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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 1, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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ba da ba ba ba 3 iowa... fox 13's craig patrick is pour eye is on iowa. pof coursing craig patrick is plive as state gets ready for pfirst real test of the residential season. p>> and it's time to trade in pyour toys. pwe'll tell you how to get your phands on some great new stuff pjust by clearing out your kid's pclosets. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody it's 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pwe thank you for waking out with pus a starting i don't week out pon this first day of february. plets get over to dave osterberg. pit's pretty outside. pwhile we have a little bit of pcloud cover still streaming
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pover bradenton beach for pinstance. pvery mild. pin fact our current temperature pat tampa international already p67 degrees. pwe should easily make it up at pleast until mid 70s for high ptoday's with mixture of clouds pand a sunshine. ptomorrow, warmest day of the pweekemergency we're going to pfollow that with some rain. pmaybe thunderstorms on thursday. pmore on that in just a few pminutes. plet's check those roads. pstarting to get a little bit pbusy dave. pskyfox checking out hernando pcounty. pthis is overhead 75 northbound. pjust before you get to the state proad 50 exit. pthere's actually a vehicle you pcan see overturned over a pconstruction barrier. pand actually crews have that pleft lane blocked off. pso is cause something jams pheading in that northbound pdirection just before you get to pcortez boulevard exit. pand so we're seeing delays bf 5 pminutes or so. pyou will want to plan extra time poutdoor let you know if we get pany new details on that. pthis crash we're following, pcarrying into this one.
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pacid knee washer road eastbound pand westbound lane blockage preally i don't think sensor are pdoing delays justice we're pseeing some fairly significant pdelays. parrest going want to give pyourself plenty of extra time or pavoid that taking sydney road pgood eastbound westbound palternatea couple incidents to ptouch on along 75 and state road p52. pfirst of all seeing very, very pheavy delays mostly eastbound pwestbound direction as well. pcrew working on something in proad a patch of some sort along p52 alternately traffic along one plane you will want to leave at pleast 20 minutes if you have to phead eastbound 75 southbound a pstate road 52 a new temporary pexit about a mile north of the pold one. p>> all right vanessa thank you. p>> well iowa caulks are just a pfew hours away. pthereby true test for the pcandidates. pit's the first major electoral residential election. ressure is mounting for pcandidates. pfox 13 political editor craig atrick has been keeping an eye pon things.
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pmorning. pyeah, good morning craig. pyou know that the candidates phave had to really pick up their pground game here. pcaucus are not something we know pwell here in florida. pthis has to be real town hall pfeeling candidates have had to pget up close and personal with pvoters. p>> well they have. pwe haven't seen that in closing phours because the events were so acked. pyou had hundreds some cases pthousands of people pouring out pdoors or winding upstairs just pto get in. pfor course of several months it pwas one-on-one, this retail olitics. pthis is largely meeting with eople at the kitchen table. pthat's one of the reasons why piowa goes first. arties want iowa to serve as pfolks group where other larger pstates like florida in that psense cannot. pbut ground game is key. pbecause you're looking for psupporters who won't just psupport you go into caucus night pinto presinthd and speak up for pyou. pand a bet that some of the eople in that room will be ersuadable. pthat's why among other things pyou can't always trust polls
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p>> talking about how close this pthing is and how rough politics pcan be gloves really came off pyesterday with trump attacking pted cruz especially on his preligion. p>> yes. pi think it does hurt ted cruz to pcertain extent you to pay pattention specifically trump pmade knows remarks. pmost candidates are focussing on pcentral and eastern iowa where pthe agree greatest cluster of pvoters are. pyou have donald trump very pspecifically working pnorthwestern iowa. pvery sparse. pyou don't have big populations pin these areas but you still recincts by and far away most pconservative part the state pwhere you greatest concentration pevangelical. pclearly strategy to what donald ptrump is doing going after same prural counties rick santorum ptook four years ago and making phis case on that point, yes. pit could hurt ted cruz at least
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p>> craig we talk about at polls pa lot. pthe des moines register just preleased its poll you say is palways a very accurate thing to plook at trump in first cruz in psecond rubio in third. phow numbers have played outer pfor months now. pdo you expect any up yets this pfar from a done deal. p>> well it's a game of pexpectations. pand in that sense i think we pcould see a surprise in at prepublican turn out tonight. plook for marco rubio to make a pmove. pyou look at the polls not just pfor numbers but are for the pmovement. pand movement appears to be a pfavoring marco rubio. pmeanwhile, we've seen ted cruz pslip a little bit. pso if someone is to out perform pexpectations tonight, i think pit's a good bet it is not pnecessarily reflected in rojection model that is person pmay in fact be marco rubio. pthen to democrats. p>> it's just too close, isn't pit? p>> well the polling is very pclose. pthe projection model 538 still pfares hilary clinton i see a
