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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story. publix. where shopping is a pleasure. 3 first rain, then mosquitoes ... with storms on the way ... state leaders want to keep the blood- p>>russell: first rain, why pstorms on the way want to keep pmosquitos from spreading a pdevastating illness. p>>laura: and rain could also pdefrp pdampen the state fair. pcharley belcher is standing by pbefore they flip the switch to
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p>>dave: i promised our planner pthat it would not rain while pcharley was at the fair so i'm pdoing my best, doing my best to ull that off because the rain pitself is still out in the gulf pand ever so slowly, inching its pway toward the coastline. pso it might be a few more hours pbefore it actually gets here. pthat means we're going to be dry pfor the morning commute. phowever, i think it will be damp por wet for the evening commute pbecause we have those lines to pgo through. ponce they move through, it will pstart to cool off. pwe came off an 84-degree high ptemperature yesterday. pthat's why it's so mild this pmorning. pwe're at 70. phighs today up to the mid 70s. pthat's the last time we're going pto be in the 70s for at least a pweek. pmore on that in a little bit. pi don't want it to rain on your pmorning commute. pi'm doing my best. p>> i appreciate that. prain always complicates things pon the roadway. phopefully folks are slowing it pdown. pin the meantime, not much
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pheading out right now. pwe have a like look at the pinterchange. pthis is westbound traffic pheading into the interchange. pyou can see the volume is icking up a little bit. pgood news is we're staying in pthe green as far as the travel ptimes and sensors go. plive look at the tampa bay area. peverything looks like it's up to pspeed. paverages about 50 miles an hour. p>>russell: more rain without a pdoubt will need to more pmosquitos and mosquitos, we pknow, are a carrier of the zika pvirus. p>>laura: there no known cases of pmosquitos spreading in the punited states. p>>russell: governor scott has pdeclared a public health pemergency in four counties where pthe zika virus has been found. phillsborough, miami dade, lee pand santa rosa counties. ptwo cases here in hillsborough. p>>laura: and shayla reaves is plive for us outside of the phillsborough county health pdepartment. pgovernor scott made this a pstatewide priority hoping the
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peasier to fight mosquitos, pright? p>>vanessa: that's right. pin fact, he is expected right phere in hillsborough county plater this afternoon for a pbriefing to talk about the zika pvirus. pnow, this is not only talking pabout the virus but how florida pis preparing to deal with it and phe is expected to be joined by pthe state surgeon general, pdr. armstrong. pso here is what you need to know pwhen it comes to this virus. pthis is, again, something that phas symptoms, including fever, prash, joint pain and red eyes. pit is spread through mosquito pbites. pwhile the case is here in phillsborough county, we've plearned those two cases were pconnected to people who ptravelled outside of the pcountry. phealth officials are saying that pthere have been nine total cases paround the state and when it pcomes to taking steps to prepare pto prevent, to help yourself, phere is what you need to know. pthere is no vaccine for the zika
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pthing you can do to prevent pinfection other than avoiding pmosquito bites, wearing long psleeves and pants. pwhen it comes to children, cover pyour arms and legs. pif you're out in the stroller, pbaby carrier, use the mosquito pnetting as one alternative to rotect your child. panother suggestion includes pinsect repellant recommended for pthose that are older than the page of two months. pwith more rain in the forecast, pthough, doubled with florida's phot, humid conditions, this is a rime setting for mosquitos to pbreed. pso time like this, folks are pbeing encouraged to watch that pstagnant or standing water paround your home, make sure you pclean that up, make sure you atch up any sort of holes in pyour home and if you have the poption of doing so, try to use pthe screens on your doors and pwindows as well. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: new this morning, for pright now, the i.r.s. has
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pfiled tax returns. p>>laura: the agency has suffered pa major problem. pthe e-file and where is my prefund system is offline and at pthe worst time, too. pthey'll stay offline until the prepairs are made. pi.r.s. does not anticipate any pmajor disruptions because pthere's no word yet whether they pfloon extend the filing deadline pbecause of the outage. pthe agency says that 90% of ptaxpayers should receive their prefunds within three weeks. p>>russell: we expect to find out pwhether a tampa man will be pallowed to post bail after pfederal agents found pipe bombs, ptear gas and guns in his home. phe's due in federal court. pright now he's in pinellas pcounty jail. pramos is described as panti-government. pagents raided the home on monday pafter a business partner preported him. pthey say they found eight live ipe bombs along with tear gas, pgrenades and ammo. p>>laura: a substitute teacher in
