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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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3 3 a box of puppies found on the side of the road ... suffering p>>laura: a box of puppies found pon the side of the road, psuffering and left to die. pwho could do something like pthis? p>>russell: a number of zika pvirus cases in florida have ptripled and we're learning about psex. p>>laura: and as the debate pcontinues over whether to arm eople on college campuses, pflorida lawmakers consider pwell. p>>dave: it is very mild outside pthis morning. pour temperatures running 72 pdegrees outside at tampa
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pour normal high temp is 71 so i pmean, yeah, it is that warm this pmorning. lus we don't have the fog paround. pthe difference of the ptemperatures, it's the winds. psoutheast winds high enough that pwe're not -- fog is not allowed pto form. pwe still have some cloud cover paround and i think we'll get pclose to 80 degrees this morning pbut at least we don't have the pfog. p>>vanessa: those fdot cameras plook so much clearer than pyesterday morning and so that's pgood news for drivers. pwe wanted to touch on updates phere. pconstruction that i mentioned at pthe start of "good day," pnebraska avenue closed at fowler pavenue but this should be pwrapping up right now and any pminute so just be prepared ossibly to see some crews pmoving barricades as you make pyour way through the area. pmake sure you're conscious of pthem and courteous but you pshould be good to go through phere. palso good to go, heading along pi-4 as dave mentioned, we're not pdealing with fog this morning so pthe picture looks good here at
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pbuckle up and enjoy. p>>russell: pasco sheriff's poffice arrive a shooting at dade pcity. pthree men arrived to the phospital with gunshot wounds at p10:30 last night. pthey believe it happened at a ptrailer in dade city. pdeputies say two of the men pappeared to be in critical pcondition. pa third not seriously hurt. pstill not clear what led up to pall of this but investigators pbelieve it was likely gang and pdrug related. p>>laura: 6:02 now. pwe continue to monitor the pthreat of the zika virus. pnumber of cases in florida has ptripled, including a new case in phillsborough. p>>russell: also one in texas, pincluding one that was ptransmitted sexually. p>>jennifer: health officials say pone person contracted the virus pwhile in venezuela and then
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pas many as 80% of people that phave it never develop symptoms. pthere are no reports of the pvirus being locally transmitted pby mosquitos. psymptoms include a mild fever, pmuscle and joint pain and pfatigue. pthere's no vaccine or treatment. pscientists are investigating pwhether it's linked to birth pdefects. ptwo cases were reported in phillsborough county, four in pmiami dade, two in lee and one pin santa rosa. pnone of the confirmed cases pinvolved pregnant women. pworld health organization pestimates there could be four pmillion cases of zika in the punited states in the next year. pofficials say people can avoid pthe virus by protecting against pmosquito bites and avoiding psexual contact with those pinfected. p>>russell: thank you. pstill 6:03. peight puppies found abandoned on
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pextensive medical treatment. p>>laura: a good samaritan found pthem and took them to the humane psociety of tampa bay. pshayla reaves is there for us pthis morning. pthese puppies are not in too pgood of shape, are they? p>>reporter: no. pthey're dealing with sores, pinfection, hair loss. pthese are some symptoms and roblems they'll try to recover pfrom in the coming weeks. pofficials here at the humane psociety of tampa bay say they pbelieve these puppies may have pbeen suffering for a period of pweeks at the time they were pfound. plet me take you to the video. pit was a good samaritan who pspotted the puppies in a box on pthe side of the road and brought pthem here for care. pwe're told without it, they pcould have died. peach one is said to be punderweight and requiring pantiobiotics, vitamins and pmedicated baths to help them pheal. pshelter workers tell us they
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pa full recovery. pthat recovery is expected to ptake somewhere in the range of pfour to six weeks, we're told, pbut at that time, they could be pup for adoption so if that's psomething you're interested in, pyou can go ahead and give the phumane society of tampa bay a pcall. pin the meantime, though, that pgood samaritan has not been pnamed and it's also unclear who pis responsible for abandoning pthe puppies. pback to you. p>>russell: thank you. ptomorrow we will find out pwhether a tampa man will be pallowed to post bail after pauthorities say they found pipe pbombs in his home. pthere's a federal containment phearing scheduled for michael pramos. phe's described as panti-government and federal pagents raided the home monday pafter a business partner preported it. pthey say they found eight live ipe bombs along with tear gas, pgrenades and ammunition. phe told agents he had no plans pto use those explosives. p>>laura: university of tampa
