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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  January 16, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> we're keeping a close eye ton
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bay >> i'm happy they're coming back but i will tell you it's a disgrace that they've been there so long. >> at 10:00, five prisoners in iran are free again. >> they're looking at what happens to those over there. >> one of mayor buckhorn's top locations for a new rays stadium has some people concerned. >> the wind started swirling around, my husband threw me in the bathtub and threw pillows on top of me. >> second tornado in the past
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severe weather of our own. good evening i'm healz. haley hinds. >> i'm lloyd sowers. >> paul's in for mike. >> paul. >> winter, el nino, things are moving fast tonight. already one band of rain is coming up from the south. no severe weather here. the culprit for potential severe weather is actually back here. that's low pressure spinning over louisiana. that is literally going to be racing to the east. lots of lightning out into the gulf. so here is one band of rain moving up from the south and this is the second developing conceptual line here. the radar
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squall line. these squall lines will head our way, 2:00 to 7 i'm, this is going to be fast, not a long event. the winds out in the gulf, as the storm races east i would expect gail force winds on the the -- gale force winds. again the energy is riding along the jet, there's a kink in the jet right here. the ingredients are in play. high winds tonight, small chance of hail. i don't want to overly concern anybody but this is kind of the setup. when you are going to have a tornado threat during the winter it's in this setup. low pressure moving across the state during the night, it's an el nino year, potential coastal flooding with strong winds, lightning with the thunderstorms, there's a lot
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night track it. i'm back with the complete forecast, in a few minutes. back to you. >> thank you palm. southwest florida tornado, damaging a apartment complex. caused street flooding and took down power lines. as christy gross reports, some have had enough. >> 2004, got hit by charlie, so this is the second time i'm on my way home now. >> she and her husband are packing up and heading back home to ohio. >> my husband threw me in the bathtub and threw pill lows on me. the storm or the off the roof. >> dropped ill right up against the front office building. in all, two units at the south point west condos are currently damage.
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oh my god. my whole yard is full of those branches. must be trt palm tree right? >> kay stepped out to see two toppled trees in her front yard. >> look at the size of the branches! >> a tornado struck cape coral more than a week ago. so when the warning came they took cover. >> of course it's a lot of sunshine but whenever a warning comes up especially bad storms and tornadoes you have to take it seriously, each and every time. >> christy gross reporting from fort meyers. >> officials urge everyone to get a weather radio. it could be the only way you know a storm is coming especially during the middle of the night. only a handful of communities have a warning system. of course you can download the
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app for your home. >> motorcyclist has died after a crash in largo. police tell us two vehicles were involved and at least one person was killed here. still on the scene trying to figure out exactly what happened. avoid that area tonight. >> the florida highway patrol is investigating a crash, involving a bicyclist and a car. troopers say the driver of a pt cruiser was headed westbound on state route 52 when the bicyclist rolled out in the street ahead of him and was hit. 52-year-old kevin waller was riding that bike. no charges have been filed. >> tampa mayor has a first can choice of a possible new loak location of stadium for the rays.
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mayor buckhorn yesterday and lloyd miller. what worries the commissioner? >> forced displacement, the rays now have permission to look at stadium sites and mayor buckhorn calls that the path of least resistance. >> the tampa bay black heritage festival is now in full swing, hillsborough commissioner, we asked a cultural question. >> the whole area of displacement, am i correct in thinking that is part of the black experience? >> yes, you are. >> displacement was already on the commissioner's mind. the tampa bay rays will be looking for a new stadium, the apartments and large tract of land between downtown and ybor city was one of the first choices. >> that site is probably the
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area. >> the not for profit that owns the property is the only owner. makes buying land easier, lots of people and parking garages within walking distance and development. >> additional land around the stadium can be helpful in terms of the financing. >> long term residents would be moved out of the way of new >> fortunately for this community we have done those types of relocation is more, so we are good at doing it. >> it's been done okay. >> commissioner miller's thoughts on previous displaiments displacements? >> did all of them come back, i don't think so. displacement. >> what kind of neighborhoods can we put them in so they can feel like they're safe and it's their home? we in our county feel we're doing the best for them.