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pfor bernie sanders. plook for bernie sanders to make pmove particularly in those pstorms move in florida from west pto east that could suppress turn pout in areas more favorable to phillary clinton. pmeanwhile to the east and p>> of the state you have a lot pof college students and younger pvoters who are very passionate pabout fwern sanders. pif in fact they turn out for him pas they say, and if hillary pclinton's email controversy praises questions and some voters pminds, i think that bernie psanders could pull off a stunner plater tonight. p>> and you know the other thing piowa a must win. pclearly it's good for momentum pof whoever will win tonight. p>> yes but you have to win iowa pelection? piowa? p>> jimmy carter set model why piowa has important and has been psince 1976 rick santorum prepublican winner he didn't get pthat far, mike huckeby he didn't pget that far. pnot necessarily prey addicter of
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pimportant because the polls and pother states are not static. pthey will move based on results pin early states. pof course iowa is first state of pall. p>> all right. pokay, craig. pthank you. p>> thank you. p>> and so it begins. plong road to white house. pup next new hampshire primary pnext tuesday. pwashington state republicans and pnevada democrats caucus on 20th. pnevada republican haves to wait pin the 23rd though south pcarolina republican primary is palso the 20th. pfollowed by democrats a week plater. psuper tuesday is march 1st. pthat's when 15 states pterritories will head to polls. pflorida primaries are pmarch 15th. pelection day as you know ptuesday, november 8th. p>> 8:07 right now. pit has people asking how could pthis happen. ptwo teens cut a hole in a fence pand escaped a juvenile detention pcenter. pshayla reeves is live outside pfalkenberg academy. pany closer to finding these pkids?
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pnow crime stopper is offering p$3,000 reward for any pinformation that can help track pdown, lead to the location of pthese two teens. pnow i want you to take look at pyour screen. pthis is who we're talking about phere 18-year-old anthony bay and p17-year-old anthony cook. pnow authorities say two escaped pthrough a hole cut in chain link pfence at the state's youth presidential facility here off pcolumbus drive. pnow we learned a private company pones runs falkenberg academy for pdepartment of juvenile justice. pan investigation is under way to pdetermine how and why this pescape happened. pnow according to a hillsborough pcounty sheriff's office, buys pand cook disappeared during precreation time and outside pfenced yard. pwe're told that facility staff pmember noticed other teens plooking a fence. pthey went over checked out the pfence, spotted that hole, cut in pinto the fence. pthey did a head count, they psearchedand discovered again, pthat these particular teens were pmissing.
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p9:15 sunday morning. pwe learned it was just over an phour later around 10:30 when the psheriff's office says they preceived notification that those pteens were missing. pthey are both in custody. pthey were in custody wanted for pgrand theft auto facing charges pfor that. pbays from georgia and we learned pthat a cook is from st. pete. pso it's unclear at this point if panyone helped them with this articular escape effort. pif you have any information on ptheir whereabouts you're urged pto go ahead and give the phillsborough county sheriff's poffice a call. pback to you. p>> all right shayla we'll talk plater. pthank you. pclearwater police hasn't said if pthey will continue searching for pmissing boater police say the pman's wife called them and told pthem he had been missing since psaturday night. pthen he may try to harm himself pthey found his empty boat near psand key point. pmany agency were out on sunday psearching water but no sign of pman. psearch was called off last night pbecause of low visibility. p>> fiery crash along i-4 sends
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pseeing just how bad its was. plook at the video. pit happened late last night east pmcintosh road in hillsborough. ptroopers say a truck went off pthe interstate and burst into pflames. pright now we don't know how pbadly that will person is hurt. por what caused the truck to veer poff the road. p>> it is 8:09. pjust about 8:10 now new ferry pconnecting downtown st. pete to pdowntown tampa could become preality soon if all deadlines pare met two deadlines are today. pst. pete mayor rick kriseman has pnot started negotiation of a pferry operator he has to by end pof the day. palso, all four governments pinvolved in plan need to say how pthey are going to cover their pshare the costs. pthat include the cities st. pete pin tampa, along with pinellas pand hillsborough counties. pthey all agreed to pay $350,000 peach to fund the pilot program. pthat's been settled. pthe deposit on ferry needs to be aid by april 1st.
