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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 4, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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can you own a piece of history tied to a family with a colorful past. >> good evening and welcome tonight. i'm mark wilson. >> i'm kelly ring, developing tonight a plan to fight the zika virus before it is a outbreak. there are three new cases in florida and that brings the total to 12. and the governor and the florida department of health want to stop the spread now. and dr. jo is here op the visit. say. >> he declared an emergency in four counties and that expanded to five . we have 12 total cases in florida and hillsborough has three. miami-dade 5 and broward is the new toast report one case and santa rosa. women. the focuses on a lot of things and mosquito control and the governor says that there are
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he outlined today. he wants the cdc to have a call to educate the community here in florida about the spread and symptoms and precautions. and the health department here to buy 4000 test kits and test for the cases. and people with the travel to the country that were affected and they have symptoms like fever, joint pain and a rash. they are considering the cdc for 1000 zika anti-body tests. these tests are especially important for pregnant women. >> with the test does is to tell us that someone had zika that's important for pregnant women who traveled abroad who might have had some symptoms of a rash, a fever, aches and pains and they come back and they say i wonder if what i had overseas was zika
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that's going to be important for the patient and for the baby and for the doctors providing care. >> of course important because zika has been linked to a birth detect and the brain does not development. >> a lot of information coming out quickly. they're trying to stay ahead of it, thank you, dr. jo. the rain and then a cool down coming. >> we have the rain first. paul, when will the second arrive. it seems like it rains the first day of the state fair. >> and lots of clouds. light to moderate rain. the back edge now is approaching
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ending first on the west coast and last inland. and we'll show you where it is it is around tampa bay. pockets of yellows indicate moderate rain. everything is sliding northeast as the line gradually shifts to the east and the southeast. steady rain. and east of brooksville. and additional rain in manatee and sarasota counties. that is moving to the east and inland it's not raining. it will rain and behind it it is cooler. watch the front and slides south. behind it tomorrow. a different day. lots of sunshine a cool breeze and talk about that and a preview coming up at 6:20. new at 6:00 it may be the end of the road for cameras. there is a report that says they make intersections more dangerous that's not at all what
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the cities raced to install them. and we're here and they're not the money makers they were, right, that's right the company that runs the cameras in florida said the number of tickets has dropped 43% statewide since 2010 but a report released last month and intersections with the red light cameras are increasing. that has the council rethinking the future of the cameras. >> since 2011 they have been the law of the land in more than 20 of tampa's busiest intersections. the cameras are meant to crack down on dangerous drivers. run a red light and are you looking at a steep $160 ticket. the data by the department of highway safety and motor vehicles says the number of crashes statewide in intersections with red light
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by 15% since they were put in. the number of crashes with the serious injury has gone up by 30%. it is worse in tampa where the report found a 50% increase in crashes in the intersection's monitored in the city of tampa. >> the crash data, the safety issues, the dollars it is not a good return on investment for the citizens. >> since the installation the in citations. 7.2 million of that has been paid out to american traffic solutions which operates the cameras. but each year the city has seen a decrease in citation revenues. dropping from nearly $2 million in the first year to just under a half million dollars in the last full year of data. the cost is coupled with the questionable impact on safety
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contract with ats will not be renewed. >> as it stands i'm positive will not pass. >> it is more than the $160 ticket. if it stopped the crashes and if it. we saw the safety value, the amount of investment for what the return again it is not there. >> the contract for the city's red light camera program is set to expire in april. until then council members will meet with the attorney to discuss the future of the cameras. >> thank you. after years of debate the council they have approved a measure to mix up and reopen the historic pool. and the landmark will receive a $3.1 million facelift to repair the pool. it has been closed because it was leaking. and installing the heater and stay open year round. >> deputies are trying to inform
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video shows that the woman kicking in the lar of the room and happened at 2:30 on sunday. the woman is wearing a mask and prys open the register and taking the cash she runs back out the door. look at that video if you know anything about this. call the sheriff's office. >> and skimmers are easy money for thieves who just sit back and wait for to you pay at the pump as you swipe your card they're swiping access to your bank accounts. the latest one just popped up along 301 in sarasota. and there is no telling how long it has been there and how many cards it swiped. >> along the corridor in sarasota, a silent thief left the mark in the pump. the individuals doing this are technical, they know what they are doing t is up to us to protect us.
