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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  March 22, 2016 12:37am-1:37am EDT

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[ laughter ] any one of them. democratic national committee head debbie wasserman schultz today denied accations that she is taking sides in the primary election season. and said, quote, there is no shred of evidence to suggest i'm favoring hillary clinton over r bernie socialist, i mean bernie sanders, my apologies. [ light lalahter ] bernie sanders, this weekend, gave a apeech at the mexican border. actually, he was in vermont, but they could hear him at the mexican border bernie sanders campaign has confirmed that he will not speak at a major pro-israel lobbying group conference this week making him the only presidential candidate to skip it. and if any candidate can get away with that, it's bernie from brooklyn. look at him. if israel were a person, that's what it would look like. [ laughter ] a massachusetts man who dressed d
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out of boston's south station on sunday for acting disorderly. he apparently wouldn't stop yelling, "i'm right here you idiots. look at me!" starbucks announced today that they are introducing a new caramelized honey frappuccino to their menu. and then your dentist announced he's buying a new boatat [ light laughter ] a new study has found that using a standing desk might not be any healthier than sitting at one. so now you're just an idiot standing at your desk, carl! [ lauger ] you are not better than the rest of us, carl. according to a new survey, 1 in 12 people would rather break one of their arms than do their taxes, but that would make it tough to play his guitar. [ laughter ] i'll do it. i thought i had a willie neleln impression. i realized i don't. [ laughter ]
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still no. let me finit. on the road again there we go. "i'm#going break my arm." [ laughter ] now i don't have it. [ laughter and applause ] and finally -- and finally, apple today unveiled a new iphone model that they have called the most powerful four inch device ever. "i've heard that before," said women. ladies and gentlemen, we have -- [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: -- a great show for you tonight. he is a fantastic actor. he's currently starring in broadway's "blackbird." jeff daniels is here tonight. [ cheers and applause ] the fantastic jeff daniels. she's the star of a great show on tvland, "younger." sutton foster joins us this evening. [ cheers and applause ] and the authth of fantastic new novel "the nest," cynthia d'd'rix sweeney joins us
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[ cheers and applause ] so looking forward to all of that. before we move on though, throughout the course of a presidential campaign, you hear a lot of ideas that sound good in theory. and it's an election year, which means republicans are once again calling for massive tax cuts that they say would spur economic growth. but how would those policies work in reality? well, over the last few years, we've gotten an answer in one state who's s vernor actually implemented those ideas. kansas. for more on how it turned out, it's time for "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] now, when you he kansas, you probably think "wizard of oz," college baskball or the state that based on its shape, looked like someone nibbled on colorado. [ laughter ] but, in the last few years, kansas has also become something of a laboratory for conservative economic policies under its governor sam brownback, who cut taxes for the wealthy and completely eliminated income taxefor small businesses.
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way. >> on taxes you need to get your overall rates down and you need to get your social manipulation out of it, in my estimation to create growth. and, you know, we'll see how it works. we'll have a real, live experiment. >> seth: real live experiment is a terrible sales pitch for something. those words usually only show up in shady, classified ads. [ laughter ] nonetheless, brownback got his tax cuts. which he said were designed to show the rest of the country that these policies could work on a national level. brownback told the "wall street journal" in 2013, "my focus is create a red state model that allows the republican ticket to say, 'see, we've got a different way and it works.'" and not only did brownback say it would work, but that it would work fast. or as he put it -- >> a small business s celerator where you take the tax totally off your sub s's or llcs and llcs. so y really get your acceleration, it's like shooting adrenaline into the heart of drowing the economy.