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phaving a sexual relationship pwith a teenager. pbrian jamani is charged with plewd and lascivious battery. pthe girl was 14 when the prelationship began. pshe is now 15. pshe was not one of his students. pdeputies do not believe there pare any other victims, either. parrest records show he admitted pto kissing the teen and then prequested a lawyer. pthis morning he's out of jail on p$10,000 bond. p>>russell: a convicted felon has pbeen charged with the revenge pkillings of a man and woman in pbradenton. pduane cummings faces two counts pof first degree murder and pkidnapping. olice found john tuxford shot pfive times in his vehicle. pfinland was found stabbed more pthan 30 times in northern pmanatee county. pdetectives believe that cummings pkilled them because the couple pbroke into their house and stole
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pauthorities are searching for a pthird suspect. p>>laura: he could face the death enalty but that's not an poption. pstate lawmakers are scrambling pto fix the death penalty law. pthe supreme court struck down a pkey part of the law calling it punconstitutional because it pgives too much power to judges pand that could have a major pimpact on hundreds of death enalty cases who could be pretried under sentencing pguidelines. pthe ruling may not affect at pleast one case. plisa and her two children were pfound murdered in lutz on pmother's day in 2008. pedward covington was convicted pin the case. phe waive his right to a jury ptrial. phe specifically asked the judge pfor the order. p>> sometimes it seemed like the pjudge was trying to talk him pinto the jury but he said, no. pi don't want to do that again. pi hope it doesn't happen in any pof the people's cases. p>>laura: even if the state
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pcourt's ruling applies to past plegal cases, legal experts say pit may not apply to people who pgave up their right to a jury ptrial like covington. p>>russell: efforts to change how pand when florida gun owners pcarry their weapons are going pthrough the state legislature pnow. eople with open concealed carry ermits can carry guns and bring pthem on college campuses. pthey face heavy sszance in the pflorida senate. ptwo new gun laws are ready for pgovernor scott. pone is aimed at curbing precreational shooting in presidential areas. pit was created after a man in pst. pete built a gun range in phis backyard. pthe second would change pflorida's 1020 life long and pcurrently sets mandatory life psentences for crimes involving pguns and give judges more pflexibility in cases where psomeone fires a gun as a warning pshot.
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pand bernie sanders will face off pbefore the new hampshire rimary. p>>russell: but first the race pfor the republican nomination phas gotten less crowded. prick santorum and rand paul psuspended campaigns now. pthey join mike huckabee who pended his run on monday night. psantorum won iowa four years pago. phe finished near the bottom this ptime. aul finished fifth. prand paul now plans to turn his pattention to his kentucky senate prace. psantorum is throwing support pbehind marco rubio. p>> we wanted to find a candidate pthat really expoused the values pwe believed in, someone who pfocused their campaign on trying pto help. pi always talk about the 74% of pamericans that don't have a pcollege degree, those struggling pon the margins, middle of pamerica and understanding the
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psupporting that opportunity. p>>russell: mario's strong third lace finish is attracting eople. psaturday night. p>>laura: and even as the pcandidates flock to new phampshire, a couple are still pnot happy about how things went pin iowa. p>>russell: donald trump said pthat ted cruz stole iowa, paccusing him of fraud and krulz pcruise hit back coining a new pterm in the process. p>> i think it is no surprise pthat donald is throwing another ptrumpertantrum. p>>russell: well, ben carson was pnot happy with how things went pin iowa, either. pcruz's supporters told caucus pgoers that carson was suspending phis campaign. pcruz apologized for the pconfusion surrounding carson's pstatus. p>>laura: and on to the race for pthe democratic nomination. phillary clinton and bernie psanders agreed to hold a psurprise presidential debate ptonight.
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pat a democratic forum last pnight. p>> i know that i have to really pdemonstrate as clearly as i can pwho i am, what i stand for, what pi've always done. p>> we are taking on the most owerful political organization pin the country and that's the pclinton organization. p>>laura: for two hours they took pturns answering questions. pthey'll have a chance to address peach other tonight. psanders is leading in new phampshire right now. phe only agreed to tonight's pdebate after clinton agreed to ptake part in three more debates pthis spring. pvoters head to the polls next ptuesday for the new hampshire rimary. p>>russell: clock is ticking for psomeone to claim a $63 million plotto prize. p>>laura: they may not want the pattention. pwhy someone is suing last pmonth's prize winners. p>>russell: florida state fair pkicks off in 20 minutes.
