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tv   FOX 13 500 News  FOX  February 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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everything to get one of the doors open because there was a man trapped in a vehicle. we do not know the condition. we know it killed david wicks and left three others dead and other cars crushed. they were securing it the winds were coming when it fell. >> this type of crane is called a crawler crane, it was being moved into a secure position because by the manufacturer's instructions as winds topped 20 miles per hour for this company the instructions were that the crane should be put in a secure position if the winds were approaching 25 miles per hour. >> debris and metal scattered across two blocks chaos this
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firefighters had to ask a bride following her to her wedding. she could not reach the ceremony at city hall. she was at a salian when it fell. they esstarted her and her family through the wreckage to the wedding. what a memory. >> back in 2008 security was under scrutiny after two collapsed within two months of each other. you remember that. 9 people were killed and new safety measures were put into place at the time. more to come here. linda. >> thank you, mark. heartbreak, tears, regret, all part of a courtroom hearing tore chris kimmel. he pled guilty tore killing a cyclist two years ago. and as gloria gomez shows us, he learned his fate. >> the step stepfather of michael lee put it best. >> nothing in the world like losing a child.
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she is a different person, i mean totally different person. >> alan griffin raised him since he was four months old. >> michael was my stepson but he was my son, he was a wonderful person. >> in august of 2013, michael lee was riding his bike to work when he was struck and killed by chris kimmel who was driving drunk. the impact threw lee off an overpass on u.s. 92. 18 stories down. the medical examiner said he died on impact. his uncle joe sim as veteran cop, was now having to console his sister. >> when she told me what happened, all my 26 years of law enforcement went out the window. i didn't know what to tell her. >> two years later chris kimmel did know what to say. >> i want to say how sorry i am
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how difficult it is to lose somebody. >> he had regrets, i should never have gotten in the vehicle that night, i thought i was okay. >> reporter: during the sentencing the defense said he had a tough childhood and came from a broken home. his older brother tried to sway the judge. >> he is not a criminal, he made a mistake, a mistake could have been avoided. >> he was so intoxicated he had to be cut out. >> with that he was sentenced to 12 years in prison but it may seem light compared to a lifetime of heart ache for michael's family, when this is over today it may be over for the court, but god knows it is not over for us or our family. >> gloria gomez, fox 13 news. >> as mentioned he will serve 12 years and ten years probation. it's not every day you see a
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that's what you are watching now. that guy cheated it three times in a matter of seconds. a lakeland man tried to kill him twice with a gun and then with his car which is what you saw. the suspect is charged with attempted murder this could have been worse. >> that's why the sheriff said we're fortunate we are not investigating a murder. the suspect's gun jammed twice at point-blank range. we'll show that suspect. and gibson hyacinth. he was stalking his ex-wife and followed her to a doctor's office and that's where he confronted a man addison whiteside. he had driven his ex-wife to the doctor a camera captured parts of that confrontation. we had to blow it up and zoom in on this part. you see them at the top of the screen.
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pulling out a gun and pointing it at his face and pulling the trigger. it did not fire. he reracked it and jacked a shell out and put it in and pulled the trigger. it did not fire. he found another weapon his car n that video you saw him drive toward whiteside, he dodged the vehicle. deputies same. they had been called they tracked him down quickly and arrest the him, he is charged with attempted murder and stalking among other things, you know grady judd had colorful things to say about the man who tried three times to take another man's life only to fail. you will hear from the sheriff at 6:00 and the picture the suspect posted on facebook. let's say it's not going to help his attorney get him out of trouble. >> i can't wait to see that one. thank you, chris. student day is in full swing
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it's where the students will attend for free. two years ago a teen was killed though outside of the fair and this afternoon. and evan lambert is there. what was the protest about? >> the josephs were protesting because they believe that the fair policies contributed to their son's death. they protested for hours and they say that policies contributed to his death. and the deputies killed the tep out after dozens were causing trouble. when andrew was back to the fairgrounds he tried to cross i-4 and hit by a car. they have changed the policy and no longer leave teens by themselves. they call a parent, the josephs say it is too little, too late.
