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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 4, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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((laura making military moms and dads. the pentagon's *expensive plan to pmaking military moms and dads at entagons expensive plan to passure troops that they will one pday become parents. p>> it's the red bull planet. psomeone is stealing hundreds of pdollars of energy drinks from pstores all across the bay area. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p hey everybody i'm 8 o'clock pi'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning we thank you for pwaking up with us on this pthursday more than. pfebruary 4th. pwe will get straight over to pdave right now with a look at pthe forecast. pyou haven't seen clouds thicken pup a little bit. pa little sunshine here and there pwe're starting a 71 degrees ptampa international. pstill south, southeast winds at paround 8 miles per hour. pyou can see the rain out into
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pit still taking it's sweet old ptime getting here. pwhat is it? p8 o'clock by noon time we will psee that line of rain move on pshore. pso i do expect again, high rain pchances not this morning but pthis afternoon. pthen it turns cooler and breezy. plook at the difference in high ptemperatures today snif. ptomorrow's high vanessa only 62 pdegrees. p thank you. pyou're 8:01. pthis live look near park road i pdon't ever turned vehicle you pcan see right there taking up ptwo right lapts dha left lane pfasting plan extra time if you phave to head eastbound as i pmentioned before i carb 4 near ark road. pmeantime, earlier crash i-4 pwestbound m l k still causing pconcerns and slow speeds. pthat's a 28 minute ride from 75 pto 275. plooks like you won't say too pmuch time at this point taking pany alternates those are jammed pup.
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p37 minutes from at 75 junction pto the interchange. pthen we have a disabled vehicle pnewly reported southbound 75 pnear fletcher. pthat's causing some delays. p20 minutes is your ride from pbruce b. downs to i-4. p>> prepare for worst than hope pfor the best. pgovernor scott declares a state pof emergency in 4 counties pbecause of a syria can virus. pthat includes hillsborough. pthere are nine cases in our pstate we need to stress, all of pthe people who got the virus got pit from traveling not while they pwere here. pof course, today we're expecting prain. pwhich means standing water. pand more mosquitos florida top pleaders announce they want to pstop any problems before they phave a chance to start. pas we heard, commissioner putnam ptalked about earlier this pmorning you really need to make pcertain there's no standing pwater around your house. pand fox 13's shayla reeves is plive for us outside the county's phealth department with more on pthis, good morning, shayla. p>> reporter: hi, good morning to pyou. pof course, again, with more rain pon the way and that added in
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pconditions, we already have here pin florida, that could make for pan easy breeding ground when you ptalk about mosquitos. pso in this particular case, pthere's information that health pexperts want to make sure you pknow especially to make sure pthat you can prevent the spread pof the zika virus. pso some of the easy things of pcourse include making sure you pdon't have any standing water paround your home. pthat can be an easy place for pmosquitos to breed. pin addition to that you want to pmake sure you use screens on pyour window and doors. pair conditioning when you can, palso, try to repair any holes in pyour home. pavoid a mosquito bites. pwear long sleeves and pants. pwhen it comes to children, cover pup their arms and their legs. pif you're going to have your pchildren out, either in a pcarriage or stroller or some pcases in a crib, you can pconsider using things like pmosquito netting according to a pcdc to keep them safe. pinsect repellent is recommended pnot for babies under age of two
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pinfection. pand no medicine to treat the pzika virus. pright now pregnant women are purged to use caution when they pare traveling to any of those pareas where cases have already pbeen reported. pright now we can tell you none pof the cases in hillsborough pcounty involved pregnant women. pbut of course, again, that articular group is urged to use pcaution. pwe're going keep an eye on this plater this afternoon, governor prick scott is expected to be phere in town. pand he'll be conducting a pbriefing along side the state psurgeon general dr. john parmstrong to talk about the zoo pcan virus and how they are pdealing with it right here in pflorida, guys, back to you. pwe know he's already here the pfor fair we expect to hear from phim soon on it shayla, thank pyou. pnew this rn mooing a skies are pnot so friendly when it comes to pthe zika virus united and delta pairlines are allowing pregnant pflight attendants, pilots, and pthose trying to become pregnant pto not fly into the affected pregions. pdelta started doing it mid pjanuary. pand so far, small number of crew