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pfor them to turn on the lights. p>>dave: 6:12 and 70 degrees. pnice and mild. pi can remember how many times we pwere out there and it was just pfreezing cold for the first pmorning of the state fair. pnot so today. pwe do have rain on the way but phonestly, it probably won't get phere in earnest until later this pafternoon. pwe're quiet for the morning. pgoing to the state fair later ptoday, bring your umbrellas. pyou'll likely need them. pcooler, breezy tomorrow with a phigh temperature of only 62. prest of the wee yeah i ride. one thing i've come to realize: there's no easier way to save on motorcycle insurance than switching to geico. saving money, that's something
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p>>dave: a couple of days we've pbeen watching all of this rain pmove through the south. pin fact, the flood warnings, ptornados, the snow to the north pand finally this is the rain pwith. pnotice how it gets chopper as pthe showers are out here, pfurther south you go because a plot of the energy from this pfront is just being driven north pso the front just kind of wimps pthrough here, i guess the best pway to describe it. pwe're still going to get rain pbut it looks like it will hold poff for a few more hours. ptypically or at least the last pthree or four fronts we've had, pyou can see it just come pbarrelling through the gulf and pthen straight through. pthis one not so much. pit's just slowly working its way ptowards the south and the east. pnotice the steadier, heavier prains up in georgia, even parts pof the nature coast. pbig bend area of florida, but pwe're going to get scattered pshowers for us.
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plet's just put that time frame pout there. pif you have yet to go out and pabout the next couple of hours, pi don't think rain is going to pbe your issue. pit's going to be later this pafternoon as the showers come psqueezing through. plook at the temps. p84 is our high yesterday, tying pa record which was set back in p1990. pthis morning we're up around our pnormal high again for this time pof year. pnormal high is 71. pwe're close. p70 crystal river, brooksville, ptampa, 72 in brandon and other pspots in the 60s and it's pbecause of the southeasterly pwind. pbut look at the difference as pyou go back to pensacola where pthe front is through, that's a pbig difference. p48 degrees there. p50 in panama city. p56 in tallahassee so the way pit's going to set up is this. pwe're going to be mild, we're pgoing to push the showers, maybe pa rumble of thunder through ptoday but we're not anticipating pany severe wind which is good. pthis evening the winds will
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pdrag in that cooler, much drier pair. pso northwest winds are pouring pin the drier air in the anhandle now, and that's what pwe're looking at for tomorrow. pso we had a few days, two or pthree days of this real warm, pmuggy weather. pthat's bound to end as the front pcomes through. phere is your future cast. phere is 1:00 this afternoon as pthat line is about to work its pway onshore so it may take a few pmore hours before this rain ushes in. pit just kind of settles in and pbecomes unsettled until about p10:00, 11:00 tonight and then ptomorrow about 5:00 a.m., we're pstarting to clear out. pthat's the way this is going to pset up. pit's some good news for you in pthat that rain we're looking at pfor saturday into sunday looks pto be much less than it poriginally thought. pthat's good. pwe'll get a few showers on psaturday but i don't think it pwill be the massive soaking. prain this afternoon, breezy
6:17 am
phelp it turn much cooler tonight pwith the winds shift to the pnorthwest. ptomorrow a struggle even with pthat sunshine just to make it pback up to around 62 degrees. pi mean, if you had to go boating pfor an hour or two this morning, pmaybe you can squeeze it in but pa moderate chop and the winds pshift to the northwest as the pfront comes through. pwe're looking at the other rain pchance late on saturday. pnot a big deal. plook at the temperatures. pwe're not going to recover, back pto normal. pwe'll stay below normal after ptoday all the way through until pat least next wednesday. p>>vanessa: all right. pthank you. pand the roads remain pretty pclear right now and especially pto speed. pwe've got a look here at p275. pa light but steady flow of cars pat the 38th avenue south camera. pin pinellas county, north coming pup to i-4, 26 minutes out the pdoor. peight minutes if you're coming
6:18 am
pbruce b downs to the state road p54 exit, for folks coming into pthe interchange along i-4 pwestbound, that still remains in pthe clear. pcoming from the mlk exit heading pto the interchange, just five pminutes. p>>russell: north korea appears pto be preparing to launch a long prange missile. pit's been spotted off the west pcoast. pjapan has vowed to shoot down pany missiles fired over its pterritory. psouth korea's military is also reparing to intercept anything pfired by the north. pearlier this week, north korea pnotified the u.n. is plans to plaunch a satellite sometime this pmonth. p>>laura: a pennsylvania judge phas refused to throw out the psexual assault case against bill pcosby. phe said the former prosecutor's pcase was not credible. pcosby is accused of drugging and pmolesting a woman in 2004. pit was reopened in december pafter prosecutors found new pevidence.