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psummer olympics it a gymnastic, pand we're tell you why athletes pare scared to go to brazil. pwe'll tell you about an event to preplace old toys coming up 8:30. pcharley belcher what are you up pto today? pare you ready to get this day pstarted? pstarted. pthis is the way they start every pmorning here in clearwater. pit starts with a party. pthe kids all meet first assembly proom and then they crank the pmusic and this is what they, pthey are not doing it this for pus this what is they do every pmorning they party down the phallway, they sing, they dance. psxe they get their day started. pthis k-8 charter public school, pstick around we're going to take
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((russell 2sh bw)) the olympic games are just a few months away--and as we know, p8:15 olympic games just a few
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pin bra siz now all eyes or n pzika virus how country is plan pto protect athletes brazil has pbeen hardest hit with more than pmillion cases. ptest events for summer games pcoming up soon too. pwhile they are supposed to get eople excited, for what's pahead, people are not focussing pon it. p>> brazilian officials around ptrying to ease everyone's mind pabout zika virus saying they are pdoing what they can to make sure pthat people are safe, cleaning pup to combat the virus. p>> objective to eliminate pbreeding places for zika and pchicago begun ya to avoid an pepidemic and keep neighborhood pclean and healthy. p>> the international olympic pcommittee is telling athletes pand travelers game will still go pon urging them to come prepared pand protect themselves against pmosquitos. p>> scary idea. psure is. psure is. pthey've got a real situation pthey need to get a handle on pdown there.
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p>> yeah i'm sorry. p>> talked about it last week. pi'm sure mosquito loving people pout there. pbut, the disease, not just one pdisease, it's like a thousand of pthem that that he spread maybe pnot a thousand. pwhen i was down in brazil 100 ercent deet on them. pi glowed. p>> as i was walking through. pyou have to. p>> but that's also not good for pyou to have that on either for pany length of time. p>> so 63 degrees the current ptemperature. pusf marine science camera just pshows you the big picture. pjust how pretty it is, sun pcoming up. pand winds have shifted now to psouth, southwest around 5 miles er hour. pgoing to do a couple things pump pin more moisture. pmore humidity. pand then during the overnight phours, tonight, and then into ptomorrow night, going to start pto aid in a development of sea pfog. pi guess best way to put it. pwe will have to deal with sea pfog not this morning but pbeginning tomorrow morning it's retty. pit really, really is.
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p15 degrees warmer than it was pyesterday at this time. pso you're 63 degrees over in plakeland with a little bit of pcloud cover kind of streaming pthrough. pthere's enough sunshine this pmorning. pwe'll take that into afternoon pto bring temperatures up into pmid 70s. pi think it will be a very nice pmild day. pby end of the day it will feel a plittle bit muggy. pwhen you think about call enner pdate. pfebruary 1st we're talking about phigh temperatures running pseveral degrees above normal 10 pto 13 degrees warmer than pyesterday at this time. ptoday good. ptomorrow, even warmer. pas i think we'll make it back up pto that 80-degree mark. pchanges for us start to rur late pon wednesday. pthen going into thursday, watch, pjust one computer model takes a pcold front drops it to the south pand the east. pyou can see a line of showers, pthis is by thursday afternoon. pat around 4 o'clock. pyou can see it's right on our pdoor step at that point. pthat front will come squeezing pthrough with the showers. pso likely that thursday is going
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pwe pick up showers and storms. p76 degrees for a high ptemperature today. ptonight some sea fog late. povernight lows near 64 degrees. ptomorrow big 80. pwe will touch 80 degrees. pseems like it has ab long time. premember we spent most of pdecember with highs in the lower p80s. pso a month off and back to it pagain. pwe're going to cool it off a plittle bit for upcoming weekend. pmore importantly i think you've pgot good chance of rain on pinsures and now it looks like panother good chance of rain on psunday. pso those are kind of two days pthat we think are going to be pwet. pof course we can't forget whack pa mole on tuesday. pgroundhog day. pthat's what happens when you pwhack a mole, do you we get pspring? pthat's a good question. pwe will answer that in next half phour. pwe look for it then. ptime right now 8:18. pswitching gears here we still phave situation going on in polk pcounty. pinvolving deadly single vehicle pcrash along u.s. 27 at crump proad. pwe're hearing u.s. 27 still shut pdown and you can see we have pdelays particularly in
