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tv   Today  NBC  March 21, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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today's hard to believe, reese is 40. >> i wore one of her dresses last week. they're adorable. >> the cutest dresses. >> yeah. happy birthday to -- >> a cute boy. >> today's the day. >> blake? >> joel shiftman turns 5-8. >> i knewthat. >> we had a little birthday party. >> how old he is? >> 5-8. >> what -- with jenna and mike. looking crazy. some of the best birthday cakes are from either giant or pub plix lpublix. >> kind of fun to see adults, and i mean adult kid, she ahe is a sweet guy. >> went down to florida. >> of course you did. >> tell me about your -- >> sick as a dog for three day, but die.
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out in my backyard and took one picture of something beautiful. >> sweet! are those tulips growing -- >> they're daffodils. i just put out a flatof them. >> my favorite sculptors, andy dick. jane d. decker. beautiful, beautiful sculptor, it is spring, but snowing this morning. > oh, yeah. >> overnight. >> it will be gone -- >> look what it looks like. >> snow. dreaming of ten weeks from now. ten weeks, hod? >> i think it's ten weeks. >> memorial day weekend, ten weeks to get i io your thong. if you need inspiration. >> oh, yeah. >nd we all do. >> britney spears has it for you. >> a picture on instagram of her in a bikini, and my gosh. wow. >> you know what? that's a good angle. >> people always -- >> i'm sorry. i don't get that any angle. >> i'll try@that out on memorial
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even if i can look good that that, we'll see. honestly. i admit she looks great. >> look at klg. you looked great without -- >> but that was 20 years ago, 30 years ago. >> go back, joann. we said anyone looks good at that angle. >> all right. so i was wrong. so i was wrong. all right. [ laughter ] >> some are instagram followers thinking the curve in the lower back was photo shopped. just me. she looks great. >> can we give a big, happy, wonderful congratulations to a person who's like a member of our family? megan, her husband -- gave birth -- she gave birth to, she was there, a baby boy named william clark stackhouse! >> perfect. >> arrived saturday morning weighing 5 pounds 12 ounces. she was -- >> she -- i spoke to her onthe phone a little bit. she says she was exhausted and over the moon. >> and madly, madly in love.
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is truly one of the nicest human beings i've never known in my life. cares about all of us so much. this is our time too care about her and we love her. >> we love you, megan. >> can't wait until she brings him to the studio. >> we can't wait. >> little miles now. >> they'll be little best friends. >> last night if you were watching "atlanta housewives" something happened capturere a lot of people's attention. during the reunion, kenya, known to stir up trouble happened to be -- she got in trouble with andy cohen. let's let andy figure it out. >> candy, now that you've actually seen what they actually said, did don juan jump to conclusions? >> clearly. it was -- shaneah confirmed it, also, so -- >> okay. are youtexting during the reunion? >> matt is asking about the puppy's food. i'm sorry. >> sweetie, matt can figure it out. i mean -- you put the food in the bowl. like, with all --
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>> it's in the kitchen. >> sorry. [ laughter ] >> you got to be kidding? >> ooh. by the way, you know what it was? >> "the bachelor." [ laughter ] >> all over. if you're really trying to hide a text, this is what you do. i've done it. you have it down here. this was her trying to make news. right? or - - >> we have to ask andy cohen next time. does he set stuff up, too? >> no. he does not. he doe not play like that. i think she wanted more attention a i think it bugged him. he looked really annoyed. have you ever been with someone and you're trying to have a conversation with them and they're%texting. >> it cost me a friendship once. >> really? >> yeah. i still care about the person but i don't get together anymore. you wait and wait for months, finally get the time and then
