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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  January 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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search for a driver in sarasota... who hit and killed a bicyclist tonight and kept going.. 3 and.. police ar arrested. >> and police are searching for these two teenagers. authorities say they cut a hole in a fence and escaped a hillsboro detention facility. >> in my gut, it's bernie, it's always been bernie. >> hillary or bernie. we ask the question of college students on the eve of the caucus. >> good evening.
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lloyd sowers, thanks for being with us. tonight authorities are looking for two teens who broke out of a detention facility. evan is out there live. how did they make their escape? >> deputies say it appears that the teens teens cut a hole in a chain-link fence and it appears that this facility is secure but obviously the teens were able to make it out. here are the mugshots of 18-year-old anthony cook and 17-year-old anthony bays. both were being held for grand theft aught, and apparently they escaped this morning when a worker saw other teens looking toward a fence. they did a headcount and
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in a statement a spokeswoman writes youth are to be supervised 24 hours a day including when on the recreational field, and the investigation will determine whether that supervision was in place and whether all policies and procedures were observed. the company is called g4s, the same one that runs the facility in polk county where in 2008 there was a massive riot that caused numerous injuries. now, at this stage, it is unclear in the teens had help in cutting through that fence. >> and police are looking for a person who hit and killed a
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it happened between sixth and eighth streets, the man on the bike was taken to the hospital where he later died. police are looking for a dark-colored toyota corolla with front-end damage. and apparently a woman contacted police to say her husband had been missing since last night, and said he might harm himself. well, they found his empty boat near the coast guard station. >> and a man is in custody in connection with a wrong-way crash last night. he was driving northbound in the southbound lane when he hit a motorcyclist head on. that motorcyclist john sore rein
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sorensendied later from his injuries. and this happened last night when an officer giving chase after a car jacking was involved in a crash. the stolen car had been involved police say in at least three different robberies. >> the race for the white house has tightened and voters in iowa will take some big decisions tomorrow night. as our political editor says, the democratic race could deliver the biggest surprise. >> just a few weeks ago hillary clinton was leading by 20 points but now it's much closure and bernie sanders is hoping to pull an upset.
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different about this election that i have before. >> i have loved clinton since i was little. >> i chose her because her experience was the most impressive and having a woman president is important to me. >> but bernie sander is staging a revolution that could stun the clinton army. sanders could wipe out clinton in college towns in central iowa. >> the reason we are doing well is people understand we are trying to run a different kind of campaign. >> who do you think -- >> in my gut it's bernie and it also has been bernie. >> he is planning on making higher education a right and i like that idea. >> on the campus of iowa state, it's game day.
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>> i like bernie sanders a lot. >> and a lot of these gamers are all in for bernie sanders. >> i think the socialist state is probably the best way to go for the general welfare of the people. >> something is happening on college campuses that you may not have had if you grew up in the 80's. >> i understand he used to be mayor of a city and he raised a lot of taxes which sucks in a way but i'm okay with that. >> if all of the college students stand up for sanders he could pull an upset but as we see with college voters many times they may leave candidates standing at the altar. >> i should make the effort but i often don't. >> and this is targeting 17-year-olds who under the law in aye iowa cannot vote but could go
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caucus if they turn 18 by election day. we'll have a special edition of money, power and politics at 11:30, and our guests are former florida governor jeb bush and former senator marco rubio, and we'll take a look at the caucus process and how it is different from anything we do in florida. reporting from des moines, caig patrick for fox 13 news. >> and cruz and trump are going at each other... again, and we'll hear from them both coming up at 10:30. >> fox's david williams is in gainesville where police are trying to find out how two college students fell. >> 20-year-old student chance wolf is dead after investigators say he fell from the sixth floor
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>> this is a picture of the 20-year-old from westin. first responders found him just after 2:00 a.m. sunday, without a pulse, unconscious and bleeding profusely. investigators say he fell from six stories up. >> i was pretty sad. >> police say wolf was pronounced dead at 2:35 sunday morning. ben lives in the building and he doesn't know wolf but says his death is a shock. >> police say security video from several cameras shows wolf get off the sixth floor elevator, walk down the hallway and open the double doors that overlook an interior court yard and he appears to walk forward
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46-inch glass tar petition partition to the ground below. >> i'm sad, i know he was in a from a fraternity. >> counselors were here helping sixth floor residents most of whom were his fraternity brothers. they do not suspect foul play. >> and a 22-month-old was died in what is believed to buyback have been a gang shooting. he was in a car with his mother and grandmother at the time. >> he was shot multiple times. the sense leslie of it.
