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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 1, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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he has anti-government views and expressed the views during conversations with agents. however. atf said that ramos had no plan to carry out attacks nor have any links to domestic or international terrorism or groups that support such. atf said the tip call came in tampa police on friday and that they were brought in on sunday. they worked to get a search warrant. they recovered seven pipebombs and ak-47 and tactical units and bomb squads came to clear the unit. >> you appreciate the fact that someone took the time to call that someone was in possession of a pipe pom. this is a densely populated area. anyone within 50 feet. this is a duplex so anyone within that 50 feet radius could
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>> and i'm shocked. because that guy is a very nice guy at in the time living here. >> reporter: his facebook prying has -- page has pictures and anti-government sentiment. will be charged with having an explosive device. we saw his girlfriend who was identified. she is collecting his possessions and said she did not have any comment on what her boyfriend is being charged with. >> thank you, evan i know you will keep us updated. and police want to find a driver who hit and killed a cyclist. they are looking for a toyota corolla. they released a photo of a similar looking car. they say the driver hit and killed sky lar sandfair last night. anyone with information is asked to call the sarasota police. new at 5:00.
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investigation of the polk county school superintendent documents detail a male senior staff member complaints of personal and professional misconduct. and anjuli davis is live in bartow with the latest. good evening, anjuli. >> reporter: good evening to you. now the investigation is over 1000 pages long but a summary given by a law firm contracted to do the investigation has cleared the superintendent of any wrongdoing. we have learned the district's associate superintendent of operations greg rivers filed nine complaints against leroy. that report detailed a professional relationship between the two that quickly turned personal. rivers and leroy they talked socially ed would go out to drinks and get lunch. they turned over personal cell phone and e-mail records for the investigation which they say reflected a mutual bond but
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he claims the superintendent attempted to kiss him on a trip and hold his way on the way back from a different work function. he said when she did not feel favorably he was subjected to as who file work environment and treated differently than other members of the staff. the superintendent released a personally funded video statement to respond to the exoneration. >> what others describe as outgoing personality can be misinterpreted by some. i regret that and i have learned from it. >> reporter: and the internal investigation found that while a personal relationship did exist between leroy and rivers, the superintendent did not do anything to violate policy. they did recommend that the school board advise rivers and leroy to keep professional relationships professional, they recommended additional sexual harassment training for the
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for now back to you. >> thank you, anjuli. chris. police want to find two robbers who got into a shoot-out with their victim. last night two men approached a man as he unloaded groceries. they grabbed the man, pointed a gun but the victim grabbed the gun and managed to draw his own gun. there was a shoot-out, the suspects took off. he had minor injuries. police are not sure if the suspects were hurt. murder and betrayal and a secret life. michael fields is accused of killing his girl reigned add up. and gloria gomez was there for the first kay. jury. >> reporter: not yet it is a slow process when they pick the jury they will hear a lot of >> reporter: michael fields was
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gone is the orange jail jump suit replaced by a tan shirt and khaki pants. he accused of beating his girlfriend to death with a concrete block in the back of his home and then trying to cover it up. but the defense said that it is a circumstantial case. the jury will hear all of it, including the defendant's secret sex life. >> the entire pay he met patricia dickerson was online through a swinger-type of web web site. >> i met a couple and they were swingers and invited fields to join him. >> moving into the home that relationship continued on and off throughout the time line leading up to the case. >> at a hearing last month, prosecutors fought to keep that from the jury calling it
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disagreed. >> they may have a mote tive give different testimony. >> the judge said it is embarrassing for the dickersons who will take the stand and share all of it with the jury. and the trial is expected to resume tomorrow with opening statements. we of course will be there. back to you. >> gloria gomez all over it for us. thank you. authorities are looking for two teens who escaped from a juvenile detention center. investigators say anthony cook and anthony bays escaped through a hole cut in a chain link fence at the youth residential facility on sunday morning. they were serving fime for grand theft auto a staff member noticed other teens checking out the fence. they conducted a head count. the department of juvenile justice will determine whether appropriate supervision was in place and whether the policies and procedures were followed. workers at a hernando tanning salon have to make
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crashing through the business. it plowed into the house of tans on mariner boulevard. it went all the way in there. fire rescue say the driver hit the gas instead of the brake. no one was hurt but there is, as can you tell, significant damage to the building there. big news about the zika virus and it's not good. what you need to know if you're planning a cruise tomorrowing up. how tourism officials are using uner to sell the beaches to the back seat passengers in cold climates.