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pnights with those willing to do pthe switch. p>> tampa man who put everyone in phis neighborhood in danger is pgoing to court this morning. pover weekend the feds found pipe pbombs teargas and other weapons pin his an apartment. pmichael ramos is sitting in inellas county jail on a no pbond hold. ptoday a tlel deat the same time phearing schedule. pa federal agents raided his home pafter his former boss called pthem and said they found eight plive people balls teargas is pammunitions ramos told agents he phad no plans to use those pexplosives. pand now former pasco county psubstitute teacher is out of a pjob and facing serious paccusations this morning. pinvestigators say 20-year-old pbrian had a sexual relationship pwith a 14-year-old girl for pabout 5 months. pshe was not one of his students. pin fact the district says she pwasn't enrolled in pasco county pschool system. pdeputies do not believe there pare any other victims. parrest records show he admitted pto is kg the teen then request
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pthis morning he's out of jail on p$10,000 bond. p>> someone msko county has lot pof get up and good after pstealing more than $800 worth of penergy drinks. asco county deputies say this ast friday the person on your pscreen walked into a publix on pland o'lakes boulevard and pfilled the car with a 5 hour penergy and red bull and then pleft. pwithout paying. psame person is suspected of phaving done this at several pother publix locations too in asco and hillsborough county pwithin the last 24 hours. p>> also new this morning there's pa search for three women who are pgoing around robbing people. pcitrus county deputies say they probbed two people last week pincluding an elderly woman. psurveillance photos were taken a ublix in inverness. pthree followed the woman into pthe a store and then show two of pthe women start talking to the pwoman while the third grabs her pwallet and takes off with $500 pcash and all of her debit cards. pthe group is also accused of a
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pbeauty supply in crystal river. p animal abuse. poutrages all of us. pnow hillsborough county is ptrying to do what it can to revent it by creating an animal pabuse registry. phere's how this would work. panyone who has been convicted of panimal abuse or neglect would phave to be registered or they pwould get fined. pgoal is to insure that no animal pis adopted out to someone who pcould potentially hurt that panimal. pcommissioner's just passed plan pnow up to county attorney to pcreate the registry. pit will also go online so animal padoption eegs and public will phave access to it. pdatabase will include the poffenders address, some pneighbors would know as well. pwell, got a lot of rain headed pour way, dave is watching jen pepstein called it happiest day pof her life. pnot a wedding either. pher one tank trip. pcoming up she will take us to pmace in florida that's always 32
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pand filled with babies, can you pimagine it charley? pi have heard some stories palready. pi know that's going to be a good pone opinion cannot wait if you pcan't wait for florida state pfair you don't have to wait any pmore it kicks off today. pif you're old enough to remember artridge family i think i found p2016 version. pit is mass family jam. pone big happy family pcrisscrossing the country erforming at fairs p>> they will are here for dozen pdays of fun. pcan i hear a little something? pyeah. pcrank it up. pstick around everybody fair's pabout food and animals. pand great entertainment like pfamily jams. giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase.
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((intro)) 3 3 ((laura 2shot)) p it is the day that jen pepstein has talked about pforever. pa dream come true. pshe finally got the frolic and lay with penguins. pshe's here to tell you all about pand how she can hardly contain pthis excitement. pdon't sound like that. pthere are stories that pchallenge, disturb us even drive pus nuts. pbut this next one, none of pthose. pthis story delighted me. pinvolved something i always love pi've known to squeal over, yes enguins. pnow you can too and special pexperience that's just a one ptank trip away. p>> there's a land miles and pmiles away. pyou experience the cold first pwith penguins swim and play. phow does it feel to be a
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p>> no, isn't beginning a fairy ptale. pit's pretty awesome, isn't it? pit's the start of my one tank ptrip. pi know i was feeling the same pexact way. p>> my heart is pounding i'm so pexcited. p>> these are real life penguins. p>> they are. p>> 32 degrees and snowy. pths the perfect climate for pthese black and white feathered pbirds. pwe make 20 thousand pounds of psnow a day you don't have travel pacross the globe it see these pcold weather creatures. pit's just a one tank trip to pseaworld antarctica. pempire of the penguins. psuch an an amazing exhibit. pbrings guests right into the pmiddle of the animals' habitat. p280 penguin waddling 32 awe icy pcaves diving into chilly water. pthey stay busy and their pvisitors do too. pempire of penguin exhibit guest
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por a more private tour, where pyou come face to face with a enguin. pit is penguin up close tour. poh my gosh. pthat's right. pi got to go on the ice, and pspend some quality time with the enguins. pwe limit it to about 12 guests, pbring you down the hallway and ptell you about penguins in pgeneral. pwhat its like taking care of pthem, what's it's like raising pthe babies. pit's easy to so i why tj loves phis job. pit's an absolute wonder of a job pto come in here every day and pknow you're making that little pbit of a difference as i tear pup. p>> sure he's surrounded by pcouple hundred penguins every pday. pbut as an agriculturalist he palso considers himself a speaker pof birds all monitoring them and pmaking sure they have most pfulfilling life possible. pbe soming clicked this is what i pwanted to do. pi had to figure out how can i
