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tv   FOX 13 600 News  FOX  February 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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back in the day to play. >> steve: even though he's older dean now of the pac 12, he has the young spirit, the his work and team feeds off of that. >> tim: by the way, that was noah dickerson. he did foul out of the game. three-second violation called against ryan anderson of arizona. >> steve: don't see those very often. maybe a quota call. the end microsoft when meter maids start giving out more tickets or highway patrol pulls people over. >> tim: 11 lead occasion, see the field goal shooting story. arizona combating really tough day from the floor. >> steve: the high post. nice little rub.
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the 12th lead change of the game. >> steve: a trap. jackson-cartwright navigating. [ crowd noise ] york, nice. with an answer. >> steve: york and anderson, the upper classmen. beautiful pass. and the foul. dime takes it right at anderson, tarczewski also coming over. andrews penetration forces arizona to help uphill. and that exposes the baseline. >> tim: caleb tarczewski gets
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young man from senegal, spent time at indian hills community college in iowa. he speaks eight languages. spanish, arabic. he had it all. they asked him to tell something true about hip self, something about one of his teammates then tell a lie. he told the team, i no lie. i cannot lie. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: tied at 70-70. york. get the feeling we may have an extra session today? >> steve: it's a donny brooke from start to finish. >> tim: it has o.t. written all over it.
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so many lead changes. arizona's size and strength always keeps them in it. washington's athletic. >> steve: punch and counterpunch. game of runs. >> tim: two minutes left. veteran takes it to the rack. tarczewski and anderson both tough down there when you bring the ball down low. [ crowd noise ] rejected and fouled by chriss. >> steve: baseline official didn't see it. but opposite of sean miller. the call was made. fourth foul. >> tim: that's four on chriss. anderson gets to the line.
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miller. what a luxury to have ryan anderson, security blanket for sean miller. a great pick up. like a free agent. [ crowd noise ] there's the draft, free agent. nice high-low. >> tim: chriss, rejected by tarczewski. anderson, by the way, the human double-double that he is comes in averaging a double-double. 20-13 today. >> steve: four game tear, best any front line player in the country. >> tim: nearly 30 point blow out
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center three weeks ago, though. teams have evolved in the college basketball, are washington has. at the shot clock fuzzer. -- buzzer. >> steve: good find by gabe york. dials one up. >> tim: andrews, fouled. york off the bounce there, tim, gathers, draws the defense. nice little reverse pivot and kick out. >> tim: 84% at the line. he came into today's game with 214 freethrows taken. 180 made. he gets to the line just shy of ten times a game. you see the poison display by the upper less men. andrew andrews for washington and on the other end of the floor, gabe york and ryan anderson. they have stepped up made the
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that's what you expect out of grizzled veterans. >> tim: one-possession game. 51.3 left. full court pressure. got to get it over the line. almost double dribbled. quick time out taken as a result by sean miller. the moment he saw that lorenzo romar going to play them straight up. >> steve: wants to make sure he gets a good look on this possession where they're either able to get a point blank shot, a wide open jumper or draw a
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need to come away in productive manner. also can set your defense with your time out depending upon whether you score or don't score, talk to your team about the defensive side of the ball. >> tim: there you see our game reset. the possession arrow is with washington. that's critical particularly if you're talking about a low post pass to one of the bigs. >> steve: i would imagine two-man game here with anderson and york. whether it's high ball screen or an iso, but those two will be involved on weak side to try to get your bigs to clean up the garbage. >> tim: if you get the stop, lav, and you're washington, do you look for the three or do you try to get the quick two extend the game? >> steve: you opportunistic knock down 3s if you can score directly and set your defense there's still time in the backcourt, i would imagine if washington pushes and scores, whether it's a two or a three
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>> tim: lot of times coaches decide not to take time out because they're concerned about the inbounds pass. >> steve: absolutely. a lot of bad thing can happen out of the time out. it's a philosophy or an approach of feel for your particular team in that situation in a game. >> tim: sean miller has a veteran team. he's got allen and jackson-cartwright, two good handlers out there with york. then tarczewski and anderson have been erasers in the middle. allen will trigger in the inbounds defended by andrew andrews. >> steve: working out of a stack. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: high pick from tarczewski. york. anderson the rebound. anderson goes back up and is fouled. second opportunities that have been
