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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  January 31, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> i'm king of the world! p from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is "good day ptampa bay." p an officer is hurt after pchasing an armed carjacker. pthis morning they're still on pthe run. pthe latest on the search for the psuspects and the officer's pcondition p>> anjuli: just one day to go pinto the iowa caucuses. pour political editor is breaking pdown all the latest pdevelopments. p>> alcides: good sunday pmorning, everybody. p>> anjuli: we'll have those pstories and much more in a pminute. pfirst up, lindsay milbourne is phere with a look at the sunday pforecast. pgood morning, lindsay. p>> lindsay: good morning. pa little warmer out the door.
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pwe have clouds from yesterday pand they give us a little pinsulation this morning. pwaking up at 56 in tampa, which pis above average. pno 30s in citrus county. pit's 54 in bradenton and 50 in pbartow and 51 in wesley chapel. pif you're an early riser and pwere up on the 6:00 on saturday, plook at the yoel yellows. pthere's more warmth on the way. phigh pressure slipped to the peast and we're on the backside pand with the southerly wind pthroughout the way, we pump up pthe temperatures a little bit pand pump up the humidity values pa little bit. pyou notice it more tomorrow. pyes, we have considerable high pcloudiness throughout the day, pbut it will be a dry day. phow about 70s making a comeback? pwe're near that at noon. pit will be a few degrees warmer pthis afternoon. peven warmer weather early in the pweek, but umbrellas come out plater in the week. pwe talk about in a few minutes. p>> anjuli: they're
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pthe area of county road 1 and pburnham lane. pthe driver of a dodge durango ptraveled into oncoming traffic pand hit the motorcyclist phead-and he later passed away. pdeputies arrested 40-year-old pkenneth caborel. pthey say he showed signs of pimpairment and she's charged pwith dui as well as pmanslaughter. p>> alcides: developing right pnow, a tampa police officer is phurt after chasing -- after pcrashing his cruiser chasing an parmed robbery suspect around p9:00 last night in the area of peast lake avenue and central pavenue. pthe officer tried to follow a probbery and carjacking suspect pbut crashed into a pole. pyou can see how bad the crash pwas. phe was taken to a hospital with pminor injuries. pthey believe the suspect's car pwas involved in three other probberies since friday. pthe suspects are still at-large. p>> anjuli: tampa police are pstill looking for another
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pthis happened shortly before p10:00 on friday night on pnorth-central avenue and east pkirby street, which is not far paway from where the police pofficer crashed his car. pa woman was sissed in her pashed pcar. ptwo other men got in the car and pdrove off after she got out. pinjured. pthe car is a 2014 black four pfour-door ford focus similar to pthis one with a florida license late of 153 ahn. pif you have any information call ptampa police. p>> alcides: pasco detects make pan arrest in a home invasion pthat left a teenage girl in a pcoma. pthey're still looking for panthony stephens, and one other punnamed suspect. pthe trio is acruised of breaking pinto a home early thursday pmorning. pa teenage girl was also in the phouse and accidental shot by a
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pshe is now anyway coma. pdrug house. pfour other people inside the phouse were arrested on gun and pdrug charges. p>> anjuli: we've been talking pabout the iowa caucuses all week plong, and they take place ptomorrow. p>> alcides: as craig patrick ptells us, you may be surprised pby how they do things in this pcaucus tomorrow night. p>> people come here, greens over phere. p>> the iowa caucus can be pconfusing and stressful. p>> i understand that this could pturn a little raucous. p>> historically voting in pflorida is easier except for the psix-hour lines and rigged pelection maps and punching pmachines. p>> i still feel i've been duped. p>> missing ballots and chad psuits. p>> it says i voted i think. p>> enough about us, now back to piowa. pin iowa you don't vote for a arty nominee, you caucus. pthat means you have to show up pfor a neighborhood meeting by p7:00 p.m. or get locked out in pthe cold. p>> 6:59.
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pi got to make a point. pif you're not here by 7:00, you pwon't get in. p>> if you do get in, you have to pstand around for a while, and pthen republicans scribble names pand draw them out of a hat. p>> if you can write t-r-u-m-p, pyou have just caucused for pdonald trump. p>> when we saw draw them out of pa hat, we mean that literally. pdemocrats make it a little bit pmore complicated. p>> you come talk to us, and pthat's the offer we have. p>> they break into groups based pon which candidates they like. p>> at this time you need to move pto your preference group. p>> they need to consider which pgroups have enough people toob pconsidered legitimate. p>> if you're not into ranks of pten, you need to get into it. p>> some groups are told they're pnot viable in front of peverybody, those unviable is psubjected to peer pressure to pjoin other, more successful pgroups.
