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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News Sunday 9AM  NBC  March 20, 2016 9:00am-9:30am EDT

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the bulk of the moisture that did move through moving away. the trend will be from west to east, that's where the moisture will continuing develop and move through south florida. if you are i-95 north miami, the miami beach area into key biscayne it has been a soggy start this sunday morning. waking up to temperatures in the mid 70s, 75 miami, 74 fort lauderdale, 76 degrees in the pembroke pines area. for your first alert forecast the next few hours temperatures will slowly begin to build up into the upper '70s, possibly hitting that 80 degree mark before noontime. anytime showers will remain in the forecast for the first half of the day. breaking news out of plantation, one person is dead and four others injured after a shooting at a house party near norththst 118th avenue and forest court. police sayay it happened as they were responding to a call in reference to a loud party. they found one person dead inside the house, the other four
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>> when the units arrived there was shots fired, unknown how that started. it was some type of an altercation that had happened inside of the home. we did have four people transported to the hospital we have one deceased on the scene. >> it is still not clear who pulled the trigger or why and police say the shooter still on the run. we will continue to track this breaking news and bring you more information as we get it into our newsroom. finishing touches under way in havana, cuba, this ashe island nation prepares for the arrival of president t ama which hours. this historic visis will be the most symbolic action yet as the two countries normalize relations. the president's schedule is jam packed with tours and speeches, a meeting withcuba's leader raul castro and even a baseball gaga. nbc 6 anchors jackie nespral and jawan strader are on the ground agenda. >> reporter: president obama
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national cath tropical in old havana where he will meet with cardinal ortega who played pivotal role in restoring communications with cuba. he will get a little r and r with the first family. behind me revolution palace, also known as the presidential palace, many rememberhis as the cuban white house of sorts. president obama will be here meeting with raul castro and then retur later with the first lady for a state dinner. >> d then on tuesday president obama will be here at the national eater for the much people. the cuban government will be listening closely to what the president has to say, but not as closely as the people of cuba who are hoping that the president will address some of their concerns from the first sitting president to visit the island inlmost 90 years. and the president's final stop here athe stadium in havana where the president will take on a game between the tampa bay rays and a cuban national team.
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are under way as they get ready for the big game. generators. want strader, nbc 6 news. many cubans say they have hopeful anticipating the responsibilities this new era will bring. sisie the white house began warming relations the u.s. travel industry pounced on the opportunity to do business in cuba. jackie nespral gives us a look at the boom in tourism there. >> reporter: from walking tours, old cars, buses and double decker buses to horse drawn marriages, cruises and even segues, tours seem to be flocking to cuba from people sipping mojitos and daiquiris in the bars to the new restaurant that are starting to open up in havana. business in the tourist areas like old havana is moving. >> translator: my typical clients until recently was european and some canadians, but i have seen anncrease in
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from california. >> reporter: gregorio owns now port. just in march cuba reported the arrival of 1 million international vitors this year >> translator: there are certaiy people who benefit from the tourists like the taxi drivers, street vendors and people like myself. >> up to now most tourists were from europe, but now they are starting to see americans. where are you from? >> phoenix, arizona. >> what are you doing in cuba? >> we wereere for a volunteer trip. >> what do you think about cuba? >> cuba has bee more than anything we could have imagined. it's beautiful, thecity, the historic value of it. >> reporter: how much of the profits of this new arrangement trickles down to the cuban people remains to be seen but politics aside, tourists and cubans agree it's all about this, people to people, the food, music and the energy of the people.
