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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  January 23, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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3 @ @ from tampa bay's number @one news station, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> alcides: here comes the @snow. @the northeast is bracing for a @massive snowstorm that is @expected to blanket @communities in snow. @>> anjuli: and one of our @favorite times of the year @here in the bay area. @gasparilla festivities kick @off this weekend with the @children's parade down @bayshore boulevard. @ and good saturday morning. @thanks for joining us. @i am alcides segui. @>> anjuli: i am anjuli davis @>> anjuli: i am aings aings. @those stories and much more. @everybody wants to know how @this weather will pan out. @a little wet but will clear
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@>> lindsay: i think the @showers come to an end. @the probably is the -- the @problem is the cooler air is @not going anywhere, we dropped @one degree since last hour. @brookdale, bayshore looks @windy and cloudy. @50 degrees with a west @50 degrees with a @west-northwest wind at 10, @nothing compared to the gusts @i will show new a second. @start with these showers these @move through and maybe you @will see another one and the @set-up in the atmosphere calls @for these to kind of wind down @the next few hours. @we do have a few this morning @new ones into hernando. @from north and east. @to brooksville seeing that. @spotty showers and one or two @near hudson. @these now well east of u.s. 19 @and new port richey @approaching dade city, @zephyrhills if they hold @together, pinellas county @depending on where you live a @few patchy sprinkles here and @there. @southeastern hillsborough @county. @these were the showers over @the skyway. @they are east of sun city @center in ruskin and on their @way into polk county.
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@further east and eastern @sarasota and manatee. @a few north of north port. @how cold is it? @if you have been outside it @has been cold. @crystal river 41 degrees. @54 in sarasota. @53 in wauchula. @you combine that with the wind @that is gusting upwards of 30 @miles per hour in spots. @this is wild. @gusts to 28 in clearwater. @44 in venice. @that is tropical storm force @it is going to stay windy all @day. @spelling out the day what you @need to know, the sprinkles @are done by noon. @the clouds will be slower to @exit and temperatures hold @steady and drop later today. @by the time the fireworks @start in the upper 40s. @and, yes, complaining about @the cold and wind. @the latest snowfall totals @coming up. @ and lindsay, let's stay @with that. @take a look at this. @this is the view of the white @house overnight. @you can barely see the @nation's capitol back there. @washington d.c. is expected to
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@this weekend, and it looks @like that seemingly mild @winter is coming back in full @force. @>> anjuli: that's right. @fox news correspondent joe @waldman has the latest for @washington d.c. @>> reporter: more than 85 @million people in at least 20 @states are bracing for what @forecasters are calling a @potentially historic snowstorm @potentially historic @snowstorm. @the most feared winter snow @the most feared winter @snowstorm of the season so far @has officially arrived. @blizzard warnings now stretch @from washington to new york. @the forecast from @meteorologist was dead on with @snowfall accumulations @expected to reach 30 inches or @more in some areas. @but emergency officials say and you're going to want flights if you're flying out of tampa international aiport international of tampa you're make sure to check going to
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3 and you're going to want to make sure to check your flights if you're flying out of tampa international aiport this morning. we're already seeing delays and cancellations all over the
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3 check this out ... a powerful image from arlington, virginia. the photo was taken last night just before dusk. while most of the city was keeping warm inside thier homes... a guard stands at the tomb of the unknown soldier .... doing his duty .. as the blizzard bears down. 3 3 new this morning: in sarasota, florida highway patrol is investigating a hit and run on i-75.. troopers say 50-year old "angel rodriguez-soca" was driving southbound near mile marker 202.. when another car came up behind him and hit him in the rear.. at around 3 this morning.. the two drivers got out and surveyed the damage.. the suspect sped off.. if you have any information on this crash.. you're asked to call f-h-p.. 3 3 investigators believe two murders in manatee county connected, and *revenge for a theft. 3 the body of "karl tuxford" was found tuesday in bradenton. 40 minutes later his girlfriend "jordan finlon" was found stabbed to
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palmetto. an arrest report says deputies got information finlon had stolen 800-dollars from "dwayne cummings". the report says cummings put out a reward for finlon. deputies say cummings told his cousin they were going to beat finlon up and kill tuxford. cummings faces armed kidnapping charges. deputies say it will take more time before murder charges are filed. 3 cummings is being held in jail, without bond. 3 3 gasparilla festivities kick off this weekend with the children's parade later today. fox13's "crystal clark" is out where all the floats stage.