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back seat passengers i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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s )) picture this... you're standing so picture this are you on lake shore drive in chicago waiting on a ride. 6 a.m. in february. and this rolls up in front of you the beaches of pinellas county. this is the new marketing campaign and it preyed on the desire to get away from the
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notice the bean and the disappearing in the mirror. this launches this week. tourism officials say chicago is one of the top feeder markets meaning people from the windy city love coming here. the goal of the campaign is to get them to come here even more often. to do that, visit st. pete teamed up with uber which is widely used in chicago every wednesday during february starting this week the users will be greeted with the warm up wednesday message and the app. they can enter a code to get a ride and when the ride shows up it will be adorned with a decal and the driver will be all connect -- decked out in visit st. pete gear. the drivings picked up the swag. they were uber excited about it and the executive director of visit st. pete clearwater. >> it's the first of its kind in the world of tourism we're using the brand of uber, the power in
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promote the destination and using chicago and uber as a backdrop. >> smart, right. some of the cars will be equipped reality goggles. look at this. it will let the passenger visit the area sunny warm beaches enroute to the cold miserable destination in chicago. each is entered to win one of four vacation packages to st. pete, airfare for two includes. that's not bad. the promotion is one phase of visit st. pete clearwater $2 million blitz which targetss cold people in boston. new york, toronto and the uk. >> sounds like a plan. six people are back on land after their boat caught on fire. it went up in flames. investigators don't know what started the fire. someone on board called for help a crew from the coast guard was able to rescue all six people on board. a weather system led to dangerous driving conditions out
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the icy roads caused a pileup on 80 police shut down the road for a couple of hours during the worst part of the storm. there are no reports of serious injuries. the eyes of the nation are on iowa. get ready for a wild night. the iowa caucuss are phone for surprises. and a snow storm is heading there for the same night. and craig patrick has interviewed most of the candidates and he is tracking the numbers. first of all, let's talk about the pending snow storm how is the weather looking now in des moines? >> i'm not wearing a coat it is warm and clear for des moines but the caucuses do not start for another three hours and that's when the weather to the west is going to change in a hurry. that will bring yet another
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unpredictable race. >> you see barns and snow covered fields that will be covered more when a snow storm rolls in on caucus night but the people we met in the small towns say it will not stop them. >> i may not see anyone that's president but i may have now. office office. >> this a small rural state where farm animals greatly outnumber people and the parties give the state inflated power in picking a president. >> it is a sense of pride. >> it's not secret ballot and they like it that way, people get together and it is more of a group voting effort rather than nobody knows who you vote for. >> they can be persuaded on caucus night. >> you will hear if i cannot be the first choice can i be the second. >> that's how second choices and underdogs can pull off surprises
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so, the regular caucus goers will not let a storm stop them but the first time could stay home that could depress the tush out and that can work and the same can be said. >> and what do you think will we see any of those tonight. >> i think the biggest surprise could be bernie sanders. if the young voters who support him go after the polls and spread out across the state and do not cluster in towns because you only get so many, in that case, combine that programs with the support in the caucus process maybe shifting to sanders, questions over hillary clinton's e-mail scandal this could work and with all of this bernie sanders could pull off a
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on the flip side look for some movement from marco rubio. even if he does not win coout perform expectations and present another big surprise of the night. it's not just about the winners there is a saying there are three tickets out of iowa and marco rubio will cash one in in a big way. >> real quick the caucusing process is unique and unfamiliar when will we get the results tonight how late will it be eastern time before we hear results. >> we'll get results around 9 p.m. trickling 10 p.m. but rather four years ago we did not know the winner because it was so close between rick santorum and mitt romney. we'll get results we may not know the winner depending on the results. this could be slowed by the weather as we saw four years ago it could take a while. >> that's why we have you there. you will get those to us when they roll in. everyone should watch fox 13 at 10 and 11 as craig patrick will
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the caucuses we'll have them when they roll in. and mike bennett is in for paul. the system that's going going to affect iowa will what will we see. >> that's going to a late wednesday into thursday. heavy rain for us. stronger storms and 2 inches plus. here is the satellite picture for us. and if you went out there today you have no idea that was coming a gorgeous day out there. and the beach camera showing the sun getting ready to set and so and beautiful sky to the west. and beautiful cover looking east and not too much happening to the west. we are going to see later on tonight some of that sea fog developing. it looks ting remain off shore. there is good news there. and the again showing pretty skies and finally lakeland a couple of clouds out there. what an ending to the day.