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gas station off washington boulevard t is far enough away that the cameras could not catch the culprit. with the swipe of a card the skimmer collected information. >> we have access to all of your funds and do the damage not physically but emotionally and mentally that's where the crime hits you hard. and no kelling. and the department of agriculture said the pumps were checked was march of last year. officers are now trying to figure out how long the skimmer has been there and what information was taken. >> the team is trying to piece together a time kline to figure it out. >> there is no telling how many victims have come from this or if they had the opportunity to come back and retrieve the data that was in the skimmer. they may not that information yet. >> they should check the bank records and the skimmers out
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at the pump anywhere needs to be vigilant. >> anything that doesn't look correct look again. if you run your card in it, it does not take it. do not run it a second time. because that's an indication that something is wrong in there. >> in sarasota, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> if you have been a victim of the skimmer or any suspicious activity on your account, you should immediately contact the sarasota police. across the bay the council moving forward tonight with a redevelopment plan for midtown. leaders from st. pete and pinellas are hoping to struggling neighborhoods there. the programs on the list include a few that offer grants for improvements or maybe new development. >> and what we have done we have laid a strong foundation f you want to compare this to building a house we have a rock solid foundation. >> it could benefit paint your heart out and paintings homes for those in need. they plan on getting the word out about aplaying for --
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want to own a piece of mob history can you if you are the highest bidder. stuff of the boss of a family are going up for auction in ain't pete. he died in 1987 and controlled organized crime in florida and cuba. his daughters sold his house in south tampa. now they are trying to get what they can from what is left behind. >> there are 100 items. lamps here is the couch set here. traditional things. -good quality. everything was good quality. some of it is envogue. >> there are is a bottle of 1975 dom perigon. the bidding at 7 p.m. and joseph's auction house in st. pete if you want to check it out. >> that would be fun. >> the fair is open today. you know what that means.
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we'll show you one new incredible creation. you better get your ap tide
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(cell phone rings) where are you? well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. r it's what you do. where are you?r it's very loud there. are you taking at
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it is that time of year you need to grab the tums and a couple of napkins and hold on. because it is time for the state fair. >> look at the doughnuts. they are fried. goodness. >> he found out last night that he was going to miss this. >> let me show you this. >> of course one of the staples at the state fair is the 3 doughnut and the side of your head here. and.
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>> and it is this creation. we wanted to improve. >> we have the doughnut and a semi sweet and a whipped cream on top. it is the sweetheart t is like a cake. >> right. >> a fork and knife. >> let's check that out. that is great. >> i'm going to finish that up. what about a burger and who better than carosel food services. and the ramen noodle burger.
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>> right we have the double barrel burger and the southern bell burger. it is dell delicious. >> it is two fresh pattys not frozen. they get cheese and bacon. macaroni and cheese and between 2 doughnuts and one half in the middle. >> you get sweet and savory. everything. >> yes. >> let's try that. >> that is messy but good. >> that is good. >> the thing that you don't see in there, i took one bite i ate most of it along with that here. [ laughter ] >> i do -- i want to show you this. this is a combining dessert with dinner here from the best around the same ones that had the red velvet funnel cake. and bacon on a stick.
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>> oh. >> does that not look great? >> no. >> it looks terrible. >> you cannot have a funnel cake without the powdered sugar. >> and that is good. >> that is what it tastes like. look at that. >> no wonder. >> and it will pay for all the food for him to eat. >> it's not a bad deal what do i need to stop. the funnel cake pizza. now i know why. >> okay. >> and have fun. >> he is sincere about it. he is small and he was iffy about.
