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tv   Good Day Tampa Bay 8AM  FOX  February 10, 2016 8:00am-9:00am EST

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spread some sweetness with dunkin' donuts' cookie dough and brownie batter donuts. heart-shaped happiness too sweet not to share. america runs on dunkin'. 3 ((russell a battered and broken bobcat.. hit by a car on a pa fat batter and broken bobcat phit by a corp on local highway. pwhat's being done to save its plife. p10,000 miles, 70 years and one ptrue love. pgreat story for all you romantic pas world wore 2 vet begins a ptrip to reconnect with the woman phe left all of those years ago. pfrom tampa bay's number one news pstation, this is good day tampa pbay. p good wednesday morning it's p8 o'clock i'm russell rhodes. pi'm laura moody. pgood morning everybody. pwe thank you for waking up with pus on this february 10th. pthis chilly morning. phey good morning, dave. pgood morning. pit's, chilly outside.
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pinternational is sitting at 48 pdegrees. pand look at the 30s and now kind pof slipped into lakeland here in p8 o'clock hour. p41 in haines city. p42 wesley chapel brooksville as p38. pgrab your jackets. pit's going to be cool day poverall. peven though winds are not as bad pas yesterday we're looking ptemperatures today to get back pto upper 50s. pa slight rebound tomorrow after pa cold start at 40 tomorrow pmorning. phigh of 63 degrees. pthank you, dave. pand right now we have skyfox poverhead courtney campbell pcauseway a crash that on peastbound side of the road. pyou can see it's mostly off on pto the side. preally barely blocking a merged plane. pthis is in area of rocky point. pit is causing a bit of slow down peven though not full blockage. lan for 17 minutes if you're pcrossing the water right now. p>> vanessa, thank you. pfirst primary of presidential pelection is in the books. pand at two candidates expected pto come out on top did. pthere were still some surprises. roving this race is far from
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pon republican side, donald trump pclear winner. p35 percent. pthe night biggest surprise was pohio governor john kasich he pcame in second, 16 percent. pand then behind him, a 3-way tie pfor third place ted cruz, jeb pbush, marco rubio. pdemocratic side with 60 percent, p60 percent, bernie sanders pbeating hillary clinton by more pthan 20 points. ptough loss for her too she won pthis state by way in 2008. plet's get to craig patrick our olitical editor to talk about pwhere things go from here. phey craig. pgood morning russell how are pyou? pgood, thank you. plet's start with a donald trump. p>> and his big win last night. pwhat's the message new hampshire psent to the republicans p>> polls were right. pthat's biggest message of all. plook, you know donald trump poverperformed his poll numbers. pand with this i think puts iowa pbehind him in shows that the pstrong support he has been preceiving not just in new phampshire but across the nation pcan in fact translate.
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pthey are from trump good go out pand vote for him and bet that pthat troubles the republican privals in the race to trump. pbecause he is shown that he will pbe very, very hard to stop. pand if you look exit polling ptrump won amongst everybody. phe wiped him out of everybody pelse across the table. pgeographically, by race, by age, pby gender, you name it. pjohn kasich, i, the things i phear is he's the republican that peven a democrat could vote for. pis he the anti trump? p>> trump would say the same papplies to him as well. pand it does. pbut yes john kasich is prelatively moderate in prepublican race. phe made himself a real contender pbased on the retail politics of pnew hampshire. phe squatted on that state for pabout four weeks. phe turned in strong debate erformance. pwith this he's very much on the pmap. roblem he has he's lacking in pmoney relative to other pcandidates and organization.
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phim right now in south carolina. pbut, a strong showing in new phampshire has a way of pgenerating money for you and pgiving you a bounce in the olls. plet's talk about democrats for a pminute. pman, hillary had a tough night p>> terrible night. pabsolutely terrible night. plook, this is was a state that plaunched clinton that kept phillary clinton going in 2008. pand made bill clinton comeback pkid famous pl she with was plopped polls showed she would plose by 13 points. pthis is something that is going pto a dog the clinton campaign, articularly if bernie sanders pfinds a way to driver up his psupport among african american pdemocrats as the race heads psouth. pthis could be a canary, i mean pmore than for hillary clinton. pi think they should sense ptrouble in this. p>> well, let's, let's go back pthen. pthets talk about we know who pwon. pwe know who lost. pbut i mean in terms of prepublicans, big losers last pnight, it looks like chris pchristie may have may be getting pready to hang it up.
