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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 9, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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pwe'll continue to exp 3 ((russell it's a murder mystery.. from 19-72.. pa murder mystery from 1972. phow hernando deputies hope this pstatue helps them solve a very pcold case. p>> a mass of manatees, look at pthat, a local area closed to pswimmers. pto keep all of these manatees pwarm and safe. p>> from tampa bay's number one pnews station, this is good day ptampa bay. p were those rocks or were pthose manatees p>> like a ufrj about of rocks on
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pthat's crazy. p>> yeah. pbless their little hearts. pwelcome 8 o'clock i'm russell prhodes. pi'm laura moody. pwe thank you for waking up on pthis tuesday, february 9th. plet's get straight over do for a plook at the chilly forecast pwindy too. p>> it is. pthat's the thing is the wind is pmaking it feel a whole heck of a plot cooler. pwe're a 52 degrees in tampa. pbrandon's at 52. p47 we have in leesburg. p48 in lakeland. p49 in winter haven. pso there are spots that are pstill in the 40s at this hour. pyou take that ten to 20 mile per phour wind, and you a little bite pmakes it feel colder than it pactually is. pwind gusts 20 to 24. pgoing to be a breezy, mostly pcloudy, very cool day. pwith high temperature of about p57 degrees. pand tomorrow, not much better pwith a high in upper 50s as pwell. pvanessa. pall right in roadway we will pstart off with a little bit of pbad news before we get to good pnews. pwe will start off with a live plook at i-4 westbound. pwe have some delays for
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plive look near 301, and u.s. 92. pthat exit there. pwe do have back ups. pthis seems to be stemming from pan earlier crash that was on phillsborough avenue in near 56th pstreet and lane blockage. pthat really didn't make i-4 the psame afterwards. pso plan extra time out door if pyou have to head that way. palso if you have to head pnorthbound along u.s. 19 and inellas county apparently a pcrash at the off ramp to a rooz pvelt boulevard blocking a right plane. pgood news time for that. pwe'll show you 275 northbound, pwe do have a little bit of a pchange to the traffic pattern in pthis area. pnew fourth lane actually opened pfrom west shore boulevard to peast of himes avenue. pand we have some green travel ptimes to show folks. pso we're really going to be pwatching that throughout morning pand see if those nice travel ptimes hold out. pshayla reeves has has been pmonitoring situation from pground. phow's it looking from your padvantage point? p>> reporter: hi good morning to pyou. pwe have a not heard any hiccups por any challenges for folks that
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pfourth lane on i 275 north so pfar. pwe're going to continue to keep pan eye on things. pthat traffic change overnight in pfact there was detour, well, pcrews were able to get things pwrapped up an hour ahead of pschedule. pso that fourth lane is now open pon i 275 northbound. pand it's open as well a few pweeks ahead of schedule. pwe did ask the florida pdepartment of transportation, a pspokesperson what are some of pthe changes that drivers are pgoing to experience once they ptravel along this new stretch. pwell what we're hearing is you pwill not only discover less pcongestion, you will also have a plonger distance to merge from pdale mabrey highway and himes pavenue on to 275 northbound. pso those are some of the things pyou'll see that look a little pbit different to you as you make pyour way towards the downtown parea. pin addition to this, though pwe're hearing that as early as pthis afternoon, the ramp over at plow is headed towards northbound
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pcould reopen as soon as this pafternoon. p>> it's a ramp that's been pclosed for three years so far. pand we'll keep you posted on pwhether or not that change pactually takes place. pvanessa, back to you. psome good news for drivers phappening throughout day. pi'm sure you've gotten good pfeedback for folks fed up with pbottleneck in that area. p>> oh, yes. pwe've hearing about it. pand following it for some time. pyou know, back in january, they pthought the first change would pfix it, but it didn't do enough. pso we'll see how this works out. p>> all right so far so good. pthanks shayla. p>> all right. pjust 11 hours 7 o'clock tonight, olls will close for new phampshire primary. pbut we already know who the pwinners are in at least three laces. pthat's vicks notch sxhart mills pfield. pclinton 16-7. pand then on republican side,
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pnine other candidates lacking pbehind far from over. pnew hampshire is expected to see precord turn out this year. pwhat could help drive numbers pare how many candidates up and pvoters don't have to declare a arty to cast a ballot. pmany voters say they are still pundecided on this. pand candidates have spent last pfew weeks trying to get them on ptheir side. pstumping as hard as they can. precent poll from university of pmassachusetts showed undeclared pvoters favor un-donald trump pwith ohio governor john kasich pcoming in ecuador is. pand just hours before a voting pbegan in the primary senator pmarco rubio worked for gain last pminute votes. pbut ended up in a tense exchange pwith a voter at a new hampshire pdiner. pthe man was sitting with his phusband when he asked rubio, why pthe closet? phe went on to say rubio's stance pdeclared we don't matter. prubio told him he believes pwoman. p>> and even though florida
