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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 4, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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3 3 messing with mother pmessing with mother nature. pthe f.d.a. approves of having a p3 parent embryo. pdr. jo will explain. p>> and a never again. preasons why you should forgo pdoing sit ups. pand what you should be doing pinstead. pand word is it's much easier ptoo. pgood thursday morning everybody pi'm laura moody. pdoes it involve going to state pfair and eating? pwe're all inside this morning pthrough. pwe're at least waiting for it. pgetting a little closer to pcoastline. pit may be a couple more hours pbefore it gets here. pbut it will. pso we'll all get soaking wet pthis afternoon. pthing is, it's not any severe pweather in there which is good. pa little soaking push it pthrough. pthen the front comes in. pthat will knock temperatures pback a little bit.
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osted forecast highs for today. pwe're actually in lower 70s. phighs eventually today in mid p70s. pbut look at the cool down behind pthis rain. p47 tomorrow. pthen only 62 for a high ptemperature on friday. pi'll have your weekend outlook pcoming up in a few minutes. p>> all right sounds good. pand meantime we want to check in pon i-4. pwe've had some concerns on that pinterstate for pretty much the pwhole morning. pso a couple crashes that we're pfollowing, want to update. peastbound overturned vehicle pblocking two rate lanes has pcleared out flashing lights cass pon looker delays on both sides pof that roadway. poverall travel time coming from pa 75 to buck man highway. pthat's 35 minutes. pyou can actually save a little pbit of time by taking 92 pinstead. pmeantime, you can see there, pthose are the road sensors. pwestbound looks like we still preally haven't recovered after pan earlier drash near mlk that's pstill route of all westbound pdelays between basically the
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pdelay delays. p26 minutes the ride to pinterchange. pif you can take the sal man you pcan save a few minutes. p>> a doctor once said easier to ut man in space than is to pcreate a healthy baby. p>> all of those cells have to pdivide just right in order to phave a child with nothing wrong. pso what happens if there is psomething wrong? pa genetic issue in either the arents? pwell now u.s. researchers might pbe able to help with this. pfda has given approval to study pcreating what is being called pthe three parent embryo. pwe wanted to bring dr. jo in on pthis one. pwe've heard of this before. pthis is very controversial. pthere's a real fine line in it. pthey are doing it in england palready. pf.d.a. only said american pexplain. p>> yeah. pyeah. pthey can only study it at this oint in time. pand what it means is that, you pget the vast majority of genetic pinformation from mother and the pfather. pthat's in nucleus, brains of pcell.
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pso there's about 20 thousand pgenes in that portion in that pbrain of the cell. ptheys then there's a power house pof cell hi mitochondria contains pabout 37 genes. pwithin 37 genes there can be a pnor maths. assed on to offspring. pnow the mother contributes the pmy my electro con dree a. pthat will go with at mother. pso it's at maternal pmitochondrial genes that are assed on. pwhat they are a, proposing to do ptaking mother and father brains pof cell that nucleus and taking pfrom a third party, another pwoman, placing it in there. pso that way they don't pass on pthat inherited genetic defect. pand you know you can see right phere on the screen. pthese are some of the dpodz. pi got to tell you when you read pwhat the disorders do when this pgenetic problem occurs, lee psyndrome, these children tend to
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pthey get very, very weak. pinherited diabetes and where you pdon't produce insulin. pand that lactic, horrible, phorrible epilepsy. pso again, laura we're talking pabout some very, very just bad pdisorders. pand that's why they are trying pto fix that problem. p>> so we were talking about this pin the editorial meeting pyesterday. pthis, could this lead to cure? pis this a cure to these kinds of pdiseases? p>> you know i, in this case it's pnot a cure. pyou're not curing a child that's palready been born. pthings abs. pthey are looking for ways to fix pthose defective genes in humans pafter they around born. pbut this would be to prevent the pbirth and the first place. pso prevent the child from ever pgoing through or inheriting that pdisorder. pso yeah. pthat, that's what this would be pfor. p>> now, right now only male pembryos can be created. pwhy is that? pwell because remember it's the
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pon the that mitochondria to her poffspring. pwhat they are saying if they phave male child that male child pwould not have at ability to a ass on any of this new or you pknow, third person mitochondrial pgenetic information to the next pgeneration. pthat way if there's any mistakes por problems it would stop right pthere with that male child. pthe created one? p>> correct. p>> correct. p>> such a strange idea. pit's complicated. pbut right now no funding for pthis. pso even though, they are papproved to study, there's no pmoney. pcongress doesn't have any money pfor it. pso right nowths going to be on phold. pths not going to happen ptomorrow. pdo you think this could lead to pthe proverb up slippery slope? pwhere does the issue lie? pwell there's always a slippery pslope. pthis particular case, when you plook at what they are trying to pdo, you see, what they are ptrying to prevent wow, this pwould be amazing for these arents to be able to have a pchild in this manner. pbut yes always that slippery pslope.
