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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 9AM  FOX  February 9, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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p well, not quite snakes on a lane. pbut these green anacondas were pdefinitely found in the wild. pof florida. pand it's proof that everlasting plove does exist. pand so does love at first sight pappear couple married almost 40 pyears. ptells us what it takes to stay ptogether. pgood tuesday morning grab jacket pand scarf. pit's cold out there i'm laura pmoody. pwhat's wrong with this picture? pyou're doing all the work. pisn't he the runner? p>> treadmill tuesday. pwe will talk about that a he's pnot going fast enough. pdave, man come on don't. pstep it up.
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p>> oh. pyes. pi'm going to get on there and do pweather a little bit. ptreadmill tuesday. pfirst it's cold outside. pit's much different feel to the patmosphere. pas we're ever so slowly inching pback up into the 50s. peven polk county has gotten back pinto 50s. pleesburg 49, 51 wesley chapel 53 pin tampa. pbut the winds are still 9 to pabout 17 miles per hour. pthere's a 22 mile per hour wind pin venice. pclouds hang around and so do ptemperatures in the 50s today. pwe're back in 60s. pshow you that 7 day in just a pfew minutes. pall right. pthank you, dave. pright now we've got live look pover sunshine skyway bridge. pwant to mention couple things pwith this shot. pfirst of all travel advisory pthat dave was talk about be pcareful crossing water. psecondly we have a crash preported in southbound direction pi checked all camera i don't see panything notable ffrs wreck pblocking rains or delays but a psituation for that move over law pkeep your eyes peeled. pgood news krooifrs heading pnorthbound 275 new traffic
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pmorning. pand an extra lane fourth lane pwest shore boulevard east himes pavenue we've very clear as far pas the delays through that pstretch all morning. pit is beginning of a long day in pnew hampshire. pit's primary day. pand the little town of dixville pnotch has already gone to the olls. pand votes have been tallied all pnine of them. pdemocratic bernie sanders got pall four votes. pand on republican side, it was pohio governor john kasich with pthe most votes. pthree of them. pand donald trump got two. pbut is this a precursor of what pwe can expect from the rest of pthe state? p>> doug luzader is live for us pthis morning in snowy pmanchester, new hampshire. pgood morning, doug. p>> good morning. pyeah. plots of snow here you hear bells pringing maybe ushering new era pfor the race for president. pwe'll see how the results turn pout today. p>> it's expected that sanders pruns away with the democratic pvote today. pif he wins new hampshire, and pthere's been some contention on pthis, that he may not be strong
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pgeneral election. pcould this be enough to solidify phim? p>> laura that's been the knock pon bernie sanders for a while. pthe idea that he might be kind pof a one and dn candidate. pwe knew he had a power base in pnew hampshire. phe's from neighboring vermont. phe was expected to do pretty pwell here. pbut, momentum can mean a lot. pif he wins new hampshire very pdecisively over hillary clinton, pwill that carry him through the pcontest to follow? pincluding south carolina and pnevada? pthe sanders campaign thinks pthat's the case. pwhich is why the clinton pcampaign wants to have at least pa respectable second place pshowing today. p>> all right. p>> let's talk about marco rubio pfor just a minute. phe came out iowa caucus with a plot of momentum. pa lot. pbut he's taken a big hit of plate. phow is he looking in new phampshire? p>> yeah, listen it's been up and pdown week and a half or so for pmarco rubio. phe had very strong third place pshowing in iowa. penough to give him a big pmomentum boost. phe stumbled during the debate.
