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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 6AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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anything. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum this was the scene two years ago at the florida p>>russell: this was the scene ptwo years ago. pflorida state fair dozens of pyoung people on a rampage down pthe midway. pdeputies say changes will keep pit from happening again. pthat's not enough for one pfamily. p>>laura: and doctors say they pare being flooded with questions pabout the zika virus. pthere are now three cases in phillsborough county. pcoming up, how the state plans pto keep it from spreading. p>>russell: and the rays consider pmaking a move across the bay. pthe team paints a picture of ptheir dream state.
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pgoing back to 48 degrees now. pwe are below 50 at tampa pinternational. pwe have the north wind that's pgoing to help us out at 13 miles pan hour. pwe've had wind gusts. p28 in clearwater, 29 in st. etersburg. pthe highest wind gust we have is p43, just off the coast of anne a pmarie island a couple of hours pago. pwe're going to struggle to get pback to the upper 50s for high ptemperatures and honestly, pclouds roll right back in late ptonight and tomorrow and ptomorrow's high only near 60 pdegrees. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: and we're looking at phow the winds are going to be ptaking an effect on the proadways. pwe have a live look over the psunshine skyway bridge. pwe can see the bridge is opened pbut f.h.p. is warning of high pwinds as we cross the water here pso make sure you're keeping a pfirm grip on the steering wheel, pgiving yourself extra room and pother vehicles especially if you
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pcheck out brandon and the selmon pexpressway. pnorthbound ramp is reportedly pblocked by debris in the proadway. pkeep your eyes pealed as you pmake your way that way. p>>laura: two years ago a night pof family fun transformed into a pnight of chaos. pthe florida state fair was pforced to close early after a pstampede of young people poverwhelmed deputies. pthey were running and pfighting. papparently all part of a student pday tradition. p99 people were flown out for pdisorderly conduct. p>>russell: andrew joseph, iii, pwas one of the young people pkicked out of the fair. psoon after he left, he was hit pand killed by an s.u.v. as he ptried to cross i-4. ptwo years later his parents pmaintain he was not one of the ptroublemakers and now they plan pto sue over his death. pthe news comes as the florida pstate fair prepares for another pstudent day. p>>laura: later today, the gates pwill open and local students get
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pshayla reaves is at the state pfairground. pjoseph's family will be there ptoday, right? p>>reporter: they will be here pand they're planning to protest poutside the fairgrounds later pthis afternoon. pthis comes two years to the day pwhere their lives changed pforever. pand they want three agencies pheld accountable. pright now you are looking at pandrew joseph, iii. phis parents want to see some paccountability for three pagencies. pthey're talking about the phillsborough county sheriff's poffice, school district and the pfair board. pthey say it was back in 2014 pwhen their son was justifiably parrested and racially profiled. pthe family filed a wrongful pdeath lawsuit naming the three arties mentioned. pthey say the allegations come pafter deputies say hundreds of pteens ran through the pfairgrounds and authorities pkicked them out for their pbehavior. pit happened during the free pstudent day a couple of years
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pson was not involved in that pchaos. phe was struck by a vehicle ptrying to cross the interstate. pthe honor student. phere is what his mother had to psay about the situation. p>> so as parents, we sit here pwith broken hearts knowing that pour child was the one who died pthat night. phe was the life that was pdestroyed. phe was the life who was actually pthe one to change things. p>>reporter: the three porganizations named in the stut phave not been able to comment, pciting policies that prevent pthem from commenting on pending plitigation. pin the meantime, as folks return pto the fair this year, there are psome safety changes that are in lace to make sure that this is pa safe experience for anyone who pcomes.
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pdeputies, more surveillance pcameras on the president as well pto monitor the grounds and any pof the students that are under pthe age of 16, they are required pto be accompanied by an adult pafter 6:00 p.m. pback to you. p>>laura: thank you. p>>russell: governor scott is pasking the federal government pfor help to prevent the spread pof a devastating illness. p>>laura: he's asking the c.d.c. pfor more testing kits for the pzika virus. pgood morning, jen. p>>jennifer: good morning. pflorida has less than 500 kits pthat can detect the zika virus. pgovernor scott wants the cdc to ut a rush on 1,000 more as the pstate buys an additional 4,000. pwomen. pthe virus has been linked to a prare birth defect causing babies pto be born with abnormally small pheads and brains. pdoctors tell us they are getting pa lot of questions about the pvirus. pcdc.