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pagainst the city of tampa that palleges that an officer arrested pher last year with the use of pexcessive force. pa student and a friend were pwalking along when they were pfollowed by what turned out to pbe an unmarked police car. pa plain clothes officer tried to pstop them and they ran. pshe said she was injured during pher run and she's been diagnosed pwith post traumatic distress dis -- pstress disorder. pthe city has not commented on pthe lawsuit. p>>russell: less than two hours pafter the florida supreme court ut a convicted killer's pexecution on hold, house panel papproved a fix for the state's pdeath penalty law. plast month the u.s. supreme pcourt struck down florida's pcapital sentencing structure, psaid it's unconstitutional in pits current state and gives the pjudges too much power. pbecause of that ruling, pyesterday the florida supreme pcourt would put the execution on
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p1993, he killed two people after pinviting them back to his ptrailer for dinner and he was pscheduled for die on the 11th. pthe fix would allow the death psentences to be imposed only if pjurors, after weighing paggravating and mitigating pfactors, unanimously died at pleast one of the factors exists. pflorida is one of only three pstates, three states that do not prequire unanimous jury decisions pin death penalty cases. pwe'll continue to follow this pstory as it develops and this pcould have a huge impact on phundreds of other cases. pan attorney for lamberts argues pall of the death row inmates pshould be retried under these pnew sentencing guidelines along pwith all current defendants pdecided. p>>laura: today the florida house pis expected to vote on a series pof bills that would give gun powners more freedom, including pone that would allow people with
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pcarry guns on college and puniversity campuses. pcontroversial bill has been popposed by faculty members, puniversity and college president pand the senate version has pstalled. plast month the senate president psaid it would likely not come up pfor a vote this session. pthe house is also set to vote on pa separate measure, they can pcarry their sidearms openly. palso a bill that would let pflorida lawmakers carry guns on pthe chamber floor. punder proposed legislation, plawmakers would have to conceal ptheir weapons. p p>>russell: medical marijuana on pthe ballot in florida and now plooks like recreational pmarijuana could be on georgia's pballot. pit would legalize recreational ot for people 21 and older. pso far only four states, alaska, pcolorado, oregon and washington pstate along with washington, pd.c. have legalized the
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p23 states have legalized pmarijuana in some form. p>>laura: the race for the white phouse turns to new hampshire. p>>russell: ted cruz and hillary pclinton are hoping to build on ptheir wins but it will be an puphill battle for both of them. pdonald trump has had more than a pdouble digit lead for several pweeks in new hampshire. phe's slated to win in the latest oll. pcruz is projected to be at a pdistant second followed by marco prubio and jeb bush. p>>laura: as for democrats, pbernie sanders is up 20% over pclinton right now, four points phigher than last month. pthere's also the question of pwhether martin owe -- of where pmartin o'malley supporters will pgo. p>>russell: house republicans
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pto mark the 63rd passage. pit was not lost on the white phouse press secretary. p>> it's almost like it's pgroundhog day except it actually pis groundhog day and they're pdoing it again. p>>russell: yesterday president pobama broke bread on the prepublicans. pthe hope was to find some common pground but the g.o.p. remains at podds with the white house over a pnumber of major issues, pincluding the fate of the prison pat guantanamo bay and sanctions pagainst iran. p>>laura: coming up, a college pstudent is in a lot of trouble pthis morning after he turned his pdorm room into a bed and pbreakfast. p>>russell: tornado spotted in pmississippi and alabama and the psevere weather threat is not pover yet. p>>dave: it's not. arts of georgia and southeast palabama could get some severe pweather this morning. pcloudy skies, we're at 72 pdegrees. pi'm still amazed at temperatures pas we start things off on this pwednesday. pwe're running seven to 13 pdegrees warmer than yesterday at
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pand even though you see that prain on the way, it's not going pto get here until tomorrow in pgeneral so i think today just a plot of cloud cover with high ptemperatures sneaking back up pclose to 80. ptomorrow yes. two million, four hundred thousand, fifty-three grains of sand. exactly two hours, for steak 'n shake's half-price happier hour. we'll never miss half-price, hand-dipped milkshakes again. but master, happier hour is from two to five now. pardon me? they added an hour. ...two mill - great, i've lost count. p happy hour just got happier. p get half-priced winter shakes,r now from two to five.