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p>> the groups deemed unviable pwalk away from their candidate pto someone else. pthat's how they make decisions pthat wipe out most of the field plong before they ever make it to pflorida. p>> alcides: we'll be speaking pwith craig patrick live from piowa later this morning in the p7:00 and 8:00 hours of "good day ptampa bay." pwe have the latest on the race pleading up to tomorrow's caucus. p>> anjuli: it was a pirate arty for the books. pgasparilla invasion tubing over pbayshore boulevard in a colorful arade of pirates and plenty of pfloats, too. pit started early sunday as the pjose gaspar landed at the tampa pconvention center. pit was a sea of thousands of eople and plenty of beads for pall. pthe weather was perfect. pthe pirates were plentiful ptossing their trur easures into the pcrowd. pconsidering the hundreds of
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pfairly well-behaved. p>> keep the tradition going, pnice family outing, party time, pyou know. pit's really cool. pwe came to the place where the pship came in, and it was great. pto the parades now. p>> anjuli: tampa police made ptwo felony arrests yesterday and pmade 21 misdemeanor arrests from peverything from possession of pmarijuana to boating under the pinfluence. pthere was only one open pcontainer citation. p time is 6:07. pa flock of whooping cranes pfollowing an ultra light plane pis expected to arrive in florida pthis weekend. p>> alcides: it's part of poperation migration. psix cranes are following the pultra light from wisconsin to pst. mark's national wild life prefuge. pthis may be the last time it pactually happens. pu.s. fish and wildlife says it's pgoing to stop supporting this rogram because the birds phaven't been successful in
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pit started back in 2001. p hockey gears up for the pall-star game with the skill pcompetition. p>> anjuli: coming up, kevin po'donnell has a look at the pmorning sports headlines. pit looks like grease is the pworld again. pa sneak peek at "grease live" pbefore tonight's big broadcast. p>> lindsay: what a day pyesterday. pbeautiful despite all the pclouds. pit felt decent outside and with pthose clouds not as chilly this pmorning. pwe are waking up at 56 degrees, lenty of cloud cover. pso we had that insulation that pis just milder across the board. p54 in sarasota and 50 in pbrooksville, maybe a welcome pchange for you. pif you like the warmer ptemperatures, plenty of them to pdays. pweek?
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3 in sports this morning: p>> alcides: in sports this pmorning, the nhl showcases their ptop players in the all-star pskills competition, and uf, fsu pand miami take to the hardwood. phere's kevin o'donnell. psgroo r. p>> good morning. pit's all-star weekend. pthe nhl is showcasing the top layers saturday night. pthey had the most all-stars and pthe lightning had a pair of on pbolts. pbeen bishop and steven stamkos pgets the introduction. pstamkos has a team relay and pkind of struggles. phe scores twice. pbishop gets a shot to score, a prarity going the length of the pice. ptough to tell how much went in. pnot nuch, though, as the west
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pstamkos comes up with one of the phardest shots of the night. phe's the first ranked 100 mierlz procking the radar gun at 10 # 3.9. pshea weber wins for a second pstraight year with 108.1. pthe all-star game is today at p5:00. p florida gators had lost the plast ten games to teams ranked pin the top ten. pmike white gets the biggest win pin his florida career. pit's been kind of short this ast year. pgators caught a break against pninth ranked west virginia. pthe top score was jonathan holt pton suspended for the game. pwest virginia did the pregame phuddle, and the gators not utting up with it. pteams had to be separated. pnothing serious. pit fires up florida, though. pfirst half gators up by nine. pjohn right there to put it back pin. pthe gators setting the tone and pgo on a 9-0 run to close out the phalf.
