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tv   FOX 13 1000 News  FOX  February 4, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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3 (mark we have our top 24 on american idol. >> and we have our top 24 on "american idol". a big moment for all of the co (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday...
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(kelly / >> appears to be you know, the way he wears his pants. >> well, he could barely keep his pants on but he pulled off two bold crimes. how this bumbling burglar and his buddy hit two sequence convenience two convenience stores. >> and the rays have put together their wish list. >> you just never know about
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>> why would anybody steal $800 worth of energy drinks? >> good evening and welcome, i'm mark wilson. >> and i'm kelly ring, thanks for joining us, everybody. new at 10:00, talk about your bumbling burglars, one of these guys can't even keep his pants up as he steals from a convenience store but that did not stop him and his buddy from stealing from two stores. how deputies are hoping they can catch him, evan? >> yeah, kelley, this is the actual concrete block thrown through the convenience store door. and right there is a surveillance camera. approximate didn't camera. it didn't get the thieves' faces but it certainly got the other end. >> they entered the business the same way.
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on his head leaps in less than gracefully but then turns into spiderman. he takes a look and does a double axel. >> they make entry into the business disregarding the alarm. >> deputies want you to take a look at this although you may have to squint. ah, yeah, the bandit's bloomers. >> it appears to be the way he wear his pants. >> deputies believe that the pantaloomed bandit prefers boxers to briefs and he left behind his voice on tape. >> the store worker showed us the rock used by the pair to
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hours of wednesday morning in dunedin and deputies believe it's their second of the day. >> you know how young people do this, why you don't looking for a job, why you don't looking for something better? why you do this stuff? >> and deputies say the two burglars were smart enough to hide their vehicle away from the cameras and so deputies do not have a description of the get-away vehicle they believe they used. they will not get away with anything from this particular store because they are but they are believed to have gottenaway gotten away with cigarettes and beer and other items from the other store. >> and there is one major league park that already has everything they want.
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not only what the rays are looking for but where they may be looking for it. they sent their dream wish list to the mayor today, and what sells in the letter, chip? >> there is one major league ballpark and that is camden yards in ballot baltimore. and that park style plies still applies now. it has what the rays want. they want a park like camden yards built with local flavor and views and it should represent the best about the bay area. the rays want restaurants and retail in the same election location and they want it accessible to major roads and within walking distance, and to me it sounds
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is creating in clearwater, and this is what the lightning are doing with amalie and i think that will get even better. now, as far as size goes the rays say they need at least 20 acres and they just love the iconic nature of camden yards and it is a seamless part of downtown baltimore and it doesn't stand out, it blends in with the location and that is exactly what the rays are looking for. >> a fox news alert, two police officers have been shot in new condition. this is in the melrose section of the bronx. one suspect died and two others are in custody, a part of a drug crime, and while one of the
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are expected to survive. >> let's talk about the issues that divide us, and we both agree with campaign finance reform and i worked hard and i want to reserves citizens united so okay, let's talk about issues. >> hillary clinton and sanders fired up and lashing out at each other. the former secretary of state and the vermont senator has the stage to themselves for the tis time first time after martin o'malley dropped out of the race on thursday. >> and remember, this is hillary clinton who is considered the underdog in new hampshire, she has the uphill battle in sander's neighboring state. now, she was upset about a comment sanders made at a com
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not progressive enough and claiming she had taken way too much money from corporate america. >> i am proud to be the only candidate who doesn't have a superpac and who is not raising huge sums of money from wall street and special interests. never believe this would have happened that we raised 3.5 million individual contributions averaging $27 apiece. >> if you have something to say, say it directly, but you will not find that i ever changed a view or a vote because of any donation that i ever received. and i have stood up and i have represented my constituents to the best of my ability and i'm very proud of that. >> his response to that was calling out the fact that when wall street was releg
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led to an eventual financial cries crisis for the country, and they also sparred over the health care system with sanderring saying sanders sayinghe wants to improve on the federal health care act. but it's sanders who has the major league in the new hampshire polls, 58 person 8% saying they will vote for sanders to clinton's 36%. >> good stuff, chris, thanks. and now to the zika virus, it is still spreading and the total number of cases in florida is up to 12. governor scott discussed the state's action plan. >> we have 20 million people who want to be safe and they want their questions answered.