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paway some candidates are turning pthere attention to the sunshine pstate. pespecially donald trump. ptrump will hold a rally at the pusf sun dome on friday. pas of yesterday morning it pshowed that all the tickets were pgone but we've learned since, pthat more have been made pavailable. pand they still are. pif you want to reserve your free pticket head to pclick on as seen on tv. p>> 8:0 six right now. pcenters for disease control is pnot taking any chances now when pit comes to the zika virus. pit moved toying highest level. pthis is how concerned federal pagency about it. pthe upgrade in level activation phas only been done three other ptimes for ebola outbreak h1n1 pkatrina. pthe level 1 activation means the pcdc working round the clock to prespond to the public health pemergency. pthe agency wants to make certain pthey are prepared for an poutbreak if it were to happen. resident also asked for p$1.8 billion in emergency pfunding to help battle zika and
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p>> coming up this morning a p9:40. pdr. jo will join us, she's phosting a live facebook chat to panswer your questions about the pzika virus. pgo to fox 13's facebook page ost your comment and get advice pfrom dr. jo. p well it was all pmisunderstanding. pthat's what a man accused of pattacking a six-year-old girl in pmall bathroom told clearwater olice. pdetectives say they received a ptips to led them toll ricky pblaise thompson after seeing psurveillance video from country pside mall they contacted him pyesterday morning he voluntarily pturned himself in he told them pthee went into women's restroom pby accident. pand startled six-year-old girl pand panicked. ptry to put his hand over mouth pto keep her from screaming. pthat's when he said she fell on pthe floor. pshe wasn't injured he said just pscared. pthompson is being charged with pbattery. p>> changes could coming to pstate's death penalty structure pafter a florida senate panel pjust unanimously approved a
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pthe proposal would require a punanimous decision from a jury pin order to impose death. plast month u.s. supreme court pruled that florida death penalty punconstitutional. pthe reasoning that judges have psystem. pnow until this law is changed pthe fate of florida nearly 400 pquestion. p>> and this is a murder mystery pfrom 70s. phernando county sheriff's are pusing a clay statue to try and psolve a very cold case. pdeputies are hoping someone can pidentify this woman. pshe was found dead on high pcorner road in cortez boulevard. pin 1972. pinvestigators have reconstructed pher face using clay in hopes of pfinding leads. pthey believe she traveled to palabama or north florida before pthey are death and between ages pof 30 and 40. pshe was wrapped in a bed spread pwith a distinct pattern on it. p>> man is accused of an assault pwith a deadly weapon. pand that deadly weapon turns out pto be an alligator.
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olice say that he threw it, pthrough it wendy's drive through pwindow in west palm beach. pit happened back in october. pbut u.s. marshal's didn't catch pup with 23-year-old joshua james puntil yesterday. phe was caught on surveillance pvideo grabbing three and a half pfoot gator from the back of his ptruck. pwaiting until server turned ptheir back and throwing it pthrough the window. pjames admitted to doing it. pbut would not say why. p>> it's cold out. pwe're not only ones feeling the pchill either. pcrystal river national wildlife prefuge had to close three sister psprings, look at why. pbecause of all of these manatees phuddled together to stay warm. pas of yesterday morning they are p300 of them in the water. pi know. pit looks like rocks. pthose are manatees. pthe springs are still closed pthis morning. pand they will be out there again pto assess the situation to see pif they will reopen the area plater on today. pif all of those manatees are pstill out there needless to say pgoing to remain closed.
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pi don't think i've ever seen panything like that. pnot even big bend when it is pcold. pcrazy. p>> look at those little guys. plittle but you know what i mean. pall cuddled up. pthey are warmed back up now. pwind is still whipping out pthere. pwe still need or jackets. pdave's back in few minutes with platest on our chilly forecast. pand there are a lot of different pkinds of love. pthere's romantic love. plove between friends and love we pshow our children. pcoming up dr. jo explains some pways with to show our kids the plove after valentine's day is pover. pand charley belcher finally got pin. pfinally. pi end upped having for drop your pname, russell. pthat got you nowhere. pit worked. pone yelp award for best date pnight. pi see why look private booths do pa little bit of that and look at pthat, i love that. pbecause i hate when people are
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punless tv viewing audience. pstick around everybody we will pwhat makes this place such a pgreat date night place when good
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we live in a pick and choose world. choose, choose, choose.
