native and nflfl player tray walker who died after a dirt bike crash. the 23-year-old got into an accident on ursday. police say walker's motorcycle collided with a ford escape on the corner of northwest 75th street andnd 21st avenue in liberty city. ravens quarterback was rushed to the h hpital where he later died. we're told walker was not wearing a helmet and the head trauma was too much for doctors to overcome. the nfl dozen have a zero tolerance policycyon players participating in dangerous non-football activities. on twitter, the miami dolphins
9:34 am
well wishes for the walker ffily. the ravens and miami northwestern high school where lkeke went to school. in other news, right now police are searching for two men who attempted an armed robbery at a bank in miami. take a good look at one of the suspects. police want you to help find him. the incident took place at bank in miami-dade. police say one suspect fired shots into the air while announcing the robbery. one of the employees managed to close the door, stopping the robber from entering the bank. both suspects fled the scene in a red nissan altima. no injuries were reported. if you have any information, contact authorities. several law enforcement officers are going for a long bike ride in honor of their fallen brothers and sisters. the broward sheriff's office is kicking off the eighth annual state ride which recognizes the men and women who have died in the line of duty. the week-long ride was started
9:35 am
death of a sergeant. >> we ride 2,000 miles over the course of the week visiting these agencies where officers were killed. we have the rare opportunity to meet the sheriff or the police chief, their command staff, their co-workers, their families, the community where these officers served. it is our honor to be able to ride there and express our condolences for their loss. >> this year's ride will make stops in titusville, ocala, crestview and tampa. 9:36 is now the time. still@ ahead, the verdict is in this hulk hogan's gawker sex tape case. how much a florida jurywarded the former wrestler may shock you. sharon, w are dry but gloom gloomy skies life above. we're gearing upfor some wet weather. but behind it, a cold front which reaches south florida and
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9:59. in today's " ae's segment of "clear the shelters," rule number one, to not upset the kangaroo. rule number two, to find burt a home. good morning. thanksor being with us. this is burt. tell us about burt and his story. >> burt's about 6 years old. he's a pit bull mix. he's about 50 pounds. he's one of our strays that we are rehabbing. he was found to be heart worm positive so we started his treatment about two weeks ago. big difference in him. he could barely -- you can already see it. he's very playful, very gentle. a pure lover boy. just wants to kiss on yound cuddle with you. he likes most dogs. he's selective, lke most people. >> what is essential for us right now? >> we need to get him at least a foster home, if not a forever home. right now our kennels are outsiden a the heat is really
9:39 am
recovering from his heart worm treatment. >> how much longer in this treatment? >> he's got another treatment to have in like six weeks he'll have a second treatment. still an ongoing process. it takes little while. but if we could get him a forever home, that would be ideal. at least if we could get him a foster home until he finishes the first round, then the second, that would be great, too. >> you've%been doing great work in pembroke pines. we follow pooches in pines on twitter. you've been very good at reconnecting missing dogs wit their owners. >> 70% of our dogs go home quickly through facebook, instagram, twitter, everywhere. >> it is fun to follow. of course you get involved, you can help reconnect them. also you get an idea of dogs who do need assistance. >> yes, absolutely. >> quickly about the screening process for a foster or forever home. >> we have an application online. we'll go through anything. if they have any other dogs we'll do a meet and greet first
9:40 am
meet and greet with the family, go through a hose check and check them out, make sure everybody gets along.h >> if you can give burt a forever me or help foster, pooches and pines. burt, you're 6 years old. hopefully we can get you soon. go to the nbc 6 news and weather app and searc all about animals. for more information on burt or any other animals that need a hand here in south florida. alex, tracy, thanks for joining us this morning. sharon, back to you. well, the base is pumping, the people are danci and the music is filling the air. that's right. we are already in day two of ultra music festival. here's a live look at downtown miami courtesy of the miami children's museum camera. bay front park is once again getting ready for another day of ultra madness. ultra gets bigger each year. the lights, music and the big
9:41 am