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pgoing to assess things. roblem he has now what state pdoes he win? phe's not going to win south pcarolina, is he going to win pmichigan, look at the map at pthis point he's doing some soul psearching. pthere's a chance if not a very pgood chance that he might be phanging it up. psame has to apply to carlie pfiorina as well. pexpect at least a couple of pcandidates if not those two to pdrop out based on the ruts that pwe're seeing in new hampshire plast night this morning. pbefore we go, our florida pcandidates, jeb may be better pthan expected last night? p>> yes. p>> and marco rubio not good at pall a terrible performance in pdebate. pthat cost him marco rubio owned pif he says he's disappointed its pon him. phe said that won't happen again pto thunder rouse applause kind pof interesting point i blew it i pwon't blow it again. pthunder rouse applause erupts. pso you know, yes, sir in olitics you often do get a psecond chan. pand rubio does have a second pchance. pbut boy, this really knocked the pwind out of his sails. pit is going to be hard for him
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pin part because jeb bush has psome movement in his favor. pand with that, plus money, plus pthis race moving to south pcarolina, that does not bode articularly well for marco prubio. pall right hey you're going to pcome back at 9. pi got ask you you know what i'm pgoing ask you about 9 o'clock pi'm going to ask you about pbloomberg. pgood. psee you then, thanks. pnext the republican candidates phead to south carolina while pdemocrats go to nevada. pthe south carolina primary is pfebruary 20th. pthe nevada democratic caucus psame day parties switch states pthen about a week later. pdemocrats have three debates pcoming up in including one ptomorrow night in milwaukee. prepublican front runners in psouth carolina on saturday. pwe've got you covered here at pfox 13 with all of your election pneeds. pon his way with to south pcarolina, donald trump is making pa stop here in tampa. pas we've telling you holding a prally usf sun dome on friday. pflorida airline company wants to pmake sure everyone from across
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pairlines is offering 6 percent poff one way flights to tampa the ptickets have to a purchase ptonight and only travel dates pare february 11th and pfebruary 13th. pthree bhil i don't know dollar pdeal between state ask seminole ptribe is one step closer to pbecoming reality. pyesterday a divides house panel pvoted in favor of new exact. pdeal would allow seminoles it a pcraps and roulette to casino poperations in exchange the state pis guaranteed at least p$3 billion from the casinos over pthe next 7 years. phouse panel also approved a bill pthat would do away with pgreyhound racing while allowing pdog tracks to keep operating pother games. p>> and how about this for wake pup call, a car slams into your phome. pthat's what happened in pinellas pcounty earlier this morning. psomeone crashed into their house ptaking out stop sign and taking pout chimney. phomeowner says their dogs pusually sleep where that damaged pwall is for some reason they had pjust moved. pnobody hurt, including the dogs. pas for people in car they just ptook off. pdeputies still searching for pthem. p>> dave's up next with our
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pyeah. pcoming. pand coming up 8:30 religion on pthe fly for our busy lives. pa local church is offering a pdrive-through for ash wednesday. pand then a bobcat hit by a car pon a highway in hillsborough pcounty. pit's a sad story. pcoming up we're going to chat pwith big cat rescue about his precovery and why they are so pcareful about not letting anyone pnear him. p>> and then charley belcher with psomething for our sweeties. pthere's no drive through here at psweet divas you park on street pand come on in. pwe're 400 beach drive in pdowntown st. petersburg. pyou can come in and get a box of pchocolates they make all of ptheir own chocolates here. pif you don't want premade one pyou can buy whatever box or pcontainer you like the best and pthen fill it up however you see pfit. pstick around everybody.
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pgood day tampa bay 3 ((russell)) recently.. someone hit a bobcat on a local pwelcome back. precently somebody hit a bobcat pan on local roadway an animal is pbadly injured and being treated
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pthey named it thor. pjoining us on phone i jamie pveronica. resident and woman who's been pwith thor since really this all phappened. pgood morning. p>> good morning. pyou first learned about this pfrom a phone call right? p>> yes. pfriday about 1 o'clock in more pthan i got a call on my cell hone at home it was about a pbobcat hit by a car. pso we loaded up truck headed out pto see if we could find them how pfar away from big cat was panimal? pfar away? pit was about 25 minutes. pbig cat rescue, yeah. pwhen you got there what did you pfind? p>> we found the intersection had pbeen closed off by three patrol pofficers. pand they had waited with bobcat puntil we could arrive which was pgreat. pbecause when we get these calls psometimes we get there and pbobcat is gone and nobody was pable to stay with them to tell pus where he went. pwe're seeing video of him right pnow. pi know that from what i
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pwho is veterinarian went to get phim. pthis animal pretty badly hurt, pright? p>> yes. phe sustained a head injury from pbeing hit by a car. phe broke his skull. phis jaw is broken in several laces as well eye socket. pand he also fractured his pshoulder blade. p>> but a lot of this it looks to pbe is fixable. psome of it is fixing itself pmaybe? p>> yes. pwe took him to the humane psociety of tampa bay. pand my husband did surgery to prepair the jaw eye is being pmonitors by him and we are pconsulting with ophthalmologist pand giving him eyedrops. pshoulder blat we consulted with panother specialist new rage rest pbecause of where at injury is plocated. pi want everybody no know about pthis what i love about this is pthe way now you're trying to prehab thor i guess you named him pthor.