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3 if you want to watch the parade from the comfort of your home... fox 13 has you covered. our live coverage starts at 4 p-m... then at 7... the fireworks extravaganza. and for everything about parking or shuttle information... check
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3 the republican race has turned in "donald trump's" favor on one key issue. coming up, we'll show you how the candidates match up when it comes to immigration and tell you why it's become such a hot button issue. 3 (()) 3 3 3 3 3 3
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@ @. @ when you ask people what @their most worried about these @days the answer is either the @economy or terrorism. @immigration is usually at the @bottom of that list. @>> alcides: how has it become @such a hot button issue during @the presidential campaign? @fox 13 political editor craig @patrick says he knows why. @ @7 green acres is the place to @be 7 @>>reporter: at first @republican leaders did not
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@trump trump. @>> trump ... ah ... ha. @>reporter: trump took off on @the issue of illegal @immigration and that has been @a hot button in the race ever @since. @trump changed the whole @direction of the debate and in @the process, may have @single-handily tripped up jeb @bush. @>> yes, they broke the law, @but it is not a felony. @>> coming in as an illegal is @an act of love. @remember that line? @>> reporter: republican @leaders had tinkered with @immigration reform for years, @got burned by thank you other @base every time because their @plans provided some form of @amnesty. @>> essentially to grant @amnesty to a lot of illegals. @>> this bill is the amnesty @dream. @>> not to reward bad behavior @>> reporter: so they stopped @using the word "amnesty" and @called it "earned citizenship @called it "earned @citizenship." @that meant they will grant @them the right to live here @only after paying the you
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@the base reminded them that is @exactly what amnesty meant. @>> amnesty means you have to @pay a price for having been @here illegally and this bill @does that. @>> reporter: the new plans @were similar to the old plans. @and in the last presidential @race, the party tied itself in @knots trying to square it. @>> those 12 million who come @here illegally should be given @the opportunity to sign up to @stay here. @>> they should be given no @special pathway to citizenship @or permanent residency. @>> should be able to sign up @for permanent residency. @>> should not be allowed to @stay in this country. @>> reporter: republicans found @a way to lose 71% of the @latino vote and lose the trust @of the conservative base that @has been fume being this since @1986. @>> i believe for the idea of @amnesty of those who put down @roots and lived here even @though some time back they may @have entered illegally. @>> reporter: reagan signed off @on amnesty for 3 million @illegal immigrants and @conservatives say it was one @of his biggest mistakes @because he did not secure the
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@illegal immigrants. @then president george w. bush @took another run at amnesty @and mccain, rubio and the gang @of 8 tried comprereform. @did not realize how much that @turned off the base until @trump tuned in. @>> they are bringing drugs. @they are bringing crimes. @they are rape @they are rapists. @>> reporter: at first jeb bush @and other established @republicans dismissed him as @an angry old man. @>> grrr ... just angry all the @time. @>> reporter: trump made them @to remember how angry their @base was with them, and turned @the race at sealing the @boarder. @>> border he security. @>> border security is @critical. @>> i will secure the boarder. @>> take care of this border. @>> and the politics of it will @are very, very different if a @bunch of lawyers or bankers @were crossing the rio grande. @>> we will build a wall. @it will be a great wall. @it will do what it is supposed @to do. @keep illegal immigrants out. @ we have some big changes @in the race for the white @house. @>> knowing donald, that has @got to drive him nuts. @>> reporter: how the battle
