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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 4AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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[laughter] [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] 3 ahead this hour: one family's fight... against the florida state fair. the protest today... and all the extra measures in place - to keep your kids safe. 3 ((jen and... another local teacher in trouble. police say he had sex with a student... and it didn't stop there. he also... got her pregnant! 3 ((walterplus... it's finally time to talk! the rays take the first step... to possible making the move... across the bay! 3 3 ((walter)) 3 good morning.. and
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allen. ((jen)) and i'm jennifer epstein. those stories in a minute, but now, a first look at your forecast... with dave. 3 3 3 3 3 developing in hillsborough county: it's "student day" at the florida
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today... for fun. they're planning to protest, after the death of their teenage son. ((more)) 3 today actually marks the two year anniversary of 14- year-old joseph andrew's death. he was hit by a car *on a busy interstate after he was *kicked out of the fair. his family filed a lawsuit earlier this week... against the sheriffs office, the school district, and the fair authority. they say all three played a role in their sons death... and they're calling for big changes. fox 13's evan lambert has more. 3 6:44:45my son went to the fair as a vibrant young man with plenty future in front of him. two years after his son's death at the florida state fair--andrew joseph jr. relives every moment of the night his 14-year-old son andrew joseph iii was killed. 6:44:18they placed my son in an official hillsborough county sheriff's department vehicle, transported him 100 yards away from the interstate and abandoned him.when the younger joseph tried crossing i-4 to get back to the fairgrounds on february 7, 2014--he was struck and killed by a passing car.he had just been kicked out.deputies say hundreds of rowdy teens caused a stampede on student's where hillsborough county students get in for free. according to his parents and a new lawsuit--joseph--an honor's student--was not involved in the stampede.the suit accuses hillsborough deputies of making an unjustified arrest and then negligently releasing the boy without letting his parents know.they believe he was racially profiled.the josephs say the point of the lawsuit against the sheriff's office, the school district and the fair is to hold the agencies accountable for contributing to their son's death.6:50:48it was your job, it was your sworn statement, your oath that you were going to do whatever you needed to do in the benefit of the community. so now it's your time to act in that integrity.all three organizations being sued told fox 13 they don't comment on pending lawsuits.the florida state fair authority and the
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they've increased security, required teens to be accompanied by an adult after dark and will no longer just release a student who is kicked out.they'll instead hold them until a parent can pick them up.6:42:51we have made some progress because we have demand progress. we have demand safety and we have a very long ways to go still.std
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3 3 the andrews family appreciates the changes... but they say students would be safer if they were *never allowed at the fair without an adult... day or night. they will follow up today's protest with a memorial for their son, tomorrow night. it will take place in the marshall student center... at u-s-f. 3 governor scott... and the state surgeon general...taking that zika virus *very seriously. the number of cases in florida have now grown from 9 to 12. one of those new cases is in hillsborough county. that brings our total to three. ((more))
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there are now five florida counties under a health state of emergency... governor scott is now asking the agriculture department to figure out how much funding is available for mosquito control. he also asked the c-d-c to provide at least one-thousand zika anti-body tests and for the health department to purchase four- thousand more. 3 those tests will allow us to see if individuals ever had zika. local doctors say they are getting a lot of questions from pregnant women. they say the risk is highest, earlier in the pregnancy: 3 3 pregnant women are advised *not to travel to any of the affected "zika" countries. the virus has been known to cause a head deformity in babies called micro-(cef-al-ee)cephaly. the most cases has been found in brazil. 3 3 developing in pinellas county: a former teacher is now facing charges... for having sex with a student.
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they say she even had his baby! 3 50-year-old "robert celeste" was charged with sexual activity with a minor. celeste was a teacher at pinellas park high school at the time. police will only say the 17 year old girl was a student *somewhere in the district... when he got her pregnant. police say celeste was at the hospital with the girl, when she gave birth. that was last august. but it took investigators about three months to match his d-n-a's with the child's. shortly after-- celeste was arrested. he has a pretrial hearing next month. 3 in sarasota: the sheriffs office needs your help, finding a *drone thief. this guy stole the one *thousand dollar gadget from the hobby marketplace in the sarasota square mall. and as you can see, it happened in plain view of their surveillance cameras. the theft happened on tuesday... and still no sign of him. if you recognize him, or know anything about the crime... call the sarasota county sheriff's office. 3 is florida finally putting the *brakes on red light cameras? a bill in the state senate... could make it happen. senator jeff
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proposed it. and it just passed the senate transportation committee, on thursday. the bill must still get through two *more senate panels. a similar measure in the state house was approved last month. 3 the tampa city council is also rethinking the future of those cameras. data provided by tampa police shows that the number of crashes at intersections has gone up in intersections *with cameras... and those without. meanwhile, profits from the 160-dollar citations are falling annualy. that has some council members confident the contract with the camera company will not be renewed: 3 tampa's red light camera contract is set to expire in april. 3 3 today in tampa: a big
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officials are set to meet with hillsborough county officials at the rays store in downtown tampa. tampa mayor bob buckhorn is also expected to be there. 3 the topic of course... is a new rays stadium. hillsborough county has been eager to make it happen for *years...and already has several *possible sights. the rays has been looking for a new home, to deal with their low attendance. and the pinellas county still has several months to come up with their *own plan... before the rays can accept any offer from tampa. and the team would have to wait two *years before 3 and we have a better idea of the *kind of new stadium the rays are looking for. the team put together a *dream list... and sent it to st. pete mayor rick kriseman this week. they used camden prime example. the team wants something with restaurants... shops... and entertainment, around it. they also want architecture and a view that represents the best of the city. the stadium must sit on at least to highways and walkable
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3 the gloves are off... in the democratic race for president. highlights from last night's heated debate, up next. 3 plus: all in the family. jeb bush gets some motherly advice on the campaign trail. but could it give him a much-needed boost in the polls? 3 3 3 3 3 break 1: 2:00break 2: 1:45 break 3: 1:40endbrk: 1:30
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mucinex dm relieves wet and dry coughs for 12 hours. let's end this. 3 3 welcome back the time is 4:xx... making headlines across america: a police shooting... in new york. 2 officers were shot... just 5 miles from where mayor bill de blasio was delivering a speech dedicated to praising the work of police officers. 3 officials say it happened while 3 officers were patroling a public housing project in the bronx last night. they came across 2 people in a stairwell. when the officers asked for their i-d... one of them pulled out a gun and opened fire. one officer was hit in the face... another in the abdomen. police say the gunman then ran into an apartment where he shot and killed himself. people inside that unit say the shooter told them he didn't want to go back to jail. the other person is being questioned by police. both officers are expected to survive. 3 3 face to face... with four days to go! bernie sanders
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on-one last night... in the final democratic debate before tuesday's new hampshire primary. and when they got into the issues... clinton was quick to attack sanders' idea of universal health care: 3 3 3 clinton faces an uphill battle in new hampshire... where polls have sanders leading by 20-points or more. so no surprise that clinton came out swinging last night.