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pthen, release him bah into wild pand no the get him too paccustomed to being around eople. pabsolutely. pit's our number one goal to get phim releasable so he can go back pout where he belongs. p>> and that means, but that pmeans like very few people are phaving interaction with him? p>> correct. pcurrently i'm only one that's pfeeding him and giving him his pmedication. pthat's just because he is a wild panimal. phe's very untrusting of people. pand so by limiting it to just pone person, we kind have to psemitrust between the two of us. pand understanding of how the pmedications are going to go. pwe got to go i want to ask you preally fast i know it has been pjust a few days how he looking pand how's he doing? phe's actually doing pretty well phe ate smaller meals yesterday pwith we had to syringe feed him pthose meals. pbut he is eating pretty well. pand he's definitely got that pbobcat spirit. pi like that.
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pjenny, thank you for your time i pknow you're busy. pyou do great work. pwe'll keep calling you bothering pyou we want to know how this panimal is doing. pall right. pabsolutely. pthank you. pbye-bye. p>> all right. pon other news now 8:15 a baby peagle had to be removed from a pnest for its own safety after pgetting its foot wrapped in a pfishing line. pwildlife officials believe it pwas brought to the nest by one pof the parents. pit was just one of a few babies pborn just a few weeks ago in pnorth fort meyers. pthere is a live camera on that pnest right now. pit's followed the births of pbirds ask their growth. pit is expected to be okay. pgood. ptwo good animal stories there. pthere you go. palways hoping to be okay. pthat thor story is sad. pi know. phe'll be okay. phe's mangled. phe's in good place. pno better place than that. phey, dave. p>> still a little breezy outside
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pand gulf is still kind of pchopped up. pso our first weather headline at pthis hour small craft advisories phigh surf advisories for pcontinue plus dangerous rip pcurrents as well. pi mean not that you're getting pready to jump in water. pi mean water temperature is 56 pingredients. pfor boaters give it another day. pfreeze watch tonight, for pcitrus, hernando sumter pcounties, likelihood you're pgoing to drop to 32 degrees or pcolder for at least a couple of phours. pnow i've got one good weather pheadline here. pforecast. pespecially as we go into the pweekend and starts to get pwarmer. phave 39 degrees in new tampa. lant city is bottomed out at p39. pbrandon at 45. ptampa at 48. plook at the 40s in pinellas pcounty as well. pi've got mid to upper 30s for pcrystal river. pbrooksville. pdade city, this is cold stuff. pbut let me tell you tomorrow pi know.
8:15 am
ptomorrow morning going to be pcolder in those spots. plower 50s along coastline south pof tampa and lakeland, sitting pdegrees. pwe're running four to 14 degrees pcolder then we were yesterday at pthis time. phowever, the winds are not as phigh as well. pi do anticipate a bit of a wind pthis afternoon. pkeeping things cooler than pnormal so somewhat breezy. pwell below norm of breezy and pdescribe it. ponce sun goes down tonight. pclear skies, light winds. pcooling conditions. pthat's going to knock us back. ptampa, 40 degrees. pnow, again you have freeze pwatches to the north. pcitrus county. psumter county east of tampa, and pthe 30s. pwe will in upper 30s. pso going to be a cold night. pwe will follow that with 63
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pand then, we're going to flirt pwith a 70 for many areas inland pon friday. pand then we kind of modify as pwell saturday looks to be nice pwith highs in upper 60s. p>> thank you, dave. pright now we want to check on pthe speeds of our majors. pwe do have a look right now over pthe howard franklin bridge. pthis is, disabled vehicle we're pwatching on that left-hand lane. pit looks like it is slowing pthings down just a little bit. pi got to tell you looks like pmore of a safety concern than a pdelay concern. pit's nine minutes crossing aurt phere i got to tell you so far it pappearance as though that fourth plane from west shore to himes is preally made difference in pnorthbound 275 this veterans pexpressway southbound we do have pjams forming in this area. pluckily all off to side. pbut of course folks will want to pslow down to take look. pyou're coming to the bottom of pthe vets from the top about 22 pminute ride at this point.