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and i said, you know what? life's too short? a relationship bender. it's sad. a new poll in the uk found that young people -- this is upsetting -- value a good internet connection over daylight, water, a healthy diet and a good night's sleep. >> wait. water? >> it's just unbelievable. the only thing -- the only thingng at rated more, you know, higher, was freedom of speech. unless they're trying to keep you from having freedom of speech. >> but i can't believe that young kids -- first of all, i'm surprised freedom of speech was there, number one. know you how kids are and what they think. you think they'd think of things that were, i don't know. internet, i guess, but water, air? >> kanye's sneakers. important things like that. all right. you know what was important? a new attempt at telling the "passion of christ" story. fox did something i thought was pretty brave. hosted by tyler perry, whom we all adore. >> an epic production set in new orleans and they called it a live event and a lot was live
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i thought it was one of those extraordinary things that tyler perry does called "the passion live" and he told it, you know, tr -- through modern day songs. >> modern day songs. >> all of that sort of thing. yeah. >> chris daughtry was unbelievable. >> i had forgotten how powerful he is? >> played judas to jencarlos' jesus, they sang "demons" by imagine dragons when judas betrayed jesus with a kiss. the solo was crazy. >> and trisha yearwood played mary, she was on the show and said she was so nervous. u wouldn't know it listening to her. she sang "you'll never walk alone." she has a great vovoe. you saw gospel singers behind, ititas new orleans, made me want go back. listen to this note. you'll never walk >> amazing. >> you forget what a great singer she is.
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he sang "mad world" and gave into the crowd's wishes and gave into jesus crucifixion death. >> a great actor. >> such a belilvable sensitivity. doesn't he? >> so good for them. >> good for them. >> and a nice little bit of news over the weekend. >> we did. we got good ws. we found out we won an award. >> actually, we won two. >> we won two awards. >> calmed the gracie awards. >> called gracies. >> what are they for, dawn? it's so embarrassing to us. go ahead. >> the gracie awards recognize exemplary programming made by women for women and about women. >> and the cast won for best tv hosts. >> it must be a mistake. >> hoda won for siris xm radio show. >> you won my award last year. you're cleaning up.
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with me on the show. >> nia didn't win anything, but next year, i hear she's up for another academy award -- >> arere you eating radishes? >> yeah. it's good. i didn't bring a toothbrush on this trip, so -- >> it works? >> uh-huh >> see you in a little bit. we also want to see your photos of your most beautiful day ever. because next week -- >> an amazing performance. doesn't give anything but an amazing performance, from broadway. a tony nominated for my musical "scandalous." we'll show your photos during a song she's going to be siing. head to facebook page, we've posted photos and would love to share them with everybody. >> also, if you are a bride and want to get ambushed, come thursday. we may find you out in the crowd. that will be fun f. you're going to be married. not if you've been one. >> no. right. >> oh, i need to find one. >> i didn't know.
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find your blend. i i you want to the in the know before you go we're about to fill youou in with -- >> today's buzz. >> kiss f.m. san diego radio host shelly. >> shelly is here. >> how generous is amy schumer? >> amazing. i wish i were her bartender over the weekend. you guys i'm s se love "hamilton." >> haven't seen it. >> you haven't seen it? i was going to ask you to get me tickets because i know you guys have connections. >> yeah. i'm very big on broadw. go ahead. >> so amy schumer went to see "hamilton" with family members and friends. had already seen it but wento see it again she loved it so much. at intermission she tipd the bartender for a $77 check, $1,000. >> cooking it.
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>> by the way, used to be a bartender. probably know what's it feels like. >> she really understands the struggle and wanted to let them know and give them love. >> now everybody's goingo expect that. >> i know. right? amy -- >> she got hself into a dig pit. >> so reese witherspoon celebrated the big one. >> 40th birthday is actually tomorrow. celebrated in hollywood. >> happy birthday. >> happy early b.-day. a-listers shows up, nicole kidman, taylol swift performed for her. >> what a -- how sweet. >> she did? >> yes. taylor sang "sweet home alabama" guess who was her accompaniment. >> keith urban! >> i love that song. "sweet home alabama." >> josh lucas. >> by the way, taylor swift was spotted in vegas sporting her man at club. >> singing? >> hold on.