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would be alive. we have not got one word from the sheriff, the authorities from the school word. we ask the community, we deserve answers. >> reporter: the josephs want to see a parent be required to supervise children at the fair at all times. now they cannot be accompany -- unaccompanied after dark. they filed a lawsuit against the school board, sheriff's office and the fair authority. back to you. a bobcat hit by a car is recovering from surgery because of a good sand tank and vets at big cat rescue. they spotted the animal in the road overnight and called officials in big cat rescue and the humane society. and they are calling him thor. they took him where can you see he got treatment and had surgery.
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an eye which need to be removed but they say he may be released into the wild once it heals. >> it went together well i think he should have a full recovery with his jaw. the only concern is he may lose an eye. we have released one eyed bobcats in the past and they have been successful. i don't see a problem with that. >> there is hope that his jaw should heal in six weeks then test his hunting abilities out at big cat rescue. they have to do it with live prey and determine whether he can be released. in riverview a softball coach is being honored for her years of devotion. angela slater led riverview to two state titles she coached there for 31 seasons and had more than 500 victories. she died thursday after a battle with cancer and despite her diagnosis, slater continued
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now her husband is taking over coaching the team. >> mr. slater will be okay, he had good shoes to follow and i'm here helping him out. anything he needs i'll be here. he will be fine he had good foot steps in front of him. >> they aspire to be out here. >> a special memorial was held during the game. her husband who is taking over with the help of his son coaches golf at the school. hillsborough county making a pitch to the rays. how they are trying to lure the team across the bay. this day and age. cameras are everywhere and with the power of social media you are not going to get away. >> the video is clear what the guy is accused of stealing from a store and why he may not hide
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he walked out with a drone. with the cameras this clear it is only a matter of time before he is behind bars. and kimberly kuizon has more. >> at hobby marketplace can you test out model cars, planes. anything that you can imagine. >> everyone loves gadgets. >> there is one thing that catches the eyes of many people. >> drones have taken off literally in the last year or two. >> on tuesday he went to the store inside of the sarasota square mall. he skpw-d a drone then walked off with it. >> he very carefully timed his opportunity and was able to get out the door before we got him. >> but cameras captured the man and his crime. >> he does not want to admit what he has, he has enough that got his move from the time he entered to the time he left with the stolen drone. >> he didn't realize just how many cameras are pointed at him.
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have done it, deputies have dusted for prints and reviewing the video. the drone costs about 1000-dollar as lot of money for a shop. >> things like this affect us we take it personally. he posted the footage on facebook. the quality is so clear jim is certain someone will recognize him. >> you may get out of the store with something but you will not get away with it on this level. everyone will see this. at this point when he thought nobody was watching now over 24,000 people have seen what he did n sarasota county, kimberly kuizon, fox 13 news. >> if you have information on who he is, contact the sarasota county sheriff's office. >> the best pictures i have ever seen, it will not be long. for kids up north snow day means you stay home from school. in pinellas park it means they were happy to be at school for snow day a florida snow day they
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at recess. it was to celebrate their jumping two letter grades in the rating in two years. now besides the snow they had cones and face painting. even a station where they could build, yes, a snow man. >> it makes me proud of the kids and i feel that they have the pride in themselves now and that's what we want the kids to realize their capabilities and celebrate who they are not just here but in their life. >> that's the principal. she was amused when they said it's too cold today for a snow day, miss freeman. paul, that is spoken like a kid and a floridian, you know. >> you think they did have a big snow day they're doing it in tan tandem and in new england. it will have the feel of a true winter weekend with the temperatures running 10 to 15 below average and maybe some
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i tell you the weather systems are racing across the country. yesterday we showed you this view and it was dark and it was wet. it was windy and miserable and now it was different but in the sun it's not all that bad. 63 degrees tomorrow. we cloud up again maybe some rain developing late in the day and on the beach. a lot of open real estate. 60 with the wind from the north. this is behind that departing low and the front that brought the rain yesterday. the cold front has moved east of us in the wake a beautiful day. you know you look at this map, they say how the heck can it rain tomorrow. there is nothing here. get a high. you get departing front but the
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there is moisture over baja and mexico. the return flow should give us a spell of clouds by tomorrow afternoon. that goes by and juneer bowl aupbz we're back to sunshine and some wind so it's been non-stop action this winter and due in part to el nino. it is chilly. 50s and 60s. 61 in lakeland and st. pete. the wind is up. the temperatures are uniform and the temperatures now, cold and east south. 21 degrees cold now in sebring. than it was last night. last night at this time the bay. ahead of that front we had warm south winds in frost proof and sebring and punta gorda.