8:17 am
pspeeds here, southbound 275, pbeers to i-4 a 22 minute ride. lan for about 21 minutes along p75 southbound from the 275 pjunction to i-4. pthen we are watching some pcongestion northbound along 275. pthis appears to be related to a pcrash that is not blocking any ptravel lanes in the area. pbut of course, some on looker pdelays 13 minutes if you're pcoming from pinellas bayway to p375. p>> all right vanessa thank you. ower of three little words, pfind out what kanye west tweeted pthat has lot of people shocked pand saddened. pbring us some plastic spoons. pwe're ready to eat this pwednesday morning. pour good day gourmet vanessa pruffes is sharing her recipe for plobster mac and cheese. pwe're all excited about that. pshe hasn't had a bad thing yet, phas she? pno, she hasn't. pfirst, champagne and roses.
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preally cannot read that pchampagne and roses a one stop pshop to keep you on your loved pone's good side.
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p>> p good day tampa bay i'm pcoming now from 400 beach drive
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pmorning getting you ready for pvalentine's day, sweet diva, pkristi owns the place. pthis is a place known for it's pchocolate. pwhile it has so much more than pwe will discover eventually. pstart with chocolate. pstart with what you're known for pkristi. pyou put together a nice little latter for us as an example of psome of the goods you make. pall of this made by you and your pstaff. p>> that's correct. pwe use just finest imported bell pjune chocolate to do that. pvery prouding make our own pganaches. pyou're making it all yourself. pthat's right. plet's go through, point out pcouple things and at the time me pabout what we have here. pone of our most popular things, pof course chocolate covered pbacon. pnot your average bacon a gourmet papple wood smoked bacon. pand we bring it in ourselves and pwe cook it and then we dip it in pour bell june chocolate so that pyou have sweetness the saltiness pand the smokiness going all
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pwonderful combination. pthen you can do such exotic pthings such as baileys. pthat has bailey irish cream pganache in lips for valentine's pday. paztec fire has chipotle pepper pin such wonderful things such pascii lime, almeretto, raspberry phearts, champagne hearts for you pwill midwesterner buckeye balls pyou'll recognize those. pthis is a fine port wine in port pveno chocolate. pdouble suppress so, chocolate pchocolate inside that one. pkristis cookie dough. pcookie dough and white chocolate pliquor. ureed walnuts. poh my, orange. pour own caramel, sea salted pcaramels fun things such as we pcan't resist dipping oreos pinto chocolate. pyou talk about dipping things pinto chocolate i don't think pi've ever seen this before. pit is t. is champagne bottle pdipped in chocolate?
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p>> champagne in here too? pthere is. pyou scrape it off and eat pchocolate? pnow you don't do it quite like pthat you actually chill whole pbolts, open the top tour the pchampagne peel away the saran pwrap over the bottle chocolate pfalls off now you have champagne pand chocolate you can't eat it, pright p>> oh, totally. pi thought you said i couldn't. plet's talk about champagne pshooters. pwhat are these? p>> these around white chocolate pmouse with champagne in it. pand dark chocolate coupe. pbecause it doesn't have enough pchocolate we put white chocolate pcurls on top of it. pi'm going to close that right pback up. poh my goodness. pgracious. pthat is fantastic. pi like you can buy the box pwhatever box you like and have pit filled up at the case, pinstead of just necessarily pgetting stuck with what you give pme. pexactly right. pin addition to some prepackaged pboxes that we have available for pvalentine's day, you can come pand select a box you like the plook of and fill it up with our pchocolate.
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pcontinue to explore the rest of pthe store and by the way, pgood. poh, i, carefully. pcreepy, huh? pcharley? pnot me. phe's fine. p>> that's a looker. pit's our friend. phe's our friend. prussell in about 15 years i knew poh, man. pyeah. pi get it. pall right. psee you later. plet's hope he's born to run. pat 8:30 the note a dad wrote to pexplain his daughter's absence pfrom school. pand today's ash wednesday. plocal church is trying something pvery unique to get the faithful pin the door. pand quickly too. pstory. pi've never heard of anything plike this walter. pthat's part. pbest part you don't even have to
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pyou go through your car door and pget your ashes on ash wednesday. pwe were elsewhere in clearwater pnow in downtown clearwater. pnot only church doing that if the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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with havertys furniture, your home can be perfect. even when life isn't. our presidents day sale is happening now. from classic to contemporary,
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3 3 ((russell 2shot)) a woman accused of killing her boy pa woman accused of a killing her pboyfriend's son could find out ptoday if she's going to be pconvicted in his death. p>> carol o'connell was date john ptaylor's father justin. plast week he testified that po'connell beat the child for pweeks and got increasingly pviolent. palso faces murdered charges in pstate. pin exchange for testifying pagainst o'connell. pthe defense says he was the one pwho killed his son. p>> the jury deliberated for a pfew hours yesterday. pthey will try to reach a verdict pagain this morning. p>> for first time since a deadly pshooting over the weekend club prain opened last night. pnot for business, but for a pcandlelight vigil for the two pmen who lost their lice. ptampa police also released ictures from surveillance pcameras.