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pthe caribbean, central and south pamerica where the virus is palready widespread and also say pwomen who are further along are pless at risk than those in the pearly stages of pregnancy. p>> during the first trimester or pthe early parts of the pregnancy pso that would usually mean very pearly on, prior to 13, 14 weeks pof being pregnant. p>>jennifer: only 20% of those paffected with the virus show psymptoms. pthey usually appear within two pto 12 days after being bitten by pan infected mosquito. ptim to means typically last a pweek. pthere's no evidence of the virus pcan be passed from mother to pbabies for breastfeeding and pthere are at least a koz en pconfirmed cases in florida. pa third was reported yesterday pin hillsborough county. pearlier this week governor scott pdeclared public health pemergencies in the counties pwhere the virus has been pdetected. pbroward county was just added to pthe list.
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pthey give agencies more freedom pto spray for mosquitos. phillsborough county is focussing pon removing standing water. pmiami dade, crews were out pspraying. p>> everybody's yard becomes a no pman's land. pthere's parts of our yards we pdon't access all the time and pthose are the parts we really pneed to go ahead and review and plook at to make sure there's no pstanding water. p>>jennifer: officials are urging phomeowners to clear all standing pwater from around private roperty and reminded to apply pcomputer repellant and wear long psleeves. pearlier this week we told you pabout a case where the virus was pcontact. pnow in brazil there's a case plinked to a blood transfusion. p>>laura: 6:07 now and a bill pworking to drive red light pcameras out of the state of pquestion. psenator from pinellas county roposed it.
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pmeasure has to go through two pmore senate panels. psimilar measure in the pstatehouse was approved last pmonth. pmeanwhile, the tampa city pcouncil is also rethinking the pfuture of the cameras. pnew data shows that the red plight cameras are not reducing pthe number of citations. p>>russell: a man from ruskin leaded guilty to landing a pgyrocopter outside the u.s. pcapitol is getting a bit more pfreedom to stretch his wings. pin december he's running for pcongress. phe plans to challenge south pflorida congresswoman and chair pof the democratic committee. pwell, yesterday a judge granted phughes permission to travel to pand from her district for pcampaign purposes. phe's still required to stay in phillsborough county most of the ptime, though. phughes' sentencing is set for papril 13. p>>laura: the new hampshire rimary is just four days away. p>>russell: and last night phillary clinton and bernie psanders faced off for a reviously unscheduled debate
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pak ccusations were flying in both pdirections. p>> i'm very proud to be the only pcandidate up here who does not phave a super pac. p>> and i really don't think pthese kinds of attacks by pinsinuation are worthy of you. pand enough is enough. pif you've got something to say, psay it. p>>russell: sanders is ahead by pdouble digits in the granite pstate. phe did not press clinton on the pf.b.i. investigation into her rivate email server. psanders is likely worried about palienating her supporters if he pgets the nomination. p>>laura: iowa's largest pnewspaper is calling for an paudit in the state of the pdemocratic caucus. pthey say there were several roblems at numerous polling psites. pthe des moines register called pthe process a debacle. pthere were represents of puntrained volunteers and pconfused voters. pthe race was so tight that
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pwinner until the next morning. psanders says he's not sure he pactually lost the race and that phe's looking forward to working pwith the party to address any pdiscrepancies. p>>russell: now back to the pemails. phillary clinton continues to pface questions about her use of rivate emails priel serving as psecretary of state. pwell, now it turns out she's not pthe only top diplomat who preceived classified information pthrough personal email accounts. pcolin powell and top stapers for pcondoleezza rice also received pclassified information via ersonal email. pthe emails were discovered pduring a review of email ractices in the past five psecretaries of state. pand it found two under powell pand 10 for staff under rice. pcondoleezza rice herself never pused email. pall the cases, including the pclintons, the information was pnot marked classified at the ptime the emails were sent. p>>laura: and turning to the race pfor the republican nomination pnow, next g.o.p. debate is
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pabc news is hosting the debate. pafter skipping the last debate pin iowa, donald trump expected pto return to center stage. piowa caucus winner ted cruz is pnext along with marco rubio, jeb pcarson, chris christie and john pkasich. pthis time no early debate. p>>russell: after a distant sixth pin the iowa caucuses, jeb bush pis leaning more on his famous pfamily for help to salvage a pstruggling campaign. phis mother and former first lady pbarbara bush joined him pyesterday. pit's the first time they pappeared together during the pcampaign and bush is supposed to pget a bump from his brother this pweekend. p>> first job of the president is pto protect america. pour next president must be repared to lead. pi know jeb. pi know his good heart and his pstrong backbone. pjeb will unite our country. phe knows how to bring a world ptogether. phe knows what tough measures
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p>>russell: the ad featuring pgeorge w. bush will start prunning in south carolina this pweekend. pthe first of the south primary pjust two weeks away. phe's expected to join his pbrother on the campaign trail in pthe coming weeks. p>>laura: and there is some new pnews this morning from the pcampaign of dr. ben carson. phe finished fourth in iowa and pwhile he says he's not dropping pout of the race, he has slashed phis campaign operations by more pthan half. pmost of the employees laid off pyesterday were iowa staffers. pearlier this week he blamed ted pcruz for his performance on pcaucus night. pcruz staffers suggested he was pheaded home to florida because pleaving the presidential race. pcarson said he was only getting pfresh clothing. p>>russell: coming you mean, a phappy ending to a story we've pbeen following all week.