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>> she won an oscar, remember? sivging, as june carter cash. >> oh, my god. you're so right. she knows how to sing. terrific. >> and looked fabulous. i love h dress. >> she always says she didn't ve these people show up because they are stars she's really actually fends with people. they are really actually people who love her. >> remember seeing her on the elevator singing and performing? >> no. how did we nays and "hamilton," too? >> she seems like she knows how to have a good time. she was spotted dancing, having like -- she's hilarious. >> you know, when she finally gets a day off, you can imagine how much -- how good it feels. >> she loves to rock out. she showed up to show support for calvin. >> good news about ben affleck's back tattoo. >> i didn't even know about his back tattoo.
10:15 am
i was horrified, and i tried -- i try to be in the no judgment zone. that thing was terrible and people reported it was true, i was hoar firerrifyiedhorrified. however, he told "extra" a fake tattoo for a movie role. thank goodness. >> why didn't they put that up earlier? >> his exes, jennifer garner and jennifer lopez said it was awful. too much color and went on and said all of his tattoos have too much color! >> she's know every one. >> yes, she would. >> a jen garner said, oh, bless his heart. i'm so happy that it's fake, though. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> it is holy week. taking you on a tour of israel like you've never seen. >> want to see that. plus the real family that inspired the you can find a recipe for almost anything... baby cousin's gonna love that isn't she. oh my gosh.
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it's a story that sounds like a hollywood script. a little girl sufficienters from an incurable illness only to make a mirror rack lis recovery believing she saw jesus. >> the story is true and has been turne into a new movie everybody leaves it sobbing their eyes out called "miracles from heaven." jennifer garner gives a fierce performance as a mom who stops at nothing to fight for her daughter's life. the best acting i've ever seen her do.
10:20 am
she's not acid intolerant. >> you need to calm down. >> you calm down! you find me another ctor, you run more tests i'm not leaving this hospital unt i know what's wrong with my daughter! >> the real-life family inspired the film, christy and kevin beam and daughters adelynn and about abbie. >> this must make you feel awesome. >> so grateful. >> i watched the movie last night and when finished i was sobbing my eyes out but when you -- you were so determined to help out your little girl that you actually, you drove to boston when -- when doctors wouldn't see you because there was such a long waiting list. no other choice for you. was there? >> well, that's a little bit of a dramatic license. we did have to wait six to nine months to get in to him, but we
10:21 am
place to just get in to him. >> dramatic license. still happened, just not that way. >> right. right. yeah, so -- >> for people who don't know the story, tell us what your little girl was going through. >> annabelle was diagned with something call the motility disorder meanering that her stomach and intestines didt work, she couldn't process food and things didn't work their way out. >> agizing. >> aboutgonizing. she lived on the sofa in a fetal position with a heating padn her stomach. that was her life. >> doctors misdiagnose, as often happens. you lived in a smaller town and they didn't have thatind of expertise. what were you going through as a dad? >> so challenging. you would see your daughter, you know, hurting and there was many times we actually would literally put her to bed and kind of say, hopefully tomorrow ll be a better day. >> yeah. >> and, you know, christy was such an advocate to her to continue to say we've got to
10:22 am
we've got to have an option. something. the desperation parents know when their child is chronically ill is devastating. >> a point, annabelle, you were in the hospital. a touching scene. you had gone through so much pain you were just sayingg to your mom, mom, i want to go home and i want to see jesus. i mean, do you remember that, that time or was it suchh a painful time for you? >> yes. i do remember that time, and i had grown up and i knew about heaven. i knew that in heaven everything isis pretty much perfect. so it was like, well, if i'm hehe suffering why don't i just go to heaven w wh the logical assumption i made. >> in the movie you basically do go t t heaven but jesus tells you, there's still work for to you do here. tell us a little about that without giving away the movie. the whole movie. >> so whenever i went to heaven, i asked jesus if i could stay and he said, no, annanalle, i have plans for you on earth you cannot complete in heaven but whenever the firefighters get
10:23 am
wrong with you and thene sent tree. by that time it was dark. >> uh-huh. >> so he left you with an angel. >> wow. >> you guys have to go see the pretty special. away. >> you are spectacular sisters. i have to say. such a great family. you want to be a part of your family, that's how cool you are. >> god bless you and happy holy week. heavy easter to you. thanks so much. we appreciate it. theaters now. >> right now.