8:27 am
pshowing the person who may be pthe shooter. pofficers want to speak to this pman that you see on your screen pthere. pobviously if you know anything pgive them a call. pcase of shop lifting a lakeland pwalmart ended in death. olice say that kenneth swiped phundreds of dollars worth of pdvds on sunday morning. pand when employees confronted phim, he took off running and pthen fell to the ground. p>> once the worker had him pdetained they realized he pstopped breathing pew alater pdied at the hospital. pwalmart suspend the employees pwhile the police investigate. p>> and four people have been parrested in connection with to pstring of car burglaries in psarasota. olice say that the group is presponsible for more than 40 pbreak-ins. pin a span of 24 hours. pthe crimes happened at 3 pseparate parking garage over the plast few days. p18-year-old matthew gun is pcharged with burglary. pcharges. pwe will not name them because pthey are juveniles. olice think there may be more pvictims out there too. pwho don't even know it.
8:28 am
ptravel and now it's made its way pto china. pcountry just confirmed it's pfirst case in a man who recently ptraveled to south america. pthey say he has been quarantined pchina health department says pthere really isn't anything to pbe worried about because it just ptoo cold over there. pthey good say they will step up pinspections at the airports just pto be safe. phere in just battle for zika pvirus continues a number of pcases grows. ptwo new cases reported in ennsylvania and one in pdelaware. pboth travel related. pearlier the president asked for pnearly $2 billion to help find pmosquito born illness but being pmet with push back. psome republican lawmakers say pnot necessary while other pdemocrats want the funding papproved sooner than later. p>> lawmaker are battling in d.c. pgovernor scott is busy taking paction. palready been 16 cases of zika pconfirmed in florida. plast week he ordered 4,000 test pkits and a request ad rush on at pleast a thousand of them. phe got them. pdoctors will use them to test
8:29 am
pregions where the virus is palready widespread like south pamerica. pzika has linked to ware birth pdefect called microcephaly are psmaller than normal heads pdoctors are now saying birth pdefect can linked to eye appear pnor malts that can affect pvision. pcdc says there are things to rotect yourself cover exposed pskin by wearing long sleeved pshirt long pants and stocks. pstay in doors dawn and dusk. pyou can treat clothing and gear pwith a chemical commonly used pfor skaibs. pbut repel as lot of other bugs pincluding mosquitos. palso use an epa registered pinsect repellent. pyou can find an entire list by psearching the website. pgood news here, is that none of p16 cases confirmed in florida pwere actually contracted in pflorida. ptoday is ash wednesday. pmarks the first day of lent. pseason of fasting and prayer.
8:30 am
preligion for our fast paced pworld. pfox 13's walter allen is live pfor us to explain what they are pcalling ashes to go religion on pthe fly, right walter p>> yeah people don't have to get pout standing in parking lot psomewhat of church service we're pstanding out here. pi'm dumbfounded ashes to go pdaphne pastor here first united pmethodist church right off south pfort harrison. pif you can't find the ashes to pgo just look for the signs. pthat's right. pthat's right. eople standing outside looking pfor anybody that wants to come pin and receive the ashesget pstarted on a great way to start plent. pa great way. p>> now you just came to the psearch back in july, right? p>> and so this is kind of your pbrain child? pwhy ashes to go come to be? pcatholic church started doing pthis many years ago. pand other churches have just icked it up the idea that is we pget out beyond our walls too pmany people their schedules with ptheir children their work, just
8:31 am
pthem now a days doesn't allow pthem to come to church. pwe want to be out here and let pthem feel god's forgiveness and pgod's love they don't have to pcome in walls of church to do pthat. pthis mean we have so much stuff pgoing in lives we need to take pstep back or no? p>> it does. pthere are times when we need to ptake a step back and spend more ptime in our spiritual life and peverything. pbut, also, there's a lot of pfolks out there that have been pturned off by the church or have pbeen hurt by the church or just phave never had the opportunity pto be in church. pand, and can be kind of a scary lace if you're not comfortable pthere. pwe have our own language. pwe shouldn't but we do. pand our own way of doing things. pand so this brings brings god's pforgiveness out into world which pis where if should be. p>> you said you've had lot of eople pulled off that saw the psign, maybe for god. pwhat ash wednesday is all about pthey remember hearing it hey pi'll check it out once again. pyeah they've really happy about pit. pfor ex have come in and just
8:32 am
pand have stated that they pcouldn't be in church and pcouldn't go or they've done that pas youth or they remember but pthey haven't able to do it. pand other who is have actually pasked about it. pyou know what exactly is going pon i'll have a prayer with them pthen i give them a pamphlet a plittle information about you pknow what ash wednesday is and pwhat lent is and how they can peven if they are not in church, pspend time with god. p>> and not lot of people have pthat opportunity pray with there astor before they go to work. pi'm sure that's great popportunity. pi feel very honored to do it, pbecause, when they are here, pjust, the two of us together, pthey ask for specific prayers. pyou know somebody that's sick, pand you can really see some of pthe times emotion that comes pinto their face. pand i've even had folks in tears pi don't want them in tears you pthem. pso that's, that's an honor to be pa part of that daphne thank you pso much for joining us this pmorning we'll talk with you pagain coming up 9:30.