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side... jeb bush just made his campaign in new hampshire a family affair. his mother, former first lady "barbara bush"... joined him during a stop at a middle school in derry, new hampshire. the former first lady said how proud she and the former president were of their son. she also took a moment to criticize the competition... saying that jeb is not quote... a "bragger." a not-so-veiled jab at donald trump. the crowd was really energized by the event... and so was jeb. 3 and jeb has a lot of work to do in new hampshire, before next week's vote. a new poll out last night... shows him in *fifth place, with ten percent of the vote. donald trump still has a huge lead... 29 precent. and the biggest surprise, is who jumped into second place... marco rubio! he's at 18 percent. ted cruz falls to third place, since the last poll a week ago... at 13 percent. and "john kasich" is actually just one point behind cruz, for fourth
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3 3 3 3
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3 3 warm up that 3 couch... and grab the chips. super bowl weekend is finally here! up next... how the teams...and the fans... are gearing up. 3 and the big game means some big *bets. but not just on the winner. after the break, a look at the strangest *side bets... at super bowl 50. 3 3
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3 time to talk 3 some sports this morning. and today... we're tackling the biggest sporting event of the year. "super bowl 50" is now less than three days away. and the excitment is really building now, in the host city. 3 here's a birds eye view of san francisco ... where many of the super bowl festivities are underway. there's a whole area called "super bowl city" ... where fans can enjoy games, food and live music. the *game is begin held about 45 miles away... at "levi stadium" in santa clara. 3 thousands of tourists
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attend a number of events! the crowds are growing larger and larger by the day. tickets to the 3 big game are costing at *least three thousand bucks a piece. and that's for the nose bleeds. they're now calling this the most *expensive sporting event in u- s history. but some fans say you don't have to buy a ticket ... to have fun: 3 3 and as for that football game? the carolina panthers still the odds-on favorite to win. at last check, they're more than a five point favorite. but as han solo would say... never tell me the odds! especially when you're playing against denver's peyton manning. there's been a
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retire after this game. and you know he wants to go out on top. 3 and just like most superbowls... the betting isn't just about who *wins the game. there are plenty of crazy *side bets out there. including... how many times will cam newton do his "superman" pose... the over-under is two and a half. how many times will they show the golden gate bridge... and how *long will the game be. the odds of that one... about four hours
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3 when we come back, i'll have another check on your chilly friday forecast. 3 and... from monster trucks... to medieval times. all the hot happenings this weekend, in the tampa bay area.
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ba da ba ba ba 3 3 3 ((dave))
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3 we've got a *super weekend ahead, for fun events. and we're not just talking about that little football game on sunday. the florida state fair will also be in full swing! so what *else can we check out the next few days? here's a look at all the hot happenings. 3 you can take a trip back in time this weekend... without leaving tampa. the annual "renaissance festival" reopens tomorrow, right next door to mosi. lords and ladies will be partying in the woods... for the 38th year in a row. the festival takes place every weekend through march 20th. there will be competitions in arm wrestling, costume contests and a human chess match. tickets are 17-97 in advance or 20-95 day of. doors open tomorrow at 10 a-m. 3 get ready to hear a lot of *roaring at raymond james stadium this weekend. "monster jam" roars back into town tomorrow night. "grave digger". "madusa" and 3 "scooby doo" will all run on a specially built track. you
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trucks and drivers. show tickets start at 15-dollars, the show starts at 7 tomorrow night. 3 if you want something a little *calmer... head to clearwater beach tomorrow. it's the "uncorked" festival... going on outside the hyatt regency on clearwater beach. there will be local chefs, world class wines and crafts in the grand tasting tent. proceeds benefit u-s-f's school of hospitality and technology scholarships. 3 in st. petersburg tomorrow... nearly 200 independent businesses are coming together for this year's "localtopia". this year's theme is "a community celebration of all things local". there will be art, culture, shopping, food and drink. it's taking place at williams park, and it's free. 3 still ahead in our next half hour: extra precautions at the florida state fair - for "student day"... plus... fox 13's shayla reaves is *live at the fairgrounds this morning... covering that story. 3 3 3 3
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