10:24 am
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. good day to you. 10:26 the time now. nice to see some sunshine returning to our skies. our first alert camera down toward bayside and aaa after a cloudy start to ourur morning and a few sprinkles. front is off shore. sunshine making a return. in the wake of that cold front cool air spilling in on a northwest wind. we'll see clouds from time to time we'll have more sun t tard the afternoon hours. it's a brisk start to our monday morning with temperertures or not the cool side, 62 in ft. lauderdale. 64 in miami.
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kendall area.
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cooler than?hn in cuba. it is one of two days that he is spending in h hanaa and one of the big things that will be happening today is a little bit later, late morning, possibly early afternoon, he will be
10:29 am
>> it looks like they are nearing thehe memorial of a national hero of cuba where he lays a wreath. slated for 10:25. he is running behind schedule in just a bit. in that same area, soon after this officiaia ceremony, he will walk over to the other side, the palace to sppk with raul, where they will talk about the progress that's been made since december 17th, that announcement to warm relations with both countries there and they are going to talk about the disagreement. you see there right now president obama walking up to the memorial, the national hero the, where he is slated to lay a wreath and do an official welcome. >> you'll probably recognize some of what youe seeing from some of our extended coverage from when the embassypened up in havana. where the pope was there for his mass as well.
10:30 am
plaza de la revolution. we've been talking to jackie and jawann who have been in hand -- havana for a couple of days. a lot of up rest and a lot of questions as to whether or not the president should be there. let's take a quick listen as this presentation at the
10:31 am
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>> i think they wanted to take a picture with the delegation. >> right now, you just saw that the wreath was just brought t. they are looking for photo opportunities at this point but one thing that really strikes you here is that there in the plaza where for years fidel castro would speak to the cuban people and essentially talk badly abobt the united states and now we've almost come full circle.
10:36 am
i dell would do his speeches. here we are in a much different picture here. >> we're hearing the anthem of the united states and flags, they were raised right next to each other. it's such a change in perspective for so many people in cuba, specifically in havana. a lot of people as i mentioned earlier questioning president obama's trip. we're seeing it here in south florida. we're seeing some protests in little havana. it's the same feeling in havana. aot of people, of course, welcoming president obama there but a lot of questio as to whether or not his intentions there are really going to play out to more freedoms and more a democratic way of life for them, more of an entrepreneurial spirit for these people, more freedoms that have in large part, according to many people, many cubans ask a lotf cuban-americans living in the united states want to see evidence to see this continue. this has been a very quick
10:37 am
months in terms of normalizing relations here. but they are also in terms of that quick timeline, you have to start thinking about president obama and th terms he has left in office and he wants to lay some very spific groundwork so that moving forward, whoever he or she is that takes office after him then has some groundwork to follow. without the strong foundation built-in havana with the people there, a new president, a new regime here in the united states could very much change all of that. so the process is now being laid for a solid foundation in havana for a possible, a possible push toward at least a more democratic feel in that country. >> you saw all the e eporters and a ton of people surrounding the president. that is unprecedented and there you see the wreath right there that they are going to be laying or that they have laid there at the memorial that is in the plaza. that's also the same area where the pope spoke to the cuban
10:38 am