6:19 am
pdetermine whether that's enough pto put cosby on trial. p>>russell: guards are being sent pto flint, michigan. pwater crisis started 18 months pago when the city used the flint priver as a source for drinking pwater. pit turned out to have dangerous plevels of lead. pat least 10 people have died pfrom legionnaire's disease. pinvestigators are checking to psee if it is linked to this ptainted water. p>>laura: a lottery winner has pless than 10 hours to claim a p$63 million prize. p>>russell: the clock is also pticking on an even bigger pjackpot. pwe're going to get to all of pthat in a second but first, the pdeadline to collect $63 million pis at 5:00 this afternoon. p>>laura: if the ticket is not pclaimed by then, the money will pbe given to california public pschools. pcalifornia winners have 180 days pfrom the time the winning ticket pis drawn to claim their prize.
6:20 am
plotto prize is $28.5 million. p>>russell: we're still waiting pfor two of last month's record pbreaking powerball jackpot pwinners to come forward. pthree winning tickets were sold. pflorida and california and ptennessee. ponly the tennessee winners have pclaimed their share of the rize. p>>laura: lump sum is worth more pthan $328 million. pflorida's winning ticket was psold in melbourne beach. pflorida's winner has 180 days to pclaim the prize. pthe drawing was january 13. p>>russell: and there is some new pdrama surrounding the tennessee owerball winners. plast month lisa and john probinson claimed their share of pthe $1.6 billion jackpot. pnow, now they're being sued by a rison inmate. phe says that without his help, pthe robinsons could not afford pto buy tickets. p>>laura: he claims, listen to pthis, that he sent $20 from his rison trust fund to the probinson's daughter tiffany.
6:21 am
pgoing to marry him. phe believes he's entitled to phalf the winnings, $163 million. phe's called for a congressional pinvestigation into the matter. phe has reportedly filed pthousands of frivolous lawsuits pin the past. p>>russell: in 15 minutes, lights pgo on for the florida state pfair. p>>laura: we're trying to wake pyou up this morning and this
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pbug meet leon. a sea lion with a big personality. you might describe him as bubbly, a little nosey, and a lot of friendly. come make a new friend. or maybe a few. with a seaworld fun card you pay for less than a day, and play all year. enjoy amazing shows, rides and events. the sooner you buy one, the sooner the fun starts. so come meet leon, the bubbly sea lion. and mako, the tallest, longest, fastest coaster in orlando.
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only here, only at seaworld. what's clicking on the web. walter has this morning's hot clicks for us.. p>>laura: time see what's pclicking on the web this pmorning.
6:24 am
pclicks. p>>walter: taylor is not feeling pwell. panybody in the studio not sick ptoday? p>>laura: i don't think so. p>>russell: i'm on the fence. p>>walter: we're going to get pthrough it with the hot clicks. psometimes it's hard to get up pand get out the door, start the pday but we have a kid who is psure to get your friday eve off pto a rocking start. p p>>laura: look at this guy. p>>russell: cute kid. p>>walter: mom had the camera prolling as wham started playing. pher son started dancing. pwe're not sure how old he was. p>>laura: he's got rhythm. p>>walter: he's got rhythm. phe wasn't even around when the psong came out. pwhat year did the song come out? p>>laura: 1987?
6:25 am
pandrew came up with this song pfor his mom to wake him up pbefore she went to work. pwake me up before you go, go. p>>laura: so cute. pi like that. pthat makes you smile. pthat's the kind of stuff you pcan't help but love. p>>russell: do you ever wonder pwhat your dogs do when you're pnot home? p>>russell: i have a camera. p>>walter: hopefully you don't pcatch a scene like this. pa lab destroying a house. pbooks, pillows. pgetting a little bored? plet me find the yoga mat. pget that thing out here. pit tears everything up. pmy favorite is when the owner pcomes home and the dog wants to lay even more after that. pthere we go. pmom, look what i did. p>>laura: that hurts a littlity.
6:26 am
pthe first time which is why she pset up the camera. p>>laura: and she's on the phone. p>>russell: she's telling psomebody. pit's coming. poh, man. ptampa. pa couple, melissa williams sent prevealing party. pshe and her husband wanted to do psomething special. pthey had the ultra sound tech, pthe results in a secret envelope pwhich the couple entered off to pa couple's close friends. pthere it is. pit's pink. pit's a girl. pcouldn't even wait until the end pof the countdown to start. p>>laura: that's a fun idea. phave fun with it. p>>walter: that's a new one. p>>laura: i never heard that one pbefore.
