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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 2, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pto explain what it is and why 3 ((russell no one's trumping ted cruz. he pwell no one intrump trumping ted pcruz he comes out on top in iowa pa delegates are split down the pmiddle for the democrats. pand birth control for preteens? pwhy middle schools want to start phanding out condoms. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody it's 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody thank you for pwaking up with us tuesday pmorning february 2nd groundhog pday. pfoggy morning out here dave. p>> it has ab foggy morning too. psome of the visibilities very pearly this morning dropped down pto near zero.
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pnoticed how tough it was to see pin front of you pinellas county. pnow the fog's going to lift pgoing to lift out over the next pcouple of hours. pbut i'll be honest i think it pwill come right back in tomorrow pmorning at this time. pokay. pgot to show it again just pbecause i want to. pyou mentioned the groundhog. pwell folks, punxsutawney pmeasured in this morning took a plook and said no, i don't see my pshadow. pthat means an early spring. phowever, i'm thinking the fix is pin because skies are clear over unxsutawney, pennsylvania. pyou guys make up your own mind. p61 degrees as you see thin plittle veil of fog. plakeland whole different story. pas they are fogged in in spots pthere. pand 61 degrees. phighs today about 81. pa couple of quick showers ptomorrow afternoon best rain pchance will be on thursday. pwe'll talk about that in a very. pall right dave thank you. pof course we're watching fog for
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pgot. pthis is live look in pinellas pcounty. pthis will be before you get to phoward franklin bridge fury pheading northbound along 275. pmlk jr. street heavily travel ptimes pretty much all around robably due to low visibility pwe're seeing. pif you're actually on tampa side pof howard franklin continuing pnorth along 275 up to pinterchange twa that's a 20 pminute ride a bit slow. pwant to let you no about safety pconcerns waters avenue and panderson road getting word from pfhp signal malfunction of some psort it doesn't sound like all psignals in intersection are pcompletely out just the green plight on eastbound waters avenue pas you're taking a turn on to panderson. psomething is not working wee pseeing a little bit of a delay pin that eastbound direction. pmake sure you proceeding through pthat intersection with caution. p>> well it was a record setting pnight in iowa. pmore republican voters turned pout for at iowa caucus than ever pbefore. pon democratic side a big turn pout. pit didn't turn out as many of
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prepublicans. p>> i going into night people pwin. pbut it was ted cruz who came out pon with 28 percent of votes ptrump had 24 percent in third lay marco rubio with 23 percent phillary clinton eng edged bern psanders. pthe party says this one strong pedge turn outs ever. psecond only to a 200 oith pelection with president obama. pa craig patrick was up late last pnight watching numbers come pinspect he joins us again early pthis morning. pcraig, oh. pthe blizzard is rolling in pthere, good morning. p>> oh, dave just said high of p81, is that what i just heard? pi wasn't going to mention it. poh my goodness. p>> too bad too late i heard it palready. pthe weather is rolling in right pnow. pwe're looking at according to plocal forecasts around ten pinches of snow in a very short ptime here. pthis is going a problem.
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pjournalist trying to go home. pbut will be a challenge for a plot of the campaign staffers who pare trying to get out this pmorning as well. pover to new hampshire. pso, this could have an impact of pwhat plays out over the next peight days. pin the next race, but the this pmorning big story is what phappened in iowa. pand you can't interpret this any pother way. pbut very, very good news for pmarco rubio. pyes, cruz won it showed he very pstrong ground game here you look pa donald trump finishing in psecond place with marco rubio at pthird a mere 1 point behind. phe definitely exceeded pexpectations. pthis is an expectations game. pnot necessarily bottom line pnumber but where it falls based pon what the prognosticators pthought you were going to get. pwith this marco rubio belows out pexpectations in enters new phampshire with a huge shot of pmomentum. pgame. phe put a positive spin ton but phe did not meet expectations,
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pyou have a virtual tie in the pdemocratic race which good news pnor collin clinton in that she pdid edge out bernie sanders pslightly on delegates on flip pside it an is bernie sanders had pgood deal of momentum and a can pfight hillary clinton for pvirtual draw after going at it pfor months. pi want to go back let's go back pto republican party right now. pand donald trump, he's made no psecret of it he's not hanging phis hat on iowa. phe's always said that sarah alin gave another bizarre pspeech yesterday on trump's pbehalf. pdo you think she's hurting his pcampaign donald trump thinks psarah palin helped him. pi think that she did to a pcertain extent among pevangelicals in iowa. pif you look at the returns, pentrance polls and compare them, pyou see that evangelical split pfairly evanly between ted cruz pand a donald trump. pnumbers are telling us sarah alin did not hurt trump here. pmaybe his decision to skip the pdebate based on what we found in