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biggest challenge. any speculation about any stadium location is way way early in this process. we don't even know what the rays are looking for nor how they intend to go about finding it. but in this county, les miller's thoughts are wise because they would have lest stadium property. >> police say suspect, 32-year-old javier santos ortiz lived in the same house as the girls. he is charged with sexual battery and lewd and la lascivious molestation. >> in memory of matthew dee
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eve, when a drunk driver turned in the path of his motorcycle. >> he was charismatic, full of energy, he was a believer, strong in his faith and a solid, solid guy. he's the kind of guy you would want your daughter to date, that kind of guy and it speaks a lot about the people who were here representing him today. >> de reimer's final facebook post went viral, reflecting i don't know where i'll be tonight is where i'm meant to be. >> university of south florida got tlc today hosted by the university area development area. they hand washed homes, help plant a community garden and
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university. help. >> when you go inside your room, they think that describes you, tackle it one house one road wherever at a time. >> they doing a good job being a role model for the students that are like them. >> vegetables planted at the community garden will be free to the residents there. offering healthy cooking classes as well. >> thousands enjoyed a beautiful day at the black heritage festival. >> if you didn't get there today, it's going on tomorrow as well. but what will the weather do
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>> the tampa bay black heritage fix was under way at curtis hickson park. the entire black heritage festival lasts ten days, including the weekends before and after martin luther king day. marathon, golfing event and several luncheons and banquets. >> i think it brings a lot of value to the community and also a lot of people together and helps us learn about the culture of african and african americans.
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16th consecutive year for the tampa bay black heritage festival. organizers say it's getting bigger, drawing people from around florida and the rest of the states. downtown tomorrow. >> the hunt is for invasive burmese pythons. money will be awarded to the hunters who capture the most and the largest pythons. more than 500 people have signed up. started noon today and will run to february 13th. the goal will be to reduce the python population. they are not native to florida and pose a threat to wildlife and pets. wildlife officials are trying to figure out exactly how a shark got into a pool at a south florida complex. a woman found a live five foot black tip shark.
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intercoastal waterway, officers removed the shark and put it back into the ocean. >> what do you do when a giant rock is in your way? take it poch. >> three two one, fire in the hole. >> they blew it up. the 20 ton rock had fallen onto highway 50 near tahoe. crews attached explosives and blasted that thing to bits which they could easily remove from the road. >> a popular attraction called icetravaganza, the artist used 12,000 pounds of ice to carve those ice structures. >> get a little hail, could get a little wind tonight. paul's in for mike tonight. >> we'll be here by the way all night watching it. and the thing i'm always
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is making sure we don't overwarn people, scare people. you look at the setup, the time of year, el nino, the jetstream, the ingredients are in place at least the risk of one or two tornadoes and one or two could be strong. keep to fox 13 sky tower app ready to go. keep the volume up on the tv. radar tonight this is the first band which is coming up from the south. i don't see anything severe in here except, i've been watching this cell on the bottom of your tv set. i want to get off the picture. this one down here is actually rotating down here watch this on the wind velocity. we'll be tracking this as it moves northeast. wind sheer moving across, the winds start turning and that helps the thunderstorms rotate. ultimately they could spawn a tornado.
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it will be strong gusty winds. again it's raining now from bradenton all the way to fort meyers, from arcadia to sebring. couple of hours ago, most of that was completely sunny. this goes to show how quickly the moisture has been returning. it's bell coming in fast from the -- been coming fast from late this afternoon. look to the cells for rotation. this is the apparent low pressure system which is dangling a cold front. lots of lightning here and this is moving really fast. this is caught on the jetstream and it's going to be here in three or four hours. so even as early as 1:00 to 2:00, we may see some initial threats of severe weather. then the conceptual line goes by and tomorrow we'll have rapid clearing, in fact most of the
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with developing sunshine. again one initial surge of rain goes by. here's the quawl squall line here. developing pressure producing rain, look how fast, this is moving over louisiana, already approaching the panhandle of our state. this is the jetstream, subtropical yet which is the signature of el nino. you look at it and this is the kink here. so as the jet moves along, imagine the jet is a garden hose, just kind of shake it like behind ripples behind it. right now the temperatures are in the 60s. not going to drop much tonight. the dew points are gradually going to come up, the winds in advance of the front will pick up from the southeast then turn to the south then turn to the southwest. so tomorrow there may be gale
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boating day, multiple weather threats including straight line winds an the possibility of tornadoes. prime time 2:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. prime time for that. and gale force winds briefly on the front on sunnyvale. futurecast model has the front racing across the peninsula going by by about 6:00 a.m., picking up west northwest, turning colder for a couple of days, initially it will be chilly next week. believe it or not there will be jet. another threat of severe wet next weekend. dew point 55, southeast wind at 5:00. satellite radar showing multiple fronts cutting across the state. lows will be in the 60s, daytime highs only on the mid to
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on the back side of the cold front. tonight, reason having to winds tonight, tomorrow rapid clearing windy and a cool afternoon with developing sunshine, temperatures holding steady may even drop during the day. that will set the stage for a dry and chilly winter day on monday with a high of only 62. the seven-day forecast, we'll have thunderstorms late tonight. they'll end, we stay dry, and maybe another chance of thunderstorms occurring lately next week. and look at those lows, guys. 39 , 39 for a low wednesday morning! back to you. >> all right paul. thanks. a criminal in miami sure picked the wrong car to burglarize. >> this one had a dash cam and everything was caught on camera, even him haphazardly handling a loaded gun. we'll show you next.