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certainly ahead of that front. right now the winds are up. a breezeee and chilly friday afternoon. a colder now as the front is going by. watch how fast things change already by 3 a.m. increasing from the east and the south. low pressure developing. it will bring a spell of clouds and rain for a time tomorrow. it is damp. cloudy and cool, in the 60s. this will race away and the weather will improve. tomorrow the first day of the weekend we'll be at the state fair, it will cloud up rain should be light. about 62. and temperatures during the day
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humidity is 22%. a north wind at 10. around the country, the headline today was much snow on the northeast this brought a foot of snow outside of boston earlier today. it is snowing in down east maine. there is snow in the great lakes states a cold night, it will be cold in chicago. 32. bristol is 32. columbia, south carolina and raleigh is 46. so tonight about the same as it was earlier today maybe a few degrees milder clouds will be increasing, we'll see the temperatures handle in check around the bay area holding in the low to mid-60s. watch how fast things are moving. it goes by. here is the batch of rain by late tomorrow and tomorrow night that low whips by. we improve on sunday with sunshine.
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heading our way monday or tuesday. it is colder during the second half of the week. increasing clouds not quite as cold as it was today. chilly. we're down to 47. the clouds will thicken there could be spotty chilly rain developing by late in the day. and 62 all that goes by and by sunday it is kind of a nice day you watch football get the fireplace going. sunny, breezy and chilly. if you are boating winds north northeast. 2 to 4 feet on the way. the next tide is 11:13. the 7-day has rapid changes day by day. we get into the 60s on monday. another front is by on tuesday. it turns chilly wednesday and thursday back to 70 by friday. you may be surprised to hear from screeners how many times they found people going through with a gun.
5:20 pm
rates seized. tonight at 6:00 we'll show you how the tsa scans for guns and smaller illegal items, things as small as an aspirin. fun on the water this weekend, the second bradenton regatta gets underway not without detours. that's tonight at 6:00. back to you guys. >> thank you, kelly. lift off at cape canaveral. the tense moments before it did. what super poligrip does for me is it keeps the food out. before those little pieces would get in between my dentures and my gum and it was uncomfortable. just a few dabs is clinically proven to seal out more food particles. super poligrip is part of my life now. in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger.
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an atlas five rocket blasts off from cape the at lan 5 rocket launch almost didn't happen. and it was because of the weather. >> the winds had the launch managers going between go and no go and ultimately when 838 a.m. came around the winds died down enough to get this launch off. united launch atlas 5 rocket roared off the path right on time with a satellite bound for space. the rocket with 860,000 pounds
5:23 pm
as it joined a fleet of satellites that have been up grated over the past 12 that have been put up. the air force said the satellites are an up grade to the generation that allows them ting vibrant and help be more resighs. and that resistance to the hostile activity is extremely important as the military goes forward with developing the satellites. >> in terms of jamming, can you go and get a gps i to not recommend that, however, you know the u.s. military is developing strategies to operate in a congested environment. united launch has a busy man manifest for 2016, this is the first of 15 that they have planned for this year.