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pthe question is, how much does psarah palin hurt as we advance pto different states with pdifferent demographic and pdynamics. pthat's where he might want to go pto in different direction as we pmove race into new hampshire. p>> let's talk about our former pgovernor jeb bush not a great pnight for him. pis he out of race now? pdoes he drop out? p>> well, it was terrible night pfor jeb bush no he doesn't drop pout he wasn't make a big play in piowa. pzero delegates after spending he pand his pac spending $15 million phere. pmore than any other campaign. pand yet, getting basically pnothing out of it. prand paul beat him in iowa. pso you can put no other spin but ptruly, truly terrible for jeb pbush. phampshire. pand that's where the polling we psee he's getting much more ptraction than he did in iowa. pbut it makes new hampshire far pfar more important for jeb bush pand particularly important if he
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pstay competitive he defeat chris pchristie and john kasich in articular. pwill the crowd thin after last pnight do you expect any more pcandidates to go? p>> i do. pi've had a couple already with pmike huckabee trop dropping out pmartin o'malley i would not be psurprised to see rick santorum pfall next later this morning or pvery soon. pi think you might see couple of pothers, suspend their campaigns pover the next couple of days. pand then certainly after new phampshire the list will be pcalled much more. p>> so much more to talk i hate pto keep you any longer you get pin the and stay warm. pi'll be back. pget home soon. pcraig patrick live for news iowa pafter a very late night. p>> all right. pnow the attention turns to new phampshire. pthe democrats will debate in pnight. prepublican wills then take their pturn on saturday. pfebruary 6th. palso in new hampshire. pand mayor buckhorn is headed up pto new hampshire he's announce a psupport to democratic candidate phillary clinton.
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ptakes to help clinton win. pearly polls show bernie sanders phas a 23-point lead right now in pnew hampshire. pmayor buckhorn says he believes pclinton a great role model for phis daughters. ptaxpayers not on hook to pay for pthis trip which comes days pbefore the new hampshire rimary. phe says he's paying for it phimself. pit's 8:08. pit was deadly morning on tampa pstreets. olice say two vehicles and pmotorcycle involved in an paccident just after 11 o'clock plast night on dr. king west near palbany avenue. ptampa police the motorcyclist pdied no names released. pthe police say the cause is punder investigation. pfeds make a disturbing discovery pa tampa apartment. pa tip led them to a home and pinside they found guns, bombs pand a teargas. pmichael ramosing former boss pnoticed homemade bombs about two pweeks ago. phe then record ad conversation pwith ramos. pramos told man he was going to pget rid of all of those bombs.
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pthe home and found the arsenal pstill intact. pramos told agents he didn't mean pto hurt anyone. pand agents say he had no ties to pinternational terrorism or any pconcrete plans. panti government. pthe affidavit also says ramos padded bird shot to the bombs and padmitted they could potentially pkill his neighbors. pnew developments in pinvestigation into two teenager pthat escaped a hillsborough pcounty detention center. pthey are still no sin of 18ed pyaerl anthony bay and p17-year-old anthony cook who cut pa hole in chain link fence and pcrawled right through it on psunday morning. pnow the company who oversees the pjail announce it just suspended pfour employees without pay after pan internal investigation. pdepartment of juvenile justice phas taken the lead in the pinvestigation. p>> i can't believe what i'm pabout to say a. after what i jew psaw.
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ptotal professional. pwouldn't have known it. plike dave said i hope even joys phis vacation in des moines. pextra day in des moines, iowa. phere going to gorgeous day to phit the beach. pdave's back in few minutes with platest on or warm forecast. lus local students have a lot pto be proud of today jen epstein pis live a middleton high school pright now to tell us what's pgoing on there. pthere you go. pthat's more like it jen. pnice. pi'm in the chair. pi'm in the chair. pguys, cuts, curls even color you pcan get a full spa treatment at pmiddleton high school for less pthan $20. pwe'll talk to one the stylist pcoming up after the break. pcharley belcher $2 you can get pthat beard trimmed you know you pneed it. pyeah, not a bad idea. pall right. pyeah. psign me up. pand then make me a little preservation there. pjust make sure a nice wide pchair. pi don't know how big i will pafter we're mini donuts mini pdonut factory in south dale
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3 3 ((laura 2shot)) some high school students have a *lot to be proud o pwell some high school students phave a lot to be proud of. pnot only did they come up with pat idea to start their own pbusiness, they got it off the pground. pmiddleton high school has opened pits own barber shop. pfox 13's jen epstein is live to ptalk to them about the pinspiration behind all of this pand what they hope to paccomplish. phey, jen. p>> this is my favorite lab preport ever, guys i'm getting my phair done about to get my nails ainted but i'm trying to pconvince my friend here to wake pup early and one:30 and come to pfox 13 and dour oh hair before pthe morning show. pshe was like what time? p2:30? pcan you do that? p>> no. p>> a little too early for you p>> too early.