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cdc to get information out and we want to keep everyone informed and healthy. >> it's been linked to a serious birth defect, and thankfully no pregnant women in florida have been diagnosed with the virus because what the state is doing to keep it that way. >> yesterday the state declared a public health emergency. all of our cases are travel related and none with pregnant women. and now brohard county is also reporting a case, and they are now under that public health emergency as well. we are hearing more about what this all means and what go governor scott says is that he is asking the cdc to give us an extra 1,000 test test test kits with an antibody
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exposed to the virus, especially for pregnant women who may have been exposed while overseas. he is also asking that the cdc participate in a medical conference here in the state and this is going be especially important for individuals who care for pregnant woman and who work with obstetricians. and the last thing is that the state is going to purchase 4,000 test kits, this is to look at people who have active virus in their systems, like travelers coming to our area and anyone who has symptoms within a couple of weeks of returning from one of the effected areas. the goal is to contain this virus, and we have small clusters but because of the risk of micro cephaly, and something
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ray -- guillon-barre, the governor is taking steps to contain it. >> and you can also drain all of the standing water in your yard and always use mosquito repellent. >> this is the type of at atmosphere and we want people to be safe and enjoy themselves. >> thousands of students will be heading to the state fair tomorrow. coming up what is being done to keep things from getting out of control. >> to want to provide and not be able to is difficult. >> and he lost his drivers license for a reason that may surprise you. why he says the state has ruined his life, that is tonight at 10:30. okay, paul t's chilly out there. >> a dramatic weather change, we were 84 degrees yesterday, tied a record high and now there is a cold front coming down the front
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know better sleep with sleep number. >> all right, two years ago, here it is, dozens of teens ran through the state fair overwhelming deputies and many were ejected from the fair and the rowdiness has prompted changes year after year and this year we are gearing up again for the same day, called student day. >> and a lot of people go out there, and tell us evan what the security plan is for student day this year? >> fair if i recalls say they have added 90 cameras this year. also another new security measure, these metal detectors that will be at every gate just for this year. this comes after major upgrades in 2015, the organizers put in raised observation stands for
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cameras and a new command senator to more easily monitor the crowds after rowdy teens caused a stampede in 2014. officer presence has also been believed up beefed you have adding undercover and plainclothes deputies. they add it could be something known to anyone who plans to cause trouble. >> i would advise those coming out with ill intentions to not have those ideas. >> fair organizers have also changed the student day policy. anyone under 16 must be with a parent after 6:00 p.m., that came after the death of 14-year-old andrew joseph, after he was kicked out of the fair in 2015 14 and then was killed on i-4 trying to cross the highway to
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his parents filed a new lawsuit. we'll have more on that at 11:00. >> and it is going to be chilly. >> and it's already started. what a difference just a couple of hours tonight takes, makes, paul. >> it's been like a roller coaster, record high and then record cold, with rain in the middle. and look at this band of rain, literally like a wall of water coming in off of the gulf and look that wall. yeah, that is heavy rain. all of this in conjunction with a pretty strong cold front, but despite all of the rain, there was no severe weather at all. a couple of strikes of lightning and that was about it, but the clouds were going in all different directions late today, and the majority of the rain has been had shifts to the southeast
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should be heading south of us by midday. with a lot of sunshine coming up. the overall friend will be for temps to say at or below average for seven to ten days. a long spell of cool weather on the way. hillsboro pinellas is dry, and areas of rain in frost proof and in seabring and lake placid, rain still underway for our viewers in north port and englewood and venice, but that is really about it, and these showers out in the gulf should not be a big factor at all. now, the blue line, that is the cold front that is moving steadily to the south. there is a sharp line where skies clear. skies are generally clear now.
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forward we get into this huge wedge of red on the map. that indicates a dryer and certainly more stable atmosphere, and there could be clouds moving back at us on friday, but already, 47, 46 in pensacola. statement it is 77 in key west and 76 in marathon. do you think there is a front over the state? absolutely! naples is still 72 and tampa right now is 58, and the temperature now compared to 10:00 last night? check this out, 22 degrees colder in gainesville. 13 degrees colder in tampa, 11 in tallahassee, that is a huge drop, and the dewpoints are dropping, too, as the cold front moving steadily to the south and southeast. that is a raw and damp 58, and dewpoint of 55. a gusty wind.
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will become a snowstorm as it moving up the east coast and there is rain and mountain show mountain snow in the mountain west. can you believe this chill? and tomorrow we'll struggle to reach the upper 50's and low 60 60's and that is a sign of things to come. here is your future cast with the cold front moving south. on saturday there could be a spell of clouds and maybe a couple of sprinkles and light showers. not a big deal. on sunday, i think most of this goes away as low pressure goes east of our state, and we are back to sunshine and then all next week we'll feature a big truf in trough in the east coast and head is building and by the way it 1450 by sunny and clear in san francisco and about 80 for the super bowl.