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pthere's cruising. psmith drills the deep three. pbob huggins is going where is my pstarter? pa win that goes a long way to phelp florida into the big dance pin march. pfsu is looking for pay back as pclemson knocked them off. pbacon ends with a team high of p20 points. pclemson comes within one point phalfway through the second half, pbut fsu puts their foot on the pgas. pmalik beasley bearing the pthree-ball. pseminoles up by four. pthen off the turnover this is pbengie bell up the court, and he palley-oops to beasley. phe finishes off with a dunk. pflorida state wins it 76-55. pthe 15th ranked hurricanes, huge pmonday. pmiami trayed most of the game pdown by 6 there. pangel hernandez trying to brig
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panthony barber pumped in 30 for pthe wolfpack and maverick rowan pto abdul-malik abu. pabu with 19 points. pthe wolfpacquin it 85-69. pthat's a look at sports. phave a great day. p>> you went to gasparilla. phow was it? p>> anjuli: it was a beautiful pday outside. peverybody seemed -- everybody pseemed well-behaved, but that pwould not be true. pmost were well-behaved. pit was a great time. p>> love the outfits driving paround and everyone looked pgreat. pthe temperatures wasn't too pchilly out there and felt okay. p>> anjuli: it was a gorgeous pday. pyou couldn't have hoped for a pbetter forecast. p>> alcides: i want to see how pmany people showed up. pthey say because 200,000. pi bet it was larger than that. p>> lindsay: i bet you're right. pmore people will be out and pabout today because the ptemperatures are warmer. pwe started a small warming trend pyesterday, but you notice it pearly in the week.
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ptuesday for some of us. pconsiderable cloudiness to start pout the day, and we hang on to pcloud cover this sunday pafternoon. peven with the clouds, though, pwarmer temps as the winds pshifted. pit's 56 degrees and dew points pare low and nice and pcomfortable. pwith the warmth is higher phumidity. pit's a great day. pconsiderable clouds, though. p60 degrees in st. peteersburg. pit's 52 in west chase and 49 in pnew tampa. pin citrus county we had a couple pof upper 30s yesterday, nowhere pclose this morning. pmid-50s down i-75 from venice to psarasota. pyou're boat at 54, 55 prespectively. pit's 53 in bartow and frostproof pand lake placid. pthe clouds are back today. pthey're high in nature, though, pso i don't anticipate rain. pit's going to be a dry day. pas high pressure continues to
6:14 am
pto get more of that southerly pcomponent to the winds, that preturn flow. pthat's the keyword there. pwarmer temperatures, which we pwill notice today. pwinds are lie out of the east, pbut they shift and that will get prid of dew points which are low pand comfy in the 40s and 50s and pbring in a muggy air mass. pif you have boating plans pmid-week, we'll get to a setup pwhere we see some sea fog pwednesday morning, possibly ptuesday during the day as well. pthough. phow about 68 at lunchtime and 71 pthis time of year. pon track for a seasonable day. pif you live into our southern pcounties, some may make it into pthe mid-70s. pwe go from 71 today to 80 pdegrees on tuesday and then pthursday back to 74 because pthat's our next cold front. pthat will give us our next pdecent chance for rain. pthat's really the big weather pstory this week. pwinds out of the south today, lenty of cloudiness, decent pday, though.
6:15 am
pand about. pwe will up the moisture values pon monday. phowever, i'm going to keep the prain chance at about 10%. pthe further south you live, you pmay kweez out a shower. phere are more clouds and there's pthat ha sea fog. ptuesday night some of that may pflirt with the coast and could pimpact our morning drive in the pareas. plook at this messy storm system. pon the backside is cold air and pshow which we track for tuesday pfor parts of the plains and pmidwest. peven wednesday morning it's back pto the west. pthursday we see the best rain pchances this week. pby the weekend it looks good and pcooler. pwe've seen a lot of rain this pjanuary. pin fact, you were dry this pweekend, but adding up the pnumbers from several big rain pevents january 2016 is the sixth pwettest on record in tampa. pcould be worse. pft. myers over 12 inches of prain. pthird wettest for pst. petersburg, so we see triple pbasically what we typically see pduring a strand standard pjanuary. pwe contribute that to el nino,
6:16 am
pround of active weather later pthis week. p71 for today, a little warmer pyou are not partly to mostly pcloudy skies. p60s tomorrow morning. pwarmer start to warmer to pfinish. p76 degrees with a 10% chance of pa shower or two and boating is ptremendous. pit's a great day on the water ptoday. pa light chop with seas at 2 feet pwith southwest winds at 10 pknots. pwe have a low tide around lunch, pand our seven-day forecast pfeatures the state fair. pwe kick it off thursday with a pdoesn't rain chance but there's pdrier days to enjoy, especially pfriday afternoon and the pweekend. pslim rain chances for the work pweek on monday. p>> alcides: grease is the word ptonight. pfox will air a live remake of pthe hit classic "grease." pa live performance, of course, resents many unique challenges. p>> we report on how cast members pare preparing for the live pevent. p[ music ] p>> reporter: on sunday fox's
6:17 am
pintroduce a new generation of pfans to the classic musical made pfamous by the 1978 movie pstarring john va volt travolta and polivia newton-john. p>> who would have thought so pmany years later it was still so opular. pso it keeps us all connected, ptoo. p>> tell me about it, stud. p>> reporter: this time around phough and aaron travett play pdanny and sandy. p>> it was a very innocent time. pit was a like a prus osperous time. pthey're bad stuff happening now. pto go on a trip to another time pwhere things are easier. p>> reporter: jessie jay kicks pit off singing the title song. p>> there's no impression like pbeing the first one on the pstage. pi'll just sing it. pi'd rather sing it. pi love the rush of the nerves pi'll get.