8:15 am
pi'm sure you're one favorite pclasses what have you learned phere not just how to do hair and pstyle hair you're learning more. pright? pwe learn about like science pstuff, skin p>> i want to go to trade school pand open up my business. pyour teacher told me, you were pone of her best students. psorry, guys. pyou one of her best students. pone of the things that you're pspernlts what do you like to did phere? p>> roller curls, braiding and pwashing and shampoo and pconditioner. rices are pretty good here too pright p>> yes. pbeard trim for $2. p$2. pi think a hair cut for free for pstudents. pand is it $5 p>> yesterday was your grand
8:16 am
phad paying customer i will give pyou some money when we're done pi'll not going anything for pfree. eople out there watching tv why pthould they come to you and get psomething done? p>> because if you know you need pyour hair done you should get pyour hair done. pget a good cut, good trip. pa pa treatment and hairdo less pthan $20. p>> so explain to me this is a pbarber shop you still offer psalon services. pwhat's difference between a pbarber and a cosmetologist? p>> well, we use straight razors pand cosmetologists don't. p>> okay. pwe learned pretty much the same pthing. ptell me a little bit about the psalon services that are offered phere p>> nails, pedicure, manicure, psha pooh eyebrows waxing and pthat's pretty much p>> it's so cool. pyou guys are watching photo pjournal joe vaz keys show you pdifferent services. pstudents are here working hard pshe was telling me a 9 to 5 job. pyour feet were hurting yesterday
8:17 am
pyes, i felt like i was at work. pwell you are at work. pand by the way. ptips are accepted. phair cut might be cheap. pyou can throw a couple extra pbucks their way. pvery nice. pvery nice, jen. pall right. pseeley you later, okay. phow does my hair look? pits going to be beautiful. p>> thank you. pi can tell. pbye, guys. psee you later. pthat's fun. pgood for them. pyou know they love having her pthere too. pall right. pdave, what's going on, man? retty picture. pthat means you're looking a ptampa cam too. pquickly in some spots. poh, look at this, look at the priverview camera. pyou see, very close to the pground, those low clouds. pvery warm. pit's very muggy. pjuicy outside. plat last night produced that pfog. pnow here's a picture of pbradenton beach. pa different type of fog. pthis is sea fog.
8:18 am
pthick at times. pi would look out for this more pthan i'm worried inland plocations. ptampa looks great. plet's check visibilities and psome areas, are still getting pdown there. pcrystal river zero. pleesburg zero. pnow sarasota and venice, with pthat sea fog reporting zero pvisibility. preally less than quarter mile. pwhen that sea fog just works its pway in, it gets difficult. pso i would expect inland plocations to rapidly improve pvisibility over the next hour. pit's going remain tough along pthe coastline until probably pearly this afternoon. ponce the fog lifts, going to be pa pretty warm day. pwe're going to starting at 65 pdegrees. pso might get 80, 81 for a high pthis afternoon. pinland locations have best shot pat that 81. psome of that stubborn sea fog pmay hold temperatures down a bit palong the coast. pyou know what, coming right back pagain tonight. pso we may take all day to get prid of some of the fog.
8:19 am
palong the coast. povernight lows near 67. ptomorrow, mostly cloudy. pa 30 percent rain chance. phigh temperature of 78 degrees. pi have to caution you to be very pcareful if you're boating out in pthe gulf. pbecause this sea fog, even as it pmoves back off shore it's not pgoing to move back off shore by pthat much. pso it could quick xhl right back pat you later today. p70 percent rain chance for pthursday. pi know, dave's first day of the pstate fair and friday and psaturday look nice before panother round of rain comes pthrough on sunday. pvanessa. pall right, thank you, dave. p8:19 is time. pwe're in pinellas county, looks pa bit slow northbound along 275. pin the area of 38th, looks like pwe do have disabled vehicle some psort lock blocking a center lane pi checked a few camera couldn't pget exact sights on that pvehicle. pit does look i can beautiful pdelay heading northbound 35 pmptsz is your time coming from inellas bayway heading to kent pboulevard exit.
