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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 2, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 3 cruz sotcruz 808 ktvubcme03.mpg 20:20:35 runs 09tongiht is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and across this great nationbutt to trump sottrump ktvubcme03.mpgi want to congratulate ted and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidatesbutt torubio sotsource: rubio ktvubcme03.mpgfter seven years of barack obama we are not waiting any longer to take our country back!runs: 20 p>> tonight is a victory for pcourageous conservatives across piowa and all across this great pnation. p>> i want to congratulate ted pand i want to congratulate all pof the incredible candidates. p>> after seven years of barack pobama, we are not waiting any plonger to take our country back. p>>russell: cruz victorious, ptrump humbled, rubio rising. piowa reshapes the race for the prepublican nomination. pcraig patrick is live in des pmoines to break down what it all pmeans for the long road ahead. p>>dave: visibilities are still paround zero or less than a
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pbartow, quarter mile to brandon, pover to st. petersburg so it pwill be some spots where you'll phave decent visibility, others pcompletely fogged in. pthe point is, you need to slow pit down as for the drive we're pgoing to have to deal with not ponly this morning but tomorrow pmorning as well. pwe're in the mid 60s so at least pit's mild. ponce the fog lifts out, look at pthat. p81 degrees. p81 for a high temperature this pafternoon but the rain chances pare going way up by thursday. pwe'll talk about that in just a pfew minutes. p>>vanessa: we're talking about pthe fog. pwe have a live look at 275. pthis is near bearss avenue and pwe're fogged in this area as pwell. ptravel times are running up to pspeed. pno crashes to report so enjoy. p>>laura: thank you. pwell, the results are in. pand hillary clinton edges out pbernie sanders in a historically pclose iowa democratic caucus. p>>russell: ted cruz wins a psecure victory in that crowded
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pcraig patrick is keeping an eye pon iowa for a few more numbers. pexcited to watch the numbers pcome in, right? p>>reporter: it was and very psurprising for a lot of people pwho saw marco rubio close to pdonald trump. pyou have to declare some victory pfor marco rubio as well. premember, he was in the low to pmid teens in most of the polling pand to a lot of folks, he maim pout of smo why. pthis is a game of expectations pand not as much. pand rubio campaign did a pfantastic job of downplaying pexpectations and they have a phuge shot of momentum just one oint behind donald trump at p23%. pdonald trump also is declaring pvictory with a second place pshowing but he did not deliver pupon expectations so this was pnot the best of nights for him. phe heads into new hampshire pwhere he's been leading quite psubstantially in the polls.
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pin the next eight days. pmeanwhile, we have very strong porganization for ted cruz and it pshowed last night. pon the democratic race, this was pto many a big surprise given the pfact that hillary clinton was up pmore than 20 points a couple of pmonths ago in iowa. pbernie sanders kept closing that pgap week by week and with pturnout of young voters was able pto effectively fight hillary pclinton to a virtual tie. pwith that, they split the pdelegates and entered new phampshire where bernie sanders phas a substantial lead. pboth races are a very long way pfrom finish, russell. p>>laura: what about the ones who premain? pwhat about john kasich and carly pfiorina, dr. ben carson? pwhat about them? p>> you will have some pdepartures. pmartin o'malley, he's decided to psuspend his campaign so he's the pfirst one out after iowa. pthen you move on to the
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pmike huckabee says that he now pis out and suspended his pcampaign. pthose are both examples of pcandidates who were hoping for a pbig surprise, that the polls pwould be critically wrong and pthe polls were somewhat off but pnot what they had expected so ptwo candidates now are out and pothers will follow later this pmorning or later this week and pmany more after new hampshire. p>>russell: before we lose you, pwe must ask you about jeb bush. phow did he do last night? p>> very poorly. pbut he didn't make a big play pfor iowa. phe was beaten by rand paul. pjeb bush gets zero delegates out pof iowa. pwhat's striking about this, if pyou look at the money spent, $70 pmillion was spent in advertising pin iowa and team jeb bush spent p$15 million of that $70 million pand got zero delegates out of pit. pthat's going to hurt going pforward but now jeb bush is
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phampshire will help him pull off pa surprise in eight days and pwe'll see. pi think he's going to have some ptrouble with a lot of people, articularly his financial pbackers who may, in fact, go pover to marco rubio. p>>russell: all right. pcraig, we'll talk later. p>> thank you. p>>russell: iowa is just the pbeginning. pthe new hampshire primary is pexactly a week away. pafter that there's nevada and psouth carolina, washington and pnext big date march 1, super ptuesday when 15 states and pterritories head to the polls. pthen march 15. pthat's the florida primary. p>>laura: and ballots are already pin the mail for florida voters pwho live overseas. pthat includes a lot of pservicemen and women. pstate law requires election psupervisors to send out the poverseas ballots 45 days before pan election. pnext week mail-in ballots will pbe sent to other voters who prequested it. p>> we always get an uptick in pregistrations around residential elections.
