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tv   NBC 6 South Florida News at 530pm  NBC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> there were indications that something was in the offing. that also explains why our security people have been working nonstop as of last tuesday. >> another senior iraqi intelligence official said isis planned the brususls attack in the city of raqqa, in syria, two months ago, and the suicide bombers will carry out another attack. and here is the latest information that we know on the wounded. in total. 230 people are injured, among them, 6 americans, including military family members. one of the photos here, came in in the aftermath of the attack. a man bleeding from his leg. that man has beenh identified as sebastian belynn, who currently plays for the basketball pro league. he was purportedly thrown 65 feet into the air as a result of the explosion.
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has shrapnel in his leg as well as his hip. in the aftermath, seral u.s. airlines canceled flights to brussels. delta, united and american airlines all stopped flying to the european city. had 00 flights were grounded since this morning's explosions. so what do we do next here? presidential hopefuls are weighing in on the attacks. they're all talking about what it will taketo stop isis and other terror groups in their tracksment. >> i think the way to do that is to deprive them territory in syria and iraq, to stop the flow of foreign fighters, arms, weapons and to take them on on the internet. which they use in a quite sophisticated way. >> we work within laws. they don't work within laws. they have no laws. we work within laws. the water boarding would be fine, and if they could expand the laws, i would do a lot more than water boarding. you have to get the information from these people. >> speaker of the house, paul attacks. also taking jabs at president obama.
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the heart of europe. as our couries have always done, we must confront this threat together. we must dep defend democracy and defeat kror. >> ryan went on to callll the president's trip to cuba ironic and a waste of tim anti-terror police focused their search in the brussels district. agents did find nail-filled bombs there. chemical products, and an isis flag in a house in that neighborhood. live in the newsroom, keith jones, nbc 6 news. >> students and staff from a south florida school happened to be traveling through belgium just today. nbc 6 has learned that the group is safe. risa, what a scare.
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just imagine waking up to text essages this morning from the group saying that, yes, in fact, they were in belgium. but doing just fine. thankfully in a small town outside of brussels. although they weren't too far away when all of this was unfolding this morning. from what we understand, 19 students and a group of teachers and chaperones from sun coast community high school here in rivfera beach traveling through europe on a european war history trip for spring break. now, although the trip we're told was privately organized, it's not sponsored by the palm beach county school district. you're looking at some of the photos that they gave nbc, showing the group visiting war memorials and cemetery over the last few days. the group was quick to reach out to parents here back at home and let them know all was well. although the group was well out of harm's way this morning, you can imagine family back here are anxious to seeee and hear how these teenagers are handling what happened. >> we just tried to see, to call.
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saying, we are safe, don't worry. we know all this thing is happening. but still, you want to communate, you want to talk to them and see how they're feeling or where they are. are they okay. what's going on. what's going on in their mind. you just worry about it. >> reporter: these are som of the tete messages that were sent out this morning from those tchers chaperoning the trip. they say all having fun today, despite the news, heading over to luxembourg for the afternoon. another one reaa, everybody's excited for the day ahead, but we are in a small town not near brussels. we are aware of the news. expecting no problems. we will keep an eye on things. so d't be worried. from what we understand, the students still have a few more days on this trip. they're expected to be back here home safe in south florida saturday night. reporting live in riviera beach, marisa bagg, nbc 6 news. >> thoughts and prayers for
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mediament julia? >> certainly stunned feelings but lots of solidarity shared with these messages across social media. let's look at some of them being shared, some of them showing hands clasd with colors of the belgian flag draped over those hands. a heart, praying for brussels. other images captured the spirit of thoo who want to help, like donating blood, for example. the eiffel tower lit up in the colors of the belgian flag. people made makeshift memorials outside capital buildings there, the others recalling their last trip to the capital. see how one popular icoco is bringing comfort not just to belgium, but to people across the world. live in the studio, julia bagg, nbc 6 news. starbucks is closing all its stores in brussels, after one of the explosions taking place at the airport.
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an employeeas injured but is expected to be okay. starbucks has seven stores in brussels, and 15 total in belgium. >> in response to the brussels attack, new york city has stepped up security. nypd officers are out in force and will remain so over the next several days as a sign of their readiness to protect people at all times. security also beefed up here at home. miami international airport, the first airport in the united states to react following t terror attacks in belgium. coming up at of clock, the changes you can expect when you go to m.i.a. >> of course, nbc 6 monitoring the latest images and information coming out of brussels now. you can count on us to keep you up to date on the air and on the nbc 6 news and weather app. . history made at the ballpark. president obama and raul castro sharing the pastime today. the game displayed the cultural ties between the united states and cuba.