8:20 am
pdefinitely give yourself extra ptime if you head southbound palong 275 coming from 75 pjunction in pasco county heading pto interchange. pthat is up to 36 minute ride. pi know fog really hasn't been phelping as far as the morning pcommute. pit's also in the red along i-4 pwestbound heading into pinterchange 11 minutes from m l pk exit and a little bit of pcongestion we're seeing pnorthbound along 75, 14 minutes pfrom the selman to fletcher. p>> all right vanessa thank you. pthree foods you should avoid if pyou're concerned about food pbourne illnesses we will have pthem for you coming up at 9. palso ahead easing of trade pembargo with cuba could have big pimplications on our rum. pbut first, who doesn't love pdonuts? psometimes full sized ones can be pjust too much. pso charley's checking auto
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pyou could down a dozen p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from the mini donut factory p2109 south dale mabrey real pclose to plant high school. lant is right down there. pright across the way. pit's patrick's place patrick is pworking register they are open pfor business he's busy. pthat's all right z over here i pdonut robot mark 2? pa clue. pwhat was give away?
8:22 am
pafter mark 1. pi can't wait to see mark 3 pmodel. poh. pthey want you to get the mark 5 pright there. pokay. pthat's actually pretty funny. ptell me how you make your mini pdonuts, z. p>> mini donuts go into this pmachine right here this little iece right here is called a phopper. pit goes right in there. pthere's two holes on the bottom. pand there plunger right in the pmiddle. pand there's some mechanism in phere that kind of just clicks it pthat you. pi don't know. pyou don't have to give me an pengineering lesson. pthat's all right. pbut is this proprietary. pi mean you had to figure out how pto make, you didn't want to make pdonut holes. pyou wanted to make donut just a ptiny donut. pdid you have to altar the pmachinery with all this gear to pbig donuts? pwell actually, for these types pof hoppers if you want to do pminis there are attachments that pthey make for these types of pmachines. p>> that's interesting. pthen they take a little bath, if
8:23 am
priver of goodness or the river pof hardened arteries. pa 90 second ride they take down pthere. pthen you can see this come out pcrisp little golden brown but pvery soft in the middle, right? p>> soft and pillowy. pwow. pthis recipe something that did pyou mess around with it a little pbit? pdid you tweak it or constant ptrying to mess with it no, no pwe're really happy with where we pare at with the recipe now. pwe've got lot of good feedback pfrom it. pi do want to milk sure we let eople know you offer gluten pfree mini donut? pyes, yes rice flour and gluten pfree. pthat's huge any time at any prestaurant any more i get people pon facebook ask about gluten pfree i would not have thought pthat would be the answer. pat donut place. ponly difference is the gluten pdonut. pthat i can't do in mini size but pwee happy to do those for gluten pfree eaters.
8:24 am
pto make? pi mean do you know numbers pyou're going through? p>> i can tell you this machine phere makes 110 dozen minis per phour. pso whatever. pyou're changing whatever that pmath is. pi'm running two at time right pnow but i can do fourth a time pif i need to. pall right. pwhen we come back we're going to pgo down the aisle there and talk pabout oh, hold on something. pi see oh my goodness. pthis is what we're going to talk pabout. pmay i show your donuts on tv pthey are as seen on tv now. plook at that. pfresh in the box. pi see bacon and a rice crispy pthing. pthey call that homer simpson. pyou can see why. poh. pjelly donuts. pi won't drool on your donuts. pi just want to put them on ptelevision. pcharley belcher live from river pof goodness. p>> yes. pall right. pthank you, charley. pwe'll talk to you here in a plittle bit. psounds good.
8:25 am
p11-year-olds mature enough for pcondoms? pone school district thinks so pcoming up 8:30 why they plan on phanding them out in school. pfirst shayla reeves is outside phard rock with why thousands of pjobs could be on the line soon. pgood morning, shayla. p>> hi, good morning to you. pnot only thousands of jobs on pthe line, but thousands of jobs pcould be on the way.
8:26 am
rog i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you?