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pwill get to keep his canine pcompanion. pfind out how much he had to pay. pnew lotto drama this morning. pwhy a florida woman must give up phalf her winnings to an pex-boyfriend. p>>dave: closing in on 6:13 this pmorning and back to 48 degrees. pthat's how we're starting things poff at tampa international but pit feels colder than that pbecause we've got a very brisk pnorth wind right now 10 to 20. pthat's right, 20 miles an hour. phighest wind gust so far has pbeen 43 in the anna maria pislands. pwindy day, cooler day and psunshine back. phighs barely in the upper 50s. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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p>>dave: time now is 6:15 and i pwalked in this morning, it was pin the lower 50s and we continue pto drop those temperatures with pthat north wind which honestly pis howling at times outside, pespecially along the coast plines. pwe're driving the colder air in pso you see the 46 in wesley pchapel, 46 in lakeland, even 48 pin tampa. pfeels colder than that when you pfactor in that north wind and pyeah, you want to talk about a pdifference in temperatures? pwe talked about this yesterday. pwe showed you where pensacola pwas, in the 40s while we were in pthe 70s. pit's here. p29 degrees colder in crystal priver than it was yesterday at pthis time. p22 degrees colder in tampa. pyeah. pthat's a big difference, folks. pthere's that north wind.
6:17 am
paveraged over a span of time. pthen you get wind gusts which pare just over 10 seconds and we phad a wind gust last hour in ptampa of 33 miles per hour, six pmiles north-northwest of anna pmaria island. pmarine reporting station out pthere had a 33 mile-per-hour pwind gust at just a bit past p3:30 this morning. pthat's how strong the winds are pbehind this front. pof course, the front is also pacting to clear us out, too. pwe're going to have a lot of psunshine today. pthat's not going to be the pissue. roblem is you've got all the pcold air up here just diving ptowards us and while the sun is ptrying to warm us up, that pcolder air is trying to cool us poff and they're fighting it out. ptoday is going to be the pcoldest. pi'm thinking temperatures today, pthey don't hit 60 degrees in pmany spots. pthey're going to stay, believe
6:18 am
plow is just cranking off the peast coast. plook at this. pwe've got snow coming down in psome cases hefty snows. pnew york to boston, this whole parea is a wet, sloppy mess today pwhere we have the winter storm pwarnings out. pi will say this. pwith high pressure in control, pwe are looking at a pretty day, pa pretty weather picture for ptonight. peven though it's going to be pcold, and then tomorrow, watch pwhat happens. pwe start to get the clouds to pcome right back in again and pmaybe a quick little shower. prain is not a huge issue this pweekend. pwe are going to have a lot of pclouds tomorrow. pit's going to be the ptemperatures. ptemperatures stay well below pnormal all weekend long. pfor that matter, pretty much all pof next week as well. p59 degrees for a high today. pmuch cooler and breezy. artly cloudy tonight. pwe're going mid 40s for povernight lows and then mostly pcloudy and cool, maybe an
6:19 am
phigh of 60 degrees. pwinds and seas are going to chop pup the gulf all weekend long. psorry, boaters. pwe'll be in the 40s for lows pstraight through the weekend and phighs only in the mid to late p60s. pwe'll stay at least 10 to 12 pdegrees below normal for high ptemperatures, at least through pnext thursday. p>>vanessa: chilly forecast. pall right. pthank you. pand right now at 6:19 we have an pupdate to an earlier crash we phad mentioned here on "good pday." pit's happening in the lutz area. pa vehicle reportedly crashed pinto a ditch. pwe're hearing there aren't any plane blockages but we do know pthere's a tow truck that is pexpected to be out on scene so pof course, you'll want to slow pit down and be careful if you ass close to that crash site. pmeantime, here's a look at pmajors. peverything is running up to pspeed. pno construction, no crashes to preport right now. p19 minute ride coming north palong 275 from pinellas bayway pto kennedy boulevard.