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pus it may not be united states pbut there's, you know lots of pnew technology and techniques pthat are going on that are pabsolutely mind blowing. pwhich are amazing. pbut at the same time, yes. pdefinitely a slippery slope. pyeah and does the child then phave three parents? p>> you know, could the third pcontributor claim parental pright? pit raise sos many questions. pi don't think so because premember only 37 out of 20 pthousand genes are coming from pthis third party. pthey are just, yeah. pbe tough. p>> all right. pdr. jo, we'll leave it there, pvery interesting stuff i'm sure pwe've not heard last of this at pall. prussell. p>> governor scott declares phillsborough county under state pof emergency because zika virus. ptoday governor's plans to talk pabout zika and steps being taken pto prevent it's spread here in pflorida. pbriefing is scheduled for this pafternoon. pflorida department of health and phillsborough county. phillsborough one of 4 counties pwhere the governor declared a phealth state of emergency on
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pcases are here. pthey involve people who traveled pout of the country. pstate secretary of health pdr. john armstrong expected to pjoin governor and we'll binge pbring you information as soon as pwe get it health minister are pworking to stop the spread virus pthere. pthey held an emergency meeting pyesterday. pthey said more resources are pneeded to quickly help fight the pspread. pministers were strongly pencouraged that country to the pcountries to spend more money on pmosquito control, bolster health pservices and educate the public pon the dangers. pnow this, two professors in pmedical and sports field say pthat the international olympic pcommittee should really consider pcancelling, cancelling the psummer olympic games. pthey say they are putting lives pof all of those young female pathletes at risk. premember these olympics are pbeing held in rio. pbraz is at the heart of this poutbreak. ptwo fro professors say not only
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pcoaches, spectators, everybody pneeds to be worried. pso far i oc has no plans to pcancel any of the events. pbut they are working closely pwith the world health porganization to minimize any otential problems. p>> and smeek speaking of roblems irs is having few of ptheir owns their computers are pdown they cannot process any preturns. pfox 13's alcides segui is at plocal irs office. pbut this is a nationwide roblem, right? p>> oh, absolutely. pand it's been going on since pyesterday. pit continue this morning. pi post ad video on my facebook age. pi did get a couple of comments. psomeone said they were able to pturn in their tax return pelectronically. pat about 6 o'clock this this pmorning. pbut that we went on shortly pworking. pi'm not sure if is working for pare a couple minutes and back poff-line again. peither way we checked it a short ptime ago and again still having pissues. pso fu atrying to electronically pfile your tax returns you're not pable to do it. pirs has been having issues with
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pand again it continues this pmorning. pirs says it's a hardware issue pand it's affecting the rocessing system. pthe irs stopped accepting pelectronically filed tax returns pon wednesday. pbecause of the computer roblems. pirs is currently in process of pmaking repairs and working to prestore an overall operations as psoon as possible. is still available. pa number of services on that psite are currently off-line. pif you already filed your tax preturn, you will not be impacted pby this outage. pthe irs said most, if not all, pwill receive their tax refunds pwithin about three weeks. pkeep in mind, if you want to get pahead start on your tax return, pyou can still continue to repare and file your tax preturns at normal. psend paperwork in until e file pcompany they will hold on to it puntil this problem is fixed. pi imagine they are working very, pvery hard to get it all done. pconsidering how many people are
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pfile their tax returns. pi'm not too sure you can see pline out here, some of these pfolks are going in to irs pbuilding for a variety of preasons. psome are even i faulked to guy pearlier this morning he had his pw-2 forms end half of it was pactually missing. phe received it from post office. pthey apologized he's curious pwondering if he will be victim pof identity theft. pit has be a pro a number of pyears irs hoping to fix that pissue as well. pthey've got their hands full pgoing into fax season. pall right alcides, thank you. ptalk about surprise democratic residential candidates hillary pclinton and bernie sanders have pannounced they will have debate ptonight. psanders only agreed to it after pclinton promised three more pdebates. pright now sanders has sizable plead over clinton in new phampshire. pyou can go to polls there on ptuesday. p>> other side, the field of prepublicans just got smaller. pafter i was caulks two other pcandidates dropped out u.s. psenator rand paul and rick psantorum have called it quits.