8:27 am
amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
8:28 am
3 ((laura 2shot mp)) the seminole tribe has unveiled a one point eight *billion dollar pthe testimony seminole trial ptribe unveiled a $1.8 billion pexpansion plan including hard prock in tampa. retty big changes are in store ptoo a lot depends on how florida phouse and senate decide to act pon a pending contract. pthe 2010 agreement expired last psummer. pnow part new deal tribe would phave exclusive rights to games plike black jack, also allow the ptribe to add craps and roulette pand 7 casinos in exchange, pseminoles agree to pay florida p$3 billion over 7 years. pnow, the governor has repeatedly pasked lawmakers to approve this pdeal. pseminoles say if is not approved pmore than 3600 workerses will
8:29 am
pif it does pass expansion could pbring in thousands more jobs in pthe the plans are pretty penticing fox 13 shayla reeves is plive outside hard rock casino pwhat it could mean for us. pgood morning. p>> hi, good morning to you. pwe are talking about some pchanges right here at the casino pin tampa. pand here's what you can expect pis this particular measure, deal pgets enough approval. phere's what we're talking about. pright here in tampa you can pexpect to see a second hotel, a pnew restaurant, and also, new pshops and a helipad. pthis also calls for remodeling pexisting hard rock kaf rock cafe and a pchanges to meeting room. ptampa. pwe could also see some expansion pover in hollywood florida too. pright now their some plans in pthe works for expanding the pcasino location there. pand add a guitar shaped hotel pwith 800 rooms. pagain, all of these projects are
8:30 am
pthousand jobs for just and panother 5 thousand permanent ositions. pthis expansion is included in pthat gaming compact signed by pgovernor scott and seminole ptribe chairman james billy back pin december. pso, while the measure is getting psome support, there are some pfolks right here in florida that pare not so sure this is best way pto go. pamong those, supporters of no pcasinos. pit's a florida lobby group. pthe president or chairman of pthat particular group has said pthis agreement is a bad deal for pflorida adding the move would pnot only expand gambling across pstate of florida but he says palso, it violates the pconstitution and it would pundermine florida's economy. pso these are some of the pdifferent perspectives that pwe're hearing on this. pwe'll have to wait for the pflorida legislature to decide pwhether or not this deal is the pright one for the state moving pforward. pguys back to you. pall right shayla, thank you. p>> uber is becoming more popular
8:31 am
inellas county is using that to pits advantage. anels announced teaming up with puber for new tourism campaign pfocussing on windy city. pstarting this week, when someone pfrom chicago taps their uber app pto request a ride they will pgiven a free special code to get pa ride. art of a warm up wednesday what pthey call warm up wednesdays. pwhen they get in the car, out pcomes the swag, hats hand warmer pwith st. pete clearwater written pon them. pjust a reminder some cars will phave virtual reality goggles pthat live a tour of pinellas pcounty nice and sunny beaches. retty smart. p8:33 we have an update to fiery pcrash that we told you about pyesterday. pa truck went off i-4 burst into pflames unconscious and trapped pthe driver was in big trouble. puntil a brave group of witnesses pjumped into action. pthis happened on i-4 yeast of pmcintosh road in hillsborough pcounty. pnick was just about to take his pexit when he saw truck lose
8:32 am
phe and two other men pulled pover. pthey ran full speed toward that pburning vehicle smashed the pwindow and pulled driver to psafety. pseconds later, it exploded. pthe driver michael kennedy was ptaken to the hospital nonlife pthreatening injuries. p>> nearly six years after her ptampa police officers. pcourtney brantly is going to pfederal prison. pbrantly was dontae morris the pnight he killed officers jeff we pkocab and david curtis. pfederal jury said she should pinformed officers. pin possession of a firearm. pshe didn't do that pew shoe was rison. pshe was supposed to start her psentence a month ago wound up pgetting arrested again after her pgirlfriend accused her of pbeating her feds later sentenced pso she could deal with that but pthat charge was dropped. pso, the federal charge prison ptime starts now. p>> two men picked wrong person pto rob. pthey sunday night they pointed
8:33 am
panything he turned tables on the ptwo. pgrabbing his gun and firing it poff at them. pthey shot back hitting him in pthe finger. ptwo took off running and police pare still looking for them this pmorning. palso new this morning a giant psnake givers a woman and her two psmall dogs a big surprise in pbrevard county. plook at this woman let her dogs pout she saw this snake's head, psaw it rear its head up and bode pnine feet long. pluckily her dog was not hurt. pbut the woman was terrified a pneighbor who has experience with pa snakes came over and put snake pin container officials say this pa green anaconda which can grow pup to 20 feet when they are pfully grown. pwildlife officials will scan psnake for hoo micro chip to see pif it has an owner. p8:35. pover abundance of disclaimers ptelling students they do not phave to participate in pledge of pallegiance is causing a stir pflorida law requires a florida pstudents to recite pledge start pevery school day.