6:20 am
palong i-4 between the 75 exit pand buchman and then nice ride pfrom selmon to fowler avenue. p>>russell: two new york city olice officers are recovering pafter they were shot. pthey are in good condition. pthe shooter is dead but apparent pself inflicted gunshot wound. pthe officers were on patrol. pone of the men fired at the pofficers and they fired back. pthe shooting is still under pinvestigation. p>>laura: crews in california say pa massive methane gas leak will pbe capped by the end of next pweek. pa blowout at the largest natural pgas storage facility in the west phas uprooted thousands of pfamilies. pit has been gushing non stop for pthe last 15 weeks spewing more pthan two million tons of methane pin the atmosphere. eople have complained of pheadaches and nausea, nose pbleeds and other symptoms. phealth officials say there pshould not be long-term health
6:21 am
p>>russell: the state's lottery pcheated a man out of a $16 pmillion prize. pwinning ticket expired pyesterday. prandy milner claims he turned it pin weeks ago. pbut got a letter saying it was ptoo badly ly ly damaged to be preconstructed. pthe ka california lottery pdepartment says there's never pbeen a claim. p>>laura: there's more lotto pdrama in seminole county. pa retired school teacher has pbeen ordered to give a portion pof her lottery winnings to an pex-boyfriend. pshe claimed a $1 million prize pafter hitting the jackpot in p2007. pher live-in boyfriend sued her pjust a few months later. phe said that he'd given her $20 pto buy some tickets and claimed pthey had a long standing pagreement that if one of them pwon a major lottery prize, they
6:22 am
pthe lawyer claims they broke up pbefore the drawing but the jury psided with him and now she has pto pay him $291,000. p>> thanks to jesus christ, he pwas able for the jury to see peverything that was supposed to pbe. pit's about the lottery and the pcommitment. p>>laura: although the jury cited pwith browning, he may not see a pclimb. pit's not clear if she has the pmoney or spent it all. pmy guess is the latter. p>>russell: and an update to a pstory we told you about earlier pthis week. pa recently retired ohio police pofficer has now been allowed to pbuy his canine partner for a pdollar. pthe story created quite a stir pafter matt hickey was told after phis retirement, his partner ajax pwould be sold at auction.
6:23 am
pthe dog lived with the family. pthe state said he could keep the pdog if he continued to work for pthe police department. phe refused for health reasons. pyesterday hickey was allowed to pbuy ajax for one dollar. phe was expecting to pay more so praising campaign. pthat earned nearly $72,000. pthe money is now going to a pgroup that makes bulletproof pvests for canines. p>>laura: that's great. peverybody wins. pstay with us. pyesterday a former harmaceutical executive called pthe most hated man in america pwent before congress. p>>russell: he didn't say much pbut the faces he made, his body planguage was more than enough. pcoming up, why one of his tweets phave lawmakers fuming. pand it's hot click of the week.
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3 it's friday, that means it's time to p>>laura: it's friday. pthat means it's time to pick the phot click of the week. p>>russell: no taylor today but pwe promise these are her hand icked nominees.
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pfirst the perfect face. pdog rocking a baby. pbaby doesn't seem to mind. pwe think we can watch this all pday long. p>>laura: we could. pand then next, a close encounter pwith a killer whale. plook at this. pright underneath this paddle pboard. pthat boarder's name is lucas priley and he's a restaurant powner in new zealand and he does pthis in his spare time. phe saw this orca whale swim pstraight towards him and it went punder the board. priley said he was nervous, not psure what the whale was going to pdo. p>>russell: take a look at this. p p>>russell: bruce is home along pwith jack while his wife is at
6:28 am
pthemselves entertained. paltogether, he put them to pyoutube. phe's gotten more than 1 1/2 pmillion views in just a couple pof weeks. pi was hoping we would get to the psmile. p>>laura: i know but we didn't. pgo to pyou can click on the link on our phome page and rewatch the pvideos, and we're going to preveal the winner later this phour. p>>russell: still ahead, a data pbreach at a florida university. pthose affected will soon get pletters in the mail. p>>laura: hillsborough county is pup to bat. p>>reporter: you've got it right. pthe time has finally come. ptampa mayor as well as his pborrow county commissioner are pmeeting with the tampa bay rays. pthe idea is to bring the rays
6:29 am
pwe'll discuss that a i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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3 good morning, i'm russell rhodes. p>>russell: welcome. pi'm russell rhodes. p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pit's friday, february 5. pwe've got some big news today. pmeeting between the rays and phillsborough county leaders. p>>russell: alcides segui is pthere. pwe'll get to him in a second. pfirst dave. pway windier. p>>dave: big time windy this pmorning. pwe've had wind gusts 33 miles er hour and i think some of pthose wind gusts are now dying pdown a little bit but the ptemperatures have also dropped pback to the 40s so we're at 48 pdegrees out at tampa pinternational with that north pmiles per hour. pyou've got upper 20s for wind pgusts along the coastlines. pjust a very brisk, breezy, pblustery start to the day and pyes, much cooler. pstruggle.
