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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 2, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 3 ((russell- a close finish. hillary clinton and bernie sanders went down to the p>>russell: close finish. phillary and bernie, one goes pdown to the wire in iowa and prepublican donnedal trump fails pto deliver. lus -- p>>reporter: seminole hard rock pcasino could be getting larger pif lawmakers give their papproval. pwe'll tell you about that pstraight ahead. p>>laura: and the urge to psplurge. pspending the money we make. pit seems a lot of have you penormous willpower. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day." pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pfirst it is a very foggy morning pand dave is going to talk about pthat. p>>dave: i want to show you two pcompletely different cameras. pgood morning to you guys. pfirst of all, the tampa cam pwhich we showed you before the pbreak.
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pnot much in the way of fog from pthat camera. pnow, let me show you what sea pfog looks like. plook at the difference. pclearwater hilton beach, it is pcoastline. pthick. pso this is one of those days pwhere i believe our inland plocations will lift that fog out pcoastline. pstill we're reporting quarter to phalf mile visibility in many, pmany spots so even though the psun is on the way up, let's keep pit slow. pearly fog will give way to psunshine and high temperature paround 81 degrees. pyou see the difference there, pcamera, in the two cameras. psome areas look good and others pnot so. ptrend. pa lot of inland cameras along pactually starting to look clear pand then we have cameras here in inellas county, 275 and 54, pit's still looking a bit foggy. pdown.
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pto build u.s. 92 at gallagher proad following an earlier hit pand run. pgive yourself extra time. p>>laura: there's a new pfrontrunner in the republican prace for president. psenator ted cruz won the iowa pcaucuses. p>>russell: and in iowa we have pthe latest. p>>reporter: hi there. pcruz takes this home for the pg.o.p. and the democratic side pis too close to call. pthat's just some of the psurprises that democrats and prepublicans are receiving here pin iowa. pon the democratic side, the race pis now down to just hillary pclinton and senator bernie psanders. pafter martin o'malley suspended phis presidential campaign. p>> i am excited about really pgetting into the debate with psenator sanders about the best pway forward. p>>reporter: clinton was pexpecting a big wane in iowa. pwhile it was too close to call plast night, sanders is claiming
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prace. p>> think about what happened ptonight. pi think people of iowa have sent pa very profound message to the olitical establishment. p>>reporter: for the republicans, pdonald trump led the polls for pmonths. pted cruz scored a surprise pvictory. p>> iowa has sent notice that the prepublican nominee and the next resident of the united states pwill not be chosen by the media. ptrump but may not have been much pof a shock after he skipped out pon the debate in des moines. p>> we will go on to get the prepublican nomination and we pwill go on to easily beat phillary or bernie. p>>reporter: now we head to new phampshire. pon the republican side, huckabee pdropped out and o'malley called pit quits for the dems. p>>russell: take care of pyourself. pbye-bye.
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psanders scores extremely well pwith millennials and a large ortion of the generation x pvoters while hillary does well pwith the baby boomers and most pvoters older than 65. pa close finish in new hampshire pas well, that primary is next. pit is a week from today. p>>laura: how important is iowa? ponly three candidates who won pthe iowa caucuses went on to win pthe presidency. resident carter in 1976, resident bush in 2000 and resident obama in 2008. pso losing the caucus in iowa is pnot the end of the world. pin fact, a lot of presidents phave got en off to a slow start. pthat includes bill clinton and pronald reagan. pa lot of people consider them ptwo of the best presidents in pthe last 50 years. p>>russell: and craig patrick is pin iowa. pwe're going to ask him at 7:30 pabout marco rubio's rise in opularity and why jeb bush pcontinues to struggle. p>>laura: new this morning, a phomicide investigation in plant pcity. olice found a man's body in a
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pthey were responding to a pdomestic disturbance between two pmen at about 8:30 last night. p31-year-old man had a trauma to phis upper body. pthat's all we know so far. pwe have not been told if police phave made an arrest. p>>russell: and this. pneighbors had no idea that a ptampa man had eight pipe bombs pinside of his house and the pstuff to make more. pfederal agents say they also pfound a couple of high caliber pweapons and a large amount of pammunition. p24-year-old michael ramos was ptaken into custody on monday. pagents say he has shown panti-government opinions in the ast and he allegedly told them phe was part of a local militia pthat goes by the name, united pstates patriot army. p>>laura: there is still no sign pof two teenagers who broke out pof a hillsborough county pjuvenile detention center. pinvestigators say that p18-year-old anthony bay and p17-year-old anthony cook cut a phole in the chain link fence psunday.
