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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 7AM  FOX  February 5, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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3 ((russell- it's hard to forget this scary p>>russell: tough to forget this pfrom the florida state fair. pthe efforts today to make pcertain it never happens again. p>>laura: and no respect. pdonald trump slams caroline pkennedy. pwhy he plans to fire her if he pbecomes president. p>>russell: perfect swing, erfect shot. pthe robot that made a hole in pone while playing with the pros. phey, everybody. pwelcome to the 7:00 hour of p"good day."
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p>>laura: and i'm laura moody. pfirst we'll get straight to pvanessa. p>>vanessa: two incidents, both pon hillsborough avenue. pwe want to start off with a sky pfox shot. phillsborough and north 56th pstreet, we have reports of pdowned wires and traffic psignals. plooking at this area, we can see plane blockage on hillsborough as pwell as 56th. pwe're seeing delays in the area. pwe're learning a dump truck is pstill on site, maybe moving away pa little bit but apparently pdrove through the intersection pwith the truck bed up, knocked psome cables down and damaged psome signals so we do know some prepairs will have to be made so pthis could be a close you're pwe'll see for awhile. palternates, i would suggest east pand westbound, maybe taking mlk, pnorth and southbound, maybe phardee road but you have a few poptions in the area. pmeantime, another one we're pfollowing, this is a crash
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phillsborough at anderson road, pinvolves a bicyclist. pif there are any injuries, they pdon't appear to be serious pbecause we're hearing the pbicyclist is up and talking with olice officers. psounds like they're searching parea. pso be careful of the delays you pfind here heading that way. plet's get over to dave. pit's windy out there. pcooler. pyou've got places like crystal priver which dip back to 41 pdegrees here in the 7:00 hour. ptampa, three hours ago was in pthe mid 50s, now back to the mid p40s. ponly a few spots hanging on to pthe lower 50s. pgrab your jackets. pmany areas are running 20, 25 pdegrees cooler than this time. pwind is 12, 15, 16 mile-per-hour pwind going to make it feel pcolder than the actual ptemperature outside. pit's going to be a struggle ptoday and i think we're really pgoing to stay in the 50s.
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pthen back to 60 degrees, winds pin the second half of the pweekend. p>>laura: thank you. pyou might remember this. pthe chaotic scene that played pout two years ago with the pflorida state fair. phundreds of teens ran wild as art of a student day tradition pcalled wildly. p99 students were thrown out in pthe end and one of them was p14-year-old andrew joseph, iii. phe did not make it home alive. phe got hit by an s.u.v. while ptrying to cross i-4. phis parents say he was not one pof the troublemakers and they lan to sue. phis father plans to protest ptoday, too. pshayla reaves is at the fair pwhere security changes have been pmade for student day but this pfamily says it's too little too plate, right? p>>russell: this -- p>>reporter: this family wants to plosing their son. pthere will be more deputies here pfor surveillance day, more
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pstudents under the age of 16, pthey must be accompanied by an padult after 6:00 in the evening. pthese are some of the changes pthat have been made since the pdeath of 14-year-old andrew pjoseph, iii. pnow, a couple of years ago, he pdied and his parents are lanning to protest outside of pthe fairgrounds later today. pnow, they want the sheriff's poffice, the school district and pfair held accountable for their pson's death. pdeputies say hundreds of teens pauthorities kicked them out of pthe fair for their behavior. pit happened in 2014 on the day pstudents are allowed in for pfree. pthe parents say he was not pinvolved in the chaos and the psuit calls his arrest punjustified and it calls for the pdeputies to release the teen. phe did not survive. p>> it was juror your job, your oath pthat you were going to do
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pthe benefit of the community to rotect the community, to reserve the community with pintegrity. pso now is your time to act in pthat integrity. p>>reporter: now all three of the porganizations that have been psued have not been able to pcomment on this citing this is psome pending litigation. pof course, we'll continue to pfollow and keep you posted as we pback to you. p>>laura: we know you will. pthank you. p>>russell: 7:05. paround. p50-year-old robert solis is paccused of asking sex with a p17-year-old high school student pin pinellas county. phe was teaching at pinellas park phigh school. pshe was somewhere else in the pdistrict. olice say he was at the phospital when she gave birth in paugust. pit took a few months to match pthe d.n.a. phe returns to court next month pfor pretrial sentencing. plook closely at this. pthe owners of hobby marketplace pin sarasota square mall want
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phe stole a $1,000 drone from the pfamily run business on tuesday. pmore than a dozen surveillance pcameras were watching. pif you know who he is, call pcrime stoppers. p941-366-tips. p>>laura: the zika virus is pspreading in florida. pthere are three new cases now pwhich brings the total to 12. pand all of those people got the pmosquito borne virus while ptravelling out of the country. pgovernor scotts he did not want panyone to panic here. phe says we're safe here in pflorida and he's asking the pcenter for disease control for p1,000 kids to test for the zika pvirus in addition to the 500 pkids that the state already has. pclose to 13 million people met pthe deadline for affordable care pact coverage. pthat includes renewals. pdeadline was sunday and there pare still a lot of skeptics who pdid not sign up. pthey'll have to pay a penalty pwhen they file their tax preturns. prepublicans in congress are pstill trying to repeal the law paltogether. pobamacare is not for everyone. pyou don't need it if you get phealth coverage from an pemployer.