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station, derrol nail, fox 13 news. it is national wear red today day and cynthia and mark and i are all wearing it to support women's heart health. and a therapy dog is making the day better for patients. this is mia she spent her day delivering red knit beenies to kids in the icu. more than 600 hats were donated and those will go to every child patient at the hospital. that's great. it is the number one killer of women and americans, congenital heart detects are the number -- defects are the number one cause of deaths of infants with heart defects. >> being in the hospital is not easy. when we can provide tokens that means something to our cardiac population. it bring as smile to those that receive it and the family, too. >> one in four children born
5:25 pm
treatment in the first year of life. >> it affects the relationship with the children with the spouses. and it affects their work. >> the lingering effects of a concussion it's not just athletes dealing with them. a coach at the university of tampa has a coaching pedigree. who is in the family tree later in sports. the high speed adrenaline rush. there are guys that are demanding the performance. >> racing takes flight the sport is rising in florida. >> it is a religion. >> poised to be a global phenomenon. on the ride of here in the city, parking is hard to find. seems like everyone drives. and those who do should switch to geico because you could save hundreds on car insurance. ah, perfect. valet parking. x evening, sir. hello! here's the keys. and, uh, go easy on my ride, mate. hm, wouldn't mind some of that
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hillsborough county lea hillsborough leaders are stepping up to the plate with a chance at luring the rays across the bay. both sides sat down for the first meeting today. they are deciding whether they want to stay in st. pete or move to tampa. this wild be quite a long process. >> it will, to put in baseball terms we're in the first inning of a long nine inning game. the rays received permission to look for stadium sites outside
5:28 pm
hillsborough are as they put it, cautiously optimistic this is the beginning of ray's baseball in tampa. >> the rays are weeks away from taking the field and the action now is happening behind closed doors, we have to make sure we get this right, we get one shot >> to find the spot for the stadium. for the first time the executives and the leaders started laying it all on the table. the process can take a year. >> the parks get built and to be able to help make that happen for tampa bay is exciting. >> and complex. the rays want their home to be 20 acres, accessible to roadways and close to existing options. and the mayor says that no specific site was discussed today but that's not a concern.
5:29 pm
be and the centers and by transit. >> for the design it would be unlike any other. >> we're throwing out the model and explore every possibility. >> that can could be millions, we'll not raise taxes but it will be challenging. >> it did not come up today, the financing, it is laying the ground work and keeping the rays in tampa bay. >> when you have an engine and a it is incumbent to work together here. >> and a new stadium will have to be funded by the team and the private sector and leaders are putting together a pit top keep them. >> thanks so much.
5:30 pm
day bonnie and clyde, the search for a couple wanted for a string of robberies ended with gunfire in the florida panhandle. blake fitzgerald was killed. his girlfriend brittnay hopper is in the hospital with a wounded leg. they started chasing them after an armed robbery in pensacola. fitzgerald held a gun while harper shot. at one point the deputies lost them. the couple held a family hostage then stole their pickup truck. they were wanted for a string of crimes across four states. >> south florida man who killed his wife and posted pictures of her body on facebook learns his fate. he was sentenced to life in prison. medina shot her eight times in their kitch non-2013. he said he shot her after she threatened him and after years of physical abuse. he was convicted of child
5:31 pm
shooting. hillary clinton and bernie sanders traded some hard punches in the debate last night. and both sides are declaring victory. and craig patrick is here to score it for us. >> if you are scoring this on points and it is a strong night. she was well prepared and willing to engage with bernie sanders. and if you missed it last night, and here is how it played out. take a look. >> i have to jump in here honestly, senator sanders is the only person who would characterize me a woman running to be the first woman president as complex plifying the establishment, being a part of the establishment in the last quarter having a super pac that raised $15 million from wall street.
5:32 pm
been carrying out in recent weeks let's talk about the issues. >> you see pushing back there and it was a strong performance but much of the debate and that exchange in particular played out on bernie sanders' terrain. that could help him certainly in new hampshire and beyond. >> the polls. he has been far ahead. who will win? >> bernie sanders will surely win in new hampshire he is well ahead that's a neighboring state for him. no surprise there. the question is how much will he win by. where does the race go from there. and hillary clinton has a strong lead but the polls are not static they move based on the result from one to the other. that's the focus on money, power and politics. we'll bring back our pollster who nailed it in iowa. and drew headlines for getting closest. he and his son.
5:33 pm
we're looking into the water scandal in flint, michigan with our contributor charlie la duff. >> thank you very much. and up next. fighting concussions.
5:34 pm
game changer and how t3 3 with the s the summer -- super bowl is sunday and concussions are in the news. an autopsy showed that ken the nfl revealed that the concussions increased 58% over the past two seasons.