8:34 am
pthey can be excused as long as pthey have written permission pfrom parent. pthose notices are posted in pclassrooms now bill has pintroduced that would take down pthose signs. pand simply put a notice in pstudent handbooks. palso clarifies that students who popt outdo not have to stand in lace their hand over their pheart. p>> a story that is causing a lot pof controversy public schools pleaders around considering phandying out condoms to middle pschoolers. pit's their way to prevent psexually transmitted disease and regnancy among minors. pthere has ab condom policy in lace san francisco high school psince 1991. phowever parents can opt out rogram. pas part of the new discussion pnot only are administrators pconsidering handying out condoms pto middle schoolers but also pending the exception program. ptherefore giving to everyone. pmiddle school consider six grade pmeaning kids a young as 11 could pget the condoms.
8:35 am
ercent of the students in that page group admit to being psexually active. pbut there are rules to getting pcondom they would have to talk pto counselor one-on-one before pgetting the contraception. pwe know sunshine state will pforever hold a special place in pcountry singer carrie punderwood's heart. pnot only did she chicago off pstory eller tour her son took phis first steps that morning. pthe story was one 22 she shared pthat night jacksonville pmemorial. pshe told audience she never pthought they would love anything pmore than performing that pchanged when isaiah came along pand kicking off a tour coupled pwith first steps made saturday pone of the best days of her plife. p>> nice. p>> isn't that great? p>> all right. pwe will get over do right now pwith look at the forecast. phey dave. pgood morning. pa lot of us enjoying a fabulous
8:36 am
pdealing with stubborn fog. pthis tampa cam, this is pbeautiful. pnot a cloud in the sky. pfog has lifted at least in tampa pfor now. pand out toward the coastline, it pseems like it's coming in waves. pyou're get something sea fog. pyou can see it out in the pdistance too. psome of that fog set up shop pfirst thing this morning. poily still with that dense fog padvisory through 10 o'clock this pmorning. phere's why. plook at lakeland, there's the psun. pso you can see it's doing it's pbest to burn this fog off. plift it back out. pwhich eventually it's going to pdo. laces where you do have a fog pright now, you hang in there, pthat sunshine comes back, it's pgoing to be a nice day overall. p61 brooksville, lakeland at 61. pfrostproof, sebring, i mean all pin the mid 60s. pour temperatures this morning prunning about 12, 13 degrees pabove normal. pi think for today once we get pthis fog out of here, we're retty good.
8:37 am
pyou can kind of see it here all psea fog is not going to go much pof anywhere. pso once the sun goes down ptonight going to come roll right pback in. pso you might get rid of it for a pwhile, but it's going to come pright back at you. p81 degrees for high temperature ptoday. ptonight, more fog, overnight plows near 67 degrees. pand then for tomorrow we will go p78 under mostly cloudy skies. pbut a quick isolated shower not pout of the question. pi think tomorrow's rain chances ale in comparison to pthursday's. pthursday we have heavy round of prain and storms coming at us in pafternoon. pbest way to put it. pbreezy conditions as well with phigh temperature of 73 degrees. pfriday, saturday, nice, quiet pand then, more rain coming pthrough on sunday. phey vanessa, dave, thank you a pcouple new crashes to talk about pstarting off at the airport. pwe have word of a car crash that pmight be affecting some lanes in pthe pick up area. pit's kind of a hard crash to pexplain. pbut somehow a driver is
8:38 am
pthe emergency crews have to pblock off some lanes in order to pget that person out. pi definitely leave a bit earlier pif you head out to airport. pof course, we will have a more pwe can. pbut in the meantime we want to pmove down into bradenton area. pwe're getting word of a deadly pcrash along state road 64 near olk county road. preported. pit looks like we've seeing on pand off delays mostly in pwestbound direction. plooks like now those are kind of pthe in green. pbe safe. pdoor. plooks like most of the delays pwe're seeing about 5 minutes or pso heading in westbound pdirection along 64. pmeantime, getting reports from pviewers of some heavy delays in pthe area of memorial highway and pindependence parkway as well peastbound hillsborough avenue as pit kind of heads out into that parea. pwe don't have any crashes preported here. pmy only guess, this is just psuspicion, because we don't have phave any incidents to report in parea at all, we do know that
8:39 am
pand an about 45 minutes or so. pand that's really actually where pwe're seeing back up stemming pfrom. pso i leigh early if you have phead that way if you don't have pto head down hillsborough avenue pat all take waters instead. pyou could save about 20 minutes por so. p>> and we do want to talk about psome other news switching gears phere. pwearable monitor like fit by the pmeasure your heart rate and body ptemperature. pother health indicators. pnow that there's actually one pthat can collect data we're phearing about multiple chemicals pin body sweat. psue might be asking yourself why pwould we need that. pwell it could help monitor pconditions like dehydration and pfatigue. palso sound an alarm when you pwould need to drink a glass of pwater. pmaybe take some medication. pso the sensor monitor would send ptoday it your smart phone in preal time be able to track it pthere. eople behind the unnamed ptracking device are waiting for pa patent before releasing it. p>> wonders of technology.