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pnumber of registrations. pas you know, there's a lot of pawareness out there right now. pthere's a lot of excitement out pthere, a lot of awareness that eople are seeing that there is pan election coming. p>>laura: if you want to vote in pthe florida primary, you have ptwo weeks to register. pthe deadline is february 16 just ptwo days after valentine's day. pyou can register at county pelections offices, public plibraries, military recruitment poffices or driver's license poffices. pflorida's primary is closed pwhich means only registered prepublicans and democrats can ptake part. p>>russell: a man has been killed pin plant city after police got a pcall about a disturbance between ptwo men. pthis is in the 3600 block of pwest baker street. pwhen officers arrived, they pfound a man in the yard with psome upper body trauma. phe died a short time later at pthe hospital. pno word on whether police have pmade any arrests or if they're pstill looking for anyone. p>>laura: also new this morning, ptampa police are investigating a
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pvehicles. pit happened just before midnight pon dr. king boulevard west, east pof albany avenue north. pthe motorcyclist was killed. preleased. p>>russell: looks like a normal phouse on an average street in ptampa but inside, investigators pfound eight pipe bombs, tear gas pand a lot of bomb making psupplies. pmichael rose was arrested pyesterday. phe's the cofounder of patriot parmor in largo. pthey sell body armor to law penforcement. phe was reported after his artner found pipe bombs in the phouse. pif it hits the fan, you never pknow if you might need it, he psaid. pthat statement goes with several ostings on his facebook page pwhich makes it clear he's armed pand robbery. pyesterday when federal agents praided the home, they found peight live pipe bombs along with ptear gas and ammunition.
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ipe, black powder and buckshot pand fragmentations so they're pvery, very dangerous. phad one of them gone off, anyone pwithin a 50 foot radius would phave been seriously hurt or pkilled. pthey pose a significant threat pto the public. p>>russell: after being arrested, phe told detectives he was punhappy with the government and pthat he was part of a militia pcalled the united states patriot parmy. phe also said he had no intention pof hurting anybody but the bombs pwere for preparedness and rotective reasons. pthe affidavit says that he padmitted the bombs could otentially kill his neighbors. p>>laura: we have an update on a pfiery crash we told you about pearly yesterday morning. pit happened on i-4 just east of pcounty. pa truck went off the interstate pand burst into flames and the pimpact left the driver injured pand unconscious and the car pfilled with smoke, ready to pexplode at any moment.
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pand one of the drivers was nick pderosa. phe was nearing the macintosh proad exit on his way home. phe and two other men pulled pover. pthey could not wait for first presponders to arrive. phis firefighter training from pnavy boot camp kicked in. p>> we tried to open the door. pthe door was locked. pthe guy was obviously punconscious. pthe guy just smashed the window pin and we just pulled the guy -- punbuckled his seat belt and ulled the guy out through the pwindow. p>>laura: and seconds later, the pcar exploded. pluckily none of the rescuers pwere hurt. pthe driver, michael kennedy, was ptaken to the hospital with not plife threatening injuries. pderosa said that kennedy's wife pcontacted him to thank him and pthe other men for what they did. p but the story's ending is not phappy. palcohol was a factor in the pcrash. pcharges are pending right now pagainst kennedy. p>>russell: search continues for ptwo teens who escaped from a phillsborough county juvenile
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pinvestigators say 18-year-old panthony bays and 17-year-old panthony cook cut a hole in a pchain link fence and cut through pit on sunday morning. pthe tampa bay times reporting pthat the company has suspended pfour of its employees without ay as it investigates this pescape. p>>laura: it is 6:10 now and pseminole tribe is doubling down pto convince state lawmakers to papprove a new $3 billion pgambling agreement. p>>russell: and they proposed a pmajor expansion at two casinos, pincluding the hard rock in ptampa. pgovernor scott and the seminoles pstruck a new deal after a 2010 pagreement expired last summer. pit gave the tribe exclusive prights to games like black game. pit would also allow the try to padd craps and roulette and in pexchange, the seminoles agreed pto pay florida $3 billion over pseven years. pthe governor has asked lawmakers pto approve that deal. pif they don't, seminoles say