road ose slursures andnd detours are in base and bay shore park is blocked off unlss you purchased a ticket. officials remind everyone to always stay safe. >> no drug activity, no drug sales. if somebody is involved in that they will suffer the consequences. we have plenty of officers. we're working well with security. >> lice and the ultra music festival's private security team are ready to control the crowds if they get out of hand. miami fire rescue also there just in case someone needs medical attention. if your weekend plans take you anywhere around bayront park, prepare for chaotic traffic. here is a first alert trafficwith the altered pattern. going north, traffic on biscayne reduces to two lanes later shifting to southbound lanes at southeast 1st. at northeast 4th it goes back to northbound lanes. if you missed all that, j jt
9:42 am
weather app where we've got itt all mapped out for you. also happening today in south florida, jazz in the gardens. the event starts today at 3:00. it's drawing people from all around the country there in miami gardens. it's come a long way from something that began 11 years ago as just a party for a few hundred people. now acts like charlie wilson, usher and cool and the gang will be there along wii lots of local talent. the best part abou this segment, if you recall, the dog is not jumping up here on weather desk. it's just me this time around. burt looking for a good home. so make sure you get in touch
9:43 am
the radar is fairly active this morning but away from the metro area. all the showers are staying inland and that's a good trend. maybe seeing some sprinklls west of 75 in pembroke pines and westin. but that's it. download the free nbc 6 news and weather app and track the radar any time during the day. we'll take you back in to the cloudy skies and gloomy conditions that are in place. port everglades first alert camera looks back with a nice little ocean brze in place. that's looking south and southeast. it's humid. we're locked into a very warm week where average highs each day were around 87. this week we'll put an end to that. maybe a little bit more sunshine down through the keys where you will manage a drier start to your weekend but everyone's seeing some wet weather as the weekend progresses. 78 in pompano beach, deerfield beach.
9:44 am
78 west kendall. 79 through the keys. miami 79 holding steady with winds out of the south-southeast. winds don't get too out of hand today but the moisture increases and eventually showers unfold. i think any time showers in the two county area will be seen this afternoon. better chance for rain during overnight hourss tonight and on sunday. today quick stop in the keys, lower 80s, a stray shower or do but i think you are mainly dry until late in the afternoon hours. gloomy conditions if you goo jazz in the gardens or ulula. a rumble of thunder is possible late in the day. isolated shower chances will be with us through the afternoon and overnight hoursas well. unfortunately we go through the weekend with wet weather in your forecast. i don't really see that changing at all. otherwise, cloudy skies, mid 80s. the good news, that cold front clears us out. we've got lows near 60 monday and tuesday, bright skies and temperatures finally below average into the 70s as the humidity is wiped t.
9:45 am
all week long. unfortately, the case through the weekend. >> the wet weather won't rain on our party. thunk you, ryan. breaking overnight -- this morning we are hearing from russian officials about a passenger jet that crashed in southern russia. we're toldll 55 passengers and seven crew members on board are presumed dead. officials say the aircraft crashed at the airport at the end of a flight from dubai. they say the weather is being considered as a possible cause for the crash, but they are not ruling out pilot error. most of the passengers onboard were russian. also breaking news out of belgium -- we've just received new information in to our newsroom. the most wanted fugitive from november's terror attacks in paris has been formally charged. belgian officials say he has been cooperating since captured brussels esterday.
9:46 am
live on belgium tv. he's 1 of 10 isis militants as taking part in the terrorist attacks. all the others have died while carrying out the terror attacks or captured. was found in a neighborhood in brussels streets from his childhoodhome. nine seconds of hulk hogan having sex is going to cost gawker media at least $115 million. that's how much a st. petersburg jury awarded an emotional hulk hogan. in 2012 gawker posted a video of him, part4of i had showed the former wrestler having sex with the wife of his then-best friend. he sued saying it was is an invasion of privacy. the ry awarded him millions. it is not over. the same jury will return next week to consider punitive damages. time right now, 9:48. a performer recovering after a stunt goes awry speaking out from the hospital bed.
