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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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before sunrise we could see a stray shower. we will be mostly sunny later on, and a refreshing weather pattern kicking in first thing this morning. coming up on 4:32, our first check on traffic. kelly blanco back in action. >> i think i am healthy. thank u for starting off your workweek with us. i-95, your southbound and northbound lanes on northwest 54th street headed into the airport epressway or continuing on i-95 to hopn to 836. we had an accident on i-95 north 103rd street. that has cleared and you are dealing with a 12-minute ride from the golden glades to the airport expressway. expect a couple lanes to be
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president obama meets with cuban leader castro, on his home turf. >> we have covered this so extensively in the past year or so, and jay gray is in havana. >> this morning, president obama's focus will shift from tourist to a business of a renewed relationship between his country and cuba. a cuban poet was honored, and there will be an official state welcome where the white house says the president will be candid about areas of
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rights practices. for many here, the topic is not as important as the two sides are talking about. >> yes, a historic trip and it has been 50 years without relations with the north american government. >> the third-generation cabdriver hopes the president will take a close look at the country she is so p pud of. >> translator: i would like that he gets to know our country. it's a tourist attraction so he can share it with everybody else. >> beauty and culture hidden from most americans for more than 50 years. jay gray, havana. >> several members of the opposition ladies in white were detained during a protest, and with this historic visit, some
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he is expected to meet with the key members of the opposition movement. some dissidents are hoping he will meet and talk about diverse ideas. >> so much mixed emotion going into this visit and the president will be striking a nerve for a lot of cuban americans here in south florida today. in little havana, some protested and marched. they chose to do it on sunday to pay tribute to the ladies in white who sheli was just talking about, they peacefully assemble every week and demand freedom for political prisoners. >> we will be thinking about the countless number of families uprooted and separated.
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americans protested president obama's visit, dozen of dissidents in havana were arrested. miami beach mayor will be in havana for a five-day trip. as you can see there, jackie nespral got to speak with the meyer and tomorrow the president will meet with cuban dissidents and deliver a speech, and the televised address will take placehere the last american president spoke 88 years ago. >> and the president's trip trending on twitter, and tweets from all over the world. we ask you to keep it right here on nbc 6 before, during and after the president's trip, and
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here at 11:00 a.m., and you can find extensive of the president's two-day trip on our app. this morning, it was a wet weekend, and ryan phillips, should we expect more? >> one push of shower activity and then home free, and we have great weather to kick off the new workweek and for many, spring break. broward county, we have a line of showers and it extends rtheast to the palm beach county, and then we bring on the sunshine. here 8 big picture, this line not overly iressive but it will sweep on through this morning, and then mostly sunny with a cool breeze. now, our temperatures were dialing back because we had winds out of the northwest, our temperatures fall into the lower 60s so it will be a very refreshing morning.
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forecast. an early shower possible this morning, and showers end and we transition to sunny skies and a bright and breezy afternoon, and the normal high in march is 80 and today we are onlyy up to 71. good morning, south florida. no major issues or delays, really, especially on i-95 taking a look at yo roads, your northbound and southboun lanes around northwest 54th street, still a 12-minute ride to the airport expressway. emergency crews were on the scene of the accident with injuries and finally that crash cleared up so it's not going to be a problem as you are making your way out the door this morning. let's change sources and take you over to palmetto expressway which seems to be busy at this time and no construction in the area, and 826 your southbound lanes and northbound lanes looking good as you headed towards i-75 headed into broward
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accident free. tragedy. take a look here. a night of fun ends in a hail of gunfire insse a home packed with hundreds of people at the time. we will hear from some o o the people at that party that managed to get out of therer alive. a college student missing after freak accident in the caribbean. and then a donald trump event, what the presidential look at this set face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes.
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> welcome back. a 16-year-old facing murder charges will be in court today expected to be arraigned in a criminal court later this morning. he is facing murder charges related to the dath of king carter. carter was caught in the cross fire last month after a fight that stemmed from facebook. presley and adams are also facing charges for the little boy's death. and then on the hunt for a
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at a backyard house party leaving one person dead. nbc 6 reporter, erika glover, has more. >> from music and dancing, to panic and chaos. >> i heard a couple screams and then one shot and two shots after, and everybody was running for their lives, honestly. >> next thing i know, everybody is blocking the street. >> what began as a noise and parking parking complaint became a murder investigation on saturday night. for 5 bucks joins could join in ononhe house party advertised by this flyer. officers said thrp on the scene and outside of the home when the gunshots rang out inside. >> i saw the girl that got shot, and i saw it, i saw her bleeding and erything.