6:11 am
ptheir jobs. pthese stakes are high for tampa. p>>laura: shayla reaves is live poutside the hard rock right now. pgood morning. p>>reporter: hi. pgood morning to you, laura and prussell. pthis morning we're learning a plittle bit more about exactly pwhat this compact entails, articularly the expansion pcomponent and what lawmakers pwill have to agree to to see psome of these expansion parts ptake effect. ptake a look at the screen here. pthis is a rendering of what pcould be on the way, a portion pof those millions of dollars pwould go toward adding a second photel to the tampa hard rock pcasino location plus a new prestaurant, shops and a helipad pand calls for remodelling the pexisting hard rock cafe. lans are in the works for a pseminole hard rock expansion in
6:12 am
pthis would include a guitar pshaped hotel with 800 rooms. pnow, all of thee projects are pexpected to add about 15,000 pjobs for construction and ositions. pthe expansion is included in pthat gaming compact signed by pgovernor scott and seminole ptribe chairman in december while pthe measure has supporters, not peveryone likes the idea. pone of the groups who did not psupport this idea is no casinos, pa lobby group right here in pflorida. pnow, the chairman or the resident of that organization phas said that the agreement is, pquote, a bad idea for florida, psaying it violates the pconstitution, also it undermines pthe economy and it expands pgambling across the state. pso we'll continue to follow this pand keep you posted as we learn panything further. pback to you. p>>russell: coming up an update pto a story we told you about pyesterday morning. p>>laura: the newly retired olice officer that may get to
6:13 am
pall. pthat story is coming up in about pseven minutes. pthen punxsutawney phil, come pout, come out wherever you are. pit's groundhog day and we're an phour away from finding out how pmany weeks are left in winter. p>>dave: i don't know how unxsutawney can keep sleeping pwith all that music going on. pwe have some fog we have to deal pwith. plooking at the tampa cam, i can psee downtown which i couldn't psee a bit ago. pso at least parts of our area, psome fog has lifted out but pothers, it continues to be pdangerous, zero, quarter mile pvisibility. pdense fog advisories out for p10:00 this morning. pnotice polk county, eastern phillsborough seeing heaviest of pfog. ponce it lifts, that's going to
6:14 am
pte3 3 will we get six more weeks of winter, or will it p>>laura: all right. pwill we get six more weeks of pwinter? por will it be an early spring? pwe hope to find out in about an phour. ptoday is groundhog day. pis that punxsutawney phil there? pthe eyes of the world will be on unxsutawney phil to see if he psees his shadow. oor guy. p>>russell: he never really pchanges. pnow a live look. hil has made 119 predictions. phe only picked an early spring pabout 17 times and we hope to pbring you phil's prediction live paround 7:25 this morning. pi'm with you. phow does he sleep through this? p>>laura: and every year we talk pabout this, dave. pgroundhog day is his favorite pday of the year. phow can he see his shadow?
6:15 am
plights everywhere. p>>russell: he analyzes this. p>>dave: you're right. pi do. phe's only been 39% correct. p>>russell: oh, dear. pfarmer's almanac, let's start on pthat one, too, while we're here. p>>dave: we at fox are 93%. pi'm just saying. p>>laura: we've been working with pyou a lot of years. pwe understand. p>>dave: one of my first jobs in pthis business was to interview pfrench creek freddie. phe took the microphone. pyou know, the big fuzzy thing on pthe microphone and he bit it up pand spit it out. pthat was the interview. pi'm not kidding you. pit was crazy. pokay. phave mile visibility in tampa pnow. pa quarter mile visibility. pi wonder where that video is. pquarter mile from brandon. pbartow, you're up and down from
6:16 am