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pto new hampshire voters? pwe just don't know some recent ptracking polls indicate he still pin pretty good position to win psecond place. pand that really is what everyone pis waiting to see tonight. pwho gets second, 30 oh even pfourth place amongst prepublicans. preal wild card factor here. peverything else the polls seem retty decisive on. pyou know, a name we haven't pheard a lot about, for a lot of preasons. pbut, john kasich, making a pstrong showing right now. pbig gains in the polls. pwhy now? p>> yeah, well, you know you're pright kind of a sleeper pcandidate nationally. phere though he has become a pfixture. phe has invested a lot of time pand energy and money in new phampshire. phe's gone for just about every pcorner of the state he wons pdixville notch for whatever by pthis morning one vote over dump. phe could potentially get second lace today. pand if that's the case, that's a pbig boost for him heading into pnext contest. pyeah a little momentum never
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pwe've got leave it there, doug, pthank you. pstay warm. pthanks, laura. plast budgets proposal to pcongress. psome of the initiatives doubling pclean energy research money by p2021. pincreasing investments in clean ptransportation by a $10 tax to pevery barrel of oil. pand billion dollar moon shot ush to cure cancer with prepublican congress though, very plittle chance any of those items pare going to see the light of pday. p>> final numbers are in and pflorida is one of 8 states that phad a significant drop in the pnumber of people without health pinsurance in 2015. paccording to government report pthat's out this morning. parizona, california, colorado, pillinois, kentucky, michigan, pand new york. pall sought huge drops. pthose states expanded medicaid. pand that's why they saw such a pbig drop. pflorida however did not expand pmedicaid. pso numbers of uninsured were
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eople bought health insurance pthat you obamacare. resident obama is asking for palmost $2 billion from congress pto fight zika virus. pc drchlt emergency operations pcenter is open and operating at pits highest level of activation. p>> and i'm still here. pyou can see see i'm on the ptreadmill because today ptreadmill tuesday a push to get eople moving dr. jo joins us pnow. pwhat is wrong with this picture? pwhy aren't you on this thing pwith me? p>> you been i wish i could pnumber there. pbut i'm over here doing a lot of pthings for some of our other pstation across the country. pi'm kind of stuck here has desk psitting which not good for me. pnot good for me, russell. pwell you're right i know in pother places, other times you pwould be moving if you could be. pwe see all the studies. ptell us though, why is that pimportant that we all get up pstart moving so many reasons. pit starts with just decrazying pblood pressure. pincreasing you know, burning up
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pbut there's also some other pthings, there are some physical pthings like your joints. pyour joints don't get a lot pblood supply they have to let pfluid in there exercise helps to psquish things around and keep pjoints lubricated. pit also strengthens your bones. pwe know a lot of women and even pa lot of men develop posteoporosis that weight bearing pexercise helps to keep them pstrong and strengthens your pmuscles. pyou know, decrease a risk pcarried vascular disease of late pmore and more studies that say pyou don't get up periodically pduring day and sitting behind pyour desk eight hours a day it pincreases your risk of death. pso lots of reasons to get up and pmovei wish we had this thing all pthe time. pi do. pi think we need one. pjoette, i'm walking it's 1.7. pi know that's not fast. pbut i'm hoping you're going to psay any movement is good. p>> and studies have shown that. pbut certainly when you do speed pit up a bit and have a little
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pexercise it does, it does help. pand remember, if you are walking pin very slow pace you may have pto walk a little bit long tore pget some health benefits it pcould 3090s to an hour if you go pfaster you increase that pintensity you can reduce that ptime expenditure. pbut, yeah there's so much, so pmany reasons we should be pmoving. pand again i think just one. pstudies looked at just standing pup at your desk for 5 minutes pevery 30 minutes. pthese were in diabetic women plowered blood sugar lower pinsulin. ro inflammatory which increases pyour risk cardiovascular disease pby standing up periodically you prisk. psxun a, i'm, you know we're phaving big time with this having psome fun with this. pcompetition going on between y phere in tampa and y in pjacksonville. pbut i mean, it's a very good pthing that they are getting this pinformation out there. pisn't it? pi think it is too. pyou know, people don't realize
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pmood. pdecreases depressive syndrome i pknow it's no the runner high pwith massive amounts of pendorphins or feel good pchemicals in your body you do pget that boost with that pdopamine boost. pthat reward center is activated. pso that's another good reason pwe'll feel a lot better if we pcould just keep this here a few pweeks i wonder how it would pchange all of us. pi'm with you. pi feel good because of my pendorphins right now you know, pmy endorphin rush. p>> endorphins are good thing. pget over here on this thing. pwe'll talk later. phey laura. p>> what is he doing? pit's 9:09 now. psounds like it could a mix pbetween ncis and dynasty maybe a plittle jack ryan cbs allegedly pcreating show about the military pset in tampa. pat macdill air force base it pwon't filmed in tampa sadly penough. panjuli davis is outside macdill pair force base to tell us all pabout it.