8:18 am
pbeing reported at this point. p>> alternate here center street pand more information as always pto come as soon as we can get it pto you. pmeantime i-4 westbound slowing pdown even more. pwe have a crash that's reported pnear homosassa roadway with no plane blockage. plooks like we're getting a plittle bit of improvement now. pstill a lot heavier than last ptime we checked in you will want pto get extra time outdoor for pthis even though it looks pdealing with on looker delays. p20 minutes from buck man highway pto 75. plike i was showing you before. pwe take from red to yellow. pthat's probably good news for pdrivers. pwe're on upswings there. pvehicle struck a utility pole in pkenneth city along 54th avenue pnorth at 66th street north. pone lane is blocked. pwe're hearing some reports as pwell low hanging wires in the parea. pduke energy is responding. pso plan a little extra time out pdoor for that. pof course watch out for pemergency crew that is working pon site. p>> well it is the go to gift pthis time of year. pbut february as it turns out is pno the wise time to buy
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pbut there are deals to be had. pthe three things you should buy pthis month. pwe're going to have that for you p9 o'clock. pthis morning we continue hanging pout one bay area's coolest pschools. pcharley opening door to whole pnew world in few minutes.
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pfind auto who i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher. pmass hysteria is happening in pschool no wonder it is so cool. pathenian academy. pa charter school a public pcharter school in clearwater. ptuition free charter school. pwe're in mrs. lee's class. pback when i was in school, you pjumped up and down desk you pwould get in trouble. pbut apparently here it's pencouraged. pmrs. lee, our monday morning pwelcome to my classroom. p>> explain what's going on here. p>> we're learning birds today. pwe learn it by doing. pthe best way to learn is by pdoing it. pso we're clapping and jumping to pour daily song. pvery nice. pgoing to fall down. pi'm a little nervous here. pi just don't want anybody to pfall. pnobody. pno, this well controlled penvironment. pthey know the rules.
8:22 am
pto do. psit down for purposes of tv i pdon't want anybody falling on my pwatch. ptell me what class this is third pgrade language arts yes we do pteach english. pthird grade language art pathenian found a by greek family pnot necessary a greek school p>> not necessarily a greek pschool. pgreek is our charter. pwe, we relish the fact of having pgreek and spanish and being able pto teach this to kids and also i pam language arts teacher so we phave to blend all of that speak penglishing have you just pteaching english i to 55 third pgrade students i three classes pthey change like a regular pschool would change their pclassrooms they go to language parts, they go to math, they go pto science and social studies. e. pevery day. precess every day. p>> you know what, those are some pimportant, that's the one pcharter school can do pdifferently than the necessarily
8:23 am
pwant to make recess a priority pyou can build it into your day. pup to your charter how to do pthat p>> we teach the standards but we pteach it our way. pif we feel that they need a plittle bit more time to learn pthing that enables us to take to plearn it get it through really pquickly we go on to next thing. palmost the independence of a rivate school. pyet it is a tuition free public pcharter school. p>> yes. pyou like to, your hat was so pcute. pmy hat was here. p>> all right. p>> all right. pthere it is. pthis is just too cute. pthis told me everything i needed pto know about your teaching pstyle when you walked in like pthis. pyou want to make teaching and pmake learning fun. pi make it fun. pthis is beach room everything we pdo beach related we're catch pgood book reports reeling in pgood book reports and they love pit. pwe have a competition that they pdon't know it yet but i am going pto ride union cycle on juice
8:24 am
pcan you read 550 books? pyes, i totally wants to see ear pschool. pwho else wants to see that? pvideo. pread, read well. pread it up. p>> thank you very much. p>> you're welcome. pi've teaching for nine years. plove it. pi love your enthusiasm. pkeep it up. pthere you go athenian academy pcharter school in clearwater. pwe're going to continue. pyou guys clap at home. pclaps a verb. pclap. pnice round of applause. pthank you. pwe're going to continue to pexplore the school i think we're pgoing upstairs i got applause pback there. pyes, you did. pthis is a golf clap. p>> for the kids. pthank you, charley. psesame street getting serious phowell mo is helping million tea pchildren transition into pcivilian life. p>> and then sarasota police psearching for the driver in a pdeadly hit and run. pfox 13's jen epstein is on the pstory live for us this morning. pgood morning, jen. pgood morning laura.
