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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 5am  NBC  March 21, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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the good news, you dodge this accident, all lanes are clear as they were all completely blocked off an hour ago because of a crash with injuries. as far as constrtion, nothing going on on i-95, but a couple lanes are blocked off on 826 westbound. i-95 your southbound and northbound nes looking good at griffin road. the fir familytrolled through rainy old havana, and they walked to the cathedral where they were met to the cheering crowd and president obama made his presence well known there, and he met with the cardinal there, and the catholic
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restoring the relations with the united states and cuba. earlier the president and first lady met with the staff of the newly opened u.s. embassy in havana. >> this is a historic sreuz and it a historic opportunity to meet with the cuban people, a a to build new ties between our two peoples and for me to layout my vision for a future that is brighter than our past. >> he got very specific as well. mr. obama singled out three people that had been working on that forecades now, and he walked to a guard and a worker in the visa section, and he says they bring the cuban and the american people together with what they do. before the u.s. opened it's embassy in havana, it has only
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and mr. obama will attend a baseball game at the latin american stadium that underwent improvements leading up to the big game. it's i ivite only and seats will be given out by the government, and the raa will become the first major league baseball franchise to play in havana since 1969. several members of the opposition group, ladiesin white were detained during a protest. with this historic visit, some dissidents were speaking out. president obama is expectedto meet with key members of the opposition movement. some of the dissidents hope he will speak about human rights. we will have reaction from the opposition leaders coming up.
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happening in the cuban capitit but here in south florida. many not happy at all. >> sending a a message of solidarity to the opposition movement in cuba on the day of president obama's arrival, cuban americans in little havana marched toto a building that commemoratete rates political prisoners. >> we will be thinking of the countless number of milies that were uprooted and separated. >> they chose to assesele on a sunday to pay tribute to ladies in white on cucu that each week attend mass and peacefully protest demanding freedom for political prisoners. while president obama wasn route to the communist nation, and they tweeted while you travel to cuba about 40 ladies
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during the arrests in havana, you hear somebody in the crowd say, easy, easy, the press is here. >> they have been detained so president obama lands without opposition on the island. >> different generations stood together with a clear stance against the president's historic visit. >> i am here today to show the young people in the community that we need to stand up for democracy and neverake for granted the importance of what this country stands for. >> there should be priorities which is human rights and opening uphe democracy elections, and that comes first. >> it's a sad day foramerica and a sad day for freedom, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. >> important to note there are others, of course, that agree with president obama's decision to travel to ba. that being said, as you just
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a nerve with the cuban american comnity, many people angry and since the december 17th announcement to normrmize relations, this has been the largest protests to date. nbc 6 news. you can find extensive coverage of the present's two-day trip to cuba on our nbc 6 news a weather app, and we are right along with him every step of the way and we can bring you live special reports and in depth stories on the app. a search under way for a missing boater of key biscayne. we're told a boat got caught in bad weather and began to slam into rocks and two people from another bat jumped into to push it out and one of them disappeared. he has been identified as a man from new york and police are looking for him through the night. and then somebody open fire at a house party in plantation
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it started as a noise complaint and veryp quickly became a death investigation. this happened late on saturday night. police were onscene when they heard shots go off and when they got nside they found a 28-year-old's body, and others were injured and they were rushed to the hospital immediately and no word on the condition of those five. >> i heard one shot and then t@o shots after. and everybody was running for their lives, honestly. >> the next thing i know, everybody is blocking the street. >> we do know that one person killed there, and nbc 6 reporter, erika glover will have a report in the next hour. weighing n as president obama gets ready to meet cuba's leader. >> we will hear what they had to say about the president's historic visit to the cuban nation.