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pseems to be coming down to a 3 erson race now between trump, pcruz and rubio. pbut there are six other pcontestants still trying to hang pon. pbush, carson, kristi, fiorina, pkasich and gilmore. p>> about a month in and things pare heating up at this year plegislative session. pand there are some things you pneed to know about. pfirst, tax cuts. pand house passed a bill with 20 ptax cuts or credits. phighlights, another ten day back pto tax holiday other tax breaks pthat would affect businesses as pwell. pthis is also ban to move to ban pzinc weary cities. pthose are areas where local pauthorities do not cooperate pwith federal immigration pauthorities. paccording to at center of pimmigration studies there are pseven zinc weary counties in pflorida, hillsborough county, resident clinton, pasco pmiami-dade broward and palm pbeach. pand finally, a bill called revention of acts of war is pmoving through the house. pthis says that no government
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passistance can help resettle prefugees and gives governor pscott use military force to get prid of refugees. p>> we dream of it, a lot winning plottery. palways the dream. pevery week, twice a week. pimagine having the ticket, and pnot being able to collect the pmillions. pwhat to do, what to do? pyou sue, of course. pwe've got that story coming up pat 9:30. pflorida state fair. pbeen there all morning long. p>> andy griffith. pthank you. pyou know what i'm thinking right pnow, going down to the fishing phole is what i'm doing. pi'm at the florida state fair. pwe're at the games. phanging out where the games are layed. plook, let me, we have 3 d t have pthe a home. plook at this, enjoy this. pwatch it, watch it. pcatch me a for to go is what i'm pgoing to do. pgift games some require skill
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pand others for the kitties that peven a tv reporter can do. pi cast it in there and oh. plook at that, i caught myself a pshark. pand i get to win a little prize. pfor you. poh, but with don't worry it's pcatch and release. right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks. eliminates dead zones, so you can stream confidently all around your home. and now connect to... standard tv and 50 megabit lightning internet... only $94 a month
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lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer, at lowe's. 3 ((russell//wipe vo)) all executions in florida are in a holding pattern right now. this is because the united states supreme court called the state's pthis is because because united pstates supreme court has called pflorida's system punconstitutional.
9:15 am
ponly where a judge gets to pdecide the method of punishment. pnow what do we do? pa lot of questions. pdo prosecutors retry all 390 eople currently sitting on pdeath row? pcan you even do that? pif you can how much does it pcost? pwe've decided to ask an expert. lenty of lawyers ask a lawyer pday. pour good friend is here to talk pabout it. preminder, lawyers are here until p9:30 if you have any questions pyou have about 15 minutes to pmake the call and ask them some pquestions. pgood to see you. pgood morning, russell. pwe've got a story in last few pdays, state supreme court has palready put one death row case pon hold. presolved. p>> do you see more cases like pthat being put on hold? p>> well everything is going to pbe put on hold right now. pwhich is why legislature are pworking furiously to get a pstatute. pright now we don't have statute. pstatute we have in regard to pdeath penalty and sentencing is punconstitutional according to a
9:16 am
pso we're without anything. plegislature working rapidly to pget some type of statute. pall right. plet's, let's back up and tell peverybody, what the u.s. supreme pcourt said. pin florida, it's different for pmany other states in how it's pdecided. pjust a little bit differently. pthere's nuances of an issue but pvery important one u.s. supreme pcourt said we have a sixth pamendment, sixth amendment every pindividual in united states and pentitled to trial by jury. pwe do that, all of the people on pdeath row have been tried by a pjury. pbut in sentencing the jury gave pa recommendation to the judge. pthey didn't say we decided that pdeath penalty they maybe precommended a death penalty to pjudge. pjudge makes the final decision. psupreme court said wait a minute pyou can't do that, jury has to pmake that decision not the pjudge. pthat's where the u.s. supreme pcourt said statute we currently phave or had was punconstitutional. pso those of you been in florida pa long time or grew up here and pwe thought that was just the way pit is, it's not that way in pother states?