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this. >> and that's the fact of the matter. >> and that's how it works, we'll be there saturday from 11 to 1. stop by mark wilson is handing out crestor for the rest of the people at the fair. first day of the fair. look you are dealing with clouds and the heavy rain that came in off the gulf. bands of heavy rain that continue even now. this will be a change not fun as it continues. the past hour or so it looks like the heaviest rain is diminishing. away from us. there are pockets of rain none of this is severe. enough to make the evening commute a mess.
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lakeland t is raining in plant city and the state -- lakeland. it is raining in plant city and the state fair. that rain continues up in citrus, hernando and pasco. rain. most of this is done along the coastal counties by 7:30, 8:00. on the west coast inland as the front moves from northwest to southeast or additional bands of rain. all this was a front. the temperatures will bounce around depending on the wind flow and maybe impulses of energy going by. the bottom line is that most of the week will be on the chilly side. the cold front is the blue line skies are clear.
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change up and down the state today and 50s over the panhandle. the dry weather moves in by 2 a.m., 3 a.m. and clears things up from northwest to southeast. mid-50s. and tallahassee and pensacola. 60 in tampa. 77 in west palm and key west. can you find the cold front? you can. it is right here dew points are 20s, 30s and 40s. dew points in the 70s. that's 101. so a cold front. clearing skies. the weekend is good it wild be chilly. cloud cover on saturday maybe sprinkles the weekend is dry and cool along the coast.
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baton rouge a lot of cloud air in canada. that's next week the cold air will be heading our way. tonight chilly, 40s and 50s tomorrow day time highs 58 in tampa. yesterday 84 tomorrow 58. the pattern trough in the east, ridge and dry in the west. that's a huge shot of cold air. it will be cold here during the second half. tonight, clearing late. noticeably cooler in the mid40s. sunshine will prevail and breezy and cooler. we hit 58. mostly cloudy a few light showers after that cold air comes in in stages the coldest weather may be friday or -saturday.
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cool to mild days. chip. tony stewart will not make daytona not after surgery. how long he will be out and the options that nascar has as he hits the last season.
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to i'm doing. just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing.
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but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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the rays have been trying to sc and the rays have been trying to schedule a game against the national team it was supposed to be a two game trip. and now it will be a day trip. the last time they played in 1999 with baltimore. they played one in baltimore. nothing for baltimore and the rays. we'll keep you posted. the team loses the first ever around tradition hearing. drew smylye the rays wanted to cap him. it is the first time they have lost an arbitration. >> and tony stewart will miss
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he had a burst fracture it shattered sending bone fragments into the tissue. and dr. jo says. it takes six weeks to recover, what if he is caught up in a wreck. this recovery could take longer, they are not nascar could give him a waiver to make sure that he can make a run for a chase for the championship. >> and 24 saves picking up the player. he is the wins leader and it was, i think the best game that tyler johnson has played this season. he is coming back. he is feeling completely healthy streak.
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to tyler johnson. >> this is not as good but for the rocky. >> to not train properly it was tougher. she has taken another step. he was outstanding. >> and signing day they pull out a hat and fax the commitment to the school of choice. that's not for everyone. one athlete went to new heights to make the decision. >> that's from texas. instead of going the route he jumped out of a plane to make
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did not make the choice clear. opened up and declares he is going to ole miss. >> that's a good way to do it. >> everyone loved that. >> and yes. >> still ahead here at 6:30. the most hated man in america. after the break you will see the show that he put on. police come up with a clever way to deal with the drones. see how they hope to do it next. guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up
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3 we're following a developing story welcome back here. a developing story, chicago police say they have found the body of six people inside of a home. four men, a woman and a child. they think they were family members. they received a call from a co-worker on a woman. they saw one and went in the home and found five more. hopefully we'll know more about that later tonight. even the as a results from the caucus are scrutinized the next new hampshire in play. and the developments on the campaign trail from washington. >> i was not committed to running.