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pgood morning to you this show pset to begin nim filmingally pnext month about two powful pmilitary families in tampa pabout. pbut as you said you may not pactually be filmed here. pvariety magazine just announced pcbs television studios will roduce a series four stars. paside from day-to-day operations pcentcom at pilot will also focus pfamilies. pdale gordon over tampa phillsborough film commission ptells me they first heard about pthis show last week. pthey say early rumblings are pthat will be filmed in plouisiana. pthanks to better film incentive pthere is film commission working pthree l.a. liaison to get show pdeveloper out here to tampa for pvisit. pwhile local our local film pcommission does have some pincentive to lure the film pindustry, it pales in comparison pto the offerings of states like plouisiana and georgia. pthe producers of four stars have psome big names, are some big pnames in hollywood. pthey've involved in projects
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pof sex our film commission ptrying to do everything within ptheir power to get the film or pto get the show producers at pleast here to tampa. pbut they say the overwhelming preputation of florida and film pindustry is that we are closed pfor business and laura we simply pdon't have the incentives here pdo offer. pfor now back to you. pwhen we lose it to brunswick, pgeorgia that's a sign. pabsolutely. pyou're so right. pcan you believe that? pyeah. pyeah i mean you're right. pwe've got to fix that. preputation is so bad in phollywood they would go psomething else to shoot about pwow. ptoday is bad day in world of pfitness not because i'm in ptreadmill but good news for pgym. pwe'll explain next. p>> you all right? pno. pbreathless? p>> you make me breathless. plook at these snakes. pis this something?
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pthese green anacondas were found pin florida. pwe've got where they were found pcoming up next. p>> i'm going to tell you psomething. pthis does improve your mood. pi'm telling you got a little penergy now? pa pep in your step? pfeeling frisky. phey charley. pwhat are you on a treadmill? pyou know what i mean. pno. pno. pno i don't. pi don't know what you mean by ptreadmill. pbut good luck. pwhat this is treadmill. pi'm at the bar russell. pyou enjoy your treadmill. pi'm at the bar. phey look, what do you want? pwe all do it, mom always said pstick to what you're good at. pi'm ciro's speakeasy and super pclub. pchecking out, check out menu it plights up. pi don't know if i've ever seen a pmenu that lights up. plight goes out then it comes on pchecking out menu here and
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phere spirit wise and food wise.
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pready for3
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p look at this. pthis fish and wildlife found two pgreen anacondas. phappened in brevard county pmelbourne area. pbelieve one of them is pet. pstomach. pgreen anaconda. pnot sure about second one green panaconda largest snake in world. pfemales can grow tock 26 feet plong. pand in 2010, florida made it pillegal to even have these psnakes. pif you know anyone who has one por is breeding them you're asked pto can you florida fish and pwildlife. p>> i have a problem with snakes plike that. p>> bad enough we have python roblem. pdon't want to create it even pworse. pjust a climate for those snakes. pyeah. pfebruary. psecond week of february. pjust the fact we're doing it. p>> you want to tell them. pit's, it's treadmill tuesday. pokay.
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pcatcher report to spring ptraining and yankees. pheading south. ptweeted these pictures last pnight. pmoving van packed up hitting proad spring training truck has pleft the stadium. pheaded for sunny tampa florida. p#pin p#pinstripepride. p>> coming coming down to some pwind. pyeah. pi cannot believe it. pi always tell people, you know pwhat when is winter really over pin tampa? pi say usually when pitcher and pcatchers report when it starts pto turn. p>> so couple more weeks. p>> yeah. pjust kind of fun. pi. pshall we see how it play? pwe have 3.3. pyou know what you wasn't i'm not pgoing to force this issue. p3. pnow he's showing off. pnow he showing off do. pwinter headlines for.