6:27 am
pthe rain, the wet roads and the pmosquitos. pfoul weather is looking to pdampen the first day of the pflorida state fair. p>>russell: charley belcher is at pthe fairgrounds. pnot going to keep him down, is pit? p>>charley: never. pthrough rain, through sleet, pthrough the dead of night, pcharley belcher will be here to ptell you what you need to know. pdozens of days of fun. pyou want a dozen days of sun? pthe florida state fair. pit's very soon our agriculture pcommissioner will flip that very pswitch, lighting up that ferris pwheel, bringing an official pbeginning to the florida state pfair of 2016.
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plive when "good day" contin i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks
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and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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good morning, i'm laura moody. p>>laura: good morning. pi'm laura moody. p>>russell: and i'm russell prhodes. pit's thursday, february 4. pit's the first day of the floor pthere are state fair. p>>laura: and charley belcher is pthere. phe's standing by to help kick pthings off at the fairground pbefore they turn the lights on pat the midway. pit's been a tradition the last pfew years, it rains on the first pday of the fair, right? p>>dave: and that tradition will phold true but they'll flip that pswitch before that rain starts pwhich is the good news. pin fact, next few hours look to pbe fine. prain moving in later this pafternoon so you get ready to pshuffle kids off to school. pwe have 69 degrees. pmild, mild conditions but then pwe'll have to deal with that. pthe line of showers, sitting out pto the gulf. ptoday is not going to be a pwashout. pyou will need your umbrellas plater this afternoon. pno severe weather anticipated pwhich is great and a few showers pwill move in after the colder pair settles in. p75 degrees or so early this
6:31 am
pstart to drop the temperatures pback and eventually tonight, pvanessa, all back in the 40s so pmore on that in a little bit. pokay? p>>vanessa: thank you. pand bad news for drivers who pusually take i-4 heading into pthe interchange. pa new crash we're following pblocking a center lane so it's pjamming things up. pthis is a live look west of mlk, pjunior boulevard. ptravel times up to about nine pminutes. pmost of the delays between 301 pand just west of mlk. pheading that way, a bit quicker pto exit at hillsborough avenue. p>>russell: 74 days. pthat's how long you have to file pyour taxes. pbut if you mroon doing it pelectronically, today you can't. p>>laura: new this morning, the pi.r.s. has announced it's psuffered a major hardware pfailure and at the worst ossible time, too. palcides segui is live for us poutside the i.r.s. office in ptampa to talk about what kind of
6:32 am
pfor filing the refund. p>>russell: it will be pinteresting to see how long it pwill take to fix this issue. pmillions and millions of people pare kind of just waiting at a pstandstill until the i.r.s. pfixes the issue. pthis started yesterday afternoon pand it's still continuing this pmorning. pyou mentioned this is a hardware pissue and it's affecting the rocessing system. pright now it's still done. pkeep it here to "good day." pkeel let you know when it's up pagain. pas of right now, it's still punavailable. pthe i.r.s. stopped accepting pelectronic file tax returns on pwednesday. pthe i.r.s. is in the process of pmaking repairs and working to prestore normal operations as psoon as possible. is still available, palthough a number of services on pthe site are currently offline. pif you already filed your tax preturns, you will not be pimpacted by this outage. pthe i.r.s. said they expect nine
6:33 am
ptheir refunds within 21 days. pi.r.s. issued a statement. pit reads this. ptaxpayers can continue to repare and file their tax preturns as they normally would. ptaxpayers can continue to send ptheir tax returns to the e-file rovider. pthese companies will hold the ptax returns until the i.r.s. presumes accepting electronic tax preturns. pagain, as of right now, it is pstill down. pno word on when it's going to be pback up again. pbut they are expecting hopefully pat some point today, again, as pof right now, still not working pbut it should be fixed at some oint today. pwe'll see how it all works out. pback to you. p>>russell: a lot of people right pat the beginning of the month, pas soon as they get the forms pin, they want that tax refund pand want it quick. pthis is really going to slow pthem down. p>>laura: we'll move on. p>>russell: florida state fair pkicks off this morning.