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that hillary clinton gave for accepting $675,000 in speaking fees from goldman sachs during a stumble. now five days away from the first primary, clinton is in a race to gain ground, trailing bernie sanders by 18 points. >> hillary clinton has a problem which is when she tries to put the authenticity trip in that says be relatable. voters know. >> and it is haunting hillary clinton and calling for an audit. the big favorite eking out a win bit 2 of a percentage point. they are getting ready to face off during a debate. one night after a heated battle over who is the more progressive >> and bernie sanders set himself up to be the gate keeper
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>> and they are criss-crossing the state ahead of the primary. >> rand paul and mike huckabee and rick santorum suspending the races. but that does not mean fewer attacks. >> donald trump is rattled now. he told the world he would win iowa. and then he didn't win. >> and carly fiorina in jeopardy of missing the debate because of low polling numbers got a boost from a senator saying she belongs on stage. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. let's bring in the political editor to talk more about the clinton sanders debate tonight. some movement as well. new polling out in new hampshire. what do you make of that. >> we have exciting changes for marco rubio. he is moving up a bit but this is donald trump's including the poll and leading with 36%.
6:32 pm
marco rubio is effectively tied one point up on ted cruz. 3, 2, 1. third place in iowa he finished with a second there and second place in new hampshire and first place in then he takes off if this poll is on to something and not a outlier it could spell good news for marco rubio. is anyone missing there in the top four? >> yes, jeb bush he is having a rough time. he is moving on here you have a big lead for bernie sanders. he is way up on hillary clinton he would expect that this is a neighboring stayed for bernie sanders and that is 22 points but keep in mind. when you lead by this much and high expect stations. and remember then senator had run up a lead on hillary clinton and it did not hold and facing the same high expectations if he delivers he gets a big shot
6:33 pm
perhaps cobridge the gap there if he does not makes a game of it if it is close. and that leads us to an interesting night and beyond. >> let's talk about that for a second. the interest is high. we saw that when donald trump was not at the fox debate. and there was so much viewership there. how do you think the debate will play out and what is different. let's start with the obvious. this is the first time you that will have hillary clinton and bostons going face to face add given the race. we have a game and hillary clinton making the case she is the best choice for democrats. she has been a democrat and worked in the party where bernie sanders has disassociated himself from the democratic party.
6:34 pm
case that hillary clinton is a moderate as opposed to a progressive. this will be focused on trust and they will make the case they are more electable in november and they are more positioned to represent the interests of progress irs in the race not just new hampshire but voters in the states will watch that one. vote. >> the president spoke at his last prayer breakfast this morning. the president touching on a number of themes and fear. he experiences fear as all people do but he says that it is important not to let that get the best of you. >> thank you very much. >> it is a primal emotion, fear. once we experience. it can be contagious spreading through society. through nations.
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threat. the remarks are amid debate over curbing immigration and preventing terrorism. lawmakers are not getting much tonight from martin shkreli. he is the former pharmecutical ceo who was famous after jacking up the price of a live saving drug. as we report, he showed up that's all he did though. >> reporter: he has been called the most hated man in america. and martin shkreli seemed to only reinforce that image at a hearing on drug pricing. the former pharmecutical ceo smirking and rolling his eyes questions. >> what do you say to that pregnant woman who may have aids, no income, she needs the drug to survive. what do you say to her when she has to make that choice? what do you say. >> in on the advice of council i invoke my fifth amendment
6:36 pm
>> reporter: the 32 year's company raised the price of the drug that treats hiv patients from 15-dollars to 750-dollar as pill. that's a 5000% increase and the lawyer advised the client to refuse to answer questions. later defended his client's actions. >> he did not intent to show any disrespect for any members of the committee, listened and some of what you saw was nervous energy. >> he has spoken plenty outside of the hearing room, agreeing to an interview with the fox business network this week. >> it is an advertisement for congressmen that want to get some votes and cheap publicity. >> he was arrested for securities fraud in a separate case. he is lasting them saying it is hard to accept that they represent the people in our government. >> in washington rich edison fox news. >> someone in the los angeles
6:37 pm
63 million-dollar winning lottery ticket may not know it. as we report the clock is ticking. unless it is claimed tonight the money will go away. >> the clock is ticking, time is running out. the jack month is at stake, the winning ticket purchased here in august. >> my husband woke me up he said are you sure you don't have a ticket that you didn't check. >> we watched him check ticket after ticket. he is not the only one. i checked it. it was not me. >> he is a regular at that 7-eleven. authorities thought he had bought the ticket. >> you better get it. i think it's you. i got in the car. they have the cameras. she is excited.