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pseeing a lot more of that ruskin pman who flew a gyrocopter on the pu.s. capitol lawn. pa judge has given douglas hughes ermission to leave his home to pcampaign for congress. phughes made headlines last year pwhen he flew his gyrocopter to pthe u.s. capitol to protest pfinancial reports. phe pleaded guilty. phe'll find out his sentence in papril. pand the two democrats running pfor president may be sleeping a plittle later this morning. p>>laura: they had an explosive pdebate that lasted late into the pnight. pdoug reports now from pwashington. p>>reporter: this was a first pthis time around. pan actual one-on-one debate with pthe new hampshire primary just pfour days away. ptwo candidates, two podiums and pone heated debate.
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pthe very artful sneer that you pand your campaign have been pcarrying out in recent weeks and plet's talk about the issues. plet's talk about the issues that pdivide us. p>>reporter: for hillary clinton, pthis is all about ensuring psanders doesn't spread past new phampshire. p>> i am very proud to be the ponly candidate up here who does pnot have a super pac, who is not p-- p[applause] p>>reporter: sanders calling pclinton a moderate, not rogressive and fighting words pthese days, pardon the political pestablish manies. p>> she has the entire pestablishment or almost the pentire establishment behind her. pthat's a fact. p>>reporter: debate ranged from pgun control to foreign affairs. pclinton saying that sanders is romising too much. p>> i'm not going to make romises i can't keep. pi'm not going to talk about big
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pnot level with people with how pmuch it will cost. p>> one of the things we should pdo is not only talk the talk but pwalk the walk. p>>reporter: and clinton would palso face a question about her pemail controversy, the ossibility that the ongoing pf.b.i. investigation could lead pto an indictment. p>> i have absolutely no concerns pabout it whatsoever. p>>reporter: and that also raises pelect iblt -- electability issue pthat sanders would not get into plast night. p>>russell: if donald trump wins pthe election, caroline kennedy pwill be out of a job. phe calls her a hack. p>> we're not going to use the phacks anymore. pwe're not going to use caroline pkennedy in japan to talk about pcars. pshe's a very nice person.
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pbecause my daughter ivanka likes pher. pthat doesn't mean i want her pnegotiating with japan or cars. pokay? p>>laura: there it is. panother woman that trump is not pfond of, she has a facebook pdeal. pharper collins won the deal for pmegyn kelly. pthat's a lot for a first time pauthor, even for someone as well pknown as kelly. pher book should be available in pthe fall. p>>russell: all right. pi'm so over what he said. psome of you are not night owls pwhile others are morning people. pcoming up, new research on how pwe got that way. p>>laura: and then very bizarre pbehavior in front of a pcongressional oversight pcommittee. pa former c.e.o. just sitting pthere smirking. pwait until you hear his reaction pafter he left the room. phey, dave.
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pi want everybody to grab those pjackets. pit's 46 degrees outside. pthen you factor in a wind prunning 12, 15, 20 miles an hour pand you've got wind chills this pmorning much colder than soits pwindy. pit's 25 degrees colder but we do phave sunshine and that's good. pyour winds gust to 25. phighs today in lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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p>>dave: 7:14 on this beautiful p-- i'll say it again, gorgeous pfriday morning. pi mean, it's so different than pit was yesterday. pi mean, look at the temperatures pright now. p41 in crystal river. pmid 40s for many spots and the p40s go all the way down this phour. pthere's only a few spots hanging pon to the lower 50s. pthat's it. peverybody else in the 40s.