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tells us why he's banking on stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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>> a brazen car burglar in miami targets the wrong car. the whole thing is caught on camera. that's not all.the car this burglar chose is a police officer's undercover vehicle. >> fox's sheldon fox has the video from north miami beach. >> here's an up close and personal look on a thief in the night. >> i was busy unloading the car,
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identified. his vehicle doors were unlocked and a prime target for a biker searching for an easy ripoff. >> he came with a bike he drove right up to the car and opened up you know, tested the handle to see if it was open and i guess it was open and went across the street dropped his bike came back to the car. >> lumly the victim had outfitted his dodge durango. it captures the bandit grabbing a gun, a loaded gun, a glock 943 pistol. resting it against his stomach before bolting. >> he comes nervously back. >> other neighborhood cameras catching the burglar pedaling away from the 171 st. terrace address. it's where miami dade cops
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neighbors were happy about the cameras picking up a good look at the bad guy's mug but: >> it would have been more effective to lock the door. >> still the idea of getting a dashboard camera sounds like a nice idea to neighbor allen zipkin. >> wants me to get one or two. >> putting the whole neighborhood on notice and anyone else seeing these images. >> all of this happening feet away from the school. luckily his face is seen clearly on that surveillance video. >> that was fox's sheldon fox reporting. the burglar is still on the run. the police are confident they will find him soon. >> five prisoners held in iran
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shook a lot of hands. but we did it for a reason. so that here you'll find the best oranges we've ever had. they're even backed by our 100 percent freshness guarantee. try them for yourself today at a walmart near you. >> the radar's getting busy. some potentially severe weather
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we're expecting some gusty winds tonight. >> john dellegatto is with us. >> already some rotation, in the east thunderstorms down here and later on this evening some of these in advance of the squall line could be rotating as they move on shore. we'll be watching for that and the rain is already heavy through most of manatee county, you have got heavy rain, in venice and northport. amazing how quickly the moisture has come back after a mostly sunny saturday. the rain will soon move into pinellas and hillsborough counties. that will be the initial surge. some of these cells there's been lightning in this one, that's been rotating, we'll see if it holds together and west,
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that's going to be moving east. the storm prediction center has yet to issue a storm watch or tornado watch. if it is issued it will probably be in the last few hours. we'll see how that plays out. here is the low pressure then behind it this rapid clearing tomorrow. so even though the rain should be done with, as soon as 6:00 to 7:00 a.m., most of tomorrow will be windy and cooler and cold next week. there's a lot going on. we'll talk more about it at 10:50, back to you to . >> john thanks. iran calls a prisoner swap, dig mckellar reports they are home tonight. >> jason rezaian is one of the american prisoners released, as
10:30 pm
saeed adedi and matthew redednick. >> their family excited about this, the children especially with not having a father for over three years and so it's a bet bit as you can imagine, it's shocking to believe this day has finally come and that he's made it through. >> in return for release of the prisoners the united states the granting clemency to seven iranians imprisoned in the united states. washington has also agreed to drop interpoll red notices. those are international arrest notices. contenders for white house are already reacting to the news. >> right now i give thanks that the americans are coming back and this should have happened a long long time ago.