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president and the first family left havana, and are now heading to argentina. >> the three-day visit an effort by the obama administration, quoted, to bury the laa rem americas. >> jackie nespral and jawan strader have been following the presidenduring the trip in cuba. >> they join us live from havana with the latest. guys? >> adam and tripa, good evening once again. history was made. >> the good news is, it's not raining. and it's not cold. fifially some good weather for president obama as he departed on this historic trip here in havana, cuba. i've good otto say, eventhough the president has left, the president has made his mark. >> jay gray joins us now with more. >> we were together for the pal visit back then. that was historic in itself. but no pun intended, this is a whole different ball game. it's amazing to get the feel you get op the streets of the
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we never thought we would see this in our lifetime. and especially a president addressing us on our own national television here. so amazing to see as you've taled about throughout the day. the president has left cuba at this point. departing just a little later than he thought he would, just after 4:00. that's because he got a bit of a surprise at the airport. there w w a lot of talk about cuban president raul castro not greeting him when he got here. they actually went behind closed doors in a vip lounge at the airport, and spent some time privately talking. a brief meeting. he walked him out on the tarmac, with a warm good-bye for the entire first family there, for all of them as they left the island. prior to @hat, the leaders were at the major league game here between tampa bay rays, and of course, the national team here in cuba. the president spent some time greeting some of the fans there. there was an invitation-only event. there was a brief momen of
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brussels before the game stsrted. and he sat throughout the game, or for the three innings he was there, with raul castro. and finally earlier before he got to the ballpark, meetii with a handful of dissidents, 13, all who spent time being detained. he said they were courageous, that they were herces, and said meeting with them and hearing the concerns that they have, is really going to help mold the american -- how they goorward as far as relationships with the country. he said that their voice will be heard as america moves forward. an impoant day. and some fun. >> definitely, jay. did you notice the big difference between your first time here in cuba, with the pope's visit, and now with the president's visit? >> i think a a very different atmosphere, a different spirit here. there was a celebration when the pontiff cameme everyone was so excited to have a pope here that was speaking their own language, and was delivering such a message of
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and while the president's visit did validate for a lot of people here concerns t ty had about their government, and made them feel like they were a world player here, just like in the u.s., there were those here who had some problems with the president being here. interesting. >> jay gray, thank you. >> thank you. >> as jay mentioned, of course, about the dissidents, the president, of course, met with 13 dissents. i had the opportunity to talk to them right after that meeting. and i'll tell you what they had to say coming up. >> we're definitely looking forward to that, jackie. that's coming up at 6:00. stick around. you can always go to our nbc 6 news and weather app. there's a lot of stuff there. we're going to talk a little bit more about thqt a little bit later on throughout the night. but for us here, we're going to send it@ back to you guys, trina and adam in the studio in south florida. >> jackie and jawan will join us for another report in the 6:00 newscast.
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from anywhere on the nbc of news and weather app. including a photo gallery of president obama's trip to havana, cuba. a super pill in the sunshin state has deadly consequences. what officials are doing to crack down on the kioler combination. i'm ari odzer at the broward sheriff's office. this is the sheriff's policy manual on body cameras. they're joining theheist of agencies getting the body cams. the story coming up. retty day today in south florida. you can see outside, the sun is % shining. low humidity. comfortable temperatures. everything will come to an end soon. i've got the details in the forecast coming up. we take you back live to belgium where we're at that vigil of the terror attack victims. you can see people standing around, candles lit, and people praying for their -- the ones who have died and those wounded, carrying the flag of belgium.
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and weather app. toronto mayor rob ford has died. in a statement his family said he died earlier today after an 18-month battle with cancer. ford came to international prominence back in 2013 when he admitted to smoking crack cocaine.