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pmissing during a head count at pthat privately run facility. pboth teens were serving time for pgrand theft auto. pif you know where they are, call pcrime stoppers. pthat number is 1-800-873-tips. pyou could be eligible for a preward. p>>russell: 7:06 and the seminole ptribe sweeping the deal with the pstate when it comes to gambling. pthe tribe is proposing a major pexpansion at two casinos, pincluding one in tampa. phowever, the tribe wants pexclusive rights to blackjack, pcraps and roulette. pin exchange, they'll pay the pstate $3 billion over seven pyears. pgovernor scott is urging plawmakers to approve this offer. pif they don't, seminoles are pthreatening to lay off close to p4,000 employees. pand this may have a big effect pon the hard rock here in tampa. p>>laura: and that resort casino pmay get a huge expansion project lus a lot of jobs, too. pshayla reaves is there this pmorning. pwhat's at stake here?
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pthis really all hinges on plawmakers and whether or not pthey agree to approve this pcompact made back in december. phere is what we're talking about pas far as tampa goes, here is pwhat could be on the way. pwe're talking about an expansion phere, including a new prestaurant, shops, a helipad and pa second hotel as well. pit calls for remodelling the pexisting hard rock cafe and pchanges to the banquet and pmeeting room options that are pavailable here. pnow, the plans are also in the pworks for the expansion over in phollywood, florida. pthis would include a guitar pshaped hotel, an 800 rooms and pall of the project expected to padd about 15,000 jobs for pconstruction and another 5,000 ermanent positions. pthe expansion is included in pthat gaming compact signed by pgovernor scott back in december. pwhile the measure does have some pcorners, there are folks who do
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pforward. pamong them are supporters of no pcasinos, a florida lobby group pwhose president or chairman, prather, has said that expanding pgambling across the state would pquote, be a bad deal for florida roposed by the agreement. pthey say also it would violate pthe florida constitution and in paddition to that, undermine the pflorida economy. pthose are the commissions pcountering the expansion roject. pat this point we'll have to wait pand see what lawmakers decide. pwe'll keep you posted, though, pas we learn anything further. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. prussell? p>>russell: well, imagine the psurprise when a melbourne woman pfound an anaconda in her yard. pshe didn't notice it until one pof her dogs ran up to the giant psnake and that's when she saw pthe head stick up. pluckily the dog didn't get hurt. pa neighbor with experience was pable to capture the nine foot pgreen anaconda.
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pto be 20 feet long. pwildlife officials will study pthe snake for a micro chip to psee if it has an owner. p>>laura: yikes. pbetter late than never. pthat's the stuff of nightmares. pthe library book that was more pthan 70 years overdue. p>>russell: plus it's groundhog pday. pthe prediction from punxsutawney hil in just a few minutes. pa big crowd as we see what phappens. pdave? p>>dave: good morning. pwe have fog in some spots right pnow. pactually pretty thick. pin others it's not too bad. pjust a general slow it down out pthere with the foggy start. pfence fog advisory lasts until pabout 10:00 this morning. pfrom there, we can take the pvisibilities and quickly bring pthem back up to zero in bartow. phalf mile in st. petersburg. pi still think, though, once the
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plower look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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pthrough denver, dismal and they pexpect to get about a foot of psnow by tonight and more than p500 flight cancellations pyesterday and they expect many pmore today. pdelays are going to be the big pissue there. pyou know, the average time to de pdeice a plane is up 15 minutes. pthis goes with the territory, pright? pearly february in colorado. pbut that's the scene in denver. pwe'll find out in about 10, 15 pminutes whether punxsutawney hil will predict six more weeks pof winter. pthis is a live look at the event pin pennsylvania. pthese are the gentlemen that psoon. pcrowd. pthey'll take him out of his psleep, make a proclamation and pthere you go, folks. pas soon as they do that, we'll ptry to get it out to you. ptry to watch it while it's
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pnortheast of pittsburgh in ennsylvania. pit's 64 degrees at 7:30 and plocally we've had fog as an pissue. pnot everybody. pit's interesting. pyou look at this camera. pi can see downtown so it looks pokay but there are other cameras pwhere the fog is really settled pin. pyou see right down around the pground here, river view area, pwe've had to deal with a little pbit of that fog this morning and pthen out toward the coastline pwhere we've had occasional prounds of some sea fog. pfog is going to be quite dense pthe next two mornings but pluckily by mid-morning or so, it pmoves out. pi think today, back up to 81 pdegrees. pheavy rain possible on thursday pafternoon and then another round pof heavy rain, the potential for pstrong thunderstorms on sunday. pso the way it's setting up, pwe'll have two rounds of rain pand storms this week. pone on thursday and then one pagain on sunday. phere are your current pvisibilities where it looks like