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preparations also under way for another historic visit, the rolling stones are in havana preparing for the band's first concert in cuba. originally the show was slated for today, but when band members got word of the president's visit theyelayed the show until friday. adding the free show to the d of their latin american tour. they will become the first major international rock stars to play in cuba. they expect hundreds of thousands of people to attend. and there's word that u.s. hotel chain is roughing to the island after more than 50 years, this move coming after american hotels were taken over by fidel castro's socialist revolution. star wide signed a deal to generate and run three cuban owe hels. alld=n hotels are state run so the dea puts a major u.s. cooperation directly into business with the communist government. star wood will invest millions to renovate the hotels. before president obama heads to cuba the u.s. is warning of
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that country. thehebama administration says the virus has not been a factor in his travel plans and it's not expected to be in the future. the cdc just added cuba to its travel notice for zika. zika is spread through bites from a specific mosquito and is believed to carry particular risk for birth defects. the cdc advises pregnant women not to travel to places with zika. keep it here on nbcbc 6 before, during and after the president's trip. jawan and jackie continue their coverage from cuba today at 6:00 p.m. we will be live streaming coverage of the president's trip tonight on the nbc 6 news and weather app. be sure to check o o other stories about the warming relations with the u.s. and you the cuba crossroads section. back at home ultra weekend is c cming to an end, the three-day festival shutting down its beaming lights until next year's show. that means traffic will soon be back to normal. every year ultra brings thousands of people to miami,
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the city. hotels, food, you name t most businesses beneff from the sold out festival. part of biscayneoulevard near bay front park has been shut down since thursday night and last night traffic was even worse because the miami heat was plpling just blocks away. as the protest movement against trump and his campaign heats up violence breaks out at another campaign rally for the presidential hopeful in arizona. a large group of protesters was scorted out of the gop front runner's event in tucson yesterday, one protester wore what appeared to be a kkk m modyy while giving a nazi salute. as they werere being led out by police another person from the crowd began punching and kicking them. ent. >> and then you saw all hell break loose, this and that and he's stomping me. incredible scenes. i -- i understand that people
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they support this kind of scenene really? >> and it's being reported trump called the protestersdisgusting and a disgrace. mean while democratic candidate bernie sanders was also campaigning in arizona. yesterday a rally sanders spoke about immigration reform deportation. the vermont senator also paid a border. coming up we willhave more on decision 2016. of course you will have all of that on nbc 6 news and weather app including tonight at 6:00. after the 9:00 hour. still ahead two helicopters called in for a daring rescue in california and teens now post bones what maa call a rite of passage. plus in today's segment of clear of shelters we introduce you to this big guy, he is looking for a family to love. hear all about him after the break. south florida. we have ultra musical festival
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spring break in full effect. if your plans take you out over the water small craft should exercise caution over biscayne bay and the atlantic waters. winds picking up just a little bit to 20 knots shifting out of
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crash in russia. the fly dubai airlines jet nose divide and exploded after making a second attempt to land in strong winds yesterday. all 62 people aboard died including four children. investigators said that they have recovered the plane's cockpit voice recorder and flight datarecorder. they're looking into possible causes for the crash. nine cuban migrants died and several others were rescued after their boat was found off the florida coast. the coast guard said the group's boat was found by a royal caribbean cruise ship. the 18 surviving migrants were suffering from severe dehydration and said they had been at sea for 22 daya. they were picked up off the coast of marco island. the cruise ship was taking it to its next port of call in mexico. right now the detectives are on the hunt for the person who shot and killed a young naer near fort lauderdale. the victim was found shot to death yesterday morning near northwest 14th street and 28th avenue.
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23-year-old damian jackson. jackson's sister says she saw him lying daddy on the ground after e shots were fired. she says he leaves behind a young daughter and pregnant girlfriend. deectives have not released any information on possible suspects. if you have any information contact broward crime stoppers. also right now police on the camp of fic narrowing in on a suspect in a rent vandalism case. officers hoping someone recognizes thisan that you see on your screen, they want to talk to him about vandalism that occurred at the mark building on march 11th. anyone with information should contact authorities. > this morning a local musician asking for your help after a pricey instrument was stolen. gregly said thieves broke into his parkedar on northeast 17th street in miami and took off with his viola, a mountain bike w also swiped.
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performed in a concert for the miami city ballet. he says he hasas owned the viola for 15 years and it's worth $40,000. >> they just took my life froro me totally. i'm devastated. i don't have any words. >> the instrument has a labebe inside the case that reads any information contact miami-dade crime stoppers at 305-471-tips. a southern california horseback on firm ground after taking quite the tumble down a canyon. the rescue was caught on camera as firefighters hoist td the horse to fety. the horse was attached to a harness then blindfolded before building thrown through the air in a helicopter. it was safely placed town at a nearby ranch area where it took several shaky attempts to get back up on its et, but it did.