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@party is playing out and why @the democratic race is turning @into a nail biter. @watch "money, power and @politics" sunday night at @11:30. @ well, i thought we had a @picture of times square. @do we still have that? @oh, we do have it. @let's go to it if we can. @a live picture from times @square in new york city. @the national weather service @says over a foot of snow is @likely to fall there and by @day's end. @look at that. @>> anjuli: that is incredible @>> anjuli: that is @incredible. @>> alcides: somebody on the @roadway. @>> anjuli: a brave driver @right there. @reckless may be a better word. @>> alcides: in effect until @tomorrow at 7:30. @>> anjuli: i was in noushingz @when the snow was falling. @it comes directly at your @face. @lindsay, being from chicago, @you are probably familiar with @that kind of snow but it is @crazy. @no way to avoid it. @right in the face. @>> lindsay: snow is one thing
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@30, 40, 50 miles per hour. @you can see how the snow was @not directly coming down but @blowing to the side. @>> anjuli: sideways. @>> lindsay: continues to @accumulate. @start with how much snow on @the ground right now. @and we have to get through all @of today. @this is wild. @animals north of d.c., @baltimore, some of the reports @coming in this morning about a @foot and a half of snow in @some spots philly starting to @see it aim cumulating. @bands setting up that are @awfully heavy. @you can so they purple snraid @this estimate, two feet in @spots and that is a previous @snow event as well. @a look at sky tower. @rain of our own and i promise @i will get to @i will get to and i want to @point out with this area low @pressure. @it is on the move lifting @north. @near the coast we have that @onshore flow, we have the @strong winds. @where you see the darker @whites, the bluish shades in a @few spots, snowfall tlaits are @very intense and throughout @the day, the brunt of this, @the worst of it for d.c. is @happening right now. @there is some drying though @east of the city, so we will @see if the numbers really do @add up just right.
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@this is lifting north and @east, so philly, new york @city, places like that will be @dealing with dwight a bit of @snow throughout the day. @for us today, we do have @showers around. @they are just here this @morning though. @by the afternoon, peeks of sun @by the afternoon, peeks of @sun. @not a warm-up though. @it will stay cool. @showers. @brooksville we have some, @zephyrhills, dade city. @they are there now. @they are so short-lived @because the winds are whipping @these through the region. @light rain near lutz. @let's see hudson and new port @richey saw one blast of @showers. @a new blast. @tarpon may be seeing a few @sprinkles. @pinellas county, what is @brewing here. @these showers are moving so @quickly as i am tracking them @they are done. @one hanging on near st. pete. @this will make its way toward @ruskin if it holds together @and rain south of the bay, @south of bartow, wauchula, you @may not get that sprinkle and @sarasota county, coastal @sarasota county, you have @spotty rain. @at 30% rain chance right now. @by lunchtime, we lower that to @more like 20%. @by the parade, these showers
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@50 degrees brookdale, bayshore @50 degrees brookdale, @bayshore, and look at the @winds out of the northwest @winds out of the @northwest-northwest. @those are elevated at many @spots 37 @spots @spots. @temperatures have dropped the @start of the show. @41 in crystal river. @now 49 in tampa. @55 in bradenton. @57 in venice. @upper 40s from lakeland to @bartow. @now our strongest winds will @be near the coast. @but winter haven, that 17 @miles per hour means big. @it is this. @no mistake. @35-mile-per-hour sustained @winds in venice. @tropical storm force is 39. @these are close. @the gusts today will be @elevated through the @afternoon. @sustained winds upwards of 20 @at times. @the gusts mean business, and @these gusts as of 8:15 are @upwards of 28 in clearwater, @36 in sarasota. @41 in venice. @so bayshore will be tracking @gusts near 25 at times today. @and we do have the sprinkles. @we have the huge wave as to @because the winds are blowing @on shore and we are on low @tide. @as high tide approaches by 3 @as high tide approaches by @3:10 or so, the big waves will