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3 valentine's day is coming up this weekend and you pyou know valentine's day is pcoming up this weekend. pyou might be looking for some pgreat ways to show someone a plittle love. por maybe a little one a lot of plove. pfox medical team dr. joette pgiovinco pis here to give us ideas on how pto show our kids the love. plong after candy and hearts are pgone this valentine's day. pgood morning dr. jo. pgood morning. pyeah, this is coming from the pamerican academy of pediatrics. pthey said yes on valentine's pday, maybe you might want to the pbuy a card for that teenager pthat adolescent or make a card
8:15 am
pcertainly ways to show them love pall year long. pnot to the a mock or some psarcasm. pthey say kids just don't punderstand that really try to pspeak positively to them. psay please, say thank you. pshow respect to other people if pyour child is going to pick that pup and learn it. plisten to them when they need to ptalk to you sometimes it's hard pto stop and do that. ptake a moment to hear what they phave to say. pand they said if your child pangry or grouchy or seems like pthey are in bad mood go up pkulths them a pat them on back por give them a nod and wait wait puntil they are a little bit out pof that mood and then bring up pthe subject, talk to them about pit. p>> and never ever, forget to say pthe words i love you. p>> yeah. psimple things like that. pyeah. pspending time with them. pthey watch us so much. pthey learn so much from us. pyou and i have talked about this pa lot about talking to our kids pabout healthy life-style and pbody image trying to build pconfidence when they seem to be
8:16 am
phow do you talk to your kids pabout tougher stuff? pthat is tough. pwhat they here was great. ptalk to them about meal planning pget them involved in meal lanning take them to store with pyou have them cook with you. pi love the way kids are cooking pthese day a cool thing to do pthat is something they can get pinvolved with and takes that ressure of you trying to make pcounsel them or talk to them. pget active play ball encourage pthem to play sports. pthat also encourages them to pinteract with other kids and pgets that socialization in pthere. pso the exercise is extremely pimportant. pand again, if they see you pexercising you know, everybody pas parents we think we have to pdo everything all time for them. pbut you know if they see you pdoing these things honestly it pinstills in them that they pshould exercising as adults. pthose are really, really pimportant things. panother thing they said if you pcan get a pet. pthe pet increasing physical pactivity also increases that pbonding and a little bit of that pself esteem and that positive poutlook that they have.
8:17 am
p>> it's so true. pi do believe it that you know we phave abe in the house he just pbrings a whole new element to pour world. p>> true. pemma just lovers him the kids do pin general. plet's talk about discipline just pfor minute we're running out ptime that's important too. p>> sometimes they need a little ptalking to. pthey need a little tough love. pyou and i have always talked pabout this discipline actually pdoes show them love in lot of pways. pit really does. pthey really did says something pthat hit home don't forget preward them when they are good. poh that's expected behavior so pyou shouldn't be rewarded you pshould reward them. pbut then also restrict them when pthey aren't. pbecause, they said overtime pwhat's going to happen if they pknow they can break rules they pwill break bigger and bigger prules oh overtime it can tough pto restrict them. pdefinitely something they feel pthat you should do. pbut you know, again like i said pbefore, the never forget the i plove you. psomewhere in there. pi'm doing this because i love pyou. pi don't know they probably won't paccept that very well.
8:18 am
pyou have to say it anyway. pthey listen us to even when they pdon't think we are. pi've never been in here, laura. pin the weather center in. pnever been in here. pthere was reason for that. pdon't touch that button. pwhat about that one? pyou can touch that button. pi'm scared. pdellegatto is panicking right pnow walking. pget him out of there. aul put a sign up that said no panchors allowed. pkind of a little kid in club phouse. pno anchors allowed. p>> bay shore camera. plet's stlart with cloud cover we phave there this morning. pthrough. pso we have a northwest wind. pnorthwest wind this time of pyear, it's cold wind. pand it takes that cold air and pruns it right across warmer pwaters. pthat generates cloud cover. pthat's what ef we have from this pcamera point and down here. pdoesn't it look rough out there?