8:33 am
pso again, first unit methodist pchurch here south fort harrison. pand they will out here until p9:30, guys. pall right walter, thank you. p>> a new sculpture hyde park punited meth difficulties church pwill be unveiled in few hours pmaking a statement. pcanadians timothy installed pfirst homeless jesus shelter in ptoronto in 2013 since then preplicas have been popping up paround country. ope francis even blessed one in pwashington d.c. pthis is video of one in north pcarolina. partist wants to bring phomelessness to the forefront. plast year there were more than p1900 homeless people in phillsborough county alone. ptampa homeless jesus will be punveiled at noon just before the pchurch's ash wednesday service. p some sailors are hoping ptheir races are back on today pafter a rough go of it pyesterday. pthe high winds and surf caused ptheir boats to capsize. pand there is no doubt they want pto get back out there today. pthose professional sailors have
8:34 am
pqualifying for summer olympics pfox 13's shayla reeves is live pon peer 60 with high winds could pa real problem for the second pday in row. pgood morning, shayla. p>> hi, good morning to you. pwe learned the conditions are pactually better today compared pto yesterday. pstill, the winds could be a plittle bit challenging if you're pout here. pit's still cold, still breezy. pi can only imagine what like on pthe water. pbut certainly again an pimprovement from what sailors pwere a dealing with yesterday. pfortunately everyone is okay. pthe high winds and surf caused pmajor challenges here in pclearwater. porganizer had to call off that psailing race. p20 boats capsized during the polympic qualifier. psafety boats pulled captains out pof the water. peveryone made it out okay. pbut that wasn't the case for all pof the boats. psome were damaged. pbut the race they are hoping to presume it today. pright now you're looking at some
8:35 am
pa rip current advisory still in peffect through tomorrow night pfor pinellas county. pif you are ever caught in a rip pcurrent, here's some tips to phelp you out. pfirst, don't fight the current. pswim out of the current then to pshore. pif you can't escape, float or ptread water. pif you need help call or wait pfor assistance. phigh winds can make for pdangerous conditions. pespecially near the beaches. psome say when it comes to a psafety, when in doubt don't go pout. pback to you. pall right shayla, thank you. pgood words to live by. plet's get over to dave right pnow. pwill they of a better shot at pall of this today? pa better. pbetter. pwe still have small craft padvisory flooes it's not a gale pwarning. pi mean the water temperatures pare mid 50s. pair temperatures in upper 40s. pit's a cold start to the day. pyeah, 38 degrees in brooksville. pocala at this hour, 28 degrees.
8:36 am
ptomorrow's going to be colder parea wide. pit is. pi think tampa will be down pcloser to a 40 degrees tomorrow pmorning. pand temperatures up in pbrooksville, at this hour will pbe closer to 32. pso we've got one more real cold pnight to throw at you. pwinds are not as bad as shayla phowever we're anticipating a plittle bit of wind this pafternoon 10 or 15 mile per hour pwinds. pshould be enough, i think to pjust start the process of pcalming down the gulf. pit's like, you know kind of like pa washer, right? pit gets turned up, turned up and peventually it starts to settle pback down. pwith that north wind look at the pdry air settled all way in to psouth florida. pso still a bit breezy today main parea of cloud cover has pushed a plittle bit further to the south pwhich is good. pso we get the sunshine, because pwe need it. p48 degrees now. pour high today will be around 59 punseasonably cool tonight. ptampa drops to 40.