9:17 am
pstates i'm aware of that has pthat particular nuances, and you pknow whether in that procedural rocess of letting the judge pmake the final decision about pdeath penalty or not. pso the legislature is trying to pfix this by coming up with new. pimmediately. p>> but is there a potential pthere that all of these death enalty cases, these people on pdeath row, could these cases be poverturned in not overturned. pit's an olding, three 90 death prow inmates that may be set free pshortly that's not happening pthey've already been convicted. pthey've already been convicted pby a jury. pabout this situation. pnow statute is unconstitutional. pfact they have made guilty by pjury is settled. pthey are not getting out prison. pwe don't have to worry about pthat. pone issue is should supreme pcourt ruling be applied pretroactively to the 390 inmates pthat are on death row. pthe state says well, no, going
9:18 am
pthat's way we've done it in past pwhen ever there's supreme court pu.s. supreme court ruling about pthese issues, and the folks on pdeath row, the most recent case psays wait a minute you're going pto send somebody to this death punconstitutionally punconstitutionally? pthat's what supreme court will psay fwred lewis said maybe we pwere wrong in past not to apply pit retroactively. pnot necessarily be wrong in pfuture maybe be big enough to pmake a change u.s. supreme court pdidn't give guidance whether puninstitutionnality how would pshould my retroactively or not. pthat's issue they are trying to pdecide now. pyou go. pyou've got it you're on a roll. pi appreciate that. pif they decide to apply it pretroactively, then it's likely pthe decision will be shall we pjust handle sentencing phase of pand retry the sentencing part of pthe trial. pbut be some of these cases are p30 years old juries won't have
9:19 am
phear at same thing lot confusion pwhat to happened at you pmentioned earlier going to be pvery expensive. pso, but i mean, all right. plet's again say they are already pconvicted. pyes. pat the very at least her in rison for life. p>> yes. p>> if you do go through with a presentencing, i mean, it doesn't pchange the outcome. pbut it could change where they pare going for the rest of their plives, right? pwell they live or die. pthat is decision being made. art of this state argument is pyou know the families are pexpecting an outcome from this. pand to reopen their wounds is pjust not appropriate. pand so there's two sides to the pargument. pstate side about the expense, pthe witnesses have a disappeared pjury will not hear the same pinformation about sentencing pthat will the of evidence is pvery old. pthere's the individuals, you pknow on death row where wait a pminutes, attorneys are saying pjust not fair to let someone die pbecause florida had punconstitutional statute applied pwith regard to this issue of
9:20 am
pwhatever happens will be pfascinating to watch. pyes. pand hopefully it won't chaos for peverybody. pobvious chaos for everybody how pit will determine will affect a plot of different people. p>> okay. phey. pgood to see you. palways a pleasure. pthank you. pthanks lawyers. pdave. p>> thank you russell about 9:21. plook at the cloud cover. pjust streaming in out ahead of pthat line of showers sitting out pinto gulf. pi mean, all the cameras looking retty much the same with povercast so is. pfiltering of sunshine first pthing this morning there will be pa little bit for next hour, hour pand a half. pthis line is still off shore. pit's slowly working its way to pthe coastline. p9:21. panother couple of hours. pwe'll push that line on shore pand gradually off toward the peast. pnotice though, it's not a ton of pthere's nothing significant pabout this. pshowers. pmaybe a couple heavier pdownpours.
9:21 am
p73 in brandon 74 in brooksville. pwe'll probably make it up into pmid 70s. pand then front comes through pwith a showers, and that takes pcare of that. pthen tonight, and i mean late pnight, we start to clear skies pout, and that northwest wind is ptaking over, you're going to pwake up tomorrow morning and pwe're going to be in upper 40s. pa lot of us in the upper 40s. pthat will be one of those, okay. pthen. pyeah, noticeable difference. pand then mostly sunny skies. pbreezy and cooler tomorrow with phigh temperature of 62 degrees. pagain, watching that line of prain, it's not like you want to pgo out boating this afternoon pand moderate chop is expected. pnext 7 days our temperatures pstay well below normal for high ptemperatures. pafter today. pi mean we're talking low to mid p60s first half of the weekend. pthen we're back to 60 on sunday. phow about tuesday? p59 degrees. pand even that rain chance on psaturday isn't that great pvanessa i think this weekend pwill be a lot of cloud cover. pokay. pcooler temperatures. p>> all right.