6:31 am
pout of the 50s this afternoon. pvanessa? p>>vanessa: all right. pand right now we're following psome heavier than normal travel ptimes along southbound 275. pnormally we don't hit the yellow ptimes until 15 minutes from now pbut it is looking slower and pmore volumes we're seeing, articularly in the area between pbearss avenue and sligh avenue. pyou can see it's looking a bit pclustered so 12 minutes is your ptime bearss avenue to i-4. pgive yourself a few extra pminutes out the door. pmeantime, those travel times are pstill looking good elsewhere. p>>laura: thank you. pthe hunt for a couple wanted in pa violent, four state crime pspree came to an end overnight pwith a shootout in north pflorida. pfits gerald and harper was a pbony bon py donny and clyde.
6:32 am
pbreak-ins, carjackings in pmissouri. pafter a chase, the couple pdecided to start shooting pinstead of surrendering. p>>russell: tony stewart will pmiss the start of his final pnascar season. phe fractured his back during an patv accident. pafterwards he could not move his parms or legs. phe had surgery on wednesday. pstewart's racing team says he's pexpected to make a full recovery pand race this year. p>>laura: taking the bay out of pthe tampa bay rays? ptoday rays representatives will pbe in tampa to discuss where to pbuild a new stadium. plast month the city of st. pete pgave the team permission to pay pfor new stadium sites in phillsborough county and in a pcouple of hours, hillsborough pcounty leaders along with mayor pbuckhorn will make their pitch. p>>russell: they discussed a few poptions. palcides segui is live in pdowntown tampa. pit's been in the works for pawhile, right? p>>russell: yeah. pthis has been in the works for
6:33 am
pcome. pbay rays. pthey're meeting with the tampa pmayor buckhorn as well as phillsborough county commissioner pand several business owners in pthe area. pthey're meeting here at 8:30 pthis morning at the rays' tampa poffice in downtown tampa. pthere's a lot it talk about. pwhere is a possible new stadium pgoing in hillsborough county? phow much will it cost? pis it a go ahead idea to build pit in hillsborough county or pbuild it in st. pete? pa wish list, if you will, was preleased by the tampa bay rays pand here is what they are plooking for. p20 acres, at least 20 acre $ pwhat they're noting, accessible pto major roadways and population pcenters as well as close to pexisting and future mass transit poptions. pthey envision an environment pwhere you can come early and pstay late. pleadership wants to do that in
6:34 am
pfirst analyze the strengths and pweaknesses. pkeep in mind that corporate pcustomers are a major priority pfor any sports franchise. pcorporate sales account for a plarge portion of ticket sales pand right now, the rays are pstruggling with that at the ptrop. pnext identify and evaluate sites pusing six criterias including pthe size and geometry of the roperty. pregional connectivity, site preadiness and whether a ball ark would spur surrounding pdevelopment. plast step would be to determine pif any sites satisfy all of pthose. pto get an idea, they'll have to pgo to baltimore, camden yards. pbeautiful park there just a few pblocks from the harbor rated the pbest in fan and media surveys. pthat's what the rays are hoping pfor according to the new pdocument they released. pit has restaurants, retail, pentertainment all in the same plocation. pit was built in the early 1990s pand still a model for new ball arks.