8:14 am
pone of the lucky people taking pcare of them. pand only very, very special eople like me get to sit on the pice with them. p>> just like me. pit's super cool to share this pwith you. pit's an awesome opportunity. pi feel penguin nipping me in the pbud right now and i don't really pcare. p>> hey. p sorry jeremy hands down, pbest day of my life. pso you can choose from a variety pof tours fwafd on your love enguins. pfirst one included in regular padmission it takes you inside en quinn habitat or up close ptour which takes you behind the pscenes, and allows you to touch pone of the birds. por you don't even have to go to pseaworld the park has a penguin pcamera on its website. pi want you to know that tj and i pwere like meant to meet because
8:15 am
ploves penguin more than i do psaid when he was growing up on a ardon me in pennsylvania he had pcows, he had ducks. phe had horses. pcan he asked his dad over and pover again if he could just ptrade all animals in for a enguin. p>> and his wish came true he pworks with them now. pkindred spirits right away. pis it true they had to ask you pto leave? pthey said we're closing. p>> well he was very nice about pit. pit was about 2 hours in or so he psaid i'm really happy that pyou're here but i do have a job pthat i need to do. pso we're going have to wrap this pup. pyeah. pmore or less. pthat's why you love you you suck pevery moment of experience of pin. pi'm glad you did it. pthank you, thanks, guys. pdidn't cure it. pno not at all love them even pmore now. p>> all right. pyou created a monster. oor jeremy. p>> he loves her though. phe does love her.
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enguin down bay shore, somehow, pyes. psomehow i can see it right now. pokay. plet's look at the rain. pever so slowly getting closer. pif you need to get anything done poutdoors really nor for next pcouple of hours i think you're pgood. ponce we hit the afternoon, pthat's when i ink the rain is pgoing move in. pyou just need dry weather for a pcouple of hours go at it this pstuff is no the racing toward pthe coastline. pit's been slowly moving twashd pthe coast. pit will get here by the pafternoon. robably into the evening hours. pwe're going have to deal with pthis shower activity. pyou see whole front color all pthat in green as showers are pcontinuing to move toward pimmediate coast. pbehind it all, is when you see pthe temperatures start to fall. pright now we're at 71 degrees. pand it is mild. pit is muggy outside. pcoming off 84-degree high ptemperature we had yesterday. plook at the 70s.
8:17 am
pand then woo, hits you in the pface doesn't it pensacola. p45 degrees. pthey are at 45. pgainesville is at 70. pso obviously, behind this rain pwe are in for quite a ptemperature drop. pso showers move through. pmainly a rumble of thunder. pno severe weather anticipated. pthen this evening the winds are pgoing abruptly shift to the pnorthwest. pthat is your sign the front is pthrough here comes the cooler pdrier air. pbut the thing is, once it gets phere, it's, it's not going away pin time soon. psaw good-bye to 80s. peven 70s for highs after today. pkeep an eye out that umbrella pgoing this afternoon. p75 for a high. ptonight we'll clear it out late pmuch cooler breezy conditions. pwith low of 47 degrees. pand struggle tomorrow. pjust to make it back up to 62. phonestly i think it will be a retty day. pgoing to be a refreshing. pand much cooler overall. pand i was putting together the 7 pday.
8:18 am
pminute, 62, 65, 60, 62, 59. pour normal high is in the lower p70s. pso after today, we're going to pstay well below normal through pat least the middle of next pweek. pi think even further than that, pvanessa. pall right roller coaster ptemperatures just in time for pthe fair. pall right thank you. phere we are checking out i-4. plooks like i-4 having a bad day. pwe have another crash we're pseeing westbound. pthis actually, it's clearing pout. pso that is good news for pdrivers. pbut you can see for meantime plooking a bit slow. pit might be slow for next few pminutes because emergency pvehicles were taking up that pright lane you can see them pmoving along 23 minutes, of pcourse looking slow? pthe area west of mlk due to an pearlier crash eastbound along pi-4 near park road due to a pcurrently working crash. pso you'll want to plan extra ptime anywhere you go in those pareas. pmeantime, it looks a bit slow as pwell northbound 275, crossing phoward franklin you can see back
8:19 am
papproaching i-4 is 32 minute pride. pso plan accordingly. pthen we are seeing some delays a pbit minor compared to was we've pbeen seeing elsewhere i've pshowing you in the recent preports. pcauseway boulevard westbound at p47th street, this is reported as phit and run, more information on pthis in just a bit. pbut it looks like we're having pone lane blocked in that area. p>> some say if is the perfect pway to create the perfect baby. pcoming up a 9 the fda just pcleared the way for american pscientists to study three parent pembryo. pdr. jo will an explain the rocedure and why it's so pcontroversial. pforget crunches we will show you pfour different exercises that pwill give you great abs without pever doing another stomach pcrunch. pand charley, hanging out with pgreat family band who will be laying at the state fair.