8:19 am
pbeach camera. pa perfect set up. pi tell you you're not boating ptoday. p>> we've got gale warnings out. plake wind advisories for inland plocations. pthere it is, that cloud cover pstreaming in off the gulf. pyou don't get a ton of sunshine. pwind. pand the combination keeps it pmuch cooler than normal. pthis is one of those rare days paround here we may not even get pinto the 60s for high ptemperatures. pnew tampa is at 50. lant city at 50. ptampa is at 52. pit's 46 in inverness. pdade city and zephyrhills, both pin the upper 40s. pwe do have a mid 50s from pbradenton down through venice. pbut again, northwest winds pdragging in cooler air. pand with the cloud cover it just pvery difficult day in terms of ptemperatures. pwe're still running 10 to 20 pmiles per hour in terms of wind pspeeds and wind gusts at this phour. pthere's a 20 in brooksville.
8:20 am
pso, bottom line, today, variable pclouds. pmay see sun from time to time. pbut windy, high of only 57 pdegrees tonight. ptemperatures drop into the mid p40s and tomorrow we're back in pthe upper 50s again. pgale warnings, said it twice. pthat means. p62 by thursday afternoon. pand then, skeently mild for pfriday and saturday afternoon. pstill below normal. pvanessa. pthank you. p>> and we do want to revisit a pcrash we mentioned in last hour pof good day. pthis is school bus crash that pwe're watching in the hudson parea. pkitten trail and hicks road you pcan actually see other vehicle pinvolved was maybe a jeep of psome sort. pactually overturned. pwe know there are injuries preported damage to that vehicle. pthe school bus we were actually pseeing on site. pthere weren't any kids on board pyou can see, big lane closures phere traffic is being diverted pyou will want to plan extra time pout door if you have to head pthat way. inellas county, moderate
8:21 am
pnorthbound live look near 54th pavenue northlooks a bit busy. pnot very clustered you can see prunning a bit slow. p27 minutes is your time as you pcome from 175 crossing howard pfranklin bridge. phere's a live look, occurred see pof our other skyfox chopper 275. pthat fourth lane that opened pfrom west shore to himes really pmaking big difference for that pmorning commute seeing basically pgreen travel times throughout pmorning and in an inn that pnorthbound direction along 275. pcertainly enjoy that as you head pout door this morning. pwant to make mention it looks a pbit heavier southbound 275 pbearss avenue up to 30 minute
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pi like that. pyou we're playing a little pgodfather music coming in. pi like that. pi want to make you an offer i pcannot refuse. pi'm going tell you about a place pyou might want to bring your psweetheart this sunday for pvalentine's day. poh. eople at home probably like i pspeak a little easier instead of palways yelling at you, good day ptampa bay i'm charley belcher pcoming from ciro's speakeasy. pkind of a nondescript front of a prestaurant or bartha i've ever pseen.
8:25 am
p>> we we've got to keep it pdiscreet. p>> yeah. p>> speakeasy would never go on ptelevision and tell everybody pabout themselves. pi'm kind boisterous man. pi love, i love your look. pand concept of this place. pfirst of all it starts with a assword. pthat's not just a gimmick. pyou really do want people to pcall ahead get password. pand that way for a reason assword ways to let guests know pwhat they need to do, attire pthey need to wear. pexclusivity to the a place we pwant this to be a private place pwhere people can enjoy pthemselves bring your wife or psomebody else. pa kind of a secrete place for pthat. pyou know. phold on a second. pbring your wife for goodness psakes. por your husband or whatever. pand they call for password you pcan tell them where to park or pwhere it's located. pbay shore and howard can get a
8:26 am
pthey walk in and what's the pconcept? p>> so we believe very strongly pin tradition of bar tending here pciro's. pthat mean's just freshness peverything has to do freshness pyou will of our juices around psqueezs and we muddle all of pour, and make syrup and in house pwow. p>> we do our we like to slay and pmake classics all classics pcocktails and lot of new pcreations and variation of pclassics bartenders come up pyou've also got food. pyou've got a menu phenomenal pmenu she's incredibly talented pshe does an amazing job she can psit down and old fashioned or pfour or five courses in one of pour booths and enjoy a little pdate. p>> rick, reservations precommended i would think. pkind of a small place. pexclusive feel to it. pi recommend at least a week out pactually. pwe book up up to five six days pfor the weekends. p>> sorry i didn't mean to
8:27 am
pi said week nights are easier pweekends fill valentine's day psunday night a couple spaces popen? pwe still have few spots left, pyou know. pjust give us a call. por go on open table and doing a pgreat prefix menu. pand i love the, i love the fish ptank in the wall. p>> that's, that's really cool, i pcan just sit at that table and pstair at that all night. pfantastic jay thank you very pmuch. pdefinitely good place to uber it por taxi it over here or have a pdesignated driver because hand pcrafted cocktails, you don't pwant them to get away from you pyou want to enjoy them presponsibly. plaura when we come back we're pgoing to give you a little tour pof the joint. pi love it. pi've been there a great penvironment. pcharley, oh look at you big ptime. pgood for you. pgood for you don't you forget pit. pall right. pwe'll move on now treadmill ptuesday time to log miles.