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pdealing with that stubborn zero pto quarter mile visibility right pin the middle of polk county. pa mile and a half from brandon. phalf mile from sarasota around pthree miles and once the fog plifts, we've got unseasonably pmilder temperatures this morning prunning anywhere from 62 wesley pchapel to 64 in the tampa area, peven 65 and 66 on the map early pthis morning. pso it is not going to take much psunshine to get us above that p80-degree mark which i think pwe're easily going to do for pinland locations this afternoon, pmaybe upper 70s along want pcoastline. psee the big low cranking north pof denver? pit's going to drag the front pthrough the area. pfront number one is going to be pthe one that brings us rain on pthursday. pand then another low developing pout to the gulf is the one psunday. pin between those two rain pevents, friday looks good and psaturday look good. pwe're at 81 degrees for a high
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ponce the fog lifts out, then the pfog settles back in tonight. povernight lows near 67 degrees pwith tomorrow, maybe more clouds pthan sunshine overall. pthere could be a quick little pshower but overall tomorrow's prain chances are really only pgoing to run around 30%. pwe'll more than double that for pthursday, quiet on friday, quiet pon saturday but then notice the prain chances and the potential pfor some strong thunderstorms pcome in for sunday. phow are things on the roads, pvanessa? p>>vanessa: we're still very pfoggy as you might suspect and pwe have a look for folks along p275. pthis is the camera north of that pnebraska avenue overpass so it's pnorth of bearss avenue and it plooks pretty foggy out here. pdrivers will want to slow down pand use the low beams. pwe have heavier travel times, robably because of the fog palong 275 southbound. pthat's up to a 28 minute ride pfrom the bearses exit to i-4. pthen it's also looking a little pbit slow on i-4 pittsburgh, 75
7:15 am
pit's a 17 minute ride. pdrivers crossing the sunshine pskyway bridge in the northbound pdirection, a crash is blocking pthe left lane. pwe don't have any delays that pare reported quite yet but we'll pwatch for a few minutes and make psure things don't get out of phand. p>>laura: thank you. pday. pbusinessmen and other travellers pdoesn't have to mean skipping psmoothie. pamerican hotel and lodging passociation checked out which photels are jumping on the health ptrend and 84% of hotels had pfitness facilities in 2014. pit's a huge step up from 2004 pwhen only 63% of hotels had pgyms. pgood news for people who like to pwork up a sweat in the comfort pof their own rooms. pnumber of hotels that offer pin-room exercise equipment has pnearly doubled in the last pdecade. p13% of hotels offer that service pin 2013. pa lot of them are going beyond pthe traditional gym, offering
7:16 am
pboard classes or a mini fridge pstuffed with fresh local roduce. p>>russell: and while the guests pmay want to stay in shape while ptravelling, it's a little pdifferent when it comes to hotel pemployees. pa study says that people like pfemale hotel employees to be on pthe heavier side. presearchers say they're erceived as warmer and more pconfident than the average pweight co-workers. pthose judgments didn't stop pthere. photels with heavier female pemployees who were given better pratings, even more interesting, presearchers found the weight of pmale employees had no impact on phow guests perceive them. p>>laura: declaring pornography a ublic health crisis, why one plawmaker wants to do just that. p>>russell: predicting the super pbowl winner. pmad pmadden 2016 makes the pick. pcharley belcher, i'll take a pdozen to go. pthis? p>>russell: yeah. p>>charley: it's the word, the
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p>> directed the president of the pinner circle to the first recise predictions for all. pthe inner circle throws two pgreat ends to keep abreast of pthe latest trends. pdown in my burrow, i never got pbored, riding on my hover board. pand i sure have fun -- p>>russell: you see punxsutawney hil and we're about to see or
7:20 am
p>> this has turned our weather pmore than a trend. er chance this winter has come pto an end. pthere is no shadow to be cast. pan early spring is my forecast! p>>laura: and early spring is my pforecast. pthere it is. p>>russell: dave is stunned. pyour mouth dropped open. p>>dave: it's only happened 17 ptimes in the past 100 years or pso that he did not see his pshadow. phe's like, are you serious? p>>russell: he looks pretty calm. p>>dave: put me back. p>>russell: i see teeth. p>>dave: the groundhog did not psee his shadow. pthat means early spring. p>>russell: are you buying this?