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and of course, wear sunscreen. nature valley granola bars. no artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners.
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p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher. pwe're at the florida state fair, pkicks off today, a dozen days of pfun. pyou being eat anything you want pto eat ride that midway, see pgreat animals and see great pentertainment like matt's family pjam out of branson, missouri.
8:23 am
pbig motor home it is like artridge family if you're old penough to remember that collin, padrian, and benny, matt and his pwife, you know they are around p2. pbut all about the kids, right? ptell me how cool is it to travel pcountry playing music with your pfamily. pone of the most i mean the most pfun thing we get to do together pspend time a family making music pwhat we love doing and get to pshare it with everybody. pit's a blast. preally cool. pnow you get on to each other pnerve and a drive each other pcrazy on this motor home life p>> sometimes it can get a little psmall. pthat honest answer that tells me pyou're real family. pthat's okay. pthat's what family's all about. pbut good times are really good. p>> yes, sir. pgood for you. pbenny how old are you? p>> ten. plife on the road at ten, man. pyou probably have groupies. pyou probably kicking girls out pdressing rool out of a show a prough life, man. p>> it's pretty fun. p>> you're basically a rob star pat ten years old.
8:24 am
pimagine the life the cute kid on pthe drums. peverybody screaming. pwhat do you love most about erforming with the family? p>> well just making music with pthem is the best thing to do. pand traveling all over the pcountry. pand best thing. pwhat kind of music do you play? pall kinds of music. pall kinds of music. pso talking death metal some hard pcorp hip-hop? p>> we will give it try. pcharley you taking requests. pi would assume fair family pfriendly good fun music. pyeah, totally music that we like pto play music that grown ups pwill recognize, but yet the kids pwill still have a good time. pweaver got room to dance down in pfront of stage. pset out hula hoops. pyeah it's a good time. pcan we hear a little bit of the pwhole family snl ladies and
8:25 am
p p p benny drum solo, go. p>> sorry.
8:26 am
pwent right with. pmatting family jam every day out phere at the fair. pdifferent show times here at pthis tampa bay times stage. pyou can't miss them. pcheck them out. pand give them a pat on the back. pthey are pretty good. retty good. p>> that's fun. pvery good. pthat's nice. p>> yeah. p>> yeah. p>> very nice. preality show in the making. pi love it. p>> yes. pyou're right about that. p>> see you later. p>> see you. pall right the pentagon has a lan to assure its young troops pthat they will be able to become arents regardless if they are pinjured in battle. pit is spence. pand it could create some legal pissues. pwalter is going to tell us all pabout it coming up in about 5 pminutes. pfirst a big problems for the irs pthat could affect your refund. pgood morning, alcides. p>> good morning to you laura and prussell. pmillions and millions of people pwill have to wait for file their pirs tax returns it has to do
8:27 am
pside i'm doing. just when i think it's just this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
8:28 am
pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p the clock is ticking on tax pseason overnight irs encountered pbig problems with its online. phe filing website some services pon the site are down. pand fox 13, and to explain how pit's going to affect us. pgood morning. p>> good morning to you laura and prussell. pi just got off the phone, with
8:29 am
pshe was on the website a short ptime ago the website is pstill down. pkind of interesting though pbecause we've talking to folks pon facebook. pand i spoke to a vir earlier. pthey said they were able to file pat 6 o'clock this morning. pso maybe, they are having some pissues that are on and off. pbut either way we just checked a pshort time ago and still down. pthey've been having issues the pirs has since yesterday. pand again, it continues this pmorning. papafrntly it's a hardware issue pthat they have been that's paffecting the processing system. pagain as of right now, as of pthis very second it's still punavailable. pirs stopped accepting pelectronically filed tax returns pon wednesday because of this pcomputer problem. pthe irs currently in the process pof trying to make the repairs pand trying to restore to overall poperations as soon as possible .m. is still available palthough a number of services on pthat site are still off-line. pif you already filed your tax
