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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 430am  NBC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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ten degrees warmer, if not 15 degrees wmer than we were yesterday morning. passing clouds in play. no rain in site. cloud cover through the afternoon hours. again, temperatures starting off and heading into a warmer next several days. mild conditions s start. we should level off at about 68. dry for the drive in thth morning, a warmer afternoon, too. first alert forecast high closer to normal for march. good morning, south florida. we have one accident on the turnpike northbound on hollywood boulevard right before the exit. right now two lanes are reported to be blocked, a crash with injuries with emergency crews on the scene. 836 palmetto to i-95, a nine-minute ride, all green. nothing slowing you down at 4:32 a.m.
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to the golden glades, a nine-minute ride ahead of you. 826 southbound to the okeechobee road, five minutes with no delays. from pines boulevard to the palmetto expressway, nine-minute ride. i'll be posting traffic updates all morning long. it was 24 hours agoearly 5,000 miles away the city of brussels was stopped, teeorists killing dozens, injuring more, including americans. >> isis claiming responsibility for those explosions after they happened. this morning nbcews confirming a pair of the suspects there are brothers. nbnb's bill neely reports. >> reporter: terror in the airport terminal. it's 8:00 this morning moments after an explosion. a stroller lies abandoned, a
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survivor sys stay down. through the smoke, a woman coweprs clutching a child. someone cried help me. then survivors begin running past the bodie and the injured, and it wasn't over. another bomber was about to strike in the very heart of brussels near the european union's headquarters. ten after 9:00 and deep under ground a massacre in the brussels metro. a bomb has just exploded. darkness. isis claim the attacks. police believe these are the airport killers, wheeling bombs in suitcases. twtw blew themselves up, the third man in the light jacket is on the run. belgium's prime minister calls this a dark day, and all day president obama has been kepep briefed. more than 200 were injured, many by shrapnel. today's attacks come just four
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after the paris suspect salah abdeslam. a cab driver told police he picked up three men, dropped them off at the airport. they had greatitity, they said, getting their heavy bags out of his car. he told police and led police to that house where explosive materials were found. back to you. >> thank you so much. the attack n brussels having ripple effects in south florida. there was both heightened security and emotions across miami international airport. 17 hours after the attack, the flight from brussels landed safely at m.i.a. it wasn't until a connecting flight in sanford near orlando where all the passengers on board learned of the terror attacks. >> we left a half hour later. at 8:00 a.m. we were still on the floor, we hadn't taken off yet. knowing just behind you we left people. we didn't know anything of
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you're alive and you can just leave. >> just policing it by minutes it sounds out. even though there was no direct threat at m.i.a., armed police and canine units controlled the terminals like clockwork. nbc 6 reporter julia bagg is at the airport checking on the security. we'll hear from her in our next hour of news. there was support coming from just about every corner of the world from brussels. iconic landmarks lit up last night to honor the victims of the terror attacks we've been talking about this morning. here is the eiffel tower bathed in red, yellow and black. in germany the brandenburg gate lit up with the colors of the flag as well as a sign of solidarity. as the explosions went off in brussels yesterday morning, students and staff from one south florida school were traveling through belgium. approximately 19 students and teachers from sun coast
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for a history spring break. they were in a small town just outsidef brussels. >> we just tried to call, but we saw the text from the teacher saying we are safe, don't worry. we know all this is happening. still, you want to communicate and talk to them and see how they're feeling and are they okay? what's going on in their mind. you just worry about it. >> being able to visually see your kids and confirm they are okay mak all the difference in the world. the trip is not over. they have a couple more countries to visit on their spring break. scheduled to return home this weekend on saturday night. florida sber nashlinternational university also confirming two students were in belgium when all this went down. both are safe. a gofundme attack has been launched to raise moneyyor the
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this terrorist attack in. the company kicked off the campaign by starting eight off with $25,000. in southwest miami-dade police are investigating an officer-involved shooting. at this hour we know one person was found dead inside a home. let's head over to nbc 6 reporter michael spears. we understand you just got to the scene. it looks like there is still a scene hours later. >> that's right. still an active scene behind us. miami-dade police identified the man shot and killed by officers, 25-year-old ethan rincone. an active scene here. have a look at new video from overnight. according to police, the 25-year-old was armed with a pick ax and lunged at officers. around 9:30 police say they were
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reference to a man who they say was violently breaking neighbor's windows and puncturing tires, six cars in total. family came.