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pit's 29 degrees colder in pbrooksville and in crystal river pthan yesterday at 7:14. pit's 24 degrees colder in tampa. pwhen this front came through, it preally opened the door to big ptime cool air settling in. pand the north wind are bringing pit all in, nine to 12, 16 pmile-per-hour winds. pthese -- this is better than it pwas a couple of hours ago. pjust a couple of hours ago, they pwere like 20, 25. pthe current wind chill is based pon the north winds, making it pfeel like it's in the upper 30s pfor leesburg, for brooksville, pfor crystal river. pfeels like 41 degrees outside at ptampa international. pit really is a bundle up morning pwhereas yesterday morning we pwere sitting in the 70s. pnow that we've cleared skies pout, the computer model did a erfect job of doing that early pin the morning. pthe rest of today is great.
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roblem is that north wind is pgoing to be a real struggle to pwarm up today and i think the pmajority of us, we'll be in the p50s for high temperatures. pwatch what happens tonight. ptomorrow morning, the clouds pwill go right back in and even pthough we're not going to get a plot in the way of rain tomorrow, pa few sprinkles here or there or pa tiny shower, we'll keep that povercast sky all day tomorrow pand for the most part, tomorrow pnight as well. pso today we're sunny. ptomorrow we're cloudy. pbut then the sun returns for the psecond half of the weekend. pall three days, our temperatures pare going to runway below pnormal. p59. pi'm being generous here with a p59 for a high today. pi know what you're thinking. pfull sunshine, shouldn't warm pup. pthat cold air is just working pin. p46 tonight and that's in tampa pand i think many spots, even pthough the wind dies down, are pgetting back in the upper 30s to plower 40s.
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ptomorrow mostly cloudy skies pdevelop again. pit will be cool, upper 50s to paround 60 degrees for a high. pi mentioned a possibility of a pshower. pit's not a great chance at all. pbut, you know, it's about 30%. psun returns for sunday but the ptemperatures, they don't modify pmuch for several days. ptuesday and wednesday of next pweek, vanessa, we're going to phave highs in the upper 50s. pnormally we would be in the plower 70s. p>>vanessa: sounds like we'll pkeep the jackets out. pall right. pthank you, dave. pright now we want to check in on pdelays. inellas county u.s. 19, we have preports of a crash with at least pa southbound lane blocked and we pdo have backups approaching that pintersection. plooks like you could save at pleast five minutes, maybe more pif you take alternate 19 in the psouthbound direction instead. pmeantime, we're talking about pthe winds and i did want to pformally mention there's a
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pcrossing the sunshine skyway pbridge. ptake special care if you're pdriving with a high profile pvehicle. pcheck the travel times. pbearss avenue to i-4, we have pmoderate congestion. pnormally we're used to seeing pred. pthat might be a nice break for pyou folks. pwe're just updating now to 14 pminutes, 13 minutes the time pwestbound drivers, i-4, 75 to pthe interchange and then all of pthose moderate congestion psouthbound 75 chlt . p>>laura: tampa international pairport had a fabulous first pquarter for the fiscal year. pt.i.a. had close to five million assengers between october and pthe end of the year. palmost 8% more than the same ptime a year earlier. pwatch the increase came from pinternational travellers on air pcanada and cayman airways. p>>russell: sorry. p>>laura: did i bore you? p>>russell: no. pjust friday. pi'm tired, you know. pyawning is contagious.
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pa matter of time before the pwhole room is sleeping. phow can you avoid use the yawn? pbe a man. presearchers in italy secretly ptracked people and their yawns pfor five years. pwhile men and women pspontaneously yawned the same pamount of time, women are more plikely to catch a yawn from psomebody else. pstudy says that women are just pbetter because females are pbetter able to understand and pshare emotions with others. pwhen one person yawns, a woman pis more likely to pick that up. presearchers found that 55% of pthe time women yawned, it was p40% for men. sychopaths are less likely to pcatch someone else's yawn. p>>laura: so be a man or a sychopath. peither/or. pyou pick. p>>russell: one in the same. p>>laura: are you a morning erson or night owl? pscientists say that depends on pyour genes. pand it's very hard to fight.