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floor for safety, and three women and one man transported with gunshot wounds and police found a 28-year-cld deceased in the home. >> everybody was trying to get to their car but the police wouldn't let us get out. >> searching through cs and hoping for answers. >> it was traumatizing because somebody died, and it could be you, you know. >> erika glover, nbc news. good morning. it's 4:43. we have some lie saul wii down
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it smells good. the rain should push through by 8:00 or 9:00, and then we have live first alert doppler, the only live radar on the air here in south florida. check us anytime by downloading our free mobile app. we are talking deepnland showers across broward county and into collier county. it will quickly push out of here and we are on our way to a nice afternoon after a quick shower and then this activity moving up into palm beach county. right now at 4:44 in the morning, i think we still have a cosple hours before we could begin to introduce shower chans although it may come in on the front end of the morning commute. by the lunch hour, we have a beautiful day ahead.
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camera, you will notice tf canopy of cloud cover and then will sweep through and then full sunshine this afternoon. driving in, an isolated shower, otherwise temperatures falling at 63. we will be at 69, that's it, for the drive home this afternoon. a cooler than average day here in south florida. the front getting ready to sneak in across the area so a thin area of moisture sliding through. have your umbrella handy until 9:00 and then we're on to full sunshine, so you need your sunglasses as well. north broward county, mid-60s. the temperature is still falling thanks to the west and northwest winds, and they will become well established and cooler and drier air will settle in. it's awfully humid through this weekend and we will do away with that, and you will notice the nice and refreshing change. and then we are on to the sunshine. first alert weather today, monday, a few isolated showers
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on the breeze. the cocoer temperatures, we're only back up to 71 this afternoon, and look at tonight, this is no joke. 56 degrees. chchlly. we're talking average lows at about 65 at this point in march, so to be down to 56 is prrty significant. low humidity and lots of sunshine, and a breezy day and 71 today, and then after we start in the 50s, we're back to 80 degrees with partly cloudy skies on wednesday. let's see what is moving on the roads. here is kelly. >> we are accident free on major roadways and looking at your drive in broward county, this is i-95 southbound and northbound lanes are good, and i-95 drivers southbound a couple lanes blocked off at sheraton street, b no major closers as far as the sawgrass expressway, and the turnpike, you do have a couple lanes blocked off of i-75
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and then northwest 103rd street in miami-dade had an accident but has cleared out of the way. foll me at twitter and i will be posting traffic updates for you all morning long. 4:46. what started as a road rage incident ended with one m being questioned and another man dead. his happened near ft. lauderdale, investigators say when they got on scene they found one man shot and the victim was tan to broward health medical center and that's where he died. the shooter stayed on the scene. police are investigating what caused that shooting to happen to begin with. a desperate search under way for a local college student missing at sea. she fell into the ocean on friday while she was vacationing in st. thomas, and she and her boyfriend were on some rocks when she went in.
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hampered the rescue efforts. her boyfriend managed to climb on the rocks and he was rescued but she never resurfaced. and then almost colliding with a police cruiser and the driver identified with this woman. a duiui officer was at the end of his shift when he realized a vehicle was coming at him going the wrong way, and the officer called out to the driver but she didn't stop. another officer happened to seat car exiting the highway,ind you, as i mention, going in the wrong direction and was able to arrest her on dui charges and as of this morning she is still in jail. turning to decision 2016, this morning vice president joe biden assuring the pro israel
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meanwhile, democratic candidate, bernie sanders rallied thousands of supporters in washington, and he spoke in vancouver to an enthusiastic group, and during his speech sanders talked about the high percentage of americans that don't even vote. today the vermont senator will continue campaigning in the west coast. there are new concerns this morning after several violent eruptions happened at donald trump's campaign events this past weekend and the question is how his campaign and security staff are responding to these protesters to keep it from happening again. gabe tierrez has this report for us. >> reporter: this weekend the anger boiled over, in tucson a protester in a white hood escorted out by police, and another one behind him repeatedly bunched and kicked by
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spoke with nbc's jacob rascon. >> you may get beat to death inside of a rally. >> but it's this video that is raising even more questions, trump's campaign manager appears to grab the collar of another protest who is yanked away by security. >> security at the arena, the police were a little lax and he had signs, they had signs up in thth area that were horrendous. i will give him credit. >> last week a reporter from the conservative website filed a police complaint accusing him of assault butt he has not been charged. the long time gop operative went to work as a new hampshire police officer. >> it's unprecedented for a campaign manager to be out in the crowd, being involved in security. >> ted cruz campaigning in arizona. >> there is now only one campaign in a position to beat
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republican nomination. >> polls show he trails trump there. john kasich betting onn a contested convention. >> nobody is going to that convention with enough delegates, and at the end, you know why i willget picked? because i can win in the fall. >> and this morning we knowow the u.s. is sending more troops to iraq after a marineeas killed by an isis rocket. the 27-year-old california sergeant died over the weekend when his unit was attacked by rocket fire at an out post in northern iraq. other americans of the unit were also hurt. u.s. l l coalition now says they are sending a group of marines from north carolina.. a new suspect captured in connection with the paris terror attacks and that could lead to us to new answers. he was captured in belgium where police say he was ready to stage more violence and he hadad planned
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of weapons and ammunition, and he will reveal how widespread isis is in europe. and then 150 firefighters were called out to fight an inferno outside of indianapolis. investigators think a container outside of a restaurant that holds grease is to blame here, and the damage is estimated at $2 million. a horseback on firm ground after taking a tumble down a canyon. the rescue caught on camera as firefighters hoisted that horse to safety. you can imagine how heavy that was. the horse was attached to a harness and blindfolded after being flown by helicopter, and then back to its feet in a couple minutes. you will be looking to pay a little more at the pump this morning as gas prices continue to climb.