6:34 am
p>>laura: examine -- and it all pbegins with the flip of a pswitch. pcharley belcher is live at the pstate fairgrounds. phere comes the big moment, pright, charley? p>>charley: so they say. pwe are officially standing by. phere we go. pthe countdown has begun. padam putnam, attorney general am bondi. pthere it is! pthere it is! pthe florida state fair 2016 pofficially underway. p>> thanks for being with us. p>>charley: look at that. erfect timing right there for plive television. pwe're not wasting your time. pwe didn't even make you sit pthrough the 10, nine and the peight. pi do believe that agriculture pcommissioner adam putnam is pgoing to make his way right over phere for a live interview here pon "good day." phow are you, my friend? p>> how are you doing, buddy? pnice to see you. pgood to have you here. p>>charley: it's always fun to
6:35 am
pthis represents and what this pmeans for agriculture and the pstate of florida. p>> it's what it represents for pthe whole state. pwe're show chasing some of our pbrightest and best young people. p1,500 youth exhibitors will be phere, lots of midway rides, some pheart healthy food and good pfamily fun. p>>charley: give me a state of pagriculture in the state of pflorida. phow are we doing? p>> you know, the short and dirty pis that most of agriculture is pdoing very well. pour citrus industry is pstruggling. pour signature crop is being pwiped out by disease called pcitrus greening and so we are pall hands on deck with our presearchers our scientists, our pgrowers to try to find an answer pto that. pmost of the other commodities pare doing reasonably well. pour vegetable guys around the pglades who provide all the fresh pwinter produce, they've been pflooded out so these are pdifficult times for some of our pcommodities and really good
6:36 am
p>>charley: greening has been on pthe forefront in your cross phairs, if you will, for a few pyears now. pare we making progress? p>> we're waiting on new ptreatments for the trees to be papproved by washington. pthat should buy us time. pthey're more of a band-aid than pa long-term solution. presearchers are trying to breed pnew variety of tree but this is pa real challenge for a $10 pbillion industry that is pimportant for florida. p>>charley: is it more of a pcounty to county thing? p>> the important thing is peverybody just take a deep pbreath, you're safe to be poutdoors. pthere have only been nine cases paround the state and they're all ptravel related but the public pcan help by dumping out if you
6:37 am
ots, bird baths and things like pthat, dump that out and just be palert. pbut there's not really a cause pfor alarm but the florida pdepartment of health is taking pthe lead on this issue and doing pa great job. p>>charley: and today is all pabout -- you like to talk about phealthy food. p>> everything in moderation, pright? p>>charley: double krispy kreme pburger with a scoop of mac and pcheese, i'll have one with you. padam putnam from the great state pof florida, we'll catch up with phim, too, in the 8:00 hour. pthere you go. pand attorney general pam bondi paround here, too. pnice to see our local folks here pfor the big florida at a time pfair. p>>russell: very nice. psee you later, man. p>>laura: let's get over to dave pwith a look at the forecast. pwhat's the weather going to be?
6:38 am
pwe're good. pit's mild outside, 70 degrees pbut you see the thicker cloud pcover starting to settle in as pwe've been talking about rain pcoming in on the first day of pthe state fair. pwe're going to hold it off until pthe afternoon. pmorning, early afternoon hours. pskytower radar plus a cooling
6:39 am
pnext week as well. p>>dave: 6:42.
6:40 am
ptime the brookdale, bayshore pcamera. ptampa in the skyline. pyou see the overcast conditions psettling in now. pout ahead of the cold front, pthat's south-southeast wind at pnine miles per hour. pskytower radar, well, you do see pa line of showers off to the pwest. pit hasn't made much progress ptoward the east since i've pwalked in. peventually it will. pso we're talking late morning pinto the afternoon hours, we're pgoing to be dealing with pshowers. pcould there be a rumble of pthunder? pabsolutely but it's not going to pbe a big deal. pwe're not anticipating any psevere weather. pit's just a lot of rain out pahead of a cold front and pactually looks worse as you go pto the north and the west. pthis is just a heavy soaking prain. pbut if you're just getting in pthe car right now and going up p75 as you're going to go up to pgeorgia, you know, in a couple pof hours, you're going to run pright into all of this real pheavy rain so keep that in mind pand in general, the further pnorth you live, the more rain pyou're going to see.
6:41 am
pof rain so again, nothing that's pgoing to cause any serious pissues but when you bring rain pin during any type of commute, robably closer to the evening pcommute, you know that will tend pto slow things down. pmild, though. p70 to 72 in most spots along the pcoast. pinland we're in the upper 60s pand the interesting thing about pthis is that after today, wee pmay not even get this warm for pseveral days. pit will be a struggle to warm up pwhen this front actually makes pit through. ensacola, sitting at 48 pdegrees, 48 degrees this pmorning. pwe're right around 70. phere's the front. pbehind it the wind shift to the pnorthwest, dragging in the pcolder air so while you may see pa little peek-a-boo sunshine in pgeneral, the skies are going to pbe cloudy today and a few pshowers are coming through the parea but most of the energy is pmoving north which keeps the pheaviest rainfall to the north pas well. pbut if you look to the
6:42 am
phere, that's drier air in the pmid levels. ponce the rain comes through, pthat takes over. pi think tomorrow is going to be pan absolutely beautiful day, palbeit it will be about 10 pdegrees colder than normal. pit's going to be a beautiful day pindeed. pfuture cast bringing the rain pthrough. pas we get to the noon time hour, pearly this afternoon and then pfor tonight, we'll work on pclearing it out. pnow, we've been talking for days pabout maybe some more rain psaturday into sunday and while i pthink we'll have a lot of cloud pcover saturday, the rain chances pare starting to slower which is pbetter news. p75 degrees for a high today. pgoing to the second half of the pweekend, notice that we might pget a quick little shower late psaturday, early on sunday but pthe temperatures don't recover pthat much. pthey'll stay in the upper 50s pand lower 60s for highs at least pfor the middle of next week. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. psounds good. p6:44 is the time and we want to pget you a check on an update on pi-4 westbound.