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pworks. pabout tampa and it's military. pand a little drama we've been pweaved in there. panjuli is here to explain what pthis is about. phey anjuli. p>> good morning to you laura. pyeah we've had our fair share pscandal now baz of a new network ptelevision series. pbrag just announce cbs ptelevision studio wills produce pa series for stars. ilot will reportedly be about ptwo powerful military families pin tampa. pnow aside from day-to-day poperations centcom show will palso focus on rivalry between pthe two families. pwhile it set in our backyard it pmay not be actually filmed here. pdale from tampa hillsborough pfilm commission tells me they pfirst heard about this show just plast week. pthey say early rumblings are pthat it will be filmed in plouisiana, thanks to better film pincentives. pour local film commission is pworking that you liaison to get pshow developer at least out here
8:31 am
pwild local film commission does phave some incentive to lure in pfilm industry it pales in pcomparison to offerings of pstates like louisiana and pgeorgia. roducers of four stars are big pnames in hollywood. pthey've involved in projects plike abc nashville, cbs pelementary, and showtime's pmasters of sex. pnow filming of four stars will pbegin in early march and the pfolks over here at macdill tell pme that they had not heard panything about this. pbut they actually learned about pit through that variety magazine particle. pagain, our local film commission pdoing everything within their ower to actually get the pfilming done here in tampa. pbut they say the overwomening preputation of florida in the pfilm industry is that we are pclosed for business. pfor now back to you laura. pthey are lobbying to get it? p>> they are 12 trying? p>> absolutely. pactually they said just wed they pwere able to get someone from pthe show on the phone and they psay that they are hopeful that pthey will actually make a visit
8:32 am
pconsider filming here. p>> well maybe not just make prequest make the arrangements pthe concessions to get it done phere. pdo all that they can. pright. pexactly. pall right anjuli thank you. pnew information there. p>> all right. pit is 8:32 now. pnew this morning the bay area pseeing some the biggest tourism pgains cross country. ptravel research company shows pthat among the top 25 tourism pmarkets, tampa bay has seen an pincrease in hotel occupancy by pover 5 percent. pmeaning that hotels around here pstay occupied at least 72 ercent of the time. pand in the end that means both phillsborough and pinellas county pare pulling in more cash. p>> wonderful dog who never gave pup hope that he would find a phome some day, finally has a pfamily to call his own. p>> we want to warn you about pthis story ahead of time pten-year-old rufus he spent five pyears in bradenton shelter. pwith a couple of breaks have pbeing adopted twice only to be preturned to the shelter.
8:33 am
pletter that was developed off pshelter years ago but it wasn't pfound until a month ago. pread in part my family loves me pvery much but fell on hard ptimes. pmy daddy lost his job a year ago pand can't find a new one. pand can't afford to keep me. pi will miss my two leg siblings pso much they keep crying and phugging me. pmy family is very sad to bring pme back to the shelter but they pknow that you'll find me a new phome and that they will love me pas much as my family does. pshelter workers say they felt plike they failed him because pthey hadn't found him home until pthis past saturday. prufus finally got his wish. phe was at perfect fit for one pvery lucky loving family. p>> that was a tough one i'm glad prufus got a home. pyeah, thanks laura. pyou know what they say walking pjust a little bit every day can phelp your mental and physical phealth. pand to remind people about how pmuch good it can do, our local
8:34 am
pholding what they call treadmill ptuesday. pfriendly competition to pencourage healthy living. pnow i'm working a minor sweat phere. pwalter though has been on, have pyou been nonstop on the ptreadmill? ptell the truth. phe's at ymca right now. p>> i have not been nonstop, no. pi just pop on for television and pgo sit down and eat donuts and pall sorts of other unhealthy pthings. pwhat speed are you on? p>> i'm on 8.7. p>> 8.7. pyeah. pi'm a little bit higher. p10.3. pwe're terrible liars. p>> i know. p>> but we're the worst. pwe're the worst. pno but this a great event. pat the tampa ymca. pand so to get involved, is p#treadmill tuesday. pand then, at tampa ymca, when pyou get done with this. pyou have to do 30 minutes of pwalking running whatever it be pon a treadmill.