6:38 pm
>> he is laugh but one holder is frustrated. >> i cannot find it. for some reason that went bye-bye, they can check and the video. frank filed the form for a lost ticket it did not sway. another filed a lawsuit claiming he bought the ticket but the officials would not award it because it was damaged. lottery officials say there is no evidence of such a claim. >> the claim is scrutinized by the professionals and if they're denied the lottery will issue a letter stating in terms why the claim was denied. right now we're not finding those things. >> that was susan hirasuna. the largest unclaimed in history is $26.8 million but that's going to change unless someone comes forward tonight.
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around the world has exploded but in the wrong hands they can be a nuisance and dangerous. that's why the police are working on a project training birds of prey like this eagle to take down the drones. they're making use of the instinct to tackle the problem of flying drones and in restricted areas where they are banned like events if tests go as planned they will make a decision whether to start using the birds. next at 6:30. protecting the farm workers. the system may not be working
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing.
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but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 ((mark--bwf)) how safe are farmworkers? an associated press review shows do you wonder how safe farm workers are. and the pesticide system that is protecting warm workers is riddled with problems. and going door to door to follow up with farm workers sprayed by pesticides but they are reluctant to talk about what happened to them. >> they do not want to talk, they don't want to suffer the consequences. a group of farm workers moved to a celery field in south florida. a crop duster unaware of the change dropped a pesticide. >> and 13 people, including 12 women, one pregnant, were taken
6:43 pm
and luis martinez was a sickened worker. >> the next 30 minutes when the plain left i feel so bad,. >> it was not isolated. the institute of occupational safety and health identified 5200 workers who were sickened in 11 states between 1998 and 2006. and the incident was one of only 7 recorded fines in 2014 on the 47,000 farms. investigators say that number is likely growsly under reported. >> and one of the problems is that many people don't want to report the incidents. they are afraid of losing their jobs. >> they use a lot. >> and the defenders say the low numbers reported are a sign that the farms are doing a good job of protecting workers. >> it is a level of compliance and a few bad apples. they are few and far between.
6:44 pm
did not respond to ap's questions regarding the low number of violations. but the department of said they are unaware of farm workers retaliated against. and martinez was told to keep quiet while in the hospital. anybody. and make the report. you don't have to tell anyone what happened in the field. >> who is this. >> the supervisor. >> the safety. >> who works for the farm. >> yes. >> and released a statement saying this very been reviewing the incident to see if there are improvements needed. >> the company they were fined $1800 for dumping the pesticides but the farm cass cleared of wrongdoing. >> they don't care what happens. we're not animals, we're nothing. we're people. we need to be respected for our work. >> the department of health will monitor the health of the farm
6:45 pm
little consolation who was forced to quit for speaking up. >> i have no rights because i don't have the money to pay for the lawyers and not feel so bad. >> after 20 years the administration adopted tougher farm worker protectionsment when they take effect the rules will be relying on the existing enforcement system. we have a us in alert from los angeles. another loss in the music industry. maurice white the founder of earth, wind and fire died. he had a long battle with parkinson's. he stopped touring in 1995 but until recently, he was still involved in making decisions with the group.