6:35 am
psounds like the rays want what pjeff vinik is creating here. predeveloping channelside, adding papartments and condos, prestaurants, bars, turning a pexperience. pthat's what the lightning do now pand it's a big reason why the pfranchise and as successful as pit is now. proof. pthat's going to cost more. ptable. pthis is what you were talking pabout. pright now tropicana site is one pof them. pwe know that. pothers include florida pfairgrounds, derby lane, tampa pgreyhound track and tampa park papartments. pkeep in mind, if the rays leave pst. pete, they break their pcontract with the city and that pmeans they'll have to pay st. ete $24 million. pif you put that in the grand pscheme of things, especially pwhen you're talking about a $600 pmillion ball park, $24 million
6:36 am
pthe rays are willing to pay that pif they go to a central plocation. pthey can bring in fans from paround the area and build what pthey call a location of one stop pshop. pcome early, stay late. pthey won't invest that type of pmoney unless that's what they pcan get. pstarts at 8:30 this morning pright here at downtown tampa. p>>russell: talk later. pthank you. p>>laura: and it looks like the prays are close to sealing panother big deal, too. pnothing is set in stone just yet pbut the plan is to play one game pagainst the cuban national team pon march 20. pgames. pthe last time a major league pteam played in cuba was 1999. pbaltimore played one game in pcuba and then the cuban team layed one up in baltimore. pagain, there's nothing definite pbut we will keep you posted. pit will be interesting to hear. p>>russell: new this morning, the pi.r.s. says the computer systems pare back up and running again. pwednesday night there was a phardware failure that affected
6:37 am
pwebsite, including e-file. pno one was able to file pelectronically. pteams worked around the clock to pfix it. pit was back online around 5:00 plast night. pofficials say tax returns were pnot affected by the outage. pthey expect most taxpayers will pbe issued their refunds within p21 days of filing. p>>laura: the f.b.i. is pinvestigating a data breach at pthe university of central pflorida. puniversity sent out letters ptoday to the people who have pbeen hacked. pabout 63,000 social security pnumbers and names much former pand current u.c.f. students and pemployees were stolen by phackers. pthe university knew about the phack in early january but did pnot announce it publicly until pjust now. pit's not clear who is presponsible for the attack but pinvestigators say it was likely pdone by multiple people over ptime. p>>russell: perhaps the only erson in america that can make pyou like congress. phe's quickly earned a reputation
6:38 am
pthe former pharmaceutical pexecutive who raised the price pof a life saving drug by more pthan 4,000%, he appeared on pcapitol hill yesterday and he pdid absolutely nothing to help phis image. p>> i know you're smiling but i'm pvery serious, sir. pthe way i see it, you can go pdown in history as the poster pboard for greedy drug company pexecutives or you can change the psystem. pyeah, you. p>>russell: he declined to answer pany questions at the hearing. pthe committee was looking into roblems with the prescription pdrug companies. phis attorney said he wasn't pbeing disrespectful but all pthose faces was the result of pnervous energy. pthat excuse is harder to believe pafter you see this. pafter the hearing, he tweeted pthis.
6:39 am
pimbusols represent our pgovernment. phe faces charges in relation to pa drug company he owned. p>>laura: another loss for the pmusic world. pmaurice white of earth, wind and pfire has died. p band went p>>laura: white started earth, pwind and fire in 1969 and they psold more than 90 million albums pand a string of hits including pseptember, shining star and pboogie wonderland. pearth, wind and fire will be phonored at the grammys february p15. phe was 74 years old. p>>russell: music just makes you psmile. p>>laura: it does. pmakes you move. p>>russell: sure does. pall right. pwhen you're getting dressed this pmorning, think about the ptemperature. pit's a little deceiving. p>>laura: yeah. pthat wind out there is making pthings feel a lot colder.
6:40 am
pand then you think that this pburglar would be easy to catch, pright? pthe hunt for a couple of guys
6:41 am
pstores across p>>dave: 6:43 on this friday pmorning and what a pretty icture. pthe clouds are quickly moving pout of the area so clear skies. plook at the temperatures.
6:42 am
pthe highest wind gust we had was pa couple of hours ago. pas high as 33 miles per hour. pright now sustained wind speeds paround 10, 13, even 21 miles an phour. pthat's -- you're going to notice pit's cooler than yesterday but pyou're really going to notice pthat wind as you step outside pfirst thing this morning and pthat makes it feel colder than pit really is. pdrier air, too. premember yesterday morning pshowing the dew point map and i pwas like in the upper 60s, near p70 degrees and now look. pdry after the front came pthrough. pof course, we had the decent praining to with it and now we're pjust dealing with the aftermath pwhich is the wind, the drier air pjust settling in. pwind gusts, 30 in leesburg, 20 pin lake placid. pthis is all in florida, a very pwindy start to our friday but at pleast a sunny one, too, as the pback edge of the significant pcloud cover is now moving down pto the lake okeechobee.