6:18 am
pexperience something like this. pi've kwenl kind of thrown in pwhat i kind of like to do, which pis a lot of this and this. pi just put a little bit of me pinto it, you know? p>> during the three-hour live roduction cast members will be pshuttled in golf carts between ptwo huge sound stages on the pwarner bros. lots where anything pcould happen. p>> i think i drive one at one oint. pgod help all of us. pi'm a horrible driver. p>> no, you're good. p>> i am? pi am driving it at one point. p>> please, i hope not. p>> when it comes to singing ptheir favorite song, these guys pcan perform on the spot. p[ music ] p>> reporter: in hollywood, adam phousley, fox news.
6:19 am
p"grease live" on fox 13 tonight pat 7:00. pi'm excited for it. pwe were talking a lot about pthat. palcides has never seen it. pcrazy. p snow may have shut down pwashington early in the week, pbut things heated up later on. p>> we look at this week in pwashington next. p northern california is pbreathing a sigh of relief this pmorning after two inmates that pescaped from jail are caught. pwe'll have the latest on this at p6:30 p>> anjuli: before we go to pbreak, having a birthday today? pyou're in good company. phere's a look at some of the pfamous people born on this day.
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3 washington may have froze to a standstill earlier this week, but it didn't keep the campaign trail from heating up... p>> anjuli: washington may have pfroze to a stand distill this pweek. p>> wee look back at politics in pthis week's "the washington preport." p>> washington froze to a pstandbill but the campaign pheated up this week in iowa pwhere they went into overdrive pin a final push to win over plast-minute voters before they pcaucus on monday on this edition pof the washington record. p>> this is an insane thing.
6:23 am
pand haven't seen this much. p>> a historic blizzard, one of pthe worst snowstorms on record pfor the region shutting pgovernment offices down for pdays, which led to a massive pcleanup. p>> there are too many people on pthe streets both driving and pwalking. pwe need you to stay home. p>> some pockets of the northeast pgot more than 30 inches of snow. pthe winter weather emergency peven forcing republican residential candidate, new pjersey governor chris christie, poff the campaign trail in new phampshire returning home to call pfor caution. p>> i've been on the roads for a pcouple of hours and saw a lot of eople off the road not being pable to move off exit ramps, et pcetera. pso don't put yourself in a osition. p>> airports from new york to pwashington were not much better. pthe blizzard forced airlines to pcancel more than 13,000 flights. p1,000 miles a in iowa, the pcampaign trail was still hot pwith days to go before the pfebruary 1st caucuses.