7:21 am
p>>laura: there you go. p>>dave: turn the volume up. phere we go. p>>laura: it is whack a monthly. p>>dave: no shadow, everybody. pit's an early spring! pdo you want to see it again? pyou know what it is? pit's that noise. pthere it is again. hil does not see his shadow. phonestly, i was not expecting pthat. pi had the other graphic in there pwhich had shadow on it. p>>russell: you were covering pyour bases. p>>dave: i was covering my bases. pthis is the first time in quite psome time. p>>russell: early spring. pwe'll take it. p>>dave: what are we doing? pokay. p>>laura: we'll show it. pthank you. pwe'll get to other news now at p7:24.
7:22 am
phis lawyers will ask a judge to pthrow out the criminal case plaunched against him. p>>russell: it's the only case pfiled stemming from the paccusations he sexually passaulted dozens of women. pthe defense says he had a verbal pagreement with the district pattorney. phis attorney will argue that per pthat agreement, cosby would not pbe prosecuted. pif he testified in a civil plawsuit filed by andrea pconstrand. rosecutors say there's no pevidence that agreement ever pexisted. ponce testimony became public plast year, prosecutors charged phim with felony sexual assault. pcosby has not entered a plea. p>>laura: the french drug maker pthat made the first fever pvaccine is now working to make a pzika virus. pcdc added four more countryd to pthe travel alert list. pu.s. health officials are also pworking on a vooks own for the pvirus. pthe virus is a real concern to regnant women. pit's been linked to thousands of
7:23 am
pwith a rare birth defect. p>>russell: pornography is pdestroying the family. pa lawmaker is proposing a presolution that declares porn a ublic health crisis. psenator weiler said it's addict pi didn't have and he thinks it's pone reason young men are putting poff marriage. phe wants to start the pdiscussion. pa lot of his colleagues agree. p>> for heaven sakes, we ought to rotect our children against pthis. pi mean, you know, we do peverything we can to protect pthem from alcohol and tobacco pand this is -- can be more pdestructive than any of those pitems. p>>russell: legislation calls for peducation, prevention, research pand policy changes to address pthe pornography epidemic. pthe story is getting a lot of pinternational attention. p>>laura: having an overdue plibrary book or a red box movie
7:24 am
pcomes to fines but this story pwill make you feel better about panything you have that's poverdue. pa man just returned a book to pthe library seven decades after phe checked it out. pfrank ryan checked out "football pthrough the years" in 1934. pwhen he found the book in pdecember, he was afraid he might pgo to jail because he kept it. pbut his fears vanished after his pson called the library. pthey said that he wouldn't go to pjail at all and they capped the pfee to $10. p"football through the years." p>>dave: time is 7:27. pbreaking weather news. pjust happened a couple of pminutes ago. hil said -- this is a last time pi'm going to show it. pno shadow. hil did not see his shadow just pa few minutes ago in ennsylvania and that means paccording to phil, an early pspring. pthere you go.