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@will be dealing with coastal @flooding. @3:08 is the time we will watch @for that. @waves 3 to 4 to 5 feet. @ pinellas county 10 in a few @spots in sarasota county. @we will keep a close eye on @that chilly, windy day. @the clearing line as the @afternoon goes on we will see @breaks in that. @temperatures today not warming @much. @54 if we are lucky at about 1, @2:00. @by the time the parade kicks @off, a we are in the low 50s. @the wind will be around and a @few peeks of sun and tonight @if you are braving the @forecasts, make sure of the @blankets, the scarves and the @gloves. @very chilly in the upper 40s. @54 for a high today. @very windy with a 30% chance @of a.m. showers. @tonight, look how cold it @gets. @39 degrees in tampa. @our coldest of the season. @hernando county north, you are @under a freeze watch. @briefly touching freezing @tomorrow morning. @winds relax tomorrow. @wall-to-wall sun, 56 degrees. @still very cool and don't @attempt boating today. @look at the waves offshore, 18
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@waves as our winds gust over @25 knots. @we are watching high tide at @3:08. @if you see any flooding it @will mainly be as we approach @that an hour before and after @we will monitor that. @early week milder air and we @are tracking the wave of low @pressure. @models are struggling. @could see stronger storms at @some point late wednesday to @early thursday, we will keep a @watchful eye on sky tower with @us. @>> anjuli: thank you, @lindsay. @ still ahead, looks like @there is an invasion here at @the fox 13 studios. @gasparilla fever in full @swing. @>> alcides: coming up at 8:45 @>> alcides: coming up at
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3 looking to get out of the house @ @ all right. @looking to get out of thousand @weekend. @>> anjuli: a bunch of hot @happenings going on all across @the bay area for you. @7 @7 7 the circle of life 7. @>> alcides: tony @award-winning "the lion king" @roars back into the tstraz @center. @the story of hope and @adventure. @two shows 2:00 and 8:00. @tickets start at $35. @show runs through february 14. @>> anjuli: amalie arena will @turn into a big top for the @second annual carnival. @a lot of fun, carnival games, @meet and greet with lightning
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@$20 for kids and all of the @money raised will benefit the @lightning foundation. @the carnival kicks off at 1:00 @and runs until 4:00. @ the east-west shrine game @is taking place at tropicana @field tonight. @the game will showcase up and @coming nfl talent and scouts @and national media out there. @more than 100 players from @last year's game were invited @to nfl training camps. @and now -- out of those 100, @70 actually make nfl rosters. @the game starts at 4:00. @tickets are $15 bucks. @ @7 well i said hallelujah 7 @7 i would be able to speak at @all 7 @7 i can only imagine 7 anjuli @country superstar wino na judd @making a stop. @the winona big songs and @stories tour at the van wezel @in sarasota.
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@tickets start at $40. @a lot to do and the children's @parade today. @>> alcides: we are sponsoring @it. @if you want to stay inside, we @will be tairing on @>> anjuli: lindsay said @bundle up if you are taking @the little ones. @>> lindsay: i said after the @show that i am going out and @buying a hat. @low 50s during the parade. @the pesky rain is here now but @will be gone by the time the @parade starts. @questionable how much sun we @will see, more clouds than sun @during the afternoon. @gloomy on bayshore. @49 degrees. @sprinkles are around. @they end the next few hours. @the wind doesn't go anywhere, @we have gusts 25 to 30 miles @per hour in sarasota county. @54 if we are lucky for the @high today and the good news @is less wind tomorrow and
8:25 am
@we will talk freezing temps @ @ from tampa pay's number @one news station, this is @"good day tampa bay." @>> lindsay: good morning to @you. @a lot of us are pumped in the @newsroom. @we kick off the gasparilla @season. @it will be chilly and windy @layer. @the sun trying to break the @clouds. @it will not for many hours. @we are at 49. @that's it in tampa with the @strong northwest wind @gustinger that 25. @sustained at 16. @now i discouraged boating @today. @if you were thinking about it, @think twice. @we have waves building near @the coastline. @i am looking at them right now @7, 8, 9 feet in pinellas @county. @even larger waves offshore. @52 from our all children @hospital cam in st. pete.