there, there's perspective right there as you can see the, and just a few moments ago, the presidint wrote something here on social media. said i've come to havana to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. i'm here to bury the last vestige. this is controversial on both sides. many families, little havana, there's a protest. chopper six is over the scene. two dozen people are out there protesting. i want to bring in julia bagg and i also want to bring in miami-dade college professor richard apia. we are actually over the protott so we can show that moments ago. julia, you've been to cuba. give us some perspective. you've also been herr covered some of the protests here in little havana. what is the sent mmt? -- are they cautiously
10:39 am
completely seeing this going anywhere? >> peopl in little havana carrying their signs and banners, these are people who feel betrayed. they want to see more cnge in cuba. they don't think this is the right time for the president to be visiting that island, and they want to make their voices heardbout that. i think it's also important to point out this is the feeling of an older generation, the exiled community in south florida feel very strongly about this. these are people who lived through torture, imprisonment, perhaps had family members who were killed under this regime, so this is a very personal wound, personal experience that they are seeing, and aftft so many decades of a divide between the two countries, they wanted to hold out. they wanted to dig in for bigger change. they don't'tee that happening, although i have to say at the same time, people we speak to when we good to little havana, especially the younger
10:40 am
even those who are angry that they haven't seen more change, cuba having more elections, paving freedom of choice, people on the whole still are hopeful. everybody here is hopeful, i would say, for the future of the people of cuba. everybody wants to see the lives of people in cuba every day, the everyday people, those lives get easier. it's a difficult life in cuba and their lives are very imited. they don't control their own destinies, so that's something that is captured very well in the pain of f e protesters here that see that, that want to see that real change and i'm also joined this morning by professor richard tapia of miami-dade college. you are professor of political science and international relations. you know a lot about this. >> correct. >> i want toalk about jose mart marti being a strategic unifying figure both sides. >> to understand that, you have to go backto t t war of independence.
10:41 am
independen, he's also cuba's signature poet. a lot of principles within cuba and principles of politics in cuba is always claimed by jose marti. you have to understand he was the unifying force for the war of independence. the first warsaw the loss of horrific life. it lasted 10 years. there were 55,000 cubans that died in that effort. the war came to that end and a lot of people thought they were not goin to achieve their independence until jose marti res you are rected it. he was able to reunify all the heroes of first war of independence. who were later in their life and had given up on this idea of a
10:42 am
he reunites the cuban people. he grabs maximo gomez to once again fight for cuban independence. he deces to join the battlefield in 1898 and dies at the battle of dos rios. of cuban politics. this is the legacy of marti a a thiis why marti is so beloved by everybody in the island of cuba. >> we're talking about people in little havana, they revere jose marti. so does the castro regime. >> the castro regime claim the part of social justice, they claim by bringing about
10:43 am
they bring about deocracy. the dissident side was civil@ rights which marti was in support of that. you look at the ladies in white, there's a lot of symbol itch. it goes back t a poem of jose marti that most cubans know as a child. i cultivate a white rose in january for the sincncre friend or the cruel enemy who tears the heart in which i live. i cultivate a white rose. it's a way of the ladies of white saying we're better than the owe pressers, we're better than them. we're going to ing back a better cuba that's nonviolent. >> there's a look at the president laying the wreath at the foot of that monument of that very unifying figure.