7:25 am
pranges from zero in bartow to pquarter mile in lakeland, 3/4 pmile in brandon. lease, please, especially in pthe fog favored areas, slow it pdown. plet this fog lift out. ponce it does, we're starting at p64 degrees. pso it's only going to be quick pjump to bring it back to the plower 80s for highs today. pnotice the rain chances pincreasing 30% tomorrow. pa very solid shot of showers and pthunderstorms for thursday. pdo you want to see it again, pvanessa? p>>vanessa: can we see that pinstead of the traffic map? p 7:28 is the time. pi was worried. pthere's a little delay before pgoing to the maps. pi thought we were actually going pto do the graphic again. pcrash out of pasco county is pslowing things down in the peastbound direction of state proad 52 before you get to 75 at pthe intersection with old pasco proad. pseeing delays of five minutes or pso. pyou definitely want to give pyourself extra time out the door pand make sure the delays don't
7:26 am
pmeantime, speaking of delays, pwe're already up on the very pheavy side for travel times on pthe veterans expressway. plook at the red there. pbasically from the start of the pvets where those average speeds pare around 14 miles an hour and pwell past gunn highway. pyou see the severe delays. pthen really don't taper off puntil we get to hillsborough. p36 minutes is your drive there. psouthbound direction. pnorthbound is always looking pgood. p>>russell: the most popular pbrand in america, it is not pcoke. pit is not nike. pwe'll have the answer coming up. p>>laura: and then jennifer pepstein with some students. psome kids give her a hair cut ptoday. pno way. p>>jennifer: i don't know about pthat but the barber shop is open pfor business. pstudents are learning how to run pa business and give the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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7:29 am
phe has a legitimate chance to be pthe republican nominee for resident. plet's get to craig patrick still pin iowa. pwe'll get his thoughts on all of pthis. pit was predicted that he would phave a third place finish but pthis was a very good third place pfinish, wasn't it? p>> it was. phe was polling in the low teens, p15% in what was considered among pthe most accurate polling in piowa. pagain, he comes within one point pof donald trump pushing him for psecond place. pthat part was not expected, at pleast not by the pollsters. pit was clear by the crowds that prubio was drawing, by the padvertising, he was blitzing the pair waves, more than 7,000 ads pthrough the course of january. phe clearly won the ad for us and phe clearly won the race because pin the final hours, if you look pat the polling, the late prubio. pand not just the baseline pnumbers.
7:30 am
pwith marco rubio as he now goes pto new hampshire and bet that a plot on establishment, republican arty money will be going to pmarco rubio. pit already is but he'll have a pbig shot of momentum heading pinto the next early state in the olls. pother states move to a great pextent based on results of the pfirst two. p>>russell: we know ted cruz won, pdonald trump comes in second. pif you're donald trump today, pwhat do you do to get your pmomentum back? p>>reporter: you decide not to pskip debates. pyou start there. pdonald trump put a positive spin psaying that no one expected him pjust a couple of weeks ago to pfinish where he did. pthis is an expectations game. pwhen you don't manage pexpectations and you wind up pcoming in second place, it's phard to declare that as a pvictory, though he did. pi think he needs to regroup.