8:35 am
pdistance and the time, and then pyou use #and for tampa ymca. pwe want to beat jacksonville in pthis competition. pmadelyn joining us this morning. pmadelyn you're an inspiration in pso many ways. pso, you were working out today, pand you have surgery in just an pum could have weeks from now. p>> that's right. pi mean that's crazy. pwhat are you doing? pi do it for my health. pi i have to support them too. p>> that's one prinlt reasons i'm phere just to stay active. pwe have to beat jacksonville. pyou see beads of sweat on pmadelyn's forehead you already pdid your 30 minutes. phow did you do? pi did 30 minutes and i did 3.02. pnot bad for, you know next month psurgery. pnot bad. pshe's going to spin class after pthis which is great. p>> yeah. pwhy do you come out for this pevent?
8:36 am
pwhat's coming on i come here to psupport my friends. plike i told you my cheerleaders pand now you've been in army for pmore than a decade. p>> yeah an obvious camaraderie pthere. pit seems like you have that here pas well. pyeah. pi get used to it. pi get used to it. pyou know real fast all my psurgery i told you have surgery pi p>> you have a lot of support. peverybody amy. pthey are awesome people here. pand, you yeah you have a really pgood time here. p>> yeah. pokay. pyou heard it first. pbest time here at the y. pif you can't make it out you can pdo it at your house or do it pwhatever just take picture of pyour distance and 30 minutes, pand the best part about this is pyou do not have to be a member pat the ymca today to take part pdoor.
8:37 am
pyou want to walk at 10.7 miles er hour like russell and i are, pyou're more than welcome. pi just went up to 11.4 so you pknow. pno now don't hurt yourself. pi'll try not to. p11 is fast. p>> i know. pway too hard. pover. pthe y sent this over. pi think it would nice to have pone in here all the time. p>> keep going russell. pthank you. pkeep going. prussell i'm telling you we can pwatch you. pso she knows you're not going p11. pyeah you're going. p1.0. pshe's calling you out. pwell, 2. pthanks walter i'm going to tell peverybody. pi want to tell everybody in you pwants to participate all you phave to do and walter was ptelling you this take a photo of pthe time that you spent walking pon your treadmill. pthey suggest 30 minutes.
8:38 am
p#treadmill-tuesday you tag it at pat@tampaymca. pi, i don't think it goes up to p11, does it? plike i'm ever going to see that. pi think we should give a full ptrot. peight:39 this morning folks a pcouple camera shots and give you pan eyed what if what today is pset up to look like. pthat's because an of this pnorthwest wind. pa cold wind. pdrags over warmer waters of gulf pand generates these cold air pclouds they start to move on pshore and really keeps sun from pdoing its job. phere's another picture of the pmostly cloudy skies. pand by the way, gale warnings pcontinue today right along the pcoast. pwe've seen 6 to eight foot seas pso far. pnot to mention the lake wind padvisories for inland spots. pupper 40s in polk county now.
8:39 am
pback to clearwater. ptemperatures will slowly at a psnail's pace as russell is pwalking now move back to the pupper 50s for later today. pfury heading north, look at pthis, temperatures in upper 30s paround tallahassee. pwinds are runny 10 to 17 miles er hour with the occasional pgust that goes over 20. pso expect winds to continue, the pclouds to hang around. pand temperatures to stay in the pupper 50s for highs overall ptoday. ptonight, not that you're not pgrabbing jackets now, but pdefinitely tonight is mid 40s pwill be overnight low. pit looks like we go 58 degrees pfor wednesday. pthursday morning probably pcoldest morning up 30s in spots pto around 40 degrees. pthen a subtle warm up by friday pand saturday afternoon. pvanessa will have highs in the pupper 60s. pall right. pthank you, dave here 8:40 we pwill check in couple trouble pspots in riverview area causeway pboulevard 301 a crash reported pwith some lane blockage in the pintersection.