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into the hrt of the economy." like in "pulp fiction" with kansas as uma thurman and brownback as john travolta. [ laughter ] okay. so, how did that shot of adrenaline -- the kansas city -- the kansas tax cut, work out? >> kansas is broke, extremely oke. >> seth: that's right, job growth in kansas lagged behind the rest of the country. and while supporters predicted the plan would generate $323 million in new revenue, it actually produced a $688 million loss. kansas' budget problems were so bad, in fact, that they were forced to raise tax money in 2014 using a somewhat novel strategy. >> profiting from porn. the state of kansas will soon earn money from selling sex. >> it's no secret that sex sells. and right now, hundreds of adult toys are sitting in a kansas city warehouse and are up for auction online. and while the company, equip-bid, will get a cocoission, most of the money from the salof the items will end up in the hands of the
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>> seth: that's right, they auctioned off sex toys from an adult store that owed back taxes. and it turned out to be an unusually popular auauion. >> on average, the company, equip-bid has about 1,500 people looking at a specific auction online. but ever since the company made a special pick up for a special customer, that number has jumped to 5,000 people who want to know what's inside these boxes. >> seth: dildos. [ laughter ] that's what's inside of those boxes. dildos. just boxes and boxes of dildos. and w, here are the jokes we thought of for the kansas dildo auction. [ laught ] nothing like selling fake dicks to solve a problem created by a re one. [ laughter and applause ] selling the dildo's didn't solve the whole budget problem, just the tip. [ laughter ] it's hard to sell dildo's to people that are already [ bleep ]. [ laughter ]
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anymore." [ laughter ] so the budget situation in kansas was bad. but brownback argued that his policies just needed more time to work. and kansas voters gave him that time, electing him to a second term in 2014. that's how nice the people of kansas are. he was like, "i know we are not where we want to be, but just give me some more time." and surely things have gotten better in the years since. >> big budget woes for the state of kansas. the state faces a $279 million short fall for the budget-year which began in july and another $436 million gap for next fiscal year. >> seth: okay, so the experiment didn't work. it was worth a try. surely, now brownback raised taxes to cover the short fall. >> the governor wants to cut classroom funding for kansas schools by $127 million. >> balancing the budget on the backs of children. some say governor sam brownback's new budget hurts the youngest people in kansas. >> seth: by youngest people,
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not younger than that, right? >> wednesday, governor sam brownback released plans to reduce $106 million in spending for the next fiscal year and proposed moving $50 million from the children's initiate fund designed to pay for programs such as head start, preschool, childcare assistance. >> seth: things are so bad for preschoolers in kansas, they're out of focus. [ laughter ] and then there's the job growth brownback promised. he set a goal of creating 25,000 new jobs a year into his second term. but in 2015, the state gaid just 9,400 private sector jobs. and most of those jobs were packing and shipping those dildos. [ laughter ] perhaps the most damning part is a lot of kansas' business owners don't even want the tax cuts they are gettingng last week, the topeka capital journal reported that business owners urged the kansas state house committee to raise their own n xes. asking to have the state raise your taxes is unheard of.
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about that." [ laughter ] "oh that very dense muffin is get out! [ laughter ] no, out of my house. get out of my house. don't bring these here." if even the small business owners of kansas want taxes raised, the results of the experiment are in. republicans want to replicate the policies on a national level. but even when you buy couch cleaner, they tell you to try it on a small patch of fabric first. and that's what happened here. kansas was the small patch of fabric and not only did the cleaner not work, the couch exploded. [ laughter ] this has been "a closer look." [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] alright, it's ford truck month. this is the time, this is the place. and this is ford f-150. with a high-strength, military grade aluminum-alloy body... it's up to 700 pounds lighter than before,
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybod and please, give it up for the 8g band over there. [ cheers and applause ] also, we're so happy to have him back, fred armisen on drums right there. welcome back, fred. [ cheers and applause ] >> fred: please. thank you. >> seth: fred, of course, this is very exciting. "portlandia" season finale on thursday. congratulations on another great season of a fantastic show. fred, so proud of you. >> fred: thank you. >> seth: it's excellent. >> fred: thanks. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: "portlandia" is actually part of aigger problem, that fred and i always talk about. which is, there's so much