10:44 am
the images of two other figures of the revolution. the images of those who loom large at the plaza. i point that out, i want to give yy an idea of the propaganda that you see in cuba which is quite extensive and i'm talking about billboards. imagine theillboards you see in south florida, in miami, downtown miami with ads. except seeing revolution slogans. veev dviva revolution. you see that everywhere. the figure of those two people of the revolution, of course with the famous line of fidel
10:45 am
[ speaking spanish ] >> you are doing great. there's the image and the other side. this is chockful of meaning. >> the castro regime claims both of the heroes of the revolution as a full total support of regime. in reality, he was critical of the regime. many people believe that's why he disappeared under mystery circumstances. uber mathous who was part of the revoluti and was close to him basically has claimed that even though camilon was critical of fidel, he would the no have joined to overthrown fidel, it
10:46 am
honoring the constitution from the revolution. >> it's unprecedented for an american president to be surrounded by those images of the revolution, and it's clear that thiss his bid to concretely end the ld war. this is very recently enemy territory and he doesn't want it to be this way anymore and the administration has made a very specific, very specific argument that they are not about regime change here, and that's where there's been so much suspicion aroused on the part of the cubans, thinking when the u.s. meddle in our affairs, it's because they want to depose t t regime. certainly there's a lot of feeling in that in south florida. but the obama administration is going a different way here. >> there's been a lot of history of the united states meddling into the affairs of cuba.
10:47 am
had a variety of u.s. interventions in cuba. you see it in 1906, 1912, multiple times that led to the authentic revolution of 1933 and later the cuban revolution of 1959. the embargo was meant to contain the soviet and communist threat. to prevent them from using cuba as a training camp like you saw in nickaragua. or people from angola. you saw it in m mltiple places. what you begin to see here is a shift on u.s. policy on how do you bring about change and now that the cold war is over, the question becomeshat is the model that we're going to bring about since we're not going to do containment anymore.
10:48 am
or vietnam or czechoslovakia or russia you saw the communist push for reform from thin, the united states assisted them in transitioning to a capitalist economy. or do they go the route of china where the u.s. government -- i'm sorry, go on. >> let's go ahead and talal about what we're seeing here, the signing of this document right hereafter that wreath laying. just another historic moment happening in havana with a president who has said that he wants what happens here this -- he wants this reapproachment to be irreversible and is that achieved? the cuban people who are speaking with him right now, greeting, welcoming him very warmly also are aware that his presidency is on thth way out. >> the preside has definitely given a lot of concessions. he's opened up the embassy, and
10:49 am
relations between the united states and cuba. is this going to translate top an elimination of the embargo? it's highly doubtful because when it comes to the embargo, you have to deal with interest group politics and you tend to have industries or business associations basicallyyaking on the cuban-american lobby in d.c. and it's very influential through the cuban national council. it's going to be difficult to eliminate the embargo as it was put into law in 1996. the president no longer has the ability to remove the embargo like he did prior to 1996. definitely, this is the beginning of opening up relations but the next president that comes in could easily put more sanctions back on to cuba. >> professor tapia, i want to ask you at the very foundation of this is the right, the human rights that cuba nsns want to
10:50 am
one thing that strikes you is how many cameras you see there, even following president obama. this is unprecedented, but you have to wonder how much of this is foreign press that's been following him because you hear that venezuela's president was there, he got re coverage than president obama's impending visit. you have to wonder how much of the state-run media following this and we heard that public wi-fi that was put in place december 27 -- december of '14, apparently wi-fi has been down for some people. so what do you think is being shown right now locally there? as best you could guess, really?y? >> well, state-run media is highly sensoredn cuba and i believe the castro regime is going to basically give limited coverage. they are being very careful in what they want to show. it's going to be highly controlled and it's basically going to be in steps.
10:51 am
probably just as cautious as america is right now on how much do they want to show the cuban people. when it comes to wi-fi, also something that the viewers need to understand is wi-fi is very expensive in cuba. even though it's available, i believe the amount that they have to pay is something close to $100 a month. that just the average cuban worker is just not able to afford because the amount that they get paid in pesos would never be equivalent to $100 a month unless families from the united states gives a remiss tans over to those family members to be able to access the internet. that's something wewelso have to keep in mind. so the average cuban person is really only going to have access to this visit through state-run media which is going to be highly censored. >> while we're on the topic, julia, you mentioned that the castro regime obviously so famous for, not allowing people
10:52 am
their own destinyies, having ultimate control, when the embassies opened up there, obviously, pomp and circumstance, raising of the flags. you had these masses of people there, b`t there were no dissidents that were there. this trip now with president obama and they control that, a lot of people said they were sort of apiecing the castro regime by not allowing the disdid i cents for the raising the flag and opening of the embassy. this trip with president obama it seems much more inclusive. he has plans to speak directly to dissidents they arencluding him into the quote, unquote celebrations. that depends on who you ask. that's got to be seen as a positive movement in terms of it ing progressive, right? >> the problem is that many of the dissidents that president obama wanted to meet with have been arrested. we've seen the worst crackdown in dissidents in decades prior to the trip of president obama.