6:24 am
phere, you've got literally pmillions of americans counting pon you. p>> the fundamental question that pyou will begin to answer less pthan a week from today is what pkind of country do you want pcentury? p>> polls showing a dead heat pbetween democrat hillary clinton pand her rival, senator bernie psanders, where the two tried to psell voters on their plans to pfight income equality. p>> i'm the only candidate prunning on either side that has pmade this pledge. pi'll raise your incomes. p>> we are going to create an peconomy that works for working pfamilies, not just billionaires. p>> also in the race for the pwhite house, endorsing flowing pwith john kasich picking up a pbig nod from "the boston globe." p>> i'm really honored by it. pit's an incredible newspaper, pand to receive their pendorsement, you know, it's a pbig deal to me. p>> finally this week, gop pfront-runner donald trump pchoosing to snub the fox news pdebate saying the network has
6:25 am
ptrump instead opting to host a pcompeting event just three miles paway aimed at benefitting pveterans. p>> you have to stick up for your prights. pwhen you're treated badly, you phave to stick up for your prights. p>> coming up on "fox news psunday," chris wallace talks pwith senator ted cruz. pin washington, joel waldman, fox pnews. p>> lindsay: it's 6:27. pwe're 2 for 2 this weekend. pdry weather to get out and paabout and warmer weather. plook how mild it is in sld. p60 degrees and light winds out pof the east and plenty of pclouds. pwe only have one 40 to show you pat crystal river. peveryone else is well in the p50s. pit's 56 in tampa. pwe hit 68 yesterday, and we hit p71 today. pif you like the 70s, maybe 80s, pyou're going to like the next pcouple of days. pwe discuss a big warm-up after
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p>> lindsay: i hope you survived pgasparilla. pit was a beautiful afternoon pyesterday. pthat shield is more opaque ptoday, and more in the way of pcloud cover. pstill a decent day, though, and pit's a miler start. phopefully you enjoy that 54 in psebring psebring. pit's 3 degrees warmer this ptampa, 8 in brooksville and it pwill be about 2205 degrees
6:29 am
pa shift in our winds. plook at all the clouds. pthey're high in nature, and pagain they will thicken a bit at ptimes especially in afternoon. peven with that we're up to 71, pwhich is our normal high for plate january. plast day of january today, by pthe way. ptomorrow a slim rain chance, but plikely dry on tuesday and up to p80 degrees. pbig warm-up. p>> alcides: here's a quick pcheck of today's top stories. pa tampa police officer is hurt pcrashing his cruiser chasing parmed robbery suspects. pit happened at 9:00 last night pat the area of east lake and pcentral avenue. pthe officer tried to follow a probber and carjacker but crashed pinto a pole. pyou see the accident there. pthey believe the suspect's car pwas involved in three other probberies since friday. pthe suspects are still at large pthis morning. p pasco detectives make an parrest in a home invasion that pleft a teenage girl in a coma. phayes was arrested on one count pof attempted home invasion.
6:30 am
pstephens and another unnamed psuspect. pthe trio is accused of breaking pinto a home early thursday pmorning. pa teenage girl was also inside pthe house and was accidentally pshot by a man trying to defend phimself. pshe is now in a coma. pthe man was not charged in the pshooting. p were you out there? pyou know what we're talking pabout. pgasparilla pgasparilla. pit made its annual pilgrimage in pthe bay area. olice say everyone was fairly pwell-behaved. pthey had two felony arrests and p21 misdemeanor arrest rg peverything from possession of pmarijuana and there was one pcitation for an open container. p>> anjuli: after being on the pescaped from an orange county pjail are captured one day after pthe third inmate turned himself pin to place. pmonty francis has the details. p>> they left the park police pstation saturday afternoon out
6:31 am
papparently headed for the county pjail. phours before a man who was pwalking near the whole foods pgrocery store on haight and stan pstone streets recognized them pfrom news report along with the pstolen white van near the whole pfoods parking lot. pthe man waved over police pofficers that happened to be pnearby on an unrelated call. pas officers approached, he took poff runs. p>> he ran through the park with pno shirt on on the other side pwhere i was, and they told him pto get on the ground. phe went down and got handcuffed pand they put him in a wagon and pgot the other guy. p>> larry gray was getting a cup pof coach across the street and psaw it play out. p>> i was amazed that people pwould come here to run from l.a. pup this wake or wherever they're pfrom to golden gate park. pi guess this is the best place pto kind of hite out in psan francisco. p>> reporter: when officers
6:32 am
pthey found two hiding inside the pstolen white van along with pseveral rounds of ammunition but pno weapons. p>> inside the van there were pthree 80 rounds found inside the pvan. pwe knew they were armed and pdangerous. p>> reporter: the pair was pstaying at a motel in san jose phas recently as thursday, and pinvestigators believed they were pon their way to fresno where one pof them had family. pnot suspecting the pair would pturn up in san francisco, just pas super bowl week was getting punder way. pfriday morning the third inmate pwho escaped turned himself in to olice in southern california. pthe three men also awaiting ptrial on charges ranging from pmurder to torture made a brazen pescape from a maximum-security pjail in orange county more than pa week ago. psan francisco police are pcrediting that one observant pcitizen for helping bring the pwhole saga to an end. p>> in any case, the citizen did pa great job of notifying police pabout suspicious activity, and pwe encourage every other citizen