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keep up with all the shows. i complain backstage this backstage to fred. fred tells me it is not t problem for him because he sees every episode of every television show th is on tv. fred, do you stand by this statement? >> fred: absolutely. yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: 'cause it seems mathematically impossible that you'd be able to do that. >> fred: i see it all. >> seth: you see it all, okay. [ laughter ] >> fred: yeah. >> seth: that means it's time once again for fred armisen's extremely accurate tv recap. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: okay. so, you know how it works. nce you watch every episode of every tv show, i will basically give you the title of a show and you tell me what the show is about. >> fred: of course, yes. [ laughter ] >> seth: the show -- the title of the show is "underground." >> fred: "underground?" >> seth: yeah. >> fred: you know "underground." >> seth: no. [ laughter ] >> fred: seth. >> seth: no. >> fred: "underground." >> seth: no. >> fred: have you not seen any of it? >> seth: i haven't seen any of it. >> fred: the pilot? >> seth: no. >> fred: oh. okay, "underground" is great. what is it is it's like -- [ laughter ] it's like a lot of people in disguise, right? they're trying to fool the government, they're like spies. so everyone is in disguise and their disguises keep changing. [ laughter ]
12:52 am
town you're just like, "i thought you were the butcher." like, "no, actually" -- you know they lift up their masks and they're like, "actually i'm the school teacher." "okay, gat." [ laughter ] so everywhere you go in this town, it's just like all disguised and they have to to keep it going. >> seth: so, wait, i'm sorry. it's all spies that live in one town? [ laughter ] >> fred: yes. yes. >> seth: it seems like spies would want to spread out. it seems like having all the spies in one town -- >> fred: right. right. me? >> fred: yeah! [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. >> fred: no. it just goes on. and so then david, who is actually steve, is married to mary ann, who's not there. [ laughter ] like where is she? >> seth: ever? >> well, wilma is -- okay, so wilma is mary ann. >> seth: okay. is she there? >> fred: and janine -- yeah. >> seth: okay. >> fred: so janine walks in, thty're like, "we don't know who you are." so she's like, "i know you don't know. i can't address that right now because we are in disguise." they're like, "okay, we're gonna walk out in front of the house." they're like, "great. are we walking or our disguises walking?" [ laughter ]
12:53 am
shows up. [ laughter ] you know, guns drawn and they are like, "get down! get down! everybody, get down!" and they just kia leave it there. and it's like -- that was last night's episode. >> seth: oh, wow. [ laughter ] >> fred: yeah. yeah. >> seth: cliffhanger. i'm going to have to check that out, "underground." [ cheers and applause ] i -- you know, i might take issue with tv guide 'causehe tv guide says "underground" is on wgn. it's set in 1850s georgia. the series follows noah who escapes slavery through underground railroad. [ laughter ] >> fred: but that's the disguise. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay. thank you. fred armisen, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] this very -- this is very exciting news. recent discoveries of planets make it a very exciting time in the world of astronomy. using kepler space telescope, nasa has found thousands of planets in our region of the milky way. and the exciting part, 'cause that's fine, but the exciting part is scientists think is
12:54 am
support life. these are planets that lie within the habitable zone of their host star and have high numbers of the earth's similarity index. but you know what, i'm realizing, as i'm doing this, me talking about it, veryoring. that's why there's a group here in new yorthat's going around to schools to teach kids about the newly discovered planets in a way that is fun and exciting. so, we're very lucky to have them here tonight. please welcome to the show the four new planets. >> whoo! [ applause ] >> we're here! >> are you ready for some rhymes that are out of this world? >> yeah! space will make you say there's a lot going on if you look to the sky i'm a fun new planet my rhymes are def my name is kepler 186 f i could be inhabited you'll find out one day i'm 490 light years away >> seth: this is so great. if i was a kid, this would be my
12:55 am
interplanetary buddies don't forget about me what's my name kepler%62 e ooh the best planet baby i'm the bomb but if you talk smack i'll murder your mom [ laughter ] >> seth: i don't -- i don't think that's right. i'm kepler 296 f the f stands for fun 'cause i'm a nasty boy whose bonin' second to none my surface may be rocky my rocks are off the chain what kind of rocks you talking 'bout straight crack cocaine [ laughter ] >> seth: that's not -- that's inappropopate. i think we should just -- oh yeah i been to prison surprise surpre i used to have a moon but i stabbed him in the eyes [ laughter ] >> seth: a moon wouldn't even have eyes. this is so -- i think juststtop. we'll stop it now? kepler 62 f i'm a ride or die bitch you poor i'm rich if you so much as twitch i'll leave your ass
12:56 am
do i support life well let me tell you something i got mad peoples and they all straight [ bleep ] bigger than earth it ain't no trick best believe this big ass planet needs a big ass oh kepler mafia fo' life >> seth: all right. obviously we'd like to apologize on behalf of nbc. we'll be right back with jeff daniels. [ cheers and applause ] [excited crowd] hello! thank you. yes, thank you. now that we represent the bud light party, we need a little security. so we found the toughest person that we know. blam! ronda rousey you were all expecting a man, weren't you? typical. amy, amy will you read my screenplay? no questions! seth why don't you make better movies?