9:47 am
weighing in on the accident. and the family of eagles making national headlines. one fuzzy-winged bird already emerged from its shell. but this morning we're still iting on n (vo) with thousands of quality pre-owned vehicles... and exceptional customer service, head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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welcome back. it's the story that continues to capture headlines and this fire breather whohoas badly burned during a stunt at a pep rally is speaking from his hospital. nbc 6 reports from del ray beach. >> i'm lucky. it's like being burned alive. >> reporter: a day after being hospitalized and set on fire in a gymnasium packed with students, ricky charles talks about his burns and bruises. >> my mistake, my fault. i take full responsibility. i should have practiced. i didn't practice. >> reporter: swollen, scabbed and scarred, charles has second-degree burns on his face, legs and arms. he was performing a a pep rally
9:50 am
his act ended abruptly. >> the fire is in my face. i'm going this is new. then what? what? then boom. oh, no. as soon as i saw my pants on fire, i'm like that's it, i'm done. >> reporter: that's charles sitting oen the inflatable basketball court while he's lit on flames. nbc 6 decided no the to show the disturbing video. >> no kids were in trouble, flo kids were in danger except me and my guys. >> reporter: but students could have been in danger. that's w w the district has a policy against pyrotechnics inside its schools. >> now the part that we're investigating is who knew what, who approved this paicular contract, and did in fact the principal and thechain of command at the school know that part of this would include pyrotechnics. >> reporter: but four different times schools in palm beach county hired charles to do similar shows. >> this happened several years ago so i was not aware of that. and as a new superintendent, it
9:51 am
to be reminding individuals that this is absolutely against policy. >> reporter: one thing is for sure -- this kind of act won't be welcome in these schools again. >> i apologize for the high school. apologize for them to see that kind of, you know, madness. >> reporter: once the district figures outho is responsible, they'll then try and determine the best disciplineary action. >> unbelievable. charles is now recovering at home.
9:52 am
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cuba's g gring up for the first visit by a u.s. president in almost years. president obama arrives in havana tomorrow. the president is scheduled to meet cuban leader raul castro, meet with cuban dissidenen and attend a baseball game. miami native and nfl player
9:54 am
injured in a dirt bike crash has died. police say the 23-year-old got into an accident in liberty city on thursday. he was rushed to the hospital but his head trauma was too much to overcome. we are told he was not wearing a helmet. only on 6, an elementary schoo student is caught bringing a knife to school and accused of threatening another student. it was in the pocket of a 10-year-old who attends the gateway environmental k through 8 learning center in homestead. that student received a ten-day suspension. the mother of the boy he allegedly threatened says suspension is not enough. a performer recovering after a stunt goes awry. speaking out from the hospital bed. the 52-year-old suffered second degree burns at a pep rally in del ray beach. though officials say it is against district rules to have indoor pyrotechnics, we've learned he's done these fiery stunts in schools before. several miami-dade residents must find a new place to stay afterer driver crashed into an apartment building in northwest miami-dade. police say the 27-year-old woman
9:55 am
control of her car and slammed into the building. miami-dade fire rescue crews declared part of the building unsafe. we're already into the second day of ultra music festival's three-day event. road closures and detours are in place. officials remind everyone to always stay safe. very cloudy out there. >> not a lot of sunshine to kick off the weekend. at least we are dry right now. i don't think that's going to stick around too much longer. through midday, we're dry. cloudy, 82. then shower chances kick in later this afternoon. 84. showers build up, i would say afternoon showers today, scattered showers and storms tomorrow. we clear out just in time for monday sorry about that. getty you are umbrella ready. finally this morning, all eyes are on mr. president and the first lady today. but we're not talking about the obamas. in this case, mr. president and
9:56 am
we're getting a live look at the web camera set up at their nest capturing every moment of the family's newest addition. yesterday morning the eaglet hatched at the national aush
9:57 am
9:58 am
the first lady had nibbled on zooming in from outer space to see what we are doin' tiny little astronauts ready to get to it
9:59 am
they're the brightest of the best a team of friends upon a quest all aboard they send reports of projects they are doin' question and investigate there is nothin' to it make a guess and do your best gathering the data - find out, floogals. go! they're a band of cosmic friends tiny happy aliens blast off to another world secretly exploring when they land upon the earth nothing's ever boring they might have landed in your room be testing the kitchen or exploring in the bathroom have you noticed something missin' it's another undercover super secret day experimenting all the way they think our planet's really great here come fleeker boomer flo adventures everywhere they go so check your room for cosmic friends tiny happy aliens they're floogals
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- all clear, so far. hup. first officer, flo floogal, in position. phew! hot today. - i'll just go check on the food for our barbecue. [gasps] - floogal alert! hoomans. - mom hooman, incoming. - you get some drinks, sweetie. okay, let's see. - uh-oh. - yikes! - evie, can you take the potato salad? - okay, mom. - and i've got the hot dogs. - lukie, can you ask dad where he put the buns? can't find 'em. - dad! where'd you put the hot dog buns? - please remember to use your inside voice, when you're inside. - i've got the buns! time for a barbecue, every-- whoa! hope you made lots of lemomade, honey. whew! "hottest day of the year," the weatherman said. - oh, don't forget to fill the cooler with ice, please, honey. - got ya. comin' right up. - hmm? - dad hooman, clear. floogals, report in.


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