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tv   NBC 6 South Florida Today at 530am  NBC  March 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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first, breaking news out of palmetto bay where police are investigating an officer-involved shooting near zoo miami. one perp was found dead inside a home. nbc 6's michael spears will bring us a live report coming up. memorial growing i i honor of yesterday's terror attacks in brussels. this is a live look near one of the airports. you see a lot of things on the ground there, flowers and posters and post cards in memorial of those killed yesterday. as of this morning, the hunt is officially on for whoever is responsible for thatat >> live, this is nbc 6 south florida ws now. good morning, your time 5:32. i'm eric harryman. >> i'm sheli muniz. it's wednesday, march 23rd. hard to believe 20 minutes ago we were just learning more about these brussels attacks. it was happening just 24 hours a. 24 hours later we're learning so much more about what going on. >> so much more about the
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we'll show you more pictures about the three guys they believe responsible for the three attacks at the airports. we'll talk about that in just a minute. let's get a quick check on your out-the-drawer forecasas in terms of the nice cool sleeping forecast, that's gone. >> starting off on tuesday morning we wepre below average. on our wednesday morning we're above average. it's all about the breeze. as long as there's an ocean come up. lower 70s across much of the two-county area. broward and miami-dade, ten to 12 miles per hour. warmer read deposition with clouds passing in. precipitation. it's going to be a nice day trending warmer. mild to start. i still think temperatures will start. we've got sunrise just before 7:30. sunshine and a breeze warming us to 80.
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will, out on the beaches. warmer, bighter skies. a high risk for rip currents with theonshore breeze. savor the dry weather because we've got showers back in your first alert forecast. right now to first alert traffic with kelly blanco. >> good morning, south flora. right now we have a couple of things. if you're getting the kids ready for day care, getting breakfast ready, this is i-95 northbound around miami gardens drive. this is on-ramp to i-95 northbound. this is an accident that happened roughly 20 minutes ago. you have the ramp open. youcan see the cars getting through, but you have one of your lanes blocked off. going to add about two to five minutes extra to your commute or maybe ramp on to i-95 northbound instead by taking ives dairy road. we still have the traffic alert on the turnpike. that's where you should take i-95 instead. turnpike southbound, you have
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on the turnpike northbound you also have emergency crews blocking two lanes. so two lane blocked off on the northbound side of hollywood boulevard and one left lane blocked off on the turnpike southbound. this happened about an hour and a half ago and still has not cleared. >> this morning two suicide bombers who attacked the international airport in brussels have been identified as brothers. now the search continues for a third possible terror suspect. >> we learned late yesterday morning isis did claim responsibility for those attacks, both the attack that happened at the airport and the attack that happened at the metro station as well. 30 people dead, more than 200 wounded at those two locations. nbc's tracie potts reports from washington, d.c. >> reporter: there's an urgent manhunt across europe for this man, authorities believe he's the third attacker at the brussels airport. e other two they say blue themselves up. in anew communique, isis is
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across europe. that's all. i don't want to go home now. >> reporter: one o o the last flights out of brussels before the attacks landed in the u.s. amid increased security. u.s. authorities say they knew planned. they just didn't knowhere or when. >> we will stand as a nation@ with our allies and our friends and people all over this world. >> reporter: the brussels attacks have create admit cal rift in the u.s. donald trump says close the borders. ted cruz wants police to patrol muslim communities. >> where there is an expanding presence of radical islamic terrorism, we need law enforcement resources directed there. >> what donald trump, ted cruz and others are suggesting are not only wrong, it's dangerous. >> reporter: john kasich and bernie sanders also disagree.
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morning for four american missionaries wounded. there's also concern about an american couple still missing. from washington, tracie pottsts nbc 6 news. >> our live team coverage continues with nbc 6 reporter julia bagg live at miami inrnational airport where this morning security is tight following the brussels attacks and also emotions really running high high. >> reporter: hi there, sheli. since we last spoke, traffic at miami international airport has picked up. in the last few moments we saw tsa officers. you may not see a lot of the officer pressencepresence, but it is definitelhear. when we showed up about 4:00 this morning, were were met by a canine officer. standard procedure.
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people headed home after a few days in south florida. i talked to one man who said he feels very comfortable but has a airlines. >> make customers feel more safe because this is our lives. we trust them with our mey to get to our destination that we twoont get to. >> here is a look at that stepped up security that officers confirmed to me this morning is remaining at the same level for today. coming up in our next half hour, we'll show you something missing this morning, a little conspicuous, what is not here. we're live at miami international airport. julia bagg, nbc 6 news. >> we'll talk to you again at the top of the hour. as those explosions went off in brussels yesterday morning at exactly 8:01 their time, students and staff from one south florida school were actually traveling through belgium. approximately 19 students and school teachers from sun coast commmmity high school were in
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their spring break. school officials say the school is not sponsored by the palm beach county school district. parents woke up to text messages that their kids were in belgium, but thankfully in a small town outside of brussels. >> we just wanted to call. we saw texts from the teachchch we are safe. don't worry. still you want to talk to them, how are they feeling, what's going on in their mind? you just worry about it. >> one of the things thatat people talked about so many times is you can't let fear keep you from doing things. these students are not coming home rig away. the students and teachers that are there have more countries to visit for their spring break. they're scheduled to return home this weekend on saturday night. also florida iernational university did confirm with nbc 6 two of their students were also in belgium, but both are safe.