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guest tonight is an emmy-winningctor you know from "the newsroom," and movies like "terms of endearment" and "dumb and dumber." you can see him in the new movie "allegiant," and on broadway in the play "blackbird." please welcome to thshow, jeff daniels. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: how are you? >> good. >> seth: good. it's lovely to have you here. >> oh, it's lovely to be here. >> seth: and thank you, this is your day o on broadway and making time for us. i really appreciate it. >> not really, no. i go on, this may be news to your viewers, we tape this earlier in the evening. >> seth: yeah. >> i go on in an hour. >> seth: you go on in an hour? >> yeah. >> seth: oh, you don't get the day off. >> no, it's monday -- we're a monday through saturday nigh >> seth: look at you guys. oh, so you had yesterday off. >> yeah. >> seth: okay. well then i don't feel that bad. >> i'm up. i'm full -- i'm refreshed. i'm ready to go.
1:02 am
[ laughter ] well this is -- how is it like being -- you started as a stage actor here. >> yeah. >> seth: is it nice beinback on stage, on broadway? >> i love it. it's hard. "blackbird" is a real tough, tough drama that i'm doing with michelle williams. it's basically just the two of us. it's -- you gotta know what you're doioi to do broadway. and it's a thrill to be asked to do it again. and to be above the title it's just a -- it's a bucket list thing. it really is. >> seth: so starring on a broadway show is a bucket list for you? >> well, yeah. yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> and then the fact that the e critics, you know, loved or liked it. >> seth: yeah. >> helps immensely. >> seth: 'cause otherwise that takes the bucket and turns it upside down. [ laughter ] >> you're the first one up there taking out the light bulbs, you know? [ laughter ] "i'm not in this." >> seth: i -- you've mentioned it's a tough subject. i fell like i wanna -- i give you a chance to explain it. 'cause it's, i think as you will, people won't think, "oh, this is a comedy." >> well, based on the rap thina we saw earlier, i think we can go there. no, it's an illegal relationship.
1:03 am
he's at his place of work. and the play starts with a 27-year-old girl, woman, michelle williams, coming down the hallway, i throw her into the conference room. i go, "what are you doing here? how did you find me?" she goes, "you changed your name." i say, "yeah, yeah. i did." i haven't seen her in six years and i don't wanna see her. and she go, "let's talk about when we had sex when i was 12." >> seth: wow. that is quita jumping off point for a play. >> yeah. and that's the first ten minutes. and it's, you know, a lot of people go see "jersey boys." i don't care. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> you kno i don't care. >> seth: 'cause there are no songs. >> there are two songs but -- [ laughter ] and they're fun. they're fun. >> seth: they're fun songs. they break up. they break up. >> a little dance. i wish i could do the joke. but no, it's a tough -- from the minute we walk on, we grab the audience and hang on to them. >> seth: you play -- when you play, as an actor, someone who is morally objectable like this do you find that it's important to make the character likable for the audience that's spending time with him or --
1:04 am
no, i've never cared about that. i mean -- you knkn, i got out of the gate with "terms of endearment" way back when. >> seth: sure. >> he was, you know, the guy was -- first he was named flap. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> and then he cheated on a debra winger who was dying of cancer. i mean there was no young actor in hollywood who wanted to touch that. >> seth: yeah. >> he was so unlikable. and i'm going, "i'll do it. i'll do it." [ laughter ] you don't -- you can't care about that. all you can do is maybe they ght be able to relate to the guy and what he's going through. they don't have to like him or not. you know, it's you get -- in hollywood, you get the guys who are going, "yeah, he's unlikable but two-thirds of ththway through, can i have that speech where i cry and redeem myself and the audience rootstsnd likes me again? no, i can't have that? then i'll pass." >> seth: yeah. >> and i have never cared about that. >> seth: i've heard from people who've seen the play, that at the end, i can't imagine this is a curtain call moment where you come out triumphantly. >> yeah. >> seth: i have to imagine that what you go through over the coursepof playing this person must be exhausting.