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plake wind advisories those pcontinue and no boating please ptoday. pseasonably cool temperatures for pa few days. pi think the next two days we're pgoing to be in upper 50s and pthen gradually get back into 60s pfor high temperatures. pbut we have no significant rain pon tap for the next several days pas well. pyou look temperatures. plook over here because just so psmall. p53 degrees in tampa. pmid 50s in pinellas county. pthe thing is, on a typical day pi'd say hey not a bad start. pbut, it's not going to get much pbetter than that. pnot when you ever got northwest pwinds running ten to 20 miles. pnorthwest winds have also shown pwe've had wind gusts 22, 25, phygiene. pjust show you visible satellite. pclouds are coming in. pthose are cold air clouds. pgenerated by a cold northwest pwind running over the warmer pwaters of the gulf. pinland locations, got to get
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pi can actually do this i can pwalk fast. pyou will get back into cloud pcover. poverall today we will go 57 pdegrees for high temperature. pfrom there temperatures are pgoing to stay into the upper 50s ptomorrow. peventually get back to lower 60s pfor highs on thursday. p6869. pi'm starting to sweat now i'm pslowing down. pnothing worst than sweating in pyour suit. pnothing worse than sweating in pyour suit. phow about sweating in stiletto pboots. pi don't want to do that either. pi don't want to see that either pfor you. pwell done. pi'm impressed, dave i agree i'm pfor having that treadmill in phere all the time. pit's fun. pit's fun having it in there. pall right. plet's check in. pactually skyway bridge. pit took a bit f dot got in pcameras turned around we can see
9:19 am
pcouldn't see before with angles pwe were having with f dot pcameras. pjust north of northwest area psouthbound direction as where pwe're seeing the delays. pwe were seeing a few minutes ago pthat left lane blocked. pthat's actually cleared out. pthis was originally reported as pan overturned vehicle. pbut, taking a look it just kind pof looks like this might be a ptrailer that got turned to the pside. pand so, i don't actually see panything overturned. pbut plan for delays of about 5 pminutes or so fuf atto head psouthbound across skyway bridge. pmeantime we head into pasco pcounty a new crash reported palong trinity boulevard state proad 54. pyou can see some delays heading pthat way. pso today is february 9th. p40 days since everyone made this pnew year's resolutions pledging pto be better, get in shape, lose pweight and eat healthier paccording to usa today. ptoday is day when resolutions
9:20 am
pgold's gym calls today fitness pcliff. pone regs only ones still going pto work out every day. prest of the new bees have pdropped out. pbut today, is a perfect day to preup your energy and get moving. pbecause it's treadmill tuesday. pa whoever can log most miles ptampa versus jacksonville. pfox 13's walter allen is ymca pwhere this all began. pwe've chipping in. pwe've walking jogging running pall morning long. phow is it looking oh there pwally? phas anybody else be jogging pbeside dave osterberg? pi'll honest it's been only dave. pwho has run so far. p>> which i pointed that out to pwalking. pand like me, they are saying, pthanks show boat you can do the pweather and you can run at the psame time. p>> yeah. pi'm, almost dying over here i'm pjust walking. pwe're in fantastic event.
9:21 am
ster of wellness here pymca you must be pleased p>> we've keeping our treadmills pfull and busy all morning we're pthrilled for that. p>> now, the vibe here is like pthis all time? peverybody hooting and hollering pscreaming and have a good time. pwe're having good time. pvolunteers out to track our pmileage our staffers we're just pso excited for this today. pseven, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1! p [ cheering ] p>> so if you like that pexcitement you want to be pcheered on you can come here to pat ymca, even if you're not a pmember, right? pabsolutely. pwe want this to be a community pevent. pso if you're not a member you pcan come on to any tampa ymca phop on treadmill for 30 minutes phelp us log those miles to be phealthy. pwhy 30 minutes? p30 minutes good for pcardiovascular health help lower pyour blood pressure and help pwith cholesterol overall it's
9:22 am
p>> what a fan'sic event. pso if you want to take part, you pdon't have to come to y you can pdo it at your house if you have ptreadmill there, #treadmill ptuesday. pand you have to put the@tampa. pso if we win the head guy is pgoing to get to watch the other pceo wear the bucs' jersey. pwe get bragging rights that ptampa is the healthier pcommunity. pand our and their ceo will have pto wear a bucs' jersey. pif we lose our ceo will be pwearing a jaguars jersey. pwe don't want that. ptuesday. pat tampa ymca. pand at 8:30 we have how many pmiles? p>> agent 8:3151 miles here. pwow. peven better than that. psee. pso jen we're doing, we're doing
9:23 am
pleft on ours. pand we'll add to that total. pwe've got positive move faster pto get more miles. p>> all right. pi'll see what i can do. pyes, yes faster. pall right. pthanks a lot walter it's been pfun. psee you. p>> and coming up next, charley pshowing off one of the best date laces around. pbut you need a password to get pin.