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least five to six times and i knew it was close but i don't know how close it was. >> what a shame. there is a $22,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. >> and nearly 50 cars were ransacked at the county inn and suites and cars in lots on international drive were also hit. police are advising tourists not to leave valuables in their cars. >> and just how the volunteers got out there today and took to the streets to pick up all of those unwanted beads and all of that trash, and lots of it, too. and you may be surprised to learn what they see the most of. >> beautiful out there,
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it shows people policy options to help fit their budget. [ scanner warbling ] crazy that a big shot like me would pack his own bags, right? [ chuckles ] so, do i have the right to remain handsome? [ chuckles ] wait. uh-oh. 3 when the party stops..the clean up starts..thousands o >> when the party stops, the clean-up starts. thousands of pounds of trash
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gasparilla, but hundreds of volunteers from the florida aquarium shows up this morning, and they say what is left behind will eventually end up in the water and could harm animals and they say there is one item of trash that takes the most time to pick up. >> it's a little demoralizing seeing what people drop on the ground for for reason, especially five feet away from the trash can. and it's nothing but cigarette butts. the predominant garbage is just cigarettes. >> vopts volunteers say most of the debris will be recycled. >> and your apartment was completely strewn with beads. >> i told my fiance that when we
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have a twhawl wall that is just beads. >> elvis had graceland, and you will have beadland. >> and you could not have asked for a nicer day, not too hot or too cold. >> it was right in the middle ground and we are heading towards the inside of that. >> no more sweater for me? >> well, at least until thursday or friday, and then maybe put back the sweater. it is florida winter afterall, and check out this trending photo, just a gorgeous sunshine and there were a tun of great pictures, a heads up and look at that, kyle henderson getting a close call with a pelican. but for the most we were stuck in the clouds all day today. but, as we head through the next
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big warm-up, near 80 degrees as we head towards tuesday and wednesday, the seafog developing along the coast and maybe just offshore, remains to be seen if it will move inland and then storms and maybe heavy rain for us late wednesday through early friday, that is the time we are keying in on, storms with heavy rain, not necessarily severe weather but that could change. and this is the water temperatures and i don't usually show you this this time of year, but butwhen you have this, you get seaing seafog, and the february march time frame is when we usually
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enough, with water temperatures 10 degrees below the air temps you could get dense fog, and it's showing right along the coast there, and we'll have to see again if we get more of an on-shore glow going tuesday morning we could see the fog traveling in just a bit, but for now the potential is there for seafog off shore. 73 the high, 53 the low. the record high 86 in 2002, and nowhere near that record low of 24 degrees. temperature trends over the next five days. 76 for tomorrow and near 80 tuesday and wednesday and this doesn't even really show the whole picture because folks inland may be getting in the low to mid 80's for tuesday and wednesday and so it would be
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middle of the week. a dewpoint of 56, and winds calm, 30.08 and rising on the barometer. to the north it's a little bit cooler. 63 in new port richey, 66 in bradenton, and 66 in myakka city, and 64 out in haines city. we have high pressure off to our east and we are getting more of that southeast fellow. you see the clouds streaming in from the southwest to the northeast. that is that strong subtropical jet and that should start to push farther south and west and allow just a little bit of clearing, here is how it looks on our future cast. we'll call it partly sunny, but not wall to wall sunshine but a few more breaks than we saw
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tuesday, we'll see that seaing for develop, still maybe a little bit more in the way of cloud cover and then there is the next cold front raising eastward and could bring severe weather out to the east on tuesday, and remains to be seen how much in the way of storm activity but i think we will see something in the way of heavy rain and a flooding flet with that later on this week. for the day tomorrow, 76, partly sunny and isolated afternoon showers, 80 degrees on tuesday, warm and humid, watching that seafog development and that will linger into wednesday and the early portion of thursday. 75 on thursday, best chance of rain wednesday night and through friday morning, and look at that, highs back into the mid 60's thursday and friday and so don't put that sweater too far off. >> a little something to
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and history buffs are going to like this, rare history footage footage recently uncovered. >> how you will be able to see a piece of history next. >> and later in sports, who would end up with $1 million bucks in the all-star game, the players try out the new three-on-three tournament and we'll have the highlights from
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thousands of >> thousands of flims have just been unearthed shows thousands of marines during world war ii, korean and vietnam, and they are being pains takingly preserves
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see. >> some of these images are invaluable. silent color films showing u.s. marines during warld war world war ii, korean, and vietnam. >> these things give us insights into the past. we'll have manuals on the military side and standard operating procedures to tell us how headquarters thought things should be done but with the moving image we can see how they really did it. >> from the 1930's to the 1970's, are marine photographerrersrers recorded thousands of films, documenting history. in december, the first reels
10:24 pm
quantico for the university of south carolina. >> pretty much you name it, they filmed it and the film all aggregated at quantico and the bulk of that collection still sit there is. >> saving this history is expensive. the marine core can't do it along and it is partners with the partnering withthe university. inside this building the school is cataloging and digitizing thousands of reels. >> we look at military history as a history of armed conflict but i think this repository is going to grow our understanding a lot of what it actually means to have served in the military in the united states. >> this former marine captain says the footage brought him back in time. >> when you get to see what
10:25 pm
real human beings involved and the atmosphere they had to work within, and danger there and the sacrifices sacrifices made, i think it's extremely important. >> revealing a depth of color and dleal detail never before seen, available to the public in the coming years. alex sands, associated press, columbia, south carolina. >> incredible. >> amazing. >> well, the pope along with some children released balloons today at the vatican. >> it's a long-standing tradition but with a twist.