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for fishery. the average high is 73. the average low climbing up to 54. the warmest day we have had in february set in the 1971. we'll not make a run at that but we are going to make a run at warmer temperatures. the coldest day is 38 set in 1900. the coldest morning 22 degrees. it is the sixth driest month. right in the middle of the typical rain fall average for the month. 2.81 inches. highs today 77 in tampa. once you headed inland the warm temperatures last night and the sunday night broadcast. here we go. low 80s down to lake placid. and 82 in brandon and brooksville. into the day. maybe warmer than that. 73. the current temperature dew point of 66. winds out of the southwest at
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other temperatures at 74 in sarasota and new port richey and crystal river in the 80s. frost proof and 81 in lake placid. dew points have been climbing as well. you feel a bit of the stickiness in the air. that humidity out there. the dew points in the 60s. and this is where we're going to be until that front arrives later on thursday. a couple of humid days off to the east. you see showers and to the northeast this is not the front that affects us. you have to go back to the west. this is the area of low pressure and it is associated front that's going to be bringing the snow and the snee showers across the rockies into the plains and the midwest some of the areas picking up snow and on the south side we're talking about nasty weather. 79 is the current temperature.
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of this 38 and 23 out in flag staff. it's that huge temperature contrast that degrees the systems. sure enough that's going to happen as we move through the days. and overnight tonight. sea fog developing. areas of fog over land as well. increasing moisture and upping the dew points into the upper 60s. there is the front back to the west by wednesday afternoon. bringing that severe weather to the southeast. by the time is here though i see it more as primarily at this point a heavy rain threat than a storm threat. we're still a few days out a lot can change. behind the front we're cooler and president er for one day. friday we'll see highs in the 60s -- for the day. areas of fog developing. sea fog tomorrow. 81 degrees a stray shower possible in the afternoon and with the increase in moisture in
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and then still near 80 on wednesday. 79 a chance of rain on thursday. not the best. cooler and breezy. another threat. and another threat we head to next sunday. kelly. >> thank you very much, mike. >> clearwater man with an irregular heart rhythm had a heart attack and 1% chance to live but thanks to the paramedics he did survive. two months later they got to meet. you will hear with nicholas told the people who saved him. a very special story. and if you have not made your spring break plans don't book anything until you hear from chris chmura. there is a way to save. he has your get away guide that's at 6:00. back to you guys, he has the best advice.
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stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stream when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is stre-e-eam. key piece of hardware meant to
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hardware for space it arrived in brevard county. >> we'll get an explanation what the aircraft is. >> i'm here at the center and shuttle landing facility that allowed the shut toll land on the three-mile long runway. instead nasa brought the next craft the capsule in that unique looking air craft which landed around 341 this afternoon. nasa flew the pressure capsule, an empty shell of the craft, aboard that super gunny craft t is a large plane that carries 26 tons of hardware. you notice the fish like design and the larger area that's where the shell of the craft was housed in louisiana. to here at the center. the nose of the craft was open but nasa not moving until later tonight. after that happens the manufacturer lockheed-martin will install the hardware and
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everything that orion needs for the test launch that will send it on a test mission out to the moon and back. this will develop the capabilities to fly to mars. nasa has a lot of work to do before that mission. it does not go up until sometime in 2018. this flight will not have any crew aboard. derrol nail, fox 13 news. cubans will get internet access in their homes for the first time. the cuban government announced it will offer at home internet service. 58 wi-fi spots are set up across the country in public places like cafes. the limited access will cost the cubans it is likely to cost two u.s. dollars an hour to use the internet. right now most cubans only make about 20-dollar as month in salary. the government has not said when the connection will be available or how much that will cost.