9:22 am
phere at 9:22. pwe want to touch on some new pareas to keep an eye out for pu.s. 30 one in homosassa area. pjust before harney road we're phearing about a crash originally preported with southbound lane pblockage just getting word in ast few moments this might be pcleared out very least it might pover law. pa live look sunshine skyway pbridge southbound direction pheading away from us. pnorth tower. pbridge is open. pbut we're getting word of fhp of phigh winds in the area be pcareful as you cross the water. p>> and coming up, one man lotto pdream now a nightmare. pbattle over whether he really pwon or not. pthat's coming up 9:30. pand charley is living the dream. poh. phe's opening up the florida
9:23 am
p good day tampa bay. pi'm charley belcher coming to pyou from at florida state pfairgrounds. pbecause the florida state fair pis officially under way. pa dozen days of fun starts ptoday. pwith day one. pi should remind you this psaturday on air staff at fox 13 pwill be out here from 11:00 a.m. pto 1:00 p.m. phope to meet you and say hello pcome on out rain or shine. pjohn is here to make sure all pgames go off as planned. pand we're sitting in front of plets go fishing. pa great example of something for pthe little kids to make sure peverybody gets a little psomething. p>> yes, it is charley. pyes. pgood morning. pyeah, this is to insure all pchildren have a good time. pand they have a good experience pat the fair. pand they can come up here, and pevery single time they play they pare going to get a prize. pthey are going to get something.
9:24 am
pmore the play bigger the prizes pthey will get p>> yes. pbut really look, i mean this is pnot, you just play once, you get pa little. pthey get something. pyeah. pjust for showing up here. pthey are going to get something. pnever going to walk away with pwithout a prize. pold days of i mean reputation pthat sometimes thee games had oh pcan't win sink a bunch of money pbecause your kid's crying you go paway empty handed you want to pmake sure people don't have that pexperience. pit's all about children we want pthem to come back they are pfuture of our business. pour whole industry rests on pthese children. pthey will come back with their pchildren. pwe want to leave good taste in peverybody's mouth and make it a pgood experience. pfor the whole family. pobviously other games, there are psome games that require more pskill than others and some are pjust plain luck but your job is pto make sure everybody is as padvertised. pyes, sir. pyes, sir. pthere's all skills. pnothing here by chance.
9:25 am
pbehind the big curtain opinion p>> no shenanigans. pno, shenanigans. ptoo important for everybody to phave a good time. pjohn, i'm glad you're on the plook out. p>> hey i'm here to help. pour pleasure. pgood. pgood for you. pthere you go. pso come 0 out here you know look pfor the games. pyou'll know by looking, when pup. pthese are right here, laura by pthe kiddie rides. pi love the kiddie rides. pby the way laura that's not a pkiddie ride. pthat is for adults only. pthat's, that's a fox 13 news ptruck. pso. pthese are kiddie rides. pwe're going to be out there. pwe're going to be out there on psaturday morning together. p11:00 a.m. for 1:00 p.m. psaturday. pand in that little dome thing prain or shine, cold or hot we'll pall be there with smiles on and pcan't wait to meet everybody so pcome on down. putahs true i love all people pthat come out. plot of them do. pi always love it. pwe're always surprised, aren't pwe? pi know. pi would surprise anybody would pwant to talk to me, yes there pare people that do and its
9:26 am
pwhen we come back i'm going for pa ride. pin dangerous one or kiddie one pbehind you. pi think a ferris wheel. pway, way back over there. pokay we get to keep you a little pwhile longer we love it. poh, yeah. p>> stay with us straight ahead pin just a few minutes never do
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phow to
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p welcome back. p9:31. pthe president is working to help pyoung people land jobs pspecifically their first jobs. phe proposing a multi billion pdollar program to just that. pdetails won't announced until pnext week during the president's pbudget recommendations but white phouse has given us a few clues. pofficial say one program would pgrant money to cover up to half pof a young person's wages. pwhile another program would help pat risk youth get a high school pdiploma and a job. pabout one in 7 young americans pare not in school and don't have pa job. pwhite house says these measures pwould help more than million eople gain employment. resident will also talk to talk pabout this $2 million papprenticeship training fund pwould encourage companies to phire apprentice that is learn pskills while earning a salary pbill coulds criminal trial most pforward pore fast two days pattorneys have been fighting to phave case thrown out.