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@even have a couple of showers @around. @i will show new a second. @and don't warm much. @43 in leesburg. @48 in winter haven. @and 50 in clearwater. @pesky sprinkles are on the @move, and these will wind down @over the next couple of hours. @look at them though, they are @just kind of more annoying @than anything. @one in southern citrus county. @we have a few that have now @made their way east of @zephyrhills. @hillsborough county has a few @sprinkles as well as pinellas. @and even a few that have made @their way north of wauchula. @we will keep an eye on those. @the clearing line is still a @ways away. @still a little questionable @how much the clouds will break @throughout the day. @anticipate more clouds than @sun through at least mid @afternoon and then perhaps a @few peeks late in the day. @marketwatch will we warm. @by noon, 52 in tampa and into @the afternoon, maybe dropping @by the time the parade starts @in the low 50s. @overnight a big chill. @wake up near freezing in @brooksville, crystal river and
8:27 am
@watch in effect late tonight. @ time right now a 8:32. @a quick check of today's top @stories. @a monster snowstorm hits the @east coast in kentucky, @tennessee and carolinas. @the storm brought snow and @ice, knocked out power to more @than 130,000 people. @the storm is blamed for the @deaths of nine people as well. @philadelphia and washington @d.c. are expected to get the @heaviest snow they have seen @in many years. @about 18 to 24 inches of snow @are expected. @the winter storm is slowing @down airport travel as well. @thousands of flights have been @cancelled today. @at last check, 45 flights were @cancelled out of tampa @international airport. @ and pinellas park, a @11-year-old boy is fighting @for his life after he was hit @by a car. @it happened near the @intersection of 66th street @north and park boulevard. @police say the boy ran across @three lanes of traffic before @he was hit by a car. @police say he was not in @crosswalk. @ two realtors are spreading @the word about a man's @unsettling behavior.
8:28 am
@approached the women while @they were working alone in a @model home. @he pretended to be interested @in purchasing a home, but then @followed them closely and @invaded their personal space. @complimented them on their @appearance and inappropriately @touched one of them. @deputies say he was driving a @dark four-door car similar to @a toyota prius. @the vehicle had an out-of @the vehicle had an @out-of-state tag, possibly @from virginia. @anyone with information @contact the hillsborough @county sheriff's office. @ and an american student is @jailed in north korea. @north korean state television @announced the arrest on @friday. @the student was arrested for @what state television reporter @what state television @reporters were, quote, hostile @acts, orchestrated by the u.s. @government. @the university of virginia @student is accused of entering @the country by posing as a @tourists. @ there are no bodies about @you some closure for the @families of 12 far in reens @who disappeared when their @helicopters collided midair @during a training exercise.