6:43 am
pit's a blustery day, cooler day pand it will be a sunny day. pnow, we are back in the upper p40s and with that north wind pcontinuing to pour in that pcolder air, it's going to be a ptough warmup today. pyou're not going to get back panywhere near normal and in pfact, looks like temperatures pwill probably stay in the upper p50s for high temperatures in pmost areas. pnow, you look by tomorrow pmorning, look what is sneaking pback in, the cloud cover as pwe're going to start to see a plow develop here south or just peast, southeast of the miami parea moving up the coastline. pwe're going to get some cloud pcover during the day tomorrow pand in just the tiniest little pchance of a quick shower. pwe're not expecting a lot of prain at all this weekend so pdon't let that ruin your plans, poutdoor plans are coming out to psee us at the state fair ptomorrow from 11:00 to 1:00. pthat will be fun and cloudy and pcool. ptoday near 59 degrees and windy pday as well.
6:44 am
pas soon as that happens, ptemperatures just plummet. p46 in tampa for the overnight plow but many spots to the north pare going to flirt with the pupper 30s to around 40, 41 ptonight. pthen the clouds come in ptomorrow. pcool day, isolated shower but pstill, the rain chances aren't pgreat for the high of around 60 pafternoon. pwill be tomorrow. peven that, the seas are running ptwo to four feet. pi honestly think this is one of pthe weekends you're not going to pget much boating in. psorry about that. pnext seven days, the highest we pgot for you is monday and that's pstill about seven degrees below pnormal. pthat will be in the upper 50s to pmid 60s for highs right through pnext thursday. p>>vanessa: a couple of incidents pwe're following on the roadways pstarting off with the hit and prun crash that's reportedly pinvolving a bicyclist along phills bor borough avenue and anderson proad.
6:45 am
plike there aren't any injuries por if there are injuries, pthey're not serious. olice are talking to the pbicyclist from what we can tell pso at least that person is pconscious. pit sounds like they're still plooking for a black charger in pthe area. pmeantime, we want to check in on panother part of hillsborough pavenue. pthis is involving some debris in pthe roadway. phillsborough avenue at north p56th street just keep your eyes ealed as you make your way pthrough that area and drivers pwho usually take southbound 75 pin the area of san antonio, we phave some reports of delays and pa disabled vehicle blocking at pleast one lane. pthis is a few miles south of pstate road 52 and you can see pbackups of at least two miles or pso but that's stretching back to pthe state road 52 exit. pextra time out the door if pyou're heading that way. phere at 6:47, check in with pcharley belcher. pi'm a little bit zealous of your passignment. p>>charley: jealous of me?
6:46 am
pclose to dave osterberg and -- poh, yeah. pyou're right. pyou should be jealous of me. pmost days, probably. pwell, i'm going to tell you pabout where i am in a second but pfirst, big game on sunday. pyou know, i was surprised to pfind out that 26% of people will pbe betting on the super bowl. pwouldn't you have thought that pnumber would be higher? p>>vanessa: i don't know. pi guess so. pmaybe. p>>charley: i'm not betting on pthe super bowl and i don't think pi've ever bet on the super bowl pbut i don't know. pi just figured it would be like p60% of the people or something. pspeaking of gambling, a subtly pto where i am in a minute, what pdo you think? pare you making any predictions? pwho is going to win the super pbowl? p>>vanessa: to be honest, i have pno big opinions either way about pwho should win but i think i'm pgoing to go with the panthers pjust to represent nc south.