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is never fun but some new improvements may make it more bearable. today american said it will bring back free snacks in the economy section. a luxury we have not seen since 2003 when the peanuts disappeared. american will give out free cookies and pretzels and in may full passengers between dallas and hawaii. fly to hawaii to get the chicken, i'm take the peanuts. experts from all over the world held a meeting because of the zika virus and the news is not good. what they had to say that's up next. you have to see this a miami driver flipped the script on a police officer. she pulled him over for speeding. he was in his car.
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to hear what happe health organization declares an international the world health organization declares an international health emergency over the spread of the zika virus. the u.n. health agency held an emergency meeting in geneva. they are assessing the outbreak after arriving in brazil and a surge in the number of babies born with a birth defect microcephaly. let's take a look at this.
5:28 pm
international health emergency it sounds serious. >> it is significant. think back that the ebola outbreak. that's the last time it was this type of event. it implements and put into play money and it is going to help international efforts in trying to stop it to prevent it. there will be research for vaccines and treatments and research to figure out if this microcephaly, the small-headed babies, if that is truly related to the zika virus. right now it is strongly suspected but they don't know that for sure. but the director-general said that they don't want to wait six months to find out if it is an effect. they want to take precautions. she did stop short of stopping any kind of travel to the affected countries. >> the committee found no public health justification for restrictions on travel or to
5:29 pm
virus. at present the most important protective measures are the control of mosquito populations and the prevention of mosquito bites in -- at risk individuals especially pregnant women. >> that's what they are trying to do go in and spraying for the mosquitos and trying to control the vectors and telling women and pregnant women all the people there really to protect themselves. screened areas using the pesticides or deet or whatever it may be to try to prevent from getting bitten. >> zika virus is weighing heavily here. a lot of people reaching out for advice. what are you telling them should they be worried. how can they protect themselves. you went over a couple of ways. i had people contact me they are going into the areas and am i at risk. you need to protect yourself. women who are pregnant thinking of getting pregnant or you know, those are the women that should
5:30 pm
according to the cdc they added four more if you can imagine. that's what you can do. remember if you think about protecting yourself from mosquitos, we have them here. we have diseases that are spread right here in the area. so we have the option obviously to use screens, air conditioning. staying in doors. these mosquitos bite during the day but the other ones that we know that carry other diseases are dusted on. there is no safe time. i think if someone is coming home to you from one of these countries the person can take precautions to not spread it 20% may be systematic but 80% will not. the last thing is have someone come home and they are bitten by a mosquito, bites someone in the
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it's not a big concern but they could expect we have small clusters in florida and in texas and again we have mosquitos here and it can happen but to be worried i would not be worried be smart. >> take precautions. >> and this is the time of year when a lot of people are traveling to tropical locations to escape winter. but the zika virus may have the travelers reconsidering. how is the travel economy reacting to the concern. and fox 13 crystal clark with the cruises. this is one of the busiest travel seasons. corner. many do not qualify for refunds so agents are trying to spread the word before you book a trip. >> passengers on the paradise sea.
5:32 pm
but the fear of the zika virus growing some interest it a fortunate turn of events, we were prepared but i think we didn't stop made me feel better. what were not exposed. >> some cruise lines in mexico, central and south america are allowing pregnant passengers to cancel or get credit. many travelers with concerns who are not exacting are left on the hook for the cost if they don't set sale. >> we're the liasion between them and the line. >> and some are in contact with spreading the worth. >> it is our season and we have been non-stop since january 5th. people booking summer haveis cas, last minute, spring break is off the charts. it is hot destination. >> none of the mothers have been that concerned.