6:33 am
p>> anjuli: one person is dead pand seven others hurt after a pshooting and stabbing at a pmotorcycle show in denver. pabout 10,000 people were inside pthe hall when this all happened. olice say two rival motorcycle pclubs were possibly involved. pthe motive is still under pinvestigation. pthe motorcycle expo event pscheduled for today has been pcanceled and to far no arresting phave been made. p>> alcides: they declare a reventative alert against pmosquito-bourne illnesses. pthey're spreading throughout platin america. pearlier this week, honduras pstepped up the fumigation of phomes and streets after the pnumber of reported cases of zika pviruses actually topped at 600. p>> anjuli: four miners have pbeen rescued in china after pbeing trapped underground for pover 30 days. pthis is video taken by the ptrapped men showing the quarters pthey were stuck in. pthey were taken to an area
6:34 am
poperations are underway to prescue 13 more miners still ptrapped in there. pone worker is said to have assed away. p>> alcides: thousands take to pthe streets of paris to protest pthe government's plan to extend pthe state of emergency. pfrance's president declared the pstate of emergency after terror pattacks on november 13th. pit was extended for three pmonths. pthen the government announced it pwould extend the state of pemergency again. popposition says it's not the pright approach and the terrorist pthreat doesn't justify the pextension. pa bill to extend the emergency pwill be presented to cabinet on pwednesday. p>> anjuli: talk about a pdistance runner. p15 runners traveled around the pworld to run seven marathons on pseven continents over the kour pof just seven days. pit was all part of the world pmarathon challenge. pit started at the union glacier pcamp in antarctica.
6:35 am
pmadrid, morocco, dubai and psydney. p>> i'm feeling so excited. pfinally this moment comes. pthis is the peak moment of my plife. p>> feeling excellent and a plittle excited, a little bit pvery much excited to be honest. p>> i have to say that was punreal. poh. pwhoo. p>> anjuli: i was be so pexhausted. pnot so excited. pgood for them, though. pwhen all was said and done, the prunners traveled about 24,000 pmiles and ran a total of 183 pmiles. p>> alcides: i just don't punderstand. pyou have to be so fit, and i phate to run as it is. pi can't imagine doing something plike that. p>> anjuli: unless i'm running pto something, you know? pfor example, chick-fil-a, our pnext story. p>> alcides: a moving moment pinside a busy chick-fil-a. p>> anjuli: a snapshot of the pcompassion has gone viral. pit's this week's "faith in paction" coming up next. p service dogs can help
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tsd, but buying one can cost a psmall fortune. p no winners in either big pdrawing. pthe powerball is up to 112 pmillion and the florida lotto pfor 39 million. phere are the rest of the winning pnumbers in case you won a psmaller prize.
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3 a tennessee
6:38 am
pmanager act of generosity and plove has gone viral. pon monday a man and his daughter pwere eating lunch at a belmoktar pchill fillet when a homeless man pwalked in and asked the manager pfor scraps. pthat manager instead bought him pa full warm meal with his own pmean and asked justin if he pcould pray for him. pdespite the busy line of people, pthe two bows their heads in the pmiddle of the restaurant. phe later said the act of pkindness and compassion restored phis faith in humanity. pthat man eating with his pdaughter at the time was so pmoved he took a photo of the pfacebook. pthat photo has since gone viral pand has been shared on social pmedia nearly 125,000 times. plindsay. p>> lindsay: that leaves us pmorning. pmaybe great weather our way if pyou like warmer temperatures. pout the door no 30s and only one p40 at crystal river.
6:39 am
plow to mid-50s and 60 in pst. petersburg. pboy it looks quiet on brookdale pbayshore after a good day pyesterday for all. pclouds, we hang on to more ptoday. pthey'll be more opaque. pdespite them, though, up to 71 pdegrees and warmer weather the pnext few days. pwe discuss the warmth early in
6:40 am
it's 6:xx, looking at today's top stories. p>> alcides: the time is 6:44. ptampa police are still looking
6:41 am
pit happened before 10:00 friday pnight on north-central avenue pand east kirby street. pa woman was sitting in her arked car when a black man popened her door, pointed a gun pat her and told her to get out. pthat's when two other men got in pthe car and drove off. pshe was not hurt. p>> anjuli: we're one day away pfrom the first real test of the p2016 election season. pthe iowa caucuses take place ptomorrow evening. pcraig patrick is live in iowa pand will bring us the latest in pthe races tonight and up-to-the pminute results tomorrow night. p>> alcides: check this out. pa new map shows pluto's surface pis covered with frozen water. pwhile this isn't pground-breaking, but the ictures are really neat and pthey really show more of that. pi think the video before just pdidn't show how bad it was. pscientists say there's more pfrozen water on the planet's psurface than they originally pthought.