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shower chances that will be here untill8:00 or 9:00, and then
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what turns out to be a beautifu welcome back. it's 5:11 on your monday morning. all but one presidential candidates will be in washington
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conference conference. bernie sanders will not be there, and this isne day mind you as more primaries are set t happen. and we are tracking all of those latest developments. >> polls have me ahead in utah by 11 points. >> bernie sanders in utah today while other candidates speak at apack, a pro israel conference in washington. donald trump is meeting privately with two dozen top republicans calling for party unity after another weekend of violence at onehof his rallies. >> let me tell you. nobody has been h%rt at my events. they make it sound so ba >> trump remains the frontrunner headed into utah and arizona primaries tomorrow. >> donald trump has a ceiling of 35 to 40% he can't get above. >> maybe ted ought to get out because he can't win in the
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>> ted has new money, and he raised more last month than kasich has raised the entire campaign. as for the democrats, sanders raised more but spent more than hillary clinton. in washington, i am tracie potts, nbc 6 news. at a church in arizona, cruz says he looks forward to visiting cuba, quote, when its free. >> for decades hollywood liberals and leftists have made the pilgrimages to cuba to pay homage to raul and fidel castro. it's very chic for lefti to celebrate vicious communist deck taters. >> senator cruz not the only presidential candidate president
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>> donald trump tweeted this out. nine cuban migrants died and several rescued after their boat found off th coast of florida. the group's boat was found by a royal caribbean cruise ship on its way out. they had been at sea for 22 days. they were picked up off the coast of marco island. the ship was taking them to their next port of call, which was cozumel mexico. hot and humid weekend across south florida. finally seeing changes in store immediately this morning.
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days i want you to savor, and this could be the last blast of cool. a front will sweep through during the morning commute so we may endp with a period during the morning drive where we run the windshield wipers a few times. first alert doppler moving the showers across inland cowler county. the rain showers are along the breeze, just ahead of it. along u.s. 27 moving out of broward county into palm beach county, isolated showers there. i think once we get towards 6:30 or so we will start to see better shower chances in the metro area, and right now we remain dry in the immediate metro area of broward county and miami-dade. here's the big picture, one thin ribbon of showers that extends from the atlantic watete through the peninsula into the gulf waters so we had showers in t t keys and we will keep those chances around.
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the south of lake okeechobee, and once it sweeps through and begins to clear out, it turns breezy today. we see this first alert camera looking out and bouncing around in the breeze. the breeze will be a factor and our temperatures will be quite different than what we had for e last several days. 65 currently, and that's the average low. our temperatures falling and we will have a tough time rebounding today and it will be a noticeable difference. we stay in the 60s for the bulk of the day, and with sunshine we will touch 71 briefly, but overall, 60s today. 50s tonight. we will make a rebound tomorrow into the 70s again. so a cooler weather pattern, and the main story this morning just getting through those early shower c cnces and 63 early, and 68 by the midday hourbz, and we'll ve a cooler day, and a bright and breezy day at that,
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temperatures fall and fall quickly this evening. hard to believe, but we are heading down to 56 tonight. chilly conditions for a late -- mid to late march, we will say. partly cloudy skies and a north wind at 15. we start off on tuesday morning on a rather cool note and a nice rebound with low humidity and clear skies and 75. up to 80 on wednesday, and then the 80s return and lead us into the next weekend. we are dry through today and then more shower chances for friday, saturday and sunday. here's your break. enjoy it. it only lasts for a few days. with spring break going on, hopefully the parents have a opoportunity to get the kids outside in the next few days. lighter traffic this morning, and this whole week for you, south flflrida. fur headed out the door only one construction alert we sti have going on at 5:17 a.m., on th
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northwest 45th avenue and the 836 eastbound ramp to northwest 45th avenue completely blocked off because of construction. we had an earlier accident on i-95 southbound and that ceared a long time and therefore we are accident free in most of our jor roadways in broward county and miami-dade, and nothing slowing you as you make your way out. 836, palmetto expressway to i-95, a 9-minute ride ahead of you. you see 826 completely clear, and i-75 green as well, and i-95, the airport expressway, should anything pop up be sure to have that nbc 6 news app handy because we will send out push alerts and i i will be tweeting it out on kellynbc6 account.