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3 3 through p>>laura: pretty incredible pimages of a big tornado that prolled through western alabama pyesterday afternoon. pit was about one of a half a pdozen reported yesterday. pmississippi.
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pincluding a federal prison. peight states, including florida, pissued tornado warnings. p>>russell: that's scary. pthat is a scary sight. pthere's some weather headed our pway, right, dave? pwe hope not like that. p>>dave: we're not going to get pany severe weather, i don't pthink, but heavy rain tomorrow. pi think today we're good but pthen tomorrow and then probably pagain on saturday. pwe moved up this weekend's storm psystem. pfirst thought, hey, it's going pto be sunday but now it seems to pbe more on saturday. ptalk about it. pi'm truly amazed at the ptemperatures this morning. plook at the 72s we have in pcrystal river, tampa, brandon, pvenice, all of these spots are pabove our normal high ptemperature for this time of pyear. pthat's the most amazing thing. pwe're not going to break any precords today with a lot more
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pstill starting like this, i have pmore 70s than 60s on the map and pall of that goes all the way to psouthern georgia. pthen it abruptly ends. psee the blue in the top pleft-hand corner of the screen? pthose are temperatures in the p40s so obviously there's a cold pfront between here and there and pit's slowly sliding our way. pin the grand scheme of things, pwe're running seven to 14 pdegrees warmer than yesterday in pthe 6:00 hour of "good day" plus pwe don't have the fog because of pthat southeasterly wind which panywhere from six to nine, 13 pmile-per-hour winds. pthat's high enough to keep the patmosphere stirred up and not pallow that fog to form. pnot only that but we don't have psea fog. pnow i have all kinds of good pnews for you. pit's mild and we don't have any pfog to contend with. pwe do have the steady stream of pmid to upper level cloud cover pwhich we're going to see move pthrough throughout the day ptoday.
6:15 am
pthunderstorms. pit's big ones, too, in alabama, pnow squeezing in towards pgeorgia. pthis part of a line stays to our pnorth so what we're going to get pis the bottom part of this line pof showers and thunderstorms and pit's slowly working across the pgulf and will be here tomorrow. pwe'll have to deal with that pround of rain tomorrow. pi know. pit's the first day of the state pfair. pi think a couple of years ago it praped on the first day of the pstate fair as well. pthen after this front moves pthrough, it quiets down for pabout 30 hours and then we're pexpecting another line of rain pto come through the area psaturday afternoon. pexpect the low to develop psomewhere down here and move pacross the southern part of our pstate, bringing with it more prain for us. pnow yesterday it looked like, pokay. pit will be a sunday morning pdeal. pnow it looks like a saturday
6:16 am
pdeal so we're just pushing the ptiming by 12 hours or so. p79 degrees for a high ptemperature today. pit's going to be breezy, it's pgoing to be warm. pmaybe one or two isolated pshowers. ut a rain chance today of 20% pso it's not great under mostly pcloudy skies. p60s. pand then breezy with showers and pthunderstorms likely tomorrow. pi think you'll see a line of prain move through the area ptomorrow with a high temperature paround 73 degrees. pboating today, moderate chop. pno sea fog to contend with but pseas running two to three feet, pespecially later this afternoon. phere's the second round of rain psaturday into sunday. pwe'll squeeze out of the deal pand with this fast, progressive attern, we may get back in the prain again by the middle of next pweek. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you.
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pincident we're following. pdisabled vehicle blocking one plane along channelside drive off pthe selmon expressway. pshouldn't see any big delays in pthe area. pmeantime, there's a crash pworking in bradenton, carrying pover into this hour of "good pday." punfortunately a deadly crash. pthe picture came from one of our hotographers on scene. pyou can see that scene right pthere still in the middle of the pintersection along u.s. 301 and pthe 63rd avenue northeast. pnorth and southbound lane pblockages. robably take the alternate of p301 boulevard. p>>russell: new this morning, ptrace amounts of d.n.a. found pfrom marines killed in a phelicopter crash off hawaii last pmonth. p12 marines killed, crews located psome debris but still no body. pthe navy plans to use underwater probots to map the crash site. precovery operations could take pseveral months to complete. p>>laura: today michigan's pgovernor will propose a $30
6:18 am
pbills for people living in pflint. pfor months the water supply has pbeen contaminated with lead and pthe money will cover water used pfor drinking, cooking and pbathing. pcustomers will still be presponsible for the water used pto flush their toilets, wash ptheir clothes and other urposes. p>>russell: bill cosby's defense pteam is trying to get the pcriminal case against him pdismissed. phe's accused of drugging and psexually assaulting an employee pin 2004. pyesterday a former prosecutor pwho decided to not charge cosby pa decade ago took the stand and phe testified that he thinks pcosby is legally shielded from pever being prosecuted in this pcase. pthe judge could decide as soon pas today whether that case pshould be thrown out. p>>laura: a massachusetts college pstudent is facing disciplinary paction after he listed his dorm proom on air bnb. pthe website lets people list and
6:19 am
p19-year-old emerson college pstudent listed his dorm for two pweeks and enlisted three guests. pnow the school is considering phis dismissal. p>>russell: the pentagon is prunning out of bombs to drop on pisis. p>>laura: defense secretary ash pcarter gives congress his pshopping list. p>>russell: and a train of well ptrained pups. pwe'll have that for you coming pup next in hot clicks. apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548! whoo!
