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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 5pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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today a dark moment for the country, while the ambassador here in the sult spoke of determination. >> we are a resilient people, we are a resilient capital. >> reporter: world leaders swiftly pledged solidarity with belgium, including president obama who addressed terrorism at an historic trip in cuba. >> we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally in belgium. >> reporter: the attacks followed a flurry of counterterrorism activity in brussels. the accused mastermind of the november paris attacks killed 130 was captured today. already showing that global solidarity. president obama has ordered flags to fly at half staff until march 26th. that is a look from d.c. in france, the eiffel tower is lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. miami international airport, one of the first to step up security in light of the attacks here. nbc 6 reporter bobby brooks is
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going about that. bobby? >> reporter: keith, pretty much every way imaginable. we're talking about stepped-up canine units, uniformed officers. police in plain clothes that we don't even know about, because today the goal was to keep mia as safe as possible. at almost every turn, checkpoint, walkway, some type of security today. whether it's an armed officer on a cart, canine units, or a walkinggatrol security was taken serious at miami international airport. afte the horrific attack in brussels, the extra security is something that's been much appreciated by travelers. >> we've seen a lot of security here today, and that gives us some comfort tha we'll be fine. we just want to get home quickly. >> reporter: almost immediately after the attack, airport patrols were stepped up. a release officials say directly after the attack, the was an
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canine units and patrols around the airport. with ewent for a ride-along around the airport with one of those units. officers say there's no direct threat to mia today, and want everyone to go about business as usual. >> they should feel comfortable. we're one of the safest airports in the world. we're ready in case anything happens. peooe should continue traveling. >> reporter: during the increased lookouts and sweeps by canines, luckily so far everything hasaslooked okay.( >> no more flow of passengers throughout the day. >> reporter: the concourse g today, a group of people stranded right now. their flight was set for 5:00 this evening, it was going to brussels. we got a chance to speak with a retired doctor heading back home who said things weren't like this growing up. what she prays for now is that all of this, the dogs, police carts and officers weren't
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>> all these people to die. >> reporter: back out liveve here. everyone i've talked to here at mia, their t tughts and prayers are with the people over in brussels. this has been dominating social media throughout the day all across the world. we'll bring in julia bagg. >> we've seen for weeks, european security o oficials have been bracing for a major attack and this morning it ppened. in the first place, victims, loved ones and people around the world turned to social media. with the paris attacks still fresh, re's an image of belgium's neighbors providing support. planned by extremists in brussels. paris is less tpan 200 miles from brussels. the french language is spoken in both capitals. you see the eiffel tower tonight lit up in honor this evening, bearing the colors of the
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the hash tag we've been seeing so much meaning i am brussels in french, you see that along with prayers and images of the eiffel tower lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. pope francis tweeting just a short while ago, quote, i entrust to god's mercy to all those who lost their lives. as well as the capital of the union, assault on the city has an impact far beyond its walls. julia bagag nbc 6 news. >> our coverage of the terror in brussels continues. coming up in the next half hour of news, concern on the campaign trail. what presidentialalandidates say they would do if a terror attack happened on their watch. andnde speak to local parents left watching and waiting for word from their children who are traveling in brussels today. at 6:00, more f fm passengers stranded in south florida, due to airport closures caused by the attacks. remember, you can always find
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the nbc 6 news and weather app. the president's trip to cuba in the history books tonight. the first family boarded air force one and headed to argentina. departing from havana, cuba, just over an hour ago. >> his last day taking them out to the ball game where the tampa bay rays made a little bit of history o their own, becoming the first major league baseball te to play in havana since the baltimore orioles in 1999. jawan strader and jackie nespr have been following the president's trip all week long. >> the final day on the island, jawan and jackie? >> reporter: good evening, trina and adam. from havana, cuba, once again, it was a very busy day for president barack obama. >> jawan, another busy day for the president on this last day of this historic trip to cuba. but earlier this morning, all eyey were on their television sets, looking at president obama and what he would say directly
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and he started by reciteding a poem by jose marte, to cultivate a white rose. it is a message of peace. >> jackie, this is what many people were looking forward to. they were looking forward to hearing what the presidentad to say to the cuban people. it gave many people here on the island hope. many of them were very optimistic. >> havana is only 90 milesrom florida. but to get here, we had to travel a great distance. over barriers of history, and ideology, barriers of pain and separation. >> reporter: the president made a plea to the young people of cuba to make change. >> i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in e americas. [ applause ] i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. >> reporter: the address was broadcast live on state-run television. the psident telling the cuban
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clear differences in the nations' governments. >> cuba has a one-party system. the united states is a multi-party democracy. >> reporter: but that it's more about the people than the politics. >> i believe in the cuban people. this is not just a policy of normalizing relations with the cuban government, the united states of america is normalizing relations with the cuban people. >> reporter: the crowds cheering loudest when he called on congress to lift the trade embargo on cube oh. >> the embargo was only hurting the cuban people instead of helping them. i've always beeeved in what martin luther king jr. said that we shouldnot fear change, we should embrace it. >> reporter: and listening intently to challenge the cuban government to deal with the human rights violations. >> every person should be equal under the law. every child deserves the dignity that comes with education and
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>> reporter: the president's message clear and direct, it is time for change in cuba. but that change must begin with the cuban people. >> and that's absolutely right. his key message was that the future of cuba should be left in the hands of the cuban people. >> yes, very true, jackie. and that struck a chord with many of the cuban people here. especially three lovely ladies that i spoke with a little bit earlier. they said that they watched president obama's speech and they said it was very encouraging. and they believet's a step forward in the right direction. there. >> translator: the speech from president barack obama has given faith and hope to the cuban people. we're e ry satisfied. >> translator: the. >> translator: is super interesting for us, and the whole world.