7:31 am
phe appears to be leading in puntil 49 other states and he pknew that iowa was a heavy lift pall along. p>>russell: we talked about marco prubio and what a good night he phad. pour former governor, jeb bush, pdid not have a good night. p>> he had a terrible night. phe got zero delegates. pnow, if you look at the ad pspending, $70 million was intent pin the state of iowa by all the pcampaigns and all the pacs. pof that, $15 million was spent pby team bush. pout of all of that, you lose to prand paul, you get zero pdelegates. pthis was a terrible night for pjeb bush but talking to the pgovernor personally yesterday a pcouple of days ago, you got the psense they saw that coming. pand that they're now focused on pnew hampshire and that is, in pfact, where governor bush has laced far more emphasis on this pcampaign. pbut it makes new hampshire pabsolutely critical for jeb pbush. phe tries to punch a ticket from pthat state by beating out john
7:32 am
pthat will not be easy given the presults of last night. p>>russell: hillary finally ulled this out last night but pshe's got a tough road ahead of pher in new hampshire, doesn't pshe? p>>reporter: she does. pshe's trailing badly in new phampshire and she locks in a tie pin iowa after leading by more pthan 20 points in november, just pa couple of months ago. pbernie sanders, week by week, pclosed that gap in iowa and is pnow running up the score in new phampshire. pthey leave with virtually the psame number of delegates out of piowa. pwith this you have head winds erhaps facing hillary clinton pin new hampshire. pif she loses there, the good pnews for hillary clinton is that pthe race then heads south to psouth carolina where she has a psignificant lead in the polling. pbut with the finish last night, pa virtual tie with bernie psanders, he now will have a lot
7:33 am
pcampaign which can keep him pgoing, i would say, through psuper tuesday and probably well pbeyond. p>>russell: craig, we'll let you pgo. pit's snowing on your head. pkeep warm somewhere. ptalk later. p>>reporter: thank you. p>>laura: come home soon, craig. pno secret which candidate mayor pbuckhorn wants to win. phe's heading to new hampshire to pcampaign for hillary clinton pthis weekend. phe'll knock on doors and make hone calls, whatever it takes pto help her win. pshe currently is trailing psanders in new hampshire by 23 oints. pmayor buckhorn is paying his own pway. pflorida primary is march 15. pballots are already in the mail pfor voters who live overseas. pthat includes military members. pstate law requires those ballots pbe sent 45 days prior to the pelection. pmail-in ballots will be sent pnext week. pyou have until february 16 to pregister for the primary. ponly republicans and democrats, pregistered republicans and pdemocrats can vote in florida pduring the primary.
7:34 am
p>>russell: americans boosted ptheir savings levels to a pthree-year high in december so pwhy are americans saving more pand spending less? pwell, a decline in energy prices pmay be playing a role. pdecember's warm spell meant that pmany americans spent less on putilities than expected and they pchose not to spring for year end pcar sales in november and passed pon durable and non durable pgoods. pin total, personal spending only pincreased by .1% in december. phousehold savings, though, pjumped to $753.3 billion in pdecember. pthat's the highest savings rate psince 2012. p>>laura: all right. pthe story will make you smile. psome students in middleton high pschool are learning how to cut phair and run a business at the psame time. pup accept -- jennifer epstein pis there to help them. p>>jennifer: you have a pretty pconservative hair cut.
7:35 am
pspring break change for you? pwhat do you think, laura? pblue mohawk? p>>laura: wouldn't that make for pfunny tv? p>>jennifer: senior hair cuts are ponly $5. pi had to say it. p>>laura: yikes. p>>jennifer: i'm getting booed. pi want you guys to know there pare many options here. pthat's what we're trying to get pat. pit's i barber shop. pthey just had a grand opening pyesterday and this is stephanie. pshe's the barber instructor. pfirst of all, it's cool. pyou don't think a high school pwould have an actual business, a rofitable business, but you pmade this happen. p>> absolutely. phillsborough county school board pmembers as well as miss beverly, pthe adviser as well as miss kim, pthe principal here. p>>jennifer: and you have pstudents who are working right pnow, giving hair cuts, styling phair.