8:29 am
@family and colleagues of the @marines who are missing and @presumed dead. @two marines choppers collided @during a nighttime training @mission off the coast of @hawaii last thursday. @flight gear was placed on @white crosses honoring those @who were lost. @their status was changed from @missing to deceased after @searching five days. @the cause of that crabb @the cause of that crash is @still under investigation. @ a 40-year-old woman is in @critical condition after a @shooting at a washington state @movie theatre. @happened around 8 p.m. last @night during a screening of 13 @hours: the secret soldiers of @benghazi" in renton. @moviegoers heard a loud pop @and saw a man make his way to @the nearby exit. @the shooter's father called @police sand said the shooter @dropped the gun and it @accidentally went off. @the 29-year-old could now face @several criminal charges. @ the state department says @that massive snowstorm hitting @d.c. could delay the final @release of e-mails from @hillary clinton's personal
8:30 am
@the department is asking a @federal court to delay the @january 29 deadline. @it is requesting another month @it is requesting another @month. @the department says the @massive snowstorm will slow @down the effort to get the @e-mails released. @ well, still ahead, the @gasparilla festivities kick @off this weekend with the @children's parade. @>> alcides: coming up in this @week's earth watch, lindsay @shows us creative in this line of work
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make the cut it's important to me to know every dish i serve is the best it can be. especially for this food critic. publix bakery scratch made bread we bake it in store every day with pride so you can serve it with some
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@ it's finally here, we @kick off the gasparilla season @today and with it come a lot @of beads, of course. @instead of throwing them away @you can be creative and up @cycle some crafts. @>> everybody gets handful of @beads. @what do you do with them, you @throw them 'way, throw them in @a box and forget.them, but you @can make crafts with them. @>> lindsay: miss anita's @crafts is here. @you have been awesome of @bringing them in. @>> fun stuff. @a fun time after making them. @oh, i really like this. @simple things you can put @together like a plain wooden @frame like on table. @i did the box colors, the red, @pewter and black and put them @together. @a lot of time the chunky @medallions. @everything was hot glued. @i hot glued everything on. @didn't paint anything. @not messy. @really quick. @>> you spotlight a frame at @your house you don't need to @buy. @>> you can just upcycle that @as well. @yeah. @another fun little thing to do @is a trinket box. @this one was super, super cool @this one was super, super @cool. @i was able to combine @different sizes and shapes and
8:33 am
@box. @>> textures. @>> you can give it a different @look so not all around. @you will get different types @of beads. @>> sure will. @>> mix them up. @be creative with the technique @be creative with the @technique. @>> mono grams are popular. @the mono gram letters you can @coverage. @i did all gold on this one but @i did different shades. @because if you look at your @beads not all the exact @beads not all the exact same @shade of gold. @a lot of texture. @>> lindsay: a plain wooden @letter. @>> mono grams are fun and a @great way to add details. @>> lindsay: love it. @>> little balls. @you can put on your coffee @table. @a plain styrofoam ball and i @covered it with the strand of @beads. @a little bit with some hot @glue. @hold them until they are set. @and everything is hot glued. @super, super easy. @>> lindsay: these are @expensive. @you see the bowl and the balls @in there.
8:34 am
@the styrofoam ball six of them @for $2 and cover them with @cool colors and a neat @decoration. @>> wine bottles. @>> this is one of my favorite. @just a wine bottle. @i started with some circles of @beads and i used a large bead @and wound some around it and i @placed them kind of @strategically around the @bottle and filled in the gaps @with more beads. @so lots of different colors. @it is really cool. @will make an awesome gift. @>> how long did that take? @>> took about an hour to put @it together. @>> lindsay: that's fine. @a little crafting in the @afternoon. @>> you don't have to take @>> you don't have to take off @the label. @you cover it with the beads. @>> lindsay: all with the hot @glue gun and get your wine @bottle. @>> my favorite thing is the @shoe. @a plain pair of pumps. @get your old shoes out of the @closet or go to a thrift store @and get shoes.
8:35 am
@purpled up the heel and tacky @glue and elmer's glue and @painted the bottom green so @you have all your pretty mardi @gras kind of colors. @your gold, your green and your @purple. @you wear these to a party, and @you are going to look super @cool. @they are very,
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most weekends only last a couple of days. some last a lifetime. hampton. we go together. always get the lowest price,
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it's our favorite @ @. @ would you take a look at @this. @i think we are setting the new @records for most guests on @"good day tampa bay." @but as you can tell quite an @invasion here at the fox 13 @studios, ye mystic krewe of @gasparilla. @shame muss and jeremiah and @all of your krewe. @thank you for coming in @thank you for come in. @>> thank you for hang us. @>> anjuli: if you haven't @been ought to the children's @parade. @we know it is a great time. @what can children expect. @parade. @200,000 on a good day. @the weather.