6:47 am
pi would like to see denver win. pi would like to see peyton pmanning win it, winning second psuper bowl but i think, i think pthe carolina wins. pthere you go. pbut if you would like to do some pbetting, and you don't want to pbet on the super bowl, you can pgo to the seminole hard rock pcasino. pthat's where i am today. pbut i'm not here to wager panything because the best bet at pthis place are the restaurants pand there's a brand new prestaurant inside the seminole phard rock casinoment . pit's called gray salt. pcelebrity chef murphy, he went pagainst bobby flay. phe's going to be here this pmorning. pwe'll have a "good day." p>>vanessa: i'm so excited. pi'm jealous. phave fun, okay? p>>vanessa: thanks. p>>russell: deputies are looking pfor a pair of burglars who broke pinto two convenience stores. pthey smashed the front door,
6:48 am
pjumped over the counter. pyou can see the burglar has ptrouble keeping his pants up pthroughout this video. pdeputies are asking people to ay special attention to the pboxers. pif you know anything, call the inellas county sheriff's poffice. pformer worker is suing universal porlando. pthe ride technician says that he pregularly kept his firearm in phis car and was fired after psomeone broke into his car and ptook it. pflorida law says that employees phave rights to keep arms in ptheir car at work with the pexception of schools and risons. ptheme parks argue they are pexempt since they run programs pfor schoolchildren. pa bill that would allow pterminally ill patients in pflorida to use medical marijuana pis headed to the senate florida. roposal would only allow non psmokeable types of marijuana. pa bill to legalize all medical pmarijuana is headed for a pstatewide vote this november. p23 states and the district of pcolumbia have legalized medical
6:49 am
p>>laura: coming up, coffee on pyour wrist? pnew wearable could in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used
6:50 am
quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake,
6:51 am
3 3 3 for the past few weeks, we have been enjoying lower gas prices .. p>>laura: we've been enjoying gas ump prices. p>>laura: we all knew it was too pgood to last. pwe knew it would have to come to pan end one day. pjoining us from the fox business pnews studio, lauren simonetti. psay it isn't so. p>>reporter: if the white house phas its way, it is so. pso the white house is proposing, pand they're expected to do this pnext week as part of the budget, pa $10 per barrel tax on oil pcompanies. pso for every barrel of oil that pexxonmobil produces, add $10 to pthat. poil companies are struggling.
6:52 am
pgas is cheap so they're laying poff workers. pdo you think they're going to psay, no problem. pwe're going to spend $10 extra pon every barrel? pno. pthey're going to pass it on to pthe driver. phow much? pwe don't know. pbut if you do the math with this psort of thing, it's usually for pevery $10 increase in the price pof a barrel of oil, gas prices pgo up 25 cents. pso you'll be paying 25 cents pmore for every gallon that you ump. pthat's not necessarily what will phappen is what folks are saying. pif this does get passed by pcongress. pand the reason why they would padd the $10 per barrel fee, the ptax, to fund clean and green ptransportation measures. p>>russell: wow. pokay. pyou have something i find pinteresting. pfor all of us that love coffee pin the morning, we don't pnecessarily have to drink it panymore, right? p>>reporter: you can have it pabsorbed into your skin via a pbracelet that you would wear.
6:53 am
pit's called the joule. pit uses a patch which lets the pcaffeine in a constant flow pthroughout the day just, you pknow, absorb straight into your pskin. pi call it the i.v. patch. p>>russell: keep it on the drip. p>>reporter: exactly. pclever idea. pfolks might cliek it. pand you could fund it if you pwant. p>>russell: all right. ptalk later, okay? p>>reporter: bye-bye. p>>russell: don't miss lauren psimonetti on our business pnetwork. p
6:54 am
last night america was introduced to the final p>>laura: last night america was pintrus pintroduced to the final 24 on pamerican idol. pone by one, judges break the pnews, good or bad. pthe competition only gets harder pfrom here. pthe next few weeks, half of them pwill go home. psemi finals begin next wednesday pnight. p>>russell: and it's time for panother big reveal. pit is hot click of the week ptime. p>>laura: 54% of the vote, the pdog baby-sitter. pthe dog rocking the baby. phow can you not love that? pwe have another round of hot pclicks coming up on monday pmorning. p>>russell: donald trump elected resident, it could affect the pfamily of john f. kennedy. pwe'll explain to you how. p>>laura: if someone in the pstudio yawned right now, who pwould be more likely to yawn pback? pme or him? pwe're going to tell you what
6:55 am
p>>russell: i'm looking forward pto that. pand it's all ahead for you at p7:00. pstop yawning. p>>dave: we're back in the mid p40s. pi was going to yawn. p46 degrees with a north wind at p12 miles an hour. pit is so much cooler than pyesterday at this time. pskies have cleared out, winds to pthe north at 12 miles an hour ptoday looking for temperatures pto slowly right back. ponly in the upper 50s later ptoday. pjacket weather overall this pweek. pwe'll have more coming up in the p7:00 a.m. hour. p>>vanessa: sky fox chopper over pthat earlier mentioned wires pdown in a roadway, we're plearning more about that. pwe can see some blockage on phillsborough but big blockage on pnorth 56th. pa dump truck drove through the pintersection with his bed up and
6:56 am
psignals or cables. pthat's a scene we'll see for pawhile because there will have pto be repair done. ptraffic is being diverted pthrough a parking lot, right now, all you're thinking about is finding quick cover, so you can continue streaming your favorite show in the great outdoors. and you don't need a dead zone further interrupting your otherwise- perfect afternoon. echo from bright house networks.
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