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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today Sunday at 7am  NBC  March 20, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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still plenty of shower activity. taking a lookt what we're dealing with as far as raid in dade county, few light showers across northern morgs portions of miami-dade county, miami kes area. if i take a zoomed outlook you will begin to see where the shore activity is, moving from west to east, this will be the trend for most of the day. we are expecting an active day as far as rain and isolated and scattered thunderstorms today. waking up to temperatures right now 73 in miami, 74 in fort lauderdale. i will have more on ur forecast in just a bit. breaking news out of plantation. that is where we are getting reports of a shooting at a house party. authorities releasing few details at this hour but we can tell you that several people were injured, one of them fatally. it is not clear who pulledhe trigger or why. we will continue to track this breaking news a bring you more information as we get it into our newsroom. finishing touches under way in havana, cuba, this as the
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is set to happen in a matter of hours. this historic visit will be the most symbolic action yet as the two countries normalize relations. many cubans there say they are hopeful, anticipating the possibilities this new era will bring. havana and the white house began warming relations the travel industry pounced on opportunities to do business in cuba. we are on the ground in the island with a look at the boom in tourism there. >> reporter: from walking tours, old cars, buses and double decker buses to horse drawn carriages, cruisesnd even segues, tourists seem to be flocking to cuba, from people sipping mojitos and daiquiris in the bars to the new restaurants starting to open up in havana. business in the tourist areas like old havana is moving. >> translator: my typical clients until recently was
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i have seen an increase in american tourists especially from california. >> reporter: greg or i can't owns now bar and grill very close to the port. just in march cuba reported the arrivalof 1 million international visitors this year so far, an increase of 14.6%. >> translator: there are certainly people who benefit from the tourists like the taxi drirs, street vendors and people like myself. >> reporter: up to now most tourists were from europe, but now they are starting to see americans. >> where are you from? >> phoenix, arizona? >> what are you doing here in cuba. >> we were here for a volunteer trip. >> what do you think about cuba. >> cuba has opinion more than anything we could have imagined, it's beautiful, the city, the historic value of it. >> reporter: how much of the profits trickles down to the cuban people rereins to be seen, but tourists and cuban agree it's s l about this, people to people, the food, music and the
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jackie necessary al, nbc 6 news. preparations also under way for another historic visit, the rolling stones in havana preparing fof the band's first concert in cuba. originallyhe show was slalted for today but when the band got word of the president's visitt they delayed the show to friday. the stones added the free show to the end of their latin american tour, they will become the first major international roccstars to play in cuba. they expect hundreds of thousand toss attend. and there's wordd that a u.s. hotel chain is returning to the island after more than 50 years. this move coming after american hotels were taken over byidel castro's socialist revolution. star wood signed a d dl to renovate and run three cuban hotels. all cuban hotels are state deal so the deal puts a major u.s. cooperation directly into business with the communist business. star wood says it will invest
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keep it here on nbc 6 before, durin and after the president's trip. jawan and jackie continue their coverage from cuba today at:00 p.m. and we will be life streaming coverage of the president's trip tonight on the nbc 6 nus and weather app. while there be sure to check out other stories about the warming relations with the u.s. under the cuba crossroads section. back at home ultra weekend is coming to an end, the three-day festival shutting down its beaming lights until next year's show. that means traffic will soon be back to normal. every year ultra brings thousands of people to miami giving a major economic boost to the city. hotels, food, you name it, most businesses benefit from the sold out festival. meanwhile, some locals say the festival can become qui a nightmare. >> car feels like it's going to shake and break in half because the music is so loud, the traffic just so terrible. >> part of biscayne boulevard
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shut downince thursday night and last night traffic was even worse because the miami heat was playing just blocks away. >> time right now is 7:06. the so-called dump trump movement in full force. arrests are made as hundreds of protesters take to the streets in hopes of putting a stop to donald trump. plus if you take vitamin supplements and prescription meds there is an important warning doctors want you to know. details after the break. . south florida, yesterday wasn't a completee washout, today we are expecting a little more in the way of moisture, scatterr to numerous showers, possibly isolated to scattered thunderstorms will remain in the forecast. wind expecting to be shifting out of the southwest and out of
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as the protest movement against trump and his campaign heats up violence breaks out at another campaign rally for the presidential hopeful in arizona. a large group of protesters was escorted out of the gop front runner's event in tucson yesterday. one protester wore what appeared to be a kkk hood while giving a nazi salute. as they were being led out by police another person frr the crowd began punching and kiing them, he was also escorted out of the event >> then you saw all hell break loose, this and that and he's stomping me. incredible scenes. i understand that people support donald trump, but do they support this kind of scene? really? >> we're told trump called the protesters disgusting and a disgrace. meanwhile democratic presidential candidate bernie sanders was also campaigning in arizona. yesterday at a rally sanders spoke about immigration reform and ending the fear of
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the vermont senator also paid a visit to the u.s./mexican border. cocong up we will have more on decision 2016 when we go live with "meet the press" moderator chuck todd. this morning more more than 1,000 people in south florida are new c cizens of the united states of america. there were long lines at marlins stadium yesterday as more than 1,500 aspiring citizens lined up to get naturalized. the timing very important. many of these people are hispanics and want a chance to have their say during the november election. many who spoke to nbc 6 have one common goal in mind. >> to be a citizen so i can vote. >> we need a better president. we don't want donald trump. >> o step closer to democracy this group says everyvote counts.