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head for the washington fans right there. >> steve: not a better front line player in america at finding a way to carve out space, to come up with those second and third efforts. that's why the karl ma lobe power forward candidate. he's numbers i think as good as any front line player in the country. >> tim: 9.8 now left on the clock. i think they're taking a long look at that. chriss picked up a foul. his fifth. he's done for the game. 18 points and seven rebounds. we have a clock issue and they are going to work on how much time really does actually remain. >> steve: sean miller instructing his wildcat team, he has wisely played through his
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york misses, but watch ryan anderson again, finds a way to secure the ball then goes strong to the cup to draw that foul. >> tim: right. clearly just a little under 16 seconds should be remaining not the 9.8 as you see up on the board right now. that is what the officials are working on. tony along with eric and sean. they're going to give 16.1 which may be arizona thinks is a little generous, it could be 15.9 if you want to -- >> steve: sean miller clearly instructed his team, depending whether anderson makes one or two freethrows. whether it's three-quarter court press. if he misses both freethrows potentially foul they don't get game-tying three-pointer at the
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anderson the story for the wildcats. 15 rebounds and eight of them on the offense. >> tim: unbelievable. that's difference in the game, really. if this score holds up. >> steve: we talked about it at the outset. on a tear the past four games. all aspects of his game. watch this set up like good ball at the freethrow line. [ crowd noise ] >> tim: gets the shooter's touch as a result. that reserve time was almost picked off by kadeem allen. here is murray all the way to the rack. that ball was deflected. a drone draws, the foul with the three. will not get the whistle from the officials. that should effectively put it away.
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you got to get it inbounded once you do then -- 77-7. allen's got it. trying to play keep away. and he does. arizona survives, i do mean survives washington this afternoon. >> steve: this is indicative of pac 12 play this year and why as many as nine teams are under ns tournament. high level basketball out west, tim. >> tim: enjoyed it lav. >> steve: i loved it. like gangsters. tim brando. >> tim: and for steve lavin and molly mcgrath, tim brando, so long where we were not sleepless in seattle. what an exciting environment. huskies go down 77-72. arizona looks to be getting ready to march in march.
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we are!
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3 i'm lloyd sowers. from tampa bay's number one news station, this is the fox 13 6:00 news. good evening. i'm lloyd lloyd sowers. >> i'm haley hines. >> lloyd: clearwater police looking for the man who you see on the screen. they say he followed a 6-year-old girl into a bathroom stall at countryside mall and then assaulted her. the girl was able to get away
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>> reporter: police say the girl was inside a bathroom stall at the macy's when the man forced his way inside and put his hand over her mouth. take a look at these surveillance photos. investigators are looking for more images to help them identify this man, but these pictures are pretty clear so they hope anyone who knows him will recognize him and call police. detectives say the man targeted the child last night around 8. the girl's screams forced the attacker to run away. police say they have no idea what prompted the attack. >> i don't believe that she was physically hurt, but emotionally traumatized, i'm sure she was quite, quite devastated and quite shaken up by it. i'm sure the father as well was probably quite shaken up by it. that's one of the reasons that we're appealing to the public is to be able to fiebled find this individual. we have no idea what his motives are. >> reporter: police are also trying to identify these two women here. they say they were near the man at the time that all of this unfolded.
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reporting in clear award, evan lambert, fox 13 news. a shooting broke out inside a packed gentlemen's club around 2:00 this morning in tampa. eight people were injured inside club rayne on north nebraska avenue and one of those people is dead. fox 13's 13's chris crystal clark gives us a look at the chaos as people frantically tried to escape the bullets. >> reporter: video inside club rayne captures the moment gunshots were fired. you can hear a woman scream. seconds later, the video cuts out. witnesses say that's when hundreds of people inside made a rush for the exit. >> it was like a stampede. people were stepping over each other. some people had to go to the hospital for injuries from just being stomped. >> reporter: eight people were taken to the hospital with injuries. one man was fatally shot. family members on scene identified him as 21-year-old marvin lancaster. a pair scope account under the same name was live streaming as
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stage in the gentlemen's club. >> among the seven other victims, three of them are women and four are under age. workers say on most nights security at the door is tight. >> the rules is is enforced every time they come in and go out. this has never happened in this place. >> reporter: we heard a different story. >> we'll be checking into that. >> reporter: you can see the club is fairly small. holding up to 300 people at the time of that shooting may have been a code violation. tampa police say it's unclear what the future of club rayne will be. >> it's happened before that if a club has enough problems, then we look into possibly closing it down. we're not there. >> reporter: police say their focus is on finding the person or people behind the trigger. no suspect has been named.