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it's time tsee what's social media producer taylor pclicking on the web. p>>laura: taylor katz is in the pclicks. p>>taylor: good morning. plet me ask you, have you ever pheard of dub smash? p>>russell: yes. p>>laura: you sing the lyrics to pa -- p>>taylor: yes. pit's an app that allows you to ptake a video of yourself and you pcan lip sync popular songs or pmovie quotes. p>>russell: i've done that. pyou're not going to see it, pthough. p>>ylor: i definitely want to psee this. pi think it's going to happen for pme. pjen and i have, too. pwe've spent a lot of time on pthat app. pi think all of us have. pthere's a guy who, in our first phot click, though, who has pclearly spent more time than all pof us probably combined and it's
6:23 am
plook at this. p p p>>taylor: yes. pmeet eric and his baby boy jack. phe stays home with jack at night pwhile his wife is a part time phair and makeup artist andhen pthis is apparently how he keeps pthem both entertained. palso sent us video so she's ent pmissing out on anything. peverything from safari videos to pactual classic hits like this
6:24 am
pso cute. pvery creative. pthey have a lot of fun. pwe love that. pall right. pnext up, you guys, this image phas gone viral on readit. pit's a drawing made by a woman pwho often had trouble sleeping pat night so her husband td her pto draw out all the thoughts she phas that keep her awake. pwhat she came up with was truly philarious andlso revealing. pthis e, is that person looking pat me funny? pam i looking at them? pthe are thoughts that come out pas we're trying to just go to psleep. plose weight. pi think we've all been there. pnever mind. plove food. pe struggle is real when it pcomes tohat one. pall of it. pshe has student debt, her pmarriage, her kids that she's
6:25 am
plots of money and her husband osted this and they received an poutpouring of people. pother commended the couple for pstanding by and working out her pstruggles together. pthat was cool. peveryone. pwe have a whole video of a bunch pof corgies waiting patiently in poff. p>>russell: low to the ground. p>>taylor: they are. pokay. pyour turn. art of me wondered if these pwere the dogs we saw running pthrough the snow last week. p>>laura: that was the same pbreed? p>>taylor: it is the same breed pbut not the same little pack. piuess this is a different pbunch who also may be playing. phis turn. pall right. p>>russell: cute. p>>taylor: see youlater. p>>laura: coming up, should pwomen, all women have to
6:26 am
pa new debate ragin on capitol phill. p>>russell: local law enforcement pagencies are preparing for the pworst. palcides segui? p>>reporter: good morning. pup close look at an active pshooter scenario is happening pright here in tampa.
6:27 am
pthose around you. 3 ((russell 2shot) good morning.. it's 6:30..on this wednesday.. february third.. i'm russell rhodes.. p>>russell: it's 6:30 on pwednesday, february 3. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pwe'll start with dave osterberg. p>>dave: good morning on this pwednesday. p72 degrees outside. pthat's amazing. psouth-southeast winds. pthat helps to bump the ptemperatures up but also kept pthe fog from forming so that
6:28 am
plot, is high enough to keep the pdense fog away. pso great visibility this pmorning. pwe'll have cloud cover mixed in pwith a little sunshine today as ptemperatures sneak back up close pto that 80-degree mark and we've pgot some rain in tomorrow's pforecast. pwe'll discuss that in a little pbit. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: thank you. phere at 6:29, a new crash with plane blockages reported at 49th pstreet north and 78th avenue pnorth. ptwo lanes will be blocked. pwe don't know quite yet in which pdirection but just keep an eye pon it. pgood news is, those volumes are plow right now. pyou shouldn't see too many pdelays in the area. pdefinitely watch it. phere's a live look close to the inellas side of the howard pfrankland bridge. phere's the traffic in the pnorthbound direction. pclear ride, just a six minute pride from fourth street to pkennedy. p>>laura: thank you. ptake a look at some top stories pthis morning. pthree men have been shot povernight in dade city and two pof them are in critical pcondition.