5:35 pm
increase is better detection. a researcher is hoping to take it to a new level. dr. jo has that story. >> whether are you a professional or on a youth soccer team, concussions are a big concern. >> i never like to see anyone hit their head, that makes me cringe. >> dr. linda pappa is a physician and studying traumatic brain injuries for 15 years. and for some they can have a lingering effect. , they leave who never really have been acknowledged as having the injury. it affect as relationship with the children, spouses, it affects their work. they don't know what is going on. nobody has acknowledged that they had a problem. >> she hopes that the blood sample will change that.
5:36 pm
something in the serum the liquid part of the blood in the head trauma patients they tested t is a protein. >> normally you don't find that in the system but after an injury once the brain is jostled, they are released from the cells and they leak out into the brain and the spinal fluid and they translate into the serum. >> when they compared it to others who didn't hit their heads, the protein was not there. >> if it is negative it is negative. i don't think anything is perfect in the world but if we had to category guise -- categorize it. >> that would. >> and it is being used to see if it can map recovery, the response as the level of injury is up, the higher the buy row marker increases. >> now you're studying so see if it goes down. >> exactly. >> now we're expecting the
5:37 pm
and the dream is to make it simple it can be done on the sidelines. chip if all goes well it could be available in the next four years. thank you, dr. jo; sports we sit down with a coach whose face you may nod recognize but she is following a family legacy. if we told you the last name you would know her dad right away. deep coaching history is now turning that for the women's
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((cynthia)) t-g-i-f.....time for the last trending of the week!(linda) tgif, everyone, last trending of the week. >> it's friday. we love our smartphones, i know that you have yours. >> i'm doing science right now. >> we're documenting our lives with this. check out what this guy did with his phone. >> is that cool? >> wow. >> after tinkering nick pushed the envelope and figured out how to attach a string to his iphone 6 and record himself
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the results and jumping. >> my gosh. >> and wharf he is doing. >> the phone is at the end of the string. so, yes,. >> that's amazing. >> it circled around. >> i cannot do that without the phone. >> forget about that, you seen this before the baby polar bear at the columbus zoo. >> that's cute. >> well she has a name. it is nora, 88,000 people voted. there you go. >> don't you want to snuggle. >> i would love to snuggle. >> paul knows i would snuggle. >> yes. >> and she is being raised by keepers her mom stopped taking care of her. that happens in captivity. she will grow into a big predator with 9-inch claws. >> right now.
5:41 pm
>> tomorrow may be different, i love it. >> the weekend is here, what have you got. >> we'll be at the fair 11 to 1. >> stop by. the south dome. >> it slides near the slide. we have done this. check it out okay. chilly in the shade. stop by and say hello and 64 not a cloud in the sky at the bay shore camera. and 24 hours ago. and changes have been changing. and that's running above average which is typical of el nino winters. the high decide the sunshine 64 degrees in the low temperature this morning 45. don't forget two days ago the high was 84 which tied a record
5:42 pm
that's on wednesday. now we're clear but i tell you the systems are moving. clouds are increasing by later tonight. it is a cool winter evening. 64 in tampa. west chase and brooksville. 59 in dade city. we're in the 50s and the 60s. 63 a dry atmosphere. the dew point is 23. there is not much water in the air. if you have families in the northeast they are buzzing about last night and this morning's snow storm. they had record heat a couple of days ago in the 50s.