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with less than 24 hours before the caw caucuses. trump and cruz are trading jabs and the democrats are neck and neck. >> the loudest sound in iowa is the ticking of the clock right now as the time running out for the campaign, the candidates and the undecided. >> trump is employs cruz control in an empty to slow down his biggest rival. >> he wants to protect everybody from big bad wall street, but he forgot to mention that he has borrowed a lot of money as nearly no interest, from goldman sacks and kiti bank. >> he oa owes at least $380 million, and by the way, when my wife and i take loans we pay
10:30 pm
trump has declared bankruptcy at least times. >> and what would have sounded unlikely just a year ago, the socialist from vermont and the former secretary of state are neck and neck as they head 2016. >> it could be an historic night for this country, we could make history. >> what we need is a plan and a commitment and me, yes, thank you. >> while we don't know who will win monday night it's all but certain the field with shrink before the next primary. >> and explosive revolutions tonight in the hillary clinton e-mail scandal, the intelligence community says the latest e-mails are too dangerous to disclose.
10:31 pm
been read by a senior republican on a house intelligence committee. >> there is no way that a senior government official who has been handling classified information for a good chunk of their adult life shouldn't have known that this shouldn't have been released. >> it's about things like where assesses are and how our sai sailors and soldiers move about the world and when you read them in an unsecured e-mail you realize they put our soldiers at risk. >> and the fall-out is spreading. along the latest batch of e-mails is this exchange between clinton and now secretary of state john kerry with sections fully redacted, striking because
10:32 pm
accounts. >> the clinton campaign is now calling for the 22 e-mails to be released, the to get now stands at more than 1580 e-mails information. >> a massive fire breaks out at the blue grass stock yards that destroyed a beef cattle action company and about 20 cattle inside also were killed. the fire sent thick black smoke into the air with flames that at points reached 40-feet high, and this 1500-acre grass fire started near the canadian river. authorities had to close down sections of the highway had nearby at times. crews will work the fire into the nietion. >>
10:33 pm
>> a triple coming in syria and isis is claiming responsibility. two studies suicide bottomers said off more explosives as people rushed to the area. >> israeli forces shot and killed a palestinian after he opened fire as a west bank checkpoint. three soldiers were wounded in the attack, two of them seriously. the merissa lynn merissa palestinian was apparently a body guard and he got out of his car and started shooting at the soldiers. >> and a british airways flight was diverted back to london two hours into the flight for a
10:34 pm
the pilot success reply fly fully landed the plane despite problems with the landing gear. passengers were transferring to another plane and they landed safely in chicago. >> and dozens of balloons were released by the pope and several children today. they have traditionally released doves but the uponnive decided pontiff decided to release balloons after several
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3 sesame street >> sesame street is launching an important new initiative, trying to help military families cope with transitions. organizers say a million personnel left or will be leaving the military between 2011 and this year and that translates into 148,000 children
10:37 pm
their families must transition to civilian life, and that may be difficult. the characters will help to ease that transition. >> our friends told us that it was -- mommy and daddy with different jobs and homes and new routine and school and friends and so they were going through a big, big ad vean adventure and we were tried to remind them that it's a nice, new adventure. >> they are hoping to convey a sense of optism at a new adventure. >> and on seven continents over the course of seven days, 50 athletes back a special
10:38 pm
once the race was complete they flew to chile, and then on to an overcast miami where they ran again, and also in spain, more morocco, dubai. >> this is a peak moment of my life. >> we are a little bit very much excited to be honest. >> i have to say that was unrole! >> rolereel. >> unreal. >> the runners ran a total of 183 miles. >> and i can't run that far. melissa had three screening going because she was watching
10:39 pm
all at the same time. >> it's an all-sports weekend, and so yeah, three-to on-three hockey, and i think this new
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>> well, for one last time this season, five buccaneers suited up out in hawaii and we had them against their own teammates. irvin and rice and buc nears going up buc buccaneersgoing up against their own, david is covering who snels else? doug martin. the ball is deflected and in the second half martin pounds his way into the end zone and team rice trails team irvin by a score. bridgewater stays patient in the
10:42 pm
for this 50-yard touchdown pass. winston come noose s into the game late in the third quarter, and team irvin is rolling, 42-21. winston again, this time throwing to hop kins in the end zone, here is that play. winston and david, the two bucks on the winning team as irvin defeats rice. and three games of three-on-three hockey and it did not disappoint. it made up the atlantic and the metropolitan all-stars and the western conference had their own semifinals welland they met up in a winner-take-all. and the winning team got $1 million. bishop and stamkos in the
10:43 pm
atlantic taking on metropolitan and check it out, bishop getting an assist on this goal, that would be the game winner, atlanta winning it and so now the atlantic all-stars face the pacific all-stars in the if i nea finale,and so the pacific all-stars the first to win in this new all-star format and so they take the one billion million bucks. and then could tulane get their first victory at home? the bulls hosted temple, tied at 23, and terri it was mcmurray from the wings.