roblem is, we get two types of pfog going on here. pyou've got your traditional pradiation fog in these inland plocations. pthis is likely going to lift out pas the sun comes up late morning pinto the afternoon and when you ush a south or even southeast pwind into our area in february, pjanuary with colder waters of pthe gulf, it generates fog. pthat's the issue we have. pso dense fog advisories out pthrough 10:00 this morning. pand after that, as it starts to plift, i think it's going to be a retty day so my main concern, pof course, is the morning pcommute and the fact it's still pdark out. lease slow it down, especially pin the areas where the speed plimits are a little higher. p65 degrees and we're going to pgreet you in frost proof, almdale, tampa is at 65. pit's 64 in st. petersburg so
6:17 am
pthanks to that very light south pto southeast winds. pgenerating all of that sea fog pbut once it lifts out, ptemperatures in the upper 70s pand eventually making their way pback to the lower 80s. ptomorrow morning will be exactly plike this. pwe'll hit 80 today, maybe 81 and pfog right back up again tomorrow pmorning. pthen we're going to be watching pthis line of showers and pthunderstorms move through the parea. pthe way things are setting up is pit looks like by thursday, maybe plate morning, early into the pafternoon, a round of rain comes psqueezing through. pi'll show you a couple of pdifferent computer model rojections which take it out pthrough early friday morning. p25 inches, 1.06. pokay. plet me check another model. psee what they're saying. phonestly, pretty much the same pthing so pretty good bet as we pget into the thursday afternoon ptime frame and we're going to pget close to maybe a little bit pmore than an inch of rain, which
6:18 am
psunday, we've got another setup pwhich could bring us another pinch of rain. pfor the month of february, we paverage 2.81 inches of rain. pwe may see most of that this pweek. pagain, thursday and on sunday. pso highs today will be around 81 pdegrees. pjust please, please note this is pone of the fogiest moments we've phad in quite some time. pfog will settle in tonight with pan overnight low of 67 degrees pand then mostly cloudy with a p30% rain chance tomorrow and phigh temperature of 78 degrees. pthe stubborn sea fog may keep pyou from doing some boating ptoday so please, please keep an peye closely on those pvisibilities because you know pwhat happens when that sea fog plifts out. pit can come in as quick and pyou're stuck. pnext seven days, i mentioned the pon thursday. pi know it's the beginning of the pstate fair but it's quiet friday pand saturday with more rain pcoming in on sunday in the pafternoon. p>>vanessa: thank you.
6:19 am
plook in the area just west of pthe gandy bridge so this is inellas county. plooks hazy out there but as dave pmentioned, there are areas pseeing improvement and it pdoesn't look too terrible here. pof course, any areas that you phave reduced visibility or phaving trouble seeing, make sure pyou're using the low beam lights pand slow it down. pwe want you safe on the proadways. pwe want to check our bridge ptimes crossing the water on the pgandy, looks like you're in for pa five minute ride. psix minutes across the howard pfrankland and 10 minutes across pthe courtney campbell causeway. p>>russell: white house is set to ropose spending $1 billion the pnext two years to fight cancer. resident obama set the pambitious goal of curing cancer pduring his state of the union paddress. phe wants to ask congress for $25 pmillion for 2017 and spend $195 pmillion to start this year. pthat will go to the national pinstitutes of health. p>>laura: we have an update to a pstory from yesterday morning
6:20 am
pa retired police officer in ohio pmay get to keep his canine artner after all without pspending a dime. pmatthew hickey retired last week pand he was told that he couldn't pkeep his partner, ajax, because pthe canine is still fit for pduty. phe launched an online campaign pto buy him at a police action. pit's generated more than p$65,000. p$65,000. pyesterday the city announced a lan for hickey to keep ajax for pfree as long as he agrees to pbecome an auxiliary offer. paccording to his fundraising age, he's not been cleared by phis doctor to return to active pduty. pwe'll let you know if anything pchanges. psaga continues. p>>russell: but it sounds like a phappy ending. p>>laura: they were going to pauction him off. p>>russell: that's the strange art of the story.
6:21 am
p>>laura: coming up, one very poverdue book resurfaces seven pdecades late. pfind out how much it could cost pthe person who checked it out. p>>russell: plus hillary has a pbig night in iowa but a psupporter who will forever be pknown as sticker guy stole some pof her thunder. ptaylor has you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... standing by for fun.