9:29 am
pevidence that cosby drugged and passaulted a woman in 2004. pthe actor was charged last year pafter deposition was made public pfrom accuser's 2005 civil suit. pmore than 50 other women have palso made similar accusations. reliminary hearing date is set pfor march the 8. asco county substitute teacher phas been accused of a having a psexual relationship with a pteenage student. p20-year-old brian has charge pwildfired lewd and lascivious pbattery detectives say girl was p14 when relationship began she's pnow 15. pshe was not one of his students. pwe learned that. pdeputies don't believe there are pany other victims. parrest records show he admitted pto kissing the teen. pand then requested a lawyer. pthis morning he's out of jail on p$10,000 bond. p>> and dispute over winning plottery ticket has go gone to pcourt in california as time is pquickly running out to for psomeone to claim $63 million a pman filed a lawsuit on wednesday psaying he turned in the winning
9:30 am
pbecause it was too damaged. pnow he wants judge to claire pdeclare him the winner lottery pofficials say they are looking pit winning super lotto plus pticket must delivered to lottery poffice by 5 o'clock this ooern por that money will be forfeited pto california's schools. pticket was sold a 7-11 in los pangeles in august. p>> and fury looking to hit the pjackpot nobody won last night owerball drawing. pthat means jackpot rolls over pnow to $136 million. pis that good enough for good day ool? pall right. pthat does it. pif you want lump sum far cry 328 pmillion take home last month but pstill bring in tide $87 million. pnext drawing is saturday night. pwe don't do it until it gets up pto certain amount. pyeah, because, it's not worth pit. pyeah it's not worth it. pit's not worth it to do it until pit gets at least $50 million. pwe will get over to look
9:31 am
pmere chump change when ana high. pit is come on. pcome on rain do what you're pgoing to do. pboy just a slow, slow process. pbeginning rain very close to pcedar key now. pwe probably have showers, hour, phour and a half of oh our pcoastline they are going to come pstrolling through the area this pafternoon. pbut we're not anticipating psevere weather. pno real gusty winds. pso we're just looking around a pround of rain that will push pthrough the area. pbehind t once you see how end of pit back towards tallahassee, ponce you get past that the winds pmake that big shift to the pnorthwest. pbegin to really drag down some pmuch colder air. pnot that we couldn't get rumble pof thunder or so today, but just pin general, we're not looking pfor anything significant i know pthat will slow things down for pevening commute. p73 in tampa. p74 in brooksville. pwinds really almost due south. pand they are pretty brisk too.
9:32 am
pbut behind the front, the winds pshift to the northwest. p once that happens we will clear pskies out but also really start pto drop those temperatures. pso for most of us along the pcoast, sun is gone for the rest pof the day for the most part. pin hardee, de soto parts of phighlands county polk county get pa little bit filtered sun that pwill warm up up mid to upper 70s pbefore rain comes through. pand once we cool off to be phonest we will stay below normal pfor several days. pfor several days. pit's no the just going to be ptomorrow or the next day, pretty pmuch next of week will be below pnormal as well. pso 75 degrees for high ptemperature today. pshowers and storms move through. ptonight, dragging it back to 47 pdegrees. pdon't get me wrong a pretty day pjust cool with high of 62. pfor the most part this weekend plooks to be cloudy, maybe a pquick shower. pbut not a huge deal. plook at these temperatures pstaying at least ten if not 11, p12 degrees below normal for
9:33 am
pthrough next week. pokay vanessa got to remember my pjacket tomorrow. pall right dave thank you. pright now 9:36 we want to check pearlier trouble spots. pof course we had two big ones we pwere following along i-4. plooks like eastbound lanes papproaching park road where that pearlier rollover crash was, pthose are looking good. pthat's cleared out into green ptravel time still look a bit pslow i-475 and interchange folks pcoming southbound along 275 pwe're starting to get out of pthat red zone. pgood news 14 minutes bearss pavenue to i-4. p>> well nothing. plike i could sell you nothing plike a firm stomach. pyeah. pgetting that six pack is harter pthan it looks coming up next aen pgilbert tells us why we will pnever electric to do another pcrunch again and still look pfabulous. p>> and charley is teasing all pmorning long he's having fun at pthe fair. phe says he's hopping an ride pcoming up next. pwe're back after this.
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pwall street pretty flat i was pgoing to say this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile.