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we're talking about th@ last 24 hours, gofundme, the company in and of itself has launched a campaign to raise money for the victimimand families affected by the terrorist attack. the companytself kicked off the campaign with a donation of $25,000. as of this morning, they've raised a little more than $30,000. breaking news out of palmetto bay w wre police are still investigating a deadly officer-involved shoing. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is live there. this happened late last night. hours later they're still there. neighbors must be walking out their door wondering what's going on. >> reporter: that's right. the medical examiner's office just removed the body from the home. it's an active scene, southwest 88th place at 183rd terrace. police say they were forced to shoot and kill the 25-year-old after he lunged at them with a pick ax. this morning place are investigatininwhat caused him to
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it. they say around 9:30 last night they were called to the neighborhood in regards to the man breaking car windows and puncturing car tires of his neighbors. family members led officers inside the home. that's when the fatal deadly confrontation happened betwen officers and 25-year-old. miami-dade police say three officers opened fire, shooting ethan and killing him. e was pronounced dead on scene. hiss body just removed. right now what police are working to figure o!t is what caused him, as they say, to begin busting his neighbor's car windows and tires. that part is unclear. as far as those officers, they've been identified. each of them are veterans. they have experience,etween 18 and 21 years on the force. we'll bring y y more information on this, including information about the 25-year-old who was shot in killed.
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your time now 5:411 on this wednesday morning. still a lot more ahead. a wrap-up of president obama's trip to cuba. how cubans are reacting to his historic speech. a big night in politics. yesterday was again a big super tuesday. why the front-runners are celebrating this morning. at 5:41, we've got a quiet start to our wednesday morning. temperatures a little warmer. about 68 on the drive in. partly cloudy skies. sunrise at 7:22. a brighter, warmer day, but we're dry. that doesn't last long. changesn your first alert forecast just ahead. if you're making your way out the door on i-95, golden glades to downtown miami, no red, orange or yellow. traffic is up to speed. on the turnpike, coral reef to tamiami trail, you have a ten-minute ride with traffic between 55 and 60 miles per hour.
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president obama is waking up in argentina this morning, taking his entire family with him. >> that is quite a lot. his historic trip to cuba may be over, but a topic of heavy debate for years to come as the first family left the island nation. cuban leader raul castro was there to say good-bye nks he was also there when the president addressed the cuban people in an address c cried by state media. >> what the united states was doing was not working. we have to have the courage to acknowledge that truth. a policy of isolation designed for the cold war made little sense in the 21st century.
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loudest applause when he called for an end t t the 54-year-old cuban embargo. >> after that speech, the presididt held his highly anticipated meeting with prominent dissidents. he promised extraordinary detention. some of the dissidents were among those detained on sunday. to avoid any problems yesterday for the president speaking directly to them, the united states 'emembassy staff picked up each of the dissidents invited to pick with president obama. they picked one up individually and drem them back off. now, first alert weather with meteorologist ryan phillips, south florida's most accurate forecast.