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3 it's time to see what's clicking on the web. social media producer taylor katz is in the studio with p>>russell: time to see what's pclicking on the web. p>>laura: hello, taylor katz. p>>taylor: hello. pteachers, everybody at home, are pyou awake right now? pi know that you are. pyou're up and early and today
6:24 am
pan ode to you. pin our first hot click, we have pa arkansas elementary school pteacher who created a school pthemed parity to the tune of p"all about that bass." pand after singing it at her pschool's winter party, she's a psocial sensation. pwe have a 30 second clip we want pto show you. p p oc: "all about those kids first duty..." yes! for the p>>taylor: yeah. pthere it is for the win. papparently she's been singing
6:25 am
pstranger to getting up in front pof a crowd. pthis time she wanted to do psomething special and creative pfor her school's winter party so pshe came up with this and worked pthe crowd at the party and it pwasn't just her third graders pand the faculty she's impressed. pnow after her husband matt osted her video on facebook, pguys, it's been viewed more than p1.5 million times, went crazy pviral over the weekend and we plike that. p>>laura: yeah. p>>taylor: the whole song is very pclever. pi will have that on the "scene pon tv" section of our website so pyou can see the whole video. pvery cool. pwe like that. p>>laura: we do. p>>taylor: next up, everyone is ptalking about the iowa caucuses pand while it seems that the race pwas almost too close to call pbetween hillary clinton and pbernie sanders, and they're pstill working to determine the pwinner overnight, see that guy? pthere was something else in his
6:26 am
paround the internet. pyes. pthis video of a random guy just pstealing some of the spotlight pturns out is a drake university pstudent named peter who will now pforever be known as sticker guy pand people couldn't help but pnotice his antics in the pbackground while hillary clinton pgave a speech last night at her piowa campaign headquarters. p>>russell: oh, my. p>>taylor: right? pno name. p>>russell: i would have thought phillary's handlers would have pdone something about that. p>>taylor: and hi, mom is so old. pwe have to move on. prubio, it was a close call and pthen we have that graphic. pso our final hot click, we're pactually not going to have time pfor you. pit was a really fun statue kind
6:27 am
pthat's another one that we'll phave in the "seen on tv" psection. pin the meantime, we have to talk pabout politics any way, right? pit's a headline so -- i'll see pyou later. p>>laura: thanks, taylor. p>>russell: still ahead, we're pstill deguesting the results of pthe iowa caucuses. p>>laura: more on that plus we're plearning how rio is dealing with pthe outbreak of a deadly illness pbefore the olympics. pand a library book seven decades plate. pthe person who check the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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6:29 am
pfirst we have to get to dave and pthe weather. pit's foggy out there this pmorning. p>>dave: it is and it's pwidespread. pinland locations, quarter mile pvisibility, back to the coast, pquarter mile visibility so kind pof all over the place in terms pof low, low visibilities. pfog will lift out probably pmid-morning or so inland and pthen maybe a little bit later palong the coastline and starting poff in the mid 60s and our pnormal low in the 50s. pstarting off that warm, it's not pgoing to take much sunshine to pget us back in the lower 80s. pthat's where i think we're going pto be for later this afternoon. pabout 81 degrees. pthe rain is moving in for pthursday, especially by thursday pafternoon so we'll talk more pabout that and then another rain pchance for sunday so a couple of pthings to talk about in a bit. p>>vanessa: right now we have a plive look over the sunshine pskyway bridge and we do have a pcrash that's actually reported pthere with no lane blockage but pi want you to be extra careful pas you cross the water here just pin case. pyou can see it is a situation
6:30 am
pdoesn't look too bad once you pget to the top of the bridge but phere where we're looking to the pnorth fishing pier, definitely pslow it down. p>>laura: from davenport to des pmoines, cedar rapids to sioux pcity, last night iowans packed pchurches and schools, community pcenters, all to pick the next resident of the united states pand new this morning, a winner pis declared for the democrats. pbut it was close. phillary clinton beating out pbernie sanders by a hair. arty says this was one of the pstrongest turnouts ever. p>>russell: to the republicans, ptexas senator ted cruz unseats pdonald trump as the new prepublican frontrunner. phe sailed to victory 28%. pthis is the second presidential pelection in a row where the pso-called gold standard of iowa olls, that's the des moines pregister poll has picked the pwrong republican caucus winner. p>> iowa has sent notice that the prepublican nominee and the next resident of the united states
6:31 am
p>> i was told by everybody, do pnot go to iowa. pyou could never finish even in pthe top 10. pand i said, but i have friends pin iowa. pi know a lot of people in iowa. pi think they'll really like me. plet's give it a shot. pthey said, don't do it. pi said, i have to do it. pand we finished second when we pstarted this journey. p>>laura: here is where the top pof the g.o.p. field stands after piowa. pdonald trump in second place pwith 24%. pthe big surprise of the night, pflorida senator marco rubio ptaking third just one point pbehind trump. p>>russell: the race for the pwhite house moves to new phampshire with two fewer pcandidates. plong shot martin o'malley and prepublican hopeful mike huckabee pboth decided to end their pcampaigns. po'malley never cracked double pdigits.