8:30 am
pby the outage. pthe irs says they expect nine pout of ten taxpayers will preceive their refunds within pabout three weeks. pirs issued ad a statement ptaxpayers can continue to repare and file their tax preturns as they normally would. psend your paperwork to your e pfile provider, these companies pwill hold on to it until irs is pback up and running again. pearlier this morning we spoke to pa guy who received his irs his pw-2 forms from his employer, punfortunately half of it was pmissing. plisten to this. p>> it was gone. plike that. pjust like half of it was gone. pand the part that i supposed to pturn in to the internal revenue pthat's part the that's receipts pthat are gone. pso i'm not sure if someone got pit or what? pi don't know. pso i'm kind of up in arms on
8:31 am
pon my identity theft, you know. p>> mr. holland is waiting in pthat very, very long line to pspeak with irs employees to get pa better idea of what he should pdo next. pof course his biggest fear that pis someone filed under his name pand his employer information. phe is expected to get some money pback from the irs at least pthat's what he's hoping for. pof course we know identity theft pis huge, huge problem. pespecially when it comes to tax preturns. p$21 billion lost last year in pidentity theft. pso again, a big issue looked plike mr. hole lan may have to pdeal with that again this pmorning a story we've following, pfor the last couple of years. pwe'll continue to follow that, pand we'll continue to follow the pcomputer glitch irs seems to be phaving since yesterday pthroughout good day tampa bay. pback to you. pall right, alcides, thank you. p>> move over spanish and french, pcomputer coding could soon be a pforeign language option a pflorida high schools. pbill requires the change is pheading for a vote after preceiving overwhelming support
8:32 am
punder the new bill students pcould choose to take computer pcoding and get two foreign planguage credits. pbut parents and students would phave to sign statements packnowledging the computer pcoding may not meet foreign planguage requirements for pcollege if passed new policy pcould take effect in 2018 school pyear. p>> hillsborough schools and hart pare teaming up to give kids a pfree ride. pall they need is their student pid and any high school or middle pschooler can get a free ride on pa hart bus. pschool district says it will pallow students that don't have paccess to the car the ability to articipate in more after school pactivities. pit makes sense, right? pthe program starts march 1st, pand runs until the end of the pschool year. p>> military service is trying to pbecome more family friendly. pand one way it is trying to do pthat is by offering to freeze pit's members's sperm and eggs. pwalter is here now to explain pwhat's behind in push from the pbent gone. pgood morning to you. pit may be an expensive but punique idea. psecretary of defense ash carter
8:33 am
ilot program that will allow pactive duty service men and pwomen the chance to preserve ptheir sperm and eggs prior to pdeployment. pthis will allow anyone that gets pinjured during combat to still pstart a family. pcarter says he believes it will pgive troops peace of mind as pthey are being deployed and pgreater flexibility when it pcomes to starting a family. pand they didn't mention a price ptag for sperm. pbut military believes it could phelp recruit and keep some top pfemale candidates who would pleave to start a family. paltogether it would cost a pgovernment $150 million over pfive years. pon flip side there lot of he pwill and ethical questions of praise the defense department psays they don't have answers too pwhat happens if you die or if a erson become cognitively pdisabled can they still be used. pdepartment of defense says they pare still trying to figure that pout. plot of questions that need to be panswered, russell. p>> thank you. p>> you bet.