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tomorrow, breezy and cooler. upper 50's and low 60's. on saturday, a spell of clouds and cool. maybe a few light showers, not many, and 57. as i said, the trend is for a chilly week. the coldness may not arrive until friday of next week, in the 40's and 50's for overnight and 50's and 60's for highs. >> and a thief loads up on energy drinks. >> why he is dubbed the red bull bandit. >> and our consumer reporter has
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new at ten.. the redbull bandit strikes again! the crook is >> new at 10:00, the red bull bandit strikes again, accused or stealing hundreds of dollars of energy drinks from stores all over the bay area. >> josh is live, and this guy has to have shall we say a lot of energy, not to make light of it. >> certainly probably has wings. he has done this at a number of publix locations, certainly frustrating news to all of the energy drink drinkers out there. >> red bull gives you wings. >> if that is true, then this person must be soring. take a look, he just walked walked out
10:25 pm
publix with more than $800 in the energy drinks. >> they keep going and going -- >> energy drinks of all things. that just don't make no sense. >> actually, it may all be about dollars and cents. >> can he can't imagine anyone consuming all of that but at this point it probably looks like they are going to resell it. >> and this person hawb hub buzzing has been buzzing around ripping off energy drinks. make another look at your scene to see if you recognize this hopped-up heister. and like the ad, deputies want to be hot on his trail soon and clip those wings. >> it looks like a guy in the pictures but deputies say it could be a woman with
10:26 pm
bottom line if you know who it is, contact the sherrif's office. >> clip those wings, indeed. >> and it may be the end of the road for red light cameras in cam pa. tam tampa. data collected by the police department shows that crashes have increased by 39% at red light cameras but we should mention that crashes at intersections without the cameras have also gone up, by an evening larger amount. and this has some councilmembers confident that the contract with the camera company will not be renewed. >> as it stands, i am nearly confidence it will not pass. it's a $160 ticket and if it stopped the crashes and if we
10:27 pm
of investment for the rrn is not return is not there. >> the account is contract is set to expire in april. >> a new bill would ban the cameras across the state and that is making its way across senate committees right now. >> and stocks are on a wild roller coaster ride. >> we have some real money, not play money, and we want to show you where we parked it and how much money we made or lost, and what you might be able to learn about it to perhaps one day ditch that lousy job of yours. stay up with me a little longer. >> thank you, chris, and the state is ruining people's lives but taking away their driver's license? the reason and the devastating
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cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> tonight fox 13 investigating claims that state leaders are crushing the working poor. >> they fall behind on their court payments and then lose their drivers license as punishment and oven this often this has little or nothing to do with their driving record. >> kelley is 4 years old and loves her book of fairy tails and her parents love her. >> more than anything, they want to make her happy and their 9-year-old son and their new son they are expecting next month, but their lives fell apart over something you may not believe.
10:31 pm
>> he owed some money and agreed to pay $5,000 in small claims court. >> i put in half of the payment and then lost my job. >> and with no job he fell behind on his payments and the state yanked his driver's license as punishment and he said he could not find work without a lldz license and his kids paid for it, without presents for birthdays or christmas. >> christmas is the main one -- ah! >> we first met him in traffic court and watched him beg for his license for a chance to fight for his family. >> i have no criminal record and an associates degree, it's painful. to want to provide and not be able to is difficult. >> i'm going to take it out of collections --
10:32 pm
rashay's license because he could not pay the fees for an improper tag and lack of proof of insurance. >> he is a former navy -- i was in the hospital with a stomach full of blood. >> and he also lost his job and his home. this courthouse is filled with stories of people who struggled with money and then fell behind and lost their driving drif driving privileges. >> and the worst part is if you want to go on a payment plan, it's 40 percent. >> this lawmaker says the state should be ashamed. >> this has become a way to fund the court system and this is what i find so hor horrendous about what has happened.
10:33 pm
478,000 licenses for failure to pay fines. >> the people who can pay the fines, fees and costs just do it and get on with their lives. they don't lose their licenses and so this is effecting the very poor. >> and many time it is has nothing to do with driving at all. last year the state yanked licenses from nearly 4,000 students for skipping # skipping school or possessing tobacco, or parents for falling behind on child support and much more. >> should it change? >> i think it definitely should. there has to be a balance here. >> the will be senate will be in order. >> this lawmaker is trying to change the law, and torres is hoping to get his license back. >> anything going on with small claims or child support i can't touch or deal with.