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p>> at the base of it, if you plook closely you'll 79ed pciro'ses speakeasy and supper pclub. pcall ahead. pget a password. pyou will need it to get in rules pof road how it works here then pyou can nice valentine's day pnight here and perhaps preservations going fast. pearly and lates left i'm being ptold. pyou can call quickly if you want pin for this weekend. pother come any other time of pyear. plee has in an is executive chef phere. pnow i'm i see on yelp two things eople are talking about articular kind of fries and articular kind popcorn. ptell me about popcorn a that eople obsessed with very aikt pdidding we also have a basically pa cult following by now our duck pfries, fryer full of duck fat pguess tossed with greer cheese pand a really good. pduck fat and truffle oil over opcorn. pthat is good. pwhat's this right here? psomething special for pvalentine's day? p>> yeah that's our dessert for,
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ptell me normally on most nights. pgood place for dinner? pappetizers a little bit of peverything. psharing food finger foods things plike, lamb. pwe have duck breast, charred poctopus my favorite thing on pmenu right now. pso that's my favorite. pso really, really good. poh charred octopus. pthere you go. pyou can come eat at the, thus pthe supper part of supper club. pall right jay. pnow we're talking hand crafted pcocktails. pwhat do you got here couple phappy our offerings. pdaiquiri which we actually keep pon draft. pyou cans order it i say cold any ptime then your standard old pfashioned here. pi like it. pwhat are you going make up for a pcocktail we're doing for pfire. pso i've already got muddled pstrawberries. pa little bit lemon and oj. pwe will do a half ounce of, an pitalian appearer teef.
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psome ole time gin. pa half ounce of absynth. pthis a segment brought to you pabout uber or lift. pdesignated driver of your pchoice. pand an ounce of egg whites that pwill give it a nice little pfroth. pa secret ingredients. p. phe shakes i'm going to tell you pit is ciro's speakeasy and psupper club. pcall ahead. pget the password. pthey will tell you what you need pto know bay shore and howard. pthey are open every day? pseven days a week? pseven days a week. pshake, shake, shake. plet me see you pour that baby. pand there you go. phappy valentine's day to you. pwould you pour that drink, lease? pthank you. pthrough go laura. pthat is the special valentine's
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pvery nice. pvery nice. pall right charley. pthank you. phave a good day. pyou too. pstay with us next up on good day pthe case of the disappearing part. pvery expensive one of a kind pchihuly is missing from st.
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3 3 (laura) we begin this half hour with a p we begin this half hour a pnews alert out citrus county pinsaerness mother and son or pdead. pdeputies believe it's a case of pmurder suicide. p>> investigators tell fox 13 pthat 69-year-old injury was
9:31 am
p89-year-old mother. pthey believe that he shot and pkilled his mother and then pturned the begun on himself. pdetectives are still pinvestigating the incidents and pthey want to stress this is an pisolated act no one the pcommunity is in danger. p>> and in other news at least pnine people are dead after phead-on train collision in pgermany. pwe're now learning more about pwhat led up to that deadly pcrash. pofficials say the stretch of psoftware designed to prevent an paccident like this from hadding. pclearly it failed. p>> officials now say that two assenger trains crashed along a pcurb and it looks like neither pdriver had time to brake before phitting each other head-on. pnine people have died. p150 others are hurt. psurvivors now in hospitals pgetting treatment. pcity's blood donation center has ut out an urgent call asking pfor donations. pofficials are now combing pthrough wreck age to see if they pcan find more information. pthey are hoping to find trains pblack boxes.