7:36 am
pthere's the cost barber shop aspect pas well as the business. pcan you tell me about both? p>> absolutely. pnot only are we skilled in this pindustry, but we're also pteaching young people how to pbecome entrepreneurs, making psure that they go back to their pcommunity with the idea that pthey can actually be pentrepreneurs that own pbusinesses in their name, in ptheir communities and also pextend employment opportunities pfor others. p>>jennifer: these students not ponly learn how to cut hair and pstyle hair as well as other psalon ideas but they're also plearning how to run their own pbusiness. pis it from advertising, getting pthe word out about the grand popening, just all theirs. p>> absolutely as well as how to pwrite a business plan, how to resent yourself to a potential pinvestor. pgoing to the loan office or to pthe bank of america, anywhere pand be prepared with your actual pbusiness plan as well as your pexpertise. p>>jennifer: the really cool part
7:37 am
pfaculty member here, you get a pfree hair cut but your doors are palso open to the public, pcorrect? p>> absolutely. pcome out. pwe offer hair cuts as well as psimple styles such as blow pdrying, shampooing, roller set, pwe do facials, we do eyebrow pwaxing and we also are equipped pto do any type of hair pextensions and manicures and edicures as well. p>>jennifer: yes, they're pstudents but they're qualified pto provide these services and i pmean, where else can you go and pget your eyebrows done for three pbucks, right? p>> absolutely. pcome see us here. p>>jennifer: since i am here, pmaybe there's something that i pcan get done today? p>> absolutely. p>>jennifer: we'll talk about pthat and discuss maybe a little pbit of hair, some nails. p>> a little bit of everything. pmakeover indeed. p>>jennifer: you can get pretty pmuch anything done. pyou should see the long list i'm plooking at now, anything from a
7:38 am
pmen's hair cuts, senior hair pcuts. pyou can even get your mustache ptrimmed. pnothing isn't available here. pwe'll hang out with the students pall morning long. pi may sit in one of the seats a plittle later on "good day." p>>laura: yeah, right. pyeah, right. p>>jennifer: oh, come on. pisn't it cool? p>>laura: i know the kids love phaving you there. pvery sweet story. pwe love it, jen. ptalk to you soon. pdave? p>>dave: thank you, laura. pwell, hey, media day for the psuper bowl became a prime tame pevent. p8:00 last night on the nfl pnetwork. pbroncos quarterback peyton pmanning didn't say anything pabout retirement but he's been ptelling his close friends his psuper bowl will be his last pgame. pmanning doesn't want to talk pabout it right now. phe's just trying to have fun pwith this year's teammates.
7:39 am
pi know our whole team is, but pthe super bowl week is special. pit's unique. pit's different. pand i think the coach has pemphasized and encouraged us to penjoy it and soak it up. p>>dave: the folks responsible pfor the madden video game redict a panthers win on super pbowl sunday 24-20. pthey've been predicting the psuper bowl the last 12 years and pthey've been right nine times. p>>russell: all right. pmud, fire, freezing rain, no pmatch for some tough competitors pin england. pthousands battle the elements pduring this year's tough guy prace. pthe nine mile course includes pclimbing a wall, under ropes and phopping through fire. pthis year's winner was a p22-year-old.
7:40 am
pworld's toughest one day race. pstarted nearly 25 years ago. ptracks competitors from all over pthe world. p>>laura: did you see guys in pbikinis? p>>russell: maybe. p>>laura: dave says it's warm. phe has the i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it
7:41 am
expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
7:42 am
in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original
7:43 am
p>>dave: 7:47. psun is trying to burn through phere. pall the low clouds and fog, we phave great picture from the pchildren's hospital camera. pwe're at 63 degrees as we still pare dealing with some of that pfog and the closer you are to pthe coast, you're dealing with psea fog. pit's thick this morning. palso fogged in, in lakeland pwhere the temperature is 57 pdegrees. pwe'll tell you that some of pthese visibilities are a lot
7:44 am
pan hour, hour and a half ago, pbut they're all over the place. psarasota, six miles visibility. pvenice near zero. pcrystal river near zero. pso the fog is still hanging paround in a few spots and even pthough the sun is up, i just -- puntil 10:00, let's just slow it pdown, take it easy on the roads. ponce the fog lifts, then it will pdo its job in warming us up. pwe're at 64 at tampa pinternational. p60 in brooksville. pit's not going to take much to pget these temperatures back to pwhere they were yesterday and pthen some. pyesterday upper 70s. ptoday i think we've got a shot pat the lower 80s with a mild sea pfog lifting out for now. ponce the sun goes down tonight, pit's going to happen all over pagain. pthe fog is going to settle right pback in. pwe'll go through the whole mess pfirst thing tomorrow morning as pwell. pwhat we're watching is back here pto the northwest and i can tell
7:45 am
ptwo, it's several computer pmodels, all painting a pretty pwet picture for thursday pafternoon. pone model almost an inch of prain. pa second model pretty much the psame things. pwhen you start to get all the pmodels converging on this pretty pmuch the same resolution, more pthan likely that is what it plooks like and that's what we're plooking at for thursday pafternoon going into thursday pnight, pretty good chance of an pinch of rainfall. pso early clouds today, the pwarmth, the mugginess, 81 pdegrees for a high temperature. pi want you to really be careful pif you're boating because the psea fog kind of settles in, psettles out and it can happen pvery quickly as well. pthe groundhog did not see his pshadow so spring is around the pcorner according to that legend, pand by the way, there's your prain chance for thursday pafternoon. pbreezy conditions as well. p>>vanessa: all right. pa couple of new incidents we're pfollowing in pinellas county. pa vehicle is driven off the road
7:46 am
pbody of water along u.s. 19 at p42nd avenue south. pone lane is blocked there. pwe were also seeing minor delays psouthbound u.s. 19 just north of pcurlew road there's a crash with plane blockage. pmeantime, we're watching areas pwhere we're seeing fog. pthis is in polk county, i-4 parea, the polk parkway. pyou can see it looks like the pcars driving off to the white pabyss so be careful. p33 minutes across the howard pfrankland bridge to the pinterchange and also looking pslow on i-4 heading into pdowntown as well as 75 between pbruce b downs and i-4. p>> it's drama. pall of it.