8:34 am
pwar of words between democrats phillary clinton and bernie psanders. ptown hall in new hampshire. pand the big's word they fought pover was progressive. pthis is the first time they have pspoken since clinton very narrow pvictory in iowa. psanders admits he is under dog pin the matter. pbut also says he is not afraid pof the fight. pclinton let him know she isn't pbacking down either letting psanders know she's progressive pthat likes to get things done pshe finds it amusing that psanders claims to be the rogressive one. pclinton has long road ahead of pher new poll released wednesday. pshows that sanders could have pmore than double the voters that pclinton has. p>> pool of republican candidates pbattling to be next candidate is pnow smaller. pthis week three accounts pannounced they are dropping out pon monday after iowa caulks it pwas mike huckabee. pthen after nine yesterday pmorning senator rand paul pannounced he was walking away psaying he was turning his pattention to his kentucky senate prace. pthen last night, former ennsylvania senator rick
8:35 am
phe's now supporting marco rubio. p>> and speaking of ma could prubio he is feeling pretty good pafter that strong third place pfinish in the iowa caulks. pit looks like he's feeling retty cool too. ptrying to get younger voters pattention by using the word bae. phe is selling shirts and sticker pthat is say rubaeo. pand according to site there's a phigh demand. pnext republican debate be will psaturday and last forum before pnew hampshire primary on pfebruary 9th. pvery clever. pall right. pwe have a news alert. pan ali gent plane headed from porlando to philly blew two ptires. pone 58 people were on board the lane. pnone of them were hurt. pone passenger said a huge jolt pyou heard tires pop. pali gent tess the plane was pscheduled for return flight to porlando. pallegiant offered passengers 100 pbucks for a future he lee gent pair flight. p>> dave's been watching weather
8:36 am
pwe've got rain headed our way p>> we do ever so slowly pbeginning approach the pcoastline. pstill about 70 miles off shore. pwhich i'll show you in a second. pclouds are just streaming in on pthis mostly cloudy thursday pmorning you can see out in gulf pwe've gone back to overcast pconditions. pbut it's mild. pstill muggy. ptemperatures right now are in pthe 70s. phere's your rain. pi kind of measure ad point out ptoward clearwater beach about 74 pmiles away. pit's just slowly working its way ptoward the east. pi think when i first got here, pthis morning rain was like out phere. pnow it's here. pso give it a few more hours and pit will start to make its way pway on shore. pwhich why i said last half hour pyou have something you have to pdo outside. pin next hour or two, go get it pdone before the showers move in. pthere could a couple of heavier pdownpours within this line of prain. pas it moves that you the area. pbut we're not anticipating psevere weather. pwhich is good. pyou know it takes some rain. psevere weather.
8:37 am
peverybody now in the lower 70s, pst. petersburg's the only one. pback to upper 60s. pbut when you go back to the pnorthwest, it is huge pdifference. pit's 50 in panama city. p45 in pensacola. pguess where we're going after prain moves through today? pyep. pwe're going up here, folks. pthese temperatures or these pcooler temperatures will slide pin overnight. p2, 3 o'clock this afternoon is pyour line of rain. pworking its way on shore. robably be with us through the pevening commute. pand broken line of rain. pand then, by about 6, 7:00 ptomorrow morning there it is, pwe're back in the clear skies. pand we're going to hold that pbeautiful sunshine until at pleast early morning hours of psaturday. pso we've got 75 degrees for a phigh today. pwith showers and thunderstorms pmoving on shore. pit will be breezy. pbreezy tonight. pabout northwest wind. pthat will drag us back to upper p40s for first thing tomorrow pmorning. pand then mostly sunny, breezy pask cooler tomorrow with a high
8:38 am
pif you have to do any boating pwe're expecting a moderate chop pmaybe an hour or two. pthen i want you back in. pbecause that line of rain coming pon shore. p40 percent the rain chance pthat's going to weak little rain pchance coming that you late in pday on saturday. pbut, the one thing i'm noticing phere is just cooler and cooler pand cooler for next week in pfact, high temperatures monday, ptuesday, wednesday. pupper 50s, lower 60s, vanessa. p>> all right, dave, thank you. p>> here 8:four we want to check pin on trouble spots starting oh pof in area bell shoals road in phillsborough county. psome lane blockage possible pafter this crash. preally starting to see those pdelays in that knot bound pdirection. pgood news there, minor delays. pbut certainly worth giving pyourself a few extra minutes fuf patto head that way. pmeantime check in on travel ptimes speeds along veterans pexpressway looks pretty clear puntil gunn highway then it preally slows down don't see any prelief until you get to the pabout hillsborough avenue pveterans expressway 30, 32 pminutes. pit is a little bit on heavier pside. pbut starting to tick down.
8:39 am
ast couple minutes or so. pon majors, of course we're pfocused along i-4. pbunch of trouble spots, pbasically westbound approaching pmcintosh westbound approaching pmlk and eastbound approaching ark. plooks like it's also a bit slow pafter you hit mlk heading into pthe interchange. pthat's the ten minute ride. pfolks coming up from pinellas pbayway to i-4 and 275 northbound pa moderate congestion. p44 minute ride. pthen we still have that tricky pspot, northbound 75, selman to pi-4. p12 minutes. pall right. pthis next story is a great one. pyou know jen, you and i both pmoved to different places off pthe course of our lives. pwhen it comes to making friends. pit's pretty hard. pwe talked about that. pwell there's a new app. ptrying to make that process a plot easier. ptwo friends created it. pit's called hey vena a tinder or pokay cupid app. pbut just for female adult prelationships. pnot for dating.