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the family let@ officers inside >>. it is 4:42 now on your wednesday morning. still ahead, a wrap-up of president obama's trip to cuba now that he's gone back to washington, d.c. >> in politics who did west coast voters choose as their presidential favorite. a mom shot in the back by
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this guy is on the move. talking about president obama. he left havana went back to washington, d.c. dropped off his family in washington, d.c. this morning president obama is waking up in argentina. >> love how you say this guy. >> this guy iss all over the place. >> his historic trip to cuba may be over, but it will be something people will debate for ears to come. as he left havana yesterday, uban leader raul castro was there to saygood-bye. >> what the united states was doing was not working. we asked to have the courage to acknowledge that truth, a policy of isolation designed for the cold war made little sense in
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>> the president received pepeaps the loudest applause when he called for an end to the 54-year-old cuban embargo. >> after that sweech of which you saw little snippet, the president held his highly anticipated meeting with dissidents, praising them for showing extraordinary courage. some of the dissidents in attendance were among those detained on sunday during a march by the anti castro group ladies in white. to avoid oblems yesterday for the president's meeting with them, the united states embassy staff picked up each up with of those dissidents invited to meet with president obama, picked them up in separate vehicles one by one and later dropped them off one by one. >> weather on nbc 6 is sponsored in part by mcdonald's. embolden your morning,with mcdonald's mccafefe coffee.
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>> now south florida's most accurate forecast with meteorologist ryan phillips. >> 4:46 wednesday morning. we kick things off with a warmer weather pattern. we are dry right now. i don't think that's going to last very long. your first alert forecast bringing back shower chances here in the days ahead. we'll talk about the timing on that in just a moment. we're dry. we've got that beach breeze. we'll see warmer temperatures come into play. let's go into downtown miami, towards bay side and aaa. a few passing clouds above. no rain around. if you live out near the water, you've been noticing the breeze. if you live west of i-95, it's been a peaceful night. east winds five to ten. temperatures much warmer in miami right now at 71. about 12 degrees or so warmer than we were 24 hours ago. western areas cooling down a little bit. 66 into the west kendall area.
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they're off-line at this time. we'll see temperatures fall off maybe another degree or two. the ocean influence having everything to do with our temperature trend. winds coming from the north-northeast, could be gusty at times. skies mostly clear out west. coastal clouds building in. this story will change, some of these coastal clouds even by tomorrow will likely bring in shower chances as well. ththlow ocean clouds you can see in light gray. the white c couds are the mid and high-level clouds moving away over the bahamas. future tracker guiding us through the next few days, keeping the temperatures moderate. then we begin in more moisture and begin to introdudu shower chances. future tracker gets rather excitable with the shower chances by t time we get into tomorrow afternoon and evening. we're trending warmer, 68 this
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skies partly clourd difficult, peaceful morning, up to 79 by the midday hours. temperatures right around 80 this afternoon. today 80, as soon as tomorrow, in the ternoon and evening, showers coming in. could hear a rumble of thunder. hires of 85, same thing friday as we keep the temperature trend steady into the mid 80s. that sticks around through the upcoming weekend. we're partly sunny on saturday. more showers around the corner into sunday, something we'll keep an eye on. we'll go right back into a warmer weather pattern. 4:49. let's check traffic with kelly. >> good morning, south florida. no major issues in miami-dade. we have a traffic alert on the turnpike. keep in mind as you're making your way out the door turnpike northbound drivers as you're approaching hollywood boulevard, that's where you'll have two lanes completely blocked off. this is where that accident scene is. this is where you'll find the
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those lanes. we have police activity on the turnpike southbound. these two are tied. they're dealing with the same incident. you have police activity on the southbound lanes blocking the shoulder and on the northboundnd side you have a couple of lanes blocked off because of emergency crewsws they still have yet to move those two cars involved in the accident. other than that, looking good i-95, ten mutes. coral reef to tamiami trail a ten-minute ride. donald trump and hillary clinton picking up big wins in arizona. the results deliver even more delegates to the front-runners. both are keeping their momentum moving forward here. arizona was one of three western states where voters went to the polls yesterday. nbc's chris pallone reports on those critical free states. >> as the rac for presidede headed west, front-runners donald trump and hillary clinton
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with wins in arizona. >> i do believe i am the most ready of everybody running to take this job. arizona brings a large hall of delegates for the winning republican. ted cruz and john kasich get nothing. margin of victory was key in the three states voting for democrats yesterday for clinton and her opponent bernie sanders. >> there are record breaking turnouts. the devastating terror attacks inn belgium put national security at the fore while offering tough talk terrorism. >> they have no laws. the water board b would be finn if they could expand the laws, i would do lot more than waterboarding. >> i will apologize to nobody with how vigorous i will be as president fighting radical
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>> reporter: while democrats caucus in alaska, hawaii and washington on saturday. chris pallone, nbc news. >> projecting bernie sanders won utah and idaho. ted cruz won goputah's p candidate. the sheriff's department in north florida is asking prosecutors to charge the 31-year-old mother for allowing a minor to have access to a weapon. you may remember the incident happened earlier this month after the boy accidentally shot jamie guilt from the back seat of the car while she was in the driver's seat. >> it is of paramount importance that parents who are responsible gun owners do everything within their power to make certain that guns do not fall into the hands of their children unintentionally. >> guilt was known as a pro gun
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facebook page about it. weeks later guilt is still in the hospital. some things to think about. the bread you'll be eating, foods likealsa and guacamole, even apple slices contain preservatives. >> one researcher wanted to find out how healthy this is. nor nbc 6 haley hernandez has more. >> reporter: kals yum fluoride used to melt snow is used to preserve these fruit cups. >> that's something i would probably buy for my kids. >> reporter: nutricius experts say you should be thinking about preservatives. >> it does not take years and years for your gut microbium to change. >> reporter: thisoctor has been studying testify affects of
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she says the fda says we don't know if it's good for us. >> that's a completely conversation than is eating that goododor you in terms of your health. >> reporter: exactly how long will processed foods last? we set up a two-month experiment to find out which popular foods like guacamole, salsa and bread and left them out. let's start with the salsa. here is what they looked like after two weeks, here is what they lookedlike today. >> unfortunately a salsa is not a salsa anymore. >> reporter: many contain sit trick aguirre acid to keep them safe that allows the product to last longer. >> all these buns we put out on january 1st are hard as rocks, but notice there's no mold. these three share the same preservative, a common ingredient in baked goods to prevent molding.