9:32 am
pleader has charged in kayla pmueller's death. pthe woman admitted to holding parizona woman hostage after her pcapture last may. pmueller was also repeatedly pforced to have sex with at pwoman's husband. pthe news comes one year after pmueller was confirmed dead. p>> 25-year-old iraqi woman faces pfederal charges now including roviding support to a terror porganization resulting in death. pit's not immediately clear when por even if the woman will be pbrought to the u.s. to stand ptrial. pright now she is facing rosecution in iraq. p>> los angeles residents pdisplaced by a massive natural pgas leak will have more time to pmove back into their homes. ponce it is sealed. poriginally people were only pgoing to have 48 hours to move pout of their temporary housing. pcity officials have agreed to pgive them eight days instead. pthat leak was detected back in pbe relocated. pwith many people complaining pabout headaches and nose bleeds, pnausea, officials expect to have
9:33 am
p>> $25,000 mystery in st. etersburg right now. pan expensive piece of art has pvanished from a downtown pgallery. punique glass sculpture was taken pfrom chihuly collection some ptime sunday. pcleaning crew notice it had pmissing monday morning it cass psecured to tile. pit was taken as well authorities pwere review surveillance footage pto see if they can catch art pthief in act. pgallery wants to get it back in pone piece. pthey are not sure if it a work pof profession will art thief or prandom robber somebody who pdidn't know what they were pgetting there hands on. pright now they do not have any psolid leads. pone biggest parties come to pscombon tonight mardi gras pfestivities wrap up two parades pthey already started about hour pand a half ago. porganizer say this year mardi pgras crowd before katrina. pall ends a midnight tonight wash pwednesday start of lent. pwe? p>> yeah. pyou know what they will do a
9:34 am
pthey will take big street psweeper and literally push peverybody off the bourbon pstreet. pget out. pwe're done. pi mean it's real fast how they pdo it. p9:35. pif you look at this, clearwater philton p>> stinky. p>> yeah it is i thought you were ptonk about me. pi don't run that much on the ptreadmill. pthere's that. pcloudy. pit's windy. pit just looks cold. pfrom that particular camera it pjust looks cold outside this pmorning with the clouds. pand notice how rough the seas pare. pagain gail warning in effect for ptoday. lus lake wind advisory. pwe're not boating at all today. pit's still going to be bit pbreezy tomorrow. pbut things will get better by pthursday, friday and saturday. pso 53 degrees in tampa. p52 in lakeland. p46 in ocala. pthe winds out of the northwest p9, 17, 14. pso not as bad as it was when i pfirst came in this morning but pstill pretty brisk northwest
9:35 am
pa gust over 20. p20 to 25. pwith the northwest wind, pdragging over the warmer waters pof the gulf you get this. pyou get this cloud cover. pit can get quite thick. pnotice how starting to work its pway inland as well. phighlands county great start to pthe day, full sunshine, yeah pclouds coming at you from the pwest. pso these clouds will literally pbe around all day long. pkeeps us mostly cloudy because pof mostly cloudy sky and pnorthwest wind. pguess what our temperatures stay pdegrees. pso we'll go 57 give or take pdegree. pstill going to well below normal pfor today. pwith variable cloud cover. pwe'll start clearing out process ptonight. pbut look at this, 44 the povernight low. pthat's going to be in tampa. pso i'm thinking citrus county pyou'll be upper 30s tomorrow pmorning then scattered clouds pand breezy tomorrow's high ptemperature only one better than ptoday. pso bring it up to 58. plooks like we're back to 62 by pthursday. peventually closer to 70. pthen another front comes pthrough.
9:36 am
pbit cooler. plows in 40s highs in lower 60s. pquite a few first birthdays ptoday sit back enjoy them. pwe will start with a jacob pturning 1 today. phe loves to dance, watch mickey pmouse club house. pand play with his big brother pbrantly. phappy first birthday. pjoslin loves to watch. phere we go. pbubble guppies. pand play with her brothers and psisters. phappy first birthday to you psweetie i sang to you on your pbirthday. pcouple belated jude turned one pthis past week he loves playing pwith two dogs and books he pcannot wait to be big brother in pmay. pjulia jane turned one on psaturday. pshe likes to a play on the pbeach.