1:05 am
worse. and you're just -- the audience is left, i mean there are nights we go out for the curtain call and they aren't moving. i mean it's that powerful. and you stand there and i, you know, i told michelle there's only one way to do this and that's all out. you can't -- i mean sometimes you can do plays or even movies where you kind of phone it in. where you kind of sort of there. you can't do that with this. so, by the curtain call, you're just standing there with nothing left.. and it's kinda nice to just stand there in front of them going i don't have an ounce of anything left for you. [ laughter ] you can stand-up. you can applaud, great. 'cause we're going home and to sleep. >> seth: there you go. challenging performance as this may be, you were doing it live, obviously. you've done a lot of work with sorkin, obviously. "newsroom," "jobs" this year, which is fantastic. thth dialogue, i want to talk about learning that dialogue. do you feel like you are just an actor who isike, built for sorkin dialogue or do you have to work as hard as anything else?
1:06 am
it goes with any -- you gotta outwork everybody else. >> seth: yeah. have you and sorkin ---- >> you know, peyton manning retired and that was one of the things peyton said. he goes, "some people may throw better than me, run better than mebut no one will outwork me." and when you get a sorkin script like that, or a "blackbird" you just have to put in the work. once you've put in t t work, then the script is like, back here. now you can do whatever you do with it. it's fun to have, you know, on "newsroom" sometimese'd have day players come in and a lot of them were great. a lot of we're, oh, we've heard and they'd come in ready -- and ready to go. some wouldn't. >> seth: yeah. >> some of the l.a. guys who do the episodic would kind of sort of know it. and we'd do take one at about 75%. and then we go, "all right. let's do take two. let's pick it up." and you go into sorkin speed, which is like indy 500. >> seth: yeah. >> and you could just see steam coming out of ththr ears and the sweat. the flop sweat. and every word of the scene would just go out of their heads. and we would -- the rest of us
1:07 am
[ laughter ] >> seth: well you are one of the best at it. i always like asking actors about some of the workhey do that's a little bit less glamorous. you were in the film "101 dalmatians." >> i was. yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: i heard this. i want you to confirm or deny whetheheor not this is true. that in order to get the dalmatians to lick your face, you had to rub hot dogs on it? >> yeah. [ laughter ] fresh out of the packet. >> seth: okay. >> not heated. just rub them. coat your face like say a moisturizer. >> seth: uh-huh. [ laughter ] >> you would just, you know, all over. and then, you know/ the puppies lick you. "pongo, pongo -- cut." [ laughter ] >> seth: don't you think they should have gotten dogs who were better actors so you wouldn't have had to do that? 'cause that seems like -- >> god bless all of you who have dalmatians out there, but they're a stupid [ bleep ] dog. [ laughter ] [ plause ]
1:08 am
but i also heard that there was a time where the director told the dogsgso sit. >> yeah. yeah. yeah. >> seth: and -- >> the director -- all these dogs and me. and we're sitting there and -- sit! and then i just did that. [ laughter ] jeff! not you. get me off this movie. >> seth: the dalmatians are somewhere saying i know a lot of jeff dainels -- >> they're not sitting. they are not sitting at all. yeah. >> seth: well it's always good to know, you know,w,e wo our way to our best work and sometimes we're rubbing hot dogs on our face. [ laughter ] congratulations on the show. it's so wonderful to have you. >> thanks, seth. >> seth: thank you so much. >> appreciate it. >> seth: jeff daniels, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] "allegiant" is in theaters now and "blackbird" is playing at the belasco theater in new york through june 11th. we'll be right back with sutton foster.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our next guest is a two-time tony award winning actress and one of broadway's biggest stars. she is currently starring in the hit tv land series, "younger." which airs its season finale this wednesday. let's take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, there's my princess. you look perfect, my dear. >> absolutely licious. >> oh, thank you. >> but why don't you have a spear? i want to see you gripping a long, powerful spear. >> but princess pam-pam summons the power of the sky, she doesn't need a spear. in fact, she might prefer that men held their own spears. [ laughter ]