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of other scandals. he was elected to city council. rob ford was 46 years old. how are you doing, sir? >> at another police agency, jumping onto the body cam bandwagon. they're testing the cameras on the deputies and will soon ha 1,500 on the streets. nbc 6's ari odzer joins us live to explain why. ari? >> reporter: trina, simply put, dy cams create evidence that simply did not exist beore. they can show an officer doing something good, or perhaps shong an officer doing something wrong. sheriff scott israel said, bring it on. 50 deputies have been testing the devices over the past few months and here's a look behind the lens. this is an example of what body
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it was a traffic stop in lauderdale lake. screaming at the deputy but he keptis cool and the incident fizzled out. >> we're looking to invite the public into our world and let them see how we conduct business on a regular basis. >> reporter: they fit onto the uniform showing the prospective scene by the officer. the broward sheriff's office joined miami-dade, miami and hallendale police in rolling out body cams for its deputs. >> this is the right thing to do. we're a transparent agency. we're not afraid of what goes on out in the street. >> reporter: the use of body cameras is a two-way street. they can exonerate or incriminate a particular officer or civilian and they can provide the full context of an incident rather than just a few seconds usually capred by a cell phone at the end of a confrontation. >> how are you doing, sir? >> everybody has a cell phphe, and they're able to capture video. the officers can show a perspective of what they saw on a particular incident. >> reporter: they're hoping body
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in complaints and decrease of use of force incidents. >> we realize that the public will behave differently when they're on video. and wexpect the deputies to behave differently when they're on vide >> reporter: it all sounds logical, right? if you're in the publicand you see a deputy or officer with a camera like this here, they expect people to behave differently. there will be 1,500 out on the street, r rling them out this summer. ari odzer, nbc 6 news. yesterday more sunshine than today. the holiday everglades cam. the temperature in miami is 74 currently. we started off this morning with temperature readings that were definitely cool.
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about everywhere except the florida keys. 60 degrees for the overnight low in marathon and key west. miami a low of 57. ft. laududdale 55. you get the picture here. it was a cool morning, but quickly temperatures shot up because, of course, this time of the year, the sn tends to be pretty intense. as we head into this evening, i don't have any rain in the forecast through the overnightht hours, and temperatures will be cooling down, but not as much as last night. they'll be in the 70s through 9:00, and in the upper 60s as we head into the 10:00 hour. later we'll have partly cloudy skies tonight. not forecasting any rain. tomorrow, heading out the door, readings will be in the 60s. 63 to 66 dederees. compared to last night, that's a good seven, eight, maybe tenn degrees warmer than where temperatures were last night, and into very early this morning. light shower on the breeze. maybe. but generally speaking, it
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despite what the future tracker is showing here. future tracker tends to be somewhat aggressive in terms of showing the amount of showers that move into our area. i oftentimes don't agree with what it shows, but we'll say one isolated shower on the breeze, late tonight, early tomorrow, otherwise sun and clouds m m tomorrow. onshore breeze. rip currents will be possible. keep thatn mind because that continues to be a threat for crowded beach week, because of spring break. because of the risk of rip currenen, the threat tracker for tomorrow is set to yellow. here is the outlookor this upcoming week. much warmer, much more humid, with a chance of showers both saturday and sunday. >> john, thank you. environmental groups today revealed a new offensive against florida power and light. they claim the utility violates the clean water act. tony is here with the new
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>> it will likely soon face a federal lawsuit seeking to stop it from polluting biscayne bay and adding salt to groundwater after studies found that wer slowly moving toward the wellfields we are relying on for drinking water. the complaint centers on ten square miles of unlined canals, used to cool water that's cycled through fdl's power plant. how much water is dumped int biscayne bay? >> none. not a gallon. there's no surface connection between the surrounding surface waters and the cooling canal system. >> reporter: but there is a groundwater connection. saltwater from the canal is leaching into the bay where high concentrations of ammonia and phosphorous can damage sea life and plants. >> we're worried about the marine life. we're worried about the future of biscayne bay and we need immediate action. >> reporter: fpl said there's no
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the bay, beyond a small pocet of deep water adjacent to the plant. >> groundwater does travel underneath the surface. there is no surface water connection with the plant. it's a closed loop system. >> reporter: the utility has plans to clean up the deep water it has polluted and stop saltwater moving west in groundwater toward drinking water wells. but the lawsuit would seek federal action where the group claims the state is failing. >> this governor has gutted the environmental protection of the state. they have not done their job of protecting the public and protecting the water supply. > reporter: a point supported by an administrative judge who recently threw out a a administrative order, or ao, negotiated in rt by this fpl vice president with the agency he previously headed, the state d.e.p. >>id you lobby on that? >> i participated in working with both d. eflt p. and other
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>> what do you think about the judge's ruling that it really was basically a sham? >> obviously there's some disagreement with the judge's ruling. but we look to the d.e.p. to further file a decision on the recommended order. >> reporter: an hour fpl vice president told me today that the utility is working with the epa on the situation, and requesting permits for work to clean up nutrients in the wate the radioactive tradium in the water is nowhere near the levels that is a danger for drinking water, its presence just confirms that nutrient polluted water is connected to the plant's cooling water. >> tony, thank you. there is much more ahead on nbc 6. a killer combination invading the sunshine state.