9:37 am
pshe likes to a sing the hot dog pdance. pthose songs are burned into our pbrain. phow many times do you hear pthose? phot dog dance? p>> i like to leave that fanfare pto you. pyeah. pi would if i could. pdon't. pyou don't have to. pthe oscar controversy as plain pas day. pwe're seeing annual group photos pall nominee and yes, it is very, pvery. pryan reynolds starting to romote his latest film dead ool. pa sword fight you've got to see.
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everything's on sale. plus enjoy thirty-six month, no interest financing. havertys. discover something you. 3 and here's a look at this year's class of oscar nominees. the pwelcome back. pwhen this out a look this year pclass oscar nominees. pit was held yesterday and this pis annual picture. pthey tried, and of course we're ptalking boycott. pacademy's president cheryl boon pisaac said in opening statement pwe all know an elephant in room pthis year. pi've asked the elephant to pleave. ptoday all about your incredible pwork on screen and behind the pcamera that that has touched
9:40 am
pit earned you a place in phollywood history. p>> now to this, actor hugh pjackman posted this picture on phis instagram account last pnight. pcan you see that band-aid on his pnose. pcaption read an example what phappens when you wear sunscreen, pbasal cell. pserious nonetheless and in all pcaps he wrote please use psunscreen and get regular check pups. pfourth time jackman dealt with pskin cancer he was during pdiagnosed with bassal sell pcarcinoma in 20s 13. priej reynolds is gearing up for pbig release of dead pool. pnot your valentine's day movie. preynolds promising that the high penergy action flick is also promantic. phe added that movie does have psex montage. pall right then. pwhen asked if his wife actress pblake lively was concerned she psaid she's already seen it. phe also said she knows while
9:41 am
pirrelevant never section to pfilm. assion projects for rental pinstrumental in getting film pfinanced and created. p>> and, they also asked about a prental and the most romantic pthing that he's done for lively. phe admitted that he's flown half pway across the world just oh to psee her for one day. pthat's love. p>> speaking of dead pool he pfaced off with one fellow x men pmutants and check out olivia pmun's sword fighting skills. pthat's serious. p>> and then, reynolds little prubber balloon she play so i plock in x men apocalypse coming pout in may. pyou can see she's going through retty intense training. pthe face off right this you see panswering the question who would pwin epic battle turns out not pdead pool. pmaybe next time you will show up pa little bit more prepared. p>> all right. pcoming up next jen is profiling pa couple that proves that love pcan be everlasting.
9:42 am
pcontinuing treadmill tuesday. pthere it is. p shayla's time to feel the burn. pwe'll be right back. here in vineland, home of progresso, we love all kinds of chicken soups... but just one kind of chicken. white breast meat chicken every time. so if you're not going to make your own chicken soup tonight, do what we do...make it progresso. oooh, i think i saw dessert! hey! steven stay strong! what's that? want me to eat you? honey, he didn't say that!
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3 ((jen)) few days, we're going to meet real pover next few days we're going pto meet real life couples here pin the bay area who know all pabout happily ever after. pwe start with a colleen and jim.
9:45 am
pjim thought it was love at first psight. pcolleen didn't agree. phe wooed her and now they are pabout to celebrate 39 years of pmarriage. phere's their love story. pmy senior year i knew that she'd pbeen the one forever. phe's very generous. phe thinks of me first. pthe most beautiful woman in the pchurch that day. pno offense but she still is. pcolleen and jim were just kids pwhen they met. p13 years old and cousin's pwedding in upstate new york. pi liked her but she didn't like pme at all. pit was love at first sight for pjim. pbut cupid's arrow missed pcolleen.
9:46 am
pnot at all. pi don't know. pi just. pnothing there. pnothing was attracting to me. pthat didn't stop jim from ptrying. pand since colleen only lived one ptown over, he spent a lot of ptime walking by herself hoping pto get a glimpse of her girl. pi see her dad if she was home. pfind out later. pno. pno. phe didn't give up. puntil she gave in. ersistent. pthe more i would see him he was psweet. pand the they ended up high pschool sweethearts. pi just decided oh, you know, pyeah, okay we'll give it a shot. pit's that love and kindness that pkept them together since high pschool and married for 39 years pthis may. phe's very considerate. phe i have my grocery list.