8:40 am
pso how far would you go to lose pweight? pup next dave o. the science pro
8:41 am
pwould never consider skincare now becomes skinactive. new garnier skinactive a new active daily moisturizer to brighten dull skin. packed with antioxidant vitamin c, e and active lha. it does more than moisturize, it actively smoothes, boosts radiance and protects with spf 15. clinically proven. see brighter skin in just one week. new clearly brighter from garnier. skinactive.
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the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. p this is hardin electro. pjust do. pjust plow through it if you all.
8:43 am
phow far do you think you might pgo to lose weight? pwould you go as far as to pconsuming someone's else's poo pin a pill form? pit's a real thing. pit's a real thing. pshows it could really work, too p>> no, you're right. pby way we have two very pcompletely different stories to ptalk about, both equally as pstrange a for different reasons. pyes, scientists are now finding pthat the bacteria that you have pin your gut can help you gain pand lose weight. pi know it's true. pso they are setting up a study, pthis based off a study they did pwith mice. pthey injected mice with gut pbacteria or number 2 from an pobese person and found that the pmouse gained weight. pyet when they did it with a lean erson's gut bacteria, they pdidn't gain weight at all in
8:44 am
pthey are trying this out on phumans now and they are taking p30 they are taking a small psample size of people that are pconsidered obese and they are pgoing to give them lean gut pbacteria in a pill, poop in a ill i guess. pand they will see what happens pover 12 week period and give pother people to placebo. pi've told i've heard this pbefore, that the bacteria in pyour gut can regulate so many pthings in your body. pif you don't have the right pstuff, would you go as far as to pswallow a pill to get the right pstuff? pwhat do you think? pi mean, just take away, i mean pwhat if i said pill full apple pjuice would you do this then p>> yeah if you told me a p>> all just in your head. pyes it's in my head. pbut not something you're going pto be taste or feel or anything plike that. pbut you're taking some good pbacteria and putting into your pbody which can help alleviate psome issues like insulin roblems and stuff like that.
8:45 am
psituation i'd give it shot. pmaybe like escargot you can't pthink too much about what it is. p>> that's the whole thing. p>> russell. phe wants nothing to do with pstory. pawant to move on to be honest. pyou're not alone. pnumber 2. p[ laughter ] pi meant subject the second psubject, please. preal quietly last week the cia preleased some secret documents pabout ufo's i'm not kidding they pdid this on their website. pto help navigate vast amount of pdata contained in our freedom of pinformation act we've decided to phighlight a few documents. pin there, they said you're going pto find 5 documents which we pthink x files character agent pmoulder would love to use to
8:46 am
pthey and a skeptical parther in pagent would prove there's pscientific reason. pthey opened up those files on pthose ten and then they finished pit off with this, the truth is pout there. pclick on the links to find it. p>> very odd and very strange pthat the cia did that. pand then, to finish off the particle, ten tips when pinvestigating a flying saucer. pit's on their website. pso if you go there, you think pyou've seen a flying sarasotaser pyou want to investigate. pthey give you the ten tips to go pabout doing it the the right pway. pi don't know if it's just like psomething funny or if they just pkeep mystique alive. pjust in honor of x files coming pback on tv which is kind of odd pgovernmental agency would go pthat far just to bring that pback. pbut it is kind of interesting pthat they did release some pfiles. pand they don't say any of those pfiles which they believe it was preal or not what the real
8:47 am
pso they kind of leave it up to pyou. pwhich kind of what's been phappening for the last hundred pyears. pjust a very strange story. pyes, it was strange segment. pthank you. pman. pwe go to charley at the donuts. pwe need an sos. phey, man. p8, 9, ten-year-old charley pbelcher, saturday mornings mom pand dad would still be sleeping, pi fix myself a pop tart and sit pdown and watch saturday morning pcartoons. p>> yeah. pyeah. pwhen i took a bite of the pop ptart mini donut i was 8-year-old pcharley belcher all over again. preally? op tart mini donut. pi've now had two. pcinnamon and this one. 3 pcraig patrick made his choices
8:48 am
pand i made mine. p>> and one of you is not pstanding a blizzard. pwe're at the mini donut factory p21099 this this place is all prage a line around building i pnow know why we're talking ptoppings when good day tampa bay pcontinues. after trying brookside crunchy clusters, @carlybeyar tweeted: at this point, i should just be a brookside chocolate ambassador.