6:29 am
pgunshots to the hospital. pright now the sheriff's office pis not saying exactly where the pshooting happened but officials pbelieve it happened at a trailer pin dade city north. ptwo of those men are in critical pcondition. pthe third person's injuries are pnot. pa preliminary investigation is psaying the shooting is drug prelated. p>>russell: a man faces multiple pcharges after he crashed in the pgates of macdill air force base. olice got involved when an off pduty officer said he saw the car pspeeding on macdill near marco ptreatment after the crash they pfound 44-year-old alvarez passed pout behind the wheel. pthe car was running. phe was arrested. olice believe that he may have pbeen involved in a hit and run pnear bayshore boulevard. phe faces d.u.i. charges among pother things.
6:30 am
pchampion tony stewart is phospitalized with a back injury. phis racing team is still unsure pof the extent of his injuries. pspokesman said that he was pinjured in a non racing accident pon sunday. phe's being evaluated in an pundisclosed hospital and unable, pthey say, to move all of his pextremities. pstewart plans to retire the end pof the nascar season. phe turns 45 in may. p>>russell: the top army and pmarine generals say they believe pall women should have to pregister for the draft. p>>laura: despite that, some u.s. plawmakers are still asking pwhether women are even ready for pcombat. resident obama wants to open pall combat jobs to women. pmilitary leaders say that could ptake up to three years. pyesterday they told a senate parmed services committee they pwould not lower standards to pbring women in the gruelling pjob. plawmakers also asked whether pwomen should have to register pfor selective service. p>> asking women to register as pwe ask men to register would
6:31 am
p>> i'm concerned that the pdepartment has gone about things pbackwards. pthis consequential decision was pmade, mandated before the pmilitary services could study pits implications. p>>laura: women are currently pexempt from the draft by law, psomething only congress can pchange. p>>russell: defense secretary ash pcarter says he's running out of pbombs to drop on isis. p>> we've recently been hitting pisil with so many smart bombs, plaser guided rockets that we're pstarting to run low on the ones pthat we use against terrorists. p>>russell: secretary carter pwants $1.8 billion to buy 45,000 pmore smart bombs. pin his request, carter said the entagon is asking for a total pof $7.5 billion to fight isis. pthat's 50% more than last year. p>>laura: it is 6:33 now and pfederal law enforcement pofficials tell fox news there pare no specific or credible pthreats to any events
6:32 am
proughly 30 federal agencies are ptaking part in the planning and rotection of the super bowl 50. pauthorities are using lessons plearned after the attacks in aris where terrorists set off pexplosives outside a soccer pstadium. pcarolina panthers will face the pdenver broncos this sunday at plevi stadium in santa clara. plast week officers were put to a pfinal round of training before pthe super bowl. p>>russell: one of the scenarios pthey prepared for was an active pshooter situation. pthis morning alcides segui is plive in port tampa where police pare preparing to conduct their pown active shooter pdemonstration. p>>reporter: good morning to you, prussell and laura. pthis is going to be a neat event pto give city officials, business powners, property owners as well phere in the bay area -- lord, pthat scared the daylights out of pme. pdonna, thank you for being with pus. pmy heart. ptalk about active shooter psituation. pobviously they're practicing in
6:33 am
plet me regroup here. pfirst off, what's going to phappen this morning? p>> you just heard a little bit pabout it. pwe're going to have a resentation from the port of ptampa, from the tampa police pdepartment followed by live pactive shooter demonstration and pso when you hear something like pthis and all the folks who are pgoing to be part of this today pwill experience that and their pheart will stop for a second plike yours just did. p>>reporter: i can't imagine. pi don't want to imagine what ictures come to my head, pnewtown, connecticut when 26 eople lost their lives, 20 of pthem children. psan bernardino, several more eople were killed. pseems like it's happening more pand more often. pwhat can we do, business owners pand schools, even house of pworship, what can we do to rotect ourselves?