5:33 pm
carnival said pregnantwoman area. and they can postpone trips, royal caribbean is handling passengers concerned on a case-by-case basis. >> if are you traveling you need to to be aware of those things, rather than losing money and vacation. travelers are board but stay aherd. >> most are offering refunds to pregnant customers but the chains in the areas are not oring the refunds. this regiving out repellent and warning. it's not bad to get it insured. a miami police officer finds sims on the other side of a traffic stop. after another driver pulls him over for speeding. claudia castillo recorded it.
5:34 pm
his lights on going about 90 miles an hour. she said she decided to follow him. after she got his attention he stopped probably thinking she had an emergency but he probably was not expecting this when he came over to her car. >> i saw you since miller drive were you jumping on to the palmetto you were pushing 90 miles an hour, were you leaving me behind i was going 80. i just wanted to know what is the emergency. >> i don't know how fast i was going but i can tell you this i'm on the way to work. i don't believe i was speeding. >> that was gutsy. >> and the officer did apologize and even offered his badge number. the police department said they will investigate the matter. >> isn't i'm late for work the excuse we give. southeast using our material here. a retiring police officer got bad news when he was told he would not keep his long time
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amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping
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3 the centers for disease control says it is done the cdc say that it is done looking into an e. coli outbreak linked to chipolte restaurants. a outbreak sickened 5 0 people in 11 states another of a different strain affected five people in three states. investigators are not sure what food led to the outbreaks no cases have popped up since this was a update. and it is putting the food safety standards in place to reduce the risk of future outbreaks. investigators have a lot of unanswered questions in the case
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who were accused of murdering a 13-year-old girl. police have charged the 18-year-old with murder and abduction and natalie keepers with improper disposal of a body. and nicole lovelle disappeared from her home. it has not been revealed why she died. they will not say how the freshman knew her. they are being held without bond. a woman died when a tree fell on top of the car during a storm. this was in san diego and 8-foot tree crushed four and killing the driver of a small honda. fire and rescue had to use a chain saw to clear the trouble. a fire is under investigation north of los angeles. the fire broke out in a building there. the crews say it was fuel by storage and propane cylinders.
5:39 pm
several cannon to keep it from spreading. now they are estimating how much damage the fire caused. good news for a retiring officer who was fighting to keep his canine companion. he will keep his partner if he is an auxiliary officer. he retired after 30 years and teamed with ajax. he feared he would lose him had imwhat us they would put the dog up for auction. >> no word if he accepted the offer. he feared he would be outbid. a page set up on gofundme raised $56,000. chip. >> that's a nice ending to a story. the super bowl build-up starts and cam newton and he wore these pants on his trip.
5:40 pm
be ready to spend some cas it's that time - time to see what's trending((chris))
5:41 pm
trending. e people have creative ways of revealing the gender of a baby like cakes, pink for girls, blue for boys. this couple here they have four girls they are expecting a fifth child. >> this is what they are having. >> look at dad. >> dad just lost it. four girls they find out on the fifth child he they have having a boy. they were chanting it's a boy he cut into it. >> dad is okay by the way. >> how do the girls feel? >> the other four. >> that's a good question. how does the pregnant wife feel
5:42 pm
to suffer through four girls and are you passing out while we cut into this cake. >> this is the moment. >> pass out. this would make me pass out for real. >> a man in australia is playing on his phone unaware. do you see it under the table. >> it is under the table. you see him there, between the feet. are you kidding me. >> the pants fell down, that's how excited he was. the snake is right between his feet. that's a venomous brown snake. that will kill you. so thank goodness for the dog if he wanted to play or a serious deal that could happen in florida. there are snakes on my patio all the time. >> we should set up a camera and get a reaction, you would love at that. >> mine are spiders.
5:43 pm
>> you live in a great state for that. >> and warm up in the 70s. the 80s. warmer than that. i would not be surprised see a couple of mid80s. in the way of clouds this morning and man this afternoon was just amazing and an amazing ending to the day. if you look closely now toward the end of the horizon there you see clouds. more on the way of that to come. first unseasonable warmth as we head into the day on thursday. tomorrow wednesday and thursday. the highs well above average. thursday only a couple of degrees close to 80. and with that the warmth and the humidity areas of fog. it is over land tonight and then sea fog tonight into the day on tuesday.