6:42 am
pfrom the right where it's just pblue. p>> lindsay: we continue to find pout after it was done a while pback. pit's cool to find out more ptidbits in years to come. p>> lindsay: i love the images pfrom nasa. p>> lindsay: we all do. pbeautiful weather yesterday, but pa warm-up on the way, you think? pbig warm upon the way. pwith that is the higher phumidity, so i think some of us pby tuesday saying, what the heck pis something on here? pit's february and we're in the p80s. ptoday transitioning, and we have pmore clouds to start off the pday. pi still think a nice sunrise, pbut these clouds, i think, will palso be more opaque throughout pthe day. pwhile we had that shield of high pclouds yesterday and we had pbreaks of sun more in the way of pfewer breaks today, still got a pnice sunrise in the works. pwe look into this over the next phour or so looking east over the pbay from the all children's phospital cam. pit's 60 degrees and this right phere is a change. pit's a shift. peast-southeast winds bring in preally warm temperatures the
6:43 am
phigh clouds over lake mirror in plakeland. pyou wake up in the mid-50s so prunning a few degrees above the paverage low of about 53 this ptime of year. pit is 53 in wauchula and plakeland at 54. pit's 50 in brooksville and 50 in pst. petersburg and only one pupper 40, crystal river, this pmorning. p24 hours ago it was cooler. pwe're 4 degrees warmer in psebring and 5 in wauchula and 3 pdegrees in st. pete and tampa. pthe clouds continue to race pacross the area with the psubtropical jet literally draped pacross the region. phints of light returning in the pgulf of patchy sprinkles, but i pthink our air is too dry to preach the ground. pa dry day but considerable pcloudiness and warmer ptemperatures whim be noticed. peventually we have a southerly pcomponent to the winds. ptoday a cross the southeast of pthat low level moisture are in pthe 40s.
6:44 am
pthe green shades are 60s and by ptomorrow afternoon it will be pnoticeably muggier and warmer as pwell. ptoday we're at 71 degrees, and p73 in venice, 76 in arcadia. pyes, some mid-70s south of bay. pabout 70 if you're headed to the pbeach. phere's a surge of mild air. pwe have a warm front lifting, so p63 degrees in memphis. pthat's wild. peven chicago clapping at 38 pdegrees. pbehind this front is some colder pair, and we're going to get a pbig dip in the jet stream pmid-week, and that will bring pcooler weather next weekend. pfor today, though, more high pclouds and a warmer day, pobviously. pwe have one front across the pmid-sections, and in the wake of pit rainshower z as it develops pnorth. pbig snow in the plains early in pthe work week. pthat's the start of part of our prainmaker or late week. pthursday our cold front moves
6:45 am
prain chance on monday but on pthursday we bring in scattered pshowers and maybe a pthunderstorm. pit looks like a rain event. pwe clear it out in time for next pweekend. pso the timing of that is good. pwe should see two dry weekends pin a row. pfor today 71 degrees and a bit pwarmer and partly to mostly pcloudy, and it's a rain-free pday. penjoy the day and get out and pabout and head to the beach pbefore you work and wish you pwent early in the week when it's pwarmer. p62 for the overnight low. pthat's considerably milder. pscattered high clouds and even pwarmer on monday with a slim prain chance south of i-4. pthe southerly winds could spark pa few isolated showers but pnothing we can't handle. pon the water today, another pdecent day. pseas at 2 feet and southeast pwinds at 10 knots. pwe're at high tide in four pminutes and low tide at 12:12. p80 degrees on tuesday. pwhat a change. psome sea fog mid-week and then pwe bring in the rain and 60s. pso by friday 63 degrees and next pweekend a lot are at the state
6:46 am
p66 looks good. p>> alcides: i was going to say pthat. pdo you see the state fair right pthere on thursday? p>> anjuli: i love it. pi go every year for the food. p>> alcides: i think everyone pgoes for the food. p>> anjuli: i know. p>> alcides: speaking of food, pwe love a good buffet, but hoech pis too much? p>> anjuli: other etiquette pexpert has some tips for you pwhen we come back. p buffets, how much is too pmuch? pall you can eat or regular pbuffet. phuge difference. pearly way, the first suggestion pis to get your drink and select pyour seat before you tackle the pbuffet line. pnext, let's start off with one late at a time. pwith only one layer of food. pif you're with a group, say, a pbusiness function, fill your late once, and then allow peveryone to have a round before pyou go back for more. pand pace yourself. pdon't eat so fast to get your pmoney's worth, and try to get peverything you need to one trip. pin other words, if you took a