7:47 am
pis strong at disney. pwalt disney company has been pnamed grand finances most owerful of 2016 and certainly pdue to the strength of the precord breaking "star wars: the pforce awakens." palso take into account the pmarketing investment, the pgoodwill customers and staff and pthe impact on business erformance. pother notables on this list, plego number two and l'oreal prounds out the top three. pnike sixth, coca-cola eighth and pit's a bit surprising, google pcomes in at 10. pwe also have a story this pmorning, it's the most valuable pcompany in the world. p>>laura: you never know, right? pwe're going to go to charley pbelcher right now hanging out at pa sweet place. pthis looks good. p>>charley: mini donut factory pfor goodness sakes. pthey make milkshakes out of mini pdonuts. p2109 south dale mabry. pgood thing about a mini donut
7:48 am
pone of everything and there you pgo. pthat's one of everything. poh, it smells fantastic. pwhen we -- by the way, i love pthe fox 13 viewer stopped by and pgot this box. pwe'll meet the owners of the lace and hear how we came up pwith the idea for mini the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
7:49 am
(church bell) (bear growls) r(burke) smash and grub. r seen it. covered it. we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two.
7:50 am
p>>russell: now you're changing. pwhat is this? p"good day." pi'm charley belcher coming from p210 the -- 2109 south dale pmabry. atrick and zee, the lovely pcouple behind the mini donut pfactory. pall right. plet's brag on yourself. phow long have you been open? p>> 2 1/2 months. p>>charley: it seems like peverybody is talking about your roduct. pyou were saying you're what now? p>> fastest growing yelp business pin tampa as far as i know, for pthe last four years. p>>charley: facebook? p>> 100 facebook reviews, google previews are crazy. psocial media has blown up. peverybody has been so good to pus. p>>charley: where did the idea pfor a mini donut come from? p>> i won't lie. pa buddy of mine, i was looking
7:51 am
pyears and told my buddy about pit. phe had a domain name i wanted to pbuy and said the opportunity for p$20,000. pi said that's not going to work. pdo miniature donuts. pi said what's a miniature donut? pi googled it and no miniature pdonuts were done the way i pwanted to do my product. p>>charley: it's a canadian pthing, right? p>> but not like this. pthey still do just the small pdonuts, the holes, things like pthat. pnot real small donuts topped plike this. p>> it's mostly candies, powders. pan original? p>> i'm pretty confident. p>> like this, made to order, pthough. psomeone is ordering right now pand we're making right now in pfront of us. p>>charley: it's fresh, fresh, pfresh. p>> everything that a customer peats is usually made within 60 pconsumption. pon the weekends, usually within p10 minutes. pit comes off the fryers and go
7:52 am
p>>charley: they have smoothies pand coffee. pdonut milkshake, we have to pbreak these down, how they're pmade, how they have the tiny plittle hole in there. pthey are a mini donut. pand you have questions, i got pquestions. pwe're not leaving any time soon. pwe're going to fully investigate pthe mini donuts, russell and plaura. pover. pyou've got to get out of there pat 10:00, okay? p>>charley: i'm not leaving until pi know every last detail. p>>russell: all right. psee you later. pthis competition measures your psweat. pwhat it looks for and how it can phelp you at 8:00. p>>laura: and then a new diet ill craze could be taking over psoon.
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