10:53 am
rights which is a non-government organization that tracks the arrests of dissidents report that 3,000 have been arrested prior to the arrival of president obama. which led the newspapers to call for president obama not to visit at this time and that's why it's been so controversial. in fact, it even let secretary of state john kerry to cancel the trip ior to president obama going forward. president obama, despite the criticism, despite the controversy, decided to go forward with the trip because he does see it as a legacy issue. he wants to try to make this irreversible but it has called for controversy because the cuban american community, senators marco rubio on the republican side, senator bob menendez on the democratic size has -- side has critiqued that now is not the time when the castro regime has not made any concessions.
10:54 am
point when 53 were released, but a thousand were arrested and in january alone, the second worst month of this year in decades, 1,414 dissidents arrested only to pale in comparison to november of 2015 where 1,447. just to put in perspective, this now makes cuba the worst violator of human rights when it comes to detentions at the moment throughout the world. so this is why this trip has become so controversial. >> let's go ahead a a take a look at what's happening inside revolution palace. that is raul castro shaking hands with president obama. i can't help but t tnk of the moment we first saw that happen in panama at the summit of the americas. another historic moment for this to be happening on cuban soil there with their interpreters close by. >> absolutely. >> the question becomes like we were mentioned before, what type of concessions is cuba willing to make?
10:55 am
foreign relations committee in the house of representatives was basically say appeal is going to be open r some type of trade or business witcuba, he would want the cuban workers paid directly, similar to china. if not, we end up in a vietnam model of engagement in which the regime takes all the ney, they have more control over the dissidents, not only of the dissidents but the average cuban work whic doesn't allow for democraticization, doesn't allow for people to control their own destinies, that is what you really want to see. >> that is the argument. next will be their one-on-one meeting. what do you say toraul castro? there's so many hoping that the president really pushes for change in hume rights abuses that he says his -- his aides has said that is what he's going to specifically address one-on-one in this meeting that's about to happen.
10:56 am
president obama to raul castro? >> i think he has to say let the people go. you have to release the 3,000 political dissidents have been arrested. he has to aow for civil and political freedoms within cuba. he has to allow for the opposition party, and he really has to begin to allow for more freedoms not only freedom of expression but push further when it comes to freedom of religion which the castro regime has begun to open up. he has to allow for more private and free enterprise to take place within cuba, but, i mean, it will be remiss for us not to mention that the opposition leaders in cuba, over the years, over the last five to ten years have died under very suspicioios circumstances. >> absolutely. >> the original leader of the ladies of white, an inspirational leader, very eloquent was placed under house arrest, died a few days later after being placed under house arrest.
10:57 am
up the parella project who was the opposition leader, had an opposition party. >> died in a very mystery crash. >> very mystery car crash. was able to get a petition of 25,000 signatures asking cuba to comply with the human rights commission that the castro regime have signed into law. >> now we're looking at secrety of state john kerry, other dignitaries, cluding the acting ambassador there, there are members of the u.s. delegation that we see there. a tremendous delegation traveling with the president. the size that you rarely see on his foreign trips. we're talking about several dozens members of congress and senators as well as business executives. there we see him again with raul castro. it's very testy situation, whether to call him president or to call him leader, because i know that so many in the cuban exile community in south florida
10:58 am
term "president."
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