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around $2.02. the hike is not as dramatic in south florida, though, and unfortunately the price will continue to increase as crud oil and demand for gas increase. and general mills products could have different labels coming soon, and the company said it will comply with a new law set to go into affect in vermont. they say it's impractical to label for just one state so they will see it across the board. today we will see and hear more about new apple gadgets. the 4-inch iphone and the 9.7-inch ipad.
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will meet in federal court to battle with the fbi over the san bernardino's shooter iphone. teens postponing what many call a rightt of passage. we are going to tell you what is triggering that trend. then a joy ride in a comment truck. golden glades to downtown miami a. 10-minute @ide ahead of you. 826 southbound a 5-minute commute to the big curve to okeechobee road. the rave is over and cleanup begins. that's a look down to whatever is left of ultrai miami, and the temperatures cool off, 70 in west kendall and 70 in homestead. we move into the upper 60s as we get into the miami area and we are looking for cooler weather to settle in for the next two days, and we'll detail
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it's just about four minutes to the top of the hour, and itit goes without saying, everybody with a teenager, it makes your palm sweaty thinking about it, when they start drivivi a moving vehicle and start taking on that responsibility,,nd as most teenagers and parents know it's considered a right of passage to get a driver's license and along with the driver's lilinse comes a whole lot of freedoms thatyou don't think about until it's right at your doorstep. >> apparently more teenagers are ying, no thanks, they will wait, at least for now. >> when the school day comes to an end this is where the rubber meets the road for many students, and even though milly jones is 18 she walks just about everywhere because she doesn't't have a driver's license. >> i don't know. i don't feel like i am missing out on that much byot having a car.
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>> show of hands. who here does not have their driviv's license? everybody in this group relies on the city bus or their own two feet. >> i say it's like 50/50. >> 's a national trend, far fewer teens rushing to thee dmv when they turn 16, ananin 1983 80% had their licenses, and then it dropped to 60%. why? >> can't afford insurance. >> mainly because my mom is scared for me to get one. researchers say today teens are too busy and can rely on the family taxi. >> there's a recent phenomenon with parents driving their children to school instead of taking them on the bus. >> like this group, you can just call your ffends. >> even though it's uncomfortable and it can be
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ask people, it works. >> for students who are getting a license, many must now pay commercial companies like defensive driving school because fewer public schools are offering drivers ed. >> i feel okay without a driver's license. >> she is in no rush, life is fast enough already even without a license to drive. joe fryer, nbc news. >> fascinating. >> i think i had a calendar and i was marking off the days until iould get that license. >> you can only bum rides for so long. >> yeah. it's a day in the history books. the first family waking up right now in havana. your time is 5:00. >> i am eric harryman. >> i am sheli munizn thank you for sharing your monday morning with us. >> presidenobama is going to
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once again, a lot of critical things happening. this has been 90 years in the making since a sitting president has been on that island nation, so there's a lot to talk about and talk about on both ends of it, and one of them is that president obama will be meeting with cuban lear, raul castro. >> as you are heading out the door, we wa to make sure you have an umbrella. what can we expect, ryan? >> we are going to have a brief window this mning for shower chances and then we are moving on to sunny skies and cooler weather as well, and i think we will all appreciate it, and i think this can be the last blast of winter weather in south florida. we start first with dry conditions and mostly cloudy skies. live first alert doppler painting cloudy skies in the interior collier county, and
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the north intopalm beach county and look at the southern line, it will take an hour to hour and a half and then that's about it. this is what will trigger the shower chances as it moves through and as it moves through it clears out and, boy, do we ever clear off. by this afternoon, mostly sunny d breezy conditions. it feels pretty decent out, 75 in ft. lauderdale and temperatures still falling. shower chances early this morning and then move on to sunnier skies. if youre just waking up with us, nice to welcome back kelly blanco. >> i did not open the blinds from wednesday to yesterday. right now, we're taking a look outside i-95, southbound and northbound lanes in the area of
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the good news, you dodge this accident, all lanes are clear as they were all completely blocked off an hour ago because of a crash with injuries. as far as constrtion, nothing going on on i-95, but a couple lanes are blocked off on 826 westbound. i-95 your southbound and northbound nes looking good at griffin road. the fir familytrolled through rainy old havana, and they walked to the cathedral where they were met to the cheering crowd and president obama made his presence well known there, and he met with the cardinal there, and the catholic


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