8:25 am
pnow police are searching for
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pi'll tell you what vehicle looks stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you
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((laura 2shot mp)) police are p highways are looking for a pdriver of a car that hit a pbicyclist and kept going. pthe bike rider died on the way pto the hospital. pfox 13 jen epstein is live poutside of sarasota police pdepartment with more on all of pthis. pjen. p>> good morning, guys. pyeah police are about 13th hour pof this investigation of this pdeadly hit and run accident pinvolving a bicyclist. pnot much information has given pabout cyclist involved in this pcrash other than that it was pmale victim who was taken to psarasota memorial hospital where phe later died. phe this crash happened just a p7:15 sunday evening. olice say that cyclist was ptravel northbound along 301 pwashington boulevard in the area pbetween 6 the street and 8 the pstreet where it was struck. pnow driver struck the vehicle pthe bicyclist in the back of pthat bike. pjust kept ongoing. pnever stopped. pagain that male victim was taken pto hospital where he died.
8:28 am
pinformation has yet been preleased. proad was closed from 7 o'clock puntil just after nine:30 last pnight. proad is open this morning. pnow investigators say they are plook foggy a dark colored ptoyota, no more information pother than that a toyota. poriginally they said it was pcorolla i spoke with sarasota olice officer. pthey say that is not confirmed. pso a dark colored toyota. pthat's all information that pthey've be given. pthey are asking if anyone has pany information about this crash pto call sarasota police. p>> back to you. p>> talk later, thank you. p>> right now a palmetto police pare trying to figure out who pshot and killed a man leaving pbody in abandoned home. pman 21-year-old collin mahoney phis body was found late last pnight on 12th street drive west. pofficers say they are pinvestigating case as homicide. pthis by way is eighth homicide pin manatee county in last month. p>> senseless act of violence ptook a life young child no awe pdesperate search by jacksonville
8:29 am
pand killed a toddler in drive-by pshooting. paden mclendon was in a car with phis mother and grandmother psomeone shot at them friday pnight. pboy was only one hit. olice believe that shooter pmeant to hit someone in the phouse. pthat car was parked next to. pright now little information to pgo on. pdetectives have only said it was pwhite vehicle with several eople inside. pthere is now a $20,000 reward pfor information that leads to an parrest. p>> in miami a woman civilian ulls over a police officer for pspeeding and as you may imagine pshe has her cell phone camera prolling. pclaudia spotted a miami-dade pon friday. pso she started chasing the pofficer. ushing her car up to 80 miles pan hour then started flashing pher lights and honking his horn pit worked. pofficer eventually pulled over. pwhen he asked what the problem pwas she told him he was pspeeding. pand setting a bad example. pand while he and didn't admit to
8:30 am
romised to slow down. p>> police department plans to pinvestigate all of this. p>> wow. pa few hours a pam harbor church pdestroyed by a fire will rise pfrom ashes. pseptember 2014 an electrical pfire burned through this church. pit houses holy relics st. rafael pand an irene greek martyred by a pturks. pgreek relics miraculous kuala plumpur survived the fire. pwhat left was torn down in pnovember. pthis morning a ground breaking pfor around new church which will pseat 200 people and cost more pthan a million dollars. pwe have lot of military families phere in bay area. pwe're home to macdill air force pbase. pthis story is of particular pinterest. psesame street's new mission to phelp kids in military families. pcharacters elmo and ro see to pare playing key roles in this pvery important initiative. pmore than million left or will pbe leaving between 2011 or this pyear. pthat means about 148 thousand pchildren under the age of 10 and
8:31 am
ptransition to civilian life. pthat can a difficult transition. p>> yeah. pit's important to a talk about pthose feelings with your mommy pand your daddy and your friends. p>> yeah. p>> you know they have done pspecial episodes for military pfamilies like this before. pthe one before focused on phelping children cope when their arents were stationed overseas. prussell. p>> do you have a cold or maybe otentially unsafe toys or pfurniture in your home? pif so it could worth something pstart today toys "r" us and baby pr us are stoorting an an event pto trade in to help families pclear out old and replace with pnew. pfor every item you get 25 ercent of purchase of select pnew items. pstore will toys, stroller used pcribs car sets and a beds and plist to go on to make shern peverything in your home is safe psince it started in 2009 the pstore has seen many items that
8:32 am