6:34 am
pand that is why we are hosting pthis program today so that eople can build awareness, pfigure out what they're going to pdo. pthey need to engage in programs plike this so that they come repared. pit's about being prepared and pbeing aware of your surroundings pand that's what the police are pgoing to talk about today and pthen demonstrate. p>>russell: is this something pthat happens once a year, like pevery other year? p>> this is the first year. pwe do have a security series rogram that we offer in the pdowntown area, and usually it's pbased on hurricane preparedness. pwe've also had other programs pthat do touch the bay area and pso we figured this was very pimportant now in light of
6:35 am
p>>reporter: thank you for being pwith us. pi really appreciate it. pso coming up a little bit later pon "good day," we'll get an up pclose look. pcaught me completely offguard. pit's not supposed to start until p8:30. pgoodness gracious. pit's only 6:35. poh, lord. pall is good. pit's just a practice scenario to pget a good idea of what they're pgoing to do a little bit later pthis morning. p>>laura: it's all right. p>>russell: see you later. pbowl. pthey like football. pothers watch it just to see the pcommercials. p>>laura: charley belcher is pgoing to show us his favorite psuper bowl ad of all time. pand dave osterberg will have a plook at the forecast. p>>dave: good morning. pit's 72 degrees outside. pso we made it to 82 yesterday. pwe have more cloud cover today. pgood.
6:36 am
lus here comes the rain chance pfor tomorrow. pwe'll talk about the weekend prain chance coming up in just a p in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger.
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the speed you need. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month for 12 months. p>>dave: 6:40 on this very warm, pwarm wednesday morning. plook at all of the 70s that we phave. p72 sun city center, apollo pbeach, west chase and brandon, pnew tampa at 70 degrees and also
6:39 am
pthese are normal high ptemperatures which is so wacky pthis morning. p71 in bradenton, sarasota, pvenice at 72. pa little bit better, mid to pupper 60s, some spots in polk pcounty through highlands county pbut a very, very mild, much pwarmer start than it was pyesterday. peight to 13 degrees warmer for pthe most part than it was pyesterday. pand also, we had a little bit pmore wind. pyesterday the winds were very plight. pwe had all of that fog. pnow that we have some wind, pguess what? pwe don't have the fog around so pthat's good. pfog-free morning. pwe have winds five to 12 miles pan hour coming in from the psoutheast. pthat's the good news, right? pthe wind takes care of that. pnot so good news is that psoutheast wind also brings phumidity up so the dew points pthis morning are running sky phigh in the upper 60s to around p70 degrees. pas we wait for this cold front pto come through. pthe top half of this front preally brought some strong to
6:40 am
ptornados in mississippi, palabama, parts of kentucky. pthere are no watches out but we pdo have a tremendous amount of pheavy rain moving toward patlanta, southward going down to pmobile, alabama and southeast of pnew orleans. pas this line slowly works ptowards the east, it's going to pget hung up a little bit povernight. pi know what you're thinking pbecause it's already past new porleans, it should be here soon pbut the top half of the front is pgoing to go swinging through. pthe bottom half is going to lag pbehind and that's why i think pour rain doesn't come through phere until sometime late morning ptomorrow or early afternoon so pwe are going to get rain. pwe may get a round of heavy rain pto come through, but it won't be puntil tomorrow. pthat kind of leaves today in pthat warm, humid setup with ptemperatures back up close to 80 pdegrees. plook at this rain. pthis is solid but it's not snow. pthey had the snow yesterday in pthe upper midwest. psnow bank is really close to
6:41 am
ptemperatures out ahead of a pfront. peven upstate new york, it's pearly february. ptypically they're getting tons pof snow. pthey're getting rain out of this pdeal as well as some of the plarger cities, new york and pboston but there's big pdifference in temperatures ahead pand behind the cold front. plook at the 40 degrees in little prock, even 32 in kansas city to p70 in jacksonville. pso today is going to be warm, pclouds around, make it back up pclose to 80 degrees. ptomorrow transition day as we pbring the showers and pthunderstorms through and we'll pfollow that with cooler weather pfor friday. pso warm, humid, breezy, best way pto describe today. pnow, there may be enough pinstability to trigger one or ptwo showers in the whole viewing parea but overall rain chances pare low. ptonight is going to stay mild pwith the cloud cover around. p6:12, 66 degrees and then breezy pwith showers and thunderstorms plikely tomorrow but we're not panticipating a lot of severe