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in part by -- >> all right. south florida, 7:11 on this sunday morning. we are beginning too see a few showers that remainver the west coast movovg to portions of broward county. coral springs right now all along i-75 down into margate and from 75 in westin into davie the showers extend as far east as fort lauderdale and up and down 95. a few light showers across much of broward county but there is plenty of moisture to go around. right now if you are in miami-dade county good news we are not dealing with any of the moisture just yet, however, out west over the everglades all that moisture, this bll of rain continued to push towards the east and that will be the trend for the majority of the day. zoomininout putting things into motion you will see what i'm talking about, the showers beginning to increase from west to east. we're expecting scattered to numerous showers to remain in the forecast for today. i'm thinking today will be a little wetter thattenn we saw yesterday and of course with the heat in place with that front
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be present so i'm always thinking isolated to scattered thunderstorms at any given line. you definitely want to have those umbrellas handy as you head out the door because you will be needing it at some point today. 73 miami, 74 fort lauderdale, dealing with upper 70s across the middle keys, also shaping up to be a warm one. we're waking up to light south wind, as you can see over the water this is outside of our first alert cam in fort lauderdale out of november have a southeastern university, it's a quiet start to the day right now. first alert forecast we will keep those showers in the forecast today, some % thunderstorms are expected and we're expecting the temperatures 80s. low pressure off the carolina coast continues to drag this cold front already allowing for all the shower activity to kick up across much of our sunshine state as it continues to push towards the south we will see increasing chance of shower and thunderstorm activity. dryer and cooler air@ will
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won't see that cooler air until at least overnight and into tomorrow. first we have to get through the storms, lightning and gusty winds will probably be the maia threats with any thunderstorm today. taking a look ahead we are expecting that cool down, temperatures tomorrow only reaching into lower 70s and overnight monday back into the 50s. >> erika, thank you. this morning doctors have a warning for the tens of millions of americans who ake dietary supplements, researchers are finding many of them can interfere with prescription meds, especially cancer drugs. nbc's tom cast low has more. >> reporter: for 42-year-old sheli newhouse a devastating diagnosis, facing cancer in both breasts she opted for a double fast ekt mee then loaded up on my dietary supplement that promised to build her immune system and fight the cancer. >> i was taking 60 pills a day. >> 60 supplement pills a day? >> yes. >> but when she went back to dana-farber cancer institute to
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was too w to start, likely due to all those supplements say her doctors. >> she didn't realize it was important for me to know what ss was taking while she was on chemotherapy if it wasn't a prescription medication. >> it took weeks withtht supplements before her white count was high enough to begg the chemo. new research indicates it's becoming more common. >> the biggest concern many supplements can interfere with cancer drugs, lessening their effectiveness or making them more toxic and many doctors don't know their patients are taking those supplements. echinacea and cava can impact blood pressure drugs. others can interfere with radiation meds. >> the biggest problem is that there are activity ingredients in dietary supplements that act the same way as medications do in the body. >> many want the fda to regulate supplements. >> just because something is natural doesn't mean that it's safe. >> the supplement industry
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said it's important patients tell their doctors what they're taking. sheli now takes just six. >> i believe in taking these vitamin supplements because i wanted to do anything that i could to beat cancer. >> the good news, today sheli learned she's cancer free. tom costello, nbc news, bosn. time right now 7:15. still ahead, pope francis is expanding his presence on social media. ee where you can now follow the pontiff. plus all you pet parents out there, do you know what to do if your furry friend gets into a sticky situation? our resident veterinarian will
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our all right. wcome back. all pet owners know that our four legged friends can sometimes get into a bit of trouble when we are not looking, maybe more than a bat, and it's up to us to make sure we can
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get them to a vet. if you don't have a first aid kit to your pet it's a good idea to start making one. this doctor will show us must have items that every pet first aid kit should have. >> we have a lot of stuff. let's kick off with peroxide. now, the thing with peroxide you don't want tose it on open wounds although it can cleanse wounds it will also kill living tissue. the first place people go for wound care but the last thing you should be using. >> okay. >> this is to be used to induce vomiting in the case of a dog or cat eating muhammad case or something mocks i'm like chocolate or race ins this will help them bring it back. the key is to not use this with chemical ingestion, times chemicals will burn on the way up and way down.