8:49 am
it' s something you earn.
8:50 am
3 ((laura on cam)) it would be a pwelcome back just good about ten pminutes away a dream come true pfor almost any woman. p30 minutes to buy almost panything you want. pand for one california woman, pnot only did she get a shopping pspree, but she also got to help eople affected by the drought. psara just turned 99 years old.
8:51 am
pshopping cart to fill at $0.99 pstore and for emergency dollar pthat was purchased the store pdonated nine gallons of water to pthe victims of the drought. psara says she wasn't wait for pher next big birthday. pgood for her and another chance pa shopping spree. p>> well she says she plans to ptake it for now one decade at a ptime. p>> and there it is. pthat's a woman to look after. pall right charley belcher we pwill get over to you look at pwhat you're up to. pmini donuts. pthat's what i'm up to. pit's, it's the mini donut pfactory. p2109 south daily mabrey. pthis place has become so opular. ponly open a couple months. ponly open a couple months. pthey are wrapped around building pon weekends for these little ptiny treats.
8:52 am
ptheir place. atrick, let's talk about p>> it's her place. pyou just work p>> i work for her. pokay. pwe all work for our wooifrs one pway or another. pby the way, there's megan over pthere. pmegan is power lifter and come pup here she's a power lifter and pshe eats these donuts. pmatt look way he owns his own izza place and eats donuts. psakes. pand z. pto, are you telling me they are pgood for you? pthey are super healthy no fat psugar free. pdefinitely. pjust kidding. phe's kidding. p>> but it is a small treat. pmaybe you just have one. phow many equal a full size pdonut. pthree donuts is equivalent to pregular sized donut. ptell me about flavors. pthis is very popular fruity ebbles. poh my goodness. eanut butter crunch butter psamoa chocolate caramel. pstrawberry pop tart. pwe can't fill donuts we put
8:53 am
pcoconut cookie and cream this pwill be peanut butter cup pactually. pthat gets a little drizzle on pit. p>> oh. pi guess the reese's drizzle. pvanilla birthday cake. pboston cream. pthat's most popular the bacon pone. pthat's bacon. pbacon, homer simpson. pthat's homer simpson. pwhat's that one? price crispy treats. pwhat's that when that's camp pfire. pcamp fire what is that like an pchocolate. plast one. pis that all of them? pno we've got, there's thousands pof combinations. pbecause they are all made to porder. eople can pick the icing ptopping if you wanted a rice pcrispy treat and strawberry picing and chocolate on top you pgo crazy. pyou can literally have it your
8:54 am
pcompletely custom all made to porder. pbase donut same for all of them pwe do vanilla weekends we do pchocolate blueberry red velvet pcoming up for valentine's day pand strawberry festival we do pstrawberry donut be still you're pdoing a red velvet cake mini pdonut. pyou have to. pwe're doing it for love. pi have a feeling it's going to plove at first sight or love at pfirst bite. pwow, are you maized at the psuccess you're having so quickly pout of the gate here. pvery much. pwe're blownaway we had goal to pbe a month 12 in our business, pmonth 2. pths been phenomenal everybody phas been awesome to us. pcongratulations. pif this wasn't great enough then pthey go and make milk shakes out pof donuts. pi nth can't wait to see how that rocess works. pwe will break that down pinvestigate that in next half phour by the way all fresh
8:55 am
prussell they pride themselves in pcoffee smoothies everything this pdo here hand made personal touch pwith lots of care and love. pit looks great. pit looks beautiful. pit's good stuff. pi want a million of them. pthey are small, you can. pall right. psee you later, man. pall right coming up the three pfoods, three foods that you pshould be careful of if you're pconcerned about food bourne pillnesses like e.coli. pand you got to love a guy who pcan laugh at himself. panother reason that we love tim ptebow. pit's another reason to lip synch pbattle so red hot right now. ptebow's eye the tiger and whole plot more in the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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