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pstudy found 15 genes linked to pself proclaimed early birds. pseven of them were near genes pknown to play a role in our pinternal clock. eople may have different pdefinitions of morning. psome of you might consider it pright now. pbut here add "good day," our pmorning starts at midnight, not pdawn. pwe have to be morning people. p>>russell: we do. pwe have no choice. pall right. phere we go. layboy without the nudity. pcoming up, see the cover of the pfirst new issue. p>>laura: and then very sweet pstory. pjennifer epstein introduces us pto some seventh graders showing plove to kids they have never pmet. pright, jen? p>>jennifer: that's right. pa group of seventh graders are roving kindness goes a long way pand their good deed is spreading phope to children on the other pside of the globe. pall it takes is some pconstruction paper, glue and a encil. pi'll intrus to you a whole pclassroom of home town heros pmaking valentines for a special
7:20 am
pafter the break, charley pbelcher. pi just ate at that restaurant plast weekend. p>>charley: what did you think? p>>jennifer: great. pdelicious. p>>charley: good. pyou know, jennifer epstein, when plife hands you one of these, you pknow what you do with it, right? p>>jennifer: you make lemonade. p>>charley: no. pno. pyou put them in jars and you pmake a beautiful wall. pthat's what you do. plook at that. pthat's a lot of lemons. pthat's a lot of lemonade right pthere. pthat is just one of the walls in pgray salt, the new hit prestaurant according to jennifer pepstein and the seminole hard prock and ka even owe -- casino. pwe're going to squeeze this and spokesbox: go paperless, don't stress, girl i got the discounts that you need safe driver accident-free everybody put your flaps
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i don't know what i'm doing. i can't find anything just when i think it's just not going to work. this woman that works there comes over and asks can i help you? and he was so happy, to do it amazing right? i never would have expected would have thought that anyone would find that do that. make that go out of their way for me. right then, right there i couldn't believe it he was so helpful i know it's such a small thing little thing. simple thing but it made me smile made me happy made my day share your story.
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developing overnight in new york city.. p>>laura: welcome back. pdeveloping overnight in new york pcity, two nypd officers have pbeen shot at a public housing pcomplex in the bronx. p>>russell: the officers were pconducting what are called pvertical patrols at the time pwhen they encountered two men pinside a stairwell. pone of the officers, 29-year-old
7:23 am
pwoman, one of them shot in the pnose and one in the hip. pboth are going to be okay. panderson is in good condition pright now. psuspected shooter is dead, papparently a self inflicted pgunshot wound. pofficials say two other suspects phave since been arrested. p>>laura: a grisly discovery in pchicago. pit appears to be murder-suicide. olice went to the house after pgetting a call yesterday that pthe female victim missed two pstraight days of work which was punusual. pthe motive is still a mystery. p>>russell: hard to tell from pwhat former pharmaceutical pc.e.o. mark shkryll was thinking pwhen he sat in front of an poversight is he. phis company raised the price of pa life saving prescription
7:24 am
phe didn't feel like answering pany questions. p>> on the advice of counsel, i pinvoke the fifth amendment and prespectfully decline to answer pthe question. p>> do you think you've done panything wrong? p>> the advice of counsel, i move pmy fifth amendment privilege and prespectfully decline to answer pyour question. p>>russell: he left no doubt pabout his feeling after he left pthat hearing. phe sent a message to twitter pfollowers that said, quote, hard pto accept that these imbosuls prepresent the people in our pgovernment. p p>>laura: fans are mourning the ploss of maurice white this pmorning. phe was responsible for putting pearth, wind and fire together in pthe late 1960s.
7:25 am
pmillion albums worldwide with phit wonders. pearth, wind and fire won six pgrammy award police induction in pthe rock n' roll hall of fame. p>>russell: play boy will debut pthe first non nude magazine next pweek. psara mc daniel is clothed, osing provocatively, though. hotos are made to look like pthey were taken on instagram and psnap chat. p>>laura: the i.r.s. is back in pbusiness. pthe agency was able to fix that pcomputer system outage that kept pthem from accepting tax returns psent electronically. ptook most of the day to fix. pthe i.r.s. commissioner is sorry pfor any inconvenience. pthey have no plans to extend the papril deadline because of this. p>>dave: 7:27. pbeautiful. pit's pretty outside this pmorning. pyesterday was cloudy. pwe're waiting for the rain to pcome in.