6:32 am
pnew hampshire primary is next ptuesday. p>>laura: president of the pinteshl national olympic pcommittee says he's confident pconditions will be good for the psummer games despite the zika pvirus. pthere's no risk except to regnant women. pgames will be held in august pduring brazil's winter with pcooler temperatures that can cut pdown on the mosquito opulations. pworld health organization is psaying this epidemic is an pinternational emergency. p>>russell: virus is in the same pcategory as ebola, meaning presearch and aid will be fast ptracked to tackle the infection. pthe spread coincides with the psurge of babies born with brain pdefects that have abnormally psmall heads in brazil. pno definitive evidence is roving they're connected but pthere is enough that health pofficials are advising pregnant pwomen to postpone visits to pbrazil and other countries with
6:33 am
pthat list includes 28 locations, pmost of them in latin america pand the caribbean. pit could be at least six months puntil doctors prove or disprove pany connection between zika and pthe surge in birth defects in pbrazil. p>>laura: last week the cruise pdelay caused passengers a trip pto kozumel. pthey sailed three days now pwithout docking anywhere. pthat was a big disappointment pand now with fears of the zika pvirus, some consider it a pfortunate turn of events. p>> we were prepared with bug pspray but i think since we pdidn't stop in the part, it made pme feel better. pwe weren't exposed. p>>laura: most major airlines are poffering full or partial refunds pto pregnant customers.
6:34 am
pf.d.r. was president and kas pcasablanca won the oscar. pit was the same year a new pjersey man checked out a book pfrom the library and he would pnot return it for 71 years. phe was 13 when he checked out p"football through the years." phe got sick and then forgot pabout it for another seven pdecades. phis wife died in december. pwhile his daughter was helping phem clean out the keepsakes, she pfound the book. pshe told him to call the plibrary. phe didn't want to. p>> he said, you know, you're a plittle late with this book. pi said, don't tell anybody pbecause i don't want to go to pjail. p>> first i heard is that he was pconcerned he would go to jail pwhich he would not. pi can assure him. p>>russell: 1944 the library pcharged a two cent per day fine pfor overdue books. pthat would add up to more than p$500. pthese days the line rather caps
6:35 am
pthey have told mr. ryan he can pkeep the book for free. pthey just want to see it. p"football through the years." pisn't that funny? p>>laura: all right. pso the big story this morning, papart from the iowa caucus presults is the fog. pdave and vanessa are fixing to pget you out the door safely. p>>russell: and why the landing pat kennedy space center is so
6:36 am
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p>>dave: now that we're getting pcloser to sunrise you can see pthe u.s.f. marine science pcamera, look at the sea fog phanging around. pas you look above it, and you pget back to some clear skies, ponce the fog lifts out, it's pactually going to be a beautiful pfebruary day and for many of us, pwe're going to go above 80 pdegrees. pthe main concern is here for the pnext couple of hours as we're pgetting into the heart of the pmorning commute. pin tampa the visibilities have pgone way up the past couple of phours so that's good but what a retty start to the day. pand again, getting back to the plower 80s so temperatures prunning way above normal for plater this afternoon. pwe've got one mile visibility in ptampa, quarter to half mile but pwhen you look at this, i can ptell you this is actually better pthan it was just 23 minutes ago pso as we're getting closer to psunrise, conditions are pimproving a little bit but we're pnot letting our guard down any
6:39 am
pthe morning, we're going to slow pit down below that posted speed plimit just a little bit, okay? pjust to be on the safe side. pdense fog advisories through p10:00 this morning. p but the sunshine is going to pwin the battle overall today and ptemperatures getting back to, pagain, 80, 81 degrees for later pthis afternoon. pi mean, we're starting off in pthe mid 60s tampa, clearwater, pbradenton so you've got one or ptwo spots in the upper 50s but pby and large, it's way above our pnormal low which is about 53 for pthis time of year. pso mild with the fog will give pway to nice, warm afternoon. ptonight once the sun goes down pagain, the fog is going to psettle back in, the sea fewing pfirst and then eventually the pinland fog and we'll be watching pa cold front approaching from pthe northwest. pmore than likely by thursday and plooks like thursday afternoon pwe're looking at a line of pshowers and thunderstorms coming
6:40 am
pafter that breezes through, pfriday looks great, saturday plooks great but i'm going to pfast forward and again, this pdoesn't change only because pyou're talking some five days pout and the timing of this will pchange but it looks like a ossibility of some more heavy prain and maybe some strong pstorms for the second half of pthe weekend. pso thursday, heavy rain possible pin the afternoon and then for psunday, don't look at the timing pon sunday right now because that pwill change but i can at least ptell you it looks like a second pround of rain is going to go pthrough for the second half of pthe weekend. pearly clouds, the fog will give pway to warmth and mugginess ptoday with a high of 81 degrees. pthe fog is going to settle right pback in tonight. pit will be mild and muggy with povernight lows of 67 and then pmostly cloudy tomorrow. pthere may be a tiny little pshower tomorrow. pthat's not really going to be pthe focus. pit's going to be the fog in the pmorning and we'll go 78 degrees pfor a high temperature tomorrow pafternoon. lease be careful boating pbecause that sea fog can be
6:41 am
pwaves in and waves out depending pon the direction of the wind and pthe next seven days, the two prain chances that i think we've pgot the best rain chance for pthursday and again on sunday. pthose just waking up, it is pgroundhog day. pthey're going to poke unxsutawney phil out of his pburrow. pi think it's a burrow in the p7:00 hour. pif that happens, we'll pass it pto you. p>>vanessa: is that what this pshot is? p>>dave: there they are. pthere's no way he's sleeping any pway right now at this point. p>>vanessa: we saw rapping. p>>dave: rapping and singing and pdancing. p>>vanessa: they're stomping paround. pnow i know where the groundhog pon your graphic looks like that. pwe were wondering yesterday. p>>dave: what's going on out phere? p>>vanessa: dave, thank you. pand i know dave has mentioned pthat some areas seem to be pimproving as far as the pvisibilities and definitely plooks like that's the case here palong i-4. psome cameras that we're checking pout in the polk county area, pthis is a look near memorial pboulevard.