pshowed signs of wear and tear pand were just dangerous. pmore than a million items have pbeen brought into stores pnationwide. pthe event ends on february 29th. pto dave we go to talk a little pbit about the weather. pgood morning. pa lot of fwufl sunshine outside. pa lot of cloud cover yesterday. phowever, we still managed to pmake it up into 70s. pin fact we're 67 degrees here in pthe 8 o'clock hour. pyeah, good bet we're going right pback up into the 70s for today. plook at the temperatures, they pare around 61 degrees. pand brooksville. p64 questions wesley chapel 67 in ptampa. pvery mild this morning pconsidering 53 is our normal low pfor this time of year. pso easily getting back up well pabove normal for today. ponly like one spot. pthis little tiny area south pgeorgia and also along i 10 pbetween tallahassee and pjacksonville. pthey are in the 40s. pthe rest of the state is mild pand of course a lot warmer than
8:33 am
psome 8 for 11 degrees warmer in psnell florida. pnow that we are shifting wind to pmore southeast going to keep us pmild for a few days. ptwo other things are going to phappen. punthe moisture, humidity is pgoing start to slide back up our pway. pyou'll notice, you'll really pfeel it tomorrow, going to start pto feel pretty muggy outside. pbut the second thing is because pwe have these south to southwest pwinds or shifting into those plater today, that's likely go to pgo generate some sea fog to get pright along coastline. roblem with sea fog it can be pvery, very thick. pso tomorrow morning right along pthe coastline we will looking pout for that potential for some psea fog. pwheres inland locations should pbe pretty nice overall. pwe're waiting on our next pfrontal system back out to pnorthwest that will come sliding pthrough i think thursday is best prain chance we've got for you. puntil increasing moisture, pclouds and sunshine, but by time pwe get into the thursday time pframe we're looking at the
8:34 am
ercent chance of rain on pthursday afternoon. ptoday 76 degrees for high. ptonight sea fog along the coast. pbut it will stay mild keeping ptemperatures mid 60s. ptomorrow we can do it. pit's groundhog day. p80 degrees for a high ptemperature tomorrow afternoon. pmore clouds on wednesday quick pshower not out question best prain chance looks to be on pthursday afternoon, and also we pmay get another round of rain on psunday on super bowl sunday. pgame is being played in pcalifornia. pgood day to stay home and watch pthe game. pall right dave thank you. pright now check roads. ptime right now 8:37. plive look 275. pnear fowler where we're seeing retty much stop and go in that pdirection. papproaching the looks like the pexit actually leaving exit from pwhat we saw on that shot. pyour travel times still a little pbit on heavier side 275 sot pbound. pbeers to i-4 a 21 minute ride
8:35 am
pfrom what i was seeing a couple pminutes ago. p75 southbound. p17 minutes from 275 oh to i-4 we pdo have congestion kind of on pheavier side for this time of pmorning along i-4 westbound m l pk to interchange is an 11 minute pride. pgood news for drivers who were pavoiding u.s. 27 in the polk pcounty area near crump road due pto that deadly crash with big plane blockage we're hearing polk pcounty sheriff's office the planes are now open. ((russell on cam)) dolphins winter and hope swam into our hearts pthey have swam into our hearts pmade big name for clearwater pmarine aquarium while they are pat it, now ago to keep names out pthere. pand there's a unique way that pthe clearwater marine aquarium
8:36 am
pwith new web series. pthat's what we're talking about pthis week bill pots and kelly pjordan from clearwater marine paquarium. pthanks for coming in. pso tonight, 7 o'clock. pat let's get out there right pnow. psea piic see fist episode of this pthing. pyes you can. ptell we a what is dolphin tale pand dolphin tale 2 movies pinspired millions and generated psignificant interest in what we pdo to fulfill or mission of prescue rehab and release. pso what this is, that is behind pthe scenes look at what we do on pa day-to-day basis at the pclearwater marine aquarium. pso it's not, it's not another ptorre of winter or hope. pthis is a real behind the scene pdocumentary looking. p>> yeah so you'll get to see, pit's developed by our ceo emmy paward winning producer. pit is high quality, but you are
8:37 am
pstories about people who are ptouched by our animals. pyou will get to meet some of our pcma team. pand you'll get to see really pbehind the scenes what we're pdoing to rescue, rehab and prelease these wonderful animals. pobviously the reason to do psomething like this, you've had psuch success at the clearwater pmarine aquarium because of the pmovies keep name out has there? p>> absolutely. pwhat this is going to do pgenerate more interest in pmission here. pand like the movies have done pgoing to drive the lot of people pto come visit us. pthis is all, all good for all of pus that live here in the tampa parea. p>> i ink that, i know that you pall have done your own marketing presearch and that sort of thing. phow much has winter caused your pattendance to go up p>> it's been fantastic from pbefore movie to now a multiple pof 10.