7:26 am
pout. pyou can see the beautiful pconditions looking down kennedy. pthe difference, big difference, pit is a whole heck of a lot pcolder. pwe have temperatures this pmorning in the mid 40s versus pyesterday when they were in the p70s at this hour. pso grab a jacket. pthe wind chill is making it feel pa few degrees cooler than that. plook for the next few days. p71 is the normal high. pnotice we have a whole weekend pwhere we get nowhere close to pthat. pwe'll get some cloud cover back pfor saturday. p30% rain chance. p>>vanessa: thank you. p7:28 and we're checking in on panother major roadway. pthe veterans expressway, you pknow, the last report i showed pyou, decent travel times on the pinterstates and it looks like pthose travel times are going to pcontinue here. pit looks like you really don't phit the slower speeds until gunn phighway. psevere delays just south of
7:27 am
poverall looking at a 21 minute pride top to bottom on the vets pwhich is pretty good. pnot unusual to see a 30 minute pride. psky fox is in the process of preadjusting the shot but we're pchecking in on hillsborough and p56th street. pit looks like we're actually pseeing almost all the lanes pcleared after that dump truck ptook down some signals. p>>russell: all right. pa screeching halt to red light pcameras. pwhy it could well happen. p>>laura: and then a wish list. palcides segui tells us what kind pof stadium the rays want. pgood morning. p>>reporter: good morning to you, plaura and russell. plooks very similar to camden pyards out there in baltimore. pa big meeting happening this pmorning in about an hour. pyou'll have rays ownership as pwell as hillsborough county pcommissioner, tampa mayor pbuckhorn, all meeting under run proof right here.
7:28 am
pwhat it's all about coming up ba da ba ba ba 3 3 (russell)) welcome back to good day tampa p>>russell: welcome. ptime is 7:32. pwe finally know what the rays pwant in the new baseball stadium pand they sent out a wish list plast night.
7:29 am
pin downtown tampa with that. pinteresting you're in tampa. p>>reporter: i know. pit's all very interesting, pright? pit's all new. pbig meeting is happening this pmorning at 8:30 a.m. pyou'll -- we'll have the rays pownership here as well as the pmayor of tampa, bob buckhorn and pthe commissioner hagen here and pseveral business owners here. pthey'll all be meeting in the ptampa store in a little less pthan an hour from now. pthey're talking about a new pstadium, where it's going to go, phow much it's going to cost and pif it's a good idea to build psomething like this in tampa. prays released a wish list sent pto the owner of saint pete and palso to hillsborough county. pthey're asking their new home to pbe at least 20 acres, accessible pto major roadways and population pcenters as well as close to pexisting and future mass transit
7:30 am
penvironment where you can come pearly and stay late. prays ownership want to do that pin three steps. pteam officials will analyze the pstrengths and witnesses of pbusiness centers in pinellas and phillsborough county and keep in pmind that corporate customers pare a major priority. pright now the rays are pstruggling over at the trop. pnext the team will identify and pevaluate sites using six pcriteria, including the signs of pgeometry of the property, pregional connectivity, site preadiness and whether a ball ark would spur development. pthe last step would be to pdetermine if any sites satisfy pall of those wants. pit's a good idea of what the prays are looking for, go to pbaltimore. pcamden yards, a beautiful ball ark rated the best in fan and pmedia surveys and restaurants, pretail and entertainment in the psame location. pit's really interesting because pthis ball park was built in the
7:31 am
pmodel for new ball parks. pit really sounds a lot like what pthe rays want. pit's a lot like what jeff vinik pis providing at tampa with the pamalie arena with the lightning, pkind of a one stop shop. phow much is this stadium going pto cost? pif you talk to the industry pexperts, they're going to tell pyou about $600 million. pand that -- it could cost more pdepending on if they want a pretractable roof. pthere are several sites on the ptable. pwe know that tropicana is pcurrently one site in st. pete. pother sites include the florida pfairgrounds, the derby lane, ptampa greyhound track, tampa ark apartments and that plocation is interesting because pit's close to parking garages in pboth tampa and ybor and it's palso 21 acres so it fits both pcriterias but there's an issue phere. pthe apartment complex there is phome to 372 low income families. pso the city will have to make psure that those residents are
7:32 am
pbuild a stadium there. palso keep in mind, if the rays pdo decide to leave st. pete, pthey'll have to pay the city $24 pmillion but if you think about pit, when you talk about a pstadium of $600 million, that's pa drop in the bucket. pif the rays really want to move pand this is the right spot for pit here in hillsborough county por tampa, i'm sure they're pwilling to pay $24 million. p>>russell: we'll talk later. pthank you. pand the rays need a stadium that pattracts fans. pthey've been at the bottom in phome attendance for four years. pyou'll notice a steady decline pof fans attending games at the ptrop. pand the team was competitive for pmost of those four years. pthey made the playoffs in 2013. pthey won 90 games the year pbefore that. p>>laura: 7:36 now and heart pdisease is the leading cause of pdeath in this country right now. pone in every four deaths. p610,000 a day. pand today is the chance to premember those victims.