1:14 am
show, sutton foster. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome, so l lely to have you here. >> thank you so much. >> seth: now that outfit you are wearing in thaepisode, not only was it skimpy, let's just call it skimpy. >> yeah. >> seth: you were filming it in time square in december. outdoors. >> yes, we were. outdoors. but luckily, it was a balmy december night. >> seth: okay. >> i had some strategically placed body warmer thingys. >> seth: okay. >> so, yeah. everything was nice and toasty. >> seth: even with toasty, you're still in times square. >> yes, but i'm more -- i have more on than a lot of the other people that are walking around times square. >> seth: that's true. i guess that is a good -- if you're gonna dre like that, times square is the best ace to blend in. [ light laughter ] >> well, naked cowboy. we have the naked cowboy. >> seth: yep. >> who's --
1:15 am
and then there's like the red, white and blue ladies who are just sort of painted with nothing else on. >> seth: nothing. they cause a lot of trouble. >> really? >> seth: yeah, there's a lot of - - a lot of people feel like that's not the times square they want for their children. >> yeah. >> seth: this is such a cool show. and it's such a great -- it must be a great part for you. as the title implies, you play a character who is pretending to be younger than she is. you are pretending to be 26. >> yes. >> seth: it must havbeen nice when you got offered a part, because in order to get the part, people, you had to pass for 26. >> yes. >> seth: were you psychcd when this happened? >> okay, i was very flattered. but then became very nervous about it because you have to sort o opull this thing off. so, i -- i became more aware of, like, my age and like getting older more than ever. >> seth: oh, did you? had you not even thought abobt that 'til somebody said you should be in a show where you play somebody younger. and then you're like, "wait, that means i'm older." >> yeah, right? and i just -- i just turned 41 last week. and so i'm -- >> seth: congratulations. >> it just keeps going. i just keep getting older and older. [ cheers and applause ]
1:16 am
i hadn't really thought about age or anything. and luckily, i play a 40-year-old trying tbe 26. i'm not actually playing a 26-year-old. so, it's good to see, you know, a little bit of the -- right? it's all right. >> seth: yeah. let's beeal about ourselves. >> some of the cracks, yes. >> seth: also, you have fans of the show, are younger as well, they might notnow about your broadway career. you're a two-time`tony winner, you're a six-time tony nominee. do you find now w at you have a whole new world of fans being in television that have no sense of where you came from? >> yeah, totally. i had posted something on instagram about doing a concert. i a lot of concert work and symphony work. and someone's like, you sing? i had no idea. and i was like, yeah, i've been know to do some singing. [ light laughter ] and then i ran into someone, ey're like, oh, my gosh. i love your show. have you ever thought about doing stage work or being in the theater? and i'm li, oh, that would be great. [ laughter ] yeah, maybe someday. i'd love to -- >> seth: see, that's why where you and i are different. 'cause if i had two tonys, i would carry them with me
1:17 am
mine backstage.. >> i just thought it might be too much to bring 'em out. >> seth: is it weird ansferring to a television show where you're obviously still a performer, but you don't audience that is -- >> i require everyone to applaud after every take. >> seth: that's good. >> very comfortable. >> seth: absolutely. you're like, i'm from broadway. >> i'm from broadway. so, i do a lot of singing and i use a lot of jazz hands when the camera's up here. >> seth: that's good. just out of frame jazz hands. >> right? >> seth: they're constantly -- the cameraman's constantly going tighter, tighter. a ja thumb. [ laughter ] we gotta -- now your brother is also a broadway actor. >> yes. >> seth: and he was in a -- you guys were in a production of "grease" together. >> yes. >> seth: on broadway, yes? >> on broadway. i made my broadway debut back in '95, 6, something like that. as sandy in the broadway revival of "grse." >> seth: a very good part. >> very good part, yes! and my brother, at the time, was playing roger in the show, but he was understudying danny.
