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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 430AM  FOX  February 8, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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3 3 new this morning: hoping to see donald trump in tampa? well if you *don't have tickets yet... we have some bad news for you. we just found his event at u-s-f... will be a packed house! fox 13's shayla reaves joins us live now from campus... with more on the big event. 3 if you want to go to friday's rally--good luck getting a ticket!we checked online and found all the free tickets reserved.that's close to 10- 3 the event is still days here, at the usf sundome. candidate donald trump is scheduled to speak friday night. students are already talking about it on campus. 3 (shayla)if you secured a seat need to know if you go. doors rally starts at 7 p.m. while you don't have to pay for for parking. it's 20 bucks a to event details, large vehicles will be subject to you'd like to learn more about the event...we'll link you to under the seen
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3 3 developing this morning in polk county: a shoplifting bust... uncovers a much *bigger crime. 3 deputies say cindy mccloud and shawn holley of auburndale stole about ten
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circle k in lakeland. they sat in their car.... eating away.. when deputies showed up. deputies searched the car and hit a drug jackpot. plenty of meth, marijuana, and lots of drug parapharnalia.. deputies say the two have already been in jail a combined 48 times. 3 the first *full week of the florida state fair begins today. and hillsborough deputies are hoping it goes a lot *smoother than the first weekend. *four protestors were arrested on sunday. the demonstrators gathered to call attention to the life of andrew joseph the third. joseph died in 2014.. as he tried to cross interstate 4 on foot after he was ejected from the fair. the teen was one of more than 100 young people kicked out of the event after deputies said a stampede of teenagers rushed through the midway. deputies tell us most of the protesters who were asked to leave the fair complied.. but a few refused to listen:
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3 cars were backed up at the entrance to the fair.. while deputies tried to get the protesters to move. deputies say the four protesters have been charged with trespassing after a warning.. which is a misdemeanor. 3 3 members of a tampa church finally have a *new place to call their own. and it comes just one *year, after their *last church, burned down. 3 this was the historic new salem missionary baptist church in hyde park. investigators determined last year's blaze was an electrical fire. in the 12 months that followed, members gathered wherever they could. they spent a few weeks worshiping in a bingo hall. for the rest of the time. and over the weekend, the church held the grand opening and dedication at its new home... on five and a half acres in temple terrace. 3 the new church is located on north 78th street. reverend carpenter said it's
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place to call their own. 3 today in clearwater beach... a preview of the summer olympics. the city is hosting a sailing world championship all week long. about four *hundred of the world's best sailors will take part... competing on two-person boats. practices start this afternoon,and the final races are on sunday. this will be one of the largest olympic-class sailing world championships ever held in the u-s. the winners of these races actually earn a trip to rio for the olympics, later this year. the boats are taking off... from the clearwater community sailing center, across the street from sand key park.
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3 3 3 ((dave))
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3 the newest cookie creation... goes on sale today. up next... find out what they're filling those "oreo's" with now. 3 and did you miss the *super celebration? we've
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deta.. championship parade. 3 ((walter but first, here's a look at last night's winning lottery numbers. no winner in the powerball over the weekend... so that jackpot rolls over to 157 million dollars for wednesday night. and tomorrow's mega millions jackpot is worth 80 million. good luck... and good day is
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3 in the headlines right now: a super celebration... for the state of colorado. the denver broncos are super bowl champions this morning. 3 there was a lot of talk going into this game about the quarterbacks... carolina's cam newton and denver's peyton manning. but this game was *all about defense. both teams combined for 12 sacks... seven fumbles... and two interceptions. peyton manning got the job done... in what could be his *final the *oldest quarterback to ever win the super bowl. denver linebacker "von miller" got the m-v-p award, after causing two fumbles. final score... broncos 24, panthers
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parade is already planned... for tuesday afternoon. 3 night for north carolina governor pat mccrory. not only did his panthers lose... but he got in a car crash, leaving the game. his vehicle got rear-ended just outside levi stadium in santa clara. the governor only suffered minor injuries, but the car is totalled. he was transfered to another vehicle to finish his trip. the governor tweeted after the game how proud he was of the panthers... but no comment on the crash. 3 happening today... get ready for a new sweet surprise in the cookie aisle. a brand new oreo flavor goes on sale today. it's called "filled cupcake", and it's meant to replicate the hostess chocolate cupcake. so it's mostly chocolate... with a little bit of vanilla in the middle. not quite as *daring as some of their previous flavors.((more))
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and... hooray for hollywood! a very famous landmark was *born on this date. february 8th, 1960... the groundbreaking for the "hollywood walk of fame" today, there are more than 25 hundred stars on the walk... taking up about one
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3 ((walter/jen)) 3 3 3 3 3 3
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3 3 3 still ahead: the super bowl ... on social media. what moments *really had people tweeting and posting
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3 from the anthem... to the ads.... to that halftime show. we've got all the highlights, right after the break. 3 3 look, i know you're a cow and all. and you may not know what i'm talking about, but, uh. the yogurt made from your milk, is delicious.
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so you can love cereal... again! 3 4-49. here's a quick check of the top trending stories this hour. and of course... it's all about the super bowl. and we start with the beginning. the national anthem. and a lot of fans were admittingly nervous when "lady gaga" was announced. but i think she
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3 rave reviews for that performance. and what a year for gaga.... she's already won a golden globe, and now she's nominated for an academy award. 3 and now to the *other big musical event from last night... .the halftime show! fans got a triple treat last night, with coldplay, beyonce and bruno mars all sharing the stage. coldplay started it off with several solo songs, then gave bruno and beyonce time to shine... before they *all sang
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3 the theme was a look back at all the halftime shows of superbowl past... with clips of those shows displayed on the stage. most critics say beyonce really stole the show... which isn't much of a surprise. and speaking of surprises... coldplay hinted they had more of them, but no other guests showed up. a lot of fans on twitter were actually upset "rihanna" didn't appear... since she did a song with "coldplay" as well. and you can see beyonce in *person. she's bringing her new tour to *raymond james stadium in april. presale tickets go on sale tomorrow. 3 and that *other big reason people watch the "superbowl"... those commerical breaks. so which ad *won the night? there doesn't seem to be a clear-cut winner yet... but a lot of ads had people talking.
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mountain dew: 3 creepy or cute? either way... it gets your attention. the title of the ad... "puppy monkey baby.." the company figured the best ads have them... so why not *combine all three? the ad was days ago... and now has more than seven million views. high marks, including one with ryan reynolds ... and another
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3 up next: be prepared... for a very special anniversary today. scouts honor. plus: dave has another check on the monday
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ba da ba ba ba 3 "be prepared" for this... it's national boy scouts day!" the holiday is celebrated every february eighth... the same date the "boy scouts of america" were founded, back in 19-10. "w-d boyce" he was a newspaper man who learned about scouting during a trip to london. his program taught young boys self-reliance, citizenship, resourcefulness, patriotism, obedience, cheerfulness, and courage. more than 110 *million americans have at one point, been a scouts. and if you were watching the super bowl last night... you probably saw a *scout on the field. broncos starting center "matt paradis" is an eagle scout. he got scouting's highest honor while
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state. panthers coach ron rivera is also a former scout. and we know of at least one person on the good day crew, that knows a little bit about *scouting. because
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3 3 ((vanessa toss to shayla.... 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
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