7:33 am
pand we are all wearing red here pon "good day" this morning. pwalter allen is live along pbayshore boulevard where the big pevent is about to take place for pthis cause. pgood morning, walter. p>>walter: good morning to you. pyeah, you add stroke into that pand it kills one out of every pthree women. pisn't that a startling pstatistic? pi couldn't believe it when i pread it this morning. pthat's why they're having pawareness events like today pwhere they're having a walk. pyou go all the way down bayshore pand they're on their way raising pawareness. pwhat's fantastic about this, pobviously you can't miss it if pyou're driving down bayshore, pyou see a sea of red and it's praising awareness. pyou have been a recipient of pmultiple transplants. p>> i was born with a heart pcondition and it caused two pstrokes and then i finally preceived a heart transplant two pyears ago. p>>walter: so what was it like pbefore and now everything is pbetter, yes?
7:34 am
pi live a normal life now. pi'm not held back by anything. p>>walter: so what you're seeing pis women out here, obviously pdiet and exercise is a big pthing, right? p>> absolutely. pit's all about being healthy. p>>walter: when you see the women phere and men, too, it's pfantastic pfantastic. phow does it make you feel? p>> it makes me feel so happy pbecause we're raising awareness pand hopefully finding a cure to pthis disease. p>>walter: how long have you been pinvolved with the american heart passociation? p>> my whole life. pi started when i was four and pi've been really involved the ast two years. p>>walter: just to see the pawareness and the participation pgrow year after year, i'm sure pthat makes you feel good. p>> yeah, because we're getting pcloser to a cure. p>>walter: thank you for joining pus this morning. pthere's a fantastic event out phere and we're talking with more
7:35 am
pcatch more at 8:30. plaura? p>>laura: thank you. pon to other news now, a new pstudy conducted says that 54 pmillion people who are labelled poverweight or obese because of ptheir b.m.i. are healthy. pstudy found nearly half of poverweight people, pquote/unquote, and nearly a pthird of owe beat people were pmetabolically healthy. pon the other hand, more than 30% pof people with normal weight pwere metabolically unhealthy. p>>russell: there it is. plawmakers in tallahassee may put pa stop to red light cameras. psponsors of a new bill say they pdon't work. pthey claim there are more beings pat the intersections despite the pcameras set up to catch the red plight runners and most towns and pcities are using the money for pgeneral budget needs instead of psafety programs. pthe bill narrowly got into a psenate committee yesterday. pit has two more committee stops pbefore on to the full senate. phouse version of the bill is palso making news.
7:36 am
pthinking about ending the red plight cameras. paccidents at the intersections pare up while citations are down. p>> as it stands, that contract, pi'm almost positive it will not ass. pit's more than $150 ticket. pif it stopped the crashes, if we psaw the safety value, the amount pof investment for the return is pnot there. p>>russell: red light camera pcontract in tampa expires in papril. preceipts go over to jen. p>>jennifer: hey, russell. premember how exciting it was to pgive valentine's at school? porphans are living on the other pside of the world. pthanks to the bay area kids, pthey're about to learn how pspecial they are for the very pfirst time. plet's meet the home town heros pmaking it possible.