8:40 am
pinterests and location to match pyou up with potential friends. pit launched in san francisco a pfew weeks ago and it has ab a phuge hit. pso fur awondering why you would pneed an app to make friends, pcreator says once we get to earn pis age, this so true it just pgets too hard to make friends. pbut that doesn't mean we don't pwant with to have friends. pwe live in such a virtual world ptoday. pwe're not out and about as much. pwe stay sort of in same network pof people always at the same ptime. pit helps to branch out. pwhen you move it new place like pyou said focused on your work pusually your career. pand you don't have time to meet pother people.
8:41 am
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seal it. the results are something to savor. hillshire farm. because it's
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pwelcome back it's ask a lawyer pday here. pan our lawyers michael and pothers are here answering your pquestions until 9:30 this pmorning. pthanks everybody. pthanks for being here as always. pyou guys are calling and a. pyou're taking them on hype. pand going greet. plot of great polls and questions pcoming on. pmichael is with us one of pattorneys that always, loyal. ployal to us always coming in. pand questions every time. pwe have a questions about bounce phounsz, bounce houses. pand for birthday parties for pkids parties and things like pthat. pwe were talking about at pliability, just in case
8:44 am
pand there is an injury. pyou pointed out to me already, pyeah. pthere's a big difference in pwhere the bounce house or ptrampoline, where it is. pwhere it's located, right? pyes, russell. ptypically two typical psituations. pthere's a situation where the arents have a party or some pother kind of get together for ptheir children at their house. pand the bounce house actually pcomes to them. ptransported and put on their roperty. pand constructed on their roperty. pand as far as responsibility pthis, certainly, the company pthat provide the bounce house is presponsible for their product. palso responsible in most cases, pthey are the ones that actually perect and inflate it andout it pin the ground. pso they would certainly be presponsible for that work. pif there was something faulty, pyou know that when the on there pright? p>> okay. pbut, when the bounce house is at pyour house a parent/homeowner
8:45 am
psupervision aspect a lot of pinjuries happen because kids get pa little wild or maybe a little ptoo crazy. psupervision aspect could fall on pthe homeowner. pand sos at homeowner/parent you pcould be responsible for an pinjury in that situation. pnow, the other thing, that phappens a lot is that people phave parties at trampoline pcenters. pfor lack of better term you're pactually going to the business pand taking your the birthday arty or whatever party to the pactual business. pand certainly, in those psituations, then we're talking pabout a business liability that pwould kick in. pand the business owner would be pmore likely responsible for pthose injuries. pnow, in just probably either one pof these cases, someone's going pto have to sign a waiver p>> yes. pthat allow that is child to go pin that bounce house and get on pthat trampoline whatever that pdevice is. pbut you say there's a problem pwith these waivers. pthere is. pand the problem with the waivers
8:46 am
pbusiness. pokay. pthat, that waiver two things pthat usually occur with the pwaiver. pfirst of all, the activity that pactually causes the injury, may pfall outside of the waiver. pokay. pthey've asked waive liability a plot of these situations, it's a arent waiving liability on pbehalf of their child. pwhatever actually occurs may be psomething that falls outside of pthat waiver. pokay. pso that's conduct on behalf of pmaybe one of the employees for pbounce house or bounce center or ptrampoline center. pthat would fall outside outside pof the waiver. pthat wouldn't be under the pwaiver itself. pbut the second issue, and really pbig issue for bounce houses when pyou have parent signing off pliability on behalf of their pchildren, the way the courts phave viewed it traditionally is pthat they can't do that. pthey can't sign off their pliability on behalf of the pchildren on behalf of their pchild. pand the reasoning behind that is pthat the same statute, the same
8:47 am
pthat a parent can sign off pthat a parent can sign off pliability on behalf of their pchild, also says that a parent pcannot accept a settlement pagreement in excess of $15,000 pon behalf of their child. pand so what the courts, how pcourts have looked at it. pthey've gone and ruled in these pcases and said, well, basically pwe don't agree that a parent can pjust sign off and waive any pliability on behalf of their pchild if they, if they can't pactually accept a settlement poffer in excess of $15,000 on pbehalf of that same child. pask so what the courts have done pis they carved out an exception pessentially a public policy pexception which allows waivers pto be upheld in situations where pschool activity or some other pcommunity activity just so that pthose, you know so that parents pwhen they sign off their kid to pdo something with their school pthat waiver could be upheld. pbut if it's a private business pactivity, typically courts have psaid, we're not comfortable with pallowing parent to waive on
8:48 am
pall right. pfake away on this is, check what pyou're getting into. pbefore you do anything. pcertainly read the waiver and pyou know, from the and even if pyou sign a waiver realize that pthere may still be a way of to pgo about getting, getting some pmoney. pgood to see you i'll let you get pback to a lot of calls and lot pof emails coming in about ask a plawyer. pthey are here until 9:30. pso, stay with us. pand ask some questions if you phave them because it's free. phello charley belcher. pgood day to you russell rhodes. pwe're out here inn state fair pand good food and midway really pcelebrates agriculture in state pof florida. pyoung people raising animals, plearning all about just what pmakes our earth go around. pi love it sxend midnight here palso cute. pwe'll meet other ladies and ptheir bunnies we're going to pcheck in with our state pagriculture commissioner and how pabout a baby sheep for you? plook at the baby.