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pounds, you can use a needle syringe or tkey baster for a big dod. >> talking about vomiting, first aid is pretty gross so the first thing i always go for is have a towel handy and some gloves to keep yourself clean. the nice thing about a towel is you can also use it to wrap up a frightened patient like i have done with our kitty, that way they feel safe and keeps you safe when you'qe handling them. >> good idea, have the towel handy. >> talking about first aid, first thing, too, to look at is some electrolyte replacement, unflavored pedialyte very important to have in your first aid kid k.ity. >> for animals or -- >> this is regular pedialyte but the key is unflavored, xyletol in the flavored ones are hazardous to pets.
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that's nice to have around. >> the next thing to talk about is bleeding emergencies, cats can cut themselves, get a nail caught in something, cut their pads. there's always a good idea to have quick stop on hand. this is available from pet stores, veterinarians, it's a little powder you put on a wound. if you don't have this corn starch will work, which is nice. for bigger wounds there's something called quick stop, this is used by law enforcement, this is very handy for bigger wounds, obviously if it's something that serious you want to get your pet to a vet as soon as possible. >> this is just stuff if you are home and can't get them at home. >> it buys you time, makes my job easier because you are already put literally a band-aid on it. >> that brings us on to wound care. n't use peroxide, iodine is a great choce for wound care, dilute this, it will keep things
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care alleyey karo syrup, with ose little dogs that get out of steam, a dab of this on their tongue will get them going go en. >> let's say we do all this, take them to a vet, follow-ups, what about that? >> absolutely. this is all just to buy you time. most important thing is to havee directions printed out to your nearest vet, , earest pet emergency clinic, but the idea there is literally anything you do along these lines helps me make your pet tter. >> of course your pet and family will also be safe and happy. if you would like more information about first aid for your pets head to our nbc 6 6 news and weather app or you can search all about an mall section so you can send drt cupkey a message. >> fantastic. the most modern pope yet, pope francis has joined
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sleen ma gomez currently the most followed perern on the social network may have some competition. he made his instagram debut yesterday with a photo of him kneeling in prayer. the caption said pray for me in nine languages.. the vatican said the instagram account will allow people to share the pope's jend urs and tenderness and mercy. >> always need to have an inspirational message from the popoiff. right now i think i will follow him. i will wait until the commercial break. 7:22 is the time. still ahead, after nearly a ceceury a u.s. sitting president will step foot on the island of cuba today. find out what are the next steps for washington after this historic visit when we go live with chuck todd next. and ultra fest coming to an
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hear what locals have to welco back. decision 2016 three of the candidates trying t# win their party's nomination are hitting the campaign trail out west. is all comes as republicans aim to stop donald trump from becoming the party's nominee. "meet thpress" moderator chuck todd is tracking the latest in the race for the white house and joins us from washington, d.c. goomorning to you. >> good morning. >> is there still time for there to be a unified strategy to stop trump? >> there's still time. they just haven't found that unified strategy. there's still a little discomfort in washington in uniting behind ted cruz. i think if there weren't hesitance about cruz and his electability you would see a rush of money and of endorsements going ted cruz's way but the hesitance about cruz
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the talk of stopping him at the convention, it's still possible, there's enough states on the calendar that you defeat trump in enough of these states you can keep him short of majority of delegates, but again, cruz and kich they don't appear to be willing to worktogether to either divide up the states or have one back down. they're both, for instance, campaigning in utah and the irony there is in they hold the winner under 50% the may actually hand delegates to trump rather than deny him. the motivation is there, the strategy isn't, sharon. >> and a news report from earlier this week suggested that president obama thinks the democratic party should unify hind hillary clinton. so willll we see a more active role from mr. obama in the 2016 race and if we do whaha might that look like? >> right. well, look, i thihi number one nobody motivates him likeonald