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pill. a deadly super pill has killed nine people in the tampa bay area. >> it's a lethal mix and 80 times stronger than morphine. now, the question is, who's making this stuff. deadly and deceiving. the super pill holds a super secret. >> you don't have to take a handful of them. all you have to do is take one
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>> its lethal contents cleverly packaged. it looks like xanax. but the pill is mixed with a powerful pain medication called fent i nol, so potent, it's killing people within minutes. >> stop buying this xanaxax on the street. nine people are dead. there's no other way to put. >> reporter: what's even scarier, no one knows who's making itn where it's being made and why the only place in florida that it's found is pinellas county and the super pill is cheap, just $5. the biggest problem with people overdosing has been from spice. now undercover cops are searching for the super pill. >> how strong is this? >> it's 80 to 100 times as strong as morphine, and 50 times as strong as heroin. >> reporter: he's worked in the e.r. for 18 years.s. it's the first time he's er
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>> it's easy to get overdosed on a very small dose. >> the sheriff iss worried about sprinin breakers who are traveling to the area and buying it off the street without knowing what it is and end up dead. that will do it for theews at 5:30. >> don't go anywhere, more news straight ahead. terror in brussels. a global man hunt under way for suspects as isis claims responsibility for coordinated attacks at the belgium airport and subway systems. airports around the country now on edge. as they increase security following the terror attacks. we have team coverage. we're live in havana, cuba, jackie nespral and jawan strader, with a very important meeting from president barack obama. >> it took hour and 45 minutes. dissidents and president obama, i talked to three of them coming up on nbc 6. plus, police release a
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and sexually battered a woman who was running in coral gables. you're taking a live look at miami spl airport where there's stepped up security following the terror attacks in brussels that left more than 30 dead and dozens more injured. >> tonight the search for terrorists is on. police in brussels releasing this imagerom an airport surveillance camera. it's believed at least one of these men, the one on the right in the hat, is still alive. and on the run from authorities. i'm adam kuperstein. >> i'm trina robinson. jackie and jawan are on assignment in cuba. we begin with anchor keith jones, live in the newsroom with the latest on the attacks, and responsible. >> police are asking for international help here identifying the man that you just showed us there, the one in the hat. we've learned isis was planning these attacks for months. brussels was not the original target.
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arrest of salah abdeslam from the paris terrorattacks. an airport and a train station in brussels. twin terror attacks leaving dozens dead and more than 200 wounded. >> everyone panicked. >> reporter: the train bombing claimed 20 lives. the airport explosions killed 11. three men seen on airport security cameras are wanted as suspects. the two on the left are said to have blown them sells up in the suicide attack. the one on the right now believed to be on the run. isis attackers known to use suicide vests, but in this case, they used suitcase bombs. and it could have been worse. a third bomb found at the airport was neutralized. belgium belgium's ambassador said the country knew its airport was a recent target but couldn't stop it. >> we knew the airport was a potential target. the security has been enhanced for months now. the last few days additional
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>> reporter: in a show of worldwide support and unity, trans lit up the eiffel tower in belgium's colors. president obama pledged a global response. >> we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocentntpeople. >> and a senior iraqi intelligence official said isis planned the brussels attack in syria two months ago. this esaid suicide bombers will carry out another attack. live in the newsroom, keith jones, nbc 6 news. >> thank you very much. jet air flight that departed brussels, belgium, not long before the first explosion, went off in this morning's terror attack. he's now landed in orlando, florida. the plane was notx allowed to approach the gate after landing. bomb-sniffing dogs had to look for explosives as passengers were moved by bus from the airplane toto holding area.


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