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in part by -- >> now first alert weather with meteorologist erika delgado. south florida's most accurate forecast. >> all right, south florida, we had a busy start to our weekend yesterday afternoon, a strong line of thunderstorms crossed through broward county although quiet conditions remained across much of the area miami-dade yesterday. there w we some wind reports up to 56 miles per hour in fort lauderdale and near sunrise area, even a water spout just off of fort lauderdale beach causing some damage along the coast. right now we woke up to heavy rain across portions of miami-dade county, the majority of that rain now not only has basically tapered off but also has moved further into the atlantic waters. lingering showers up and down the coast from broward county into miami-dade but other than that that bulk of moisture beginning to move further and further away. everything still remains a little on the we had side if you have to be anywhere this morning
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time the roads would be a little on the saturated side. not over as far as the rain is concerned. temperatures 75 degrees in miami, 74 in the fort lauderdale area, still i ithe upper 70s down into the keys. shaping up to be another warm one here especially with that wind out of the southwest. we woke up to cloudy skies, it's still pretty cloudy out there, you will begin to see a break i i the clouds from time to time already beginning to see across western portions of broward county. that will allow for temperatures to quickly warm up into the 80s, probably before even noontime and of course thatat together with the system that remains across south florida that will help trigger thunderstorms later today. taking sfloomd outlook at our sunshine state still plenty of moisture further to the north for your friends across the tampa area daytona beach, system pushing through and it won't get to us until this evening and late today. we will keep it cloudy, anytime showers will remain in the forecast as temperatures continue to warm up throughout the day.
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are expecting a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast. definitely want to have umbrellas handy. those showers will linger into the early evening hours. there is that front as it continues to push towards the front. we're seeing that southwest wind that's going to allow us to warm up. behind that front, though, north wind, that's going to bring us major changes overnight tonight but especially for the first half of the workweek. let's take a look at temperatures, already that cool air filtering in, waking up to 40s across the mississippi valley and tennessee avenue. still waking up to mild temperatures. if your sunday plans involve the water we are expecting a moderate risk of rip currents along atlantic beaches that will be one of why you are main threats for today along with lightning and wind that will be associated with any thunderstorm we could see today. once that cold frontwings through temperatures will be reaching into lower 70s tomorrow, a.m. clouds, clearing as the day goes on, a cooler start with temperatures back
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a night of jazz under the stars in miami gardens. last night jazz in the gardens music festival drawing thousands. baby face and usher just two of many artists on the line up talent. as most teenagers andd their cautious parents know, it is a driver's license and enjoining the freedom that comes with getting behind the wheel. but dup that more and more teenagers are saying no thanks at least for now? joe fryer reports on what's steering the trend. >> reporter: when the school day comes to an end this is where the rubber meets the road for many students, even though millie jones is nearly 18 she walks just about everywhere because she doesn't have a driver's license. >> i don't know, i don't feel like i'm rely missing out on that much by not having a car. >> reporter: at nathan hail high school in seattle millie is far from alone.
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not have their driver's license? everyone in in group relies on the city bus or their own two feet. >> i have a lot of friends that drive and a lot that don't so i'd say it's like 50//. >> reporter: it's a national trend far fewer teens are rushing t tthe dmv when they turn 16. a report by the university of michigan found in 1983, 80% of 18 year olds had a license, by 2014 that number droroed to 60%. why? >> i can't afford it. insurance, we don't have the money for insurance. >> mainly because i think my mom is a little scared for me to get one. >> reporter: researchers also say teens today are too busy and surprisingly can still rely on the family taxi. >> there's sort of a r rent phenomenon with parents driving their children to school instead of taking the bus and other things like that. >> reporter: ride sharing services like uber and lyft also offer a way to get around or like this group you can just call your friends. >> even though it's uncomfortable even though it can be tedious and annoying to have
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>> for students who are getting a license many must pay commercial companies like defensive of driving school because tour public schools are offering driver's ed. as for millie she is no no rush, life is fast enough already even without a license to drive. joe fryer, nbc news, seattle. all right. we've got a bigig guy here today, in today's segment of clear the shelters we want to introduce to you barron. great to have you. >> good morning. happy spring. >> happy spring to you. today is the first day of spring. what better way to celebrate spring than having barron here. >> he certataly needs new beginnings. he was confiscated because of the surroundings he was in, so he's a little thin, but he is a gentle giant as you can see. >> he is. >> this is a big guy, he is already 91 pounds and he's only a year old. >> look at that.