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so i think trump's candidacy and his rise and especially the way some repeplicans pin the blame of the rise of trump on president obama, that motivates him to get more involved than ever. that's one. second, i ththk -- i wouldn't be surprised if he comes out publicly for secretary clinton perhaps even before the end of the month. i think that there is now a movement to expedite the unification process onn the democratic side. >> finally as you know president obama will make a mistst rick visit to cuba today, a lot of folks here very important in miami. what can we expect from washington as the white house moving forward to normalizing relations with the communist nation? >> well, we'll see. i mean, i think that there's still some resistance on capitol hill to pulling back the embargo, you know, as you know, there's still many parts of the embargo that are codified into law and it would take an act of congress in order to undo them and i think what the president
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the diplomatic status with cuba, doing everythinin he can within his executive authority to do this that his visit reinforces and normalizes this idea for the country to sort of isolate the movement, the group of republicans who don't want to see a change in policy. we'll see. i think there's still enough resistance that you won't see formal action anytime soon. but i think the president could go a long way if his visisi ends up helping to get some political prisoners freed. so far that hasn't happened. >> definitely here in south florida a lot of mixed reaction coming from the cuban american community. we definitely be watching. as always thank you for joining us this morning, chuck. >> we will be sure to tune in later this morning. fresh off his win in ohio governor john kasich will join chuck todd on "meet the press." at 10:00 a.m. time right now 7:29. more news ahead.
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details about a suspected terrorist's change of heart on the night of the paris attack. plus police in fort lauderdale are asking for your
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shot and killed a young father. good morning. welcome to nbc 6 south florida today. i'm sharon lawso it's saturday march 20th. we will get you started with teorologist erika delgado and
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how is the weather looking? we have a lot of oudoor activities planned for today, ultra fest, jazz in the gardens, spring break. come on. >> the kids are off from school all week long, unfortunately it wasn't been the best of weekends. the first half of yesterday was okay, esciaiay in miami-dade county, but in broward county that strong line of strorms went through, wind gusts up to 53 miles per hour, fort lauderdale, port everglades and sunrise. even a water spout that touched down over just off the fort lauderdale beach area yesterday afternoon. right nowour live first alert radar looking prettytive. behind these along i-75 moving towards`the east. if you are in the person area or to the wes of i-75 you may be encountering more than a late shower. miami-dade we are beginning to see the bulk of the moisture moving across western portions outside of the hialeah gardens area to the west of the
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area. flooming out there is pellet plenty to go around, that continues to move from west to east. this will be the trend again. strong wind sts yesterday with these thunderstorms. again that will be the case at any given time we could see some showers. waking up to mild conditions, 73 miami, 74 fort lauderdale. definitely want to havevehose umbrellas handy as you head out the door this morning because ou will be needing them. breaking news out of plantation. that is where we are getting reports of a shooting at a house party. this video coming inn our studios here. authorities releasing few details at this hour, but we can tell you that several people were injured, one of them fatally. now, it is not clear who pulled the trigger or why. we will continue to track this breaking news story and bring you more information as we get it into our newsroom including any new video. president barack obama just hours from touching down in havana, cuba, the first sitting u.s. president to do so in nearly a century. the president's schedule is jam
7:33 am
a meeting with cuba's leader, raul castro even a baseball game, jackie nespral and jawan strader are live on the ground. >> reporter: president obama will arrive here first where he will meet with cardinal ortega who played a pivotal role in restoring relations with cuba. he will get a little r and r with the first family. revolution palace known known as the presidential palace, many remember this as the cuban white house of sorts, president obama will be here meeting with raul castro and then return later with the first lady for a state dinner. and then on tuesday president obama will be h he at the national theater for the much anticipated address to the cuban people, the cuban government will be listening closely to what the president has to say but not as closely as the people of cuba who are hoping that the president will address some of
7:34 am