7:37 am
pgushy stuff. pthe seventh graders at learning pgate community school are pworking on a valentine's day roject that they're hoping will pchange lives. p>> don't forget to plan ahead, pwrite big, write clear, take pyour time. p>>jennifer: they're writing pvalentines to children they've pnever met, orphans living in psouth sudan. p>> the purpose of the letters pare to give these students hope pand also to understand that they pare loved and there are people pall over the world thinking pabout them and are praying for pthem. p>>jennifer: letters are a pspecial gift for the children of psudan since they have no mail psystem, they don't have contact pwith the outside world very poften except alert day. pand with the help of makeway artners, amanda and her class pare taking part in the very pspecial event. p>> these are people you don't pknow or talk to every day so pthis is kind of cool for me.
7:38 am
ptheir letters. p>> that's a picture of my family pup there and my cousin and my pgrandpa. p>>jennifer: along with advice pfor new friends. p>> stay in school. pit's really fun to learn. palso listen to your teachers. pnot only are they adults but pyour best friend, too. p>>jennifer: the assignment is pgrammar. pthese valentines are teaching pthem how to be a better person. p>> we're cry -- trying to pconvey what it is to feel pemotionally for other people, pwhether it's in the school or pthe other side of the world. p>>jennifer: it's a lesson that pamanda hopes the students take pwith them when they leave her pclass and their kindness and pcompassion can make a difference pin someone practically a world paway. p>>jennifer: the kids just pfinished writing the letters on pwednesday. pthe box of cards already on the pway to make way partners who
7:39 am
pin the sudan. pthey should receive the cards pnext month. p>>dave: in sports the lightning pare home tonight playing the ittsburgh penguins. pthe bolts are the hottest teams pright now. pthey won nine of the last 10 pgames. pbest of luck to them. pbaseball, rays pitcher drew psmiley won his arbitration case. phe'll make close to $4 million pnext season. pthat's a little more than a pmillion above his salary last pseason. plife is tough, right? p26-year-old pitcher had a 5-2 precord with a 3.11 era at 12 pstarts. plast season he had shoulder pinjuries. ptony stewart will miss the start pof the racing season. phe's recovering from a back pinjury.
7:40 am
pafter an accident on an pall-terrain vehicle on sunday. phe had surgery on wednesday. pdrivers report to daytona next pweek for the season opening pdaytona 500. pthis is stewart's last year pbehind the wheel. pget this. pthis is a robot swinging a golf pclub at a course in scottsdale, parizona. pbig crowd there to watch. pthis is the famous park. pit was the robot's fifth swing pand it was perfect. pthe ball sailed through the air pand landed on the green and prolled into the hole. pyou saw the hole in one. pthat's no easy feat. pthe average golfer making that, pabout one in 12,500. pit's one in 2,500 for a pro. pi guess it's one in five for a probot. p>>laura: look at that.
7:41 am
ptour this weekend. pthat 16th hole is surrounded by pstadium seats and about 35,000 eople will scream and yell as pyou hit the ball. pyou don't see that at any other pcourse but that one hole they pallow it. p>>laura: the magic of golf, you pnever know when you're going to pget lucky like that. pfeels good. pno cold feet for coldplay. pthe rock group tells us what to panticipate at their highly panticipated half-time show. p>>russell: that's not rain, is pit? p>>dave: that's the wrong icture. pget rid of it. p>>russell: okay. pall right. pwe'll get one live. psorry. pdidn't mean to scare you. pthere you go. plook at that. pwe'll be there tomorrow, florida pstate fair.