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$3,000 reward for information. news. and there are surveillance cameras at the club. detectives say it's unclear if they were recording at the time of the shooting. you can report any tips anonymously by calling 1-800-873-tips. >> lloyd: well, donald trump is leading the run pack, marco rubio is surging in new hampshire. his rivals will try to take him down in tonight's debate. our political editor craig patrick is here to break it craig? >> reporter: this will go down as the gang up on marco rubio night with donald trump being the other big plot line because he's back after skipping out of the fox debate. after some colorful and coarse language that donald trump used on the campaign trail this week, i bet his rivals will go after him, making the argument that he lacks the temperament to lead. how donald trump responds can have a big bearing, lloyd, on how tuesday turns out.
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lead the attack on rubio, and how will they do it? >> reporter: that's easy. chris christie already said he's going after marco rubio. he's not pulling any punches. he's making the argument that rubio lacks the legislative record to run on. how marco rue rubio responds to that will show how he shows. >> it should be interesting. patrick, reporting. be sure to tune in this sunday power politics. it's at 11:30 here on fox 13. kind of a rainy, wet day today guys. we saw the temperatures cooler because of the rain. radar view. you can see the back edge of the bay. just a couple of light showers offshore, so as this main batch starts to exit the area, we should start to dry out as we head over the next couple of hours or so. some of the rain off to the south has been heavy at times. if you look at how much rain has
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generally it has been light, but where you see the green shades here, some areas picking up more than half an inch of rain. most areas picked up close to a quarter of an inch at the airport, just under a quarter inch of rain. it was just that kind of nuisance, all day light rain event. current temperatures again down because of the rain. 53 in tampa. 55 in st. pete. 55 in brandon. we got up to, by the way, in tampa was 59. 46 in crystal river. 60 in lake placid. that's pretty much the spread across the area. as we head into the overnight hours tonight, temperatures dropping off into the mid 40s for the most part, low 40s to the north. this isn't the coolest night of the next seven or so. a pattern change underway this welcome. cooler temperatures to come for the next week. windy as well for the next three or four days, and cold nights as we head through the week. wouldn't be surprised if we start to see some frost and freeze chances developing as well. your forecast for tonight. 45 degrees, chilly and becoming windy. that rain ending as we head
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so, so drier to start the day on sunday, but still chilly, becoming windy, especially as we head toward the afternoon. 57 degrees. and then for the day on monday, 64, another breezy afternoon. a little built warmer out there. that's one of the warmer days of the next five. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. 64 on monday, back down to 58 on tuesday. a couple showers around tuesday, breezy, pretty much sunday right on through wednesday. highs thursday back into the mid 60s. if all goes well, low 70s as we head towards friday. hey, kevin. >> hey, mike. the pro football hall of fame
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get 100 meg upload and download speeds plus tv and phone for just $69.99 a month online with no annual contract. switch to better. switch to fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v 3 3 it taken nearly nine hours to come it's taken nearly nine hours to come up with this year's nfl hall of fame class for 26 teen.
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group of 15 finalists down to ten and down to the final five the official announcement will not be made until 8:45 tonight. tony dungy is expected to make the final cut in his third shot this year. according people i've talked to close to the committee, dungy made the final ten last year, had really a great shot at making it into the hall of fame this year. he's mentored a long list of coaches with the first african-american head coach to win a super bowl with the colts. he's one of the select voters. it's kaufman's job to stand up and make cases for former bucs. he did that for tony dungy and john lynch. he believes it's dungy's time to get in. >> how do you sell tony? >> he's a historic winner. that's the first thing. then he's got the great coaching tree, and of course, a hiringses. he took the podium when he had it, spoke up when a lot of guys wouldn't.
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voice in the wilderness. tony dungy always reached a hand back to the guys that followed him, but most importantly, i know he only won one super bowl, but he's an historic winner. his winning percentage is off the charts. we all know what he did here in tampa. >> also a finalist for a third straight year is john lynch. he's going to go into the bucs ring of honor next season and would like to add a trip to canton along with it. lynch certainly deserves a spot. bit of a long shot to make it this year, but he was definite in the discussion. >> lloyd: kevin, thanks. we're just one day away from super bowl 50. >> but another highly anticipated game is on tap, too. we're talking about the pup pipe puppy bowl, of course. animal planet sent us these photos of some of their stars. that game is a yearly tradition and a campaign to increase adoption awareness. look at the little fur ball.
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for more news, follow us on twitter. the news is always on >> lloyd: tmz is up next. we'll see you back here tonight at 11. until then, have a great evening. lowe's presents: how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-green fertilizer,
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