5:44 pm
how close the land that will get but if you have boating plans you want to pay attention to that closely. storms and rain threat thursday and then into the day. this is why it forms. we have temperatures in the 50s and the 60s. where they are. we see fog. fog forecast over land tonight. that is sitting there. the coastal areas especially as you head off to the north where the water temperatures are colder. you know what it looks like a foggy day all day long something
5:45 pm
a dew point of 66. palm harbor. and 71 in brooksville to the south. 74 in bradenton. 78 in and look inland in the 80s. lake placid and frost proof in the 80s. and 78 in wauchula. the first day of february a warm day out there we get the front. storms and some heavy rain with it as we head into the day on thursday. 65 for tonight. partly cloudy. fog. foggy start. stray shower possible as well. 7-day forecast starts offer with the warm. 79 on wednesday and late showers on wednesday. first day of the fair. not the best of days. 73. cooler, breeze er and the temperatures back near 70 saturday before the next system
5:46 pm
chip. did you watch the nhl all-star game. could you call it a tournament. 3 on 3 with steven stamkos and ben bishop in the running for $1 million. there were two semi-final games. the faceoff. bishop picks up an assist on the 3 on 3 hockey. it's wide open. and that's the game. they move into the fine ideal. they can split one million dollars if they win it. bishop plays great. 11 saves in 10 minutes shots that were coming in from everywhere. he gives up a goal. that was a game winner. they lose 1-0. that's hard to unbelievable 3 on 3 hockey. an all-star game that is the final. no one million split for steven stamkos or bishop. didn't expect it but when you
5:47 pm
play for defense and a great fun weekend. you get the experience, he had a blast and friends and family down so he was able to take it in. this is a good city to have the first all-star game in. it sets the bar high. we played great and looking forward to him playing the same way when we get back. >> from three on three all star hockey to the pro bowl draft that the bucs doug martin and lavonte on different teams. david tackles martin. and here is mart martin in the end zone. 3-yards for the score. led the people with 7 carries. late in the 7 a 59-yard touchdown to walker. in the red zone. 49-27. that was the final score from
5:48 pm
the super bowl build-up is kicking in. both teams on the west coast and make as bit of a splash than the other upon arrival. cam newton's pants are viral. you will not find these on a rack. you will not find them online that's how quickly they sold out. they retail for $850 a pair. >> whew! [ laughter ] >> a lot of experts saying they showed his high level of company dense going in. if he is confident even in a t-shirt and shorts. they have everyone talking. they would because remember the old zubas pants. >> a more refined version of that $850. >> they say look at me. >> are you going to, too. >> notice how he wears this. this is for us. business from the waist up. >> party down south. >> yes.
5:49 pm
>> wait until you see us tomorrow. a group has a way to help the homeless teens with what they need. that's listen up! i'm here to get the lady of the house back on her feet. and give her the strength and energy to stay healthy. who's with me?! yay!
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5:52 pm
they were dressed up and trained to dance for money but they were treated harshly. they were chained and forced to walk on two feet. and police started cracking down on the practice. they collected more than 80 monkeys. now they will be released into the wild in a few weeks. >> that's a good thing. >> relaxed, slim and straight cut. they are all sorts of jeans to pick from. and the sarasota police announced a jeans for teens campaign and asked people to drop off new new or used jeans. when a teacher from the school of the arts heard about it they started collecting jeans they bought hundreds of pairs, that's great, that is awesome. >> great lesson. don't look for any can newton pants. the 6:00 news is next. here are mark and kelly. they are the choice for abused and neglected children.
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guardian ad litums. there is a shortage. a ed how it is hitting a county hard. >> new information in the high speed crash. see images from the front of the train seconds before it flew off the track. >> meet a vet who broke down barriers in the armed forces.
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hear what the a-t-f found in this house that sent one man to jail 3 "what others describe as an outgoing personality can be misinterperted by some." 3 why that "outgoing personality" led to why the outgoing personality led to an investigation into the superintendent. it take as vining. there are not enough villagers.
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