8:38 am
pdavid yates but it's also peconomic impact that these pdolphin tale movies and cma now pthat you res claw clearwater pwill bring to this area. pwe will announce economic impact pthis week. pand the numbers are staggering. preally. pnow the first episode is ptonight. ptonight a 7:00 p.m. pthen how many more where there pbe? pmonth. pall way the way through pjanuary 2017. pvery. pall right let's tell everybody pone more the website see pwee also want to let you know we ost a ling on our website, that will get pyou there. p7 o'clock tonight? pthat's great. p>> and come watch the show. pcome visit our support or
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ptoday supporting american saert passociation's go red for women pcampaign many hart problems pstart early in hief our doc on pcall dr. rachel do kins general ediatric our heart health paffects not only us bur out kids ptoo. p>> good morning. pgood to see you i'm just fine pthank you. pso the go red campaign an effort pto try to get awareness out, pright? p>> yes, so go red by american pheart association really shows pus that women are at huge risk pfor heart disease. pand in fact, about at one in pevery 80 seconds a woman dies pfrom heart disease. pmost important thing for kids to precognize all of those habits pthat can lead to heart disease pstart early and we really need pto intervene in our children. p>> and i see you're waring your pred already today. pwhat do you tell kids. pwhat do you tell parents to talk pto their kids about? pspecifically? p>>, so the main thing is to keep
8:42 am
pit all goes down to that we pwatch for obesity we watch for phigh blood pressure really ptelling kids to be healthy pweight and exercise at least an phour a day 60 minutes we know pfirst lady put a lot emphasis on pthat too. pyou know, i think the kids i pthink a teenager and i don't ptypically think heart health pissues do you see many kids and pteenager already developing pthose kinds of conditions? p>> yes. pso research has actually shown pthat by the age 30 kids that phave had high blood pressure are palready doing damage to their parteries. pso, we actually do check blood ressure at every visit after ptwo years old. pand we also look at bmi or body pmass index as something. pwe actually are now checking pcholesterol on lot of kids pespecially those with family phistory of heart disease or high pblood pressure high lipids. pthose things. pwe're checking for these things pbecause important to intervene pearly. p>> are these things that you phave to ask for or do they come pstandard in the physicals that
8:43 am
p>> you know if you're not sure pif you're your pedestrian ptransition is doing it best to pgo ask pediatricians very used pto these questions. pit's kind of a new guideline pabout checking cholesterol. pso not everyone is doing it, but pi think most of us are. p>> yeah. pbut definitely feel free to ask pyour pediatrician. pand those, the bmi body mass pindex a tough to calculate and a plittle hard to hear when you plook at the results of it. pbut these are pretty strict pnumbers aren't they? p>> yeah. pyou know, guidelines antithe psame for kids that are for padults. pthey actually go by age height pand weight. pand so it's great to talk to pyour pediatrician about these pthings if you're concerned about pyour child's weight. pit's a great conversation. pit's nice when the family pactually starts that pconversation. pbecause sometimes it can be pawkward for both the doctor and pthe family. pbut it's important to talk about pthese things at every visit and ptalk eating heal healthy and pexercise. palways an important mission. pso friday we're all supposed to
8:44 am
pto bring awareness. pfriday is wear red day. pshow your support for the i pwareness of heart health. pall right leave it there always pgood to so you. pgood to see you too, thank you. p>> all right we'll get over to pcharley belcher right now cool pschool in clearwater. plast time we checked in kids pwere on top of desk hey charley. psitting quietly. pkindergartners. pand athenian academy charter pschool they can sing in greek. pgo ahead boys and girls. pone, two, three, go. p p they are singing in greek. pall right stop. pnow sing in spanish. pone, two, three go. p p p>> they are so smart. pnow sing in russian. p>> silly isn't it? psilly. pnow just make a bunch of noise. pone two, three, go.