1:18 am
show, the producers were like, how would you feel if your brother had to play danny with you as sandy? would that be okay? and i said, no. [ laughter ] that -- i don't think that would be a good idea. i think we would be breaking broadway law. >> seth: yeah. >> and that maybe we might not enjoy that and the audience might be uncomfortable. >> seth: yeah. >> so, luckily that didn't happen. but the guy playing danny was sick. and so there was like constant peril that i would have to like make out with my brother. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] and then during the curtain call, it would have been great if you guys say, hey, i hope you guys enjoy the show. hey, this whole time danny and sandy have been brother and sister. [ laughter ] does that change "grease" for everybody? [ laughter ] have you guys ever -- because of, you know, there aren't many broadway shows, have you guys had to bow -- have you been up for parts in the past which h ybe had like brother sister making out potential? >> when we were first starting out, we were definitely like going up for parts that could
1:19 am
when i did a show called "thoroughly modern millie" and he -- >> seth: fantastic show. >> he was up for the leading man moving forward at potentially playing the part. d then he had to kind of back out. and i'm like, "one of us has gotta go!" and so he gracefully backed out. but luckily we haven't had any instances of that. >> seth: broadway obviously known for revivals. i feel like, now, television i i known for revivals. the "gilmore girls" is back. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: and very exciting. >> yeah. >> seth: you've been announced as a cast member. you were not in the original "gilmore girls." >> i was not. >> seth: you're on of the first people who's announced who was not part of the original cast. wewe you a fan? >> it's my -- it was favorite show of all time. >> seth: okay. >> i got to work with amy sherman-palladino, who created "gilmore" on a show called bunhes, which was on abc family. so, we've become very, very good friends. and when they were doing "the gilmore girls" reboot she asked -- she told me she was gonna write a part for me. and i was like, "okay," and she
1:20 am
[ light laughter ] and this past week, i shot -- and i got to hang out in stars hollow and hang out with everybody. and i freaked out. and i might have cried a little bit. [ laughter ] >> seth: that's fantastic. >> yeah, 'cause i'm the superfan from the couch and then somehow they have let me in. >> seth: yeah. >> and i was like ha, ha, ha! no one knows! >> seth: and on youray out, they were like we need to go through your bag, 'cause you've stolen so many props. >> yeah, well, yeaea yeah. it was pretty awesome. it was like a dream come true. 'cause i still feel like i'm that 15-year-old kid, you know? >> seth: well, that's ntastic. >> i hope to always feel that way. >> seth: well, congratulations on the show. it's really faastic. >> thank you. >> seth: and thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: sutton foster, everybody. the season finale of "younger" airs march 23rd on tv land. we'll be back with cynthia d'aprix sweeney. we got another one. i have an orc-o-gram for an "owen." that's me. you should hire stacy drew.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night," everybody. our next guests debut novel "the nest" will be available in bookstores starting tomorrow. please welcome to the e ow, cynthia d'aprix sweeney. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome to the show. >> hi. >> seth: congratulations on the book, your debut novov. >> yes. >> seth: it's fantastic. >> thank you. >> seth:h:aced through it. you started writing fiction later in life. >> i did. >> seth: what brought you to the decision to write a novel? >> well, before i started writing fiction, i was, marketing and communications freelance copy writer. and that was great when my kids were little because it was really flexible. and then they got older and then i started having more time. and i thought i should do the
1:27 am
>> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] that's a good -- that's a very upbe way of looking at it. >> yeah, and then i moved to los angeles after living in new york for 25 years. and i i s down 25 years worth of friends, so i made some up. >> seth: right. [ laughter ] you know, i actually wanted to ask you about that as well, because this is a very new york book. >> yes. >> seth: part of moving to l.a. like being away from new york, was writhing about it a good way to sort of miss it less? >> yeah, absolutely. i think almost everything i started writing was set in new york. and when i realized that this was a novel and that i was gonna be spending a lot of time in it and that i was gonna be able to spend a lot of time in newework, i got really excited. and i started cherry picking places that i wanted to live in, in my mind a little more. >> seth: it's a great places of new york book as well, not just the characters, but the city ys very well represented here. >> thank you. >> seth: do you feel like it was an advantage sort of waiting as long as you did before trying to write your novel? because i feel like that's
1:28 am
people saying working on a novel now. you obviously had some time e think about it before you started. >> right. >> seth: do you think that was helpful? >> i don't want to present it as strategy -- >> seth: right. >> because i think that it helped me in the sense that i had been a non-fiction writer for a long time. so, i understood that i would have to let go of a lot things that i wrote. not everything i wrote was gonna be in the book. and i didn't feel very precious about what i was writing, because for so many years, i didn't have e nership of what i wrote. >> seth: sure. >> and then i think that -- yeah, no, i think all of that stuff just made it a little easier to really invest in this because i didn't need it. >> seth: that's a nice feeling. >> i didn't need it? yeah. yeah, it was something, it was like, almost like an experiment, like let's see if this works. >> seth: now, the first thing i thought as i w reading this book, because it's about four
1:29 am
wonder if you have siblings. >> i have three. >> seth: you have three. so, you were four as well? >> yes. >> seth: is this you? >> no. >> seth: okay. >> i say with love and gratitude, that my siblings are not nearly this interesting. >> seth: that's great. [ laughter ] but were they nervous when they heard you were writing a book about four siblings? >> well, i didn't tell tm. >> seth: okay. was that strategy? >> yes. >> seth: okay. [ laughter ] >> i -- they knew i was in graduate school. they knew i was writinall the time. and they knew i started a novel. and i was very vague about what it was about because i knew they would worry and i waited until -- kind of until it was sold. [ light laughter ] and then i could give it to them and say, see. these people are much more interesting than you. >> seth: yeah, and if you don't back t@ people. >> yeah, so -- >> seth: what insped the idea? >> i am fascinat by adults that were in relationships.