sitting presidents to visit the island in almost 90 years. >> a a the president's final stop here at the stadium in havana where the people will take on a game between the tampa bay rays and cuban national team. final preps are under way as they get ready for the big game. you're seeing right there the generators. jawan strader nbc 6 news. and one of president obama's biggest critics weieiing in on the trip. marco rubio picking apart the visit which reads in part this is an obama presididntial trip whose ultimate results will be giving away lengt maes and money to an anti-american regime. that actively undermines our national security interests and ts against our values every single day. the senator goes on to criticize every stop the president is schedule to make in cuba. rubio calls the trip, quote, naive anan misguided. just before president obama
7:35 am
warning of the risk of the zika rus in that country. the obama administration says the virususasn't been a factor in his travel plans and is not expected to be in the future. the cdc just added cuba to its travel notice for zika. zika is spreadadhrough bites from a specififimosquito and it believed to carry particular risk forrbirth defects. the cdc advises egnant women not to travel to places with zika. jawan and jackie continue their coverage from cuba today beginning at 6:00 p.m. we will be live streaming coverage of thepresident's trip tonight on the nbc 6 news and weather app. while you're there be sure to check out our other stories about the warming relations with crossroads section. ultra weekend is coming to an end, the three-day festival shutting down its beaming lights until next year's show. that means traffic will soon be back to normal.
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thousands of people to miami, giving a major economic boost to the city. hotels, food, you name it, most businesses benefit from the sold out festival. meanwhile some locals say the festival can become quite a might mare. >> this car feels like it's going to shake and break in half because the music is so loud and the ttaffic is just so terrible. >> part of biscayne boulevard near bay front park has been shut down since thursday night and last night traffic was even worse because the miami heat was playing just blocks away. also right now police on the campus of fiy narrowing in on a suspect in a recent vandalism case. officers hoping someone recognizes this man that you see right there and contacts them. they want @to talk to him about vandalism that occurred at the mark building on march 11th. anyone with information is urged to contact authorities. time right now 7:38. still ahead, two helicopters called in for a daring rescue in
7:37 am
and teens now postponing what many call a rite of passage. >> south florida dealing with a few hours miami-dade and heavy rain entering western portions of miami-dade county. right now we are dealing with a light soutut southwest wind, just 15 miles per hour along atlanticic beaches. we are keep the rip current risk at a moderate end of the stale scale. we are expecting you're on hold, your business is on hold.
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new details this morning about the man investiggtors believe was hyped last year's deadly terrorist attacks. french officials want salah abdeslam to stand trial in france, but the 26-year-old is fighting the extraditi from belgium. during yesterday's interrogation he allegedly told investigators he wants to blow himself up in paris on november 13th, but backed out at the last minute. he was captured on friday in brussels. now, you may recall 130 people
7:40 am
right now the detectives are on the hunt for a person who shot and killed a new father near fort lauderdale. the victim was found shot to cocoer of the northwest 14th street and 28th avenue. family identify him as 23-year-old damian jackson. jackson's sister says she saw him lying dead on the ground after the shots were fired. she says he leaves behind a girlfriend. detectives have not released any fgs on possible suspects. if you have any information that can h hp contact the broward crime stoppers, the number on your screen. a southe california horseback on firm ground after taking quite the tumble down a canyon. the rescue, check it out, caught on kak ra as firefighters hoisted the horseo safety. the horse was attached to a harn net then blindfolded before being put in the air by a helicopter. it was safely placed down by a
7:41 am
several shaky attempts to get back up on its feet again, but it did. >> now, first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado. south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right. south florida, it's sunday morning and we are dealing with a few showers across portionon of miami-dade and broward county but now they are beginning to pick up just a little bit. outside in broward county west of $75 continuing to move towards the west and east, we've been dealing with ligig showers all morning long, now things are beginning to pick up especially if you are in the miami-dade area. heavy rain expected along the turn tiek from ami gardens down toward doral. all the way south near the redland area these showers and this heavy cluster beginning to move from west to east.