6:42 am
pjust i think more of a heavy prain setup with maybe a little pthunder here and there. ptomorrow's high temperature is paround 73 degrees. pyou get a little break on friday pbut it's only 63 for a high. pall of a sudden, saturday the pclouds come rolling back in with pa chance of showers late in the pday on saturday, extending pthrough early sunday. pkind of unsettled is the best pway to describe it. p>>vanessa: i can see that. pwe do have an update in pinellas ark. pcrash that i mentioned in the plast report, southbound pdirection is where we're plearning this crash is and those ptwo lanes blocked are going to pbe in that direction. pwe're hearing there could be pserious injuries. psounds like at least one person pis transported to the hospital pas a trauma alert so we'll keep pyou posted on new details out of pthat crash. pmeantime, we want to check slow pspeeds. psouthbound 275 average around 22
6:43 am
pdelays between bearses and sly pand then sglming -- zooming out phere, before you get to the pinterchange with i-4 westbound, pbefore the interchange, paveraging around 21 miles an phour heading that way. ptime about to be 6:45. pwe want to check in with charley pbelcher. pgood morning. p>>charley: good day to you. phow are you? p>>vanessa: wonderful. phow are you? p>>charley: i like to hear pwonderful. pgood for you. pi'm wonderful as well. pmy subject matter this morning pis almost like a riddle. pwhat do we avoid and we are pannoyed by most of the year pexcept one day of the year for psome reason, we focus on them? p>>vanessa: i know where you're pgoing. p>>charley: the answer is -- p>>vanessa: commercials. p>>charley: and look. plet me be honest. pcommercials pay my salary. pthank you for watching pcommercials. pthank you for advertising on pthis tv station.
6:44 am
pfast forward them if we're pdvr'ing it or changing channels pthrough it but when the super pbowl rolls around, we go, i pcan't wait to see what sort of pcommercials they roll out for pthe super bowl. pand it is the ad industry's psuper bowl as well. pthis is our big competition for pthe ad world so we're at a local pad agency here in tampa. pthey've had some big accounts plike the buccaneers. psiege the day. pthat's the ad campaign. pflorida hospital, a ton of local pclients. pwe've come here to talk to them pabout the best super bowl pcommercials of all time. pwhat can we expect this year? pthe top three things that most pads use. p>>vanessa: people. p>>charley: let me help you. pkids, animals, celebrities. p>>vanessa: okay.
6:45 am
pone of my all-time favorite psuper bowl commercials uses two pof those three. pit's a classic coke commercial. plet me show you a clip. p>> want my coke? pit's okay. pyou can have it. p>> no, no. p>> really. pyou can have it. p>> okay. p>>charley: i love that pcommercial as a kid because i pwas probably about the same age pas that kid when the commercial pcame out and the thought of pmeeting joe greene, i haven't pseen that. pyeah. pit just struck a cord in me. pi think it stands up to this pday. pwhen i think of coca-cola, i pthink of the product with that pcommercial. pwe talked in the newsroom about pthe publix commercials and how pthey land well around the pholidays especially, and it's pfunny. pyou think of michael jackson and
6:46 am
pwhen it works, it really works. pwe're going to talk to them, pshow you how they put the pcommercials together and we'll pgive you a preview of what you pcan expect come sunday. p>>vanessa: have a coke and a psmile, charley. p>>charley: done. p>>russell: good news. pthat yorkie that was sold -- pthat was stolen last week from a pfamily is returned. pthe dog's fur was matted but the pvet says he's healthy. pdeputies are still looking for pthe men who stole the dog. pnew members. psenate committee approved a pair pof constitutional amendments pwhich would make the education pcommissioner and secretary of pstate elected positions. pcabinet includes attorney pgeneral, state chief financial pofficer and the agriculture pcommissioner. pthey meet with the governor at pleast once a month to make olicy decisions, education
6:47 am
pstate were previously cabinet pmembers but in 1998 voters chose pto let the governor appoint both ositions, taking them off the pcabinet panel. roposals to cut the number of pscratch off games for the pflorida lottery was a winner pyesterday. pthe proposal would allow the plottery to scale that back to p20. pthey account for $3.7 billion in psales the past year. p>>laura: remember the days of pwalking into a book store and ptouching the book? pup next, the big company who pwants to make that a reality
6:48 am
puber users are again! r again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal...