6:46 pm
blam florida is hammering people who cannot pay their debts by yanking their driving privileges, no one wants to hire if you if you don't have a license. what could be changed, that's tonight at 10. craig, looking forward to
6:47 pm
stocks waivered between slight gains and losses. the dow climbed 80 points. the nasdaq sun, s&p up 3. we will take it. considering the last couple of weeks. we will. let's go to paul. we had a rainy day some changes coming our way. the americaly and the ground hog knows nothing. we have cold air coming. a live look at the fair. not good now. and sunshine is back tomorrow. chilly but not all that bald in the sun. we have been watching sky tower. the rain is over us. but with time it is weakening. when this is off the coast line. pockets of light to moderate rain. nothing that bad. the rain in some of pinellas is just about done. and still rain over tampa and lutz. and up into pasco and the areas moving into hardee county.
6:48 pm
the rain is moving along and the trend will be for the rain to end along the coast soon and later on the rain ends inland and day break tomorrow we should see lots of sunshine along with a chilly breeze. rain in sarasota and the cold front is the line in blue it is down the state tonight. that will be and the temperatures will bounce up and down. the trend favors cold air in the east the west. and it changed january 2nd or 3rd. now it's locked in non-stop for the past month. chilly behind the front. and 59. then a string of 50s from pensacola and south of the front we have temperatures in the 70s.
6:49 pm
and the front will win the battle and race down the state. a big change. and yesterday, we had a record high of 84 degrees. tomorrow we stay in the mid-50s for highs. a south wind in naples. and the northwest wind in sarasota. the front literally is in between sarasota and naples. we are 59, a 58 dew point, we're behind the front with a northwest wind at 8:00. cold front sun the east coast a storm on cape cod tonight and tomorrow. more rain than -- rain than snow. it is raining in san francisco. the weather for the super bowl should be great. sunshine near 80. >> 40 in nashville. chilly we stay in the 40s. despite a good deal of sunshine. the mercury in most places stays ins 50s.
6:50 pm
clearing late tonight. from northwest to southeast and cooler we're down to 44. we have sunshine tomorrow. breezy and cooler and 58. that continues. check out next week. it is chilly every single night. we bounce around a bit. 40s and 50s. lows in the 60s. every day. >> kelly back to you, thank you, paul.
6:51 pm
coming up tonight at eleven... near the anniversary of his coming up tonight at 11. the anniversary of his death a family whose son was killed is suing on interstate 4. why they blame the state fair for what happened. a battle over whether exes
6:52 pm
lottery ticket. see how the judge ruled. what a situation there. >> thank you. the fair has all the rides. and over the past 25 years one person has helped kids care for animals. , she is calling it a career. we honor her service in what's right with tampa bay. >> and she is no stranger to the agriculture world. >> i was born into agriculture. raised and married a young man. after 25 years she is retiring as the director of agra business. >> i have been fortunate to work in a job i love. >> she grew up in iowa.
6:53 pm
>> we have another one if we want to put it up. she joined the fair in 1990 and has been there ever since. >> to work here in the office it is a blessing. she has won numerous awards but is proud of the woman of the year in agriculture award. she received it in 19999. she starts her day at 8 a.m. and it does not end until 11 p.m. >> we're glad that are you here. you know, that right, not to get up it will be sad but fun, i worked with her 20 years ago when i was a guest auctioneer for the fair, it is important from the clothes that you wear to the food you eat. >> she is proud of the work she has done to improve the aping department.
6:54 pm
it has. >> sorry. >> it has. >> she has been very blessed to love what she has done for so
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guys, when you order now you get a free pizza after super bowl 50! that's a great idea. ever notice how people always show up when you have free pizza? free pizza? hello? we get it after the super bowl. oh... i'll come back. order now through super bowl sunday at and get a free pizza starting the monday after super bowl. use promo code superbowl50. better ingredients. better pizza. better football.
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