9:35 am
wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first
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pyou, all morning long. p almost fell off ball welcome pback we've teasing it all bhorn pthing long an gel better from pshapes total fitness is here why pand how we will never ever have pto do a crunch again. pis this for real? pit's for real. p>> it's for real. pand it's coming from the poriginal crunch junkie i was pthink i rehap shape my bode by pdoing more and more more. pi know why wee never go to do pthem again. pdebby will show us what we pshould be doing instead. pit's called deb is going to show pyou traditional crunch. pcome on up. pnow stop. pall right. psee undo pressure on the neck pand cervical spine. ponly place i ever feel crunches phis my neck. pseven call spine is over flecked pany ways. pwhy push it past its limit when pdeb goes back down she's causing pthis crunch is causing havoc if pyou will on her low back. pjust havoc. pbecause it's forcing with at ressure of gravity her spine to
9:37 am
pnow she's, and then, up again. pthis kind of is reinforcing bad osture. pdeb what do live in p>> she drives to work. pshe gets on her cell phone. pshe's on the computer. pshe probably cooked her oatmeal pthis morning always hunched over robably goes to bed around her illow. pjust reinforcing bad posture palignment by spending so much if pi am doing crunches. pand then the fourth reason that pyou've got to throw out crunch? pit just lets you believe you can pspot reduce. pyou're not working the whole pbody. pyeah. pso you're not burning fat a that plies there p>> underneath. pright. pbut let me show you great way. p>> we don't have to worry about pour stomachs any more. plet's go up on your hands and pknees deb. pthis right or wrong? pthis is a better way to work the pcore muscles. phands and knees. pextend your right arm and your pon sit leg. p>> okay. pi do this. p>> right. ptrunk extension. pso now she's elongate
9:38 am
pspine yes core is engage so much pgravity. pbut she is focussing on a plonger, more vertical core. pand she's working her wholly pbody she can switch and also pstretching her hip she can even pbring it in bring it in girl ptighten the hip. pshe can also do the traditional lanning which everybody's pfavorite right now. pi never know if i'm, proper. pthis great plank up on your phands is a little bit easier on pthe shoulders. plet's put you on the ball. pi'm getting on ball everybody phas stability ball they never phow to use it. plet me show you a way to do pwhat's call trunk extension and pflexion better than we just plooked at on the floor. pokay. pso walk out walking forward. pgently support your neck and pshoulders. pno, no. plie back into a supine position. pokay. pi don't know if camera is on you por not. pbut you can see that your back
9:39 am
pso you're strengthening the pmuscles all the way from the pshoulder to your rear end. pall the way across the you're pstrengthening the back. pnow when you pull up it's called pflexion. pi just want you to minimize the pmove, and literally take your prib and press it, if it could pmarry as if could marry your phip. prib towards hip. pminimal. ut a little pressure on your pneck. pyes. pright there. pdo you feel it? pthis is a natural spine cervical pspine is supported. pshe's taking her rib and ressing it towards her hip. pi don't want to do this any pmore. pi feel it. plift back up. pokay. pdo we have time for one more? pi think so yeah. p30 seconds deb do you want to pkneel on the floor. pi want you to address this ball pas if you're saying prayers. pa little higher up here. pnow elongate spine and gently
9:40 am
pin and out as you do. plift toes gently now do you feel pall stabilizers in a spine along pback and front. pis it hard, debby? pyes. pbut she's in a neutral spinal palignment. pit has nothing to do not forcing pany pressure on the neck. pher back is in neutral spine. pso she's still got her natural pcurves. pi felt that. pand she's strengthening more pthan just one isolated muscle. pso she's not in that mentality pawesome. pno more crunches. pno more crunches. plove that idea. pthank you as always pleasure pseeing both of you and we'll
9:41 am
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p fox 13's good day, local for pyou, all morning long. pwell it's the first thursday of pfebruary, that means it's going pto rain. p>> and it also means the opening pday of the florida state fair. p>> charley belcher is there pright now. pare you on a ferris wheel yet? p>> yes, indeed. pwhat we've done everything else, pright? pi showed you the entertainment. pand tell you about new food pagriculture commission we saw pkids animals. pwe've done it all it's time to pgo for a ride. pthat's where we are. pi feel safe on has here wheel pbecause i'm sitting with guy pwho's in charge of making sure pthis is safe.