6:47 am
pforgot the hot sauce for your penchilada, is it important to pmake another trip? eople notice how many times you pgo up to the buffet, but for me pthe hot sauce is worth another ptrip. pwhether you go up for the first por fourth trip, be sure to go pwith the flow and don't go in pthe wrong direction and stay in pyour own space. pdon't crowd the person in front pyou or hover over the food. palways take a clean plate, never ptake your used plate to get pseconds. puse a serving utensils and never puse your fingers to grab the pfood and never sample the food pfrom the buffet line or even as pyou walk back to your seat. pyou can wait. psit down, place your napkin on pyour lap, wait for your pneighbors if you have any, and pnow you may begin. psince i know you would never put pyour cheesecake or ice cream on pthe same place at the ravioli, pmake the final trip to the pdessert line. pget a clean plate and select pyour dessert.
6:48 am
pmore than three may be a little pobnoxious, unless it's for the ptable. pa buffet line can be very psocial. pwhile you're in line with pothers, be pleasant and make psmall talk. pbuffets are fun. pthat's how you can have a blast pat a buffet and make it a good pday. pi'm properly yours, kim goddard. p>> i feel like those were tips pspecifically for my husband. p>> alcides: for every man. p>> anjuli: he hovers behind me pand tries to inch me forward. p>> does he and if it's good? p>> no. phe has the mile high plate. pgot bless him. p>> the sampler table. p>> anjuli: all right. pthey are some of the most owerful tools to get service pmen and women suffering from pts pd'back on their feet, but it can
6:49 am
p>> a polk county man i want a great shape. who doesn't? so i bike. i get all of my greens. and i try not to faint. this.. i can do easily. benefiber healthy shape. just a couple of spoonfuls every day means fewer cravings. plus, it's all natural, clear, taste-free and dissolves completely. it's clinically proven to keep me fuller longer and helps keep me healthy inside and out. benefiber healthy shape. this, i can do. find benefiber healthy
6:50 am
could dogs be t p>> anjuli: could dogs with the ost-traumatic stress disorder? pif you look at this video, it pappears that way. psometimes it can take three to pfive years to get a service dog. pin polk county one vet is making pthat wait time much shorter. p>> alcides: marvin trains peveryday dogs to become
6:51 am
p30 days. plucas bogg met up with him to psee how he does it. p>> good. pstay. pi just want to be able to have psomething that allows the pveteran to live a normal life pand not have to wait a long eriod of time and be part of pthe process. pi was in the air force for 24 pyears and i was in vietnam. pi did two tours at little rock pair force base. pa two-year in iran and four pyears in japan. pi have p tsd myself so i knew the pchallenge to get a dog and i pwant to make it easier for pveterans to get service dogs. p>> with ptsd if i get flashbacks pate night when i sleep, he'll pjump on my chest or do go to pwake up me up out of the sleep. pif i wig out in a crowd and get panxious, he will pull to get me pout of the building.
6:52 am
pjump on my lap and i pet him and pcalm right down. pi had the love for wanting to ptrain them. pi knew how to train mine. pi worked with dogs all my life, pand i had all the pieces put ptogether. pgood boy. pstay, stay. p>> you've had truman for five pyears. phe was a rescue. ptruman is just such a laid-back pboy and he's a good service dog. pi was in the marine recon unit pin vietnam, and you come back to pthe real world and don't have pthe team anymore. pthese dogs are almost like your pcombat buddy. pthey watch your back. p>> it gives them back freedom pthey deserve to have. p>> just a blessing. pit really is. pcompanions. phe has training sessions every pthursday at 1:30 at the american plegion post in lake wells.
6:53 am
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