8:37 am
palso, there's that freeze watch, pfor hernando, citrus and sumter pcounty. pthis is going to run from p3:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. pand anticipating temperatures to phit or go below that 32-degree pmark. plots of sunshine, not quite as pcool tomorrow afternoon. pbut still about nine clees below pnormal. pwe should be a 72. pwe'll get close to that for phighs on friday and saturday. pand then back to the mid 60s for phighs on valentine's day. pvanessa, all right, thank you pdave earlier i mentioned a crash pthat was causing slow downs in inellas county. pwe've got a live look in area of p275 and 38th avenue north. poverall not seeing any travel planes blocked. pbut just a bunch of clustering pgoing on some & some slower palong 275. pas we with take look road psensors here we can actually see pmost of our delays in northbound pdirection. pwhich is direction of that pcrash. pheading north basically from ptropicana field averaging around p23 miles per hour. pjust before you get to pa point.
8:38 am
pif you're coming from skyway pbridge heading to gandy pboulevard. pthat's 19 minute ride. pkeep in mind southbound delays pbasically from gandy heading in ptowards the downtown st. pete parea. p>> and of course we always try pto get you to work and school on ptime. psometimes stuff happens. pyou're late. pyou need a good excuse. plook at this, the father in new pyork wrote an honest note asking phis daughter's school to excuse pher tardiness family attended pbruce springsteen concert monday pnight. phere's look at the letter." pthis might not seem like a good pexcuse, but have you ever pwondered how many kids would be plate or miss school if god were pto suddenly appear? pand something like that. psigned patrick. pit is who daughters huge pspringsteen fans the whole pfamily went together. pthe concert went on for about pthree and a half hours. pto make things even more pawkward, listen to this, his pwife is actually a teacher for pthe same district where his kids pgo to school.
8:39 am
pmortified when she saw the pletter he sent to the school pwith their daughter. pquite an excuse. pall right reunion 70 years in pthe making. pbut it's not just years that pkeeps them apart. psee how far this out of its shell. unleash the power of dough.
8:40 am
look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster
8:41 am
3 3 a reunion.. 70 p a reunion 70 years in the pmaking. pa 93-year-old world war ii pveteran has just finished ptraveling across the globe to psee his war time girlfriend. pthis is video of him getting off lane just moments ago. pnor wood thomas is an in paustralia to visit woman he says pis the one who got away. pjoyce morris they first met in plondon. pshe was 17-year-old british girl phe was 21-year-old paratrooper pwith 101st airborne. pafter war he went back home to pvirginia and never got the pchance to say good-bye to his pgirl. pthe they kept in touch for a pwhile righting letters back and
8:42 am
pways they married other people pgot careers had children, and pthe nor wood's wife died in p2001. pand he asked a sons to help him pfind his long lost love. pthey found her. pall the way in australia. pnor wooden joys reconnecting on pskype after their story went ublic hundreds of people pdonated money to help fund his p10,000 mile trip. pwhat's the plans? preally don't know. pi'm just sitting taking it as plife comes as they line it up he psays oos soon as he sees her he pwill give her a squeeze. pthey should reunited in time ptoday he kept a picture of her pthis entire time. phe's looking forward to seeing pher smile in person. p speaking of valentine's day plove, valentine's day is just 5 pdays away. pyou might be looking a some pchocolates maybe getting candy. pwell one candy company is trying
8:43 am
pgoing to take some time though. pmars made announcement saying pmove will affect 50 brands. pit says some of its products are palready made without use of partificial colors but now it's pexpanding to all its human pconsumed food candy and drinks. pthey say it's going to take pabout 5 years to make that phappen. pjust not in loving mood this pvalentine's day maybe you just pwent through break up going pthrough one now. psarasota good will got a psolution for all of your ex's pstuff. pgood will is encouraging people pto donate it all that ex junk. pas way to separate this pvalentine's day. pthey say the idea is to turn phate into donate and have a plittle fun at the same time. pbut a fair warning good will psays they will not be liable for pitems that are donated that do pnot belong to those who are pdonating them. pcharley belcher i remember just pa few years bag when he was pgoing through a break up in pvalentine's day, you know what i pmarried that man. pso it can always, it can always
8:44 am
pthere you go. pi don't think i've ever broken pup with somebody and gotten back ptogether? pno. pno. pnever i got boyfriend girlfriend phigh school, yeah. ponce they get rid of me they are pdone. pthey just keep running. pi can't blame them. pdon't tell my wife. pdon't give her any ideas. pi heard that. p>> by the way look at this we're pa sweet divas chocolates on 400 pbeach drive in downtown st. ete. pso much more than chocolate. palso, these hand crafted pcupcakes op oh my peverybody.