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the international atomic energy agency is releasing its findings. used to upgrade iran's aging civilian fleet. doug mcelway, fox news. i.s.i.s. hitting them in the bank literally. u.s. air strike blowing up a i.s.i.s. bank. main stronghold in iraq. cash and paper money can be seen floating above when the facility is hit with two, 2,000 pound bombs. u.s. officials say millions of dollars were destroyed. the exact amount is unknown. >> president obama has signed an emergency declaration to help the city of flint, michigan with
10:32 pm
mayor karen meter got an unexpected call tri friday night. flint's water supply became contaminated, with lead exposure, which can cause behavior problems and learning disabilities in children. presidential candidates are attending a tirn dinner in charleston. presidential hopeful sound off on the release of the american prisoners in iran. >> with the iowa caucus just 16 days away, trump is refusing to let go of cruz's comment that he, quote, embodies new york values. he said on twitter, when will cruz give the new york based campaign contributions back? ted cruz has apologized for that comment even though there was a dig at liberal politicians
10:33 pm
>> it seems donald has a lot of nervous energy. and for whatever reason donald doesn't react well. when he's going down in the polls. so knowing donald that has got to drive him nuts and i imagine it pulled him out of bed this morning and sent him tweeting and tweeting and tweeting. >> the polls are continuing to tighten between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. sanders is beating clinton by 14 points in new hampshire and just two points apart in iowa. clinton brought out the big guns. bill and chelsea clinton and currently taking a dig at the republican front run person. >> you have to decide whether you want a change maker not a change talker to be president. >> tonight is the final night
10:34 pm
it will be very interesting to see whether sardinha and clinton decide to take each other on. the votes are so important in those early states. kristen fisher, fox 13 news. staying with my brothers and sisters. >> we have an exclusive behind the scenes look at the armed protest and will show a different side to the militia men in oregon. a famous eagle has flown south to florida, you might remember this bold birth, uncle sam, at theberry at the bravard zoo. >> quite a sight to see.
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>> search and rescue efforts continue off the coast of hawaii looking for 12 marines who are missing since their helicopters collided during a training mission. high surf is making that search difficult. rescuers hope the marines are still alive. they have had favorable training survival training. >> the u.s. marines prepared their service members for crashing in the ocean. this is a marine training apparatus called the dunker,
10:37 pm
a training vehicle. >> initial survival training that focuses on the water and there are recurring refreshers to keep your skills up to snuff. >> it sinks in seconds and filches flips on its side. up is down, down is up. >> they mimic the inside of a helicopter and a crash sort of event and they are trained to exit the aircraft safely. >> it gets marines used of breathing compressed air out of a miniature tang. eventually they do it wearing blacked out goggles. >> there are many factors that go into the search protocol, the age of the people in the water. here we have a number of young fit marines so that goes into the calculus. >> friday at haleewa. >> the drift rates where we provide them and we provide the
10:38 pm
fire police navy coast guard about where to conduct the search. the wave heights, the water temperature plays into this. and so we actually have tables that tell us how long to search. >> reporter: we covered the dunker training at kaneohe mean base in 2010. >> trying to give these guys a comfort level in the water, the step by step process that will get them out of the aircraft. >> that was diane echo reporting. >> cold the next couple of days but we're already talking about baseball so look ahead to spring training perhaps. >> just a little way away, the la superstar gets a raise, tell you who that is, plus how about this the patriots were they bothered by this deflate-gate? i don't think so. not at all.
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they're going to be playing for their fifth trip to the super bowl in the last five years, we'll tell you about the at longhorn steak like this
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>> the new england patriots are one win away from returning a chance to defend their super bowl title, despite the scandal over deflate-gate, the patriots do one thing keep winning. new england opens the game with a precision 11 play, 80 yard drive, tom terrific, first of two touchdown passes, brady not swift afoot but he ran the ball six times for six yards. touchdown right there but punch it in one play later. 41-6, chiefs turn it over, brady
10:42 pm
to gronk, kc finally gets in the 27-20. pats need a brady looking for gronk, right into julian edelman's hands. the chiefs can't believe it at this point. the patriots advance to the afc championship game by defeating the chiefs 27-20. low scoring in arizona, both quarterbacks have throab thrown a touchdown each. fourth quarter just under way, the pac up 13-10. >> not a warm one for the former oem miss point guard. kind of given him a headache, trying to stop the sec's top scorer steffan moody.