8:38 am
@100 units going down the @bayshore with floats. @and a ton of things to see. @something for everybody. @and it is kid friendly and a @lot of fun. @>> anjuli: jeremiah, tell us @a little about the tradition @behind gasparilla. @i don't know. @my husband is a member of your @krewe and dates back in @tampa's history and it is @really neat. @>> a fascinating story to @tell. @i tell you back when i was a @kid, it is neat to see my kid @growing up and back in the day @growing up and back in the @day, we would lay blankets out @and mothers would take us to @the parade route and we would @stake out our claim and wait @for the bullets to hit the @ground and wait for beads to @be thrown, and to run out and @grab them and to see the par @raise metastasize and you can @see my son is excited. @>> anjuli: started at 1904. @>> our 112th year. @>> before monopoly was made. @>> anjuli: before monopoly @was made. @that is a good fact. @thank you for that one. @as far as the costumes.
8:39 am
@all hand made. @>> everybody brings their own @style to it. @and different folks around @town make them for us and over @the years, you tend to add to @it, and collect things, and @get different hats and various @acutements and kind of a very @personalized thing. @>> anjuli: some people who @only have @only have the main day parade @which is a blast may be turned @off from bringing the kids, @but in is a great event this @saturday to go out. @>> exact, an alcohol-free @event and a lot more toned @down. @and it is kind of wait i @remember it as the big parade @is the way this children's @parade is now. @but, yeah, it is definitely @kid-friendly and family @kid-friendly and @family-friendly, and just a @great time for everybody. @>> anjuli: i love it. @thank you guys for coming in @and have so much fun at the @parade. @>> we will. @ now your sky tower radar @forecast with fox 13 @meteorologist lindsay @milbourne. @>> lindsay: i know those
8:40 am
@i don't have it to share with @you today. @if you are dress accordingly, @the good news is the sprinkles @are gone now and a few peeks @of sun. @overall more sun than clouds. @3:30 about 52 as well. @so it will be chilly. @layers necessary, especially @if you are checking out the @fireworks at 7:00 tonight. @you can watch all of that @right here on fox 13 if you @don't want to brave the chill. @how about the sun trying to @break through brookville @bayshore. @and the wind combined with @that number right there that @makes it feel so cold. @winds gusting upwards of 30 @miles per hour at times today. @and what that is doing is @creating a mes scene at the @beach. @high surf advisory. @high risk of rip currents in @clearwater beach. @50 and the water has churned @up. @west-northwest winds at 20 @miles per hour and solid 50 @degrees. @not only cold and windy today @but the surf is kind of the @second part of our forecast @this afternoon. @as we approach high tide, @about 3:10 or so, look at
8:41 am
@some of these approached the @coast and these values are @high, 10 feet in southern @sarasota county. @8, 9 feet brushing the coast @in pinellas. @with that we could see minor @coastal flooding. @maybe even a minor erosion @with this that will happen @into the mid afternoon hours @and keep an eye on the wave @heights. @if you were curious why we are @not boating today, winds @upwards of 25 knots. @seas 18 feet tops offshore @that gale warning and rough @bay and inland waters. @a winter storm in the @northeast i want to dive in @for a second. @and start with the local @radar. @pesky sprinkles and move in, @here they are into western @hernando county and few @interior pasco. @we have seen the rain in and @out near new company, north @company, pinellas county, in @and out of a few tiny little @sprinkles. @they are on the move and @moving around so quickly it is @tough to show. @shore acres, interior sarasota @and manatee counties, by @lunchtime we will drop the
8:42 am
@sky tower will come in handy @wednesday and thursday. @wednesday and thursday for the @next round, free for iphone @and android users. @and download it, you will need @it this season. @temperatures are cold. @gosh, you need a jacket and a @couple of jackets. @48 in lakeland. @49 in tampa. @54 in sarasota and wauchula, @but wind that is biting out of @the northwest. @sustained, 13 in wauchula. @sustained 23 in sarasota. @the gusts that are just really @whipping around. @they have near 40 miles per @hour at times in southern @sarasota county. @the strongest right now 36 in @sarasota. @i don't expect these winds to @relax until tonight. @and i don't expect the sky @and i don't expect the skies @to clear until maybe late in @the day. @a couple of breaks. @beautiful satellite imagery. @the clearing line still back @up to the panhandle. @lows tonight very cold. @mid-50s. @tonight a freeze. @hernando county north late @tonight, down to 39 in tampa. @43 in sarasota. @36 in lakeland. @that will be the coldest of @the season for some.