8:45 am
pmoment you the rest of (donkey sound) (elephant sound) there's a big difference between making noise, (tapping sound) and making sense. (elephant sound) (donkey sound) when it comes to
8:46 am
lip service. our next president needs a real plan to keep social security strong. (elephant noise) hey candidates. enough talk. give us a plan. with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, the delicious taste of nutella takes pancakes to a whole new level. make any day a pancake day with
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3 a story of a father's love.. is going viral.. pjust about den ten minutes a pstory of a father's lover is pgoing viral. pwoman post ad video of her son patticus and his father zooming paround skate park. patticus has cerebral palsy. phe's confined to wheel care. phis father doesn't let him stop phim from doing what every other pchild does. pthere is. pno just inspiring people also peducating them about what pcerebral palsy is and how it paffects the body. phis mother has blog on it. phe's explains he's brain doesn't ptalk to his muscles the way it pshould. pit makes sense atticus and his pfather make their trips to skate ark a regular thing he has his
8:48 am
pramps just like other skaters. pgood for him. pthat good todayed. pweet gel over to charley belcher pright now to look what he's up pto, talk about valentine's day. phey charley. pyeah sweet tee todays in pdowntown st. petersburg400 beach pdrive. phanging oh out with kristi much pmore than chocolate. pbut at although more than that, pwhich is interesting because you pcould have stuck with chocolate robably. pwe try to have everything that's pdecadent that means cookies, ice pcream, brownies, cupcakes. pcakes. pwe make it all ourselves. pwith no preservatives. plet's look at it. plet's start with cookies. pall kinds of cookies, brownies pmuffins, my goodness all this pmade fresh daily i'm sure. pyes, sir. pthis interestings sri began pgluten free trail cookies. pwe obviously have to cater to pthat pallet as well. p>> very nice. pall right. plook at this. pi've drooling over these pcupcakes now.
8:49 am
pabout cupcakes. pwe name them tongue in cheek pafter other dehaves chocolate pkahn caramel he electra. plemon gaga paris butter hilton. pred. psome of the wonderful cupcakes pthat we make. p>> lemon gaga. pthat's great. pyou must have an incredible pstaff you do all of this pyourself? poh, no. phuge staff from cupcakes and pcookie and chocolate we're busy plittle elves. pwe get a lot done in a hurry. pbig custom cakes. pcakes for all occasions. pwedding birthdays anniversaries. pcakes. pwhich you'll see later as well. pfour inch cake perfect for two. pyou know what you mentioned go pdown here and grab one. ptell me the demand and who is pordering these sort of things? pkristi in people who around plooking for something for just a plittle sweetness after dinner. pgo ahead kristi.
8:50 am
pdoesn't want to be eating cake pfor four days, because they have pto buy a larger one. pi do think it's perfect. pthat's great valentine's day pgift a nice romantic dinner and pyou. pice cream. pright. pwe make it ourselves. pwe whip it in small fwachs. pand this particular he's cream pthat we make is graded super remium. pthat would be same ben and pjerry's haagen dazs. pice cream has grades ohs a.s to pbutter fat content. pthis is a very delicious one. p>> this one looks like, oh pwhat's the italian stuff p>> gellato. pit's not, it looks this way pbecause we make it ourselves pbest way to display it. ponce it is whipped we can put it pin any size container we want. p>> oh. pand then all of being done pwhere? pall in your same facility? p>> no. pwe have, we a prep kitchen in
8:51 am
pof our work. pwow. pso the chocolates cupcakes, pcakes east cream all being done pin there? pthat is right. phow how long have you been in pbusiness? pwe've here almost five years preally? pfive years congratulations pyou've got it figured out. pdid it grow into all of these pother products or just start pchocolate it started with pchocolates my husband who is an pace cream aficionado requested pthat we have ice cream here pbecause he loved it who could psay no to one's husband when pthey are going to help in the pbusiness. pso we get pressed into service pfrom time to time. pi love it. pcakes p>> that's $12. p12 bucks. pand, different fillings and p>> many different flavors. pabsolutely. pone of our most popular is pchocolate mouse a double pchocolate cake with chocolate pmouse filling and chocolate dark pchocolate ganache on top.
8:52 am
pstrawberry filling. pthere you go russell rhodes. pthat is great idea. pwell mini donuts last week now pyou have mini cakes. pthat's right. phey, hey, that's right. phey. pwhere is this place again? p>> 400 beach drive downtown st. etersburg. p>> right downtown. pright downtown. pwhat's it called what am i close pto fore00 beach drive what is pthat? p>> well you have birch wood inn pis that way. pyou've got the restaurant 400 pbeach drive on other end of this articular block. pyou've got what used to be the ier that way, it's gone. pyou know, you. pall right. pall right i've eaten up our ptease time my sorry. pwe got to go. pbye. p>> and 9 o'clock hour of good pbreak. the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts.
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and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today.
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