6:42 am
pclearing out but starting to get pbusier as far as the volume on pthe roadways. pso we are getting a little bit pcloser to that rush hour period. plook like the travel times are pstill looking good and good news pfor drivers, visibility at least pin this area is looking a lot pbetter. pi do want drivers to be careful. pwe have a crash reported at the phit and run at this time. pu.s. 92 at gallagher road. pf.h.p. hasn't reported back as pfar as any road blockages so pit's a possibility at this point pand you definitely know with the pvisibilities right now, we want pto slow it down through the area pand let's keep the first presponders working that crash pinvestigation safe. pall right. ptime right now is 6:45. pwe want to say our first hello pof the morning to charley pbelcher. p>>charley: good day to you. phow are you this morning? p>>vanessa: wonderful. phow are you? p>>charley: my goodness. pi am so good. pit's such a perfect assignment
6:43 am
pit's going to be a morning of pself control and as my parents pcan tell you, they still have psome old report cards from third pgrade, fourth grade, fifth pgrade, sixth grade and it would psay, young charley is a fine pstudent in class but he lacks pself discipline. pself control at times. pi'm going to have to muster all pi can because i'm at a mini pdonut factory. plook at the donuts. peverywhere i look, it's tiny plittle donuts. poh, they're tiny so i can eat 12 pof them. pit's fine. pthat's the mindset. pthis is a special order. pmini donut folks have been here psince 3:00 in the morning pbecause roosevelt elementary put pin a large orde
6:44 am
pcotton candy, cookies and cream. pif you're girl scout cookie fans pof the samoa, that's the samoa. pmini donuts. pthis is unbelievable. pthis place is on fire. pthey're in south tampa right on psouth dale mabry. p2109 south dale mabry. pthey're wrapped around the pbuilding on the weekends. pthis is -- we have the cronut pcraze. pmini donuts. pwe have it all for you this pmorning. p>>vanessa: we're all freaking pout over here. p>>charley: i can smell it. pthem. p>>vanessa: how fun. phow fun, man. p>>laura: thank you. pit is 6:47 now and a manatee pcounty circuit judge is in hot pwater for requesting tickets to ptampa bay rays games.
6:45 am
ersonal injury case in which a pclient sued wal-mart. pa jury found that wal-mart was pnot liable in the end and the pnext day, the judge asked his passistant to contact the law pfirm for tickets to a rays game pagainst the boston red sox. pabout a month later, he granted pthe firm a new trial. pdocuments indicate that the pjudge requested tickets to at pleast two more games after that. pflorida supreme court will pultimately decide whether the pjudge should be punished. pflorida legislature is asking -- pis being asked to give tens of pmillions of dollars to help psports teams. psome legislators went to set paside $255 million for the pinternational speedway. psimilar plan was rejected last pyear. pbuccaneers initially turned in pan application to get state pmoney for a few stadium but the pstate officials say the papplication was not complete. pand then nasa's next generation pspace capsule has arrived at the pkennedy space center.