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improvement. because there is various information. >> now, the game is going on right now as we speak. a lot of people looking forward to this game. thatou and i didn't have tickets to. the tampa ray bays are leading 4-0 against the cuban national team. >> he said that because it was an invitation-only game. but anyway, we should mention that the president did have to leave early from the game. i'm sure he wasn't very happy about that, because he really does love baseball and was excited about the game. >> the tampa bay rays are the first american game to play since back in 1989. >> thth time around, both president barack obama and raul castro watched the scrimmage from the stands. many are wondering what this could mean for the ban baseball players who want to be a part of the mlb here in the u.s. a cuban-american is about to start another season with the fish, but isn't ready to takeke the team down to cuba to play an
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>> i know my grandma will love it. that was a@ways a dream, you know. my family would love it. for me to pla here. but a lot of things have to change. you know,. >> now, he admits he's got mixed emotions about the tampa bay rays in havana. with a chance to play against a major league team. >> well, i've got to tell you, another big story coming out of cuba was the meeting between the dissidents and president obama. it was a meeting decades in the making, 13 dissidents meeting with president obama after the u.s. embassy inn havana. i had an opportunity to talk to three of the dissidents that met with the president right after that meeting. you'u' hear what they have to say about it on the nbc 6 news at 6:00. >> we'll also have a lot more coming up at 5:30. so be sure to stick around with us. that is the latest here from havana, cuba. back to you guys in the studio. >> anxious to hear the thoughts
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thank you very much, jackie and jawan reporting live fromcuba. >> they'll join us with another live report at the 5:30 newscast. but you can find extensive coverage anytime from anywhere on the nbc 6 news and weather app, including president obama's entire speech on his last day in havana, cuba. other news we're following tonight, a car takes a deadly detour off a south florida street. >> witnesses tell police speed could have been a factor. i'll have a live report ahead. how local police are stepping up their efforts to find a man who assaulted and robbed a woman on an early-morning run. pretty day in south florida florida today, no doubt. but rain chances are in the forecast. details coming up. coming up in the next half hour of news, the benefits of police body cameras. a south florida police department shows us how the devices are helping to protect
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their office new clues in the hunt for a crimimal who violated a woman walking through coral gables earlier this mth. they're looking for a white hispanic male between 30 and 40 years old, no taller than 5'9", and has a muscular build. t victim hassaid he has brown eyes and bushy eyebrows.
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community in the hopes of catching this guy and putting him away for sexual battery and robbery. the crime happened back on the 13th near degree nada boulevard and southwest 13th street. claudia is following the ase. she'll have more details on the hunt for this cull pret coming up at 6:00. nbc 6 is everywhere. chopper 6 overthe scene moments after a driver took a deadly tour into a coral springs canal. that's where laura rodriguez joins us live with all the details. laura? >> reporter: adam and trina, we are just off of south gate boulevard on the other side of ramblewood drive. coral springs police are telling barrier. you can see right now in the live pictures, it really broke the barrier into several pieces. minutes ago, it was pulled from the canal completely mangled with heavy front end damage. police say around 12:30 p.m. they received a call about a car
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arrived and pulled a man's body from the vehicle. police are telling us the deceased man was in his 20s. officials also confirm he was the only occupant of the vehicle and no other cars were involved in the crash. >> there was a witness who observed the vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed and entered the canal. >> reporter: and police have not yet released the name of that victim. they are waiting to notify family. but police do need your help. they're saying they need more witnesses, more information on this crash. if you have any information, ll coral springs police at 954-344-1800. laura rodriguez, nbc 6 news. weather really fabulous today. we had more sunshine than yesterday. temperatures warmed up this afternoon into the mid-70s.