10:34 pm
>> senator brandeis bill is scheduled for next week and you can read the full state report on under seen on tv. >> thank you, craig. well, six bodies have been discovered at a home in chicago, four men, one woman and a child were found inside this home about 1:30 in the gauge park southwest side. the child is believed to be between 10 and 12 years old. police say there are signs of trauma to the bodies. a coworker of one ofort residents told police that a man who lived at the home had failed to show up for work two days in a row. police are still working to identify the victims because they don't believe there is a danger to the community. an irs computer glitch is impacted hundreds of people
10:35 pm
to a halt after some type of hardware failure shut down the irs computer system. they say they are making repairs and you can still use programs like turbo tax or h and r block to finish your return and those sites can hold your return under the irs site is back up and running. >> and we've been conducting a small experience in the markets so to speak. >> and tonight our consumer reporter is joining us with the latest on our financial roller coaster and what you investigated. >> topsy-turvey. this is the dow jones over the
10:36 pm
really is a roller coaster ride, down 9% over the past 13 months alone and there are so many different things going on, with the price of oil plu mements plummeting and we have questions about oil and the committee and a melt down in china, while all the while, we bought ourselves two shares with real money. we bought one facebook and one twitter. and the graphic went away but it shows you everything we put and now you can see how thee they've done, and you see that facebook has done a lot better than twitter. facebook in blue and twitter in red. >> who would have guessed that last year as fast as twitter was rising. >> exactly, and we are up 120% with facebook and down 68% with twitter and so we are ahead by $23 bucks overall.
10:37 pm
he like that this is diversified and i would like to see it more diversified than that but second we didn't panic sell and didn't just decide one day when the market was tanking, oh my gosh, we are going to get rid of them. we held on for the long haul and we are still up with just our two shares and hopefully that is a lesson for you. that lousy job you don't want to go to for the rest of your life, just take that 401k in small doses and don't panic. >> and you have to think that twitter is going to grow,. >> and perhaps it could be taken over by another company -- >> maybe facebook. >> and exactly, and so although you have those downward slopes it can rise up again in the future, and so don't pull the cord. >> an interesting little experiment. >> we are going to hold on to
10:38 pm
>> and update in about six months? >> exactly. >> don't even look at it, and hopefully it wopt be one won't be one of those. >> still to come, it is the foament moment of truth for dozens of idol hopefuls. >> >> the top 24 were chosen tonight. what sets this group apart, and what happened with our local
10:39 pm
break. coming up tonight at 11... a data breach at a major florida >> coming up in just a few minutes at 11:00 a data breach at a big florida university, what the hackers got and who could be impacted. plus. >> this was not competitive eating by any means but it sure felt like it. >> but it was a challenge he was up to. why ray kevin kiermaier is trying to eat more than two pounds of beef at one sitting? hmm, that story coming up, pass the rollaids.
10:40 pm
fallin' in love with you . >> i think he may be my favorite. >> he is rock-star ready. >> ian. >> and it was a big, big night for the idol hopefuls. the top 24 contestants were chosen and tampa's own did not make the cut. >> i was just looking at her facebook page. she said follow your dreams. she is not giving up and is still working on it. >> "american "american idol's" top 24 contestants are breathing a sigh of relief for having made it this far on the show's farewell season. >> we are in the top 24 of the last season of "american idol", that is such a great blessing and you are going to remember our faces!
10:41 pm
>> very crazy goes through, very emotional because everyone becomes a family and we had to see people go home. >> when kelley clarkson won, i pointed at the tv and said i'm going to win that show one day. >> i grew up watching the show, such an american cultural icon and i am so grateful for the opportunity to do music full-time potentially because of the show. >> judge harry conick jr. says this show is a little different from the others. >> there is no where to hide -- >> there are a few more who are ready for this experience, not so many shy and timid personalities this time. >> in addition to practicing the vocals and memorizing lyrics,
10:42 pm
stand out. >> i want to learn, learn, learn and do things i have never done and take risks with songs and performances. so i'm excited to learn as much as i can. >> i look like a lumberjack 90% of the time and now i have to start buying fansier buying fansier clothes and i had to run a com comb through this head of hair. >> and i know we already have our favorites, chip, but we won't put you on the stop. >> and nascar fans are not going to see tony stewart behind the wheel for what could be a long time. i will tell you why, and the rays usually never lose like
10:43 pm
there is also a first time for everything. >> and have you seen this video? this is local and it's a wild throw-down3 ( two years ago, a 14-year old boy died after being thrown out of the state fair. see why his family is now suing the fair, his school, and the sheriff... tonight lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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>> oh, yes, and that is scary, too. >> will be at the improv after the state fair, and check out this video -- >> this is so crazy. >> is that in someone's back yard? >> look at the video! it looks like it. >> this is in a -- yeah. >> wow. >> this is in a professional complex in clearwater, shot by a local photographer, and he put it on his youtube page and he is a professional photographer but look at this, just the sound and -- they did just enough and then go to the death roll. >> and then they went away and didn't hurt each other. >> that is what we understand, this is my bank, you go over there to your bank, and imagine getting caught up in this.