1:30 am
everyone had tons of brothers and sisters. >> seth: that's the no baggagege right? irish/italian/catholic, like, everybody's cool all the time. yeah, right. >> totally, cool. really relaxed. and, but i was really envious. i thought our family was small 'cause there were four of us. and those relatiships, the stakes of life become so much higher. and as you grow older, those relationships get really complicated. so, i knew i wanted to write about adult siblings. and i was walking to new york to meet by family for brunch one sunday and i was just looking at all of the people on all the street corners havinindrinks in the windows and i just had this image of family members who are getting together and they have to have a drink before they see one another, but can't drink with one another. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and like at that moment it was almost like the scene in the movie where then they all leave the bar and see each other and know that they were all doing the same thing. >> seth: it's a fantastic
1:31 am
that they all have to drink in different places before they see each other. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> seth: and you credit your -- 'cause there was a bidding war within harper collins for this book and you credit your agent for being very smart as to when she turned the manuscript over to people to read. >> he. >> seth: he, apology. >> he was really wants the manuscript to go out the monday after thanksgiving. >> seth: interesting. >> yeah. and it did. >> seth: because he thought if it's a dysfunctional family book, people are gonna be into -- >> everyone has just spent the entire week with their families. [ laughter ] this is when this book has t tgo out, yeah. >> seth: and do you think the idea was people would read it and think my family's not as bad as this or -- d i'm lucky? or my family is worse than this. >> or i'm not alone. >> seth: yeah, that's . maybe not alone is the best part. >> yeah. >> seth: congratulations, again. >> thank you. >> seth: i can't believe it's a first novel. it's so wonderful. >> thank you. >> seth: and thank you so much for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth:cynthia d'aprix sweeney, everybody. "the nest" hits bookstores
1:32 am
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>> carson: hey, what's happening? it's "last call." i'm carson daly. thanks for being here. tonight, we are at sky room for a grgrt show. coming up, goldlink makes its tv debut from the fonda and aldis hodge gets our spotlight treatment. but first, former child star, miraraa cosgrove, is starring in the new nbc comedy series "crowded." for more on that, take a look at tonight's "last call" spotlight. >> at usc, most people are really cool and ke don't care at all. but some people -- likel one class, i was in a class with like 300 people, and every time i'd raise my hand, this one kid in the class would be like, "i'm
1:37 am
icarly." he'd say it, like, every time i raised my hand. i was friends with one girl in one of my classes for, like, three months and then she was like, "i didn't know if you'd like this or not, but i always thought you looked like the girl from 'icarly'." >> she wondered if maybe you'd ever heard that before. >> yeah, she was lik "i don't know if like you, like, will take ts as a compliment." and i was like, "i do. i am her." my name's miranda cosgrove and i'm on a new show called "crowded." i'm on spring break right now, so i'm pretty happy. my friend and i, we just went to palm springs together and the entire time we were saying "spring break" from "spring breakers." i know, i relate so much to james franco's character. it's unbelievable. yeah, it was really fun going to palm springs for spring break, because i got to -- >> can't even say it now. >> i know, spring break. it's spring break. spring breeaak. spring break. spring break. spring break. i've said spring break already, like, 12 times in this interview. [ door bell ] >> oh, thank god you're home.


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