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things were a bit on the chilly side. live first alert doppler radar has no rain on it. there are a couple of echoes, ut apparently linked to fires going on out there in the everglades. let's look outside now as we look along the coastline of hollywo beach. this is our diplomat resort and spa first alert cam. and it's important to note the rough surf we've got going on along the coastline now. the wind has become a northeasterly breeze. it's producing the rough surf there you see. we've got a lot of visitors in town, spring break is going on, and it's just a dangerous time to be out in the coastal waters on a small craft, or along the shoreline trying to wade into these dangerous watete. if you do so, try to do so at beaches that have lifeguards on duty. and you know what to do with these rip currents, right? if you start being pulled out by one of these narrow channels, all you have to do is swim parallel to the coastline, don't fight the current and eventually
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the weather headlines tonight, pleasant and dry. and we're going to look for hazardous marine conditions as heat and humidity are expected to creep back into the forecast over the next couple of days. current teeeratures now, 74 in miami. p 1 degrees in ft. lauderdale. and 74 in key west. the humidity value is really low. 45% in miami. and pompano beach right now. 41% in pembrook pines. higher down in the florida keys. high pressure over the state of florida. remember, this was near louisiana yesterday. so it's moving to the east pretty quickly. once it continues eastbound, you know what's going to happen, our winds are going to become more southerly. that's what's going to increase the humidity and higher chance of rain as we getet towards the second half of this work week, and into the weekend. there's going to be lots of humidity around by then. right now there's not a lot of humidity around. super dry across the state of
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satellite image. we do have high clouds and moisture down to the south of us. here's the forecaca for the next seven days. one more day with no chance of rain. that's tomorrow. but beginning thursday, not just showers, but possible thunderstorms in the forecast. and temperatures in the middle 80s, with alot of humidity around. it's going to feel drastically different after tomorrow. this pleasant weather we've had totoy, and that we will have this evening in the forecast, you can see temperatures hovering near 70 degrees through 11:00. the overnight lows 65. things are going to change after tomorrow. the high will be 81, then up to 86 on thursday. 87 on fday. keep in mind the chance of showers, possibly even thunderstorms around our area. let's head back right now to adam. >> we have breaking news on the attack in belgium today. as we look at live pictures of a memorial, a vigil for the victims of that attack. the metro sation in belgium.
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happened earlier today. we're just getting the breaking news that the american airlines is canceling all flights to and from brussels. all flights being canceled to and from brussels,ow until thursday. so we'll keep you uptatd on that one.
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information on our nbc 6 welcome back.
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tv, internet and phone services through amazon. the new page on the yoen line retailer welcoming visitors to the cable store, where comcast offers xfinity bundles exclusively for amazon customers. first,,elect package, and equipment, second complete a credit check, and finally shls they'll schedule an installation. comcast a parent company of nbc universal. sam supg looking to take a bike out of apple after plans for a new smaller iphone got released. >> "consumer reports" has just completed the s-7 and the larger s-7 edge. >> samsung's ads tout the new 7 has a long battery life, great
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and water resistant. "consumer reports" tested the claims on the galaxy s-7 and edgement to test water resistance, "consumer reports" dropped the phones in a pressurized tank in five feet of water for 30 minutes. both phones passd. and on the s-7, you don't have to worry about the slats over the port like you did with the s-5. next, the low-light camera test. both phones do create clearer images than the s-6. although the colors aren't as curate. "consumer reports" also tested another feature that's imrtant to people. battery life. >> bothhones delivered more than 24 hours of talk time in our test. the edge performed a little better, because frankly, it has a bigger battery. >> another plus? the s-7s also have expandible storage which is not available on iphones.
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the water resistance, allll of these things help propel the s-7s to the top of our rating. and ahead of iphones. >> these can be a bit pricey. the s-7 costs $650, and the s-7 edge goes for $750. "consumer reports" will be testing the new apple iphone as soon as it goes on sale. >> can't wait for that. ready for it now. the news at 5:30 continues next. more on the team coverage on the brussels terror attack. and why isis chose brussels as its target. presidential candidates react to the terrorism in belgium.
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will deal with isis. terror in brussels. the hunt is on for a person of interest in today's deadly attacks. >> thiis the chaotic scene just moments after the explosion. people at the airport allver the place, panicking, running for cover. and now we take a live look at a much different scene the a candlelig@ht vigil in brussels, belgium, where it's about 1130 p.m. people saken, and mourning, of course, of the tragic events from this morning. i'm adamkuperstein. >> and i'm trina robinson.
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bring the people behind it to justice. today's attacks happening in brussels, which is only an hour and a half away from paris. where just months ago terrorists attacks. >> with the latest on the attacks in brussels, we send it newsroom. keith? >> yeah, i the middle of the chaos, we're learning isis may have been planning a european attack for months, targeting airports and train stations. this is according to an official who learard of some type of plan from his sources in syria. the big question is, was enough done to prevent the attacks. the unnamed officials said european countries were warned about an attack. but brussels wasn't part of the plan, at least !t the time. isis militants moved it to brussels. belgium ambassador to the u.s. confirmed reports the authorities were indeed looking
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>> there were indications that something was in the offing. that also explains why our security people have been working nonstop as of last tuesday. >> another senior iraqi intelligence official said isis planned the brususls attack in the city of raqqa, in syria, two months ago, and the suicide bombers will carry out another attack. and here is the latest information that we know on the wounded. in total. 230 people are injured, among them, 6 americans, including military family members. one of the photos here, came in in the aftermath of the attack. a man bleeding from his leg. that man has beenh identified as sebastian belynn, who currently plays for the basketball pro league. he was purportedly thrown 65 feet into the air as a result of the explosion.


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