7:42 am
of the day today. no thunderstorms out there, but you definitely want to have those umbrellas handy today. zoomingut we will see exactly where these showers are headed, out toward the gulf of mexico, all that moisture beginning to creep into our area. yesterday the majority of the rain and thunderstorms were over broward county but this morning we're dealing with more of that rain across portions of miami-dade. as that front continues to push through the south -- push south towards south florida there today we will begin to see most of the activity across pororons of miami-dade and florida straits. mild start to the day 73 miami, 74 fort lauderdale, already in the upper 70s down intohe keys. already shaping up to be a warm one. a little while ago i mentioned that we could begin to see a break in the cloud, once these showers move offshore within the next hour or two you can see behind me some breaks in the crowd, that's allowing temperatures to continue to warm up. that tlgether with moisture that could allow for thunderstorms to
7:43 am
for your first alert forecast we witl keep scattered showers in the forecast, also maybe thunderstorms. temperatures warm up back into the mid 80s today. there is that front as it florida. the moist humid air to the south, dryer air to the north, we are beginning to see those cooler temperatures across the southeast, tennessee valley waking up to 40s. temperatures across our sunshine state remain in the 60s and 70s. gloomy start to the day again but we will begin to see a break in the clouds to good news as we head out the dooror later today. marine conditions, small craft adviviry will be in effect. with any thunderstorm lightning and wind will be the main threats or today. today is the first day of spring, find that cold front it will be cooler, early morning clouds monday, highs reaching into the 70s and 50s monday
7:44 am
oh, yeah. a night of jazz under the stars in miami gardens last night. there you see it, the music thousands. today baby face and usher head lining the festival along with lots of local talents, fred hammond with gospel to get you going on this sunday. as most teenagers know it is a rite of passage getting a driver's license and enjoying the freedom. but did you know that more and more teenagers are saying no thanks at least for nono joe fryer reports on what steering the trend. >> reporter: when the school d comes to an end this is where the rubber meets the road for many studedes, even though millie jones is nearly 18 she lks just about everywhere because she doesn't have a driver's license. >> i don't know, i don't feel like i'm really missing out on that much by not having a car. >> reporter: at nathan hail high school in seattle millie is far from alone.
7:45 am
not have their dver's license? >> everyone in this group relies on the city bus or their own two feet. >> i have a lot of friends that drive and a lot that don't, so i'd say it's like 50/50. >> reporter: it's a national trend, far fewer teens are rushing to the dmv when they turn 16. a report from the university of michigan found in 1983, 80% of 18 yirlds had a license by 2014 that number dropped to 60%. why? >> i can't afford it. insurance, we don't have t money for insurance. >> mainly because i think my mom is a little scared for me to get one. >> researchers say teens today are too busy and surprisingly can still rely on the family taxi. >> there's sort of a recent phenomenon with parents driving their kids to school instead of taking the bus. >> ride sharing services like uber and lyft also offer a way to get around or like this group you can just call your friends. >> even though it's uncomfortable, even though it
7:46 am
have to ask people it works. >> for students who are getting a license many must n n pay commercial companies like defensive driving school becausese fewer public schools are offering driver's ed. as for millie. >> i feel okay without a driver's license. >> she is no no rus life is fast enough already, even without a license to drive. joe fryer, nbc news, seattle. a teen in no are you wish? unheard of. enjoy being chauffeured around for the time being. 7:47. tomorrow coming up the stars of the newest nbc show in the spotlight they're talented but
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if you don't think "this is right for me" when you think aarp, then you don't know "aarp". get to know us at lcome back. little kids with big talent on tvs newest hit show, millions
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show right here on nbc to see what she is kids can do. >> it's what they're saying that really has families watching at home. kevin tibblesas more. >> welcome to little big shots, everybody. >> the only thing little about little big shots are the pint sized prod geez. nearly 15 million people tuned in to watch host steve harvey introduce some very talented kids. and somehow navigate some quirky conversations. >> so where are your balls? >> his facial expressions ta over when words just won't do. >> you can't produce a six-year-old. he doesn't remember what you told him to say. he doesn't care. and neither do i. so that's the magic. >> little big shots is the sleeper success of the season. tapping into that triednd true