10:43 pm
game on a 15-2 run. keivon allen paces florida, 20 points, knocks down five out of six, 3-pointers, meanwhile florida holds to a nine point, convertonly two of seven field goals, allen pumps in 27 points as the gators beat ole miss, 27-21. eighth straight game to memphis, remain winless in conference play. bo zigler, three points though, jamal mcmurray, still led by 8 points, the tigers, usf had 16 turnovers.
10:44 pm
clemson is turning into a giant killer. they take down a ranked player for the 8th straight time. doovon reed forces a steal for slam right there, hurricanes by 3. jeron blossomgame, had plenty of game. tigers down by 3 and blossomgame hits the deep jumper. clemson within 1. the tigers went on a 25-8 run in the last seven minutes of the game, and guess what, they upset miami 76-65. the red sox will pay jason price a record am amount of money a season, 31, and chris davis, 17 a year. doing the math, about $48 million for two of the best
10:45 pm
players that will give the rays some fits for a while. baseball's best defensive player kevin kiermyer is locking in on spring training. kiermeyer is working out and he's confident his raise would have what it takes to stand up to the best in the division. >> we have the guys to win. we all know when you think of tampa bay rays we feed off pitching and defense. especially the second half of the season last year our offense was great and we proved we could score runs. logan forsythe, probably the biggest breakout year of all of us, this off-season with the confidence that he'll be going for it, i'm going to be better and there's a lot of other guys.
10:46 pm
in his play and i know that he has so much potential. we have the guys to do it. it's all about execution from day 1. and if we really buy into each other we can make a lot of good things happen. i don't care what happened with al-east this year. with all the accusations. we don't care about that. we have 25 guys we'll put up against anyone, that's all that matters. i miss being out there, i don't feel competing with everyone, i'm going to report february 19th, i'm excited about that but i'm going to get locked in before that and i promise you i'll begin my work and i'll be ready. >> still have some time here about six weeks before spring training, i think the rays were working on deals this roster definitely not set, lloyd. >> paul's back with another look at your seven-day forecast when
10:47 pm
>> the >> it's going to be a busy night already. our southern counties are getting wet with some heavy rain that's moving from southwest to northeast.
10:48 pm
overland, no sign of rotation, no severe thunderstorm warnings up, no watches but probably in a few hours. the thing that is interesting is some of these cells developing in the gulf this one in particular, definite signs of rotation in the past hours or so. that is moving northeast and this one here. this is all it takes is one of them to move onshore, rotating, becoming a tornado. that is the case of the one in cape coral last weekend. the huge mass in the gulf, at about apalachicola. , 33 lightning strikes on this view and 876 on this view. even though the radar can't see this far out in the gulf because the earth is curved and the radar beams eventually go up into space, the lightning data
10:49 pm
here that would indicate heavy rain. that is line that will be heading our way in a couple of hours. you have got moisture coming up from the south, that is the area of low pressure, and i tell you it's about the perfect track to put us in a position that would give us the risk of severe weather and tornadoes. because the low is going to ride just to our north. we are going to get tight isobars. the factors coming together is why i think there's the risk of severe weather later tonight. pretty strong winds out in the gulf. once the front goes by we'll probably have gale force winds at times. don't even think ever boating tomorrow. the morning not good at all. jetstream is literally racing over the gulf of mexico. and can you see the kink in the jetstream here that kind of curve back like this. that's the low which will kind
10:50 pm
jetstream, put us in the spot for some severe weather. here's the futurecast, indicating one band of rage going by, this is 3:00 a.m., with storms on the coastline and by that time there should be a tornado watch up. here's 5:00 a.m., with the rain already ending in pinellas. by 7:00 a.m., mainly east of us and the cold air rushes in and the weather improves dramatically, with a gusty northwest wind. strong winds mainly after midnight, and 65, windy and cool, in the 60s, and monday should be mostly sunny, chilly winter day nut low 60s. there could be another round of weather arriving friday or saturday. i'm back at 11:00, lloyd. >> see you then paul, thanks.
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panda made his debut, the cub bebe has been kept out of birth view since his birth on august 22nd. one of the world's most endangered species. >> they grow up so fast. bill cosby has been charged in one case and now that case against him may be falling apart. what could derail his trial. >> and astronauts and board the iss are bis in space but business in space but that doesn't stop them from their latest gart thing feat. >> his collar, he was half an
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