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good morning to you. we're kicking things off with a look at live first alert doppler, the only liviv radar in south florida. rain chances just around the corner, leading into our thursday and into our friday. i think though we have shower chancessin the cards for us. they're going to be a washout. if you're looking for another dry day, 's today. gone are the cooler readings. unfofounately that was very short lived. we're dry to start. temperatures into the low 70s right now. ft. lauderdale with an onshore breeze. temperatures at 70 there. did not cool off that much through the overnight hours. it kicked in yesterday, part of the reason we were able to rebound so quickly on our tuesday. that's setting us up for a warmer pattern. 71 will do it in opa-locka and well as miami. 68 our cool location in west kendall. a point below that in key west at 67. boy, when you compare, if you go
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walk or just to get the newspaper, talking temperatures 11 to 14 degrees warmer zbluft the last 24 hours. a drawmatically warm readings in place thanks to the east and southeast breezes. now we're locked into that. temperatures climb in a steady fashion leading into the rest of the workweek. high pressure nosing a little further to the east. turning the wind to the east and actually the southeast. more moisture comes in for the days ahead. nice day in the keys today. winds not too strong. winds southeast 10 to 15. lower 80s will godo it across the board. we're mild for the drive in and dry, too. sunrise at 7:22. we'll be onward and upward here to about 79 midday. 80 the afternoon high which is a pretty average march afternoon. average is good, but does it last long, as we move into the
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carry it through the weekend. best chance for rain, late day on thursday, throughout the day on friday. we take a little break for your weekend at least to start and more showers as we get in to sunday, highs through the weekend at 86. u can check the forecast any time on our free news and weather app. i've been telling you about this accidint. you can see red and you can see orange. you sethat yellow. this is going to be a problem as you're making your way out the door. stick to maybe u.s. 441 or i-95 instead of getting o the door and trying to take the turnpike. on the turnpike southbound, that's where we have the accident southbound and northbound. the northbound lanes right before hollywood boulevard, that's where you have two lanes blocked off because of emergency crews still on the scene. that accident has not cleared at all. we can see it's starting to cause some issues this morning. on the southbound lanes of the turnpike, you also have police activity. that accident is clearly under
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a.m., hopefully chopper 6 will take a look at the scene and let's change sources and taa you over to i-95, your northbound and southbound lanes at miami gardens drive. the on-ramp w w partially blocked off, still partially blocked off. leftft lanes shut down here. you might want to stick to taking i-95 by taking ives dairy road and skipping miami gardens drive. no issues on the palmetto expressway. here is a look outside 826. your southbound and northbound lanes approaching northwest 122nd street. >> kelly, thank you so much. nine minutes to the top of the hour. talking a lot about brussels and cuba. we're also talking a lot about the road for the white house. that took a back seat yesterday to all the breaking news in the last 24 hours. donald trump and hillary clinton picked up big wins in arizona yesterday, primaries there. that means trump will take all the delegates whileruz and kasich get nothing. cruise
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as i mentioned, in belgium made national security a major talking point before tuesday's primaries and caucuses yesterday. >> they don't work within laws, they have no laws. the waterboarding would be fine. if they could expand the laws, i would do a lot more than waterboarding. >> hillary clinton did speak as well on the "today" show about what happened yesterday. republican voters will not go to the polls again until april 5th while democrats caucus in alaska, hawaii and washington this weekend on saturday. nbc 6 news is projecting that bernie sanders won both utah and daho democratic caucuses. ted cruz won utah's gop contest and is the protected winner in idaho. >> a lot of talk about the supreme court lately. now a case heads there, obamacare.
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contraceptive coverage mandates violates their rights. however, the death of conservative judge antonin scalia could mean a 4-4 split vote for the court chblts your time on this wednesday morning is 5:52. we've got a whole lot more ahead for you. it's a story that quakely has gone viral. a social media gun rights activist shot in the back by her 4-year-wld son after failing to secure her rep upon. why police say she could be the one facing charges. coming up on nbc 6 news a a
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office hopi new equipment will. there morning a gun activist who gained international attention when her 4-year-old son shot her could fac criminal charges. the sheriff's department is asking prosecutors to charge a 31-year-old mother for allowing a minor to have access to a weapon. the incident happened earlier this nth when the boy accidentally shot jamie gilt from the back seat of the car while she was in the driver's seat. >> it is of paramount importance that parents who are responsible gun owners do everything within their power to make certain that guns do not fall into the hands of their children unintentionally.
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the boy is okay. weeks later gilt is still in the hospital. three minutes to the top of the hour on your wednesday. working on a lot more for our next hour on nbc 6. forced to fire, miami-dade police scoot and k kl a man this morning. a live look at a growg memorial in the heart ofof brussels. a crowd continues to gather after muuiple bombs tore the city apart. a warmer morning across south flida. a few extra clouds in place. ocean breeze keepi temperatures locked in, key west our cooler location at 67. we'll settle into the upper 60s to begin our way. a rapid climb through the lower 70s and even into the mid 70s by 10:00 a.m. partly cloudy skies. rain chances just around the corner. an update on weather and traffic
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we are following t big stories this morning. here at home a police-involved shooting leaves one person dead in palmetto bay. nbc 6 reporter michael spears is talking with police. his update straightt ahead. >> on the right-hand side of
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pictures of the growing memorial, at least one of them in brussels. it's been just over 24 hours that the city was struck by terror in two different places, the airport and the metro system. we have more on the search for the suspect. thanks for joining us. i'm sheli muniz. >> i'm eric harryman. your time 16:006:00 on the nose. we'll get to nbc 6's claudia live in brussels. what can you tell us? >> reporter: here buy behind me at the airport station downtown. the investigatororare believed to have identified the two
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which they believe was luggage containing explosive devices. those two detonated those devices killing at least ten people here in the airport behind me. they believe, the authorities, that these are two brothers, khalid and najim el bakraoui. one was sentenced in 2010 for having shot a police officer during an attempted robbery at a currency office exchange. his brother, khalid, was sentenced to five years in prison for having attempted a carjacking, but not linked to terrorism at least until march 15th when police raided an apartment in the north of brussels where they believe they found things linked to the paris attack in november. when they raided the apartment, they were met with gunfire.


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