8:40 am
pdirections through that pintersection. pbut mostly along 30 one pnorthbound sxout bound. pso man a couple extra minutes poutdoor if you have to head that pway. pas we check out hillsborough pcounty on other side here panderson road. plynn road a crash reported here punknown lane blockage we're pseeing delays typically psouthbound plan extra time along panderson i'm sure you're pchecking out while we were pshowing that shot delays on vets pwe're still seeing them mainly pbetween ulrich and waters pavenue. pwe've got averaging around 38 pmiles per hour there. pand as we check into travel ptimes they are not too bad pwithin past couple of minutes or p30 minute mark. pso we're getting closer to the ptimes. pit's 28 minutes right now. pyou're heading in that pnorthbound direction still looks retty good a 12 minute ride. phere 8:41, want to check over pthere with a jen and taylor. pthanks. pa. pall right nice eyes sparkly psmile. pboth of great qualities to look
8:41 am
pbut it turns out that there is pherman. p>> yeah according to a new study pthe way to lock in your lady is pgenerosity. presearchers discovered that when pit comes to long-term prelationships, women prefer men pwho are generous over pattractive. psomeone who puts others ahead of pthemselves. poddly enough though the complete popposite is true for flings. pwomen looking for casual prelationships found good will pguys less appealing. pi can tell you what they are not plooking for, a man who will send pthem to prison for not being a pgood housewife. ptaylor you were recently engaged p>> yes, thank you. pi am. pyou want to show it off a little pbit. pyes. pshow it. p>> all right. pright there. pit's not. pwe have to hurry. pso, what would you do if your pfiance e called cops you were pabusing him for not wifely p>> i don't know if he would stay
8:42 am
e for long wait in you phear about that exactly what phappened to a wife in italy. p>> yeah she's facing prison time pafter her husband accused her of pbad management of domestic paffairs. phe says she abused him by not pcleaning and cooking enough. pyeah. pthe 40-year-old man claims his pwife failed to sufficiently pclean the home for two years, phow dare her, cause unsanitary pliving conditions. pbut wait there's more. phusband also says his wife psometimes kicked him out of pbedroom and wasted groceries he pbought. pso apparently there's an italian plaw that "punishes whoever pmistreats a person in their pfamily. pif sheath found guilty she could pserve two to six years in rison. p>> two to six years. p>> why can't a 40-year-old man pclean up after himself? pi don't know in this day and age pi think we are past this we all pcarry our own weight. pwe need to follow this one that pyou.
8:43 am
pcheese. pdave o. the science pro has the pscience behind your mozzarella pmadness. pi have that. pi can't wait to hear.
8:44 am
pcockroaches help in an with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, takes pancakes to a whole new level.
8:45 am
nutella - spread the happy! 3 ((laura 2shot)) if you like p all right.
8:46 am
p>> yeah. p>> woo hoo. pyou might not want to after p>> do you? pof course i do. p>> well it turns out cheese is pas addictive as cocaine. p>> huh? p>> dave? p>> okay. pokay. plet's explain this. pfirst of all i love cheese. p>> i eat cheese almost every psingle day. psometimes by lake the pound. pseriously go my fridge in pweather office their cheese upon pcheese upon cheese. pso university. pvanesa knows now. pdarn it. p>> university of michigan did psome research on this. pand they find it turns out that pcheese triggers the same pexcitable brain parts as some phard drugs do. pokay. pthis is partly due to its high
8:47 am
pig nights your brains opoid preceptors. pyou eat the cheese and it roduces that familiar craving pfor some other things that you pmay like. pthe problem, what makes it pdifferent than normal dairy roducts is it is more pconcentrated as the cheese is pmade. p>> oh now you're talking p>> americans eat 35 pounds of pcheese a year. pmost addictive foods on list all pcontain cheese by the way. izza being number one addictive pfood. p>> what? p>> lobster mac and cheese. pnow about i'm telling you my pwhole life i always why doi love pcheese so much. pthere it is you cannot stop once pyou start. pthis insect story is really, preally cool. pyou know what cockroaches look plook right? poccasionally they get into your phouse nasty little creatures. pbut they are amazing little pcreatures as well. pthey are teaching us stuff. plisten to this, did you know
8:48 am