10:47 pm
guy named jer jeremiah johnson? >> we are doing it now, right here on fox 13. >> and it's a dog on a motorcycle. and obviously it's trending. >> is that real? >> yes, it is real. at tpa and this licensed therapy dog has a lot of fans and we are told his talents range from watching tv to riding a scooter. >> and my dog looks similar and i showed my 13-year-old and said look at this picture! we should get our dog to do that. >> and he was like, he will never do that. >> and he stays in the lines -- >> he is a cutie and now we have to go to a sledding otter and make everybody's night.
10:48 pm
are going to bed. check out this video from the minnesota zoo. it shows him sledding down a hill of fresh snow, having so much fun, and he does it again and again. >> again, again, again -- >> yeah, that is so cute, in minnesota so it's good that he can enjoy the snow in minnesota. >> it could have been even better with horizontal video, but i'm not going there. >> yeah, i thought. >> and i will tell you it looks like the rays might get a game in cuba against the cuban national team. nothing official yet from the rays or major league baseball, but looks like it's going be a two-day trip. the last time a major league team played in cuba was 1999. they played in havana, but no firm word from the rays or the
10:49 pm
and more history for the rays. the team loses their first ever arbitration hearing. drew smilely was five and two and was on the d.l. most of the rope, and he won his claim today. and this is the will-1 vertebra, doctors call it a burst fracture, meaning it burst and that sent fragments fragments of bone into the surrounding tissue. this is an extremely painful injury, and his recovery could take months. he may not be back until late
10:50 pm
the team has not said who will take over his ride. nra nascar could give him a waiver if his recovery doesn't make months. >> and this is how good courtney williams is. she played last night and had to score 28, not easy, but on the last bucket of the night she drains the three-pointer earning a career high 2000 and we she also finished with a double-double. williams is just the second player in program history to reach this feat. >> i mean, i was high because i actually made the shot, and coach was -- my teammate whispered in my ear, you hit hit the shot. >> if we can get her open and
10:51 pm
we go to temple, that would be special. so i'm glad coaches can run whatever system they want and draw plays but at the end of the day it's about the kids making shots and about the players. >> and the men are in cincinnati tonight, and ellis gets the feed and makes the turn. the bulls had all kinds of problems with turnovers and the bearcats repeatedly burned them with points, that is a little bit of an issue, and then back to the other end, gary clark with a power page move and then mcmurray, freshman, usually better than this. and back down the floor, that is jake bodeway, and they have to put players on the floor right now who won't see the court next season. cincinnati rolls in a blow-out. >> thanks, chip, still to come
10:52 pm
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oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh-oh-ooh, oh hearts are made for sharing. with dunkin' donuts' and brownie batter donuts. too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. >> a great shot, this is tampa
10:55 pm
to spend the afternoon, look at at u.t. in the distance, and this is a fox 13 you will be will a winner from bernie. nice photo, bernie, love that, great place to hang out, and again at tia a .56 in the rain bucket. and i think on average we had about half an inch to an inch in most spots. the high 77 degrees not even close to 77 degrees for the next week or so. the cold front continues to move steadily to the southeast. there is still rain underway for our southern counties. sarasota is still wet and about half of polk county still has rain, lake wales to frost proof and down 60 almost to winter haven. and then sebring, scattered showers and still raining in arcadia. this rain shah be done with by about 1:00 in the morning and then dry air wins the battle and
10:56 pm
real winter day. sunshine and a little breezy and a little cool. daytime highs about 58 to 63 degrees on average. high pressure building in and here is the future cast model, and watch. it pushes the clouds and rain steadily to the south and by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, we are virtually cloud free, and then by evening there will be clouds rolling in from the east coast, and later on clouds may actually dominate the sky but most of the weekend will be rain free. here is the forecast going through tomorrow. 48 in the morning under partly cloudy skies. 55 degrees by midday and then about 57 degrees by 4:00. you get the idea. it's going to be a pretty chilly day with temperatures staying in the 40's to mid 50's.
10:57 pm
pauly, thanks. and how about the lotto numbers. >> you read that so beautifully. >> it's called taking a bit of time in the studio. >> and excitement is building big time tonight, here is a bird's eye view of san francisco, where fans can enjoy games and food and live music. the big game will be in santa clara, about 45 miles from san francisco, but that is okay. crowds are growing larger and larger every day. tickets to the big game cost at
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don't have to buy a ticket to
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