9:43 am
pyes, sir we're on way right now ptell me what company you're with pthird party ride inspector? pthat's correct a 30 party pinspector with wagner consulting pgroup. pour group comes out and works pliaison with state inspector pdepartment of agriculture here pin florida as well group here pthat inspects rides along with pthe state. pyes, sir third party. pthat's good you're not the pcompany hutting ride on, you'll, pyou'll be a little more pobjective and independent. pabsolutely. pthat's correct. pjust another set of eyes to look pat everything to make sure peverything is safe for folks to pcome out and see. p>> look at this. pwhat are we on? pthis is chance giant wheel. pone of two that ef away here pflorida state fair. p>> we don't say fair, ferris is pactually a name brand of a kind pof pname brand. pferris wheel and gentleman pmr. ferris man who stwend the pwheel you call this one a chance pwe will has. pchance is manufacturer of ride ptheir a chance you may not get pupdoes not mean that. pnamed after somebodying name. pnasty correct.
9:44 am
pyou don't have to ride every psingle ride but have you ridden pmost p>> most rides i've ridden out phere i think it's important to pif somebody such as yourself pasks me how does it feel how pdoes that work. pyes, sir. psir. psome you like better than others pyes, sir, absolutely. pwhat are you looking for when pyou do these inspection. retty much everything from a to pz. pall components of all devices pall safety restraints awe pins, pmolds and everything. pthis fair is president to open. pabsolutely i do. pyes, sir i appreciate it. pby way jonathan from eaton, pnorth carolina. pjust down the road from boon, pnorth carolina p.m. and i'm very pfamiliar. pgood to see you man. ptell north carolina i said hello pwhen you get home. pall right. pand, russell and laura, look at pthis. p>> look at this very cool live pshot. pthis is fantastic. pthey call it 12 days of fun, and pthis is day number one. pwow.
9:45 am
pi i did not know we had that pmuch cable to be able to pull poff what you've done today. p>> a lot of cable. plot of cable. pkeep giving us more cable. pgive us more cable. ull. pwe need more cable. pain't technology grand. pwe'll see you later. pall right, buddy. pwee. pall right. pget that jacket and umbrella pready. prain is coming. pwe'll be right back? preally? pwe hear. pwe hear dave now at havertys furniture, it's our annual presidents day sale. which means it's the perfect time to create the perfect home. now through february 15th, everything in our store is on sale. plus, we're offering thirty-six month,
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come in today for our best prices of the year. with havertys, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. sfx: knocking. we're early! the presidents day sale. from classic to contemporary,
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3 ((laura//live pix)) here's another live picture of the board on wall street. p another live look at the pboard on wall street fairly flat pto start day we'll taking it. pin light of triple digits opens pdown of late. phey lauren simonetti. pwhat's going on a lot of pnothing. pnothing is great. pyou're right. pwe've the good a jobless claim preport. pit rose more americans filing pfor jobless benefits. pof course tomorrow big jobs preport for january investors phoping that's a good one. pit's no the expected to that pgood unfortunately. palso, earning continue to pour pin and honestly a lot of them pare disappointing. p>>. pi'll keep talking to you then.
9:48 am
precalled because of the airbag pmess. pthis is the at the can at that pairbags that you know especially pin warm climates like in florida pthey can erupt. pmetal goes into air comes down phurts, kills passengers. pliterally at least ten people phave died because of this. pevery day, it seems like there's pa new recall. platest is honda recalling most pcars out of any auto maker with pat the can an irrelevant bags. platest an additional p2.2 million. pthis is mostly hondas. psome, some be aing cans as well. pand 2005 model years to 2016 pmodel years. pso you wait for are i don't pletter in mail you hope dealer phas part you need you bring your phonda in for a fix. pit's i mean p>> this area some law maker that pwan the every car was at the can pat that airbag off the roads. pthey are almost always are. pwhen you look 24 million pyeah. phow can company stay in
9:49 am
prussel and i were just talking pthey have not closed its doors ptakata has not closed is the pdoors we are not in tune with ptheir reports and their culture pbut definitely hurting there pbottom line. pwe've got to run. ptalk to tomorrow bye lauren. pand a rain sitting oh to have pwes ae we start to see it move pcloser and closer to coastline pwe get a little closer. pif a few sprinkles getting pcloser to citrus county. pit looks like by the noon time phour, we're awe getting into the prain. pgood. pand then, it turns much cooler. pso 47 degrees tonight as of ptodays high of 75. p62 tomorrow. plots of cloud cover around for pthe weekend. pokay. pall right that will do it for us ptoday's thursday, it's pfebruary 4th. plive with kelly and michael pcoming up next wendy williams pand fox 13 news at noon. pas always you can get latest on
9:50 am
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