pthemselves into one tenth of an pinch crevice even when they are prunning at high speed. pone tenth of an inch. pthey can withstand forces 900 ptimes their body weight. pso researchers. p>> like my shoe. presearchers, no, seriously. pthey built a robot based like a pcockroach to feel to act look plike a cockroach to go into pthose small crevices and small pspaces when there are disasters. pfor instance after an earthquake pto look for survivors so they pcan send hundreds or thousands pin small cracks and move them paround with a little cameras plike little drones p>> exactly so they can look and pthey can find maybe some people pwho need rescuing or hook and psee what's going on building pstable or not. pthis, these researchers based it poff the body type and structure pof a cockroach. pnasty as niece things are, they
8:49 am
pwhat they can do to their bodies pit actually has helped science pgenerate something that will be puseful the next time that is otential natural disaster. pthat's amazing. retty cool. pin the prototype phase right pnow. ponce they get it going. plike i said you can easily have phundreds or thousands go into pbuildings after it to see pwhether they are stable or not por get into crevices or cracks. pi can't believe cockroaches can pmove that fast and move down. pand scrunch up that much. pno matter i can't get them out pof my house. p>> all right. pdave. pcouple cool stories today. pyeah you did. pcheesy cockroaches. p>> well you didn't have to do pthat. pokay. pthank you. pthank you. p>> all right. pcharley. pciro's, speakeasy, not 20s rohibition style. pyes, indeed. pyes indeed. pvalentine's day party of 1 is pthe kind of sad suddenly isn't pit? pjust show up by myself. pit's all right.
8:50 am
pciro's speakeasy and supper club pin south tampa howard and bay pshore voted best date night by pyeppers. pwe're going to give you a tour. pcatch up a little bit.
8:51 am
pus and pgood day tampa bay i'm charley pbelcher coming to you from south pat that bay shore and howard to pbe exact inside bay shore pcondominium building to be pexact. pciro's speakeasy and supper pclub. pi'll get it all straight peventually. pciro's speakeasy and supper club pgiving us a little tour. preally cool concept. pgot to call ahead have the assword. pyou'll learn the rules of the pnight. pand then you come in and enjoy phand crafted cocktails maybe pfeeling atmosphere. p>> yeah. p>> we always say the first ptime's great time but every ptime's a great time. pbar area here. pfirst come first serve seating. pvery nice. plounge area. pi love just the rock walls the pcandlelight, the jazz playing. pi mean really a fun vibe here. pyou say you keep it kind of, pkeep it kind of quiet in here. plow key. pa speakeasy, not at scream lound pwe keep it down tempo here.
8:52 am
pfeel releaksed. ptank. pyou consider this lounge area. pbar and lounge. pthen we segue go down the phallway to private booths? pyeah our private booths on pleft-hand side two or three eople available on these sides. pone large booth. poh there we go six to eight eople. pthat's party right there pdefinitely a little birthday arty spot that one feels up pquickly. phere you get bar service food pservice, dinner. pyeah. p>> full wait staff theyer pexperts. pthey know food inside and out. pand really kind of go through pyour evening. pyou have two-hour time window pwith us. pso we try and pack a punch with pthat two hours and great time. pso that's, why i drive that phome. pit's a two-hour experience. pso at the end of two hours p>> it's time to you will a find pyour satisfied. pyou don't have to go home just pgot to get out here. pcan you wake your way up to a
8:53 am
pbooth after two hoursin cops pwere coming during prohibition pyou might have to hide? pinn some back room. pat this folks looks like pbookcase may i do the honors. pi love this. pi want this in my house. pit reveals yet another room. pwhat is this? pthis is our trooift banquet plounge. pnice little area we do pbachelorette parties bachelor arties birthdays. pcorporate events in here holds pup to 20 people. pyou will have your own server pwith your own entry way once the pdoor shut your room for evening. pmusic control over here you can pturn up and down at your leisure pas well. pa great little private spot. pfurniture. pwe worked really hard to make it pkind of keep that 1920s vibe pback here. preally cool. pfor this obviously, you've got padvance. p>> yeah. p>> lydia our director for events pwill handle everything. pwe do prepurchased food orders pyou can have specialty punch pbowls come out. pwe work really hard for people pin back room.
8:54 am
pi want to see, i want to see pexamples of some this food and phand crafted cocktails. pwhen we and back, we're going to pbell up to the bar but not way. pwe will just be standing there. pnot going to taste any of them pjust look at them a little bit ptalk about food and hand crafted pcocktails. pfew reservations still available pinspired. pif you want to speakeasy with pyour sweetheart bring or or him pto this supper club. pthere you go.
8:55 am
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