8:43 am
@it is windy. @a rough 24 hours. @and they have to get through @all of today before all is @said and done. @the snow is not wrapping @around after a brief dry spot. @ @7 accumulating north of d.c., @philly, new york city, some @areas seeing -- not done of a @foot and a half of snow @outside of d.c. the biggest @snow for many in quite some @time if not ever in d.c. 54 @for today. @cold and windy. @that rain chance drops by @lunchsometime and we squeeze @out a little sun. @we clear it tonight and relax @the wind. @that freeze watch north, @hernando county north away @from the coast. @39 in tampa. @very chilly tomorrow. @the good news that wind will @relax tremendously sunday and @only up to 56. @it make sure bundle up on @bayshore and high tide at 3:08 @as we approach that at about @2:00. @those waves will be whipping @near the coast. @the seven-day forecast is @busy, active, el nino. @we are cold this weekend. @mild early week, and watching
8:44 am
@thursday for our next round of @thunderstorms. @ we only have one first @birthday today, but it is a @special one. @first birthday goes out to @nicholas. @he loves lights, playing with
8:45 am
before contemplating on steak 'n shake's $4 dollar menu, one must calm the mind in our zen garden. focus. the garlic double steakburger meal. reflect. the taco salad meal zen. the original double 'n cheese steakburger meal. oh! the $4 menu. are under $4.
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3 it's time for savory saturday. @ @ it is time for a savory @saturday. @shark tank fans will recognize @this restaurant. @they just opened in the bay @area i believe back in @november. @we have -- tell me your names. @>> matt wagner. @>> holly maze. @>> alcides: thanks for being @here. @talk about the restaurant. @this is pretty unique. @not a burger joint which is @kind of cool. @>> not at all. @we are proud of the fact we @have no freezers, no fryers or @micro. @waves. @our meat comes in fresh. @we slice it up and prepare it @we slice our cheeses. @the first sandwiches is one of @our fan favorites. @the flying pig. @turkey, bacon, gouda cheese @and pickles on a hearty white @bread. @>> alcides: the theme is @grilled cheese -- fancy @grilled cheeses. @>> fancy grilled cheese, @doughnut. @the king.
8:47 am
@on a doughnut inside out. @>> alcides: so, i got to tell @you lindsay and anjuli love @grilled cheese. @oh, my god, grilled cheese. @a lot of people love grilled @cheese especially with the @cold weather. @four make -- what is the ideal @grill cheese, slow. @you got to make it slow, is @that right? @help me without this. @>> these actually -- on this @type of griddle, we do cook it @a little @a slower just because of the @way it is. @but at our store, they are @actually -- the steam griddles @and we can have these kind of @come off pretty quickly. @so it is actually -- these @griddles maximize space -- @>> alcides: the bread, nice. @burn bread. @want to make it. @what is the trick, do you know @know? @>> right here is the way we do @it here is we will actually @steam it. @>> alcides: oh, really. @>> throw a little water. @>> alcides: doesn't make the @bread soggy.
8:48 am
@the cheese, melts in and gets @it nice and gooey quicker. @>> alcides: interesting. @>> the heat to a medium heat. @>> alcides: matt, holly, @thank you for being with us. @coming up in the next hour, we @will speak with tampa mayor @bob buckhorn about the @children's gasparilla parade. [ scanner beeping ] could you step aside? "sir"? come on. you know who i am. progressive insurance?
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