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happened, and that three-day festival, friday and saturday, sunday, shutting down until nextt year. tens of thousands of music lovers made their way to downtown miami in the last couple of ways, and later today the miami-dade police department expected to release the grand total of arrests that happened over the weekend related to the festival. once theyeyre released y y can check on those numbers by checking our nbc 6 news and weather app. >> locals happy to have their streets back this morning, eric. >> a busy weekend. if you are getting ready for work, researchers at the cleveland clinic created an online stress management program. they tried it with employees at a busy corporate call center, and during the program you had to meditate four times a week. those that participated fel more energy and less stress after eight weeks and many said
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lost weight, so the key is meditation. >> if it works for you, more power to you. this is something you don't see every day. an 11-year-old goes for a joy ride and here's concrete proof of the crime. take a look. getting a little play on words, concrete proof. cell videohowing the boy sriving the cement truck mixing things up, there it is again, and he swiped an officer cutting through peoples' yards, and he did lack a concrete plan to actually make a getaway. >> i bet you he drove around town -- i bet you i saw him six or seven different times, smiling and hooting and hollering. have a good time.
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the 2-ton concrete truck. police was able to nab the kid, and nobody was hurt or property was daaged. >> didn't we just do a story about kids not rushing to get their license? >> except for 11ear-olds that like to driver commercial vehicles. >> your time is 5:20. much more ahead, pope francis on twitter and on facebook. now you can follow him somewhere else, too. apple making headlines once
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the tech selena gomez has the most followers now and now she m have competition, and pope francis has an instagram. he made his debut on saturday. he said pray for mee in nine languages. the instagram accounun will allow people to share the pope's gestures of tenderness and mercy. kevin spacey! >> who is that guy?
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everybody at the panther's game getting a nice treat, coming out to south florida to catch the game, and this happened on saturday night. after accepting a special invitation to attend the game from the team, he showed up in the proper gear, wearing his famous blue sweatshirt called spacey in space. it was used jokingly as a reward for panther players, it's a full-fledged panther cry. apple will be in the spotlight in the next few days, and they are releasing and showing off new products. >> the big question is, how much excitement with apple's unveiling tually create this time around. nbc's mark burger.
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introducing iphone 6s and 6s plus >> it's hard to get people excited about phones. >> senior writer expect a new offering possibly called the iphone se. >> people who don't really care to have the larger screen iphones but don't want to be left behind from havinin that new thing right now. >> no new apple watch expected today but new accessories and bands for it are, as is an updated ipad air, hoping to jump-start sales. >> you don't need to upgrade your tablet like your phone. >> overshadowing new products could be any comments from ceo tim cook on the eve of apple's courtroom showdown. >> it's an elsrupbt in the room at this event.
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tuesday. >> you want a song and dance? need a phone that makes breakfast. >> besides just an alarm clock on it. nbc 6 in cuba and following
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>> checking the the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestriris and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself.
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a crash. the 2016 e-class. now receive up to a $3,000 spring bonus on the e350 sport sedan. president obama wakingng up in cuba this morning. >> the trip coming, of course, with mixed emotions. many are praising the visit while others at home calling it an absolute disgrace. >> social view 6 shows tweets
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the world using the #obamaincuba. >> we have been coveriri it all weekendand they will stay there once the president leaves, and so of course we will keep on that and have special reports on that all morning lo, including during our midday newscast at 11:00 am. for now, ryan phillips with a closer look at the forecast. most kids out of school, and it's spring break officially so a lot hoping for another nice beach tod would be good. >> i don't want the cloud cover to throw you this morning because we will quickly transition into a beautiful forecast. we will see isolated showers in play across broward county and miami-dade, once we get past 6:30 or 7:00, a few showers marching across and touching up against parkland, and no heavy shower activity and lot of it
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interior south florida. here's the cold front we have been anticipating a a little delays but will bring us beautiful weather this afternoon. the showers associated with that front will move offshore and then we transition to sunshine probably by 10:00 t ts morning, it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. 're at 65 in ft. lauderdale, and 66 in oakland park and 68 in miami, and a quick chance for a shower and then we transition to sunshine and breezy conditions and cooler than average highs at 71. good morning, ryan, and good morning south florida. still accident free in miami-dade and broward county. we are seeing all green on the first alert traffic maps,, northbound and southbound so that's good news for you. no construction going on in th area. you have a about a 10-minute ride from coral reef drive to tamiami trail, and the 836 now is nice and clear. we did have construction alerts


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