9:47 am
pit hasn't always been easy. ponce you say i do keep ago pmarriage together takes work. pand jim and colleen tried hard. pespecially after they sent their ptwo kids lisa and kenny to pcollege. pand found themselves alone ptogether for the first time in p20 years. pand that was, there's some prough, that was roughest time of pour whole marriage having to plearn each other again. pit really was. pbecause our conversations were pall about the kids and sports pand where you're going, what are pyou doing. pand now it's us. plike what do you talk about. pover if i am they founded that pspark again notice enjoy their pempty nest. pit brings them back to their pbeginning and reminds them of pwhy they stayed together. p>> i wouldn't, i wouldn't pick panybody else. pyou lucky. pi'm lucky. plucky in love. pjim ask colleen will be 39 years pof marriage may 21st. pthey say they plan on pcelebrating with dinner and pdrinks and their big rays fans pthey are hoping to go to a game.
9:48 am
pto valentine's day 1999 when pcupid strikes a couple at a pconcert. pi'll introduce you to pair who's
9:49 am
it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
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here's another live picture of the board on wall street. adlib over pix. phe's another live look on board pon wall street i get now ositive territory. pboy that sure is good to see. pi don't know what that is. p>> a plus sign? plauren simonetti. pwhat? pwhat? pis there an error? pi heard your voice. pyou went 0000. p>> we an opened sharply lower. p25 minutes reversing course. pthe same concerns are still pweighing but maybe investor are psaying yesterday's sell off was pa little bit overdone. pso breakfast, you know, we have psome green hours. pi don't know what we're going to phave come closing bell for pdinner. pyou know what happens. pyou got to watch oil prices, 29 pmoye 93 up a little bit and pstocks are up. pbut the bad signs what's going pon japan nikkei down 5 and a phalf percent what's going on in pgermany industrial production. psurprisingly well under pexpectations there. pthat's the power house of peurope. pso those global growth concerns
9:51 am
pwe hear from our jan el yellen pfederal reserve chair tomorrow pand thursday. pwhat can see say. pwhat tools left to sri vamp peconomy? pquite frankly out of a lot of pthem. pall right. pmaybe she will find one or two. pmaybe so. pall right. plet's talk about gas prices. p>> it looks good. pthat's positive territory. preally good. pyeah. pyou guys think we're going to psee 99 clent gallon gas? pnot a state average, no the a pnational average but maybe in pone or two stations in country pdo you think we'll get there? pat the rate we're going, i know. pit seems like we will, right? peight straights florida is not pone of them. pbut you're close. pthat have gasoline stations pselling gas for under a 1.25. pcheapest gas in land oklahoma pcity 1.11. pwhen you're selling gas for 1.11 pyou can conceivably go under pone. pwe'll see. pgas. pall right.
9:52 am
psee you tomorrow. phave a good one. pif you love days where ptemperatures are 15 degrees pbelow normal. pdays your day. p57 with mostly cloudy skies. pwindy for the next couple of pdays northwest wind keeping us pmuch cooler. pthen norm up. pthen a gradual rise by the time pwe hit the weekend. p60s. p>> all right. pyou've got something to tell pbreaking news coming into pnewsroom from st. petersburg olice just now they have found pchihuly piece of art and more pdetails coming out about on fox p13 news at noon. pis it in one piece? pwe'll find out all of that. pbut they have it and i believe pso. pi believe so. pgood news. pstrange story. plike thomas crown affair. promantic. pyou're making it very romantic pthat will do it tuesday pfebruary 9th live with kelly and pmichael coming up next wendy pnoon.
9:53 am
pneed you to keep it here. plinda hurtado, treadmill tuesday pshe'll here at noon with that pand then continues throughout pday. pwe need you to be sure and watch pour 5:00 p.m. show today our p5 o'clock news. pwe have a big announcement we're pmaking today. pa little bittersweet. p5 o'clock. pall right. pwe will see you all tomorrow. plinda, stay there. plook at her going in heels. pyou got out of this somehow. pi did get out of it. pi wasn't going to mention it. pi'm mentioning it. plook at her taking one for the psee you, linda. p"realtime closed captioning rovided by u.s. captioning
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