5:43 pm
and nashville and atlanta and raleigh and 31 degrees in buffalo. tonight it will be chilly. 40s and 50s. with increasing clouds. the clouds are north wind and rain late in the day will likely keep the temperatures in check. late in the day, readings may drop and maybe some light rain. the cold front has done by. we stay quiet. but by tomorrow at noon we're already clouding up. there will be a weak area of low pressure whipping by to the south. that will bring a band of rain late in the day. that will end on sunday. low pressure is east of us and by sunday at 6:00 by the super bowl. we have a strong north wind and some chill moving down. another here. that will impact us on tuesday. really it is just never a dull
5:44 pm
increasing clouds, not as cold. tomorrow is cloudy. and 62. sunday we're back to sunshine. breezy and chilly. back to 56. and turns chilly. 40s by wednesday morning. maybe by friday of next week we could touch 70. the lightning are back on the ice. and they just got bumped out by 1 point. the lightning are in second place in the atlantic. the second place spot for the lightning means there they're two points ahead of the last wild card spot. jon cooper said the turn around mirrored the power play,
5:45 pm
>> you know like we're attacking more. like our shoot first mentality. and you know that attitude that no shot is a bad shot. that's good. >> kids don't follow in their father's foot steps. that's not the story in the family. the daughter is following in her father's foot steps she is part of a family tree with the roots in coaching. we have the story. >> before she ever realized it, coaching was in her blood. >> i don't think i thought about it. it never crossed my mind. >> she never had to become about it. it is who she is, more inclusive not a bad ball. >> as a player for the university of tampa from 2010 to 2014, her teammates looked to her for guidance. i was not an impact player. i didn't start i was a leader in
5:46 pm
we had an all american middle that was like giving me the scouting report. >> even from a distance her parents could hear a coach in her voice. >> i would talk to my dad and my mom would say the next day he got off the phone and said it is crazy how much of coach she sounds like. >> it's a natural, you know you say it is in her blood lines but i think that growing up with her dad she thinks that way, her father know as thing or two about coaching. >> it is my pleasure to introduce to you the newham head coach of the bucs, dirk koetter, some think she followed in her father's foot steps. >> he fool followed her to tampa, i decided in 2014 january january 2015 is when my dad came down as offensive coordinator
5:47 pm
i was going to have family here. >> reunited with the family, she is relishing the moment to fulfilling her goal of becoming a coach. >> i would not change any of it. it is surreal and just enjoying every second of it because hopefully i will start moving up the ladder. who knows where that will take me. >> working just a few miles from her dad these days there is a new closeness between them, generation after generation they have been coaches. >> i grew up wanting to be my dad from the time i was little. >> my dad would say that and his dad and i said that i as soon as i got into it and enjoyed it i knew. >> coaching is in their blood. >> could you see the emotion in her eyes.
5:48 pm
i think. >> these a good story. >> some lock forward to the half time show at the superbowl. what chris martin of cold play is saying about his performance
5:49 pm
favorites of the in 1934, steak 'n shake decided the world didn't need another hamburger. it needed a steakburger. so they used 100 percent beef. quick seared to seal in the flavor ... ... you'll only get from a steakburger. steak 'n shake, home of the original steakburger. 3 anticipation is building for coldplay, beyonce and bruno mars at super bowl 50... (linda) they've got a we're all looking forward to
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beyonce and bruno mars. >> we look back at the best half time shows. >> hey, listen for the non-football fans if is the best part of the game. tonight we have the stars revealing their all-time favorite super bowl performances. >> what is your favorite show? >> you gave me three the favorite of those. >> beyonce, prince, katie perry, they were good. >> jt all pc but others had strong opinions. >> i will say bruno mars. >> at 43 when the steelers beat the cardinals. >> that's the boss. >> we were born to run. >> katie perry was awesome. >> can you count on them to be colorful. >> chris martin take note. >> i messed up. do it again.
5:51 pm
prince's purple rain can you make it into the show history books, my daughter said the sweetest thing. she said how you feeling about the superbowl. we're nervous, dad the worse that happen you get turned into a meme. >> after a moment people will forget, my show was when destiny's child came out with beyonce. this year it is going to be even better. and all our friends at foxed 13, back to you. >> thank you. >> wow. what about cold play but for the big half time show they will have to step it up, bruno mars i'm glad he is back. >> the fox 13 6:00 news is next. here are kelly and mark. >> lady gaga with the national anthem. that could be special. it will be. >> and florida state fair.
5:52 pm
>> it is and today we were out there. there was a protest. we'll tell you about it tonight at 6:00. why the parents are concerned about safety at the fair. 500-foot tall crane collapsed in new york. how mother nature. nature may have been to blame. a meeting between two churches that has not happened in thousands of years. stre-e-e-e-eam stream, stream, stre-eam stre-e-e-e-eam
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when i want you in my arms when i want you and all your charms whenever i want you all i have to do is
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3 a homicide today." we're fortunate we're not working a homicide. >> this man tried to kill someone three times. when his gun did not work he used his car. the close call. >> location costs, timeframe, that's going to come later today. this was just day one for the rays in hillsborough to get together and talk about a potential move. >> in january we had ten firearms. >> more passengers are caught at the airport. where our city ranks among the
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>> from the number one news
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