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he walks well on a leash so you won'tave pulling problems, you >> okay. >> so it's just a matter of he needs some loving care, he needs to gain a little weight. he will be over 100 pounds when all is said and done. >> he is not fully grown just yet, a little more to go. >> no. but he is definitely a lover, couch potato guy just needs a new home. we're running our wheel of love promotion. >> i love that one. >> the wheel of luck. if you spin our wheel the adoption fee will be $10, $20 or $30 for abarron and that's a good deal. come on out. >> one of the first things i noticed about him was how attentive and observant he is. look at those eyes. the second inning i noticed about abarron was his paws. i have big hands so definitely not the one to relate to his paws but if you're looking for someone to give you that high-five on your days when you're feeling a little --
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>> then i think abarron is definitely the wayto go. >> you can't go wrong if you are a big dog lover this is your guy. >> i know the kids are on spring break, what better tim to get them now, they have the entire week to spend extra quality time. >> absolutely. he will be a wonderful family pet and a lot of fun. >> he is not fully grown just yet, he has a little more filling in and maybe a little -- >> 100 plus pounds coming your way. >> also the wheel of luck, correct? >> wheel of luck all through the rest of this month until the 31st. >> we still have another ten days to go. once again if you would like to adopt my big furry friend or any other pet log on to and semp all about animals and you can always check out other friends who are looking for their forever homes. this is a big guy five we're passing along to you, okay?
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time right now is and finally this morning fans and playersot a treat from a special guest at last night's florida panthers game. that's right, kevin spacey did not disappoint and made it all the way to south florida. the oscar winning actor became another fan in the audience at the bb&t center after accepting a special invitation to attend the game. he wore the spain i wish blue sweatshirt called spacey? space.
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an award for panthers players is now a full-fledged rallying cry as they make a push towards the playoff. everyone is just like -- >> look at his little -- >> everyone was wearing -- which one is it?
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there cc: telemundo network jackie: making an impact this week, fallout from florida. marco rubio is o making an "impact" this week, fallout from florida. senator marco rubio is out, while donald trump and hillary clinton have a much clearer path to their party nominations.
9:29 am
rubio and where the race goes from here. i'm sitting down with a woman who is hoping to become the next first lady, a rare sit-down interview with heidi cruz and why she believes her hud husband ted should end up in the white use. this is nbc 6 "impact" and i'm your host, jackie nespral. we are on the right side, this year, we will not be on the winning side. >> and with that, the second local republican white house hopeful bows out of the race. marco rubio, florida's junior senator, leaves the field after losing by almost 20 points in the sunshine state to donald trump. in the wake of his failed campaign, the question in south florida politics is where does rubio go from here? with a closer look, political reporter steve litz. >> reporter: what lies ahead for sesetor marco rubio? >> so you think another run at presesent maybe one day? i believe so. i believe so.
9:30 am
george luis lopez was intricately involved for the run for the white house and he sees the senator staying involved in republican party politics. >> he can have a rolen the administration. he can definitely have a role in uniting the party, substantially bringing more folks into the party and defining policy. >> reporter: like lopez,'s florida correspondent mark caputo thinks rubio may make a second run at president. meantime, says caputo -- >> rubio wants to make money. he's tired of the senate, sounds like he was -- and he's ready to go out in the private sector, make some money. we might see him in four years running for president again, might see him in eight years. >> reporter: rubio's senate term ends this year. lopez on rubio running for governor. >> once you run for the highest office, i don't think you step down. mayors don't run for school board. >> reporter: rubio's rise from a


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