6:43 am
pcausing some delays, still is, preally, in the west direction pjust west of mlk, junior pboulevard. ptemperatures are remaining psteady as far as the nine minute pride from mlk to the pinterchange. peven though you can't see it, we phave some progress. pall that has moved on to the pright emergency shoulder. premember the move over law as pyou make your way through the parea and give, i would say, pmaybe an extra 10 minutes for pthe travel times to recover. pit does take a little bit of a precovery time before you kind of pget back to normal. pif you would like to avoid that parea, do so. pcortez road there's a crash here pwith blockage. pmaybe give yourself a few extra pminutes out the door for that. p6:45 is the time. pwe want to get back out there to pcharley who is having fun at the pstate fair. pyou already got to taste some pgood stuff. p>>charley: florida state fair. pyes. pof course. pjust talked to the agriculture pcommissioner, adam putnam is
6:44 am
pgood foods but he gave me ermission to go nuts. pi think maybe he said pmoderation. pi heard, just go nuts. peither way, it's good fair food. pwhen you think of the fair, what pfood comes to mind first? p>>vanessa: anything fried. p>>charley: anything fried. panything on a stick you're going pto find it at the fair. pyou have the classics. pthe popcorn, cotton candy. pis there an echo? p>>vanessa: cotton candy. p>>charley: i don't know if i'm psupposed to break that open. pi don't know that i am. plook what is in here. pchristmas morning. plook at that. plook at that. p>>vanessa: that's like -- p>>charley: you have a stick. pif it has a stick, it's perfect pfor the fair. pnow, this was the people's pchoice award. pthis is what you're going to pfind here at the fair.
6:45 am
pthe bacon bomb burger. plet me break this down for you. pso the meat is like -- almost plooks like a meatloaf because pthere's bacon ground up in the pmeat. pthen surrounded by bacon p. it's pall rolled up in bacon. pwhat do you put on top of that? pmore bacon. p>>vanessa: of course. p>>charley: that is people's pchoice award. pthe runner up, look at this. pthis is called the red neck pburger. pand you've got baked beans on a pcheeseburger with some potato pstraws. pthey look like potato straws to pme. pthey might be a french fry. pthey might be like the little pshoe string french fries now pthat i look closer. pi haven't done the full research pyet, obviously. pbaked beans on a cheese
6:46 am
psecret ingredient? pa piece of baloney all on a pfried piece of baloney. pare you kidding me? pthat was the runner up. pthe red neck burger. pso feel free to get your workout pdone first and then come to the pflorida state fair or loaf the pentire fair, choke it down, if pyou will. pthis place is huge. pyou'll burn off a few calories. pand have a "good day" at the pflorida state fair. pkicks off today. pit's a dozen days of fun. p>>vanessa: i'm looking forward pto signing on saturday but even pmore so being near the food. p>>charley: and knowing you, pyou'll eat some of those pduringers. p>>vanessa: i will. p>>laura: a controversial meeting psaid to take place in downtown ptampa along with dozens of other pcities around the world has been pcancelled. pit was being organized by a pgroup called return of the pkings. pso-called masculine movement pbelieves that women are inferior
6:47 am
pthey were planning to gather at pcurtis hixon park this saturday. plast night the event was pcancelled. pgroup's leader said he could not pguarantee the safety of its pmembers. pa peaceful counter protest is pstill scheduled for saturday pnight. asco county deputies are plooking for someone who stole pmore than $800 worth of energy pdrinks. pthis past friday, the person pwalked into a publix on land o plakes boulevard, filled his car pwith five hour energy and red pbull before leaving in the car pwithout paying. psame person is suspected at phaving done this in other plocations in pasco and phillsborough county. pthen a bill that would require pflorida high schools to offer pcomputer codes as a foreign planguage option is headed for a pvote. pit's received overwhelming psupport from state senators. pstudents could take computer pcoding for two years of foreign pinstruction. pstudents would have to
6:48 am
pcomputer coding may not meet pforeign language requirements in pcolleges in our states. p>>russell: facebook turns 12. pdid you remember to get a gift? pit was mr than just a catchy pjingle. pcustomers are going to have to preach a little bit deeper into ptheir pockets for subway. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. with havertys furniture, your