10:44 pm
were up by eight, the bulls staying close behind, though, down by 7. it was angel nuez in the paint and this is as close as the bulls would get, 70-63. the 20th ranked women's team on the road. and she gets the foul. usf leads 32-26. williams quiet during the first two quarters because came out with a bang later. 15 of her 19 points came in the final two quarters of the game. well, high school quarterbacks from all over the sunshine state where at tampa today, for quarterback competitions in a unique skills challenge. in all there were 90 athletes today. it's actually the fourth time
10:45 pm
it's a good opportunity for quarterbacks to compete under pressure up against their peers. and caid won cade won after a tie-breaker. good for any athlete who wants to see how they stack up against their peers. >> i came up with the specific drills to really challenge a quarterback and then how can we make it so it can be won by anybody, not the guy with 20 offers but by a rising freshman having an equal chance as a rising center. >> and both the panthers and the broncos arrived in california. the rest of their super bowl preparations continue out west. manning is playing in his fourth super bowl, he is a seasoned
10:46 pm
their first trip to the big game, and a player who looked up to manning growing up will be on the other side of the ball. >> he is a guy that he has all kinds of calls and you have to try to figure some out but at the end of the day you just have to play your job. i'm sure he has fake ones and real ones and we are just excited to be in the situation and it's cool for a guy like me to play against him, you spend your life watching peyton manning and so this is going to be coo djokovic taking on murray. he won in straight sets,
10:47 pm
australian open title, and 24 hours after racing racing came to an end and t w overall winner. the esm team won by 26 seconds, the first win for honda at the rolex 2400. >> well, mike is back with another look at your seven-day fast next.
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>> welcome back. if you were up early this morning you really had a treat out there. look at the sunrise to start the day. and headed throughout the day, more in the way of cloud cover but it didn't effect the temperatures with temperatures still warming into the 70's across the area and that is just the start of it. as we head through the next three or four days we are going skyrocket. 71 in new port richey, and 75 in
10:50 pm
low 70's out there. tomorrow look inland we'll be in the low 80's inland. 76 in tampa and a little bit cooler right along the coast. water temperatures of 59 degrees. so that is going to keep the coastal areas a little bit cooler but by later this week we are talking about even in tampa, 80 degrees and so a big, big warm-up is on its way. dewpoint of 56 and winds are currently calm. temperatures across the state? it's 68 in naples and tallahassee is the cool spot at 49 and 63 in pensacola. a wide view across the southeast. it's 65 in nashville, and 65 in new orleans and this is going play right into the hands of severe weather later on this week. you see the contrast in
10:51 pm
26 in denver, a big snowstorm is on its way for the rockies and the plains and out into the midwest as well. you see these streaming high clouds over the area? because the back edge is starting to clear the big bend and head towards us into tomorrow morning or so. that is when we should start to see more in the way of sunand off to the north, showers and snow across the lower peninsula of michigan. back to the west, this is the big storm. this is the same one where we are going to see a cold front come through with showers and some heavy rain later on this week but it's also going to be bringing severe weather to the southeast and big snow to some of the higher elevations of the rock kiss and into the rockies and plains. iowa getting in on the action as we head into tuesday and
10:52 pm
storms north and west of chicago and it's good that the caucuses will get done just in time for that. 76 degrees for us tomorrow, partly sunny and an isolated shower possible, and then tuesday, 80, heads up for seafog developing and we'll keep that around until the front rolls through on wednesday. 30% chance of rain especially late in the day on wednesday, and better chance on thursday and cooling down, highs friday, saturday and sunday only in the low to mid 60's. >> and pets dressed to impress at the brazil carnivale parade. dozens taking to the streets. this is rio de janeiro. they were dressed in all sorts
10:53 pm
this is all a part of the rio carnivale celebration which officially begins on friday. >> here is a looking at what is ahead on the fox 13 11:00 news. we are taking you back to iowa with a look at the voters who could tip the scales in the primary. >> and after burglars smashed their way into nearly 50 cars in
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