7:50 am
family can enjoy together. the show's co-executive producer is ellen degeneres. >> it's a talent show but it's not a cocoetition. everyone is a winner. >> art linklater and the kids. >> in the '50s and '60s folks were glued to the tube at art linklater's house party where kids often said thedarnedest things. >> what's the hardest thing about school for you? >> buttoning my pants. >> and perhaps there is another reason we're watching. >> it's during this election year where adults are behaving badly. here you can see the future of the country through the kids as opposed to the politicians. >> this teeny tiny talent time is clearly a hit with kids of all ages. kevin tibbles, nbc news, chicago. >> i'm putting a reminder to
7:51 am
>> it is hilarious. those kids have such big personalities and, steve, the look that he gives is priceless. it's priceless. >> i don't think they could have found anybody better to host that show him than. >> ellen degenereses and steve harvey co-producing the show. amazing. why didn't we think about that? >> there's no way. we have our own show here, the sharon and erika show isenough. >> tune in every weekend. >> big personalities coming up a look at our topstories, but first a life look at where -- erika, tell us about it, please. >> right now we have a light
7:52 am
7:53 am
with a few breaking news out of plantation, o o person is dead, several others injured after a
7:54 am
is not clear who pulled the trigger or why, or authorities have identified any suspects. president barack obama hours from touching down in havana, cuba, the first sitting u.s. president t t do so in nearly 90 years. this historic visit will be the most symbolic action yet as the two countries norm eyes relations. police are on the hunt for the person who shot and killed a young father near fort lauderdale. damian jackson found yesterday yesterday morning near northwest 14th street and 28th avenue. if you have any information on this crime contact authorities. a local musician asking for your help for a pricey instrument that was stolen. regory says thieves broke into his parked car on northeast 17th street in miami and took off with his viola. he says he has owned t t instrument for 15 years and it's worth $40,000. more than 1,500 people in south florida are new u.s. citizens. this he lined up to get naturalized at the marlins
7:55 am
the timing very important, many are hispanic and want a chance to vote come the november elections. ultra weekend is coming to an end. shutting down its beaming lights until next year. ultra brings tens of thousands of people to miami giving a major economic boost to the city and local businesses, many locals complain the traffic i i terrible. now for a check on the weather. it's pretty cloudy out there, we are dealing with more shower activity across portions of miami-dade, that's where the heaviest of the rain s once this batch moves offshore within the next 30 to 40 minutes we will see a break in the clouds and that will allow temperatures to warm up into the mid to upper 80s. that will allow for possibly thunderstorms to kick up later today as a cold front swings through this evening. finally this hour a penguin returns to an island off rio to visit the man who saved himive years ago, the unlikely friendship started in 2011 when the retired man found the home.
7:56 am
had back to health before returning the penguin back to the breeding ground but every year the penguin makes the 5,000 mile journey to recall war
7:57 am
7:58 am
>> how does he know it's good morning.
7:59 am
out at a donald trump criminally in rally in arizona. at least one arrest. this morning the man is speaking out. >> w wt was going through my mind was put your arms over your head because this political movement has gotten to the point where you may get beat to death inside of a rally. >> trump's campaign manager wading into the crowd to grab another protester. this as the race to stophe billionaire becomes more frantic. we're live on the campaign trail this morning. historic visit. president obama set to arrive in cuba later today, first visit by 100 years. what it means for the relationship between the united states and our long-time cold war foe. terrifying crash. a race car driver walks away after this scary accident during the australian grand prix. >> and oh look how far it's gone! >> amazingly both drivers doing okay this morning after being able to get out of those cars on their own. and the eagle is here.
8:00 am
hatched. all eyes remain on the eagle's nest, glued to the live camera that captured the country's attention. we'll check in on mom and babies today, sunday, march 20th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbcbc news, this is "today" live from studio >> welcome to "today" on this sunday morning. i'm craig melvin. >> i'm sheinelle jones with dylan dreyer. erica is enjoying the morning off today. i love the songs we're coming up with. >> i missed the hatching of the second eaglet. i've been watching it for 36 hours straight. and i missed it. >> happened a few moments ago. dc 3 was hatched, we saw dc 2 hatch yesterday. at some point they'll nake theme the eaglets but now going with dc 2 and 3.


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