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ointments, that's typically where you would find that as an ingredient. >> reporter: also sore bik acid in even the healthiest looking breads, an ingredient shared with eye makeup. >> i won't be having a sapd witch for lunch. >> or the toast for breakfast after hearing that. >> you hear about that, t highly processed food. >> you saw how disgusting it was. >> your time is just about five minutes to the top of the hour on this wednesday. reflections on the city of brussels this morning in the wake of yesterday's tragedy. >> coming up on the nbc 6 news at 5:00, heightened security across all american airports in the wake of the terrorist attacks. what you need to know if you're planning to head to the airport today. 4:55, dark and early. you have nothing to worry about
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three people out there. 826, birdroad to the dolphin expressway, four minutes with traffic moving at 55 miles per hour. 836, all nice and green which eans traffic is moving at speed, palmetto expressway at i-95, nine minutes there. 826 eastbound from the big curve to golden glades also a ten-minute ride, but will you need the umbrella today, ryan? >> i tnk we're going to be dry. temperatures trending warmer and then eventually the rain chances -- let me straighten it out little bit there.
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into play by the time we get the horror we feel after the brussels terrorist attacks has sadly become of the new normal. >> the intensity of everything we covered starting at 4:00 in the morning yesterday, it's mind-boggling.
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still trying to wrap your mind around it. even at the same time, even under what some call a constant threat of terror and some believe that obviously t tt's what we live in on a day-to-day basis. despite whether you believe in it, you have to find a way to deal with it. nbc's harry smith with final thoughts there. >> reporter: so this ip it then. >> cities rocking the airport and the city's subway system overnight. >> reporter: we click on the tv in the morning and we are stunned. as we watch the coverage, we connect our wwn dots. the arrest last week of the terrorist in belgium, the guy who got away from the attack in paris. we remember belgium, that neighborhood, mole en beck. did belgium authorities miss something, did they not turn the place inside out? if they did, this is worse than we want to believe.
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commitment to reek holy hell. >> the shockwave that hit was like nothing ever felt before. >> reporter: just another day stories turned into tales of survival survival. our guard is up again, just like many other times. california, paris. we hold our loved ones closer and realize this feeling will fade in a few days, but we also now know this will happen again. hairy smith, nbc news, new york. >> it's true, as much as you don't want to think about it, paris and several months later this happened, the same story. >> and a high school on spring break there touring europe, a group of 15 kids that were in belgium when this happened. everybody is okay. imagine the parents' reaction when they woke up and turned on the tv. they say most of those parents
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their children. >> the nbc 6 news at 5:00 starts right now. at 5:00 we're following two major stories, the first a police-involved shooting in southwest miami-dade. michael spears i on the scene talking to investigators. we'll take you there in just minutes. >> we were just talking about what happened in brussels yestday. the hunt is still on for a third suspect in the blast that killed more than 30 people in brussels yesterday. this morning, two sow side bombers who attacked the airport have been identified as brothers. good morning everybody. your time is 5:01. i'm eric harryman. >> and i'm sheli muniz. >> thanks for joining us on this wednesday morning. we'll get to our top stories in minutes.
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with what's called your midweek forast. >> that's midweek. did you have that written down? >> no. i'm going to write it down now. hang on that that one. we'll use it next week. >> we have quiet conditions across south florida. if you're an early riser, you're finding warmer readings. i know the cool spell was rather nice here across the area. but it was very short lived. passing clouds on the ocean breeze now in place. were dry now, look at the warmer readings thanks to the east and southeast breeze, 70 oakland park and ft. lauderdale, 71 in miami. 12, 14 degrees warmer now than we were yesterday morning. 68 this morning. your first alert forecast is mild. it will drop a few more degrees by the time we get into your morning commute. otherwise bright skies: we're


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