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picture perfect. you should want your banking to be too. stop into td bank and we'll help set you up with picture perfect banking. new customers, open a checking and savings account and you can get a polaroid cube+ video camera on the spot. oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 3 3 facebook is almost a teenager.. p>>laura: now facebook is almost pa teenager. p>>russell: hard to believe. pthey turn 12 today. pjoining us from the box business pnetwork studio, lauren psimonetti. pfor a lot of people, facebook is
6:51 am
p>>reporter: it is and it's been pa way of life for 12 years. pmaybe more a little recently but pnever it is theless pnevertheless, it's hard to pbelieve. pthis is friends day. pwe're going to celebrate you, pthank you for this day by psending you video collages of pyou and your friends. ictures of you with your pfriends, they're nice. pwhat if you're not friends with pthe person? pyou can go in and edit this pvideo collage. pi don't know. pwhat do you think? pthey say around 12:00 p.m. ptoday, video collages will be up pand running. p>>russell: i've never done pfacebook -- we do it for work. pit's just never been a big deal pfor me so it's leftovers. p>>reporter: same here.
6:52 am
pother story. ptime to say goodbye to the $5 pfoot long? p>>reporter: it's $6. pthat's today. pit was $5 since 2007. pthis really helped subway get pout of the recession. pfolks watching their money, they pcame out with the $5 foot long. pit worked. palmost a decade later, because pfood prices have gone up, pthere's inflation, it costs $6. pthat's in february. pi'm okay with it. pa lot of people are complaining pon social media. psubway says too bad. pwe have higher prices so now you pdo, too. p>>russell: it's still a lot of pfood for six bucks. p>>reporter: yeah. pi went to mcdonalds the other pday and got a number one. pit was like $9. pwhen does that cost almost $10? p>>laura: that was a big mac? p>>reporter: big mac, fries and a pcoke. p>>russell: you should come down phere to the florida state fair.
6:53 am
psee you later. p>>reporter: bye-bye. p>>laura: don't miss lauren psimonetti. pit always surprises me she loves pall the junk food, loves all the pbad stuff. pif you're not sure where to find pfox, go to channel pfinder. p grease is still the word on american idol .. h p>>russell: well, grease still pthe word. phollywood is almost over on the pfarewell season of american idol pand the third and final round erformances. pthey won't know what the judges ptop 24. p>> it's brutal. pnot only the competition itself pbut the fact it's on television pand you're being judged in front pof millions of people and the pschedule is rigorous.
6:54 am
pmakes the cut tonight right here pon fox 13. p>>laura: remake of the rocky phorror picture show. pare you excited about this? p>>russell: sorta, kinda. p>>laura: millyon joins adam plambert. p>>russell: that's going to be pfun. pall right. pformer teen heart throb and pchain saw wielding shark slayer pis starting a new career, travel pagent. phe's using his experiences as a pcelebrity to help average joes lan their vacations. phe said no matter your plifestyle, you can live it up plike a rock star. p>> you've got a little celebrity pnews column where you can find pout who went where, where pthey're going and there's also pcelebrity style that gives you acking tips and information on pthe best way to enjoy your pjourney.
6:55 am
pnew website that features news pand celebrity experiences and it pwill show people how to travel plike the rich and famous while pon a fast food budget. pfor more information on pcelebrity vacation destinations, phead to celebrity p>>laura: all right. pyou know we know there's a lot pof concern locally about the pspread of the zika virus. pwe talked about it a lot lately pand with rain headed our way, pwe'll show you the best way to pkeep mosquitos away from your phome and family. p>>russell: and politics, it was pan awkward moment for jeb bush. pwhy he had to urge his psupporters to applaud. p>>laura: and then the bucs have pt been pseven years but that hasn't pstopped them from raising ticket rices a lot. pit's all ahead at 7:00. p>>dave: there's a line of rain pout in the gulf. pit's not raining yet but in a pfew hours, it will be. pshowers eventually squeeze their pway through. pwe'll make it in the mid 70s for
6:56 am
phowever, starts to turn cooler, pback in the lower 60s tomorrow. pmaybe another rain chance this psaturday. pwe'll talk more about that, a
6:57 am
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