8:49 am
plet'3 3 p good day tampa bay, i'm pcharley belcher coming to you pfrom at florida state fair. pand yeah there's food, there's a pmidway. pthere's some great pentertainment. pbut you love how it celebrates pagriculture in our great state pof florida. pand fine young people like this
8:50 am
psometimes 4 h and faa these pladies are showing up rabbits pduring the fair. pall right what is your name my pdear? ptell me about that rabbit. pcaylee and this is prize. phe's a jersey wooly. pa jersey wooly? pa wooly? phe's so fluffy. pi love that. plook at the big areas on this pone? pwhat is your name and tell me pabout your rasht. pi'm katelyn. pthis is snack pack an english plot. psnack pack. plook at the ears on snack pack. poh my goodness gracious. pthis is kennedy. pkennedy's bunny is midnight. pshe's a netherland dwarf. pa netherland dwarf. plook tiny ears. pgood luck girls in showing i phope you all take home what's pthe best. pblue ribbon? pi hope you all take home blue pribbons blue ribbon at idam utnam thank you for joining us pi love all the fair truly at the pheart of it all is celebrating pagriculture in the state of pflorida. pcelebrating agriculture and
8:51 am
pyoung people who know what it is pto have animals that are depend pon them. pdoesn't whether cold or hot or praining girlt birthday that panimal needs to be cared for. pso life lessons that these kids pare getting from these animal rojects is going to serve them pregardless of what they do. pnot all 4 h and faa kids will pbecome farmer but they will all pbe great floridian and great pcitizens because of life plessons. pthis has to take you back, a kid pyou did this very same thing, pright? pi did was ten year 4 her i pshowed cattle i had hereford pbull named georgia boy that was ptwice as big as i was i couldn't peven see over him i to look punder him. pi had two twin bulls pete and prepeat. p[ laughter ] pso i was an i will have to premember that old joke. pthat's what they were. pbuck and betsy that were plimousine cattle. pit's a just a fantastic way of pbuilding responsibility and self
8:52 am
pskills with these kids. pwe've got to get kids outside pagain get them unplugged. ut video games down stop pwatching tv unless during pmorning broadcast of good day ptampa bay. pafter that get out and live a plittle bit. pthe state of agriculture today. phow we doing commissioner? pgenerally speaking agriculture pis a vital part of our economy. pit's a pillar of our economy. p$100 billion economic impact. pcitrus industry is facing real pchallenge at the moment or pvegetable farmers are being pflooded out because of record prains we've had since pthanksgiving. pthere are pockets of challenge pthat is farmer are accustomed to pthey lived through that since pthe beginning of time. pour citrus industry continues to pbe under great stress because of pcitrus greening disease. pwe're working hard to find an panswer for that. pi know, commissioner thank you pvery much. palways pleasure. ptake care of yourself girls good pluck. pgreat to see you guys. prussell rhodes, when we come pback we're continuing to explore pall great things happening at pthe florida state fair.
8:53 am
pvery nice. pit looks great there. pcharley, thanks. pall right. plisten to this. pthere's a push now to cancel is pthe summer olympics. pwhy two medical professers say ptoo dangerous for athletes and pthe spectators. pand supreme court says it was punconstitutional punconstitutional. pnow before lawmakers can create pa fix the question becomes what pto do with people that are pcurrently on death row in pflorida. pwe've got weather to talk about ptoo. get a busch gardens fun card now and let the fun begin. pay for a day, dive all year, splash all year, thrill, get your fill, and celebrate all year. climb, launch, roar, and soar all year. pay for a day, play all year. and if you get the busch gardens fun card now, you'll also get an adventure island fun card p visit busch gardens tampa dottcom for details. hurry up! offer ends february
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