8:45 am
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8:47 am
pso you guys are like half way pthrough this k-eight process. pyou're no longer little kids pyou're starting to grow up, pright? p>> no. pyes you are. pyes you are. pwe're in computer lab. pby way what nice looking pcomputer lab. pwe're here talking about planguages. planguages is an important focus pathenian charter school where pthey learn greek from the greek pteacher right here. pwhat's your name? p>> exactlyi'm glad you can say pthat. pwe will put that on the screen. p>> and our spanish teacher here, pwhat is your name? pi understand that equally. p>> welcome up want to have kids pdo greeting for us p>> yes, please. p>> very hoo sri very nice. pi understood you said good day
8:48 am
pvery nice. pwhat sort of how do you begin pwith the greek and at what age pdo begin and tell me what you're pdoing here. pwe start from kindergarten pthrough 8th grade philosophy is pyounger they are the earlier you pknow they that foreign language. paccording to research, all of pthese kids are risk taker and pthey are willing to learn pforeign language. pand also, when they become roficient in other languages, pthey have a better understanding pof other cultures. pand greater you know of other planguages one of my biggest pregrets i wish i knew foreign planguage i toosh french and pforget most of it. pi love it. pgood for you. pstarting so young. pspanish the same way you give pthem good spanish foundation pstarting in kindergarten. p30 minutes every day. p30 minutes every day. ut thing greek and spanish ptogether i think that makes it
8:49 am
pconfusion a lot of words have psame base some words are even psame word in two languages. pespecially for math. pit's really good for their test ptaking skills. pvery nice. pand the greek language is, 18 pchent language where many of our pwords we might be surprised to pfind out how many of our words pfoundation. pwe practice greek root words pespecially in primary grades and pin middle scoop that helps them pyou know with math and science. pvery nice. pwe've got couple fifth graders pup here at the board. pi'm told you're best greek pspeaker in the room you're best pspanish speaker in the room. pdo i have that correct? pwhat's your name my dear? p>> alex ya. pwhat is your name rafael. p>> so, give me that now good day ptampa bay in greek again. plike i'm fancy there.
8:50 am
pthis one i know. pit's p>> that one i got down. pnow you're going write for me in pgreek. plook at those letters. pthey are kind of freaking me out pa little bit greek alphabet. palpha beta gamma delta, no i'm pdone. p>> all right. pwhat are you going to write for pme? p>> all right. pwrite it for me. pwhat does that look like? pwhat is that letter right there? p>> l. pthat's really impressive. pyou can spell tampa bay. plook it's in greek letters too.
8:51 am
pthat says tampa bay? puh-huh. plook at you go. plook at you. p [ applause ] pbravo. pwell done. pcan you write my name there chan pyou write charley. pc, i'm just kidding. phowever you write it in greek. pa c h a r l e y. phe's writing mr. charley. poh. pokay. pwhat does that say. pcharley. pvery nice. pand men my man you're going
8:52 am
pgo write some spanish. pb u e n o s, d i a s well done pmy man. phow about a high 5. pgood job. pgood job. pi am impressed. pk-8 kids 30 minutes a today plearning languages. plook at this. pthat's lot. pa lot going on. pthey are learning russell. pimpressive. pvery impressive. pall right. phey we'll see you later, okay. p>> all right. pgetting a job's tough. psometimes people doing the phiring makes mistakes. pwee going to tell you how to use padvantage. pdoug arms is here to wrap up pthis great topic. pand the policeman and woman or n pside of road it was citizen pdoing the stopping. pwhy she pulled over this south pflorida officer and his reaction pto her accusation.
8:53 am
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