6:49 am
uber users are feeling a little lost ... p>>russell: you know, uber users pare feeling a little lost, some phaving trouble finding the app pon their phones. p>>laura: the company has changed pits logo and it looks nothing plike the original. pjoining us from the fox business pnetwork studio, lauren simonetti pto talk about it. pgood morning. pnot a lot of love for uber this pmorning, right? p>>reporter: no. plogos are a big deal, maybe more pthan you thought. puber changing the logo. pit used to be basically a u and, pyou know, i get that if you pthink about it that you would be pcold if you entertained what it pmeant. pforget that. plet's explore the world, pdifferent cultures, different laces, different buildings and pcreate logos for each of the pcountries that represent that pfeel. pso they came out with -- we'll
6:50 am
pit's called the adam and the pcolors will change on where you pare in the world. pa lot of thought went into pchanging that logo. pi don't see the u in it. pand also, you want to see it pwhen you look at the phone. p>>laura: the logo was great but pyou want consistency. p>>reporter: i'm thinking of pstarbucks when they changed ptheir logo and it was such a big pdeal. pwe complain but then get used to pit and it's no big deal. p>>russell: i saw this yesterday. pi honestly thought it was a pjoke. pamazon is opening stores now? p>>reporter: it sounds like a pjoke, right? pokay. pyeah. pit's an online giant and their pwhole thing is to get stuff on pthe computer seconds later to pyour doorstep. pwhy do they want you to go to pthe store? pwall street "wall street journal" has a pstory and they're quoting the
6:51 am
psaid they're looking atning p300 to 400 book stores. pconsider this. peyeglass people who you order pyour glasses online, they have psome physical stores because pcustomers like to interact with pthe product. pbut those stores are also pwarehouses in which you can ship pout the goods so that could be psomething that amazon is toying pwith right now. pthey also have a real book pstore, an experimental one that popened last year in seattle. pand in these shops, you can buy preal books but also kindle pdevices, right? pand you know, where is the pcompetition? pthere's not one. pso it could happen. p>>russell: amazon has put them pall out of business. pwe have to go. pwe'll talk later. p>>laura: there's nothing like a phard back book. p>>russell: true. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our sister network pstation. pif you're not sure where to find pthe fox business network, log on pto fox and look for
6:52 am
p>>russell: rehearsals have gun pfor "guardians of the galaxy." pthe director tweeted this icture that features chris ratt along with several others. pnew movie will not hit theaters puntil may of next year. p>>laura: stressful week for con pstesants on "american idol." ptonight they hit the stage, erforming solo without any phelpful criticism from the pjudges. padam has a look. p p>>reporter: american idol phopefuls who survived the group pround are moving to the next pchallenge, singing solo with the pband. pthis week they'll get no pfeedback from the judges before pfinding out if they're moving on pin the competition. p i've got the eye of the ptigger p>>russell: for harry connick, pjunior and keith urban, finding pfuture hit makers means prefocussing their search. p>> this year we found people not
6:53 am
pbut that we thought were ready pbrutal. pnot only the competition itself pbut the fact that it's on ptelevision and you're being pjudged in front of millions of prigorous. pit's all of that. p>> they have this voice that's pjust extraordinary. pthe color, the character, you precognize it immediately. pif that got work ethic, you pcould do things in a studio to pmake a phenomenal record and i'm pnot saying that that makes it pright but it does make it where pyou're taking -- i'm taking some pof that into consideration. p>> there's a million great psingers out there, a ton of pthem. pwell, how can you take me from oint a to point b with that psong? pwe've heard singers that weren't peven particularly good singers pand by the end of the song, i pfelt -- i'll tell you, i was pcompelled. pi was listening to it and that's
6:54 am
p>>russell: p>>reporter: harry says there's a pconsistent reason why they find psingers who create hits and sell precords. p>> it doesn't have anything but pa very clear idea of what it is. pthere's no gimmicks, no nothing. pit's just -- and that's a dispar ar par pdisparage to the other shows on pthe air but american idol has pconsistently produced artists pthat have cumulatively sold pmillions and millions of precords. p>>laura: stay with us. pthere's still plenty more ahead pin the next hour of "good day." pif you're somewhat involved in pthe stock market, you know pthings are rough lately. p>>russell: what does that mean pfor all the rest of us? pcan it be reversed?
6:55 am
i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. yeah i ride. one thing i've come to realize: there's no easier way to save on motorcycle insurance than switching to geico. saving money, that's something every rider should do. what is that? it's called ceviche, gary. learned to make it
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