7:42 am
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p>>dave: 7:48 and just beautiful pblue skies outside. pi'm buttering you up because pit's a lot colder than it was pyesterday at this time. pclear skies, looking back out ptowards the coast, 24 hours ago, pwe had the rain starting to move pin. pyou had the cloud cover, dark pand dreary and now it's just pabsolutely beautiful outside and plooking west on kennedy. pso look at the temperatures. pthere's your big difference. pcrystal river back to 39 degrees pthis morning. pbrooksville is 42. ptampa 46. pst. petersburg 51. pwe're in the 30s all across pi-10. anhandle over to jacksonville, pyou guys are much, much colder pstart to the day. pwe're 21 to 29 degrees colder pfor the most part. pthat's a noticeable difference
7:46 am
pthat colder, drier air 12 to 16 pmile-per-hour winds giving us a phint of a wind chill so kind of pfeels 41, 42, 40s in phillsborough county. pmid to upper 30s up in citrus pand hernando counties. pat least it's clear. pwe'll have beautiful sunshine pfor today as high pressure pbuilds in. pwe're going to struggle with pthat north wind just to make it pback to the upper 50s in many pspots. pand then tonight, once the sun pgoes down, grab your jackets. pwe are going to bottom out ptonight in the mid 40s and pinterestingly enough, clouds pwill ride back in tomorrow. p30% rain chance late in the day pwith a high of 60 degrees. psunday 62 with sunshine. p>>vanessa: thank you, dave. pand good news for drivers, looks plike we don't have any notable pincidents blocking off the lanes pof the roadway. pwe're starting to hit heavier
7:47 am
pnorth end of the howard pfrankland bridge, this is pnorthbound traffic coming into ptampa. pit's backing up on the north pside. plooks like travel times are plooking around 30 minutes if pyou're crossing from st. pete pheading up to the interchange. pwestbound drivers, a little prelief here. p10 minutes heading into the pinterchange from the mlk exit. pthat just updated to nine pminutes. p75 southbound, 18 minutes pfletcher to the leroy selmon pexpressway. p p>>laura: coldplay is ready to prock the biggest stage on the lanet. psuper bowl half-time show. pmore than 100 million people are pexpected to be watching and the p75,000 at the stadium near san pfrancisco. pcoldplay won't be alone at phalf-time, either. pbeyonce will be joining them. pthere are a few rumors of a few pspecial guests, too, including pbruno mars.
7:48 am
pwon a super bowl. pbroncos have won twice. p1988 and 1999. p>>laura: do you have a pick? p>>russell: no. p>>laura: they say that denver is pthe underdog. p>>russell: probably. p>>laura: peyton manning, i hope phe gets it. p>>russell: especially if he pretires. pcan't argue carolina, you know? pwhat are you doing, charley? p>>charley: i think carolina robably wins but i think that's pthe crux of what you're pdiscussing. pmost people would like to see eyton manning win but i think pcarolina will win. pi hope it's a good game. pi'll be eating well during the pgame. pgot your snacks planned? pi'll take that as a yes. pthey want me to hurry up and pwrap this up. pif you want to eat well, here's psomething that they'll let you pcook up, from this cookbook
7:49 am
pmark murphy, celebrity chef mark pmarquis. pyou can keep your emerils. pi have mark murphy with me.
7:50 am
pi'm charley belcher coming from pthe seminole hard rock hotel and pcasino, inside gray salt, a pbrand new restaurant from the pmind of this guy right here. pchef mark murphy, if you're a pfan of chopped and food network, pi think he's everywhere. p>> and food. p>>charley: you're a fan of food. ptell us how to become a pcelebrity chef. pyou're in a club of guys and pgals. p>> i started cooking and i loved pit. pmy first job, i just kept going pand all of a sudden, they asked pme to do things on tv and i'm peating on tv and it's fantastic. p>>charley: you're addicted to pcooking. pi'm addicted to eating. p>> i like the eating as well. p>>charley: tell me about this lace, gray salt. p>> i came down here at the pseminole hard rock and we're pnext to the gulf, mediterranean pfood is in my club. pi grew up in italy, france, all paround the mediterranean and i
7:51 am
pgreat seafood here, we're trying pto get as much seafood out of pthat gulf and put it on the ptable here and cook with it. pit's been a great ride. pi think it's the type of food pthat this place sort of was pcreated for. p>>charley: and it's more lunch pand dinner here so far. pboth are incredible. pit's kind of fine dining but pkind of a comfortable patmosphere. pit's not stuffy. psgli worked a long time in preally fine dining restaurants. pwhen i started doing stuff pmyself, i wanted to do a prestaurant that people want to pgo three times a week, not three ptimes a year. pit's really good food but paccessible. p>>charley: what do you say we psit at a table and look at some pof this stuff? p>> sure. p>>charley: can we do that? p>> sure. p>>charley: it's mark murphy. phis restaurant is gray salt. phe's a fancy, big shot in new pyork but he comes back and makes psure that everything is up to
7:52 am
pstuff. [burke] at farmers, we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. even "turkey jerks." [turkey] gobble. [butcher] i'm sorry! (burke) covered march fourth,2014. talk to farmers. we've seen almost everything, so we know how to cover almost anything. we are farmers. bum-pa-dum,
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