6:46 am
pflorida, inside a special plane. pthe massive plane can carry up pto 26 tons of cargo. pright now the owe ryan can't he pwill is an empty shell. pit needs all the hard way and pelectronics installed. pits first deep space launch is pscheduled for sometime in 2018. p>>russell: that's really cool. pthere's a new top dog in the pbusiness world. pguess which company just beat pout apple as the most viable pcompany in the country? pthink about it for a second. pand a new mini series about o.j. psimpson, the chase, the case,
6:47 am
pthe actor gives right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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you like being picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. 3 3 3
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doesn't seem to be a ceiling for some of these tech companies .. p>>russell: there doesn't seem to pbe a ceiling for some tech pcompanies. p>>laura: and now two are duking pit out to be the world's most pvaluable company. pjoining us is lauren simonetti pto talk about it. phey, lauren. p>>reporter: most people would psay, apple is and has been the pfast. plast night, google's parent, pwhich we now call alphabet, put pout earnings that were just, my pgoodness, tremendous. pnow if you look at the after phours surge in the price of that pstock, alphabet is bigger than papple. pso what is alphabet and google? pgoogle is the main business, the psearch business, but then they pdeal with all of these crazy pmoon shot pie in the sky type rojects like those contact plenses that detect glucose plevels, driverless cars, the plist goes on. psometimes, you know, those are pmoney losing entities. pso now google is breaking them
6:50 am
p>>russell: let's talk about uber pbecause there's been this fight pgoing on between the company and pthe drivers about this drop in pfares. p>>reporter: right. puber was competitive with yellow pcabs and other ride services. pwhat they did in new york fls pslash prices 15%. pnow the uber drivers here are psaying, whoa. pyou cut prices and you say we're pgoing to be more busy. pguess what? pwe're losing money so they rotested yesterday. psome didn't drive for the pcompany for a couple of hours pthat day. pbut uber says, look. pwe cut fares. pyou're going to be busier and in pthe end, you're going to make pmore money. pthis is different in every city, pdifferent between drivers but pfor the most part, lower fares pshould mean busier cars. p>>russell: okay. ptalk later, okay? p>>reporter: all right. p>>laura: and don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation f. you're not sure where pto find the fox business pnetwork, go to fox
6:51 am
p>>russell: grease is still the pword. pthe tv production of grease pline, 12.2 million people tuned pin. pfox will continue the live pmusical trend next month. pthe passion, the story of the plast hours of jesus and will air plive from new orleans on march p20. p>>laura: it is easily known as pthe trial of the 20th century pinvolving big time celebrity and pathlete o.j. simpson. pthat now bronco chase and the pverdict that captured the pnation. p>>russell: now the story is a pfocus of a mini series. pwe have a sneak peek. p>>reporter: f.x. along with the pexecutive producer take on the ptrial of last century in a plimited 10 episode series called p"the people versus o. j. psimpson, american crime story." p>> your ex-wife has been killed. p>>russell: the famed football plegend is accused of killing his
6:52 am
probert goldman. pthe series follows the case from pright after the murders through po.j.'s acquittal. p>> i think that you're going to preally get a behind-the-scenes plook at not only the trial but pthe personalities that motivated pthe trial. p>> you'll be enlightened about pwhat you didn't know. pi think the facts that are phidden will shed light on an punderstanding why a result phappened and the way it did. p>> i'm not a public personality. p>>reporter: the month long trial pturned many people associated pwith the case into celebrities. pthe cast has mixed feelings pabout reaching out to the real eople they portrayed. p>> with all the vintage video, i pgot enough of a sense of robert, pmy interpretation and also was padvised to wait to do that. p>> my decision not to meet with phim today was based on the fact pthat i'm not playing a broken pman who has been in prison.
6:53 am
pflamboyant, charismatic, movie pstar slash, you know, marquis pfigure of the sports world. pwhen o.j. simpson passes away, pif they are able to do an pautopsy on his brain, they'll pfind the c.t.e. concussion psyndrome. pi think from all of his many paccomplishments, the records he pbroke in high school and pcollege, i think that he, the pblows that he sustained that pthere's something mentally pdamaged those signs. pi'm not saying that he is presponsible for the murders, but pi think you will understand that pbehavior, what motivated him pbecause of the disease that he pwas exposed to. p>> he's not going to get away pwith killing her. p>>russell: that starts tonight pon fx.
6:54 am
pall right. pmoving on to new hampshire now, pone night in iowa has changed pthe race for president. pwe are live in des moines with pthe big winners and what this pmeans going forward. p>>russell: and jennifer epstein pis at a local school giving pstudents hands-on experience psalon. pwe've all seen snakes in the pbackyard. pusually they're little ones. pnothing like this florida psurprise. pwe're going to show you where a pnine foot anaconda showed up. pstand by. p>>dave: 6:57. pgreat picture looking at tampa. plooks like a lot of fog has pbegun to lift out. pwe're at 64 degrees. pthen you go to lakeland and the pfog settles in so not everybody phas lifted the fog out yet, but pwe will. pdense fog advisories. pwe'll follow that with sunshine pthis afternoon and in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to
6:55 am
... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
6:56 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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